i just really love spidey

Tom Holland is the best Peter Parker, the best Spider Man out there hands down!!! (My heart broke and I had tears in my eyes at some parts of the movie, because of his acting like oh my god!! I love him???)

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Can we get some Spidey/NY head canons?

Can you Anon? Can you?

  • Peter is friends with certain Police Officers and Firemen, he knows most of them by name and he would die for his fellow heroes…An Officer named Tonya is always trying to fatten Spidey up with homemade baked goods (and Peter loves her for it) A few of the guys down at the fire station have invited Spidey over for poker night (but Peter declines because he doesn’t want to tell them he doesn’t know how to play poker) 
  • When the firemen finally find out why Spidey has been saying ‘no’ to playing with them, Big John and Mike practically pick the wall-crawler up by the scruff of his suit and teach him how to play cards. All the Firemen bet money in their games, but they make an exception for Spidey and let him bet whatever Tonya has baked for him that week. (Tonya’s peanut butter cookies are worth more than money can buy) 
  • Spidey has a few different food trucks/stands that he really likes, and he has gotten to know the vendors fairly well through the years. They let Spidey chill on top of their trucks/stands so he can heal while eating a hotdog/bagel with everything imaginable on it. The vendors and Spidey are on a first name basis now…kind of, (secret ID and everything) and Peter finds himself asking Kevin about his kid’s dance recitals and Mr. Kim about his sick wife and how she is doing. 
  • One day when Mr. Kim said something about his wife not doing well Spidey pulled a Tupperware container full of mint fudge (from Tonya) out of his backpack and gave it to Mr. Kim so he could share it with Mrs. Kim. “But I’ll need the container back Mr. Kim, it’s not mine.”  “Of course Spiderman, come back tomorrow for lunch, and I’ll return it to you.” When Peter gets the container back it has a thank you note from Mrs. Kim in it. Peter feels a little bit like he might cry…
  • This one day Peter was not having the best time (just life okay) and he just really wanted a hotdog. So, of course, he heads over to Kevin’s truck for lunch. He walks up, wallet in hand and a beanie over his mess of hair, a healing black eye on his face and says “Hey Kevin, how’d Kylie’s butterfly dance recital go?” and slaps the bill down on the counter before looking up to see Kevin’s surprised face staring back at him. 
  • And for a second Peter wonders why. Before he realizes that he is just tiny, nerdy, Peter Parker right now…no mask…and Kevin doesn’t know Peter, he knows Spidey. Which means that Peter should not know about Kevin’s three kids (with one on the way) or their extra circular activities. So Peter kind of just stares at Kevin with his mouth moving like a land stricken fish…not knowing what the heck to do. Before Kevin just kind of smiles at Peter and says his voice friendly and thick with his NY accent “Ya want’ya regular’a?”  
  • When Spidey found out that there were three different Terry’s on the police force and two in the fire department he kind of had a cow. “Wait there are four?! I thought you guys were always talking about a singular Terry!” He ended up turning it into a joke and when he couldn’t remember someone’s name or met someone new he would just call them Terry. “What it’s a gender-neutral name!”  
  • Also, the whole Terry thing works for Spidey when he is concussed. Sometimes it’s all he can do to tell what is up and what is down so names are out of the question. So he’ll end up calling everyone Terry. And I mean everyone. A cop shields him from a spray of mase “thanks, Terry”. A fireman sprays him down when he is on fire “you’re the best Terry”. A civilian helps him up “you’re always there for me Terry”
  • The Terry thing spreads, it is almost an inside joke between NY and Spiderman by now. There are memes and everything. Peter was kind of surprised when he started hearing random people on the street calling each other Terry. There are mashup/autotuned music videos of Spiderman calling random people Terry going viral on the internet. And now all the kids at his school are saying it…Flash has one of those ‘call me Terry’ shirts and everything…

That is all I can think of for right now Anon. Man, I had no idea that this was sitting in my head…

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Peter doesn't realise it, but he has a routine and pre-planned patrol is an integral part of it. The couple hours a night he spends running around Queens, apprehending evildoers is the only time he's not staring at a screen or stressed to all heck about school & money & his day job on top of everything else. He can't sleep if he doesn't do it and this headcanon started out cute but got really sad oh gosh ;-;

but those are the best types of hcs!!!! 

  • and just think about it. peter doesn’t really fit in; he’s way too into science, he’s awkward and uncomfortable around most people, he just doesn’t have a real place in his own world. but spidey is different. when peter is patrolling he feel’s like he’s in his element. he knows what he needs to do, he knows what is expected from him. and he’s good at what he does. he makes a real difference
  • so when he can’t patrol for whatever reason, something akin to homesickness settles in his stomach. it’s like there’s something he’s missing or forgetting and it’s this nagging feeling that won’t leave him alone
  • if it’s late and he’s not patrolling, his anxiety acts up. he knows, rationally, that the world isn’t going to end if he spend one night at home, but that doesn’t stop the worry that something bad is happening somewhere and he’s not doing anything to stop it
  • usually this just results in him being cranky. he’ll talk less and he’ll be all pouty but he’s fine the next time he puts on the suit
  • (sometimes, though, it turns into full-on panic attacks. the first time he stayed late at the tower working with tony, he hadn’t missed a patrol in three months. so when 2am rolled around there was this overwhelming feeling of oh god no that he had been trying to squash all night and the dam finally burst and he hid in the bathroom for 30 minutes while he tried to pull himself together)
  • also, even though he tries not to have a predictable route, peter knows his patrol-area like the back of his hand
  • except when it’s daytime. he’ll think he knows where he’s going but then get lost bc everything looks so different at night
  • he’s usually patrolling from like 12-3am. every day, between those hours, the “peter” part of him takes a break from the stress of school and home and work and he just gets to help people as spidey. so there’s this huge personality change that happens between those times that happens even if he’s not in his suit where he’s more confident and carefree and it’s really confusing to everyone else
  • but his body has learned to crash at 4am. no matter what he’s doing. if it’s 4am EST, peter parker is asleep, and it makes no difference if he’s in his own bed or at an avengers meeting in europe
  • (it’s 3:30am EST. they’re gathered at a diplomatic meeting in germany. peter is literally bouncing in his seat. the avengers are speaking to the group about regulating international missions. forty minutes in, tony turns around to ask peter to give his opinion, and they find him slumped in his seat, his chin on his chest, softly snoring)