i just really love portal ok

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Ok another hc for the dream portal portal au. So the tests are alot of physical strength or something close to that. So max doing all these tests actually made him a hit more skilled at the camp. So like there all coming back down from one of their hikes and Max just swiftly jumps from ledge to kedge in a record time. Which just makes all the campers amazed, but really confused. Like "How the hell did he become so fucking quick." There so baffled it actually makes Max laugh a little

I… Love That?? Oh heck we’ve found an oasis of happy in this sea of angst

Max becoming skilled at things and being proud of himself for it is something we really need tbh, in the canon show or the AU

It might not undo all the pain, but hey at least it’s a small win for Max.

But YES I would LOVE to see agile, confident Max. I’m so proud of this boy??

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i didnt like how his hair was a portal to lion that felt like an easy way out of the situation they put steven in :<<<<


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Ok but my first thought when hearing parlay's (sp?) description was Merle Needs To Use This To Talk To Kravitz Immediately, you think they'll do that? Because I don't think Taako knows how he's doing, just what he saw through the portal.. if I were him I'd have been really worried this whole time lmao

holy shit thatd be sick, i really doubt itll happen since its so low on their list of priorities but………………………….i LOve the image

also hey what if krav fucking kills merle

Ok, so anyone read Green Lantern and the Flash 100-page spectacular Speed Friends? Remember how Wally and Kyle went through the portal together and it made them forget who they are? And Wally thought he was Kyle, and Kyle thought he was Wally? And the portal made them wear each other clothes. And they just wondered why they can’t use superpowers they should have?

And did I mention that they didn’t like each other at the time? 

I really liked that one.

For some reason I love drawing Wally as Green Lantern. It’s probably because of Kid Lantern… And his hairstyle was also similar to Hal at that time. (I like to think that Hal, as Barry’s best friend, had a big influence on Wally; taught him how to flirt and other useful stuff like that XD )

Also my first time drawing Kyle, he looks awful, so ignore it 


ok so this is a million years late and basically i just want to crawl into a hole and never come out

Secret Santa gift for altairattorney, you said you really love GLaDOS so here’s a murdery looking android version uwu

I hope you can forgive me for how ridiculously late this is gosh I’m SO SORRY ;__;

and here’s a version with black eyes too