i just really love spy ;u;

chika wake up there’s a rlly cute new girl

its too early for this shit

*yawns* what did ya say

wait whats that


i spy a cutie let me see you better

*continues to exist*

awww yesss

*accidentally makes eye contact*

hello i am your future wife please marry me right now

no way in hell we’re getting married

please marry me i love you

I literally just met you?

fine at least join my idol group my love

youre a school idol?


not interested

not dis shit again

sorry gotta go bye

wait u can’t leave

babe you can’t leave me like this!

come back my love!

ur gay

i’ll never forget you!

shes gone you can stop being dramatic

but she’s my soulmate

you really think so?

my life has no purpose without this girl

okay uh… if you say so

i guess you could try again?