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Find your dialogue prompt!

A: The first letter of your first name!

B: Your birthday!

  • A: “Can I help you?”
  • B: “Be gentle.”
  • C: “Help me find my scarf!”
  • D: “What happened to your arm?”
  • E: “What the hell happened here?!”
  • F: “How are you feeling?”
  • G: “Well, this is interesting! Did you know-”
  • H: “I just thought of a world without puppies and got really sad.”
  • I: “I love you.”
  • J: “Please kill me.”
  • K: “Want to know how I got these scars?”
  • L: “On go, we’re going to run, okay?”
  • M: “Help me.”
  • N: “Did you hear that?”
  • O: “Kiss me.”
  • P: “What’s your favorite sin?”
  • Q: “Does God ever say ‘Oh my God’?”
  • R: “We’re stuck in a maze!”
  • S: “So, today I was thinking we should-”
  • T: “Did you just murder someone?!”
  • U: “Code Yellow, I repeat code yellow!”
  • V: “I want to show you something.”
  • W: “Can we cuddle?”
  • X: “Do you want to talk about your childhood?”
  • Y: “Who wants to die today?“
  • Z: "I am the hero this city needs!”

  1. “Oh, I saw a spider”
  2. “You shouldn’t have had that sixth cup of coffee.”
  3. “Speaking of that, I just got laid.”
  4. “That should be illegal.”
  5. “High School Musical.”
  6. “Speaking of gay, I’m gonna go do some gay stuff right now.”
  7. “Unrealistic.”
  8. “I hope you outlast your relatives.”
  9. “Easy, psycho.”
  10. “I won!”
  11. “I’m confused, as usual.”
  12. “I volunteer as tribute.”
  13. “It’s magic!”
  14. “Dang, I was so close…”
  15. “I have a headache.”
  16. “I love being left alone.”
  17. “Can I kiss you?”
  18. Please, tell me more.”
  19. “Stay quiet!”
  20. “Oh maaaaan, sounds amazing, who can resist!”
  21. “That’s so gay.”
  22. “This is all your fault.”
  23. “Are you okay?”
  24. “No.”
  25. “A badly timed joke?”
  26. “I want to leave.”
  27. “5 more minutes.”
  28. “I’m calling the police!”
  29. “Queue the music.”
  30. “Stop following me!”
  31. “We’re all going to die.”

(if you get something confusing, then try to explain it, BAM, you’re writing)


2 4 t h  b i r t h d a y  //  Y a m a d a  R y o s u k e

Happy birthday to the handsome, beautiful, adorable, amazing, hardworking–Just ineffable, really, strawberry lover boy, Yamada Ryosuke! Thank you for blessing us with your amazing acting and singing skills, for being who you are, for making us laugh and smile, for always making our day even when things get rough and a loooot more. We love you so much and we, your fans are always there for you! Have an amazing day, dear! Keep slayin’! 

Seventeen reaction to meeting Joshua’s younger sister who’s similar to Seungkwan

Thank you for the request! I’m super sorry for the long wait >< I hope this is to your liking~ ^^

i missed doing reactions TuT thank you for requesting~

Requested by anon ♥

Note: I’m not sure what you mean by her being like Seungkwan but I wrote the reactions thinking that she’s mostly outgoing, and has a good sense of humor and pretty much what Seungkwan is like around the members when the cameras are on~ 


Originally posted by saysvteen

  • At first he would probably be like “wth she’s literally Seungkwan 2.0″, then he’d find her adorable and then he’d just keep laughing because boy, the girl’s hilarious
  • Lol looks like Seungkwan has some competition


Originally posted by ivmin

  • Based on how I saw this angel talk to his younger sister on OFD, I feel like he’d act like a brother from the get-go (you know like, he’d be a little worried about her feeling uncomfortable but would be happy when he realizes she’s fine)
  • *laughs* Adorable.


Originally posted by lovejoshua17

  • Would probably keep laughing from start to finish because of the members’ reactions
  • *lol*


Originally posted by chan-ces

  • I feel like this meme would just stay “out of her way” after greeting her and would just be his meme self in a corner somewhere
  • Aww, she’s cute
  • *in the depths of Jun’s confused mind* Why are they laughing so hard tho? I don’t understand


Originally posted by howon

  • Finds her hilarious, cannot stop laughing
  • *can’t breathe but still keeps laughing because this boy got superpowers*


Originally posted by fyeahwonhui

  • Tbh I feel like this fluff ball would just quietly listen to her (probably sits with Jun in the corner where he still can’t figure out why everyone’s laughing) and laugh at her jokes 
  • To Jun: “Hilarious”
    *in Jun’s mind* I… still don’t get it


Originally posted by mountean

  • Idk man, I just have this feeling that this dude right here would just love every joke she makes and would also feel like an older brother to her 
  • Yessss gurl, roast Seungkwan’s ass “That’s so funny!” *lol*


Originally posted by lseokmin

  • Would probably be really random and join in on her jokes, would be really excited and would probably be the one who makes her laugh the most
  • *introduces himself when seungkwan’s not even finished yet and is all over the place*
  • She’s A D O R A B L E *screams internally*


Originally posted by hanwooz

  • I feel like Mingyu would just find her cute and laugh but like he’d be more subtle about it 
  • “That was a good one” *hehehe*


Originally posted by camera-seventeen

  • A sweet bean that is like a brother from the get-go and pays a lot of attention on her, laughs at her jokes, asks her questions and so on
  • *is his adorable self and makes her feel comfortable*


Originally posted by dank-svt-memes

  • “I honestly feel so ridiculously attacked right now, I am speechless”
  • Would probably be a little awkward at first but then he’d start throwing jokes and would probably get along with her well after a while
  • *smol-and-awkward bean* *lol-gurl-i-still-got-it bean* *bffs-with-the-seungkwan-2.0-girl bean*

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Originally posted by sneezes

  • Would lmao so hard that’s all i have to say about him i really feel like that’s how he’d be
  • Omg *laughs so hard he gets a six-pack on his tummy*


Originally posted by satanteen17

  • Slightly awkward at first? He’d probably introduce himself and he’d probably be like Wonwoo (would probably find himself in the same corner where Wonwoo and Jun were). I don’t think he’d speak much but he would probably laugh at her jokes and all
  • lol whut she’s younger than me 
  • To Wonwoo and Jun: “Isn’t she funny?” *cute chuckling*
    Wonwoo: “Yeah, she’s absolutely hilarious” *lol*
    Jun: “Don’t fucking test me”

i may or may not have taken the jun joke too far, don’t take it too seriously! i think he’d probably laugh along too~ also, sorry about the shortness of a few of these ><

hello everyone!!!

I just wanted to say that besides all the drama, I love being part of the tcc and I’m happy to meet you guys! you make my days better.

here’s some blogs I really like (in random order), I’m sorry if I forgot someone (I’m sure I will)

@ac1d-gh0st @blackjack-pizza @meiway-eat-flesh @gaymfdm @aesthetic-of-truecrime @babyklebold  @ficktcolumbiner @homicidalbabe @harriskleboldcolumbine @kleboldandharris99 @mallgothklebold @dylsdomine @6pandas @loudcoffee @serialselection @dylanneric @rebsbabygirlvodkaskitten @omgheysims @potato-ass @reb-made-me-do-this @ultimatefuckingrevengehere @comfortably-cold @rebvodkax @ericselection @nygmobblepottrash  @tcc-love @ripechancewoods @r-e-b—v-o-d-k-a @killmywrath @the-observer-42099 @sunshineboiii @v0dkas-tec9 @rebvodkabundyandfriends@ericdoomharris @traqxx @redtemptressofthesea @naturallyselectioned@monotonous–homicide @my-pussy-tastes-like-dr-pepper @malevolnt@lonelyklebold @punkpropanedinosaur @km-fdm @babeklebold @truecrimelovely @a-hugged-cactus @groupsugar @vodxkaa @666-wrath @sadharris @ericdoomharris @savannah967 @diaryofericharris420 @marthaaaaaaas @doll-cemetery @dylanwrathklebold @arlene-nbk-harris @sadagnostic @ericstrenchcoat @tatelangdamn @godlikewonder @trenchcatmafia @angelofxsmalldeath @naturalbornkilllers @vodkas-tec9 @mysticbreadninja @dylklesgurl @3-eyes-4-me @naturalselectionandwrath420 @panlixdreamsforeverwithlostboys @bluegirlsburning @mein-leben-ist-der-tod @koinio @rebklebold99 @hatefuckz @dzhojahar @indifferentimagination @x–vodka–x @naturalbornmartyrs@wallflowerdeath @tec9love @yugended @harrisklebold1999 @xxsturmgeist98xx @reb-vodka-bby @godly-little-whore @vodkadomine @columboring @trenchcoatharris @lovelyklebold @fixtheinjustice @elliot-rodgers-armani-sunglasses @timothymcfuckingveigh @bundy-is-my-daddy @tec9existence @pinklola9 @ted-fcking-bundy @bundysbabygirl @harrisvodka @tccklebold @sunshineboyv @knight-stalker @dylannstrenchcoat @tcslut @winter-anathema @97emkin97 @atroubledlittlesoul @stray-godlike-bullet @wrathklebold​ @emoharris @666kill-u​ @rig0rmortiis​ @kleboldie​ @rebvodkatcc​ @columbinefans​ @atroubledlittlesoul​ @sellmysoulpls​ @corgob​ud @mysterygang​ @mothhkid​ @dirty-negan-girl​ @bitchwhofarted​ @euphoricalienation​ @nbkkillers​ @w-r-a-t-h-imagines

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ​

Loved and Protected (Smut)

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Originally posted by perfectfeelings

Title: Loved and Protected
Summary:  44. “You want me to claim you, don’t you?” 47. “I don’t want to be claimed by anyone but you.” 
Theme: A/B/O 
Rating: PG-13, R (but really none of us are mature enough)
Word Count: 1087
Warning: sweet Kennex, Sexual Content, Cursing
Tags: Request from @dolamrothianlady so thank her for it. @outside-the-government @medicatemedrmccoy @yourtropegirl @imagineangryspacegrump @imoutofmyvulcanmind

Being with John was a dream. Sure, he was a pain and grumpy towards others but the minute he caught my scent, he just seemed to change. The small detail that slipped was the fact I was an Omega. I was good at hiding my status. I was a rarity in my full Beta family. “There’s my beautiful girl,” John proclaimed as you walked across the squad room over to him. “Hey, I thought I could pull you away for lunch.” John looked at Dorian, “I’ll contact you if we get a case.” John grabbed his jacket and walked out with me.


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Dear Isaac, who I think may be my Guardian Angel:

I found this blog recently, and have been religiously reading all the letters submitted. Guess you can say it’s an addiction, but it gives me insight on others’ lives as well as personal reflection of my own life.

I stumbled on your letters.

And as soon as I stumbled, I found every fucking letter you wrote.

And I think you’re my Isaac.

Are you?

Are you the one that loved me so much, but drank so much more? It seems like you are. All the way down to the texts. All the way down to the names.

I want you to know that Greg isn’t my one. I dont know if I have one.

But if I do, it’s you.

Am I killing you? I don’t want to murder someone as special as you, and I’m sorry we don’t talk anymore, and I’m sorry I keep going back and forth.

It’s just that every time I see your picture, I want to kiss you, and love you, and make love to you, and create more love.

I really want you to know how sorry I am that I’ve hurt you. I really, truly, don’t deserve you.

I haven’t talked to you in a little bit. Please tell me you haven’t drunk yourself to oblivion..

-Your Evangeline, who you guarded and protected with your life, even when you felt like you were failing.


anonymous asked:

I would just like to say that watching bnha 2.1 after finding your blog was almost like paranoia "is that a ship moment?? What about that!? Oh and them! They said words to each other!is this the start of love???" (I've not read the manga yet and I feel s1 was a little lacking in ship fuel)

LMAO this is the best ask I’ve ever gotten oh my god I’m laughing - don’t worry anon, I don’t actively ship any crack ships in bnha and all the ones that haven’t happened yet start happening during the sports fest (reason #1 why it’s one of my favorite arcs), you’re not too far away from seeing The Goods™ 👍👍👍

Anon said:  I got a pretty bad concussion in a fight earlier this week so I’ve been barred from class and generally cooped up but plus side is I’m now completely caught up on the BNHA manga! Now I’ll get to experience your art in real time! Love your work!

OH MY GOD!!!!!!! I’m so happy to hear that, I hope you really enjoyed it, anon!!!!! Sorry about the concussion though, I hope it isn’t giving you problems and that you’ll get better asap!! 💕💕

Anon said:  IWA’S ARMS HOLY R I P P E D B O Y

He’s canon jacked after all!!!!! God I’m so weak for Iwaizumi I feel everyone in Seijou a lot

Anon said: Ahh hi it’s polykid, I haven’t sent an ask in ages oh boy,,, I was just wondering if you have any poly ships in voltron??? The way you draw them is super cute I love ahh

WELP as I said as far as Lance’s happy I’ll ship anything, but as far as polyships go my faves are with Ketih and Hunk AND the garrison trio !!! Both ships are so damn good tbh~ and thank you!!!!! *O*

Anon said:  I kind of ship Sun Eater and Red Riot. What the actual fuck.

TBH I DON’T BLAME YOU I guess you might say I somewhat ship it too? But I’m general super weak for senpai/kouhai kind of relationships and Kirishima acting as Jiki’s personal motivator was just so pure???? It’s giving me all the sibilings feels TBH a bit like Deku and Mirio I’m very very glad for this new relationship please horikoshi let amajiki be fine

Anon said:  So… that colorpage for BHNA though…. LOOK AT MY SHY SON. IM DED

I KNOW RIGHT OH MY GOD HE’S SO GOOD I LOVE HIM SO MUCH please horikoshi seriously let him be fineee

anonymous asked:

Zelink or sidlink

I love Sidon! Although tbh I never saw anything really romantic between him and Link so I imagine them as best friends who just really are super supportive of each other.

Zelink however,,,,, b r o

I’ve been zelink trash since I was 6 years old it’s too much I love it


Brother/sibling AU Suggested by anonymous (I actually like this idea and think its cute :3) ALSO I’M TRYING TO CATCH UP ON IMAGINES BEAR WITH ME -Mod kiiiiiiiiiib


-the one person who he’s not afraid to talk to is you
-It’s more of you teasing him then him teasing you
-Calls you Rose because your forever his brother untill you last petal drops
-You love embarrassing him so much
-Always finds a way to bring him up in conversation to embarrass him
-Very lenient with your love life but not with his
-S a v e H i m
-He really annoys you but not in the way about like teasing or such
-It’s the fact that he likes all these people but he dosesnt know who to choose
-tbh you were totally okay with helping him but he is so naive
-He thinks that none of them like him back
-*C H O K E S*
-you show him a meme every time you bring it up it’s the -ArE YoU SuRE AbOUt ThAT!- meme
-so confused
-please help your brother and his love life


-“short stack”
-“grape juice”
-always fighting and teasing each other because they are both short dorks
-both will prank each other and have prank wars that last over a week
-longest was at least half of the school year
-always needs some else to shut them up
-probably Tenko or Toujo
-Even though they mostly fight, they do get along on rare occasions  
-they both bother Kiibo about his maybe robo dong
-Ouma is very protective of you even when your simply taking with anyone
-the “ you must be at least 3ft away from all guys except me because I’m your older brother and thats that” dude
-basically is the annoying short dork over protective brother


-Always tries to tell people about embarrassing stories about you when you were younger
-he’s like the mom who has embarrassing photos but instead of a album they are his phone
-he loves holding you and it honestly makes you feel safe in his arms
-your very open with each other and don’t hide it often
-He always calls you nicknames of beautiful things because he thinks he has the prettiest/handsomest younger sibling
-sometimes you call him amomi because he’s basically your mom but in your brothers body
-if you think ouma is bad
-you have not seen Amami
-he will literally drag you away and ask is they are your s/o
-E V E R Y T I M E
-the only thing that annoys you about your brother
-basically the embarrassing momma brother


-He likes to pull few subtle pranks on you
-You don’t get back at him because well
-You don’t know how
-So you ask Ouma…. and well
-Let’s just say he stopped
-For good
-He loves seeing you happy and you love his cooking
-He just looks at you and just saysss awww
-It’s creepy sometimes but you know it’s not meant to be taken in the wrong way
-“ Hey you wanna piggy back ride? ”
-“ were in high school plus I can walk ”
-“ buuuuttttt rocket~”
-Did I forget to mention he likes to call you rocket as you nick name
-“… fine”
-He’s also super lenient when it comes to talking with guys but does get a little anxious when they start getting a little too close
-Lenient star brother


-Adores you
-He calls you ladybug a lot because he feels like he’s lucky to have you in his life
-Loves doing your hair if it’s long enough and you do the same
-You get him lots of ancient folk lore stories to read to him
-Does not let anyone near you in fright they will ruin your innocence like they did to him
-One day he lets you do his make up
-You had fun
-He honestly secretly likes it
-One day though
-He tries to do his own makeup
-He’s actually god with makeup but is super bad with eyliner
-Oh dear
-He stabs him self with the eyeliner at least three times
-For now on he’s not allowed to do his eyeliner on his own


-Petty puns are a must in this bond
-Everyone hates them but you love them
-He’s protective but not as bad as Ouma or Amami
-A L S O
-Doesn’t call you nicknames often, but when he does its mostly muffin or cupcake
-He will cook you meals and omg
-He makes the B E S T  sweets
-Loves to See you happy and gushing over food
-Silly but adorable
-Even if it means to get messy making food
-though they do have their cooking moments
-Only Kiibo was allowed to cook cupcakes for now on now…
-B E S T C O O K B R O A P R O N he wears sometimes
-Most likely a gift You had made for him
-I will fight anyone who says he doesn’t wear a best cook bro apron


-Most people would think he’s the nicest brother
-hah lol no
-Doesn’t call you nicknames because he thinks your name is easy enough to say
-Protective but like Kiibo not as much and little to no effort put into protecting them.
-He actually finds you extremely annoying
-especially when he’s doing his ‘work’
-Only likes you when you leave the poor innocent boy alone
-Will fight you
-You win most times
-He always says he lets you win because he’s a gentleman
-T R I G G E R E D B A B S
-Will fight for hours on ends
-Rant about how much you hate each other
-Everyone thinks you guys fake it when you really don’t
-Totally do pranks on him and make him super embarrassed
-He doesn’t do pranks but he does embarrass the fuck out of you if you piss him off enough
-Rarely bond like Ouma but when they do they don’t talk much
-Just help these two babs
- s a v e t h e m


-“short stack”
-“ L I S T E N H E R E B U K K O “
-Calls you ‘bukko’ a lot
-Hates your short jokes because they are just so C R I N G Y
-Still loves you though
-Likes to see you happy and smiling
-If you’re lucky he’ll joke back
-You love to play tennis with him
-If you’re lucky you’ll win
-B u t
-Having to deal with a sore loser brother is s a d
-They are v e r y open with each other
-Don’t care if its really gross or not
-“ I have to take a shit i’ll be right back”
-“ok but make sure to wipe your ass”
-Okay maybe they can be a little too personal
-H O S H I
-I S
-V e r y P r o t e c t i v e
-He doesn’t like it when people hit on you
-At all
-Will fight anyone who dare toughest his sis
-He is a secret Tiger Mom

Hope you enjoy! ^^ 

RFA Members + Birthdays Headcanons

bc it’s ya boi Jumin’s birthday today !! Will be reblogging this on each member’s birthday because I have nothing better to do with my time lmao


  • Probably the type of guy to plan his own birthday party.  He wants it to be done right, after all
    • That being said, he doesn’t want it to be huge: just the RFA members (Jumin included!! wow!!), and a few cast and crew he’s close with
  • He likes going to a restaurant on his birthday–nothing too fancy.  He keeps it simple.  He rents out the back room for the night (always making sure the restaurant he chooses has one) because this is one night he doesn’t want his fans to photo-op.  
  • Usually forgets to get himself a cake, so you always end up buying one of those nice three-tier cakes.  Every year, he tells you that you don’t have to do that, that he doesn’t need a cake, and that you always end up with leftovers for the next month, but you can see it in his eyes that he loves the fact that you remembered to get one even when he didn’t.
    • (”Jeez, this one’s huge!  We’re going to have so much leftover!” “Are you really complaining about extra cake?”)
  • Birthday sex lmao of course
    • Has been very good about not smoking, but allows himself a cigarette on special occasions.  This is one of those occasions.
      • You complain as he stands by the window, dressed only in boxer briefs, saying that he’s letting the cold air in.  (”Guess I’ll have to get back in there and warm you up, huh?” he teases)
  • Your present to him is always something handmade.  For whatever reason, he loves your crappy DIY craft projects, because it shows that you put the effort in.


  • The kind of person that talks about his birthday weeks in advance.  It could be a month away, and he’s asking about what you got him.
    • In some ways, you can’t help but think his giddy and excitement towards his birthday, a year most adults dread, is both adorable and endearing.  However, when you’re actually trying to get him his present and hide it from him, it gets frustrating.
  • Invites the RFA members for a small get together at your apartment, and then has a separate lunch with his parents.
    • Because Zen always brings beer to Yoosung’s party
      • And Yoosung always gets tipsy
      • And by the time everybody leaves, he’s passed out on the couch.
      • You end up sleeping out there with him because you’d feel bad if you left him.  He wakes up and, still a little drunk, gets a bit frisky.
  • One year, you got him the thing he’s been wanting for ages: an autograph from the LOLOL programmer.  Granted, it was an eBay purchase, so the authenticity was questionable, and you had to outbid about a hundred other gamers, paying a ridiculous amount, but the look on his face when you handed to him was more than you could’ve asked for.
    • (”Y/N… how did you… this is…” “There’s no guarantee that it’s completely real; I won the bid for it on eBay, but people seemed to be clawing over each other to get it, so I have a good feeling.”  He darts over to you to give you a back-breaking hug, and you let out a little squeak of surprise.  “Thank you… so much!” he shouts, grinning wildly.)


  • You plan her a surprise party, because she’s the type that thinks celebrating is pointless.  Too busy to have a party, even one with just the RFA members?  Please.
    • You decide that rather than having a standard party, you’d invite the RFA members to have brunch at her favorite little coffee shop just around the block.  It’s nothing fancy and out of proportion, and you’re correct when you find out that she loves it.
  • You do all kinds of cutesy things that day: a walk in the park, going around to different dessert vendors, window-shopping for cute outfits, etc.
  • At the end of the day, the two of you head back home, only for “phase-two” of your surprise party plans to go into action: the day spent together is somewhat of a ploy, as the rest of the members were busy decorating your apartment
    • You can see that she’s a little irked about the mess that they’ve made, but that feeling passes quickly as she realizes the effort put into just making her day special
  • There are drinks and a homemade cake that go around, and at around eleven PM, she finally kicks everyone out
    • (”Thank you all so much for today.  Really, it was lovely.”  “Then can’t we have a sleepover?” “Saeyoung, I don’t trust you in my apartment at night.”)
    • She’s blunt, but the members understand and take it lightly
  • You spend the night cuddling on the couch binging movies until she realizes that she has work the next morning.  You convince her to take a sick day.


  • Day starts off with a  b i r t h d a y  b l o w j o b
  • Like Jaehee, has little regard for his birthday, and sees no point in really celebrating, but you insist.
    • He ends up just making reservations for the two of you at a high-class restaurant, and when you protest, saying that you had things planned, he reminds you that it’s his birthday, and he just wants to spend it with you
      • You stop complaining
  • He works the entire day, but you take the day off and keep him company
    • o f f i c e  s e x 
  • You help him out with his work, and while ideally it isn’t how you would have wanted him to have spent his birthday, he seems content enough, so you won’t fuss about it.
  • When you finally get to the restaurant, you see that he had requested a table secluded from the rest of the restaurant.  He really meant it when he said he just wanted to spend time with you.  That’s all he really ever wants due to his busy schedule and frequent trips away.
    • Your most notable present to him was another cat (even though, when he had arranged to get one himself, you had talked him out of it, because one was enough.) He’d never admit it outright, but he was beyond ecstatic.
      • (”I took the liberty of naming her.  I think it might be fitting, since she’ll be living with Elizabeth.”  “Oh, did you now?  Enlighten me, what did you name her.”  “Victoria,” you answer with a grin. “So they can both live like queens.”)
  • After dinner, when you arrive back at his apartment, things quickly spiral back into how the day started: in bed
    • But it’s slow and sweet, and rather than usual when he’s calling the shots, you remind him that it is his birthday, and that it’s about him for the night.

Saeyoung (+ a lil Saeran)

  • This guy completely forgets about his birthday.  And so does his brother.  When you wake him up, grinning from ear to ear, he just looks at you, confused, until you tell him.  Then, he laughs, because he genuinely did forget about it.
    • When you tell Saeran, “Happy birthday,” he looks at you blankly before muttering an, “Ah, right,” in response.
  • It’s okay, though, because you had a feeling this would be the case.  You have everything planned out.
    • Similar to Jaehee, you make the boys go out with you for the afternoon while the rest of the members decorate the bunker-esque house.  They couldn’t get through the gate, and your cover was almost blown as you walked them through the answer over the phone.
  • You treat them to lunch (even though Saeyoung vehemently tries to refuse) and they are both completely taken by surprise when they return home.  To them, birthdays had always been just another day.  They never had parties as kids, and never really gave much thought as adults (especially since Saeran never even got the chance to take it into consideration).  Saeyoung is floored by the love he’s surrounded by, and Saeran, though first uncomfortable with the festivities, eventually begins to enjoy his party.
  • Food courtesy of Yoosung, drinks from Jumin, and Zen brings a karaoke machine.  Everyone has the best time making absolute fools out of themselves, belting pop songs to movie soundtracks.
  • That night, after everyone has left, and Saeran has gone to bed, Saeyoung holds you close to him and thanks you profusely for the best birthday he could have asked for.  The sincerity and true happiness in his voice is enough to let you know what you mean to him.

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o, l, b, c, r

send me a letter of the alphabet and i’ll compliment a random blog starting with that letter. || accepting!


I have a lot of mad respect for multi-muse blogs and this one is just done amazingly well. To be able to capture each character’s essence and on demand is just a skill in its own and one I think they deliver very well.


Sebastian blogs that really get Sebastian as a character will always be an instant follow from me and from what I’ve read so far from them, they really do put so much care and work into him, I love it.


SPEAKING OF SEBASTIAN BLOGS. Jfc. Look, I have nothing but admiration for the work that luszifer puts into their Sebastian. Also ooc they are a fucking delight to talk to which is nice because they get me on some things and plus, I mean..fuck me up all damn day with seb/alec stuff. That was an invitation btw you little shit.


Again, not one I’ve interacted with a ton but their love and passion for Magnus is clear in everything they post and I am sure we’ll do more stuff in the future.


Fuck. Me. Up. with this Jordan blog okay. They may be the only one around, maybe?? Idk but honestly, their care and understanding of Jordan’s so good, are we really missing out if they were the only Jordan around?


GIVE ME ALL THE JACE BLOGS AND I WILL BE HAPPY OKAY. No, seriously, their Jace though? Every time I see them on the dash I read their stuff, which trust me, is not something I do for just anyone. 10/10 would recommend.


And here we go again with the perfect af multimuse blogs. I love reading their stuff a lot. I don’t think I‘ve ever talked to them but I can’t even care, I just like seeing them on my dash.


Clary blogs are iffy for me in general because I feel like it’s really easy to misinterept her character and let me just tell you, anything I’ve ever seen coming from runegiven’s blog has been so true to who Clary is as a character and that’s so rare and pure, it’s perfect.


Listen, Mark Blackthorn is so important. There’s not a whole lot of them on tumblr and that’s confusing to me but honestly, runedfae opens my eyes to just how important this character really is and their Mark, I tell ya, for not having read LoS is fucking amazing and somehow makes me disbelieve they didn’t actually help Cassandra create Mark themselves.

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B J K M X for the letter prompt,, for toshinori yagi?

This’ll be interesting (ง ˙o˙)ว! Ok but I have this headcanon whenever he does have sex he goes into his one for all form because of all the excitement he feels/ but if his s/o doesn’t want to do it that way he’ll stay out of that form during it.

B: body part - Yagi loves his s/o body just the way it is, but if he had to choose what really turned them on about them, he would have to choose thighs. He really doesn’t know why, but it just is. When it comes to himself though, HAVE YOU SEEN HIS ONE FOR ALL FORM, R.I.P. TO HIS S/O LIKE HE HAS A BIGG PICKLE (IM SORRY BUT LIKE ITS TRUE)

J: jack off - He really doesn’t do it often actually, probably around once a month, but when he does he just thinks about his s/o.

K: kinkss - DESTROYING HIS S/O SPECIAL PLACE. Jkjk (or am I?) I honestly don’t think he would have any kinks to be honest?? (Tell me if you have any headcannons about it, because I can’t really think of one)

M: motivation - his s/o teasing. Whenever his s/o decides to tease him, he legit has the hardest time control himself.

X: xray - (y'know exactly what I’m going to say) He has The BIGGEST dill pickle ever and he’s super buff and just HUGE IN EVERY WAY. LIKE HIS SUIT PRETTY MUCH SHOWS IT ALL

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It's so great that you have a job now! And it's something you love doing! If you get offers from other clients, would you consider expanding your flower business?

“It’s s-super great h-h-having a j-job, e-especially c-considering it’s s-something I r-really w-want to do…”

“But… u-um, w-well, I j-just g-got started and it’s a-already s-super s-scary…. I… I m-might, b-but r-right now, it’s a-already a b-big thing to me… I c-can’t just o-open a f-flower s-shop b-because I’ve f-fulfilled a f-few personal c-commissions… It’s t-too soon f-for that.”

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Who is your favorite favorite SU character and why?

*smiles brightly* A-ah, that’s so hard!!~ I r-really love Sapphire a-and Ruby though!~ S-Sapphire because…she is caring, e-even though her future s-sight makes her seem l-like she does not care, she r-really does! Her singing is b-beautiful, s-she is a-adorable, and…m-most important, she is n-not afraid to be with t-the one she wants to b-be with!~ Ruby b-because she is protective of the o-ones she truly loves!~ She is f-feisty, and is q-quite selfless!~ Ruby, t-though hot tempered, cares just a-as much!~ Together, they make s-something, someone, b-beautiful, an e-experience nothing short of m-magnificent!~ My f-favorite episode was M-Mindful Education, t-there, we see a b-bit of the struggle they h-have, with that l-lovely song…j-just like the episode w-where Garnet explains t-that love is t-the answer to their b-being…*blushes* A-ah, sorry! I w-was ranting, w-wasn’t I?

wiiiiiiiiii thank you @la-paritalienne​ & @theystudyrainbows​ for tagging me to spell my url with songs i like ♥︎ , i really like this challenge thingy! 

i will tag: @harryflyles@loveisalaserquest17@melmanpur@iamlittleblackdress@sweariwouldnt@loveloveolivia@oiiiioiiii@tiffanyssecretblog​ (i would tag @otpwhatever​ as well but she never does any of these)

just like mags i have decided not to include any song by the boys as solo individuals or as the band 

D: dreams - fleetwood mac

O: ophelia - the lumineers 

C: cosmic love - florence + the machine  

T: true - spandau ballet 

O: oceaan - racoon 

R: rivals - kensington 

R: robbers - the1975

A: afrika - toto

I: in your atmosphere - john mayer

N: nobody home - pink floyd 

B: bad at love - halsey 

O: on the run - selah sue 

W: wens - marco borsato 

S: sweet disposition - the temper trap

ABC tag thingy

I was tagged by the lovely @just-kun-things 💜💜💜

A- age: 16

B- biggest fear: spiders and not archiving my dreams

C- current time: 12:29

D- last drink you had: coke

E- everyday starts with: “yeah yeah I’m awake”

F- favorite song: atm Rumor by K.A.R.D.

G- ghosts are they real?: of course they are

H- hometown: Lima

I- in love with: Mara ^^

J- jealous of: no one really

K- killed someone: not yet

L- last time you cried: today :/

M- middle name: ugh no

N- number of siblings: 1 older sister

O- one wish: *sighs*

P- person you last text/called: @just-kun-things

Q- question you’re always asked: “how do you spell your name?”

S- song last sang: Top Dog by Topp Dogg

T- time you woke up: 12:53

U- underwear color: green?

V- vacation destination: so many places

W- worst habit: I bite the insides of my mouth

X- x rays you’ve had: one on all of my back and one of my teeth

Y- your favorite foods: noodles on Alfredo sauce and mashed potatoes

Z- zodiac sign: Virgo

I’m too lazy to tag so @nonspectrum and whoever wants to do it