i just really love noses


Then one foggy earth-day eve, Pink Diamond came to say, “Jasper with your nose so bright, won’t you guide my palanquin tonight?” Then how the quartzes loved her, as they shouted out with glee: “Jasper the perfect beta, you’ll go down in history!”

AIRY ITS ONLY SEPTEMBER OMFG LOL also like, damn other quartzes shoulda been nice to her in the first place B^T im just sayin


…I can not believe that with my own two eyes I’m actually seeing Kai stopping Suho from touching Sehun while posing for a damn chicken ad.


Nerds with glasses! Because glasses make everyone cuter. :3

Also featuring @talkingsoup‘s Dr. Betas because how could I not include this precious sweetheart. ;w;

Sketches under the cut because I like how they turned out:

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happy birthday to my dear friend risu! (@risusgarbage)
here’s a cute drawing of our sibling zelink fanchildren ivy and ancel ;; cause i love them and there’s nothing i enjoy more than spend hours and hours making headcanons and aus about these two with you! i have so many fond memories of developing these two over the years, i hope we can come up with even more angsty headcanons/aus for them!

hope you have a rad birthday! ALSO i decided to make a BONUS:

our sibling hildavio fanchildren too! lmao fiori and lancel! clearly the zelink kids inherited dad’s love for adventuring while the hildavio kids are all about rupees like their bunny dad lmao

ALSO ivy and fiori (the girls) belong to my friend risu!
while ancel and lancel (the boys) belong to me! (lmao i’m so original with the names)

Friends to Lovers with Mark
  • hello
  • omg i finally get to do this
  • like three people requested this
  • and i understand them all perfectly tbh
  • everyone needs someone as perfect and sweet as this lil angel in their lifes
  • btw i really miss his blonde hair
  • like you know the really blonde ramen hair that he had in my first and last
  • but anyways, i’ll just start writing this for once lmao
  • soooo, 
  • you kiddos probably met in school
  • let’s say that you’re a year younger than him so you didn’t go to the same class than him
  • but you were donghyucks seat partner ;)) yeAh
  • you get along well really fast and in one of the recess he decided to introduce you to all the dreamies
  • and yeah, he was the one who introduced you to our markimoo
  • and when you first saw him you were like damn boii
  • because he’s so handsome??? i mean what¿?
  • you really liked his soft features
  • like his skin is so gorgeous and his skin tone it is too 
  • and did you notice how beautiful his lips are? and he has amazing cheekbones
  • i’m looking at his firetruck teaser pics for inspiration as i write this and omg
  • he’s so handsome??? like?? what??? when¿?
  • his whole face was just so perfect and you just
  • “wow, i love you nose and your hair look really goodd?? do you bleach it often?”
  • what lmao
  • he though that you were really spontaneous and funny and he just adored you since the first second you opened your mouth
  • you on the other hand were already so embarassed jesus christ
  • but he just laughed and both of you started to talk about each others hair the whole time
  • and donghyuck was there like ¿?? what in flirtation
  • is that meme too old for me to use or
  • the dorms were really close to ur home btw and donghyuck would always walk you till like half of your way until he has to change directions
  • and there were only two or three days at week were your class and mark’s would go out of school at the same hour and today was one of those days ;)) wink wonk
  • in the end of that day, in the place where hyuck would normally change his directions and let you go mark decided to accompany you
  • donghyuck wasn’t feeling it so he just left both of you alone and went to the dorms to sleep lmao
  • and from that day mark would always walk you home whenever he cans and omg, every day you get to know each other so much
  • and obvs y’all exchaged numbers too
  • and you would be texting to each other all the time i swear
  • and the members loved you but they were so tired of hearing so much about you coming from mark lmao
  • “y/n you’re an angel but sometimes i really hate you”
  • “what? why?”
  • “because there’s ths guy called m..”
  • he’s so obvious and that made you feel a bit more confident to do little things to be closer to him like idk start skinship and text him first
  • and after like a month and a half after, once he was a 100% sure of his feelings for you and was conviced by his soulmate aka jaehyun, he finally confess
  • “i-i have been liking you for some time now and, i-i just though it was something important that you should know, i understand if you don’t want to keep being friends with me so don’t worry about that”
  • he was so nervous, you have no idea
  • and even if he always was really obvious with his feelings you still felt relieved after hearing his confession
  • but you get really nervous too because you knew that now it was YOU time to confess
  • “i-i like you too mark, and, you never heared this from me but this feelings are here since the very first moment i saw you”
  • his eyes started to shine and his smile was so beautiful and wide and you were internally dying because of how handsome this child is
  • and you started to date that day aw
  • and you get your first kiss the next week
  • he walked you home like he always did and since you started to date it  was a bit more awkward?
  • but he grabbed your hand that day and i swear he never stop smiling in the whole way
  • “guess we are here”
  • “i guess we are”
  • “i-i’m happy that now we’re.. well.. you know.. hehe”
  • jesus christ
  • “yeah, i’m really happy too”
  • a few seconds of silence and awkward giggles happened
  • “okaybyemarkhaveagoodlifeseeyoutomorrowbye”
  • and you just entered to your house lmao
  • your relationship is the cutest thing ever leT ME TELL YOU
  • he’s not jealous or protective or anything like that at all 
  • he trust you with his entire life so he’s always sincere with you and never keeps any secrets from you
  • and he’s also not the clingiest person but he loves it when you start skinship
  • like, he’s not the biggest fan of it either but he’s always down for your soft caresses and your koala hugs you know
  • he would always want to protect you and would always take care of you
  • you would be blessed to have an angel like him by your side tbh
  • okay and the enddd
  • i hope y’all like this <3 it was fun to do lmao
  • byeeeeeeeeeee <3

hawkeye finally played a lil too rough with the bear, and she got his nose ):


I’m almost at the point where I don’t even care what happens in the next
episode anymore but I might die of happy heartattack if they even HINT
at the Author and Fids having a thing.

notesfromtheidiotbox  asked:

Dear Drunk Doc, Tracer and Emily go on a cruise and one night are seated at dinner at the same table as Haruka and Michiru. What happens?

Michiru is not sure, precisely, how any of this happened. When one purchases a stateroom aboard a luxury ship, one assumes they will spend their time….alone. HEr class was generally content to do only the required amount of mingling. 

It is almost as if this bouncy butch, clad in the most horrifying hawaiian shirt (we are en route to to the Galapagos) cargo shorts (She told Haruka they were disallowed unless on hikes) and some strange glowing thing on her chest (her transformation rod brushed her hip inside her pocket, as if telling her to be careful what she called strange), did not seem to realize that they were not meant to be in the private pool lounge for the suite class, although her redheaded companion–tall, slim, and generally quite pretty–looked around nervously, leaning in her ear, calling her name (which was Lena, it seemed) but the girl was too excited, so animated she almost leapt off her chair as she talked to Haruka. 

Michiru sighed. Life was about suffering. 

“I like your shirt!” Haruka said. 

Okay but not about this much suffering. 

Michiru would not have called herself a good person, not in any capacity, and she was willing to own that terrible part of herself if it stopped this girl from talking to Haruka about where she could procure this hideous shirt, and let them in peace to their gentle canoodling. 

But she had a cocktail now, some horrifying carved out pineapple that matched too perfectly Haruka’s alcoholic milkshake they called a cocktail, and it seemed that no one would come to their rescue. She would have to alert the staff that they were in the incorrect class, herself. 

The redhead (whose name, in Lena’s slurry of language, seemed to be Emily, but Michiru would not swear to it) excused herself to go to the bathroom, and Michiru signaled the manager. 

Lena leaned in. “Saved up for 2 years for this ‘oilday, I did. Em’s always wanted to see South America.” She grinned, her eyes full of love, and she drew a small box out of her cargo shorts. “I mean to propose to ‘er, you see.”

Haruka’s eyes welled with tears as she displayed the ring–small, slightly oxidized with they years.

“It was me Nan’s” she added. 

Michiru suddenly felt very small, and very cruel, and she dared not look up at her reflection in the back of the bar for fear she would see her mother. This was a trip for her, booked last minute for time away with Haruka. It was Lena and Emily’s experience of a lifetime, and they would tell the story the rest of their lives. 

“Might I ask how you mean to do it?” The question suddenly seemed very important to Michiru. 

“Oh, don’t know, brought me suit, thought I’d do it by the pool, buy ‘er some champagne.” She smiled and gave a happy hum. “She’s just brilliant, really. I love ‘er.” 

haruka gave a sniffle, and wiped her nose. “My allergies on this…damn ship”

Michiru looked over at Lena. “Would you perhaps consider Prado Florido?” 

She gave a conciliatory smile “Ah miss, that’s the private restaurant, can’t get in there. Tables are all for the posh people aboard.” 

The manager appeared at her side. “Miss Kaioh. How may I assist you?”

“Yes, I would like to make a reservation for Prado Florido tonight, for Miss Lena,” she looked over at Tracer, “What is it?”

Lena looked at her, mystified, “Oxton.” 

“Miss Lena Oxton and her companion, please charge it to my room and do not allow them to order the cheap champagne, you know my tastes and I trust that you will ensure they are met.”

“Very good, madam.” He bowed and walked away, and Tracer just stared. 

Haruka wrapped her arms tightly around Michiru and kissed her temple. “I won’t buy the hawaiian shirt” 


Favorite BDJ moments in Something Rotten! (Brian’s final SR! performance countdown 9/10):  2 - God I Hate Shakespeare

“They say ‘Will you’re such a genius and your writing is divine!’
‘A rose by any other name is such a clever line!’
And they’re all ‘OOOH’ and he’s all ‘STOP’
and they’re all ‘YAY!’ and I’m all ‘UGGH’