i just really love that sweater a lot okay i don't know why

So you’re thinking about leaving concrit on a fanfiction...

Hi there!  Dresupi here! Fanfic author, mostly MCU.  

So you’re browsing Ao3…you’re having fun.  You’re reading all your favorite ship or fandom has to offer.  And EGADS!  You’ve spotted an error in one of the fics.  

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Well.  Surely the next step is for you to let them know in the comments.  Right?  That’s what they’re for, after all.  Communicating with the author, right? 


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Wait WHAT?  Dres…you’re telling me I shouldn’t alert this writer to their grave error in judgement (Or grammar, or characterization, or anything else I deem incorrect in this work they’ve posted out in public for everyone to see?)

Yes, imaginary fic commenter.  Yes, that’s exactly what I’m telling you.  


Calm down, I’m going to lay this out for you.  All professional like.  With bullets and everything.  ;) I got you, Babe.  Don’t worry. 

  • Okay, so the first thing you (as a potential commenter of fanfiction) need to do is decide…Did you like the fic?  If yes, please continue to the next step.  If no, I need you to go back up to the top of your web browser and click the arrow pointing left.  That will take you OUT of the fic and enable you to continue on your search for the perfect fanfic. :D
  • Okay, so, if you’re still reading, you’ve decided that yes.  You DID like the fanfic.  YAY!  I’m so happy for you!  I love finding good fics!  I really do!  It’s the best feeling to find someone who writes your OTP just right, isn’t it?  … Oh wait…you mean…you DIDN’T like the way they wrote your OTP?  A scene was too short?  The word count over all was too short?  Characters were OOC?  Goodness gracious!   Well, in that case…I’m going to need you to go on up to the top left of your screen and click the arrow pointing left.  This will take you OUT of the fic and enable you to continue on your search for the perfect fic with perfect A+ Characterization.  
  • NOW.  Okay.  So you liked the fic.  You liked the length.  The characterization.  AWESOME!  PARTY TIME!  … Oh?  A factual error, you say?  Oh no!  That really is kind of embarrassing, you know?  Really quick, though.  BEFORE you comment, can you check the author’s note and see if the author is asking for help?  A beta?  A general okay-ness with constructive criticism?  (Some authors really like it).   But no?  You don’t see anything like that in the author’s note?  Hmm.  Well, this is a tough situation.  You can either leave your comment sans unprompted concrit…or you can venture up to the top left of your screen and click on the left hand arrow.  This will take you OUT of the fic and enable you to continue on your search for the perfect fic with A+ characterization with bonus fact checking!   
  • Alright,alright, alright.  You’ve made it this far!  This must be an AMAZING fic.  Outstanding!  :D  All except for those pesky grammar and/or syntax errors, right?  Wow.  These are really interfering with your ability to enjoy the fic.  Either this author is in desperate need of a beta, or maybe it’s just that ONE GLARING ERROR in an otherwise perfect fic.  It’s time to leave a comment, tell the author, right?  *sigh*  Take a glance at the author’s note.  Is the author asking for concrit?  Perhaps there’s a call for a beta reader?  Or just a general call for help?  No?  *deeper sigh* Sorry, Friend.  If you’re able, please leave your comment sans concrit, otherwise…yeah…you know what to do.  Back click.  

Really though…what’s the big deal about me leaving concrit?  Even if mine is a touch rude.  I know for a FACT {this author} has many more positive comments.  This isn’t going to amount to more than a drop in the bucket.  

Well…and this is speaking from personal experience as an author.  You could have hundreds upon hundreds of positive comments, but that one negative, or concritty comment is the one that stands out.  It’s the one that makes an author stop before pressing that “post” button.  It’s the one that makes them second guess themselves.  

But Dres, these authors are sharing their works in the public.  They should really develop thicker skins about this kind of thing.  

Well.  I mean.  This isn’t really up to you to decide.  This isn’t something you paid money for.  All you’ve invested is your time.  Leaving unwanted concrit in the comments of a fanfiction is the online equivalent of receiving a handmade sweater from your Nana and saying, “This is cool, but I’d rather have had the store-bought one…”   

Maybe this author is having a really hard time this week.  Maybe their word count isn’t up to snuff because of it.  Maybe this was all they were able to put out there?  Maybe their beta reader is on vacation or taking a break?  Maybe none of the above, maybe this is just simply the best they can do and they’re very proud of what they’ve accomplished!  

Fanfiction is a free service. Fic authors take their free time to craft and write these stories.  A lot of us aren’t professional writers.  We’re moms.  Students.  High schoolers.  Investment bankers.  Scientists. Therapists. {insert name of other careers here}. In other words, people with real lives, who spend what little free time we have, creating content for you to enjoy. 

It isn’t like if you pay money for the latest book from your favorite author, only to find out that they’ve killed off your favorite character and made the other character into a villain and completely mucked up the series past all canonical help.  

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Okay, okay.  I get you.  It’s rude.  But can’t I at least point out the grammatical/syntax errors?  

And here’s where it gets tricky.  And I’d like to defer to my mom on this one.  

She always used to say, “Never point out a fault that someone can’t fix in less than three seconds.”  

She used it to pertain to people’s appearances, their attitude, or their speech patterns.  But I think it applies here too.  

I think of single typos as like…the literary version of having spinach in your teeth.  Yes.  This is something you could technically point out.  KINDLY.  You wouldn’t point and laugh at someone you didn’t really know who had spinach stuck between their front teeth, would you?  

(I would certainly HOPE the answer is no.) 

Likewise, if you simply must point out a single typo…do it nicely?  Otherwise, it looks like you read this thing that this fic author put out into the world…this little piece of themselves…you read it, and found nothing good whatsoever.  Just that typo.  Maybe you didn’t mean it that way.  But it’s what it looks like to that author.  

On the other side of this coin…if the entire fic is a grammatical mess?  Just…back click out.  

Here’s why I say that.  To you, it might look like My Immortal…but to the person that wrote it?  It looks like the hard-work and effort they poured into it.  And you never know.  The person that wrote it could be ESL.  *shrugs*  And your comment could be the thing that keeps them from ever trying again.  You never really know.  It’s safer to be cautious.

I’m going to double star and bold this next thing.  Because I feel like it’s super important.

**A better way to point out typos, grammatical errors or basically any other errors is to contact the author directly.**  

I link my tumblr at the bottom of all my fics for this reason.  And I’ve gotten some lovely messages from people informing me of formatting errors, typos and grammatical errors. It literally takes the same amount of time to click on a link and type out your comment as it does to leave it at the bottom of the fic.  And I can tell you that I do not mind getting told about errors in private.  It’s when things get dragged out into the open that I start getting defensive.  

Which brings me to my last point before I shut up and leave you to your day.  

“I didn’t mean this in a bad way!  I was only trying to help!  Why is this author getting so defensive???”

I’d like to tell you about a little thing called tone.  

Something that is completely lost in online messaging and commenting.  

While you, the commenter, might have not intended anything bad from your comment…the author could have read it in a completely different way. Know why?  

I can’t speak for everyone, but for me?  Personally?  It’s because I’m self-conscious.  Yes.  I’m super self-conscious about everything I share.  Whether it’s a short prompt or an update to a longer fic, I’m self-conscious about sharing it.  And that translates over to how I read tone in online messages and comments.  I hate that I can’t read things neutrally, but…here I am.  In all my imperfection.   

I guess in short, what I’m saying is…and this is probably going to earn me some enemies for whatever reason…I mean…I stood up to someone leaving concrit on one of my fics and got called a c*nt and an attention whore for it.  *shrugs*  People are gonna do what they want to do, and that’s how it is.  

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It takes absolutely no time to back click out and say nothing.  *shrugs*  It takes zero effort to not be a dick.  So please.  Just…don’t be a dick?  Feed your authors.  Don’t leech from them.   

sick - jack avery

warning: none but might strike you in the feels


you were sick yet again but you didn’t have time to dwell on your sickness. you needed to finish an essay for school, run some errands for your mom, and visit jack before he goes on tour.

you got up and out of bed to get ready. you felt light headed when you stood up but brushed it off and went into your closet. you grabbed a sweater and some jeans even though it was 75 degrees outside. you were still really cold.

“mom! i’m going to get what you wanted and visit jack for a bit!” you tried to yell to her.

“are you sick, y/n?” she asked you and you coughed a bit before nodding. “maybe you should stay home. i can get the errands.”

“but i need to see jack,” you told her.

“y/n, you’re sick i’m sure he’ll understand,” she told you, checking how hot your head was.

“but i only have a few more days until he goes on tour,” you really wanted to spend as much time with him as possible.

“you’re burning up. you need to stay home.” you sighed knowing she was right.

you walked up the stairs, frustrated with your immune system. you decided to text jack that you can’t see him today.

y/n: babe, i can’t see you today. i’m sick

jack: i’m coming over

y/n: you don’t have to

jack: yes i do. i’ll see you soon baby

you smiled at how cute jack was. he would do anything for you and that meant a lot to you. you needed to start working on your essay if you had nothing else to do.

“hey babe,” you heard jack’s voice.

“hey,” you smiled at him from your bed. your voice was hoarse and raspy.

“you okay? i brought some soup,” he told you and handed the bowl of warm soup.

“i’m fine. just trying to finish this essay,” you put the soup on the bedside table and continued typing away.

“you can work on this later. right now, you are going to eat this soup and cuddle with me,” he took your computer and put it down on the floor. he handed the soup and a spoon.

jack got into the bed with you and put you into his lap. he played with your hair as you ate the soup he gave you. you finished it quickly due to the fact that it felt so good on your throat.

jack took the the bowl and placed it back on the bedside table. he laid down and wrapped his arms around you. the butterfly kisses he gave you on your neck made your heart flutter.

he leaned down to kiss your lips but you swatted him away.

“you can’t get sick,” you told him.

“i don’t care,” he smiled and kiss your lips repeatedly.

“stop jack. you have tour soon,” you moved your face so he couldn’t kiss you anymore.

“but baby, i want to make you feel better,” you could feel his pout against your skin.

“your fans need you to give your 110% and you can’t give 110% and be sick,” you said.

“but i love you.”

“i love you too,” you smiled at him. “can you sing for me?”

“of course,” he started to sing your favorite song as you lulled to sleep.

you both ended up falling asleep in each others arms. sleeping away the sickness.



Guess who has their laptop repaired!! Here’s some Tiny Tony for Totogo’s Villain’s Favorite Tiny Tony! I hope you like it.

By the by, I know a lot of people take Tony’s baby hair to be very curly, but I kind of took my cue from the baby RDJ gif where he has floppy straight blond hair. <:3 I also really like this hair because I knew this one boy with this hair that was really thin and silky soft and it flew just- everywhere - whenever he ran somewhere, but then it flopped right back into place when he stopped. <3 He lost a lot of that silky softness now though. They’re coarse now. :( 

Anyway, when I first read that Tony would still (still!) be wearing what he wore to Batters’s bar, I was kind of very… sad? disappointed? (In villains????) Because I basically just imagined him in his Tony’s white shirt and no pants and no shoes. So I decided that Batters would probably at least give him some random slippers lying around, and at least a small apron to use as a belt so … y’know, Tony’s shirt doesn’t get too unsuitable for work. 

Except of course the slippers are too big for Tony’s feet so he keeps dragging them and his feet keep slipping out which makes some of the patrons really irritated by the sounds, so someone (either Batters or a random villain) just buys a pair of kid’s shoes (not sure whether they’d bother to find the right size) and makes him wear it.

Also, a small extra (personal head canon of Tony’s childhood) under the cut:

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RFA + Minor 4 HEADcanons

(that absolutely no one asked for but you’re all getting anyway)

-he grows his hair out after leaving Mint Eye and then redyes it back to it’s original red color
-but he kind of,,,,doesn’t trust anyone to cut it bc that involves scissors really close to his face
-Vanderwood convinced him to let him cut it but Vandy ended up cutting off too much, which freaked Saeran out
-So Saeran  allows it to grow a few more inches so it’s halfway to his shoulders and finds that he really likes the length. He can pull it into a ponytail (which is handy) and it’s different from Saeyoung’s hair
-he usually ties it into a low ponytail, but if it’s particularly bothering him he’ll put it higher up
-Saeran’s hair is thinner than Saeyoung’s, where Saeyoung’s is particularly unruly, Saeran’s is thin and doesn’t tangle easily
-his hair is soft af, play with it and honestly he’ll melt

-he sheds like an absolute madman???
-like, if Jaehee thinks Elizabeth 3rd is bad, one time he sat down on her couch and she found at least fifteen hairs afterwards
-honestly at this point, it’s pretty normal to pick his hairs off of everything and anything
-in your food? Somehow all over your clothing? yes
-he has a big spot of discoloration on the right side of his head that’s grey-ish brown canon, check his after end! that he either keeps hidden or sometimes dyed if he has to. It’s super noticeable when he slicks his hair back so he doesn’t do it often. Plus he just,,,hates the way his hair feels when it’s slicked back. It’s greasy and kind of stringy?? it looks like he hasn’t showered and honestly he hates it
-his hair also grows super slow so he doesn’t get haircuts very often
-the whole thing with his hair sticking up everywhere started when he was a kid. He always had this spot at the back of his head that stuck out no matter what he did, so he just started styling his hair the way he does now.
-he gets hella bedhead in the morning because of this, and V also loves to tease him about the pieces that stick up

-his hair is naturally brown but this babe dyes it because he thinks it’ll help him get a girlfriend
-he usually bleaches it every month. His parents were super against it because his natural hair color was perfectly fine in their eyes, but they compromised and said that as long as Yoosung used proper bleach and took care of it, they’d pay for it.
-his hair grows at a normal rate, if not a bit slower
-its not super soft and he has a lot of split ends, but it always looks nice!
-he spends way too much time on it in the mornings though, his mother’s friend is a hairdresser and she taught him how to train his hair by combing strands over to one side and then back again every time he gets out of the shower. It’s a technique he swears by, and he always uses it whenever he can’t get his hair to flick out
-if he just leaves it as usual though, it’s pretty straight!

-he once found a split end and he cried for 15 minutes while simultaneously rushing to the nearest beauty supply shop and then bought out said beauty shop
-he uses hair masks, high end shampoo and conditioner, anything that guarantees his hair’s maximum hair potential
-his mother used to forcibly cut it when he was a child, and it used to make her mad when it’d grow back within a week kinda like aunt petunia with harry potter
-other than that, this boy’s hair feels like silk and it’s so aggravating. The color is completely solid all the way through, but it never looks flat. It’s always perfectly shiny and ugh, just ugh.
-his ponytail is surprisingly thin but it’s a bit too thick to be considered a rat tail, plus he gets kind of upset when people call it a rat tail for some reason, no one knows why

-curls for daysss
-when he gets out of the shower his hair is a straight dark brown but gets super curly and bright red when it’s dried
-he usually has to brush most of the curls out because otherwise his hair naturally gets tangled easily
-his hair is softer than Zen’s! 2nd softest hair in the RFA. Where Zen’s is silky smooth, Saeyoung’s hair is baby soft

-Softest hair in the RFA confirmed
-she takes really good care of it, but it’s pretty prone to being oily!
-when it’s grown out it is h eckin gorgeous, not that it isn’t anyway
-she has the kind of hair that makes you want to wear it as a sweater okay maybe not that far but it’s as soft as a cloud 
-she uses just regular drugstore shampoo but it always smells like either honey or cherry blossoms, depending on which shampoo she choses to use
-she also like,,,,never uses conditioner that coordinates with her shampoo

-it’s layered because he’s a terrible hair stylist and accidentally ended up cutting chunks off of his hair and looked ridiculous
-so he had to go in and have it fixed, which led him to the hair style he has now
-it used to be completely straight and always with a ponytail & bangs (kinda like Takeda Shingen’s from SLBP but with straighter bangs whoops)
-but he loves his new hair! Some of the pieces gets on his nerves because they never go into a ponytail so he always carries around a pack of bobby pins
-bobby pins are his savior ok
-when Saeran gets angry at him, he calls Vanderwood’s hair a mullet
-it’s neither soft nor coarse, but somewhere in between. He doesn’t care what shampoo he uses, sometimes he just uses plain bar soap whenever he runs out & can’t get more right away. ….um, as long as it gets the job done?

-her hair is smooth as h eck and super wavy
-it’s gorgeous honestly
-she uses vv high quality shampoo and conditioner and it pays off
-her hair always smells like cherry blossoms even if it’s been a day since she’s washed it what is her trick
-it almost never gets oily unless it’s been two or three days since it’s been washed. Not that she ever goes that long without washing it though!

-listen,,,,,I know these characters are in anime style,,,,,but there is no way V’s hair is naturally blue
-he probably dyed it for attention but then decided he really liked it and kinda kept up with it
-he gets it professionally done every three months, his hair grows suuuper slowly, but once he goes completely blind he probably has it dyed back to his original color (I think it’s an identical color to Jaehee’s but idk lmao)
-his hair is pretty thick and unruly, he pretty much just drags a comb through it and heads out for the day

Doubts and Kisses

Hey hey hey! So this was a suggestion given to my by @alexfierrno where Fierrochase and Solangelo meet :D

BTW this is BEFORE Fierrochase gets together and Magnus has an embarrassing crush on Alex and is scared to admit it cuz he thinks Alex is gonna decapitate him and Alex is practically pulling her hair out with how much she just wants Magnus to say the stupid words (cuz lbr, Alex probably would know the whole time).

So ye Fierrochase and Solangelo r gonna be brought together cuz

A n n a b e t h



Magnus has no idea why he is even here. Here at a camp where the children wore orange t-shirts and ran around with swords in their hands. Sure, that was exactly like Hotel Valhalla, but technically they where all already dead so there wasn’t the problem of accidentally killing someone, but the residents of Hotel Valhalla tended to be older that 12. It freaked Magnus out when he saw a kid no older than 9 flash a toothy grin at him as she brandished her sword, pintails flying. He almost had a heart attack when the boy, Leo, set himself on fire. Really, it was an interesting day.

On top of all of it, Alex was with him. As if he wasn’t nervous enough, Alex frickin Fierro had to be at his side the whole time. Magnus didn’t really know what to expect from the demigods, and if his dubious expression wasn’t enough, Alex had to laugh at everything he did. He would stutter as another Greek came up to him with some ability that was just crazy and when they finally went off to do who knows what, Alex would pinch his cheeks and call him cute. It took every ounce of his will power not to blush, but he did it anyway. 

Magnus wasn’t really sure how Alex could do it so casually. Show affection towards him without thinking that it could play with the feelings of a crush Magnus wished he didn’t have. How she kept playing with him and teasing him, without having any romantic desires. Without seeing that he had a crush on her. Of course, Alex obviously didn’t return any of these emotions. To her, her relationship with Magnus was 110% platonic and she never had the thoughts that Magnus had of kisses that ran past midnight and hands running through green hair. Magnus was a mess around Alex, and everyone knew it. 

“Look Maggie! There’s your cousin!” Alex says. Magnus can make out the outline of Annabeth standing by a tree. The sunlight caught on her blonde hair and she was talking animatedly to two boys who where practically leaning on each other they where so close. The boy with golden hair like Annabeth and Magnus had his arm over the shoulder of the boy with black hair, who was noticeably slouching. The clothing of the boy with golden curls was much more colorful than the other boy’s, who wore a deep void of black. They where literally the day and night. 

“C’mon. Let’s go say hi!” Alex says excitedly. For some reason, she has been super hyped about meeting Annabeth. Magnus isn’t even sure why, but he chose not to ask for reasons concerning keeping his head. 

“Alright.” They walked up the hill to the tree and as soon as they where in sight of Annabeth, she called out to them, “Magnus!” She ran up to him and hugged him. Magnus, feeling really awkward, pushed her off, but his was smiling brightly. 

“Annabeth! It’s so good to see you! This is my friend, Alex,” Magnus says, gesturing to Alex.

“Oh is she the one–HEY!” Magnus elbowed her in the ribs. He knew exactly what she was about to say, and Magnus was regretting ever telling her about his crush on Alex. Before Alex or Annabeth could say anything else, the two boys Annabeth was talking to earlier came over.

“Oh! Magnus, Alex. This is Will and Nico. Will, Nico. This is Magnus and Alex.” 

“’Sup,” Will said. Nico waved his hand shyly. 

“Hey,” Magnus said and Alex offered a hand. 

“Well, why don’t you guys talk a little bit while I go check on my idiot of a boyfriend. I swear, I can’t leave him alone for five minutes without him making a toilet explode or something.”

“Sure,” Magnus says, not wanting her to go. Strangers and Alex. Great. 

“So you’re the dude with the scary father?” Nico says.

“Girl. It’s girl unless I say otherwise. And why?” Magnus has to give Nico some credit, he doesn’t seem to fazed at the fact that Alex is gender fluid. He just looks 100% done with the world. That is, until he looks at Will. There is definitely chemistry there. 

“Oh. It’s just my dad was dubbed bad guy too.”

“No way!” They started to walk away.

“Goodbye, Death Boy!”

“Shut up, Solace.” 

“Don’t steal him while I’m gone,” Alex says, causing Magnus to turn a bright scarlet.

“The feeling is mutual, my friend,” Will says. Just before they disappear through the trees,  Magnus catches Nico blushing as he digs his hands in the pockets of his black sweater, looking a little like he’s storming off from embarrassment. Will giggles. 

“He always does that. Sit?” Will asks, gesturing to some logs nearby. Magnus shrugs and they sit down.

“Okay, dude, you have a crush on her,” Will says bluntly. 

“Wh–what?” Magnus chokes out. Will rolls his eyes and crosses his arms. 

“Dude. It is literally the most obvious thing in the world. Plus, Annabeth told me.”

“She did what?!” Magnus yells, drifting into hysteria. He should’ve known not to trust her.

“Dude, calm down. It’s not that bad. Just go for it. It’s what I did with Nico.”

“Wait. You two are… huh?” This is the stupidest Magnus has felt all day. 

“Yes. Me and Nico are dating.” There is a silence.

“How did it happen?” Will flashes back to the memory that is the happiest memory he had. 

It was one night during the campfire. Will insisted that he needed to be with Nico a little more often to help his “mental health”. In reality, Nico probably would’ve been fine with a few pills, but Will just wanted to spend more time with Nico. Somehow, Nico’s darkness touched the corners of his heart until his head filled with Nico’s dark curls and perfectly shaped lips. 

They where all singing campfire songs and being merry, but Nico was his usual self, staring menacingly at the fire. Will threw his arms around Nico’s shoulder and got him to sway with him.

“C’mon. Sing with us,” Will whispered in Nico’s ear.

“Why?” Nico said grumpily. 

“Because. Doctor’s orders,” Will said simply. That was the best part of his job. Whenever Nico doubts what Will tells him, he just shrugs and says, “Doctor’s orders.” And he gets away with it. Nico rolled his eyes but started to murmur the words. Will kept his arm over Nico’s shoulder. When a breeze blew through, Will subconsciously pulled Nico closer, which caused Nico to blush a bright scarlet. 

As soon as Will was in his right mind, he let go of Nico hurriedly. He was surprised to find Nico still at his side, shivering through his thin sweater. Nico grabbed Will’s shirt and turned him to face him. 

“Don’t let go,” he said, his teeth chattering. 

“I’ve got you,” Will said, pulling Nico closer. Nico settled his head on Will’s shoulder, breathing in deeply and letting out a happy sigh. Will was only partially aware of his hands combing Nico’s hair. This was the best possible moment for it. 


"Hmm?” Nico says sleepily. 

“I like you.” Finally, the words where off his chest. He felt free, like he reached the top of the highest mountain. 

“I like you to, Will.” Nico says, sounding confused. 

 "No, Nico. Like, like, like you.“ 

 "Oh….” Nico says. For a second, Will wonders if that was the best decision. Then, Nico turns his beautiful face to Will so he’s looking up at him. 

 "I do too,“ he says, hugging Will even tighter. Will felt his insides squirm as he rested the side of his head on top of Nico’s. He likes me. 

 On the other side of the woods, Nico and Alex where having an interesting conversation. 

 "You seem really comfortable with that boy,” Nico says. 

 "Yeah. He’s really great underneath that snarky exterior he puts on.“ 

 "You like teasing him?" 

 "Oh all the time. He’s just so easy to make fun of and he’s always getting so flustered. It’s a miracle he hasn’t found out…." 


 "Well, it’s obvious, isn’t it? I like him. I like him a lot." 

 "And you don’t think he likes you?" 

 "I know he likes me." 

 "Then why don’t you ask him out?" 

 "I don’t know. Because he’s scared? Because the last thing we need is distractions when my father is still out there, plotting Ragnarok?" 

 "But that doesn’t mean you should let that stop you from achieving your happiness." 

 "But what if he doesn’t want to be with me?" 

 "I don’t understand your reasoning…." 

 "Being with me is confusing. My father is the evilest person there is, sometimes I just randomly take out my anger on people who don’t deserve it, and on top of it all, I’m genderfluid. Why would anyone want to be with someone who doesn’t even know what gender they want to be?” Alex says, collapsing on the ground with her head in her hands. 

 "I’m a mess.“ Nico crouched down to her, moving her hands away from her eyes. 

 "Alex… I’ve heard all of these wonderful things from you and Annabeth about how nice Magnus is. If he really did all of these things to help his friends, then I don’t think he’ll blow you off because of all of these things that make you, you. Before he fell in love with you, he knew everything that went into just being friends with you. Plus, if he breaks your heart just call me and I’ll raise a skeleton army for you." 

 "Aww Nico.” Alex felt tears start to stream down her face. She ran her fingers through her hair, took a shaky breath, and hugged Nico. 

 "Thank you. Thank you so much.“ She breaths. 

 "How about we get back to our boyfriends?" 

 "He isn’t my boyfriend." 

 "Not yet,” Nico says with a smirk. Alex rolls her eyes and they stand up, walking back to the tree together. When they saw Will and Magnus again, Alex walked straight up to him, her face set determinedly. Magnus backed himself up against the tree and winced. 

 "Magnus Chase,“ she booms. Magnus was practically trembling. Will and Nico shared a knowing smile. 

 In the end. Alex was not as patient as Will and Nico who still haven’t had their first kiss even though they’ve been dating for three years. She did not want to take Magnus gently into her arms and whisper "I love you,” until he finally believed her. No, she wanted him to know right now, and she wanted him, right now. 

 That’s why, instead of taking out her garrote as Magnus expected, she pressed her hands to his chest and dragged him towards her, guiding him to her lips. Magnus let out a startled cry, but then melted onto Alex, feeling the fireworks bursting between them. His hands dangled at his sides and Alex grabbed his hands, forcefully putting them on her waist. Magnus was practically swooning, the only thing holding him up was his back pressed against the tree. 

Alex whispered her thanks to all of the gods, Norse, Greek, and Roman alike, and felt like finally something was finally going right in her life. As quietly as possible, Nico and Will slipped away, leaving the two of them to sort out their feelings alone. Nico put his head on Will’s shoulder as he wrapped his arm around Nico’s waist. 

 "You know I love you, right?“ Nico asks. 

 "Of course, Neeks. I never had a doubt in my mind." 

 "Then why haven’t we kissed?” Will stopped in his tracks.

 "I-I-I didn’t think you’d want to.“  

"Gods, you’re as stupid as that Magnus guy." 

 "C-c-c-can I kiss you?" 

 "Your a dork,” Nico says as he pulls Will’s face towards his, pressing his lips to his. This was the confirmation. This was the confirmation that they belonged together as Nico felt Will radiate sunshine beneath his fingertips. Nico pulled away just enough so he could whisper against Will’s lips, “But you’re my dork.”


yes but there’s also 

  • ‘I’m hella sick but not old enough to purchase cough medicine and that sounds really pitiful coming from a college student but would you please go buy me some NyQuil???’ au
  • 'We made a bet at the beginning of the laser tag game to see who was better and guess who won. It’s time to pay up.’ au
  • 'Who keeps using my wifi?’ 'Literally everyone, your password is hella easy to guess.’ au
  • Tried to unlock the wrong car in the parking garage au
  • 'I’m on the FBI’s most-wanted list for killing a fuck ton of people, but calm down I just wanna date you bc your face is v smoochable and you give me butterflies.’ au
  • See also; 'Dating a most-wanted serial killer and never getting a heads-up before they come home covered in blood so you’ve gotta be ready to draw the curtains and hide a body every time you hear a car pull into the driveway’ au
  • 'We really should not have played Monopoly’ au
  • Life-sized version of Clue in the old manor on the hill au
  • 'I originally followed you on Instagram bc you’re hot and I’m thirsty but now I’ve developed actual feelings for you bc you’re a genuinely good person’ au
  • 'Fuck me you’re cute why did we have to meet on the one day I decided to stay in my sweats??’ au
  • 'I went to the bar last night bc I just got dumped and wanted to drink away my pain but then one thing lead to another and somehow I broke into your house thinking it was mine and now I can’t find my left shoe but are those waffles I smell?’ au
  • 'I saw that you were reading Eleanor and Park have you gotten to the part where she leaves him and if so can we talk about it because not a lot of people have read this book and I need a shoulder to cry on.’ au
  • 'You passed out in Disneyland and I’ve been taking care of you for the past two hours oh my god are you okay??’ 'Yes I’m okay but who the hell are you supposed to be?’ 'I’m the face character for Peter Pan but that’s not important’ au
  • 'I don’t really know you but I noticed that this creep has been trying to chat you up even though you’ve already turned him down, so I’ll pretend to be your boyfriend/girlfriend  until they leave you alone.’ au
  • Bonnie and Clyde au???
  • Attend same-sex privet schools that are right across the street from each other au
  • Masquerade au
  • 'I don’t like you and you don’t like me but our best friends just died in a car crash and left their one-year-old daughter in our custody so now we’ve got to act civil and end up falling for each other’ au
  • [Basically a Life As We Know It au]
  • 'Found your number inside of a library book that looks like it hasn’t been checked out in ages and decided to text you to see if it worked au
  • 'The biggest rule of immortality is to not get involved with mortals but whoops I was in a coffee shop one day and fell in love with you and now I’m freaking out bc in the grand scope of things we don’t get a lot of time together but fuck no please don’t leave me not yet no.’ au
  • 'I just moved into the apartment next door and I am 100% sure that it’s haunted bc this building used to be a hospital and anyway I heard I noise coming from inside the walls can I please just crash here for the night?’ au
  • 'I know that you’re really into school and probably don’t want to risk your spot on the college football team, but would you mind if I smoked in our dorm room??’ au
  • Followed by 'Nah, I don’t care, as long as I can shotgun some smoke from that pretty little mouth of yours.’ au wow that got sexual and I am not sorry.
  • Went to the beach for the first time au
  • Ancient Rome au
  • Rival team captains who know nothing about personal space and constantly get into fights where they end up face-to-face every single game until one day one of the coaches yells at them to either kiss or get back to the game au
  • 'Hey, so I might have just robbed a bank right now and I kind of need a getaway car, would you pleeeeeaaase help me I can pay you back in sexual favors but also cash.’ au
  • 'I know that you don’t know me, but you were on the receiving end of my girlfriend/boyfriend’s heart donation and being around you kind of makes it feel like they’re still here I’m sorry if that’s kind of weird.’ au
  • 'Shit I wasn’t watching where I was walking and ended up spilling my Rockstar all over your white sweater I’m so sorry here have my jacket.’ au
  • Caught yelling at Go, Diego, Go in the hospital waiting room and after an awkwardly long period of silence the other person joins in bc they’ve got nothing better to do with their waiting time au
  • 'The person living in the apartment across the wall to mine is a nymphomaniac and yeah okay they’re p hot but it’s v hard to write an essay on feminism when all I can hear is sexual screaming.’ au
  • It’s three am, I just wanted some clam chowder, and some how I ended up on Hollywood Bl. can you please tell me where a good restaurant is I think I’m going to cry.’ au
  • 'Fuck my ex just walked into the restaurant with their new girlfriend/boyfriend could you pretend we’re dating so they don’t think I’m hung up on them I swear I’ll pay you later.’ au
  • 'I work at the daycare that you drop your daughter off at every week and she got me sick.’ au
  • 'So I know we just met but it’s raining and my tent has a hole in it, could I sleep in your camper with you?’ au
  • 'Okay okay okay I know we’re just friends and I don’t want anything to change that but I may have told my mom that we’re dating so she would stop trying to set me up with people would you be up to going to my sister’s wedding as my plus one so my mom won’t know I lied?’ au
  • 'Hit me, we’re on college campus and you’ll have to pay for my tuition’ au
  • 'Your headphones aren’t plugged in all the way so that hardcore porn fic you’ve been listening to for the past ten minutes has been broadcasting through the bus on full volume.’ au
  • The Breakfast Club au
  • Wimbledon [the movie] au
  • West Side Story au
  • 'Constantly getting confused as the girlfriend/boyfriend of the lead singer for a heavy metal band bc I’m always going to concerts and getting backstage passes but I’ve never even met the lead singer until the day he/she got drunk and we hooked up in his/her tour bus [whoops now we’re actually dating shh]’ au
  • 'It’s two am, we’re standing outside of our apartment building bc someone pulled the fire alarm, and you look cold and unprepared, do you want to share my blanket?’ au
  • Heartache On The Big Screen au
  • Breakfast At Tiffany's au omg pls
  • 'The zombie apocalypse started two years ago I can’t believe I still have to work at this fucking book store.’ au
  • Long Way Home au
  • We like each other but our dogs don’t so I’m going to have to ask you to stop taking this walking route you attractive fucker’ au
  • 'Sometimes, your soulmate and the love of your life don’t end up being the same person. And that’s something I had to learn the hard way.’ Au

anonymous asked:

... SciFresh? maybe like Sci trying to explain some dorky science stuff and fresh is just not paying attention (and instead just ogling him pfpfpf)

The lab was brightly lit and extremely white. The walls were covered with shelves filled with scientific instruments and with scientific posters. The scientist who was speaking excitedly while measuring up differently coloured liquids was also wearing white, except for a pale blue sweater. Fresh truly stood out here, in his neon clothing. Like a rainbow on a grey sky.

“so there’s this particle pair,” Sci said, “two particles that fits together, and always have different spin.” Sci grinned as he spoke, throwing a quick glance at his company. Fresh, who was sitting behind a table, was leaning on his hands. “they’re smaller than atoms – subatomic particles, that’s called! when one of them change spin, the other one does the same. immediately. even if the particles are thousands of miles away from each other, they change spin exactly on the same time. exactly.” Fresh was staring at him, he knew it. Sci couldn’t see his eye sockets because of the glasses, but he could feel the other’s empty stare. “therefore, if we send one of them to mars, for example, we could communicate with someone on it without a moment of del…ay…” he trailed off.

“fresh, what are you doing?” he finally asked. It was getting almost uncomfortable, the feeling of those eyelights on him and the wide, weird grin at Fresh’s face. It was also making his soul flutter in a way he didn’t want to think about, thank you very much. “why are you staring like that?” Fresh almost twitched, shaking his head slightly.

“Didn’ notice I was doin’ it,” Fresh replied, sounding almost surprised at himself. “’Pologize if I was makin’ ya uncomfy, brah. That’s a totes unrad thing ta do. Seems like I got lost in mah own mind there. Ya were sayin’?”

Sci blinked, and shook his head. Alright then. He took up his monologue where he had left off, but instead of continuing his chemistry he kept a close eye socket on the other. After a while Fresh leaned against on the table again, and staring again. His glasses slipped down a bit, and beneath the flickering lights Sci noticed that the sockets were soft. What in the Underground? He was beginning to get concerned.

“are you okay?” he said in the end, and Fresh tilted his head before putting his glasses back in place. His grin widened.

“’Course I am, broseph,” Fresh sing-songed, leaning backwards. Yet there was something stiff in his posture, that wasn’t usually here. “’M always my groove-tastic self.”

“right…” Sci thought quickly, and nodded to himself as he came up with a solution. “mind if i do some small tests on you again?” They’d done that before, since Fresh was such a unique entity. Sci’s curious nature just couldn’t let such an opportunity slip, and Fresh had strangely but luckily enough not minded.

“Right up, my brah.”

Sci led them into another room, in which they had an operation table and multiple soul-reading devices and surgical instruments. Fresh sat on the table without hesitation, and gave Sci his host’s soul as soon as the other reached out his hand for it. Sci couldn’t help but smile at that. It was incredible how the other actually seemed to trust him, at least a bit. Especially since Fresh was ‘programmed’ for one thing, and one thing only: survival. It had gotten some unfortunate side effects on Sci, though. Still, he couldn’t for the world regret it. He took the soul, and connected the devices. Fresh hummed a tune as they waited for the result to show.

As they did, Sci gaped. That… couldn’t be right. He disconnected them and redid the process, only to get the same results. This required further investigation. He turned to Fresh, looking straight at him, only to see the levels rise on the screen. He left the room, and when he checked the levels through his phone they had lowered. He went back in, and they rose again.

“fresh,” he said, turning to the other. “your endorphin-readings are a bit weird.”

“Watcha talkin’ about, bro?” Fresh didn’t show any signs of understanding what he meant. Sci frowned, but couldn’t help the small, hopeful warmth in his chest. He tried to repress it, knowing it was impossible, but the readings said otherwise.

“they’re showing that you’re in love,” he stated plainly. Fresh’s grin fell. “presumably with me.”

There were a few moments of silence before Fresh began to laugh. Sci stared at him as he actually wiped away a couple tears from his face.

“Good one, Sci brah,” Fresh finally said. “Ya know I can’t, like, feel, right? Last time I all up ‘n’ checked, love was a feelin’.”

Sci felt his soul sink, but turned to check the screen again. Yup. It held all the physical tells of love, which shouldn’t be there if the parasite really didn’t feel at all. There was nothing wrong with the equipment, it was brand new.

“check for yourself, then,” he suggested with a shrug. “you know a lot of science, don’t you?”

“I sure do,” Fresh agreed, standing to look at the readings. “Science’s totes fresh.” He looked at he screen, and froze. Sci watched in confusion as Fresh kept staring at the screen for what felt like an eternity. Then he turned to stare at Sci instead. There was no sign of his usual grin.


Fresh sounded terrified.

⛸️ 👊 GOON (2011) SENTENCE MEME 👊 ⛸️

Warning for NSFW and offensive language. Feel free to change pronouns, tenses and punctuation however you want!

  • “I think that we both have a light in our stomachs, a special light, like ET. My stomach light needs your stomach light. We can all phone home together.”
  • “Two rules, man: Stay away from my fucking percocets and do you have any fucking percocets, man?”
  • “He’s probably giving some single mother herpes in a parking lot.”
  • “You like hot dogs ‘cause you like cocks in your mouth, son!”
  • "Look, no disrespect intended, but honestly fuck your parents if they don’t fucking appreciate you, man.”
  • “I’m stupid, he’s gay. We’re stupidgay.”
  • “He drinks a lot of hand sanitizer.” 
  • “For the record, they’re both adopted.”
  • “Last week, he called in pretending he was from some fucking sweepstakes and told me that I had won the grand prize of 50 cocks in my mouth. He says I have the option of sucking all 50 at once or one a month for 50 fucking months.”
  • “Fuck this fucking sad shit.”
  • “I am pretty sure my fucking eyeballs just ejaculated.”
  • “I’ve had enough of you and your fucking sweater vest police state censorship, okay?”
  • “69! Take the number 69, it’s hilarious!”
  • “Spit it out. You’re a big boy, use your big boy words.”
  • “It’s okay, you gotta be shitty to get better.”
  • “You’ve been touched by the fist of God, for Christ’s sakes!”
  • “I remember when his dick was a tiny little fucking Christmas light!”
  • “What’s so fucking funny, giggly bits?”
  • “You fucking Chernobyl motherfuckers.”
  • “Well, that was borderline treasonous.”
  • “You know that cats only meow when there’s people around?”
  • “We should sign his dick, everyone sign his dick.”
  • “Why don’t you give me your number and I promise that I’ll never call you?”
  • “Okay, Siegfriend, let’s go, Roy. Eye of the fucking tiger.”
  • “I mean, Jesus, all we did was make out.”
  • “I have a boyfriend, which is awesome. Fuck.”
  • “It’s not the first time wind blew garbage in my face.”
  • “Look at your fucking fist, it’s the size of my Uncle Murphy’s prostate.”
  • “Whatever it is that’s making you fucking ovulate, you better figure it out and get your fucking shit together.”
  • “Everyone loves the soldiers until they come home and stop fighting.”
  • “I will lay you the fuck out.”
  • “Hey, if I wanted any lip from you, I’ll rattle my zipper.”
  • “I’m high on painkillers.”
  • “Pass the duchy, man.”
  • “I am so fucking proud. You are un-fucking-real. The stuff…that you are…that is…is fucking great.”
  • “When you deserve a beating you take it.”
  • “You make me want to stop sleeping with a bunch of guys.”
  • “Look at you. Did you fall off a toilet paper roll? Do you pee rainbows? Do you fart cinnamon? Does a rainbow come out of your nipples?”
  • “No glory holes here tonight.”
  • “I’m gonna go crack some champagne and make love to my old lady. It’ll be the first time, the best time, in a long time.”
  • “You can do anything except punch people, okay?”
  • “You’re so pretty. You’re so beautiful. I’m sorry, I keep saying that. I’m sorry.”
  • “I think it’s a pretty name. Like your face. You got a pretty name and a pretty face.”

6.17: This episode takes place primarily in Chester, Pennsylvania.

1. Have I mentioned how many awful things happen to our boys in Pennsylvania? Because it seems like a lot…

2. This town is called CHESTER. Not WINchester. But also not LOSEchester. Just more of the same Chester. I mean, like 5.16, this episode is a strange loop. This reality dissolved when Balthazar re-sank the Titanic and but the Cosmic Order to rights, but for ~reasons~ Sam and Dean were allowed to remember that world where Ellen and Jo were alive, where Bobby (and they) had a support system in their enlarged family. When they “wake up” and Cas tells them it had all been real, they don’t completely understand the point of it all…

3. Because they haven’t put it together with Death’s warning to Dean, that it was all about the souls…

(granted that warning had been so dang vague, and they don’t yet fully understand just how far Cas has already gone in his plans to defeat Raphael, or that he was working with Crowley all along, or that Crowley isn’t actually dead and the plans to crack Purgatory are still entirely in the works. Sorta puts them behind the eight ball again.)

The first clue we get that something’s ~off~ in this episode is Sam and Dean climb into a Mustang and drive off without blinking, followed by Ellen showing up, taking care of Bobby because they’re married. Incredible.

WTF is up with Dean’s terrible interrogation technique in this universe though?

RUSSO: Yeah. It’s a shame. But I’m not that close with my family, so, uh (sighs) is this gonna take long?
DEAN: No. Five minutes. Five minutes. Uh, can you – can you tell me anything, uh, noteworthy about the Russos?
RUSSO: Noteworthy? No. I mean, not exactly – average, you know, big, from Italy.
DEAN: I see. Uh, was anyone ever killed or maimed in a war or, you know, some other violent thing?
RUSSO: (scoffs) What do you mean?
DEAN: Like something so dark that it would sully future generations.
RUSSO: Uh… No.
DEAN: Good. Good stuff. Anyone own a slave?
RUSSO: What?
DEAN: Routine question. Any ties to the Nazi Party?
RUSSO: Excuse me?
DEAN: Did grandma ever piss off a gypsy?

Like, real smooth there, Deano.

They go into this case thinking it’s a “Family Curse,” But then unrelated people are turning up dead all over the country. These people aren’t all related, but they were all in the same boat. Literally. The Titanic.

SAM: Okay, I didn’t think that was possible. I thought you couldn’t change history.
BALTHAZAR: Oh, haven’t you noticed? There’s no more rules, boys.

but the small changes that resulted (and the 50,000 people alive who wouldn’t have existed at all) are really unsettling. Not only does Dean have no idea what an Impala is because apparently it never was made (and ACK can you even imagine a world where Baby wasn’t the thing that saved the universe? THE MOST IMPORTANT OBJECT IN THE UNIVERSE DOESN’T EXIST HERE?!), but Balthazar gives them a VERY GOOD REASON to not want to “re-sink” the boat:

DEAN: Apparently, a crapload of dominoes get tipped over if the Titanic goes down. And, uh, bottom line – Ellen and Jo die.

(oh, and an aside, we get a very interesting comment on why Cas is staying away from Dean, and sending Balthazar along to handle them on his behalf. It’s a seemingly jokey throw-away comment, but it really DOES explain why Cas has been avoiding them ALL SEASON LONG. Because like in s4 when Uriel told Dean that Cas was being kept away from Dean because “he likes you.” Well, Balthazar ups that ante to “in love with you.” And honestly what must Balthazar think about everything Cas has done for and with the Winchesters while supposedly being in charge of this war in Heaven? Even Rachel in 6.18 is ANGRY with Sam and Dean for distracting Cas from his mission in Heaven, but Balthazar just sort of rolls with it… because he gets it in a way Rachel didn’t… because Balthazar had abandoned heaven for humanity, too…)

CASTIEL If I know her – and I do – she won’t stop until you’re dead.
DEAN  Awesome. So what do we do?
CASTIEL Kill her.
SAM Kill fate?
CASTIEL Do you have another suggestion?

But why would Fate suddenly target Sam and Dean now, over that, unless Cas had put them directly in her sights by doing something like… unsinking the Titanic? 

(taking a short break to go spelunking for excellent posts about this episode that somehow didn’t end up TAGGED for this episode, because past me sucks::



and that’s just the entrance to the weird parallel universe rabbit hole…or maybe the tip of the iceberg, if you will. If you’ve got a lot of free time on your hands, have a nice time killing a day or two getting lost in the warren)

But these are all cosmic consequences. Change one thing, let someone live who was slated to die, and it has the power to eventually change the entire universe. And this parallel world has had a hundred years to change around these people who were supposed to have died on the Titanic, but who ended up surviving anyway.

Mary being back, in s12, and now Cas directly interfering with her dying again in 12.09, is a cosmic consequence event just like unsinking the Titanic. Only on a smaller and much more personal scale for the Winchesters. I’ll leave it to Atropos to explain:

ATROPOS You know what? I’ve kept my mouth shut. I could have complained, I could have raised a fuss, but I didn’t. But you know what the last straw is? Un-sinking the Titanic. You changed the future. You cannot change the past. That is going too far!
CASTIEL It’s Balthazar. He’s erratic—
ATROPOS Bull crap. This isn’t about some stupid movie. He’s under your orders. You sent him back to save that ship.
CASTIEL No, I didn’t. Why would I?
ATROPOS Oh, maybe because you’re in the middle of a war and you’re desperate?
ATROPOS Come on. This is about the souls.
CASTIEL You don’t know what you’re talking about.
ATROPOS That angel went and created 50,000 new souls for your war machine.
CASTIEL You’re confused.
ATROPOS No. You can’t just mint money, Castiel. It’s wrong…It’s dangerous… And I won’t let you.

And there we have it. It’s all about the souls, just like Death told Dean. We get our first look at just how entangled Cas is in this mess, but while all this REAL INTEL is being laid out for US, Sam and Dean are frozen in the background, apparently locked in time and unable to hear anything of this conversation. That’s why they buy into the lie that Cas tells them about it being all on Balthazar, and why they still haven’t understood Death’s warning:

DEAN Hold on. Uh…So, if you guys went a-and changed everything back, then that whole timeline or whatever, it just got erased?
CASTIEL Yeah. More or less.
DEAN Well, then, how come he and I remember it?
CASTIEL Because I wanted you to remember it.
SAM Why?
CASTIEL I wanted you to know who Fate really is. She’s cruel and capricious.
DEAN I’d go so far as “bitch.”
CASTIEL Well, yeah. You’re the ones who taught me that you can make your own destiny. You don’t have to be ruled by fate. You can choose freedom. I still believe that that’s something worth fighting for. I just wanted you to understand that.
DEAN So, wait. Did…Balthazar really, uh, unravel the sweater over a chick flick?
CASTIEL Yes. Absolutely. That’s what he did.

And he flaps away before they can even question it… Sam and Dean believe that Cas ordered the Titanic re-sunk solely to save THEIR lives. They don’t really get that Cas had ordered it unsunk in the first place to try and keep Dean out of the war in the first place… because EVERYTHING in s6 eventually comes down to that moment we see in 6.20 where Cas leaves Dean raking leaves in Lisa’s yard and accepts Crowley’s deal.

And we’re getting closer and closer to the moment when that entire trick is revealed.

anonymous asked:

Hey! Sorry if you've talked about this before and I just missed it but what are the ethnicities of the characters in World Ain't Ready? I was kinda maybe thinking I'd like to draw fanart...? (Maybe) Also any ideas of what the characters look like and how they dress that isn't in the text would be useful too... if you don't mind I mean.

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Knitting Patterns

A/N: Took the “Toby learns to knit” headcanon on the TAU blog and ran with it. Thank you, submitter. You are welcome, Toby fans. Go roll in the slightly-angsty fluff.

All Alcor wanted to do was check up on Toby (make sure he wasn’t secretly up to Evil) and let him know dinner was ready (couldn’t let him go hungry – sure he might have held out before Alcor found him, but who knew what desperation hunger could drive him towards, ultimately ending in demonic laughter and his most hated enemy rising again?). It was supposed to be a simple operation: pop open the bedroom door, poke his head in, glance over the room, deliver his message, leave. Considering the fact that he could phase through walls if he so chose he technically didn’t even need the first step.

He got all the way to the glancing and had just started the delivering before the back of his brain waved a flag at the rest of it.

“Hey, kid, dinner’s ready” turned into “what the hell are you doing” halfway through.

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Hi!! Could I request a mark love scenario please ? I don't care about the circumstances or theme, I just can't get enough of Mark so I'll be happy with anything *^*

(I had a request about Mark and his tricking troubles, so that’s where the plot came from!)

“Hyung, I think you need to take another aspirin,” Yoogyeom cooed as he gave the pill and a bottle of water to Mark.

Mark declined. “It’s fine. I’m fine, really. The flips don’t hurt that much.”

With a forced smile, Yoogyeom followed his hyung’s wishes and left Mark to his practicing.

It was getting late and the members insisted on going home, but Mark decided to stay a while longer as he tries to perfect his flips.

Even JB insisted that Mark go home with them since it’s way past midnight already. Again, Mark declined and the members let their oldest member to his business.

Alone in the practice room, Mark finally collapsed on the floor groaning. He was in such pain, his body was practically screaming in agony. His back felt like there were a thousand vehicles pressing onto it. His legs could barely stand him up anymore. He slowly got up as he hissed in pain. Reaching for the aspirin Yoogyeom offered earlier, he got out his phone and decided to make a quick phone call.

You opened your eyes slowly and glanced at your blaring phone as it rang. Rubbing your eyes, you picked it up. “Mark, it is almost two in the morning, I’m going to hang up on you in five seconds unless you give me a valid reason as to why—”

“I’m alone in the practice room,” he interrupted. “And.. I’d just like company.. You could sleep on the couch here, I just want you to be here with me.”

Of course you could never deny time to spend with Mark, even if it was this late. “Sure, just make sure to open the door for me.”

As you head over to the company, you see Mark waiting for you on the other side of the glass door. Opening it, he shivers from the cold wind but kisses your forehead as you greet him and walk in. 

You grabbed his hand and swung his arm, making him laugh. Opening the practice room door, you let go of him as you scurried over to the couch and grabbed a nearby blanket. He laughed as he watched you wrap yourself in a cocoon and rested your head on the arm rest. “Comfy?” he asked. You replied with a smile and a nod.

At this point, you couldn’t even fall asleep, so you decided to watch Mark practice. He probably didn’t know you were asleep because he kept on mutter profanity and ruffling his hair. You assumed he wasn’t doing as well as he wanted to, as you saw him walk around in frustration after every flip he performed in front of the mirrors.

You felt terrible. It was late and Mark was aching and pushing himself too much. He was always like this though, so you weren’t surprised. Even as a trainee, as the others left to go to the dorms at eleven at night, Mark stayed a few more hours. You admired him for his hard work and dedication, but sometimes he pushes himself too much to the extent that it harms him.

After one more flip, he fell to the floor in pain. A cursed escaped him mouth again. You needed to stop him so you untangled yourself from your blanket and wrapped it around your back as you approached him. “Mark,” you softly spoke. “It’s getting late and you look awfully tired, you should go back to the dorms.”

“No no,” he barked back. “I need to perfect this routine!”

“But you’re only going to hurt yourself even more and make your injuries worse.”

“No! I must do this!”

“Mark!” you practically screamed as you grabbed his shoulders. Grabbing onto him, you could tell he was in a lot of pain as he winced at the touch. “Look, you don’t need to push yourself this far.”

“But I do!” he croaked. His voice was as broken as his body. You helped him up from the floor and walked him over to the couch. Sitting down, he leaned his head on your shoulder and sniffled. “I do need to do this though.. It’s for the members.. the fans.. my family.. you..”

“Me?” You asked. 

He nodded. “I put all of my efforts into everything I do for everyone, especially you. I don’t want to seem like a slacker or someone who constantly messes up..”

You lifted his head off his shoulders, cupped his face, and looked him in the eye. “Hey,” you smiled. “Don’t you ever think that your best efforts aren’t good enough, okay? You’re a hard worker and I know how much you put into everything you do and I’ll forever adore you for that.” He smiled, hearing such words. “But you shouldn’t push yourself this much, okay? THIS, actually makes everyone worried about you. Don’t overwork yourself to make everyone proud because everyone’s already proud of you, alright?” He nodded and backed up a bit as he wiped his eyes with the sleeves of his sweater. He was never the one to admit he was crying, so you decided to let him have a moment to think and get himself back together.

As he lifted his head up, you expected him to speak but instead he wrapped.

Tryin’ to comprehend
All these feelings on my mind

Damn, never thought you’d be the light
That guides me when I’m blind

You never have to worry
Don’t you know I’m always right behind you
‘Cos to me you’re one of a kind

Got me picturing things
When I saw black,
Got me ‘maginin things
When it’s all bad

Now I’m standing here
Spitting lyrics on this track
Hoping you ain’t gonna leave
But if you do come back

It was the rap he performed for his cover with JB on Frank Ocean’s ‘We All Try.’ He turned his head to you and smiled. “Thank you.”

You scooted closer to him and pecked his cheek. “I should be thanking you for following your dreams and doing your best and helping me realize my own dreams and goals.” You wrapped your arms tightly around him. “I’m really proud of you.”

“Thank you,” he repeated, “but it’s all thanks to you. You say that I’m your influence but you should know that you inspire me. Now until the end.” Before you could respond, he yawned and scratched his eyes. He quickly looked towards the top of the mirror to check the time. “It’s almost three.. we should head out now.”

“Good!” you exclaimed as you were about to stand up from the couch. Suddenly, Mark pinned you down back on the couch, lying right on top of you. “Hey! I thought you said we should go now!”

He yawned again as he wiggled himself into your blanket. “I know, but I’m way too tired to go all the way to the dorms, so we should just spend the rest of the night here.”

Not wanting to argue, you nodded and kissed him goodnight as you slowly drifted off into sleep. As you fell into a deep sleep, Mark kissed your nose once more as he brushed your hair from your face. “Thank you again. For everything,” he whispered as he shut his eyes for a good night’s rest.

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm a new fan of The NBHD's music. I can't call myself an Hoodlum (yet) bc I have a silly rule for myself: If you don't know & love all the members, don't call yourself a fan lol. I'm 14 and live in Asia so I don't even have the slightest chance to meet them, also the info about them is very rare :( I have been hopelessly searching about them since last week then came across your tumblr & omg I love you and your blog! Could you give me some info about each members? Thanks :)

You’re already a fan because you like their music, but I completely agree, in order to be a hoodlum, it takes much more than that. Hm okay, so where do I start? (and thank you so much by the way for saying you love my blog, it seriously means alot). So first off, The Neighbourhood members USED to be

Jesse, Mikey, Zach, BRYAN SAMMIS and Jeremy
They never spoke too clearly about why Bryan had to separate from the band. At first it seemed as though he had chose to leave so he could work on his own music but as time went on, in interviews it would be hinted out that there was some tension and being together felt more like a job than it did working with friends. Bryan was my favorite member. He knew who I was before we even formally met. He was the most interactive with the fans and one of the funniest. His solo music is pretty good, if you want to give that a listen here’s the link to his soundcloud (he goes by both Bryan and Olivver, and no the second v was not a typo) https://soundcloud.com/olivver-1

This separation didnt happen too long ago. The band itself is fairly new. They grew immediate attention after writing sweater weather (which was also the first song they all wrote together) They all knew eachother before becoming a band, (Zach and Mikey are the closests though). 

Jesse, Zach, Brandon, Mikey, Jeremy

Jesse is the lead singer and the member people know most about. Not just because he is the lead singer but also because he puts himself out there a lot. He is present in if not all, most interviews and therefore its easy for most fans to fall in love with him. Before the neighbourhood became popular, he was in a serious relationship with a girl named Serena. He wrote a couple songs about her (or at least we believe he did, songs like STING) and we’re not sure why they broke up but most fans were really happy about their relationship. He was single for quite a while before getting together with Anabel Englund, the fan base seemed to be very upset about it. Most argued it was because of the way she presented herself (some people thought it was skanky) but it didn’t stop them from being together and with time people began to love them (Ship name was/is Anese). Now, its not certain but it’s argued that they broke up (they unfollowed eachother on Twitter and Instagram). Jesse is also very sensitive. If you haven’t seen it already in their Afraid video, he is completely naked and he felt very unappreciated when the video didn’t even reach a million views because he completely put himself out there and he went on a sad rant on twitter. It broke most fans hearts and it sparked a fan page trend. I believe at least one fourth of the neighbourhood fan pages that are active today were made after that. Asides from all that mushy stuff, he’s super funny and a confident guy. 

Zach Abels is one of the guitarists of the band and is by far the second most famous member of the band. Its funny because on twitter he is described to be the more sassy one and he always has been but in person he isn’t like that at all. He might not be as tall but he’s just as sweet as Jesse when it comes to the fans.

Mikey Margott is the bass player. He is the youngest of the group and grew up knowing how to play the drums but they really wanted him in the band so they taught him how to play bass (Bryan was already the drummer). He is super sweet and asides from Brandon, he is the member we may know least about, personality wise. He doesn’t have anything but instagram and he doesn’t use it that much. Also, he isn’t present in most interviews so its hard to really say you love him from anything other than maybe meeting him after a concert or the pictures posted of him by photographers and fans. What we do know is that since young, his best friend has always been Zach, he is the band’s barber and for over four years he’s been in a committed relationship with the lovely Lauren Leekley. (which all fans love)

Jeremy Freedman is the other guitarists and the most unappreciated member. I remember meeting them after the iHeartRadio live series and everyone flocked around Jesse while Jeremy was pretty much by himself. After talking to him for a bit I realized how funny he was and being the selfish person I am, I was sort of happy that I could have a conversation with him without being interrupted by other fans. He gives himself these crazy nicknames that work and it only shows about 2% of his sense of humor. Jerry Hot Licks, The Pussy Destroyer and more.  

Bryan Sammis was their drummer. I spoke about him before but he really was my favorite. He always responded to fans on twitter and was even nicer in person. The first time I saw him I didnt have to say anything, he saw the gift I was ready to give him and he knew who I was and that really meant a lot to me. The second time I saw him he recognized me (as did Jesse, they do a good job of remembering faces) and he was very chilled and cool about having a one on one conversation with me.

Brandon Fried is the new drummer. Although he may be a new member, he’s known them since highschool. He’s into Seahawk football and eating gyros and that’s pretty much all I know. He seems like a really funny and chilled guy he just hasn’t been in the band long enough for me to say much in confidence. 

I wish we knew more about their personal lives but the only person who we can really say we all know is Jesse and even then, we dont know everything. I hope this helped, if you have any more questions let me know!

anonymous asked:

I don't know but I just wanted you to confirm wether you've received my Boys bonding head canon request? It's been over two weeks since I sent it. If you didn't get it here is the thing I requested, the boys bonding especially Farkle and Josh along with Lucas n Zay. Like Farkle and Josh being in competition with Riley and Maya in terms of their bonds. Like them being best buddies of all times. And if you don't mind can you end it with them being each other's best man?Plz lemme know if u got dis?

omg okay bless you. Although I already wrote out wedding headcannons for each and they weren’t each other’s best man, Josh had Cory bc his friend Andrew was officiating the wedding and Maya had claimed Farkle as ‘her best person’. Auggie was the groomsman that Farkle was paired up with and they put on a show of skipping down the ‘aisle’ and ended up falling in the mud😂 At the riarkle wedding Josh, Lucas and Zay got into a fierce competition over who should be the best man, and while they were distracted Farkle was like ‘Auggie bro you’re one of the only sane people in my life you’re best man’ lmao. He had to give some cheesy speech about friendship and how ‘you’re all winners in my heart’ to appease the other guys😂😂

  • Okay so Josh and Farkle first meet when Farkle is like 8 years old
  • Riley pulled some major puppy dog eyes and got her parents to let Farkle come with her for the month she usually spends with her grandparents in the summer
  • But Amy and Alan only said ‘Riley’s bringing her friend’, so Josh assumed they meant Maya and wakes up the day of their arrival expecting to have four weeks to hang out with his niece and her cute blonde friend
  • But he walks downstairs to the kitchen and he’s like wtf
  • This is a different blond friend
  • Where is the correct blond friend???
  • What is this
  • Is Maya trying to prank him or something??
  • As it turns out, Maya managed to get her ass stuck in summer school so she wasn’t allowed to come
  • So Riley brought her other ‘bestest friend’ and now Josh has to deal with this pipsqueak all month instead of having someone following him around adoringly and giggling at all his bad jokes and telling him how cool he is while simultaneously calling him a dork
  • r u d e
  • So anyway Josh is like “what’s your name?” and the kid is like “Farkle”
  • And there’s a long moment of them holding eye contact before Josh realizes he isn’t lying about his name
  • So Josh is just like “…I’m gonna call you Yahtzee okay”
  • “Um…no?”
  • “Too late.”
  • So Amy’s just like J o s h u a but Riley’s giggling so Josh is calling a win for this one
  • Okay so anyway the month goes on, they go on various ‘little-kids-in-summer’ misadventures
  • Josh usually has a great time because he loves hanging out with Riley and Maya. They’re both really funny and make him feel cool what’s not to love here
  • But Yahtzee doesn’t seem to have much of an opinion on him, and Riley’s too busy being completely enthralled every time the kid throws out a random fact to pay enough attention to Josh
  • And now he doesn’t have Maya with her pigtails and big blue eyes staring at him like he hung the stars to help him deal with his niece apparently ditching him
  • So this summer is just…not good for his ego omfg
  • (You have to take into account that while Josh isn’t an only child, he’s the MIRACLE BABY like of course he’s used to people doting on him omg)
  • So instead of this fun summer he had all planned Josh is being a bit of a mopey little bitch omg why does Riley think this bowl cut kid is cooler than him?????
  • like wtf he could see it if this was actually a cool kid, but it’s July and he’s got??? Only turtlenecks and sweaters on???? And he has a bowl cut and glasses???? And keeps talking about science???? What the fu c k
  • Joshua is adorned in the Cool 6th Grader Look* and he plays guitar and wow Riley remember that time I saved you from an angry dog??? What a way to pay me back,
  • These thoughts are rushing through his head as he sits on the counter with his arms folded, pouting at Riley and Farkle who are at the table, rolling cookie dough and talking about how fireflies glow????
  • 8 year olds are so fucking weird man,
  • Okay so since Josh is truly Cory Matthews little brother, he just simmers in his 10 year old angst and basically ruins the summer for himself. He’ s all just like ‘fIIINE I guess I’ll hang with my REAL friends instead of you losers!!!’ as he angrily scooters off into the sunset and ultimately has to deal with his school friends making fun of him for being upset that 8 year olds don’t wanna hang out with him. A n g s t
  • He’s gonna try to blame Maya for all this but it’s all him lmao there was more then one occasion where Riley was like ‘Grandma why is Uncle Joshie being so weird?????’ and Amy was like ‘He’s just at an age sweetie’ which made no sense to Riley so she’s like ‘Kay then I guess I’ll go read with Farkle at least he knows how to smile???’
  • So anyway the summer trip is over and Josh misses his niece now that she’s gone
  • Goes on with his life
  • Suddenly it’s Christmas time and his brother’s family is gonna be with them for a week and a half and he’s lowkey pumped because Christmas and New Years is the prime time to be an adorable kid and he and Riley tend to unite and get a lot of attention, eat a lot of cookies, and try to see who got the better presents from Santa
  • So they’re there for a few days having fun this is the lyfe
  • But suddenly someone’s knocking on the door and it’s FUCKING YAHTZEE ASKING IF RILEY WANTS TO COME BUILD A SNOWMAN WITH HIM
  • And Josh slams the door in his face lmao
  • But then Riley yells at him so he opens it back up and he’s like ‘how are you possibly here you live in New York’
  • ….oh, right, OF COURSE he has grandparents in the area. Of course.
  • So Josh still gets to hang out with Riley on Christmas and New Years but all the other generic December days she’s there, she and Yahtzee are out and about!
  • Stop stealing my niece!!!
  • So the holidays come and go and Josh is like. You know what??? Fiiiine.
  • I am a BIG BOY and Riley is a LITTLE GIRL and someday she will see the error of her ways and pay the correct amount of attention to me again
  • In the mean time though, he did have one thing he could at least look forward to: The weekends when Cory would bring him up to NYC and the two of them and Riley would get discount tickets for musicals. He loved that tradition. That was sacred to him, his brother and his niece, and it was safe. He’d get to see cool shows and then gush about them and sing all the songs with Riley while Cory drove them to whatever restaurant they were hitting up afterwards, and even after that Cory would buy them all ice cream and take pictures of them and it was quality family bonding and there’s no way Josh would ever feel neglected during it.
  • …May 26th 2010, in which Josh gets in the car ready to go see Billy Elliot with his family, only to find an extra member. A blond bowl cut. Glasses that wouldn’t stay on his face, a blue turtle neck, whispering something into the ear of a giggling Riley
  • Cory affectionately ruffling Yahtzee’s hair, saying he joined Riley’s dance class and wanted to learn about the musicals everyone kept talking about, and ‘you don’t mind do you, Joshie? He is basically part of the family.’
  • But he doesn’t say that so they see the show and it was spectacular but Josh is in #sulk mode the whole time
  • Surely this is a one time thing though, right?
  • It is not a one time thing
  • It is an every time thing
  • H e l p H i m
  • But omg okay Josh does eventually grow out of this angst
  • Just because he gets older and matures and all that
  • Eventually figures out life doesn’t revolve around him like all 6th graders eventually must
  • Eventually accepts that sometimes Riley can find people that aren’t him cool and maybe she can pay equal amounts of attention to them
  • He still barely interacts with the Yahtzee kid tho, not because of any lingering resentment but just because??? What is there to say??? They’re very different people. They have nothing in common.
  • Their longest conversation 5 years of knowing each other was ‘Hey can you stop calling me Yahtzee? It kinda hurts my feelings’ ‘Oh wow sure sorry dude’.
  • Josh still calls him Yahtzee in his inner monologue lmao
  • Josh was presented with a new nickname of ‘Dr. Turtleneck’ at Family Game Night
  • But the next time he’s back and prepared to use it…what the ever living fuck why is this kid not in a turtleneck
  • They were meeting up for another discount musical trip and Riley just arrives with this guy in a denim hoodie and a beanie and Josh is like ‘wtf where’s your pet genius’ and Riley’s just like??? Farkle is standing next to me do you need a stronger contact prescription????
  • So Josh has a very mini existential crisis because Farkle looks cool now and if Farkle is considered cool than w h a t a m I
  • He gets over that quickly enough though lmao
  • So like they are chill with each other and all but he doesn’t actually become legitimate friends with Farkle until the kid starts dating Riley
  • He was horrified to walk in on that scene on Valentine’s Day. He kept crying even after he learned it was a misunderstanding
  • Like Josh is all for letting Riley grow and experience life and all but n o p e that is his NIECE, SON
  • Josh was planning on talking to Farkle about the relationship, he was lowkey planning on just having a very friendly and casual conversation with him while holding a butcher knife and chopping vegetables in an angry way that didn’t fit with his tone of voice
  • But then Eric almost killed the kid, and accident or not Josh figured he had received the ‘don’t-mess-with-Riley’ message
  • And now that Josh was a struggling college student who was always at Cory’s to steal food or wifi, and Maya had gotten over her obsessed crush on him, Josh started hanging out with Riley’s friends every now and then
  • He and Farkle initially started bonding over a shared love for horror films and then eventually found other things they had in common. There wasn’t like, that much to go on, but they did end up forming an actual, strong friendship.
  • They’d get into in-depth discussions and analysis’ about movies, try to convince each other to listen to cool new bands, hang at parties the gang snuck into
  • Maya c o n s t a n t l y making jokes about Josh taking Farkle as his ‘apprentice in hipster trash’
  • Josh managed to refrain from murdering Farkle after Riley got pregnant that was a miracle
  • Josh was named godfather of Penny and although he was still pissed his niece got pregnant so young in the first place he was SO PSYCHED TO BE A GODFATHER
  • Buys Penny so many presents
  • When he’s ‘on tour’ with his band, if he’s ever in Riley and Farkle’s general area he will all but kidnap this baby
  • Farkle f l i p s when Josh and Maya start dating
  • Every time Riley and Maya run off to do something, Farkle always cracks a joke like ‘I think my girlfriend is cheating on me with your girlfriend’
  • They are HIGHKEY those guys who will be at a party or a hang out or whatever who are like ‘well the girls seem to be preoccupied time for us to hold bottles of beer and stand next to each other in compatible silence’
  • They don’t really form an actual #bromance until after Farkle’s bachelor party
  • Because the day after that (which is the day before the wedding), after Cory and Topanga fucking m u r d e r e d them for sneaking Auggie into a bunch of clubs and getting him drunk, they were still massively hungover and just moping about and laying on the Matthews’ couch looking through all the pictures they posted last night
  • And they’re finding themselves in these increasingly provocative situations the girls put them and they’re just like…how do we possibly come back from this
  • ‘There’s nothing to come back from. this is nothing.’
  • ‘There’s a picture of you pretending to give me a blow job in the middle of Times Square.’
  • ‘I was pretending??? Thank GOD I couldn’t remember clearly enough!!’
  • ‘I vaguely remember at some point we performed an over the top sexy tango for a crowd of grown adults dressed like Catholic school girls…?’
  • ‘The only crowd that deserved to see us tango like that tbh’
  • ‘I…Josh I think I’m wearing your underwear right now’
  • ‘Yeah, we didn’t pull that one off as smoothly as the girls did…’
  • It’s at this moment Zay texts Farkle asking him if the weddings off bc he discovered his true feelings for Josh,
  • And Farkle is just like Z a y bye
  • ‘Or are you gonna go through with it only to have Josh interrupt right at the very end and profess his love for you in front of the whole crowd??? I’d pay money for that.’
  • And after that it sorta becomes a running joke in the friend group
  • Every time Maya and Riley do something…literally ANYTHING together
  • People are just like ‘can they be TOPPED’ and will annoy Farkle and Josh until they try their hardest to out-gay their own wives omg
  • At some point they give up being uncomfortable with it it just becomes a weird second nature for them lmao
  • They live for the fact Farkle’s daughter’s Cassie and Cleo hate Josh’s son Sebastian.
  • They have a youtube channel detailing the twins pranks on the poor boy omg
  • Josh uses #celebritypower to endorse Farkle whenever he’s got a political campaign
  • Every time they post selfies they caption it ‘just bros being hoes’ lmao Maya coined that
  • But yeah they’re chill and they’re friends and they’re idiots it’s a fun combination lmao

jes-cher  asked:

Hi! I'm a relatively new hockey fan, and I don't really know anyone else who watches or goes to games. Could you maybe explain the 'jersey foul' thing to me? I'm getting the impression it's looked down on to wear the jersey of a player who's been traded - say, if I'd really liked Blake Comeau on CBJ, it wouldn't be okay to wear that jersey to a CBJ game anymore. Is that correct? And why is that a bad thing, if so? I don't feel like you stop liking a player just because they got traded. Thanks!

First off - and this is the most important lesson any hockey fan can learn - you should never ever ever care what old annoying gatekeepers think you should and should not do* when it comes to lovin’ your team and this sport as hard as you like. 

That said, when it comes to getting nice and snazzy for the hockey viewing event of your choice, there are certain protocols a lot of hockey fans will stick to when it comes to wearing jerseys. 

I don’t think I’ve ever run into someone who thinks wearing a recently traded player’s jersey is a foul, but who knows what absurdity lies in the brains of judgmental jersey police. 

Here are a few of the most common “jersey fouls” you might see around a hockey rink: 

1. Wearing a team’s jersey with the name of a player who was never on that team. 

Find some chill, Oilers fans.

2. Putting your own name on the back of an NHL team’s jersey

 I think the idea is that it’s a bit presumptuous to have your name on an NHL jersey if you are not actually an NHLer, but to be honest I don’t know why people give a damn about this. That said, I also would never blow nearly $200 to stick my own name on a jersey when I could get my favorite player’s name there instead. 

3. Wearing the jersey of a team that is not playing that night. 

This isn’t completely black and white. For instance wearing a Hawks jersey to a Sharks v. Caps game would generally be a jersey foul, but wearing a Niemi Hawks jersey to that same game is debatably fine given the player is on the ice. 

Wearing the NCAA or Juniors jersey of  player of the team you’re watching is always okay. And as far as I can tell people get a lot less up in arms about wearing unrelated jerseys to lower level hockey. No one really cares if you wear your awesome Ryan Miller Buffaslug sweater to an ECHL game. 

4. Joke jerseys

The only time wearing a 69 jersey has ever been funny was in the movie Goone, so unless you’re Jay Baruchel please stop and think before dropping hundreds of dollars on a “YOURMOM #69” jersey. For all our sakes. 

5. Pink jerseys 

This is stems about 99.99% from sexism so feel free to disregard. 

6. Jerseys from the wrong time period

This is a lot more nit-picky, and the vast majority of people won’t even notice, but some old school hockey nerds consider it a jersey foul to wear a player’s jersey if the design is one said player never actually wore. So getting a Mike Modano Stars sweater with the modern logo or a Teuvo Teravainen 2009 Winter Classic jersey would be a no go. 

Personally I stick to the following rule with my jerseys: 

  • Is the person whose jersey I’m wearing currently in the arena I am watching hockey in? Then go for it.

That means both team’s gear, any players’ jerseys from past teams, or your own gross beer league swag is fair game. 

That’s my own rule, though.

More importantly, getting worked up about what other people are wearing to a hockey game is tragically absurd** and one of the worst ways a person can spend their time.

So you do you, my wonderful hockey friends. And let me know if anyone gives you shit because I will put on my hideous pink Jeff Carter Flyer’s jersey, fly out there, and punch them right in the nose. 

*Within the bounds of being a decent and non-incarcerated human. So much as I would like to sit on Jack Johnson’s front porch with a shotgun and threaten to take the life of anyone who would wrong him, I restrain myself  because he would probably find it frightening and also someone would most likely arrest me.  But beyond that YOU DO YOU YOU BEAUTIFUL HOCKEY FANS.

**Unless you are getting something truly horrible and offensive on your jersey LOOKING AT YOU “SEDIN SISTER” JERSEY BROS. NO ONE WILL EVER LOVE YOU.


5x15 Reaction fic YOOOO
So I have this headcanon that Blaine didn’t really start freaking out about Kurt until he woke up. So yeah. Self explanatory, let’s go.

Getting the call from the hospital is…not what Blaine expected such a call would be like. It’s not…the word he’s looking for isn’t dramatic, really, but it’s not distinctly soap opera-y in the way he’d always seen it portrayed. He doesn’t collapse or anything, the world doesn’t slow to a halt around him, and for the most part he just…seems kind of surprised. He can tell that he’s on the verge of being upset, can feel the beginnings of something thrumming underneath the surface of his skin, but it’s not overwhelming. Mostly, he’s just at a loss for words.

He listens carefully to what the doctor says to him, makes sure he knows exactly where to find Kurt once he gets to the hospital (the one closest, Blaine realizes, to the restaurant where Kurt had made plans to meet Rachel for dinner), and when the line goes dead, Blaine doesn’t feel like he’s drowning. He sucks in a deep breath of air and turns to Sam, who has been listening to Blaine’s half of the exchange with a puzzled look on his face.

“Dude,” Sam asks, “What’s going on?”

When Blaine speaks, his voice feels tinny on his tongue, sounds almost clinical. Come to think of it, Blaine doesn’t even sound like himself at all. “Apparently, Kurt was admitted to the hospital about a half hour ago. He was beaten up.”

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...in which Hanamaki confesses awkwardly

Pairing: Hanamaki Takahiro/Matsukawa Issei

Rating: T for language

Word Count: 743

Summary: Based on this post! Hanamaki tries to confess to Matsukawa using flower language and fails miserably. Hilarity ensues.

A/N: Thanks to all-around-enigma for laughing with me about this and giving me great ideas :D This drabble is a disaster and I love it.

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stcriescfourlives  asked:

Okay, you don't gotta do this one, but I really wanna see it.... Lucas and Sally the Deer headcannon?


  • omg okay lemme think
  • He refuses to let go of this little deer omfg
  • Like Amy and Alan let everyone camp out in their house after Josh and Maya left for their honeymoon
  • And Amy’s like “Okay we aren’t rushed anymore and you’re not bringing it in my house???”
  • He slept outside on the patio with her to ‘protect her from predators’😂
  • And then the next day the private jet is supposed to be flying them back to New York and they’re like…you aren’t bringing a baby deer on a plane are you kidding me
  • So he makes a big scene about how he’s going to like dramatically white fang her or something and later shows up to the airport alone and gets on the plane right
  • They’re like half way to New York when Sally pokes her head out of the bag he brought😂😂 (apparently he left whatever used to be in there at the Matthews place lmao
  • So everyone’s mad at him but they get to New York and they’re like “Lucas you can’t keep a deer in the city holy shit”
  • And he was already planning on cutting the trip short anyway and just driving back to Texas (with Sally) early but now they’ve offended him or whatever
  • Gives some weird soliloquy about how if they can’t understand his and Sally’s bond then they’ll have to bid him farewell because Sally’s already been orphaned and she doesn’t need this negative energy
  • Slams the door to his car shut and just drives away in the sunset and they can hear the deer screaming even over the sounds of traffic
  • Everyone’s just staring after the car in confusion and Penny whispers “Mommy, why did you used to have a crush on Uncle Lucas?”
  • Riley says “No idea.” and Farkle whispers back “She really dodged a bullet, didn’t she sweetie?” lmao
  • Okay so however long it takes to road trip from New York to Texas with a screaming deer later,
  • Lucas is back on the family land because he works in a Veterinary Hospital near by
  • And he’s got one of those huge family houses that like a bunch of relatives just move into at the same time do you know what I mean
  • So his cousins and whoever the hell else just see him get out of the car with this new born deer that can barely walk and they’re just like…why,
  • But after 20 minutes they figure they won’t be able to get rid of this thing until he at least nurses it back to health so they’re all resigned to this
  • And he goes hard omfg he teaches her how to walk and nurses her with a bottle and researches all the food she would be eating in the wild and has it in like a little dog bowl for her
  • He carries her around when she looks too tired and she sleeps on the foot of his bed o m f g
  • Depending on how healthy she’s looking each day, he’ll either have Cletus watch her while he’s at work, or he’ll take her in to the job with him because seeing other animals makes her happy and his coworkers think she’s just a delight omg
  • He deadass buys like doggie sweaters for her because she always seems cold why did he have to imprint on such a sickly little angel omg
  • She chews on a lot of stuff she shouldn’t it really annoys the fam living with him
  • Anyway, little by little her health is improving and she’s getting so much better it’s sweet
  • So okay like 6 months after Maya’s wedding Farkle calls Lucas right
  • And he’s like “Hey man what’s up??? No one has heard a thing from you since you left New York we’re getting worried.”
  • And Lucas says something really dramatic like “Oh but you couldn’t worry about the life of your Goddaughter” or something
  • And Farkle’s like “Goddaughter what the fuck are you…oh my God do you still have the fucking deer?”
  • Lucas hears Riley scream “WHAT?!” in the background
  • “Penny???? Is a human child????? That we made and didn’t find on the side of the road???? And she can actually function in human society because she’s NOT A DEER???”
  • And they just go back and forth for a bit until Lucas is like “Well GEE maybe I should just revoke your status of Godfather!”
  • “Lucas, deer don’t have Godparents.”
  • Which broke Lucas’s heart so he hangs up and decides he can love Sally and spite his friends at the same time
  • Dedicates albums to her on facebook with hearts all over the title
  • Sends Christmas cards of her in little sweaters with him in ridiculous situations like staring at the sunset or he’s pushing her on a swing in the playground or he looks like he’s laughing hysterically at a joke she just told or they’re having a candle lit dinner-him eating pasta, her eating berries and grass. Stuff like that he had a shit load professionally done (and they all look like candid’s)
  • And the Christmas cards have really passive aggressive messages like “This year we learned that family transcends all boundaries and blood is the least important of those” and “It’s during times of sickness and adversary that my little family was able to learn who truly cared” and stuff like that
  • Every single person got one and they all had different ridiculous pictures and different messages like that inside there was just a collective thought of “He’s lost it”
  • Okay and at some point his family’s like “Lucas this has gone on way too long you have to set her free”
  • And he’s like???? You’re all fucking professional hunters???? I set her free and three days later her head will be over the staircase???? Not happening
  • Oh yeah let’s talk about the fact this poor lil’ deer that saw her mother get killed by a car is now living in a house with taxidermy deer heads in like every room. Can you think of what that would do to a little baby deer? Am I developing feels for a fictional deer I created??? Yes
  • So yeah he argues enough and the deer stays
  • He walks her through the town on a leash omfg
  • He’ll be on like blind dates and talk about Sally so much the people think they’re coming home to meet a little girl and they walk in the house and. A fucking deer comes to greet them.
  • Like could you fucking imagine???
  • No seriously imagine you went on a blind date with this cutie veterinarian your friend of a friend set you up with and you really like him so you go on a lot more dates and you’re starting to fall hardcore for him. And one thing you really like about him is how fondly he talks about his 5 year old daughter Sally. She comes up in every conversation, you can tell she’s the light of his world. He’s always talking about how silly she is and how he’s a sucker for her “big brown doe eyes” And then one day after you’ve been dating him for like 2 months he’s like “I think I’m ready to introduce you to Sally” and you’re so excited that he wants you this much in his world but your nervous because what if this little girl doesn’t like you???? And he takes you home after dinner and he’s opening the door and you’re expecting this little girl to run to the door and excitedly greet her daddy and then try to size you up to see if you’re potential step mommy material. But instead the door opens and a FUCKING FULL GROWN DEER WEARING A SWEATER RUNS TO THE DOOR and starts licking his face and nuzzling him and he’s literally baby talking it like ‘Ooooh hi Sally I missed you so much!!’ LIKE WHAT WOULD YOU DO IN THAT SITUATION
  • Also whitetail deer (which are the kind in PA) live for about 20 years and he’s being ridiculous but not mistreating this thing at all so…this is gonna be something that happens to him more than once
  • He does eventually find a gal that doesn’t mind Sally but Sally minds her lmao
  • Also he doesn’t keep her locked up in the house all the time I should make that clear. He just makes sure he’s with her when she’s outside so he knows for sure she won’t be hurt
  • At some point Sally gets too big for any doggie sweaters but she’s still always shivering so Lucas teaches himself how to knit omfg
  • One time Maya and Josh were on a trip near his place in Texas so they drove down to surprise him
  • And they were expecting to get there while he was out or something and surprise him when he gets back
  • But no he’s sitting in a rocking chair on the fucking porch, in a sweater and sweatpants, reading glasses, sipping tea from a cup and doing crosswords in the news paper
  • And Sally’s sitting next to him in a bright pink sweater and occasionally nudges him with her head
  • And they look like a content old elderly couple enjoying the day but one of them is a deer and Maya’s like “LUCAS YOU ARE 26 YEARS OLD YOU NEED HELP”
  • Josh is texting pictures to Riley and cracking the fuck up because Riley’s immediate response was “Why does he look like Feeny tho”
  • Every hunting season Lucas lives his life in fear
  • Just standing on the edge
  • Waiting for something to go wrong and take away all his happiness omfg
  • One time Lucas got sad-drunk and ‘danced’ with her to Sweet Caroline
  • “Hmmm she’s too big to sleep on my bed these days. Oh, I know! I’ll but a bigger bed!”
  • I can’t keep going rn I’m laughing to hard thinking about this bless you
  • #LucasAndSally9Ever

anonymous asked:

Can I get an Sam Pottorff imagine where me and the boys in O2L are having a movie night and were sitting on the couch and it's warm and I'm wearing a long sleeved shirt and the boys tell me to roll my sleeves up but I don't to want to because of scars and Sam gets the deal of what I'm hiding and he wants to talk in the kitchen and it's like contains crying and him getting angry and emotional and yeah can you make it really long and sad & sweet? Thanks xx

“Is everyone good? Can I press play?” Ricky said.

You all nodded and “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1” started. You had already watched the other movies, there was only this one and Part 2 on the Harry Potter series you needed to watch.

You sat on the couch between Connor and Kian, then there was Andrea and on the floor the rest of the boys and Jenn.

In the middle of the movie you had a break to go to the bathroom and to get more food. Their living room was really hot and you were starting to sweat a lot, so you went to the bathroom.

You closed the door behind you and took off your sweater. You had a t-shirt underneath it but couldn’t wear it, not in front of them, or anyone for that matter. You turned your arms a little bit and looked in the mirror.

Some of your scars were nothing but that…scars.. But others…some of them still had dried blood on them. You took a little bit of toilet paper and water and washed the remains of blood you had on your arms, hoping it would make a difference.

“Are you okay?” someone knocked on the door and by the voice it was Jenn.

“Yeah” you answered nervously “Just… Just girl stuff, don’t tell anyone, I’ll be there in a minute!” she seemed to believe you, because you heard her go away.

You looked at your arms in the mirror again and sighed. After putting on your sweatshirt again, you walked into the living room.

“Well, look who’s here! I thought you had been swallowed by the toilet” Trevor said.

“ah-ah” you laughed, “let’s just watch the movie” you smiled.

“Aren’t you going to take your sweater off? It’s really hot in here” Connor said.

Suddenly you got nervous, what would your excuse be this time? Would they believe you? Sometimes you got tired of lying but they would never understand. They would judge you and they’d never be your friends again.

“Yeah, you always wear sweaters, even when it’s reaaaally hot” Trevor said.

You started rubbing your wrists, not knowing what to say. You just needed to get out of there, to not be in that situation, not again. The last time this happened, you lost your friends. You were so happy when you became friends with Sam and JC that you just…didn’t tell them the truth.

“Stop bothering her with that and let’s just watch the movie” Sam kind of shouted and pressed play. Everyone looked at him but didn’t say a word. 20 minutes after, the movie was finished.

“Can I talk to you in the kitchen while they put the other movie in the player?” Sam asked. You nodded and followed him to the kitchen, afraid of what was going to happen.

“Take off your sweatshirt” he said as soon as you entered the kitchen.


“Take off your sweatshirt or roll up your sleeves.” you didn’t do anything, just stared at him, speechless. “Now. I’m serious”

You were trying to contain your tears. You won’t be that girl again. The weak one, the one who always cries, the fragile little girl who needs protection. Even though you were. You were just a fragile girl in need of love, protection, safety…

“Sam, you don’t get it, I can’t. You won’t understan-”

“Stop it. Roll up your sleeves. I’m very serious” he was mad, you could see it in his eyes, he was furious. But why?

“Why are you so mad at me, Sam?” you started rubbing on your scars again, just like you always do when you’re nervous.

“I’ve noticed you do that” he said pointing at your thumb rubbing your wrist “every time you’re nervous, you rub your thumb on your arms. I never understood why, but with the conversation the guys had tonight…I know” he couldn’t know. You weren’t ready to loose one of your best friends. Not now that you were almost certain he had feelings for you. The same kind you had for him. Tears started appearing in your eyes,but you were interrupted.

“Hey, Andrea and Jenn are leaving, so we’ll watch the movie some other day, right?” JC came barging in the kitchen and Sam looked in his direction, which was the opposite of what you did. You didn’t want anyone to see you being weak “Sorry…did I interrupt you?” Sam gave him a furious stare “Okay, I’m going” as soon as JC left you tried to speak but Sam started first.

“Why?” he was starting to tear up, as well.

“Sam, please don’t do th-”

“Just..tell me why” you could see he was crying but wiped his tears fast.

“You will never understand. I can’t loose you, Sam. Not you” your plan to be strong went down the drain and you started crying. You turned away from him, so he didn’t see you crying but he moved to and was in front of you.

You covered your face with your hands, still trying to hide, but he grabbed your wrists to take them away from your face. You winced in pain because of your fresh scars.

“owww” you cried. When you realized what had happened you covered your mouth.

“I’m going to roll up your sleeves now…You leave me no choice” Sam warned you, still with watery eyes.

You looked around to find and escape and ran off to their backyard. You hid behind a tree and felt Sam coming after you and turning on the backyard lights. You covered your mouth so he couldn’t hear your weak cries.

“Babe, please!” he cried for you. Babe? He rarely called you that. The first time he did, you were at an amusement park and he held your hand too. You smiled at that thought. You closed your eyes and you sighed while he continued looking for you. With your eyes still closed, you felt a strong grip around your waist.

“It’s just me” Sam said “can you please talk to me?” he sweetly asked.

He let you go so you could turn around. You nodded and he held your hand until you both sat on the ground in the boys’ backyard.

"I won’t push you into doing something you don’t want to do” he confessed “but I want you to know that you can trust me and you’ll always have my support" 

"If I’m going to lose you, at least you’ll know the truth” you sighed.

“You will never lose me, do you hear me? Never, okay?” he hugged you like it was the last thing he would do in his life and when he wanted to let you go, you held on to him, crying.

"I promised myself that after the last time, I’d never do this again, y’know? Crying in front of someone…telling the truth…”

"What happened?" 

"My friends…they found out, I told them everything and they mocked me, told me I deserve every bad thing that happens to me and they left me all alone. After that it only got worse” you wiped your tears away and tried to calm yourself before continuing the conversation, which would now turn into a monologue..

“So..” you sighed, preparing yourself for what was coming “it all started when I was” you started talking while Sam listened carefully. By the end of your almost one hour long monologue, both you and Sam were crying your eyeballs out and couldn’t stop.

“I’m so sorry” Sam finally said, after not saying a word the whole time.

“What for?” You asked while wiping your tears “Meeting me? Having me in your life?” You cried a little bit more, waiting for him to turn you down, to never speak to you again, just like your old ‘friends’ did.

“What? No! Don’t think that!” he almost screamed. “I’ll never be sorry for meeting you…or loving you,for that matter” he looked away from you and your jaw fell on the ground.


“I do. From the very first day. And even more now.” he admitted.

“How?” you were still crying. This was the best thing you could’ve asked for, but it didn’t feel right, it couldn’t be right.

“You’re not what you think you are. You’re not weak, or stupid, or ugly…you don’t deserve what happened to you and you don’t need to keep doing this to yourself. I’m just…sorry, that I didn’t figure it out before. I’m sorry it took me so long to realize that you need my help” he cried.


“No, let me finish” he held your hand “You are strong and I know you want to recover from this. I will help you. We’ll go to a doctor, we can travel, we can stay in if you want, we can…murder someone…whatever you want and need. I just want to help you and..” his breath started to get heavier and he started crying even more, you were sure they could hear him in the house

“Sam, please don’t cry!” you asked, still crying also “I know what I want.” You put yourself together and got up from the ground. He looked up at you and watched while you took your sweatshirt off and threw it in the pool, standing there in your t-shirt. He also stood up and grabbed both of your hands, kissing your wrists. ‘So cliche’ you thought, but it did feel nice, knowing he wasn’t embarrassed by you.

“You” you finally said.

“What?” he asked, clearly confused

“I want.. you, Sam” you said looking away from his gaze.

“I promise, right here and now, that I will be with you until you recover and after that. I promise I won’t let you fall back into this addiction. I will do whatever it takes so you can be happy and never leave you. You’ll never be alone again.” he came closer to you.

“I promise I will work hard on my recovery. I promise I will be a better person, for you. And I promise I will love you and I’ll also be here when you need me to. I…I lov-” he cut you off and started talking again.

“No, don’t say it. I wasn’t here when you needed me, so I wanna be the first to say it” you smiled, thinking this was silly but it gave you a warm feeling inside. “I love you." 

"I love you, Sam” those butterflies everyone talk about started dancing in your stomach and didn’t have time to stop because in a matter of seconds, Sam kissed you.

“Take this” he said when you broke a part, giving you the plaid shirt he had on his waist. You looked at him, questioning what he was doing. “You’ll tell everyone when you’re ready" 

You responded with a thankful smile and walked behind him to the house. You were almost in the living room where they were still hanging (besides Andrea and Jenn, who had already left) when Sam held your hand.

"This you can’t hide” he said, looking at your intertwined hands, smiling. “I’m too happy to hide” he then whispered in your ear “my beautiful, amazing girlfriend” he kissed your forehead and walked in the living room with you by his side.

When the guys noticed you were holding hands and you were wearing Sam’s shirt they smiled at the two of you.

“FINALLY” JC screamed earning an embarrassed ‘shut up’ from Sam.

It was going to be very hard, the journey you were going to start. Recovery wasn’t easy but you knew that with Sam by your side and amazing friends like the O2L guys and the girls…you’d make it and you would be happy.

I hope you like it! I didn’t really write what happened with “you” because I didn’t want to trigger anyone or stuff like that, but I think it turned out good.