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I married my best friend - Part 5

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Table of contents : Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Smut

Pairing: Jongdae x Reader

Summary : It all began with a lie. You ended up marrying your best friend, Jongdae. Will this be for the best ? Or the worst ?

The next day, you weren’t working. It was your day off, and God, you were relieved. You were tired, and all that you wanted was sleeping. Kyungsoo had to go to work, but he didn’t want you to stay alone. Yet, you reassured him. You were able to stay alone for the day. You didn’t look at your phone since last night. All curled up in the guest room’s bed, you were dazing off. Focusing on your feelings, you admitted being in love with Jongdae. But right now, it was more like a unborn love, impossible and never to be. You wanted to part properly. Divorcing him and just staying friends. Even though you would not be able to hide your regrets, you didn’t want to loose him. It wasn’t conceivable.
Kyungsoo came back at six. He was leaving earlier than Jongdae he had said to you in the past. You welcomed him back while you were doing the diner for you two as a thank you.
« Sorry, it’s not really fancy, but I made this with what you had in your fridge »
« You didn’t have to Y/N…I should take care of you more than you take care of me » he gently said with a small smile.

You bite your lip, curious about his day with Jongdae. You looked at him and he understood.

« You want to know how was Jongdae ? »
« Yeah… »
« He is obviously feeling bad. I think he cried, because his eyes were a little reddish…Also, I didn’t say you were here, but at least, try to let him know that you’re well. He sent you several messages »
The guilt invaded you as you nodded.
« I didn’t look at my phone… »
« I know, he was desperate. He waits for your answers. »

You weren’t ready for that. You didn’t want to see his name or even hearing his lame excuses. Though, it was also your fault, but playing just right before your eyes hurt you. As Kyungsoo said, you looked at your phone. Ten messages, three missed calls. All from Jongdae.

« YN, I’m sorry, call me please »
« Are you alright ? Answer me ! »
« I want to talk to you »
« I miss you »
« Come back »

You locked your phone again, and tap the back of your phone with your fingers, trying to think about what to answer.

« I’m fine. Don’t worry ».

You sent that, and soon after, he answered back.

« Y/N, please come back…I’m really sorry, we can’t stay like this, please »

Enough. You wanted to make him understand that you weren’t a dog which rush every time his owner called him.

Kyungsoo knock at your door. He opened the door.

« Er…I received a message from Jongdae, he’s coming now »
« WHAT ?! »
« I’m sorry, but he seems really depressed, so I said to him to come. »
« Oh my god…I have to hide my shoes ! »

You quickly hide your shoes and all your belongings in the guest room, just on time when Jongdae knocked at Kyungsoo’s door. You pricked up your ears, trying to listen to what they were talking about.

« Sorry Soo… » said Jongdae with a weak voice.
« It’s okay. »
« She answered me »
« Ah…And ? »
« She doesn’t want to see me »
« Well, that was obvious…Otherwise you wouldn’t be here »

You heard Jongdae’s sighed.

« I really have no idea of where she can be. Maybe she came back at her parent’s ? »
« You would already be dead » said Kyungsoo.
« Right, I guess she didn’t want to worry her parents »
« Did you go to her workplace ? » suggested Kyungsoo.

He perfectly knew that today was your rest day, but he acted like he didn’t know. God blesses him please.

« No, today is her rest day. »
« Oh, I didn’t know. »

Long pause again.

« What are you going to do ? » asked Kyungsoo, knowing you were probably listening.
« I really want to see her, because last time I saw her…Aish…Kyungsoo, I never saw her being so…hurt and upset. Minah - you know, this hoobae- and me were just talking. Okay I admit the fact she tried to seduce me, but I can’t. »

You put your hand on your moth, preventing you to gasp.

« You’re married »
« Well, yeah, and I love my wife more than everything »

You didn’t know if Jongdae’s words were a mascarade, or sincere, but it sounded so like the truth. Your eyes became teary, again.

« When I will see her, I will properly apologise and ask her to come back. Home feels so empty without her. I know, I was a lonely wolf before, but you know Soo, living with someone changes you completely. »
« I know what you mean. Be a man, she will forgive you, and I’m sure she does love you like you do »
« I hope. I don’t like hurting her, but I really have been a jerk. »
« If you know it then… »

You heard some steps, the door’s sound and nothing. You waited some minutes before going out of the room and saw Kyungsoo at the entrance.

« He’s gone » he said.

You looked down.

« Do you think he was sincere ? » you asked.
« I think so. When he’s depressed, he doesn’t joke or whatever. »
« Does it mean he likes me as a woman ? Not his best friend or anything ? »
« Why don’t you ask him in person ? »

Kyungsoo looked at you, his hands in his pockets. He said to you that sooner or later, you’ll have to face Jongdae.

« …I’m not ready. »
« As you want. Let’s eat, and watch a movie after » he cooly said.

You laughed. Kyungsoo was just so adorable. You enjoyed this moments with him, being able to relax and not to think too much. But when you went to bed, you looked at your phone again. Then, you began to write before erasing it all. No, if you had to come back, it would be naturally.

After two more days at Kyungsoo’s home, you decided to come back. Thanking him for everything, he requested you to tell him how it would end up with Jongdae.

« You’re the first don’t worry » you said, hugging him tightly.
« You’re a good person Y/N »
« You too Kyungsoo ».

Then you came back. The apartment was a mess, and you discovered several bottles of Soju, empty in the living. Jongdae was obviously not here. It was friday night. You decided to clean up all the mess, preparing diner and trying to relax as time flies until seven where Jongdae would come home. Seven and he was here.
At first, you saw his depressed expression, probably because he didn’t think you would be back. Then he saw you and his jaw dropped. You opened your mouth to talk, but he didn’t let you, since he came to hug you strongly.

« Y/N…You came back…Thank God…I was so worried »

You slowly pat his back, like a mother do to reassure his child.

« Mh…I’m home »
« I’m so sorry about this night. I… »
« I know. I’m sorry too. My reaction was a little bit too much »

He observed your face, so you did. He looked so tired, and weaker than usual. You stroked his cheek. He closed his eyes.

« I worried you right ? »
« Mh… »
« I’m sorry. »

You smiled a little.

« I think we should talk before. »

He nodded, then you two sit face to face at the dining table.

« I took my role too much at heart, that’s why I acted like this. I’m sorry. I should have taken some distance. »
« No, it’s okay. I acted a little bit carelessly. I should have talked to you more. »

You paused, looking at the table.

« Jongdae, I…I have been jealous. Seeing you with another woman and everything, I can’t stand it. I didn’t know, but I realised that I’m in love with you. »

You said that, with calm. Now you were nervous to hear his answer. He lifted your head, looking at you with a smile.

« I love you too. »

Your eyes widened. Did you misheard ?

« What ? »
« I love you, idiot » he said

You smiled slowly as he got closer to your face, his lips meeting yours for a sweet kiss. It was way different from last time, actually, it was as sweet as your wedding kiss. You wrapped your hands around his neck, trying to extend the kiss. Then you parted.

« Now, we’re really married » he said with a little laugh.
« Seems so »

He caressed your cheek and you both smiled again, kissing each other again. You were relieved, and happy. After eating, you were cuddling on the couch together, you against him, and him stroking your hair. No words were needed. Jongdae’s scent, Jongdae’s warmth, all that you needed.

« What do we do ? » you asked.
« What about ? »
« I mean, the future..and so on »

He thought for some minutes and said.

« I don’t know, but we can do everything together right ? »
« Yeah, together. »

Essays in Existentialism: Vegas II

Okay, so I just read your Vegas prompt and I’m in love with the story and the characters. Any way you’d maybe do a part two? Like six moths later or something? I don’t know.. just write anything really I love your work. So yeah. Go you mate. 

Previously on Vegas

The city was absolutely dripping, soaked through to the bones with the rain that refused to stop after days and days and days. The bay itself seemed wetter than normal, while streets and shoes and welcome mats never got a chance to dry. Instead, the sidewalks and streetlights and window sills remained soggy fixtures in need of a good squeeze and sunshine. 

The water-logged inhabitants didn’t notice after the fourth day, they just seemed to collectively think they’d all fabricated the sunshine, and it never actually existed. Instead, they resigned themselves to becoming aquatic, and perhaps one day even getting gills. 

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Damn though, Izaya in the middle of a meeting at his apartment with a big group of terrifying thugs. They’re doing their best to really instill the fear of God in him before they hire him for a job, so he knows not to mess with them, and right as they really feel like they’ve gotten him where they want him, Heiwajima fucking Shizuo wanders downstairs in his pajamas and starts digging around in the fridge like nothing important is going on.

He even stops in and gives Izaya a little kiss on the cheek before he goes upstairs, and Izaya smiles at them like he just knows how fucked they’ve figured out that they are.

Fic: Love and Other Immovable Objects

Summary: Blaine didn’t make friends with his students. That was his rule. As it turned out, his exception was small and blond and spent most of the third class of the semester asleep in the second row. 

*That’s right kids, it’s a crossover! Think of it as the one where Jack comes out, Kurt organizes a bake sale, and Shitty performs Shakespeare, but not necessarily in that order.*

Fandoms: Glee + Check, Please!     Pairings: Klaine + Zimbits

Chapter 1/6                                       Read on AO3

I’ll be posting two chapters each week (plus the addition of the epilogue in week three). The current plan is Fridays and Tuesdays.

Thank you to @stultiloquentia and @iaminarage for being unparalleled betas and sounding boards! This fic wouldn’t be half of what it became without your help. <3


As a rule, Blaine didn’t make friends with his students.

Of course, he was friendly. He couldn’t help that, but he didn’t go out of his way to include his students in his social life. It didn’t seem healthy, particularly as a new professor. Sure, he was welcome to have a small class over for a potluck at the end of the semester, but even Samwell didn’t want their professors hanging out with undergrads. Thus, Blaine’s rule, but every rule had its exceptions.

It turned out his exception was small and blond and spent most of the third class of the semester asleep in the second row.

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