i just really love pie

Just something about Anne Maria

I hear a lot of people call her shallow, and sure, I’ll kind of give them that… maybe. But just think about something; she literally only likes Vito for his personality. Mike has the same body (and abs) and yet she doesn’t show any attraction towards him (and when she does it’s because she’s thinking about how he acts as Vito) because she doesn’t like his personality. She’s very physical, but she’s oddly all about personality. It’s one of the things I think people forget about her. She fell in love with Vito because she sees him getting into a fight with Scott and Brick just for the hell of it, not his abs (although it’s probable that is a factor). Just something to think about.

also she is adorable ok? Why does no one else think she’s cute?





also, note her interview on the contestants page

The important bits:

Ten years from now, what are you doing?: Definitely make-up, and make other people beautiful too.

It’s the last day on earth, In one sentence, what would you do?: I’d have everyone over for a pizza and movies.

yeah, totally self centered there. Ignoring the absolutely atrocious grammar on the first answer, she’s thinking about making other people happy. And you’d expect her to answer something like “I’d spend the rest of the day with my hairspray can so I’ll look good for the apocalypse.” or something else vapid. But no, she would rather just get everyone over for a pizza party. Everyone. Not just the hot kids or her boyfriend, no, she wants to invite everyone. Her end of the world plans aren’t something selfish, her end of the world plan is to have one last good time, and everyone’s invited.

And that’s not even getting into how when Brick goes missing and Jo is all ‘leave him to die’, Anne Maria’s just like “Brick may not be attractive in any way but he is still a person!” Yeah she called him unattractive, but still, she was nicer to him than his actual love interest (don’t deny it, Jock is canon). There was also that one episode where in the Mess Hall she was putting spray tan on herself and when Cameron was choking on the substance, she apologized to him. She could have said “Deal with it.”, but no; she apologized. at least in her own Anne Maria-ish way. And during the first challenge, you’d expect her to not want to help at all (might break a nail or something) but no; again, she decides she’s gonna take a whack at it. Sure she ignored Cameron’s warnings about the weight calibration and called him four eyes, but she tried. OH YEAH AND THAT TIME SHE SAVED JO’S LIFE.

Sure she pushed Zoey, but if she hadn’t, Jo would have asphyxiated. She saved Jo’s life even though she totally hated her, and no one acknowledges that! And technically she also saved everyone in the mines by keeping Zeke occupied. We’ve seen how ruthless and psycho he is, and she actually saved everyone by playing along with his crush, so no one else died (or at least no one would have gotten killed. Radiation poisoning is a bitch.) And really the only person she was mean to was Zoey, and to be fair Vito was interested in her so it’s not like it wasn’t kind of justified. Mike never actually admitted he liked Zoey, at least not in front of Anne Maria, but Vito sure admitted to liking Anne Maria (and more XD). So really from her point of view she was just defending her man.
And she’s not even that dumb, I mean, yeah, she’s totally book dumb, but she’s one of the only campers to have figured out how to bypass the items ban (Sierra is the other), and that was actually pretty smart of her.

'Yeah but look at all that spray tan. It’s not like maybe she just likes looking good or anything, or feels like she needs to in order to be appreciated, or any of the other reasons she might have for the spraytan. No, that must mean she’s a vapid whore!’….GO TO THE CORNER. GO TO THE CORNER AND THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU’VE DONE. DON’T COME BACK UNTIL YOU APPRECIATE THIS WONDERFUL HUMAN BEING.

Oh, and also, want to know some bullshit? Up until recently, on Fanfiction.net, she was listed as Ann Maria instead of Anne Maria for the entire time from her first appearance in January of 2012 to up to a month ago, AND has only 43 fanfictions about her, and only 36 of them are K-T rated.

I can’t believe June is more than halfway over. But at least that means the 4th of July is coming up! America is the worst right now (no offense to my military friends!!!), so I feel conflicted about celebrating it, but, let’s be real, the Lima Hollow celebration is one of the best things this town does! 

Guys, I just really love sparklers and apple pie. So. Much.


You’ve got a face for a smile, you know.

arrow meme [109/∞] olicity moments ➙ Felicity making Oliver smile (x)

i feel like beifong’s snark has rubbed off on Mako and further helped develop him into the sassy young man he is today. 

Cutie Pie

As per tradition, Mom and I made banana pie for my birthday, just this year we made it over Skype together instead of in person. Last night, we Skyped each other from our kitchens as I made my birthday pie, and it was almost as good as doing it together at home. Banana pie is my favorite, I highly recommend it as far as birthday treats go. 

It’s not hard to make, even if you make the crust from scratch, which I did. I just used the pie crust from my apple pie, but feel free to get pre-made pie crust. Cheater. 

I’ve been telling people about this pie for ages, been bragging about my favorite birthday thing for so long that I’m pretty sure everyone I’ve told about it feels like this. 


3 eggs yolks

1/3 cup flour

1 cup sugar

2 cups milk

2 tsp vanilla 

1 tbsp cold butter

½ tsp salt

4 or 5 bananas

2 cup heavy cream 

3 heaping tbsp powdered sugar 

2 tsp vanilla 


1. First, bake your pie crust. You’re going to pour your filling into the pre-baked crust. 

2. Beat egg yolks and set aside. 

3. In a saucepan, mix flour, sugar, and salt together. 

4. Over medium heat, whisk in the milk until thickened. 

5. Remove from heat and beat in the egg yolks. 

6. Put back on the stove and stir continuously until it your custard comes to a boil. 

7. Remove from heat and stir in butter and vanilla. 

8. Line pie crust with fresh slices of banana before slowly pouring in a thin layer of custard over the sliced bananas, allowing the custard to fill in the cracks. 

9. Set in another layer of banana slices, more custard, and so on until you run out of custard. I like my top layer to be custard. 

9. While your pie is cooling, whip heavy cream. It’s not quite as convenient as the stuff in the can, but it tastes so much better, and is absolutely worth it. 

10. Combine heavy cream, powdered sugar, and vanilla and whip it until thickened. 

11. Once your pie has cooled a bit, spread a thick layer of cream on top of your pie and stick it in the fridge. Let your pie sit until it sets up. 

There’s about half an inch of cream on this pie. It’s amazing. Look at this beautiful slice of pie. 

I was originally going to keep this pie to myself, but it’s probably for the best that I brought it into work since all together we barely ended up finishing half of it.