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Summer lies and jealous types(Young!Sirius Black x reader)

A/N: I love writing this imagine because I could totally make up a new character. I mean not make up but like just give him traits I think he would have. WOOO! Feeling so hyped, havent studed at all, probably going to fail my essay tomorrw but wish me luck for chemistry. I really hope you enjoy this (reblog)

Request: Hi there! Could you write a young Sirius x reader when he has liked her for a long time but never did anything but flirt until another guy starts hitting on her and he gets jealous and confesses that he loves her?? Thanksss

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Six years. Six long years you suffered the presence of the most annoying, obnoxious Gryffindor, who has done nothing but flirt with you. It was normal in the First year, but Merling he didn’t give up.

Today you started your final year in Hogwarts and it was a reflex you developed after six years of his annoyance. You heard him walk behind you, tiptoeing and trying to sneak up on you. You heard him jump and you immediatly ducked, tripping him and making him fall on the ground. 

A smirk appeared on the corner of your lips and you quirked an eyebrow looking at the dark hair boy, who was lying on the ground. “ Black. “ 

He lifted his head, moving his hair away from his eyes. “(Y/L/N).” he replied and picked himself up. He patted his robes and fixed his Gryffindor tie. His hair was longer, curlier and you couldn’t help yourself but to notice how he has grown taller and muscular during the summer. “You look lovely today.” 

“Thank you Sirius. You don’t look bad yourself.” you said, walking past him with your books pressed against your chest.

“Is that a compliment I heard. Usually I get ‘Piss off.’ or  my favorite ‘Get out of my face you idjit’” he grinned, walking beside you. 

“Well. I noticed I need to be a bit nicer towards people, even if it is the all-time-annoying little prick, Sirius Orion Black.” you smirked.

“There she is.” he laughed and opened the door for you.

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I just got your book and omg I love it so much <3 I relate to pretty much every panel. and I love your simple really cute art. I was so excited when I saw you had a tumblr! you are so awesome <333

Ahh that means so much to me!!! Thank you for reading the book and for your wonderful message. xx  💖💖

starrynightskie  asked:

I really love your art + your artsyle! Do you happen to have any speedpaints or tutorials, esp on colouring (esp esp skin)? xx

ahhh thank you!!!!

I don’t have any speedpaints (or wideo streams even) at the moment, but I want to! My computer just can’t handle streaming or recording programs (it’s pretty old). But I’m getting a new one soon! So then I’ll be able to do speedpaints and streams to my hearts content!

Also, I don’t have much in the way of tutorials either, I feel like my process (especially my digital painting) is really convoluted, would probably be easier to document through a video process.

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hey so this is only the second time i’ve ever said this. i’m really excited and want to tell people lmao. anyway, i think i’m trans. (again this is just me oversharing to strangers on the internet lmao wtf am i doing w my life)

I’m so honoured you’d share that with me!! Congrats my love!! xx

Deconstructed sushi bowls for lunch today 😍  Short grain brown rice, a bed of mesclun salad, cucumber, crispy seaweed, lime, broccoli, crispy tofu marinated in tahini, soy sauce and lemon juice and sautéed mushrooms, garnished with pickled ginger, spring onion, baked sesame seeds and avocado swirls because is it even possible for me to serve a savoury dish without avocado?😂😂 ✨ The right avocado kind of looks like a heart hehe 💚  Really enjoying playing with my food on uni break, as much as I love the food they give me at my college let’s just say not the most aesthetically pleasing 😂 sending lots of love as always, always keen to answer any questions you have my inbox is pretty empty right now :) -Zoe xx

✨instagram✨: @veganzoejessica

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I just wanted to say that I love your comics so much!! I have your book and I relate to so much of it and it really helped me to feel okay about being an introvert and being myself so thank you 💖💖

Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate it. I’m so glad you enjoyed the book and could relate to it as an introvert xx  💖💖

Harry and Draco were eighteen.

They were eighteen and the world was everything they didn’t know. The promise of a future once buried under miles of ashes rose triumphantly with newfound roots. The ache of the war gripped everyone’s insides, but to hurt was to feel, and to feel was to live, and there was so much life now. There was so much to live for now, so everyone said.

They were eighteen and to offer tight-lipped smiles to one another in passing was to say yes, yes, I understand, I feel what you have felt for your eighteen years, I am feeling with you, I am sorry. I am sorry. I forgive you.

They were eighteen and still not okay. With time to think came time to wander aimlessly around unexplored corners of the castle, to linger in the drafty and cold corridors near the dungeons where no one bothered to look for them. Tight lipped smiles. A small nod.

I’m sorry. I understand. I forgive you.

They were eighteen and alone in a room that was not as crowded as it had been two years previously. Every missing face was like forcing your tongue into the gap a tooth had fallen out of when you were a kid, but there was no tooth fairy this time. Sometimes it felt as if there would be no rewards for the grief engulfing them all like fire. It was unbearable to take a breath in this newfound utopia when there were so many people who suffered in order to attain it.

I’m sorry. I understand. I forgive you.

They were eighteen and to wander the castle alone now meant to exist quietly alongside one another, to brush shoulders when walking around corners; to reassure the other that they were both real. To physically feel the other person’s presence bring warmth to the gloom of the corridors haunted by last year’s events. They filled up the gaps with words, with small observations they never said out loud. Observations about the way one may have hunched his shoulders with his hands in his pockets while he walked, or how the other might wrinkle up his nose when he thought hard about something.

I’m sorry. I understand. I forgive you.

They were eighteen. They learned how to smile again, but it took lots of practice and insincerity before they started existing subconsciously. The first Hogsmeade trip of the year was punctuated with snowball fights alongside Ron and Hermione and pretending everything they bought from Scrivenshaft’s and Dervish and Banges wasn’t the other boy’s Christmas present.

I’m sorry.

They were eighteen and drunk. It was two in the morning on a Saturday and everyone else was home for the holidays except the two of them. There was a single bottle of firewhiskey between them, half empty, and they told each other everything they’d never had the courage to say out loud before. What if he came back, like the last time? What if there was still a piece of him hiding somewhere? Why did it still hurt so much?

I understand.

They were eighteen and it happened gradually. They were the shift from cool October drizzles to the impenetrable storms December delivered. Rain hammered on windows, and Draco’s heart hammered inside his ribcage, begging to be let out, jumping towards the one thing it had ever really cared about, and his lips met Harry’s the same way the seasons shifted from drizzles to downpours. Harry kissed back with all the fervor of a new convert, but this was no religion, this was better. This was Draco. They were a tangle of arms and legs and unexplored universes and hope, new hope, burning furiously and unforgivingly and demanding to be heard:

I forgive you.

@xx-thedarklord-xx dis one’s for u bc I talked about Christmas in it and I just love to watch the world burn <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 and also because your writing inspires me and you are all around just. Fantastic. Holy shit, wonderful. 

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1. The polish journalist, who was given broccoli by Harry, talked about the interview recently and I haven't seen it anywhere yet, so I thought I would share the translation! "I was very impressed with Harry. He acted like a true gentleman and was incredibly nice. I admire him for kind of distancing himself from all of the things that are happening around him without letting anyone down. He's just really nice and funny"

2. “When he looks at you, he seems super interested in what you’re saying. He looks at people in a very specific way. He would look at me the whole time and sometimes it was so intense I just couldn’t keep that eye contact with him anymore. I think I even stuttered once when he looked at me cause I didn’t know what was going on, but then he smiled, winked at me and we made it!”

3.“Me and the other journalist where sitting in our chairs already, and Harry was eating lunch somewhere. At some point he yelled, ‘Hey, anybody wants some broccoli?’ Everybody said, ‘No, thank you’, which is what every normal person would do. But, of course, I had to be like, yeah, I want your broccoli. So I said I wanted it and was sure it was a joke and a minute later I learned it wasn’t”

4. He came up to me gave me a hug, asked me about my name, how I was, where I came from and then he just stood in front of me. I had no idea what he wanted, it was very awkward. That’s when I noticed Harry was holding a plate with his half eaten lunch on it. I think none of us knew what to do next so he said he brought me some food. I told him I thought it was just a joke. He said that I need to take some of his broccoli. There were no forks or anything, but he insisted, so I ate the broccoli.“

First of all, thank you loads for this. It’s really lovely of you to share this, and I certainly haven’t seen it around so far!

Second of all, this is… there’s something so… I don’t know if I have words for what this is. It’s so *casual* and it matches *every* perception of him so well that it’s… wow. He is who he is, through and through. Good for him. 

Thanks again, love! xx

Umm…guys does this mean tadashi is coming back xxx cant wait for the series anyone know anything let me know xx
Quick note:
I apologise for not crediting on this ‘fanart’ but i honestly have know idea who made it xx i literally just found it imdb ( if u were wondering idk if u were or not but whatever.) Xx i wanna give a shoutout to the people who have now helped me find out who’s art work this is @benteja xx Thanks guys felt really bad after I ‘stole’ this fanart xxx anyway have a nice summer guys and thanks u for the support xx love u all xx


American Gods [1.06] 

I just wanted to save this beautiful moment of Salim connecting with his God. I think this moment is called ”Salát Al-Maghreb” but I don’t know for sure. So forgive me if I’m wrong. And please if any of you knows about it, I’ll really appreciate if you tells me. ♥  

‘The Darkness stole his eyes… but light preserved his voice’

Just a quick lil doodle of this bean. sorry about my crappy camera quality. I love Host and how you write him so so well he is my son and I will protect him with my life! 

When I first read about him I got some fallen angel type vibes from him cos well he has this almighty power and he was tricked out of it and was left to fall. idk it was just a idea that stuck with me and somehow came out on paper. Please keep it up with your amazing egos I love your stories so so much!!

(Btw i plan to draw all the egos as a sort of art challenge so look out for more! xx)

I’m trying to form a coherent sentence to tell you how ridiculously cool this drawing is, cutie pie. I really want to write something based on this, a little one shot or something! And I’m totally looking forward to seeing what you do with the other Egos!

Princess and the Pea

Pairings: ReaderxSweetPea

A/N: she cute also honestly this is my favorite fic name ever.


“hey honey you lost?”


“You look pretty lost to me” Fangs began circling, a shark in the water and your guts have just been spilled.

“I’m just looking for my friend-”

“Let me guess, Jughead Jones?” he interrupted you and you nodded. You had agreed to meet Jug outside his trailer after school. He was late as usual and you found yourself wandering around the trailer park, stumbling into a group of Junior Serpents.

“He seems to love dragging Northsiders to us, such a giving boy. New play things are hard to come by” his grin was twisted and it made your blood curdled. You slowly began to back away but were stopped in your tracks with the feeling of a weight against your back.

“Feel a bit astray Princess?” You turned to the source of the voice you recognised as Sweet Peas. You two had had a view encounters before. He was totally infatuated with you and you were close to feeling the same about him. He looked you up and down and liked all that he saw as usual.

“I’m just looking for Jughead” Sweet Pea pursed his lips to you before Jugheads voice came to the rescue.

“Hey YN what are you doing over here?”

“emm you said we were going to study…”

“Oh yeah…”

“Sounds like he forgot all about you Princess”  you looked at the ground, biting your lip, unbeknownst to you that it was driving Sweet Pea a little crazy in doing so.

“No no I didn’t yn we can-”

“-We can all hang out Princess?” Sweet pea interrupted Jughead.

“That’s okay, I’m just going to go” you threw Jughead a look before pushing through the group, arms folded, head down away from the gang.

“We’re in an awful rush Princess aren’t we?” Sweet Pea jogged to catch up. You felt slightly hurt that Jughead hadn’t been the one to follow you instead.

“Stop calling me that” you dug your hands deeper into your sides, the dim light of the park and his presence alone made you on edge.

“Oh have I displeased her majesty?” He went to put his arm around you but you caught it in it’s motion, twisting it back on itself causing him to wince. You released pressure with a jerk at seeing the slight pain you caused him. Your pace quickened.

“Okay, do not touch the Princess, got it” his huge stride caught up with you outside your car easily, a grin painted on his face.

“Look I don’t want any trouble”

“Ah yes because this is the South Side and I’m a Serpent so I must want trouble right?” His grin grew as you ran your tongue across your teeth. You went to open your car door but he closed it again instantly with one hand, giving you a fright. Sweet Pea closed the gap between you and your lower back pressed against the car, you were stuck between the two.

“Come on Princess, take a walk on the wild side” he tilted his head closer to yours, a devilish smirk grew as ever. Your faces were mere millimeters apart, he could almost feel your heartbeat quicken with the shrinking distance.

“Don’t touch the Princess” you returned the smirk pushing him back from you.

“Now who is causing trouble your Majesty” you winked, slipping into the car and driving off into dusk.


You spent the following week thinking about your encounter with the Serpent. It was driving you crazy and you kept it to yourself. It was different to how he usually would address you, more intent in his words. You thought this was what Sweet Pea had wanted, to torture you and so elected to force it out of your mind.

Jughead had waited till Friday to try and rearrange a study date with his best friend.

You pulled up outside the trailer park, Friday night settling in. You decided to text him to come out and meet you to avoid running into anyone. You wound down the window, sounded the horn once or twice before firing the text.

You exhaled your frustration loudly, throwing your head against the rest, squeezing your eyes shut.

“He’s just not that into you Princess, time to move on” your eyes flew open and landed on Sweet Pea leaning against the entrance of the park, sporting his trademark jacket and smirk to match. He pushed his back from the chain metal and sauntered over.

“Ohh that’s rough” he replied to reading the texts after taking the phone from your hand which you promptly snatched it back.

“Well I have to go..”

“Back to the castle?”

“Why do you think I live in a castle?”

“All Northsiders do, you can’t help it Princess, comes with the privilege”

“Get in the car”

“Oh help I’m being abducted by a Northsider” he mimicked before jumping into the seat next to you. You drove across the bridge back to the Northside and you could almost feel Sweet Pea tense next to you. You dragged the car around the corners with speed, feeling the gearbox wear and tear with every turn.

“What’s wrong Sweets? Uncomfortable?” You laughed.

“Don’t call me Sweets”

“Don’t call me princess” he scoffed at your reply. You finally stopped driving when you reached the top of the hillside to a look out point.

“I thought it was the dodgey gang member who was supposed to lead the girl next door to the woods to be murdered”

“Eh, switch it up a bit” ye sat in the car looking down at Riverdale moulding together, north and south were one.

“That’s where I live there” you pointed to a row of houses, neatly lining the road below.

“Huh, of course the storybook girl lives on storybook lane” he scoffed.

“It’s just me and my brother” you barely whispered and he raised an eyebrow.

“Mom ran out on us and dad…dad never really recovered…thats all im going to say about him” you didn’t break eye contact with the row of seemingly perfect houses.

“Next door is Archie, he comes from divorced parents, not an amicable divorce might I add… Across from us is Betty, her family is crazier than a box of spiders, sister ran away from it…her boyfriend is the guy who was murdered…over there is where Kevin lives, his parents aren’t together, he doesn’t talk about his mom but it’s only because it’s bad between them emmm Cheryl Blossom lives over there, need I say more about her…” you pointed out the houses of your friends as you went, Sweet Pea tentatively listening.

“Why are you telling me this?”

“So maybe you’ll stop calling me Princess, there’s nothing fairytale about this place”

“You want to leave Princess?”

“More and more every passing day Sweets”

“Me too” he waited a moment before weighing in and his reply caught you off guard.

“Not happy being a Serpent?”

“I mean I am, they’re my family and they’d kill me for even thinking like this….or talking to you but-” he stopped to looked down at his feet. You enjoyed seeing him slightly more vulnerable, he was less mouthy. You put your hand on his and looked at him reassuringly. The unfamiliar feeling of support was confusing for Sweet Pea and I think you knew it.

“-its just no life for a kid, I want to take my kids away from Riverdale…I mean I want to teach them about their Serpent roots and I want them to proud of it all of course but that doesn’t mean I want them to live it…”

“Careful Sweets you almost seemed human there” you smirked and he chuckled softly.

“It is really adorable you think about those things though…”

“Please don’t think of me as adorable, I’d rather you just keep calling me Sweets” he laughed and you returned the same, leaning into him, still holding his hand.

“We’ll get out some day Princess….but right now we should probably get back…people might actually think you abducted me” he attempted a smile. This was a new feeling you felt for the world weary boy.


Much love Xx

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I have a HC request! :) Yoosung or Seven or whoever you want honestly lol: MC and [RFA Member] are kids, about 10 years old. MC's reaction to finding out that [RFA Member] has a crush on her but she also has a crush on them. [RFA Member] may or may not have told MC themselves, she could have found out from somewhere else idk. Something cute, sweet, and innocent with the spark of love thanks to Valentine's Day xx

Doing headcanons for all of the members for Valentines Day ♡ 


✮ he had the biggest crush on you 
✮ he gushed about you to anyone who would listen 
✮ so it wasn’t really a surprise when you found out 
✮ you’d walked over to play on the playground with him when you heard him 
✮ “yeah, I just think MC is the prettiest girl in our school. we’re gonna get married when we’re older!” 
✮ and when he realises you’re there and heard everything he almost cries 
✮ but you say that you like him too 
✮ he constantly insists on playing games where you’re the princess and he’s your ~knight in shining armour~ 
✮ y’all walk around holding hands and all the adults think you’re the cutest 
✮ so pure 


✎ the friendship between the two of you was pretty normal 
✎ and she just thought ‘hey, she’s my best friend. obviously’ 
✎ but then jaehee began to notice how much more she wanted to hug you 
✎ and kISs yOur chEEk?! 
✎ she was 100% confused 
✎ and she felt weird asking her mum about it (bc she was young and her mum is still alive)
✎ so she kinda went up to you and she was super awkward
✎ and you were like ????? wot up
✎ ‘MC… can I hold your hand?’ and she was s o scared
✎ and you’re like ‘yeah of course!’
✎ so y’all walk around holding hands and being super cute
✎ and of course adults are like ‘aw look at those best friends. gal pals forever’  
✎ she just admires you so much 


✿ your friendship started because you didn’t treat him differently 
✿ because this was when his mum was really getting to him and he was insecure 
✿ and he felt like he could talk to you about everything and anything 
✿ and so obviously it grew into a fondness 
✿ he always bought you flowers and other things he thought were pretty 
✿ he just was so taken by you !! 
✿ he told his older brother who would just coo and told zen he had a cruuuuuush
✿ zen was in F U L L  D E N I A L
✿ this nugget actually asked you if he liked you 
✿ ???????
✿ ‘hyun… how am i supposed to know?’
✿ y’all think about this conundrum together for a little while
✿ eventually you’re like
✿ ‘well… do you think I’m a princess?’
✿ and instantly he’s like ‘yeESSSS OF COURSE’
✿ so you’re just like ‘cool. i’m the princess and you’re my knight’ 


₩ this little rich boy 
₩ he doesn’t get along with a lot of other kids because even from a young age other kids were made by their parents to befriend him to further their careers
₩ and then he comes across this angry little girl at one of his father’s parties
₩ you’re pouting in this cute little dress and he’s just very curious about you 
₩ he asks why you’re so grumpy 
₩ you tell him that you don’t like being around all the serious adults 
₩ he agrees 
₩ y’all run around in his backyard and then become best friends 
₩ you yell at the people who make fun of him for being a ‘robot’ 
₩ he talks to his dad about his weird admiration for you 
₩ realises he might…. LIKE you??!??!?!
₩ he collects some of the flowers from his garden and invites you out for a tea party (omg) 
₩ his face is so red as he shyly hands you the flowers 
₩ and he’s like “i think i really like you” 
₩ you just take it at face value and kiss him on the cheek
₩ everything’s basically the same except now you run around his garden while holding hands 


⌨  how would this work??
⌨  y’all met at church 
⌨  and he began to look forward to seeing you every sunday 
⌨  to the point where he told you about saeran 
⌨  and he obsesses about the fact that you care so much 
⌨  but unfortunately you can’t do anything to help 
⌨  so you hug him for as long as you can during mass 
⌨  he just really loves the attention 
⌨  he tells you that he’s gonna leave when he gets older 
⌨  and he hates it because you cry 
⌨  he tells you that he’s gonna find you and you’ll get to meet saeran and you’ll be their queen 
⌨  it’s just really pure and full of hugs and holding hands and being sad but supportive of each other 
⌨  even if you only get to see each other once a week 
⌨  you both treasure that one day 
⌨  it really was the Lord’s day 

I honestly had no idea how to do Saeyoung but I hope the other ones are alright! 

Happy Valentine’s Day ♡♡

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hey, could you recommedn me some other artists who also draw harry potter art? love your stuff xx

of course! 

- alessiajontrunfio - really cute and soft art style, lots of young marauders and amazing gifs

- batcii - i can’t even express how much i love her fanart, ESPECIALLY harry potter, ESPECIALLY the marauders. gorgeous artwork and great thinkpieces on harry potter, look, i just have a huge crush, dont tell her

- bevsi - such an inspiration source!!! check bev’s harry potter tag, but tbh check everything else also (the mermaids!) because her work is stunning

- boaillustration - amazing illustrations, clothes designs and ginnylunas

- fleamontpotter - hilarious comics, spot on harry potter posts, ron weasley positivity, snape negativity and quality swans content, what more could you ask for honestly

- gin-draws - a+++ content, a+++ person, great art and headcanons on the marauders and i love to gossip with her about the blacks

- jam-art - check the harry potter tag. their jily and deamus melt me.

- maria-tries - her harry potter fanarts are cute as shit, her blog is a place of beautiful marauders, soft artworks and all-general amazingness! it’s also worth noting that she and i are best friends and roommates, nbd, and she’s responsible for p much all of my harry potter headcanons and ideas, and she’s the best person in the world basically go see for yourself

- prongsiedraws - the watercolours which i could just look at all day long. super original and beautiful character designs, great artstyle, 70s fashion, overall greatness

- reinardfox - such an adorable artstyle and lots of soft remus, right up my valley. one of those artists i want to tell to draw more of what they’re already drawing

- rosielleny - lovely work, especially on her harrys and hedwigs!

- shebsart - please check their harry potter tag because that terrible 70s fashion on the marauders is healing

- smelslikeart - another great artstyle with lovely colours, lots of pretty fanarts right this way please

additionally, if you’d to see some more harry potter fanart which i dig, try the tag on my personal blog, right here!

It’s my job (Sweet Pea x Reader)

Can you write a sweet pea imagine where he comes to the reader after the fight against Archie and the reader is angers but cleans him up and it’s fluff and she’s like I’m just scared your not going to come back and shes a northsider pls xx


Can you do a sweet pea imagine where she like bandages him up after the fight with Archie

Requested?: Yes. Words:1206. warnings: mentions of violence, swearing? 

A/N: It starts off really cringe like. also sorry if there are misspelled words or bad grammar I didn’t proof reader . Feedback would be great. Don’t forget to like/reblog and send in request 

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Can’t Fight This Feeling

Originally posted by stayhappynotcrappy

Pairing: Mike Wheeler x Reader

Request: “Omfg!! 💕💕💕 Ahhh “Jealous” was soo amazinggg!! It made me so sad but it was amazing! ❤ Can we have a part 4?? Omfg 💕💕 “

“Jealous is just perfect omg I love youu! if it’s not too much trouble please do a part 4? I really need this cause my heart is broken right now haha xx”


“part 4! part 4! part 4! i’m on the edge of my seat!!”

“Hi Queen! I really liked (LOVED) your fanfic with Mike, and I would like to request a 4th part. DO THE FORTH PART! PLEASE! I NEED IT! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO SURVIVE SCHOOL WITHOUT YOUR FANFICS!!!!!!?? HOWW??!! I NEED IT!”

Summary: (Y/N) tried to clear things out with Mike, even though they were both broken.

Word count: 2.108

Posted: 26th of November 2017

A/N: Finally the last part! This honestly made me cry, but I hope that you still like it. I didn’t know how to end it, so I would appreciate it if you tell me your opinion about the ending. Thank you so much!

Thank you for the support, I love you all guys! I hope that you like it and enjoy reading!

- G. x

Links: Chasing Pavements (Part 1); Jessie’s Girl (Part 2); Jealous (Part 3)

“I love you and I’m jealous of the way you’re happy without me.”

A phrase with thirteen words continuously bothered your confused and chaotic mind ever since you went back to the Wheeler’s basement. You chose to isolate yourself from the group to think about the messy happenings between you and your best friend and you stayed inside Mike’s blanket fort, hugging his favourite stuffed toy. He pushed you away, you couldn’t force him to talk to you.

Many questions ran through your mind and you considered them as a torture for yourself since you couldn’t answer them vividly. Did he really love you? If ever, was it really in a romantic way or just platonically? Wasn’t he your best friend? Why wasn’t he happy to see you smile? Shouldn’t be happy for you?

“He loves you,” A sweet and calm voice broke your deep thoughts. A very familiar girl sat on the floor to perfectly see your devastated pretty face, her fingers slowly brushing your soft hands. You caught her gaze and you gave her a confused stare, maybe Dustin already told your friends what has happened upstairs. “I mean Mike.”

“How did you know?” You fired back at her, detaching your gaze from her. You observed your best friends from afar and they were in a corner, still explaining to Max the party’s favourite game.

“He told me,” She slightly smiled at you, wiping the remaining tear stains off your red cheeks. Eleven was a beautiful girl with a pure heart and you weren’t wrong to think that Mike loved her, instead of you. “and I believe him. Do you know why?” She kindly asked, fixing the messy hair that covered some parts of your face.

“Why?” You muttered, not in the mood to talk to anyone. Your heart started to beat crazily as the situation suddenly sank in your mind: Eleven was talking to you about Mike’s feelings. You expected her to be the last one to talk to you and you quickly felt guilty as you underestimated her kindness. You thought that she would hate you, instead, she was in front of you, slowly helping you.

“Because when you love someone, you would talk about him or her uninterruptedly. You would keep on thinking about that special person, suddenly smiling when a memory of you together suddenly stumbles on your own path.” She nonchalantly stated. Her voice was bursting in confidence and you were surprised because she hadn’t got any difficulty on saying some difficult words. Her language surely improved, but it wasn’t the only thing that surprised you. Her wisdom, her knowledge about love was something beyond. “That was what Mike did in this past month: talk about you and his feelings for you.”

“He did?” You questioned her as you considered her eyes. Your heartbeat was impossible to control and you knew that only Mike could leave this effect on you. Mike really loved you and you didn’t even notice it.

“Of course, he did. He was devastated when you left, but he was on cloud nine when you came back.” She explained with an empathetic gaze. “Unluckily, people misunderstood everything during the Snow Ball and the situation left Mike with a broken heart.”

Eleven left you speechless. Mike loved you and Eleven knew everything. You realized that there were some things that a best friend would never confide you, mostly when it came to your feelings and emotions. You were over the edge, breathless while your heart pounded. Mike’s words began step on it again, leaving a bottomless hole and weigh in your chest.

“I love you and I’m jealous of the way you’re happy without me.”

“Go get him, (Y/N). Get the reason of your smiles, of your happiness.” She gently recommended you. You couldn’t deny that the girl warmed your broken heart and she successfully made you smile.

“Thank you, El.” You sweetly muttered, leaving the stuffed toy behind. You got out of the blanket fort and you helped Eleven to stand up. She helped you to realized how important Mike was for you. You couldn’t shatter your friendship, neither your party, for something stupid. You couldn’t fight this horrible feeling anymore and you have decided: you were conquering your best friend back.

“You’re always welcome, (Y/N).” She replied with a smile, fixing your messy hair. You also fixed your clothes and you flashed her another wide smile. You walked towards the stairs and you heard your friends cheering for you.

“Go on, (Y/N)! You can do it.” You heard Dustin encouraging you and you blew the group a kiss as you took the stairs without looking back.

You could hear your loud heartbeats as you made your way towards Mike’s room. You were anxious and nervous, but it was now or never. You couldn’t ruin your friendship and keep on shouting at each other. You completed each other as you were two puzzle pieces that fit together.

“Mi-“ You were about to knock on his bedroom door, but you noticed that it was halfway closed. You silently peeked on the small hole as you tried to search for Mike’s silhouette in the darkness.  

“Just come in, (Y/N)!” He snapped, still not swallowing his own pride. You hardly gulped and you pushed the wooden door to open it fully, entering his messy room slowly. He has been throwing things across the room and you tortured your lower lip as you noticed how broken he was. “What is it?”

“Ca-can we properly talk?” You stuttered, closing the door behind you and slowly sitting on the edge of his comfortable bed.

“About what?” He groggily said, voice slightly breaking. You unleashed a long and deep sigh as you noticed that he has been crying during the past hours. You hurt him, you broke him.

“About everything, Mike. About the mess that we have made.” You faced Mike, but you still couldn’t see his beautiful face as the room was dark. It was also cold and shivers were sent down your spine. “I can’t fight this feeling anymore, I need to let this out. We need to solve this.”

“What for?” He muttered and you could still hint an angry tone in his voice. You fidgeted with the hem of your clothes, nervously shaking since you couldn’t break Mike’s walls. Of course, you perfectly knew Mike and there was a huge invisible wall between the two of you. He was hiding the real Mike behind this wall and you just wanted to wreck it so bad. “You are already in a relationship with Dustin.”

“That!” You fearlessly pointed out. “That’s our problem, Mike!” You reached for the lampshade that stood on his bedside table to turn it on. You couldn’t resist it anymore, you needed to see Mike, you needed to see his face, nevertheless he was crying in pain. “Did I ever confirm that I was in a relationship with Dustin? Did I ever confirm it, Michael?”

You were almost shouting and Mike just stayed in silence, thinking of a possible answer. You looked at him and you considered his puffy dark coloured eyes. “People cheered for you, you hugged him in the middle of the crowd, laughing at his dorky jokes.”

“He did that because I was broken too, Mike!” You loudly exclaimed, tears slowly stinging your eyes and wetting your red cheeks. “I was broken and you didn’t even realize it, Mike.”

“Broken?” He nonchalantly exclaimed, sitting up on his bed. “Broken for what? For conquering every boy around you?”

“What the hell are you talking about, Wheeler?!” You angrily exclaimed, totally facing him. He considered your glossy orbs, slowly feeling bad for shouting at you. “You are so dumb, really dumb!”

“And everything of this was all my fault, (Y/N)?” He pointed himself with his index finger, offended as you sharply insulted him. You hated him, you hated him for assuming things, for misunderstanding things. Mike was an intelligent kid, but why couldn’t he understand that you loved him. “It wasn’t my fault if you were beautiful, if your smile could make every boy fall in love with you. Your laugh, oh my God, your laugh,” He chuckled sarcastically, tears slowly wetting his shirt. “it’s so angelic, melodic. Damn it, (Y/N). You made me fall in love with you, but you didn’t catch me. Oh, of course, I couldn’t compete with the boy you love either. I am just your best friend and I don’t have the right to dictate you who to love or not!”

You already knew that he loved you, so he would just mention everything that he loved in you. He didn’t want to hurt you, to step on you. All that he wanted was to have his best friend back, to spend his time with you, for you to love him back.

“I am sure that Dustin loved your flaws, you are his best friend too. I couldn’t just blame Dustin, so I am blaming you.” His gaze slightly softened as he noticed the endless tears streaming down your face. “I am blaming you for capturing my heart, for making this friendship grow stronger. I am so stupid to fall in love with you, but I also loved it, just as much as I loved you.” He continuously blabbered, hands strongly gripping on his warm blankets.

You were shaking, you didn’t know if he was complimenting you or insulting you. Why would everything be your fault? You did nothing. You just stayed beside him when he needed you, you considered him your closest best friend, but still, he blamed you. He shattered you in half with his words, but you couldn’t help but love him more, although he was so innocent, oblivious and stupid.

“I hate you, (Y/N), because you left me, you left the party. I needed you, but who was beside me during your absence? Eleven. She cheered me up, just like what you did in the past. She became my closest friend, that was why I left you alone during our Snow Ball. I wanted to hurt you, just like you what you did to me, but I was wrong on doing it. I was so wrong.” He shook his head in despair. “I hated you the most today, earlier today. I overheard some words, when you confessed your feelings to Dustin.”

You tortured your lower lip as you took your courage to make your move. He was exaggerating and that was because of his stupidity. That idiot would just keep on talking shit until he had his walls built up.

My life has been such a whirlwind since I saw you, I loved you and hated you at the same time for that, (Y/N). I’ve been running around in circles in my mind and it always seems that I’m following you, (Y/N).” He hardly sniffed as he took the weigh out of his chest. “I hated you, (Y/N), but loved you because you took me to the places, that alone I’d never find.

Right after he stopped himself from talking, you took all of the courage that you have built up. You couldn’t take his words anymore, they were stabbing you in the back. They were sharper than a knife and it hurt even more, because all of them came from Mike’s mouth.

You slowly leant in to diminish the space between your faces. The boy was still handsome, even though he spent his afternoon crying. His features, his eyes, his lips, you loved all of them. You have always thought that he was perfect, he really was. You then slowly closed the gap between the two of you with a slow and gentle kiss, not even deepening it. You just wanted to shut him up, to tell him that your heart beat for him and not for his best friend, Dustin. You wanted to make him feel the love, the truth.

Of course, you shattered all at once the walls that he built so high. His face softened, your body stopped shaking. There was a mere silence in the room, nothing was could be heard, except the loud throbbing of your hearts. You broke the kiss and you considered each other’s eyes, he was speechless, breathless, but still managed to slightly smile. His face communicated mixed emotions: happiness, sadness, relief, astonishment, love.

“I love you, Mike.” You sincerely confessed as you broke the comfortable silence between the two of you. You emphasized your words to let him know that it was him. It has always been him and it would always be him. No matter what. “Only you.”

anonymous asked:

Could you do a short little dacre Drabble with a stranger things au where Billy has a gf and they have a make out scene and y/n is in her dressing room later and dacre can't resist continuing the scene?? 💕

Thank you for requesting! I decided to do headcanons bc I began writing and this is what happened. Sorry this is so late xx

  • So your character is dating Billy.
  • And it’s a very flirty relationship, even though they’re official, they’re just very like that.
  • So you therefore have a lot of scenes with Dacre, which has created a good relationship on and off set.
  • You also kinda have some sexual tension irl ya know ya know.
  • And you’ve only had flirty scenes so far in regards of sex/love, nothing too hectic.
  • Until now.
  • You and Dacre have really good chemistry on set, and get along really well.
  • He can be a bit of a flirt, and so before each romantic or flirty scene he can be quite cheeky with you.
  • So now you have this major heated make out scene to do.
  • Your first time kissing Dacre.
  • You’re kinda nervous, because of all the cameras and crew watching.
  • And the fact it’s Dacre.
  • But he’s very chill with you and you’re comfortable with him.
  • So you do the scene, perfect it on take two.
  • It hot af boiii.
  • His hands were all over you, his mouth leaving fire along your neck.
  • Your mind went foggy and you legs went numb.
  • Once you’ve done your scene and are standing off set, he gets real close to you.
  • And he’s loOKING FINE TODAY!! ya know.
  • Those jeans.
  • And his hand kinda grazes your arm as he begins to walk off, but the lil shit looks at you over his shoulder and you’re like wTF BOI.
  • You’re in your trailer like half an hour later and there’s a knock at the door.
  • You kinda suspect who it is, and hope it is him.
  • So you call for whoever it is to come in, and in walks a smirking Dacre.
  • He’s oozing confidence and it’s literally so attractive on him.
  • “I thought that maybe, because we have a few more of those scenes…” He tries to hide a grin. “We could practice them a bit?”
  • You decide to go along with his act, and nod along to what he’s proposing. “I think that’s justified,” You agree. “I mean, how else are we meant to perfect our scenes without a little practice?”
  • Lips on yours and hands on your waist.
  • You both smile into the kiss, slightly amused at the situation.
  • Your hands find their way into his hair as his hands move to your lower back.
  • It’s quick and heated and passionate.
  • He groans against your neck, hands tightening around your hips.
  • You wish that he could keep kissing you forever, but you both realised that you had to be back on set soon.
  • So you both reluctantly pull away.
  • Cheeks blushed and lips swollen.
  • Messy hair and shifted shirts.
  • You let out a quiet giggle, fixing yourself as Dacre just watches you.
  • Honestly he has a BIG crush.
  • When you both get fixed up and head back out there, you can bet yo ass  e v e r y o n e  knows what just went down. 

anonymous asked:

Could you please write a one shot where Harry and y/n go on a vacation with their families together because their families are close friends, but their families don't know about harry and y/n's relationship. I really hope you can write this!!! Also I love you're writing xx

You tiptoed past your parents’ room before dashing towards the elevator, pressing the button too many times as you waited impatiently, looking left and right for any sign of yours or Harry’s family. You got inside the elevator, pressing the ground floor.
You peaked your head out first before walking outside. Just when you thought the coast was clear, you felt someone bump into your shoulder. You looked, your heart dropping. “Gemma, Gemma, hey,” You chuckled nervously.

“Hey, Y/N, couldn’t sleep?” Gemma asked before she yawned.

“Yeah,” You nodded, “Wanted to take a walk so I could.”

“Oh, yeah. Right,” She chuckled, “I came to replace my kettle, the one I had wasn’t working. Anyway, I’m going now.” She nodded at you, giving you a smile before walking towards the elevator.
You watched her, waving at her awkwardly to make sure she got inside and left.
You released a sigh of relief before hurrying outside, running towards beach that was basically right in front of you.

You tiptoed towards a cave that was hid by bushes that you and Harry found, bending down to see him waiting there, his eyes lightening up when he saw you, opening his arms for you. You grinned, getting inside and sitting between his legs, your back pressed against his chest as he pecked your cheek.

“I ran into Gemma.” You giggled.

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here it is!
[this was requested by @fioha13 ]

this is my first tutorial post!

All I basically did was combine tutorials for different methods of calligraphy into one! I really hope you like it! Just tap/click on a picture to zoom and in stuff. If you want a detailed tutorial/ gif of any style in particular, let me know via my ask.

If there are any questions (or other post requests) , the best place to contact me would be my ask :D

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lots of love
-jasmine xx

coffee grounds

requested by anon; Hi!! I really love your stories! Could you please do one where Tom and Y/N work together in a little cafe or store and he makes her nervous (cuz he’s so hot) and when he realises this, he decides to be a little shit and mess with her and make her all flustered. Just super fluffy please, thank you!!! Xx

summary: [Coffee Shop AU] You’ve fallen madly in love with your co-worker Tom, and because you make it so blatantly obvious–he catches on and decides to have a little fun with it.

pairings: tom holland x reader

word count: 1.9k 

warnings: some swear words, but thats about it 

a/n: i’m a slut for coffee shop au’s y’all, and i hope this does your request justice, love!! 

“I have a soy latte with an extra shot of espresso,” you called out from behind the bar, pushing the warm drink out for pick up. Turning back to clean the steamer, your co-worker and friend standing beside you bumped your hip with her own to get your attention. You glanced over to her, and she gestured with her head to someone who just entered the coffee shop.

Your heart instantly skipped a beat, butterflies erupting in your chest as you watched him wave to your boss, don an apron, and run a hand through his unruly curls. He hopped on the register, and began taking orders from the growing line, flashing his million-dollar smile, winking to get tips, charm dripping from every word that came out of his mouth.

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