i just really love spoby

okay but the actual spencer/toby scenes in the finale were so precious and pure, my sweet babies came back to each other in the end

the way their faces lit up when they saw each other at the stables made my heart so full, you could literally hear the emotion and happiness in her voice

and the lost woods/scrabble scenes were so beautiful and understated, i actually love that their storyline wasn’t rushed but they took their time reconnecting and reverting back to their old traditions. those scenes were proof not only of how well they still know each other, but also how much they still love each other and idk i just really loved them, it felt like the old spoby we’ve all been missing for so long

and the fact she sat there watching him sleep and put down “limerance”, such a typically spencer way of showing her true emotions but it felt so fitting and poignant for them

also, the twin scene. toby automatically going to alex, unconsciously knowing she was the twin straight away, and how he knew spencer’s books were always full of notes and annotations. the way he knew that only the real spencer would still remember her favourite poem and recite it back to him in perfect french, and the fact he still remembered it too. and the pure happiness and relief and emotion from both of them when they realised he’d worked it out and they’d finally found each other again

idk, I know we deserved a better on-screen endgame but i’m really happy with their actual scenes and i’m so happy we have their whole future together to imagine now

anonymous asked:

Favorite PLL ship? Least favorite and why?

Emison: I really just like Ali and Emily together, tbh I don’t even think they have mind blowing chemistry, I just really like them together
Spoby: love this so much!!! I just love how much they care for each other

Least favorite:
Ezria: and shockingly this isn’t for the age gap reason, I just think their relationship is boring lol
Haleb: this is kinda iffy bc it used to be my favorite but then was ruined for me after the time jump and how Hanna became a b*tch and Caleb became a f*ck boy and cheated on Spencer