i just really love spy ;u;

can I get uhhhhhh mafia losers club au

  • let’s say sonia kaspbrak is a mafia leader which makes eddie her heir
  • but obvi he doesn’t want to lead a mafia life because of all the shit he’s seen and people he’s lost
  • he just wants to be “normal” and find someone he loves and settles down to live a peaceful life away from his mother
  • also stan is his best friend and right hand man who is fiercely loyal and is a TOP NOTCH ASSASSIN. like someone just looks at eddie the wrong way and…👀
  • richie is the new kid that just moved to the area and at first has no idea about eds’ family and eddie tries his best to hide it from him
  • also bill, bev, and mike are bffs and they’re richie’s first friends because bill is on the welcoming committee and he showed him around
  • of course bill+stan have this attraction towards each other that’s almost electric, but both are scared that the other wouldn’t want them
  • because stan is a k i l l e r and there’s no way goody-two-shoes denbrough would ever love him back
  • and bill thinks he’s just way too plain and boring that a guy as interesting as stan will never want to be with him or will just be so bored of him in 5 minutes
  • bev, omg, bev is fucking amazing at everything ?? let’s just say she learns all the skills to being part of the mafia but she wouldn’t actually join. she’s a friggin genius when it comes to making up plans, and she’s so quick on her feet that she could get them out of any hot spot. looks can kill, and bev has mastered it.
  • mikey here is going to be their tech geek. he’s super book smart, so naturally he’s read every book about everything and has learned all skills and knows like a bunch of languages?? and he’s still literally the most down-to-earth softie ever ilovehim
  • benny boy really really wants to be apart of the mafia, so sonia tries to use him as a way to get eddie to listen to her. so basically ben starts out as a spy for sonia, but the more time he spends with eddie, the more he realizes sonia is a bitch and so eventually he turns kinda double agent for eddie’s side
  • B U T // H E // G E T S // F O U N D // O U T
  • and shit just goes down

omg I really want to write this au now so I'ma stop with headcanons but would anyone even want to read???

edit: anybody got hcs for this, feel free to add on because I love to read your ideas !!!


no one cares but i gave all the mercs each a dog and a cat
theyre partially based on character personality and partially based on pure character visual aesthetic if that makes sense
sniper- australian shepherd and ocicat
scout- chihuahua and japanese bobtail
spy- whippet and devon rex
heavy- mastiff and maine coon
medic- doberman and siamese
soldier- sharpei and exotic shorthair
demoman- rottweiler and scottish fold
engineer- saint bernard and munchkin
pyro- poodle and sphynx
lmk if u have ur own headcanons :o i just really fuckin love cats and dogs

Kitt’s Fic Rec List!

So in honor of Fanfic Author Appreciation Day, I set out to make a fic rec post. It got a little out of hand and now I have a giant list of what I consider to be some of my favorite TF2 fics!  Some of you have written SO much amazing stuff that selecting a story or two was really hard. 

Much of this is nsfw and contains a wide range of ships and kinks. Please read the author’s tags before proceeding. 

A HUGE THANK YOU to all the authors for all the blood, sweat and tears that goes into the work you do!  Lube and piss also play an important part, I’m sure. You’re all amazing!! I just feel so lucky to have so many wonderful stories to read. All the AUs and crazy pairing and theories and headcanons…. I love you guys!  

In no particular order I present Kitt’s Reading List!


I love u so much that ur no ones but mine - Heavy/Medic 

Jealousy, rough sex, Medic being manipulative, just… I love this one so much.

The Herded Frog - Scout/Frog

Scout is determined to break a curse.


Positively Filthy - Spy/Scout’s Ma

Hadn’t thought much about pegging until reading this, now I’m ALWAYS thinking about pegging. 

ALL of Monstrous Intent

Nip and Fuck - Heavy/Medic/Doppleganger

This is one of my favorites from MI.  I’m really hoping Heavy and Medic might need to go in for more tailoring help again.  

scouthater & Luna collaborating to break my fucking heart:

Lie to You - Heavy/Medic/TFC Heavy

Who said this was ok?!  So good, so sad, I need to go fetch a tissue.


Bunny & Wolf - Sniper Scout

Phone sex sniper/scout, I read this in as sketchy hotel room and wished I could call out for some food and get Scout instead.


Past the Edge - Sniper/Scout

Damn it, you know how I feel about socks!

Sniper’s Zoo by ello-meno-p and @je-suis-le-petit-lapin

For all of your pet play needs and desires!


Creature Feature - So many different monster scouts!  Takes place in the Luna’s MI AU.

Depth Charge - Tentaspy/Scout

One of my all time favorites.  I managed to impress people at a dinner party with octopus sex facts I learned from this fic!


Bountiful large breasted German takes oversized Russian Bear

Why is Medic with boobs so hot?  This leaves me confused and aroused, just like most of Proper’s fic!

Saxophone Wife - Saxophones and their many uses.  Freaking adorable. 


Vertigo - I love the atmosphere in this one.  And the snake!

Tigress  I just stumbled on this one and it blew my mind.  


What’s Done in the Dark will be Brought to the Light - Every time I got an alert that it had been updated, I did a little dance!

Perfectly Legitimate Reasons - Voyeur Engineer is my favorite


Libellule - Sniper/Pyro/Spy - I love Juni so much!

Spitfire - Sniper/Pyro - I love a good chase and pounce!


Betrayal - TFC Heavy/Medic - I love the last few lines of this one.  =)


Shameless - Pauling/Scout - Scout hears that Pauling likes guys in skirts. I love the characterization of Scout in this one.


The Deadly Monster - I was SO excited to finally read more about Klausbert!!


Of Sound Mind - Alexkingofthedamned LondonQueen001 - Just in case you need to cry a bit or a lot about Heavy/Medic.

Engie and Scout Make a Porno  - Voyeur Engie and a bit of daddy kink, this ones got a really nice pacing and build to it.


There is a Season - This is just huge and amazing.  I save these fics for long trips, so I can just curl up in bed and lose myself in them.

theoldaeroplane and preludeinz

First Do No Harm - Pemm and Prelude

I love this series. The story is great and I just got the sense that you were both having such a good time creating it together. =D


Young and Beautiful - This broke my heart into a million pieces.


Get Me Away From Myself - Wonderful interplay between Sniper and Spy and BDSM as a coping device

It Never Fails  by Lucca Kane

This one is still in progress and seeing it update makes me squeal with delight.

The Undying -  fire_is_my_happy_place

I started reading with the Cook series and I ended up completely unable to get any work done that day.


Uberbliss - Savoury Scotsman

Mmmm… not enough mindcontrol in this fandom!

Groin Strain -  DancingGrimm

With the tagline “The time Scout got his legs stuck behind his head and everyone was a dick about it” you KNOW it’s going to be good.

Looking Up -  DancingGrimm

I know what I’m thinking of every time I hear that voice line.  =D


Middle of Nowhere, A Dusty Shack - Spy/Soldier

Lovely sense of place and peace in this one!

Fascination - GiddyTF2 - A nice bit of Bush Medicine!  

Men of Science - Delphi

One of my favorite Science Party fics. And you know I’m all about mad science kink.

Our Name is Legion - SanctusCeddit

Great series, lots of ups and downs and twists.

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relantionship status: single

favourite colour: … it’s kinda always black? and something else… it was all those years green xD but now it’s kinda purple… I dunno (every black combo just looks so good xD)

lipstick or chapstick: neither, and I will probably never use any cuz I am highly allergic to everything T_T

three favourite foods: Sausage goulash (is what I live for~ *O*) Ramen and Sushi (I really do love noodles =u=)

last song you listened to: Oh boy… >_> Love Spy - Mike Mareen yes this song and not I Surrender (to the Spirit of the Night) by Samantha Fox…!!!
(80′s is my shit okay xD … Italo Disco \>o</)

last movie you watched: if I told someone… what was it? I legit can’t remember x’D

top three shows: uhm… DBZ? xD Better Call Saul (saw that coldphoenix :P I like it so I include it too lol), eh I watch a lot of cartoons … We Bare Bears or Rick and Morty… Steven Universe … started OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes thanks crazy-nut~ lmao

classics that everyone should watch once in their lifetime: Oh wow… I have no idea xD I am not thaaat into movies … and I certainly have no clue what classics are and should be lol ;A; Lord of the Rings, The Big Lebowski, Back to the Future, Monty Python…?? xD

tagging: @theverglas , @littlepuku (I just want your attention lmao sorry) and to piss you off @goodbyekoukie (”Eh whaddyawant???”)
I am sure that others already got one, that I would tag again haha xD (like mirurko lmao)
feel free you all who wants to do it haha…but tag me ;D I wanna see this shit lmao

anonymous asked:

LISTENT WHERE DO I BEGIN TO TELL U WHY I LOVE YOUR ART: You always nail their personalities like bruh! it really feels i'm having that conversation with hoshi like?! I WISH, You never assume anything abt the reader like their height/weight/skin colour/etc and that's so great bc everyone can feel like /they/ are the reader ya feel?, You make every scenario so unique omg♥ -Spy!anon


anonymous asked:

Is there any fanfic where the chemistry between the two of them is like really strong? Like no jealousy stuff and they just click so amazingly? Preferably with rated M ^.^ thank youu~}



most r married or bfs (: I started trailing off halfway through the request but i think i managed ^v^ enjoy ~ Admin J

chika wake up there’s a rlly cute new girl

its too early for this shit

*yawns* what did ya say

wait whats that


i spy a cutie let me see you better

*continues to exist*

awww yesss

*accidentally makes eye contact*

hello i am your future wife please marry me right now

no way in hell we’re getting married

please marry me i love you

I literally just met you?

fine at least join my idol group my love

youre a school idol?


not interested

not dis shit again

sorry gotta go bye

wait u can’t leave

babe you can’t leave me like this!

come back my love!

ur gay

i’ll never forget you!

shes gone you can stop being dramatic

but she’s my soulmate

you really think so?

my life has no purpose without this girl

okay uh… if you say so

i guess you could try again?