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LOVED your 3x18 ficlet! thank you for keeping us all warm over this hiatus :) could i request an extension of the 3x17 kisses?

@fitzsimmonsftw asked: If you’re still taking prompts could you please do something set after the Fitzsimmons becoming canon scene cuts off?

I figured that these were pretty similar, so I hope you don’t mind that I combined them! Thank you for the prompts!! And aww thanks anon, and it’s been my pleasure! :)

Okay so look my intent was for this fic to be cute and flirty and fun but…really it just turned into Jemma Simmons loves Leopold Fitz more than anything and everyone and it’s all she can think about, so…..I hope this is okay too?? (I feel like we don’t see enough about how in love she is, so maybe that’s where this came from idk)



She was kissing Fitz.

Jemma Simmons was kissing Leopold Fitz, her best friend in the whole world, and it was fantastic and perfect and she was left feeling absolutely giddy because of it.

After all, she’d spent months worried that the only kisses they would ever share would be those ones in the lab what now felt like ages ago, when tears had been closer to the surface than laughter, and everything had felt simultaneously wrong and so right. Truthfully, she knew that it had tainted the experience for them both, and Jemma was so infinitely glad to have the chance to try again (and again and again and again).

Now, they not only had the chance to try again, but also to have sweet kisses and kisses filled with laughter and deep passionate kisses and goodnight kisses and good morning kisses and sleepy kisses and kisses just to remind the other that they were so important to them – she didn’t think she would ever have enough of kissing Fitz, really.

Nor enough of touching him, either, it seemed.

They’d always been rather tactile with each other throughout their long history as best friends practically joined at the hip, squeezing shoulders supportively, giving comforting hugs, curling up on the couch together on movie nights, and sometimes even falling asleep together in one of their beds. But, never before had Jemma felt this freedom to touch him just because she could, just because she wanted to. She could drag her fingers through his curls and thumb along his prickly jaw and trace the shape of his ears, scratch her short nails down the back of his neck and slide her palms along the curves of his shoulders.

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Jemma Simmons + this hairstyle
              » “You are easily the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in a thousand years.”

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are you still taking prompts? because FS + '...why is there a dog in our bathtub?'

rated a light T, i think. also dedicated to the sandpenis group chat <3

More often than not, Jemma Simmons prides herself on her lifelong history of waking up before everyone else around her. It allows a blissful moment or two of calm solitude before the storm of whatever the day could bring. She’s done it for years, but many of these personal moments were lost rather than found with the storms turning into hurricanes as her ever-changing world grew more and more dangerous.

But, here and now? In a little cottage in Perthshire, not too big and not too small and without the weight of the world on her shoulders, her favorite pre-morning ritual involves Fitz, her other half who, though the path has been a jagged one, has stood by her side in the eye of even the worst of storms. Even after their two years spent together together, Jemma still likes to take the time to memorize his sleeping face as calm and peaceful as she’s ever seen it, as if to counteract the monsoons it’s witnessed head on. 

So when she stirs from slumber with fluttering eyes and pointed toes, naturally she allows herself to bask in this quiet moment and simply take him in. He’s all messy curls and steady breaths and lashes longer than they have any right to be and hers and hers. She watches him for another five, ten, thirty seconds before giving in and pressing kisses along his jaw.

Fitz mumbles something incoherent, rolling to his side to chase the sensation. Chuckling softly, she starts kissing his cheeks and forehead and eyelids and the bridge and tip of his nose. He whines, blindly moves his face towards hers as best as he can with closed eyes to capture her lips with his lazily. 

“Morning,” she murmurs against him. Fitz echoes the word roughly; she lets out a little squeak when his fingers skim over her side and beneath his faded tee she stole long ago, and she gets the tiniest peek of blue in the morning light from his eyes just cracking open before he closes them again, tugs her flush against him. 

Jemma can’t fight her lips curving into a grin when his tongue grazes hers, even though it makes it much harder to kiss him; she rolls them over, sliding a leg between his and thumbing at his jaw, and she then decides exactly how she wants to spend this blissful early morning—when a sharp, high-pitched yelp jolts them both wide awake and all traces of arousal disappear.

Frozen, they wait just a beat. There it is again. And again.

It takes her much longer to put two and two together than she’s willing to admit. She sits up, half on his stomach. “Um.”

“Shit.” He tries to hide his face in the pillow but she pulls him out.

“Fitz? Um…why is there a dog in our bathtub?”

Peeking at her between his fingers covering his face, he groans and squeezes his eyes shut. “Well, it was supposed to be a surprise.” he lets out an oof as she clambers off of him and rolls off the bed and dashes to the bathroom. 

“See, the kennel made too much noise so I put him in here after you fell asleep, and the little bastard just passed right out too,” Fitz explains, stumbling after her. “I was gonna wake up early and put him in our bed, it was gonna be really romantic and heartwarming, but—” but she’s not listening at all, too preoccupied with cooing and giggling at the tiny, spotted puppy wiggling in her arms and licking at her face.

“Aww, Fitz!” Jemma manages out between laughs, noting the red and currently untied ribbon loose around his neck.

“He’s a rescue pup,” he informs her, smiling, “so the exact breed’s a bit of a mystery. Didn’t think you’d mind, though.”

“He’s perfect.” She shifts him to the crook of one arm and catches Fitz by the wrist. “C’mon, then. Let’s go pile up back in bed and pretend it happened the way you planned. Have to one-up me romantically and all that.”

And they do just that, curl up in bed with the newest member of the Fitz-Simmons household with kisses from every party involved. Fitz murmurs happy birthday against her mouth and the puppy intervenes by nipping at his jaw with both paws on his chest and Jemma cannot picture a better way to spend every early morning from here on out.


Everyone always said we could read each other’s minds, Fitz. So I really need you to read mine right now. I’m alive. But I’m terribly alone and afraid. So I really need you to come and get me, okay? I know you won’t give up, so I won’t, either.

Eww, you ship Skoulson? But...

…he’s her father. 

No he isn’t. We met her father. He wasn’t Coulson.

…he’s like her father. 

Well, he’s her family and the show has left the exact definition of that fairly open ended. The father/daughter reading is actually an interpretation of the text, which you can tell because Coulson and Skye specifically avoid that kind of terminology,*** barring the fourth episode where Skye refers to “mom and dad” sarcastically…and then later invites Coulson to slide on in to the back of the SUV with her (which people rarely mention when bringing up the “mom and dad” point in that episode, for some reason, I don’t know why).

My interpretation of the canon text is that Skye and Coulson share a more undefined – and, yes, platonic – love. I’m not arguing for canon as being anything other than platonic, okay? But the fact that it is undefined, not shoehorned into this “father/daughter” thing is important to me.

All shipping concerns aside, I feel my reading is a better one for capturing the complexities of Skye and Coulson’s relationship. Once they’ve actually gotten close (after Skye’s agenda is out), the only people who use the father/daughter comparison in universe are people being treated as villains/antagonists, and who don’t know Skye or Coulson very well. Even Cal cuts that shit out once he starts to come around. 

The people who know Skye and Coulson well refer to the intensity of their relationship, to them “whispering,” to the fact that Skye is more than just an asset to Coulson, to the fact that Coulson might be compromised by his feelings for Skye, and Hunter and May both insinuate that Skye and Coulson’s relationship has similarities to their marriages.

Skye and Coulson refer to each other as family, and Skye asks him to be her friend. 

Those are the ways they directly refer to each other. (Well, that and the red corvette/”most beautiful thing I’d ever seen” thing.) So, you know, I think “undefined, really intense, but platonic” is a pretty good way of looking at their relationship in canon.

It’s particularly important to me as part of representing Skye’s importance within the text and outside the text as the first woc superhero in the MCU. The idea that her most important relationship should be with a traditional father-figure, instead of with someone who is just totally fucking awed by how wonderful she is (which Coulson totally is), 

is sort of icky. I think the way the show presents them is wonderful, and it’s fandom insisting on the father/daughter label that irritates me and feels like minimizing Skye’s importance in her own narrative.

However, as long as someone is able to see Skye and Coulson having a father/daughter relationship that is built on Coulson growing and changing because of Skye’s presence (the opposite of this – of Coulson really teaching her much – is pretty minimal, honestly, tell me what Coulson really teaches Skye?) then we can get along.

(And belief that he would call her ‘pumpkin’ or adopt her or ground her will be met with scoffing from me. Yes, even jokes. Yes, even when Clark does it.)

…the age gap. 

Fair enough. I really get it if you’re squicked by the age gap. There are plenty of scenarios where an age gap would squick me, okay, and I’m not going to try to talk anyone out of their squick. 

…there’s a potentially abusive power imbalance. 

So, I think that Skye and Coulson are set up beautifully to avoid the kind of power imbalance that might come about because of their age gap or his position as her boss. Coulson’s recent return from the dead positions him as a new man, (re)discovering himself. Skye’s presence is an important catalyst for his self-discovery and an important influence for his developing ideologies, which puts her in a position of more power. 

Coulson begins digging into Tahiti after learning about Skye’s own mission to find out about herself. Coulson develops the new SHIELD with no levels after Skye schools him on how levels place a gross value scale on human life. 

Coulson deals with his issues about Tahiti after seeing Skye deal with her issues about the shadow protocol and the horrific emotional trauma in her early life. Coulson overcomes his carving after bringing Skye into the matter. Skye is an important catalyst for all of Coulson’s best character developments (and his whole arc actually ends up being about her), while not a tool of those developments. (She’s got her own plots and her own shit to do.) 

In 2x14, Coulson states that he trusts Skye to do what’s right/best for her – that he’s not going to pretend to have answers, and that she’s the person he thinks is most capable of making decisions about what she should do. This is important, and it shows a mutual respect of personal agency between them that is literally everything to me (oh god, it’s everything). An example of the reverse is Skye agreeing to torture information out of Coulson in 2x07, even when it’s horrible for her to do so. He tells her it’s his call, and she agrees, she gives him the right to decide this for himself. And then here, in 2x14, he lets this be her call.

It’s…honestly, it’s a pretty great dynamic, okay? It’s a situation in which a young biracial homeless woman is a huge influence on a middle class white bureaucrat. (And then, you know, alien blood and cosmic ties and superpowers on top of that.) It’s two people who have both had people fuck with their bodily autonomy and agency, who respect the fuck out of each other’s bodily autonomy and agency. 

…she’s just someone young for him to take to bed.

Yeah, no. Coulson loves Skye. Sure, he compared her to his sexy red corvette, but he loves her. That’s the reason I ship this, okay? Because Coulson is – canonically – the person that loves Skye the most. And – canonically – Skye knows this. (I’ve seen people be super pissed off about this – “What do you mean Coulson is the only person to really try to take care of you? What about Fitz and Simmons and May, you bitch?” etc – so I know people know it. They don’t like it, but they know it.) 

The amount that Coulson loves Skye, and the fact that Skye deserves to be loved that much, is why I ship this. The fact that Skye deserves an epic love story with someone who was brought back from the dead to find her is why I ship this. 

…why would she be attracted to him? 

Why indeed.

For the record, I’m not that much older than Skye – much much much closer to her age than Coulson’s – so it just doesn’t strike me as that weird for her to see Coulson as a very attractive sexual being. Hell, she directly confronts him about being a sexual being the second day she knows him:

And, of course, she looks at him like this:

and this:

and this:

and this:

So, you know. I don’t think it’s really far fetched for Skye to be attracted to him is what I’m saying. 

…you’re sexualizing Skye by writing a bunch of porn about her.

Yup. Sexualizing that twenty-seven year old woman, icky icky me. 

Look, I’m really uncomfortable making statements about the the biggest problems Asian women face as far as being exploited sexually because I’m not an Asian woman. Fetishization of Asian women’s bodies is obviously a real problem, and if I felt someone was presenting Skye in a grossly fetishized way, I would be incredibly offended and say as much. But I’m less concerned about the exploitation/fetishization of Skye’s body in this fandom and more freaked out by how many people forget that she’s a fucking adult. 

Seriously, y’all. Skye is older than Natasha was in Iron Man 2. She’s actually the age Natasha was in the first Avengers movie. (By my count, Nat would have turned 28 a few months after the action of the film.) Skye is an adult.  

The overwhelming tendency in some parts of this fandom is to write AUs where Skye is a literal child. Like, a distressingly large number of AUs are like that. And even when there’s not such literal treatment of Skye as a child, it happens metaphorically when the mere fact of her having sex is seen as somehow gross. The infantilization of Asian women’s bodies – treating a young Asian American woman like a child, speaking as though portraying her as a sexual being is in line with pedophilia – strikes me as a much more prevalent and distressing form of racialized misogyny in this fandom than fetishization. (I mean, someone tell me if I’m off base with that, but seriously, this is something that bothers me a lot.) So you can squick all you want at the presentation of consenting sex between two adults you don’t want to see that way (honestly, we can be cool even if you don’t like my ship, as long as you’re not a douche about it), but at the point that you behave as though treating Skye as a sexual being is wrong, you’re either 1) practicing a different kid of racialized misogyny, or 2) utterly misrepresenting the Skoulson fandom.

It’s a true fact that the Skoulson tag on AO3 is, relatively speaking, the porniest place in AoS fandom. It’s probably a contender for porniest place in the whole MCU fandom, tbh. (It sounds like a theme park!) But this is all relative to the fact that over 75% of our fics (totaling only 692 as of right now) are written by, like, 6-8 people, many of whom are fans of writing erotica. It’s all relative. And by and large, we are a fandom very dedicated to enthusiastic consent, safe sex, explicit kink negotiation, women in positions of power, and sex as an emotionally significant part of a romantic relationship. (And also to the fact that Phil Coulson is obviously really good with his tongue. And his hands.) That’s like…what our porn is mostly about. (And I can say that because I’ve written almost a fifth of the E rated Skoulson stuff, just by number of fics, not even chapters/word count. Which…is a lot of porn.) 

…the actress doesn’t like the idea of the ship. 

Okay, that’s why I don’t tweet her or contact her or harass her? Chloe is a great actor, she brings Skye to life and I love her, but she’s not the arbiter of Skye’s place in fandom. I don’t choose my ships based on what the actors want or what they say about a ship, I base it on the text. And then I don’t bother the actors about it because that would make me an asshole. 

…it’s not what the show runners intended.

This is where we come to the fact that I base my viewing of the show off of what is presented in the text. Getting into discussions of what is intended is not a productive way to discuss what actually happens in a text, imo. I’m not saying that reasonable people can’t have some disagreements about this, but I’m also just not going to engage with that stuff. (Engaging with that stuff is why people can pretend that Skyeward could still totally happen.) It’s a waste of time to engage with that stuff as more than a spectacle and a way to see adorable people being adorable dorks, especially since everything every show runner, producer, or actor has said has something that contradicts it elsewhere. 

Also, Skoulson isn’t a ship that I am campaigning to be made romantic in canon. It’s an appreciation for the canon relationship that exists – the amount that Skye and Coulson love each other in an undefined way, which the show is often really weird about presenting through romantic tropes (a la Mulder & Scully). You can argue for days about intentions (with yourself, I mean, because I don’t care), but this is what the text says about the development of Skye and Coulson’s relationship over the past two seasons from the last scene of the Pilot to the last scene of 2x22:

I think just that speaks volumes about the centrality of the relationship in the narrative, about how it is a partnership, and about how their relationship has evolved as mutually respectful and equal, even putting Skye in a more leading role. That’s the text. 


***ETA: Okay, in 3x18 (”The Singularity”) Lauren LeFranc made Coulson say the thing, and the thing has now been said. You can officially be a douche and throw that in my face if you need to do so. I know how some people loooove being assholes.

Look, I’ve always believed that whatever love Coulson feels for Daisy in canon has confused and worried him – because it is intense and because he’s done extreme and possibly stupid shit because of/for her. So it’s relatively easy for me to see Coulson looking for a label for something complicated, and it matters to me a lot that it was him and not Daisy who expressed that label. 

(I think Daisy would be a combination of upset, insulted, and kinda sad for Coulson if he expressed this to her.) 

Even the context in which he said the thing was part of realizing that what he had been giving her was not enough/not what she needed. So. That’s what I’ve got. 

In the Agents of SHIELD Writer's Room
  • AoS Writer #1: Okay guys, time to start brainstorming for episode 2x13. Let’s start by talking about the shippers. We’ll need to find a way to give them exactly what they want, but in a way that is actually painful and heartbreaking. Fitzsimmons is up first. What are the Fitzsimmons shippers looking for?
  • AoS Writer #2: They want Simmons to actually accept that Fitz has changed and that their relationship has changed with it.
  • AoS Writer #1: Okay, how to we make that go terribly wrong?
  • AoS Writer #3: Oooh! We can have her say exactly that, but about his lying, not his injury. So what she really says is, “Well, I just have to accept that Fitz is a lying liar, and our relationship is now a relationship of lies.”
  • AoS Writer #1: Perfect!
  • AoS Writer #2: But we should add in a really flirty scene later, just to confuse everyone. People love mixed signals.
  • AoS Writer #4: Which explains why you’re single.
  • AoS Writer #2: SHUT UP DARLENE.
  • AoS Writer #1: Okay, that’s a good start for Fitzsimmons. How about Philinda shippers? What do they want?
  • AoS Writer #2: They want May backstory, and possibly something to shake things up a bit. Maybe an opportunity for jealousy.
  • AoS Writer #3: What if we bring in an ex?
  • AoS Writer #5: Yeah, and Coulson knows May’s ex, and the ex knows Coulson, but they are completely civil to each other.
  • AoS Writer #3: Wait, so you mean, create opportunities for jealousy, but no actual jealousy?
  • AoS Writer #5: Right. And then we have the ex give details about May, but just minor trivia. And then he hints that he knows about Bahrain, but doesn’t actually say anything about it.
  • AoS Writer #1: I like where this is going.
  • AoS Writer #2: Oh! We can have May go to help Coulson, and at first the ex is upset and it looks like he’s going to be jealous, but then he finds out that it’s Coulson, and he’s entirely okay with it.
  • AoS Writer #4: You mean like the time when you—
  • AoS Writer #1: Okaaaay. Let’s move on. What do the Huntingbird shippers want?
  • AoS Writer #3: They desperately want Bobbi to let Hunter in on ~the secret~. And maybe a callback to the whole “don’t die out there thing.”
  • AoS Writer #5: Well, we have to at least start explaining what ~the secret~ is. Our stringing-things-out budget is almost entirely devoted to Fitzsimmons.
  • AoS Writer #3: Okay, so we have Hunter find out, but through Mack. He doesn’t actually have any contact with Bobbi at all. And then he says the opposite of “don’t die out there.” Something like, “I want you to die all the time always.” And then he finds out ~the secret~, but in a way that is just generally confusing and not really informative at all.
  • AoS Writer #2: I like the way you think.
  • AoS Writer #4: And I like the way you—
  • AoS Writer #4: I was going to say something nice.
  • AoS Writer #1: Okay, what else have we got? Skimmons?
  • AoS Writer #2: They want to see Simmons taking care of Skye.
  • AoS Writer #3: So we have her look after Skye, but keep talking about pumping Skye up with sedatives and other pharmaceuticals.
  • AoS Writer #5: Philbert, you evil genius. Your mind is like the mind of Hydra.
  • AoS Writer #3: Thanks?
  • AoS Writer #2: Great, so what about the other ships? Fitzskye/Skitz? Fitzmack? Maybe some latent Tripskye? Skyeward?
  • AoS Writer #1: Hey, I ask the questions around here.
  • AoS Writer #1: Also we don’t have time. At some point, we need to put in some actual plot.
  • AoS Writer #4: Yeah, he’s always doing things like—
  • Everyone Else: DARLENE.
  • AoS Writer #1: Seriously, why do we keep you around?
  • AoS Writer #4: I write all the episode titles.
  • AoS Writer #1: Oh, right. I liked “Shadows.” That was a good one.
  • AoS Writer #4: Thanks.
  • AoS Writer #1: Okay guys, I think we’ve got everything we need. This is going to be a great episode. Hail Hydra!
  • Everybody Else: HAIL HYDRA!
3x07 Episode Thoughts (pt 2)


  • So that first scene where Jemma gives Fitz her phone and Fitz is just like oh I’ll look at it. Like we had some HORRIBLE Fitzsimmons scenes last season where they weren’t communicating and everything was terrible, but this to me was almost worse. Like they were just acting like everything was normal, like everything was okay, and it’s just so not normal, so not okay. Like that was just so awful.
  • And then the first thing Fitz sees when he pulls up everything is the birthday video. Because that’s the last thing Jemma ever used it for. NOPE.
  • But like when Fitz got upset and knocked everything off the table like LITERALLY MURDER ME THAT WOULD HURT LESS. Like it’s the love of his life being happy with someone else… that… I just can’t…
  • AND THEN THE AUDIOS. Now Fitz knows that for literally months he was everything Simmons thought about. Every message. Every discovery. Every observation. It was about him. He really really needed to know that.
  • I’m gonna need that video so I can watch it for the rest of forever because that was more than just a “maybe there is” that was a full on “I want to spend my life with you Fitz and I’ve been thinking about it for a long time”
  • Someday, when Fitzsimmons is actually together and happy and Will is back home (or however that’s resolved) I want to hear more about these cottage plans and when Fitz started factoring into them. (please someone write a fic i will love you forever)
  • Okay, but “hog face.” Love Hunter.
  • I hope this logo symbol thing works out though. I want the Will situation cleared up ASAP.
  • BECAUSE, that last Fitzsimmons scene.
  • Simmons wanting to see the sunrise is perfect. And there’s lots of symbolism stuff with her and Fitz figuring out their relationship just as the sun comes up. Like that was so beautiful.
  • Okay but Fitz is so open and honest with Simmons and he gives her this out to let it have just been the dehydration and sleep deprivation talking, but no. Simmons meant it. Simmons means it.
  • If Fitz had kissed her right there, she would have let him. She would have welcomed it even. 
  • But there’s still the Will Daniel sized elephant in the room. Fitz isn’t going to do anything on the Simmons romance front until they find Will (even now that he knows that Simmons does actually love him AHHHHHHH). He’s not going to let the Will thing mess anything up with them because he knows that Jemma does care about and maybe even love Will, too. But he can never know what’s going on for sure until they get Will back, so I just hope this works so we can get to that Fitzsimmons kissing that we were so tragically denied tonight.
  • Someday my friends. Someday.
A Biochemical Chain of Events

Pairing: Skye/Simmons (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)

Summary: Skye asks the tough questions. Simmons does her best to explain.

Words: 1,411 (just a drabble!)

Notes: I haven’t quite caught up on all the episodes yet, but I am slowly falling in love with all these characters… especially Fitz and Simmons, my darling little science babies. I haven’t really starting seriously shipping anyone yet, but I have seen a lot of talk of Skimmons on my dash, so I figured I’d give those two a shot.

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starting over

Summary: Starting over is difficult in practice. (Inspired by speculation on future Fitzsimmons.) Fluffiest of endings because I deserve this, okay. 

Sometimes, she feels she’s worked so hard and still doesn’t understand how she got from point A to point B, or D, or Z, or wherever the hell she is now. These decisions she’s made, they run through her mind all the time. This isn’t where she thought she’d be.

Starting over might have been a mistake. But she missed him so much, and her grieving for Will was compounded by this all-consuming guilt. He was such a good man, and after dying for her, did he deserve the relief she felt when, at least, Fitz had survived? Because she knew then that she would sacrifice everyone – the whole world – for Fitz, but Will had died without ever seeing the sunlight and that knowledge was suffocating her.

Really, she’s been drowning since the med-pod. It wasn’t fair for Fitz to force the choice, but she had taken the last breath and maybe that was the jumping off point. Point A.

Maybe selfless men keep falling in love with her, and she keeps taking their last breath.


“Okay, but what if we just modify the - ”

“Receptors, yes. Shouldn’t be too much of a hassle after Daisy’s; her abilities are similar enough,” she finishes for him, easily, in a way it hasn’t been for years.

Starting over might have been brilliant. They talk in and around each other. They bicker, and it’s just hashing out ideas– it’s not the weight of their mistakes, it’s not trying to survive in a hurricane of unshed tears. It’s not having her heart repeatedly torn open until she can’t bear it because even while she’s strong, he is all of her weaknesses.

Now it’s just Fitz, smug and assured– which is annoying because her suggestion is clearly better. It’s Academy-era squabbling, like maybe they can force the restart after all.

But her chest didn’t constrict like this in the beginning. In the beginning, it was thrilling to have a partner who really understood her– to finally, at 16, feel like she knew what friendship meant. It’s not really starting over when she can still feel his lips on hers, his rough hands drawing her closer, his breathing syncing up with her own. When she can still feel her world ending, over and over and over.


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“I won’t accept that. There’s always hope.”  — Jemma Simmons

team engineering tag game (rules)
challenge: tagged by the lovely @muchadoaboutdoctorwho to make a mini aos aesthetic of my choice.
tagging: @reymanova and @everyl1ttleth1ng i challenge you to pick 5 (or more, if you want!) songs that you associate with aos. feel free to make a playlist/explain your song choice if you really wish to <3

3x19 Episode Thoughts (part 2)


  • Working together, just like normal and Fitzsimmons have demonstrated themselves more capable of engaging in a workplace appropriate relationship and Hunter and Bobbi pretty much ever were (not that that’s very hard…). A+.
  • And we get lovely competitive Jemma - you were just strangled by Daisy, I had to talk my dead boyfriend in dead Grant Ward’s body. lovely.
  • But i do love that she said dead boyfriend and Fitz wasn’t weird about it - like he’s confident enough that Jemma’s okay and that he did make the right call with Hive!Will to just let it go. I’m really glad about that.
  • And then we have Jemma chastising Lincoln for being a reckless fool in love… right next to a similarly reckless fool in love who once gave up oxygen for her, went on more than one potentially deadly mission negotiating with terrorists to try to get her back from a monolith, broke into the container of said monolith and tried to get it to take him too, and then jumped through a portal to another planet not once but twice for her… so…
  • (and Coulson definitely sees the irony here - as soon as Jemma makes her comment, he turns to Fitz… who isn’t 100% sure how to response, my poor child)
  • And then Fitz has the audacity to chastise Lincoln for disobeying orders - pot calling the kettle black eh Fitz? People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.
  • Okay but Fitz checking to make sure that everything’s okay with him and Jemma was adorable
  • And she called Fitz her boyfriend(!!!!) and they made fun of an old ex-boyfriend and I just love it all so much
  • They really do have such a great relationship right now. It’s so nice to see (and so help me if you hurt them i will end you, i swear to God)
  • We really did need another scene with Fitz talking to Jemma or to Lincoln (or both, both is good), but oh well (i’m 100% writing it later sooooo)