i just really love mary ok

12x17 I..... liked this episode ?

This is my first post-episode overview commentary because I just was surprised how much I liked this episode. There was still some wtf-ery but generally I enjoyed it and, well, I can’t help but link everything to Destiel these days and the Destiel itself was strong but man, the continued breaking down of the barriers to it becoming canon more textual just keeps coming this season. 


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The women: Ok so I really hope they follow through on the Mary can actually “have it all” and I hope there’s a reason for Kelly’s characterisation like she’s being mind controlled by the kid, but other than that I’m pretty happy with this episode? Kelly textually said she was used. Yes, thank you.

Mary and Ketch - I didn’t…hate it? Ok so it’s a bit weird but only because we have info on Ketch that Mary doesn’t? To Mary he is her trainer, he’s charming, he helped save her boys…. she doesn’t know about Magda, Toni, maybe not even how vicious he can be…. and Mary is allowed her fair share of Winchester terrible sexual partners and she’s a big girl, she can do what and whoever she wants as long as it’s not hurting anyone. 

And there is a clear Destiel-related reason I am 100% OK WITH MARY MAKING THIS DECISION! (see below).

Crowley / Lucifer: I’m hoping this whole thing is just another set up like it was last Bucklemming episode, to be ‘fixed’ later, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt there. 

Mick: I liked Mick, I wanted Mick to live even though I knew he wouldn’t really. At least now people wont be worried he’s replacing Cas. Oh well. Also, kind of re-cements Ketch as our bad guy. Will he still try to kill Mary? *drum roll*…

Omg the Saileen: They are cute, they HOLD GREAT EYE CONTACT and all the little smiles and flirting while at the same time wow badass hunter couple. And Sam learned more sign language?! And they talked before off screen after Coeur d’Alene and its implied they talked more than that?! Yes please! 

My head canon is that that night she still couldn’t sleep after killing whatisface snobby Brit guy (yeah, another snobby Brit guy, thanks for that), knocked quietly on Sam’s door, he wordlessly offered his hand to her, she climbed into bed with him, they cuddled and he comforted her, that is all. They are so pure and I love them.

They can be a badass hunter husband and wife and just all the cuteness.

Ok so the Destiel: 

Pining!Dean is what I live for in these kind of episodes. Whispers *Thank you Bucklemming*? 

Dean / Cas and Sam / Eileen clear romantic parallels all episode! Dean not deflecting and admitting he is worried to Sam! (Also aside - Dean admitting Mick drank him under the table and not posturing like he’s this big macho guy).

Dean called Cas 4 times… that day. I would also be worried, Cas always calls Dean back. They also text regularly. So yeah. Also the callback of Mick talking about Lucifer being in your boyfriend. Ouch. Also MORE Dean calling Cas away from Sam *satisfied face* - will add this to my already long phone call post ;) 

Ok, so the Mary/Ketch thing…

Personally, Destiel shipper hat on I hope that between the colt and this, when Dean finds out it will really cement his realisations this season about his feelings for Cas. 

If Mary can sleep with who she wants why can’t he? He’s put her on such a pedestal and she’s shown she’s human over and over again, this would cement it for Dean. And if Mary can sleep with someone she doesn’t love, who Dean knows is a psychopath (even if Mary doesn’t), why can’t Dean acknowledge his own pure, healthy feelings of love for Cas? I don’t know if I’m voicing this coherently but I have feelings about this ok. 

This season is just building so much to break down the walls around Dean / Cas: 

1. Dean generally is letting his facade down and letting his real self shine through, see ALL the meta about the whole of season 12 plus the textual whole episode of 12x11 showing us this is what we are meant to be seeing and getting from all this.

2. Cas was / is still thinking about where he belongs. Dean was / is still worried that everyone he loves will abandon him. THESE THINGS TIE IN TOGETHER AND ARE TEXTUALLY TIEING IN TOGETHER THIS SEASON.

3. Sam and Eileen are / could be a cute hunter couple and a great example. Sam doesn’t have to rely on Dean if he has someone else. Dean can move on himself much as a single parent often does once they know their child is emotionally OK. Check. 

4. Mary shows him that he doesn’t have to worry about *shame* on the family. She might even say something to this point about herself if they discuss this (I’m looking at you leaked argument between Dean and Mary in 12x21).

5. Cas has told Dean that he loves him. And yes I will go on record AGAIN to say that Sam and Dean both had an acknowledged, directed, written, face of REALISATION when Cas made the clarification and made clear the first I love you was to Dean alone. Even if it wasn’t (pffff), it was written ambiguously for a *reason*.

6. And….

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It seems Dean is realising now how ‘fragile’ Cas is. He is no longer on the ‘Cas’ll be fine’ band wagon. HE IS NOT MAD, HE’S WORRIED.

There is a reason twitter is awash with - 


- every episode since 12x12 (even 12x15 only had marginal Cas and no real Dean/Cas other than both times it was gloriously, clearly, romanticised).

We are supposed to be worried, to be missing him because Dean is worried and missing him and off course this flows through to the show’s narrative and they’re making us feel this (and I’m sure Sam too of course but its not the same).

Dabb. I see you.

One thing is for sure Tumblr, the Once Upon A Time musical is EVERYTHING.

Snow and Charming At Their Most Disney

Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas absolutely kill it in their opening song, especially when they’re not quite sure why they’re singing, but they know they sound damn good. “I think it’s huge for us,” Dallas told reporters about having a duet with Goodwin that will now live in the Disney universe forever, following an early screening of the episode. “And what we particularly loved about our number, that it felt, out of all the numbers in the show, that it was the most Disney-esque feeling.”  "In our humble opinion,“ Goodwin added.

A Most Badass Lana Parrilla
Showrunner Eddy Kitsis described the Evil Queen’s song as "Rocky Horror meets David Bowie,” and that’s really all you need to know. It’s incredible.

The Perfect Wedding
Or at least as close to it as a drama series can get. ­­There’s danger lurking in the very near future, but when is there not? Emma and Hook get their moment, and it does not disappoint.“And they’re registered at Pottery Barn,” Kitsis joked. “They need towels.”

Music That Makes Sense, Story-Wise
“We wanted it to move the story forward,” showrunner Adam Horowitz said. “ We wanted to have an episode that was important to the series and was narratively moving forward, and each song was about the narrative. It was about telling the story so it wasn’t just kind of a lark episode or a very special episode. We wanted it to be part of the show.”

A Musical Enchanted Forest
Could you imagine David and Mary Margaret singing? Goodwin couldn’t either. “I felt that being in fairytale land meant that because we could be a bit more stylized, yeah, we could really dig our elbows in… I don’t know how we would have done that in Storybrooke. Mary Margaret would have been like, "Don't—listen, don't…"But then again, there are a couple of Storybrooke surprises in store, and everything ties neatly together.

A Cliffhanger!
OK, it’s hard to love a cliffhanger, but the end of the musical episode is quite the set up for the season (series?) finale, so hold onto your hats for the final battle! Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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Ok so question about the twins au! What are the dynamaics between Adrienne/Mari and Adrien/Marin? Not like anything with crushes but? Can Marinette talk to Adrienne easier? Does she make a bit more of an effort to be fitness with her just because? Does Adrienne even talk to Mari? Is Ladybug and Noire a good team? Some nice girl talk from time to time? Does Adrien and Marin feel the need to gush about how cool Ladybug and Noire are? Is it too weird? Do the guys still fistbump when they defeat (1)

An akuma? I am sort of just curious about how the girls and boys act around each other, Adrienne doesn’t really encourage the crush Mari has on her brother because he like Ladybug, but does she try to hang out with Marinette? Ask about Marin? Do ladybeetle and Chat Noir have just have bro moments on patrol? Talking about sisters and crushes and double lives? Would Adrien and Marin like swoon if they were saved by their loves?? Do the sisters just think ‘my brother is a dork’ ? Ok I am done (2)

Eventually I see Marinette becoming good friends with Adrienne (esp once she sees how much Adrienne is uncomfortable hanging out with Chloe and Sabrina) and invites her to come over to her house often. She definitely would have no problem talking with her either. It wouldn’t be long before Marinette would figure out that Adrienne likes her brother either, since the girl becomes a bit of a mess whenever Marin is around. Of course she encourages the relationship full force, since she isn’t fully aware how much Marin likes Chat Noire. Adrienne in regards to Marinette’s crush is a different matter.. she’ll listen but not encourage and try to find ways to avoid the conversation. Marinette always chalks it up to her being uncomfortable talking about her brother’s love life haha.

Now as a team, these two kick butt. They get things done pretty effectively and there is less banter. They’ll either chat about their interests (without revealing too much) or they’ll laugh about things their twins (as Chat or Ladybeetle) have done. They’ll also talk about things they would never do with the other twin, like mention how they don’t feel so great because of their periods.

Ladybeetle and Chat Noir are also a good team but not really the best match up. Chat tries to joke around more to compensate for Ladybeetle being quieter than Ladybug. He doesn’t flirt and boast though since there is no need to haha. I don’t know if Ladybeetle would ever bring up his interest in Noire but it would be pretty clear to him that Chat likes Ladybug. If Chat ever discussed his crush with him, he’d listen patiently. They’ve shared their occasional bro moments too, in and out of super-suit.

To celebrate victories, each set kind of has their own thing? Ladybug and Chat fist bump like always, Ladybug and Noire high-five, Chat and Ladybeetle kind of knock their fists on top of the other (I can’t think of what it’s called, if it even has a name), and Ladybeetle and Noire do a sort of handclasp.

aqours and their typing styles
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Ruby:</b> all lower case, uses fancy copy+paste emojis and lots of exclamation points, sometimes shortens words (very = v, pretty = p, really = rlly etc)<p/><b>Hanamaru:</b> ddsnt ydnetrtsand how kkeybross wllrok???? Whhhataa axtexrg<p/><b>Yoshiko:</b> TYPES IN ALL CAPS, UNIRONICALLY USES XD, CX, X3 AND THE LIKE<p/><b>Chika:</b> all lwr case dsnt use vwls if the wrd is over four lttrs also whts pncttn<p/><b>You:</b> Thhe griyp chat usualkky blows up wjile she's on ar un so she has a feww typos but nnot as maany as marru<p/><b></b> Also she's the most sincere person ever through text!!! sarcaaasm????? Herre??????<p/><b>Riko:</b> She's really very polite and reserved, using correct grammar and is generally very pleasant to talk to! UUUNNJKESZ TYOY EMBVARAADX HWER<p/><b>Mari:</b> constantly just spams the chat with pictures of meme frogs, no text. hanamaru genuinely thinks she's drawn them herself and always congratulates mari on being famous when she comes across the frogs on other platforms. it started as a bet but now everyone just feels too bad to tell her.<p/><b>Dia:</b> HOW DARE YOU INSULT AYASE ELI, MY WIFE, MY EVERYTHING, THE BEST GIRL,,,,,<p/><b></b> Unless she's talking to ruby, when she reverts to her formal way of typing.<p/><b>Kanan: </b> <p/>just.. dolphins, man. all lower case. short sentences. never replies to messages. just says some really profound stuff, man.</p><p/></p>

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I'm just thinking about Mari and adrien being qpps and alya and nino being their gf/Bf respectively

my dude!!!!!

this is So Good though because adrien and marinette just have this natural closeness that comes from being ladybug and chat noir, so even when they’re dating other people they still wanna spend time together and have that strong relationship

and alya and nino totally get it. like sometimes adrien and mari just need to get together and cuddle and be supportive of each other. they just need time to themselves away from other people and alya and nino are very supportive of that

mari and adrien love each other to the ends of the earth and back but not romantic love but a little more than friendship love

alya jokes that marinette kicked her out of the best friend role but it’s ok because now she’s in the girlfriend role

but it’s not even that adrien is mari’s best friend? adrien is her partner in multiple senses of the word and he’s very important to her 

and adrien and mari tell each other everything and gush about their signifs to each other all the time. it’s a really good thing they’re both hopeless romantics because no one else would be able to put up with this tbh 

adrien loves to be able to call nino his boyfriend and mari his zucchini mostly because it makes him really happy and also he loves how to most people it makes sense and then it doesn’t (a partner in a qpp is called a zucchini!!! (idk how common this is but it is a thing from what i’ve read))

(marinette makes adrien zucchini bread for their first anniversary and it becomes an annual thing and every year it makes him laugh)

ok i don’t know a ton about qpps but i love them and i love this idea and this is just!!!!!! i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The entire Mary Mess reads so much like The Assumption Song it’s actually kind of hilarious because it’s barely even subtext that she’s evil:

“Mary got a message from ‘M’?? Moriarty?? Oh no it’s just Mycroft…”

“Moriarty is looking for the pearl?? One of his agents is still in the field looking for it?? Oh no he’s just looking for Mary.”

“Mary is running away from her past and utilizing skills/resources from said past that she said she was done with?? Oh no she left him a loving note saying shes not running away ok.”

like there’s a reason they choose to frame her this way, if they really wanted her to be an innocent good guy side character, they wouldn’t put her in situations where our/Sherlock’s first assumption is Moriarty.

Never, In Fact, Homeless

Relationship: Dean x Daughter
Words: 2,625

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You shivered as you gripped your leather jacket tighter, curling in on yourself in a desperate attempt for warmth you knew wouldn’t come. The bench was hard and cold beneath you, the slats digging into your hip. You were probably better off by the edge of the park, where the trees could hide you from this biting wind, but it was late and you were too exhausted to move.

As hard as you tried, though, sleep just wouldn’t come to you. By midnight, you were beyond frustrated; you were planning to leave town the next day, and you knew you were going to need your strength. But strength was a little hard to come by when you didn’t know when your next chance to eat would be.

A twig snapped a little ways down the path, shaking you from your thoughts. You stiffened and strained your ears to hear footsteps. It sounded like two men, judging by the heavy footfalls, both either very big or very tall. They were talking to each other, whispering animatedly about something evidently important. As they came closer, you swore their voices seemed eerily familiar; but then, you had met a lot of people in your travels over the past two years.

The men stopped about fifty feet away from where you were, and you held your breath. They were arguing now, about what you couldn’t tell. You gave a silent prayer to a God you knew wouldn’t listen that they would pass by you and ignore you like everyone else. As luck would have it, they didn’t.

You heard them start towards you, and you feigned sleep as they came up behind you. Your whole body was tense.

“Excuse me, miss?” One asked in an authoritative voice, and you would have fallen over had you not been lying down. “Hey, we know you’re awake, so you can quit pretending.”

Your heart fell to somewhere in your stomach region. They were the last people you expected. You’d hoped that you wouldn’t have had to face them for a few more years at least, but apparently fate had other plans. You sighed as you pushed yourself up from the bench, stretching to get the blood flowing through your stiff body. You knew you were just prolonging the inevitable, but the thought of seeing them again, and the possibility that they would recognize you, had your stomach in knots. Finally, after stalling for too long, you turned around to face the men.

They were both extremely tall, and dressed in official-looking suits. The one who had spoken was very handsome, with spiked up dirty blond hair and the greenest eyes you had ever seen. He had a look of concentration on his face, with hints of concern and worry. You could see he recognized you, although faintly, and was trying to figure out how he knew you.

If the first guy had been tall, the second was a giant. He towered over the park bench, and if you hadn’t known how big of a teddy bear he was, you would have been terrified. His shaggy hair was longer than it had been before, now just above his shoulders, and his warm brown eyes held concern.

“What are you doing here?” Gigantor asked. You stared at a spot just over his shoulder; you weren’t entirely sure that you’d be able to look at him directly without breaking down or throwing yourself at either of them.

“I could ask you the same thing,” you shot back. Green-eyes gave his partner an eye roll before they both reached inside their jackets and pulled out their badges. They showed them to you as Gigantor replied.

“Agents Page and Plant, FBI.”

“Page and Plant? Like Robert Plant and Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin?” you asked with false innocence, and you smirked as their eyes widened almost comically. You knew it was sort of cruel, but you wanted to watch them squirm a bit.

Agent Page gave his partner a look that told you they hadn’t been expecting that. Agent Plant struggled for a bit to think of a reasonable explanation that anyone but you would accept.

“We, uh, our bosses are, uh, really big fans,” he stammered, refusing to meet your gaze. The look on his face was absolutely priceless, and under different circumstances, you would have teased him endlessly about it. He cleared his throat and looked back at you, his tone serious once more. “What about you? You got a name to go with that attitude?”

You blanked. You hadn’t been expecting things to get this far, and you didn’t have a fake name ready. You just said the first thing that popped into your head. “Campbell. Mary Campbell.”

As soon as the words left, you immediately regretted them. You mentally cursed yourself. How could you be so stupid? You knew that was still a sore subject for both of them, and you’d crossed the line by throwing it so casually in their faces, even if they thought it was just a coincidence. They tried to play it off like it didn’t bother them, but you could see the pain their eyes held, and you had to look away so that you wouldn’t start crying.

You cleared your throat and tried to pretend like you hadn’t just struck a nerve. “So, what’s FBI doing in a small town like this? Don’t you guys have bigger fish to fry?”

You could tell Agent Plant was relieved at the change in subject. “We’re investigating the deaths of those three teenagers from the local high school.”

“Oh, yeah, I remember hearing about them in the newspaper,” you said. You’d only glanced at the article, but even from what you saw, you could tell something supernatural was behind the murders. That meant it was only a matter of time before hunters came into town to investigate, and you should have been long gone by then. Unfortunately, circumstance forced you to stay a few more days before you could go. “It’s really tragic. Do you guys have any theories on what happened?”

“Not yet, but we’re working on it,” Page replied. He took out a notepad and pencil. “You wouldn’t happen to know anything about it, would you?”

Oh, lovely, an interrogation at twelve-thirty in the morning. Of course that was just what you needed.

“No, sorry,” you answered truthfully.

“Don’t you go to school with them?” Plant pressed. Suddenly your boots became really interesting. You felt the blush creep up your neck, and you mumbled something to the ground. “Come again?”

“I dropped out, ok?” you said a bit too harshly, and you had to bite the inside of your cheek to stop yourself from crying. You missed the agents’ identical looks of concern.

“Mary, how long have you been out of school?” Page asked gently. He was kneeling in front of you now, and it took all you had not to wrap your arms around him.

“Two years,” you said in a soft voice. You felt a tear slip down your cheek, and you angrily swiped at it. There was no way you were going to cry in front of them and let them see how weak you were.

“Can I ask why?”

“My-my parents needed help at home, and to them, my sister’s education was more important than m-mine,” you lied as more tears fell unbidden. You couldn’t tell them the real reason, that you were a failure and a burden and that’s why you were here, but you did give a little bit of truth. “I was g-gonna fail out anyways, it’s not like it made any difference.”

The agents had a silent conversation with each other before they turned back to you. Agent Page’s eyes held so much pity and concern that it physically hurt you.

“Do you need us to give you a ride home?” he asked. You could feel your heart beating rapidly in your chest. This was the kind of thing you’d wanted to avoid, because it led to other questions that you really didn’t want to answer.

“N-no,” you stuttered, cursing yourself for showing so much weakness. “My p-parents kicked me out of the house.”

“Do you have any relatives you could stay with? Maybe a friend who’d be willing to let you crash for tonight?” Page pushed. You sniffed and shook your head. You appreciated his efforts, you really did, but you were so exhausted, both physically and emotionally, that you just wanted them to leave.

“Where are your parents, Mary?”

You stayed quiet, thinking that if you didn’t acknowledge the question it would just go away. You knew Plant just wanted to help you, but you could tell from his body language that he was getting very annoyed with you.

“Mary.” His voice left no room for argument. “Where are your parents?”

“Th-they’re dead,” you whispered. Another lie, but to you, they were as good as.

Plant knelt down in front of you. From the look he gave you, you could tell what was coming next. Now it was only a matter of time before they told the real authorities and you were carted off to Child Services.

“Mary, are you…” He swallowed thickly, a multitude of emotions playing across his face. “Are you homeless?”

Your heart clenched, and you refused to meet his gaze. You’d told yourself time and again that you weren’t homeless, just traveling around. But hearing those words come from him of all people made the realization ten times harder. “No.”

The agent put a hand under your chin and gently lifted it so that you had no choice but to look at him. Those beautiful green eyes, so much like your own, found blue contacts, and the genuine concern they held for you, someone he didn’t even know, was enough to push you over the edge.

And then you were sobbing, tears dripping off your chin and snot running freely from your nose. You didn’t even care that the agents were still there. You weren’t thinking properly. Your desire, your need, to be held and comforted caused you to act impulsively, and you threw your body onto Plant. You were so desperate for any form of affection, something you’d been denied for two years. You just wanted to be in his arms again. He held you just like he used to when you were a little girl,  albeit rather awkwardly, and you instinctively leaned into him, wrapping your arms around his neck.

As your sobs died down to pathetic hiccups, you slowly became aware that you were still draped over the agent. You quickly scrambled back on to the bench and stared down at your feet, your face burning. “S-sorry.”

The men didn’t say anything for a while, which made you very nervous. When you chanced a glance at them, you could see they having a silent argument with each other. You put your head back down, feeling a tidal wave of guilt wash over you for causing them even more trouble.

Agent Plant cleared his throat. “Would you excuse us for a moment?”

You nodded mutely and watched their blurry feet move out of your line of vision as they jogged down the path. As soon as they thought they were out of earshot, they started arguing with each other. You couldn’t tell what it was about, but by the way Plant was waving his hands, it was a little intense. You thought you heard your name thrown in there a few times, but you weren’t sure.

It wasn’t until you saw their feet approach out of the corner of your eye that you brought your head back up. Both men wore serious expressions, which instantly set you even more on edge. They kneeled in front of you again, and Agent Page looked at his partner, who gave a nod of confirmation, before addressing you.

“Mary, we were wondering if, uh, if you’d like to spend the night with us,” Page said, and your eyes widened. He seemed to realize how that sounded out loud because he back-tracked a little. “I mean, like, in a totally non-creepy way. We just, you know, we wanna help you out a little, get you back on your feet.”

You knew you probably looked like an idiot with your mouth hanging open and your eyes wide as saucers, but you couldn’t help it. For the first time in over two years, someone was offering kindness, not just money or food. For all they knew, you were just some random teenager sleeping on a park bench, and yet here they were, offering to let you stay the night with them.

You didn’t even try to stop the tears this time. You let them fall, too overcome with emotion to really care. You could see the agents were startled by your reaction, and they quickly looked at one another.

“I-I’m so sorry,” Page stammered. “Did I say something wrong? Was it something I said?”

You shook your head and drew in a shaky breath. You forced yourself to focus on your breathing, attempting to calm down enough to explain yourself.

“I’m sorry,” you apologized, wiping at the tear tracks on your face. “It’s j-just that, no one’s ever done that for me. Offered to let me stay the night, that is. They give me food, a-and some change if they can spare it, but never anything more than that.” You paused, looking at both of the agents in turn. “It’s just nice to know there’s still some good left in the world.”

“Ah, don’t mention it,” Plant said as he stood up and offered you a hand, which you gladly accepted. “You seem like a good kid, just in a bad situation.”

Blushing at the compliment, your gaze shifted to your feet as you followed the agents. It was all a bit overwhelming, seeing both of them again, and you knew it probably wasn’t the best idea to stay with them. But you were willing to take any risks if it meant spending time with them again, even if it was only for a little while.

You whipped your head up as you heard a car door open, and your breath snagged in your throat. There she was, just as beautiful as you remembered her. The sleek black hood caught the reflection of the moon and stars in the clear night sky. She was meticulously detailed, with not a scratch to be found. You found yourself running your hand over the trunk on your way to your seat behind the driver.

“She’s beautiful,” you breathed, more to yourself than the agents. But Agent Plant heard you as he walked to the driver’s side.

“Thanks,” he said, beaming with pride. “Rebuilt her myself. She’s a-”

“1967 Chevy Impala,” you cut in, unable to help yourself. You glanced up to see him giving you a look of mild impression, with a hint of curiosity, and you found yourself blushing again. “My dad was obsessed with classic cars, and it kinda rubbed off.”

He gave you a small nod of approval before opening his door and ducking inside. You quickly followed suit, sinking into the familiar leather of the backseat. You recalled fondly the many nights spent sprawled out back here, sleeping away the distance as you traveled across the country to gank the next SOB that decided to rear its ugly head. A contented sigh escaped you as you stretched your legs across the seat out of habit, making sure to keep your dirt covered shoes off of the upholstery.

You closed your eyes and let the gentle purr of the engine pull you under, a soft smile playing on your lips.

Aozora Clubbing Heart part 1

Plot: Mari and Kanan invite everyone to go out clubbing, which hasn’t happened since Kanan and Mari got them all kicked out of and banned from a club for drunk and disorderly conduct. It’s going to be a very wild night.

Pairings: KananMari, RubyMaru, ChikaRiko, YouYoshiko (Sorry Dia)

SFW with strong language, adult content [alcohol, sexual innuendos, hot kisses, and a lot of touching]

Summary: Everyone is thirsty and not just for alcohol

5k words

A/N: This fic is spliced between EVERYONE’S POV’s. Everybody is aged up and you can technically consider this a College AU. I try not to favor anyone, but some segments are longer than others due to content and me having a good time writing it hahaha.

Ruby isn’t sure why Dia insists on tagging along. These kinds of events are usually beneath her, and she’s already promised not to drink. As the youngest, she’s used to being the DD and Ruby doesn’t particularly care for drinking anyways.

“It’s not fair for you to have to babysit seven unruly drunks,” Dia affirms, but Ruby knows her sister well enough to pick up on when she secretly wants to do something. Dia visibly shudders. “And besides, the last time we were all together you saw things you should never have to see.” This was also true.

“Mari and Kanan apologized already. They even promised that the club we’re going to doesn’t allow table-dancing.”

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Hi! I'm a just random fan of yours and I really, really, really love your art ;u; If you're ok with it, could you draw Mary from ib, but in the yandere school uniform? (Also, I hope this isn't asking for too much ;; , but could you also tell me how long you have been drawing?)

Thank you very much! I am glad that you like them (o u   o  )

Maybe almost 4 years I think….lol

And here is your Mary <3 You remind me that Mary is also a yandere girl lol

No wonder I love her so much(((

Ok so longer story. I met Mary Elizabeth McGlynn at an autograph signing at Celebration earlier and she was great, ok, and she asked me how my weekend was going and I mentioned that I was just there for today, and she was like “well I hope you get to see all these people” and waves to the other signers, and I told her I only bought tickets for her and she was like “why?” so I said “I just really love Zahra”

And she got so excited and was like “I have to hug you” and got up from the table and walked around to hug me and said something in my ear about whipping me with her tail. It was magical and she told me I have to play dnd

I told myself that I would stop yelling but do they ACTUALLY EXPECT ME TO BELIEVE that Mary made two different DVD’s, one where she’s all serious and like ‘I am probably dead as you’re watching this. Sherlock, you need to save John Watson. Save him. Put yourself through hell. Fucking die for all I care’ and the other where she’s like 'hi guys!!!!! In this vlog I just want to say, because I somehow know that everything went ok as I’m a fucking omnipresent force or something idk, I love my Baker Street boys!!!!!! Btw it doesn’t matter who you really are and I hope you find this DVD before the other one because that would be HELLA AWKS lmao peace out bitches xoxoxoxoxox’

lthyl  asked:

Mari Mari my dear love since we are talking about this, can I ask you sth? (via ask and not chat cos it may help some people out there) well, a dear friend of mine decided to "go on a diet"... The thing is that she never actually said it was a diet but more of a "I'm not really hungry in this period" and it happened right after a super bad break up with her boyfriend (almost 3 years of dating ok, so it wasn't just a fling). Like... She isn't really vegetarian since she eats meat/fish around 1

Once every two months or something but… We eat together every day since we are classmates and ok she never was a big eater in the first place but since the break up (3 months ago) she is fucking coming in class with a bowl of 3 carrots and like 5 tomatoes and I’m extremely worried >< At first I thought that ok it could be the stress since we were having also some exams in that period, but after a couple of weeks I noticed how she kept bring ONLY carrots/tomatoes/zucchini in this lil bowl 2

Like… Not even pasta or rice anymore!! So I asked her if she wasn’t on a diet and she replied me “no, I’m not really hungry these days”. But after another week she started saying how she didn’t like her physique (she’s around 1.63 like me and 53-54 kilos, NOT FAT AT ALL) or how at dinner her mother forced her too eat pasta. PASTA OK. You need carbs ffs, especially if you ate so little at lunch! And those complains… Really made an alarm ring in my mind so I asked her again if everything was 3

Fine yk? And she said yes yes dw. But she just kept eating so little and indeed she lost quite some weight in these months. Everyday I tell her she looks amazing and that she can’t eat so little especially now that’s hot and she has low bloody pressure:/ but she just shrug me off. Once we also fight quite badly cos she came with only a bowl of almonds (around 15, I counted em) for lunch and I really tried to be calm but me saying her that her eating habits weren’t good really made her snap :/ 4

Ofc we solved it out after, but she keeps eating like this and I’m afraid the more I’ll talk with her about it the more she will build a wall (she is also very proud so that doesn’t help at all) to leave me out (at least on that matter, cos we are super close for everything else). Another friend started to notice her behavior and she’s getting really worried too and again we both tried talking to her a couple of weeks ago but her excuse was “my dad I vegan I know what im doing, im not on a 5

Diet, mind your own business” and look, I seriously don’t know what to do anymore :/ ofc you can eat veggies for lunch but NOT THIS LITTLE. Saying that really breaks my heart and i can see how thin she got in the last three months :/ she not underweight yet but I’m worried she will be if she keeps going like this. Also, her complaining about her body and how obsessed she is with not eating carbs kinda frighten me… I don’t wanna rush things but… Her behavior and how long it has been

Since she started this “diet” are very very close to the characteristic of some eating disorders and I really dunno what to do anymore. I try not to show my worry to her too much but clearly talking is not working and I’m wondering if I should find some other way to help her :/ any suggestions?

omg this is actually extremely worrying.. :/ emotional distress can block your stomach, yes, but it can be so so dangerous to let it dominate you. she needs to be educated about the nutrients her body needs to assimilate to actually function as a human being, bc clearly she’s deluded into thinking that her diet is healthy. to be honest with you, there are diets low in carbs and they can actually be healthy if done well (the paleo diet for example), but if you are going to remove something off your diet, then the more careful you need to be about what you eat, the more diverse your eating habits need to be, and you ESPECIALLY need to take care about the amount you’re eating everyday. the more specific foods you cut out, the more you need to eat of the remaining foods. people have this wrong misconception that eating less is better, and yes you might lose weight that way, but will you feel good? no, you won’t. hell it can even lead to serious problems like damage in the nervous system.

a healthy way of eating is not eating 10 almonds or two bites of vegetables like she’s doing.. it as simple as choosing a healthy option instead of an unhealthy option when you’re hungry. I bet she’s starving all the time and that is just not good for her. her young body might not be feeling it right now, but be sure as hell that the more she ages the more this dangerous way of diet will affect her. then again, she mustn’t have any energy already, which is totally the opposite of what you need during exams or hectic times in school!

also, her father being vegan is not a good excuse, because there are actually a lot of unhealthy vegans out there who only eat salads or only eat vegan junk food, which of course leads to countless deficiencies. if she is trying to go vegan and is eating like that then she is for a huge reality check in the future. to be honest, it is hard to do something when she doesn’t want to listen, but I assure you she must not be feeling physically well at all.. and yes, more than dieting this looks like the beginning of a serious eating disorder.

some suggestions.. tbh, you guys could try to go out for lunch or dinner together more frequently. start out with healthy places if you know them (asian restaurants can have lots of healthy options), so she’s at least getting more stuff in her stomach. maybe try to talk her into eating more quantities of vegetables, so her body gets used to eating bigger amounts and then she will start craving more stuff. you could also invite her for activities that involve heavy exercise because exercising increases your appetite, so she might be inclined to eating more if she’s more physically active.

though personally, what I would do is confront her again, but not let her get the upper hand. it might turn into a fight, but at least she would be listening, right? and that is already a good step. she says that it’s none of your business, but when she’s worrying you and your friends, then it is more than that, and this girl needs to understand that. tbh I think this is one of the cases where you just can’t leave her alone, even if she feels uncomfortable — she might get mad, but keep pushing until you get another reaction from her. tell her to visit a nutritionist, tell her to get her blood tested, and hell if she doesn’t want to talk to you, convince her to talk to someone else instead. but definitely do not let this go.. you guys still have time to get her on the right track again. good luck conny :’(

The problem with Mary, and now John - Post TLD Thoughts

This is a meta about my thoughts on the show post TLD. I had super high hopes going into the episode, mostly resting on “John’s alibi theory” (that the portrayal of Mary’s death in T6T was a lie invented as an alibi for John, who killed Mary) and also hoping we’d get something real on the johnlock front, at least a confession or an admittance that Sherlock is gay or John is bisexual. 

I came out of TLD feeling rather gutted. While it’s a brilliant episode in its own right, and Ben and Martin were phenomenal, I was still deeply disturbed. I think 8 hours later I can start to understand why.

Let me preface this by saying that in Buddhism pain comes from failed expectation. If you expect something to be a certain way, and it fails to live up to that, then you are hurt. But the problem is not that the thing is what it is, but rather that you had unreasonable expectations. So I readily admit that, yes, I had unreasonable expectations, apparently. But some this runs quite deep to the core of the show and the core of me, and the main issue comes down to abuse.

The problem with Mary

In HLV, Mary shoots Sherlock, point blank range, for no other reason than to prevent John finding out about her double life. Sherlock literally dies (doctors give up on him in hospital) and only superhuman effort brings him back.

To me this is an unforgiveable character moment. Full stop. Any bullshit about it being “surgery” or Mary calling the ambulance is irrelevant. She shot him. He died. 

Since that point, we’ve been forced to accept this murderer’s presence in the rest of HLV (John forgives her at Christmas, she’s at the tarmac), in TAB, and, worst yet, her bubbly, manipulative yet chirpy and loving persona in T6T. I HATED that.

I tried to keep the faith by relying on various alternative theories. After TAB, many thought it was EMP (a mind palace projection of Sherlock’s) or that John had a secret plan to take Mary down. Then in T6T it appeared John really was still married, and Sherlock constantly treated Mary like a valued friend. I kept waiting for the shoe to drop, for Mary’s “real” face to be revealed, for a plan to be revealed. Instead, we get Mary leaping unrealistically in front of a bullet and making a half-assed “sorry I shot you that one time” dying statement. So then after T6T we all said “but that was all so fake! no way was it real!’  

Now we have TLD. I’m afraid there’s no way for me to come out of TLD without drawing the following conclusions:

* John really had gone back to Mary, tried to forgive her and make it work, and had loved her enough to be extremely devastated at her death. Probably he’d still had issues with their marriage (hence the girl on the bus), but he was trying to make it work.

* John did not have a secret plan to take Mary out or watch her. By now we would have seen that. That would be, in fact, inconsistent with everything we saw in TLD. John shows intense real emotion and opens up about what was going on with him and Mary. His worst secret was that he’d texted the girl on the bus, not that he was secretly working against his wife. To me, this episode puts the idea of “John’s plan” to bed for good. He had no plan.

* Mary really died the way they portrayed in T6T. This blows my mind, because it was just so unrealistic and sloppy, even contradicting the realism of Sherlock’s shooting in HLV. But apparently, we are supposed to buy it. If Sherlock or John had been in cahoots on some other version of her death (such as John shooting Mary), it would have been clear in TLD. We had John sobbing because he’d cheated on Mary, talking constantly to her ghost. If he’d KILLED Mary, yeah, pretty sure that would have come up. So she really did die that way. I suppose it’s always possible Mycroft had a plan that Sherlock and John were ignorant of, but at this point I’m done reaching for excuses.

* Sherlock also had no other plan regarding Mary either, and really had taken her back to his breast as a dear friend. Talk about self-loathing! 

I have so many problems with this. I honestly want to… quit the show in disgust?  As a writer, I can’t understand the logic behind the forgiveness of Mary. As a viewer, I was really excited to see chortlingly evil villain!Mary. Now I’m just…. honestly bewildered.

And they still keep Mary in there, constantly on screen, this goodie goodie fucking fairy godmother presence.  Ugh.

No, I don’t believe at this point in EMP. They’ve gone down way too far along character arcs and the whole Eurus path to just take all that back. That doesn’t make sense to me at all. Everything we’ve seen is, unfortunately, real. Yep. This is the actual story.

The problem with John.

So coming back to John. I’ve been the biggest John Watson fan girl forever. I love BAMF!John. And I loved how focal he was to TLD, how bad ass, and how brilliant Martin was. And, also?, John looked hot af.

BUT. … ? Like… John really forgave Mary for shooting Sherlock? John’s a doctor. He was there when Sherlock was shot. He saw the wound. And he’s OK with that? Here’s a clue writers: if you really expect us to buy John forgiving Mary, how about not making Sherlock literally die? Or how about a scene where Mary is actually sorry and actually repentant before John takes her back? No? That will ruin the suspense of the “is she isn’t she?” connundrum? I see. Well, fuck you. Because you just made everyone on the show irrational and abusive (self or otherwise).

OK. I could see that the Watson marriage wasn’t the happiest. John had reservations. He thought about cheating. I guess that’s something. I guess John wasn’t totally whitewashing Mary. And yet, he stayed with her. He loved her enough to be devastated at her death, to keep conjuring her presence all through TLD as some sainted ghost.

But wait, there’s more! No only do we have John still with Mary, but he’s emotionally cheating with the first woman who flirts with him. I can accept this as a sign that John wasn’t entirely happy with Mary.  But it also emphasized his “no homo” ness. Also, I have a hard time squaring that cheating with any kind of John Watson who is secretly in love with his best friend. No, not seeing it at this point. If there had been any of that going on in John’s head, we should have seen it in TLD, when he’s at his most open and vulnerable. For example, if he’d said to Mary’s ghost “I never loved you the way I should. I couldn’t let go of….” but we never saw that. Nothing like that. I don’t think it’s there. The writers don’t see John that way. It’s time to accept it.

And then we have exhibit #3: John beating the shit out of Sherlock in TLD. I’m not one who insists on every show being PC, but… I do have a real problem with physical abuse. I understand the John Watson character (like Martin himself) has a lot of pent up rage. I understand he’s hurting because of Mary’s death and maybe there’s still (?) anger over the Fall. BUT. To repeatedly punch and kick Sherlock until he only stops because a SERIAL KILLER thinks it’s too much… When Sherlock is sick and off his head and putting up no resistance. No. Nope, nope, nope. I’m not okay with that. I could forgive John eventually, I suppose, but I’m extremely disappointed in his character. 


I’ve lost a lot of faith in johnlock becoming canon. The ending of TLD was so “no homo”. We have John truly in love with Mary and then cheating with another woman. We have him urging Sherlock (seemingly honestly) to take Irene up on her offer. We have the perfect chance for Sherlock to say “for God’s sake, I’m gay”. Instead he admits that he’s only human and he texts Irene back sometimes. (to me, this implies he sometimes gives in to urges of a het variety). And we have Mycroft and Lady Smallwood on top of that.

I’m not going to make any predictions because we’ll know for sure in 1 week, but right now, I’m feeling like they’re not going there.  At this point, we have John and Sherlock (and Rosie) back together again at a new depth of emotional honesty and friendship, and that’s great. But its not the ground breaking show I thought it was.

Everyone on tumblr is posting the hug over and over like that’s something amazing. And yeah, it was nice. Honestly it was! But? To me, it’s an extremely dull consolation prize given the other problems (see above) and all the “no homo” on top of it. <shrug> That’s the way I feel right now. 

I think I’m in mourning for the show I wanted this to be.

The Final Problem

Granted, there’s one more show this season and it may turn some of this stuff around. Will they have evil!Mary reappear, having been a Moriarty agent all along? Well, if they do, they will have made a mockery of TLD and John and Sherlock’s feelings for her. So I doubt it at this point.

So. Apparently they intend to delve into Sherlock’s family history and bring Moriarty back, <shrug> Okay. But… I don’t really care? I was watching teh show for the characters and the relationships, and a lot of that has been spoiled. I’m sure it will be thrilling to casuals. As for me, I’ll wait and see.  

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Meet The Robinson’s AU

Ok @imagine-miraculousladybug I just thought of the absolute BEST AU ever which could totally be canon compliant with MLB because lets face it…everyone in that show is either dense as a brick, blind as a bat or both.

Behold…The AU that is totally plausible :

  • So Adrien is upset for some reason because his Dad is (in his best interest) trying to control him and normally Adrien is used to it but Gabriel says he wants what’s best for him and then the next day turns around and cancels yet another dinner/lunch break he promised to spend with his son. Adrien feels betrayed and used and really pissed off so he runs to his room and cries and even Plagg can’t comfort the cute muffin. 
  • He spends literally hours staring at pictures of him sandwiched between his Mom and Dad as a kid who are tickling and smiling at him and basically they all are acting like a family.
  • Adrien want’s to- no needs to fix his family so he asks Plagg for a favor. 
  • The next day he signs up for Ms. Mendeliev’s science fair who is excited to see what her prized student will do (Mme M. basically only likes Adrien from the class and very grudgingly).
  • Marinette signs up as well because its Adrien. (Need I say more ?)
  • So Adrien spends days and weeks and nearly a month studying up everything he can going way beyond the Physics a boy his age should know but he is very desperate so the long nights are worth it. (He gets to nap in his Lady’s lap while she watches over Paris after Patrol so that’s a plus).
  • Come the science fair. Adrien is really pumped and nervous but a few encouraging words from Nino and he takes his project to the fair very happily. 
  • Now Adrien is no Physics prodigy but the favor he asked Plagg, who only wants his charge to be happy, comes in very useful for his project.
  • Mme Mendeliev is judging the fair and Mayor Bourgeois is a guest. M. D’Argencourt demands to be allowed to judge because a) it’s his stadium and b) his ancestors were very well educated in the sciences.
  •  Adrien sets up his project. He bumps into Marinette who promptly drops some of her things but its okay. No harm done.
  • Now Adrien was completely prepared to be a magical girl when Plagg showed up. What he was not prepared for is a strange green eyed boy with extremely messy raven hair to pop up out from behind the table as soon as he takes out his project. (Extra emphasis on the boy’s messy hair).
  • He talks cryptically and he can’t be much older than Adrien himself but he gives a weird introduction about being from the future and a strange warning to look out for someone who might sabotage his project and disappears. 
  • Adrien shrugs it off. The boy seemed familiar for some reason but Adrien pegged it as a prank and moved on not noticing someone of to the sidelines spying on him.
  • That someone in particular manages to sabotage the project even though he doesn’t come within a 10 meter radius of the young Agreste.
  • Finally its Adrien’s turn to present. Mme Mendeleiv has already scolded a few students and M. D’Argencourt even made one run a lap around the football stadium for the poor project quality. 
  • All three judges know and respect Adrien though so they expect his project to be good. 
  • Adrien is ecstatic. This is his chance. He’ll get a good grade and show his dad and if his plan works he might even be able to fix his family.
  • He starts his presentation. The strange boy is watching but in the course of being at the fair he bumped into Marinette three times too many and the normally sweet girl is pissed, so this time she demands he help her clean up. (Both are staring at Adrien’s presentation though).
  • Marinette thinks he looks familiar too but doesn’t know from where either.
  • The boy notices the project going wrong before Adrien does. It doesn’t work and causes a mass panic in the stadium when a propeller hits one of the lights and the smoke sets off the fire sprinklers.
  • Adrien runs off frustrated, angry and upset. He can’t do anything right. (Poor Muffin).
  • The boy follows him and comes into his huge room and very discreetly pretends to be a cat but that’s ridiculous and Adrien just isn’t in the mood for this nonsense.
  • Boy claims his name is Louis and that he’s from the future. Adrien has none of it this time.
  • An argument ensues and Louis fails to convince Adrien to go fix his project and Adrien fails to believe Louis is from the future. So Louis strikes a deal, he proves he’s from the future and Adrien fixes his project. 
  • The model with banana hair goes along with it because, Come on. This boy can’t actually prove he’s from the future, right ? Wrong.
  • Adrien has seen many weird things and done many weird things. Being Chat Noir sort of ensures that. Being thrown out out the window isn’t new to him but when a stranger does it and your not fighting Akumas in battle it’s pretty terrifying.
  • Apparently there exists an invisible time machine that catches him. Adrien is screaming and the boy is smirking and in a weird burst of light they enter…another dimension ?
  • It’s beautiful. Tall buildings, clean skies, greenery and flowers and basically it’s the perfect Utopia of the future.
  • Louis asks for confirmation that Adrien believes him. Satisfied that he kept with his end of the deal, he asks Adrien to fix the project who rips up his diagram and decides that a time machine that works is way better at solving his problems than a device that doesn’t.
  • Louis is baffled and at a loss for words because he can’t explicitly explain why it’s so important Adrien fixes his machine instead of using the time machine. 
  • Both boys fight over the steering wheel, crash the ship and from Louis’ point of view, prepare his grave.
  • After a bit of arguing over the fact that who’s older, what should be done about the ship and how to keep Louis’ family from murdering him and dancing on his grave they come to an agreement : Adrien will try and fix the ship with the help of Louis’ friend Carl and Louis will take Adrien to exactly where he wants to go in his timeline.
  • They manage to get the ship to a garage so as to fix it and meet a robot who promptly screams and runs away. Louis gives Adrien a hat that is essentially a sculpture of…Cookies and Camembert ? (“It’s all the rage right now. I should know, my Mom’s the designer”).
  • Adrien learns that under NO circumstances can he meet Louis’ family and he must stay. in. the. garage. at all times. Adrien absolutely hates that because he’s been cooped up all his life but now no one can stop him so up a magic tube thingy he goes.
  • It takes him in front of a large mansion. It looks nothing like his own mansion and has a warmer feel to it but Adrien suspects that like all needlessly large houses, it’s mostly empty.
  • He freaks out when he meets a towering old man who apparently can’t find his rolling pin ? That’s odd. But nonetheless he’s the only one Adrien can ask to get back to the garage so he follows the old man all around the house.
  • Adrien is pleasantly surprised to find that the house in fact is not empty but full of life and even meets a bunch of Louis’ family.
  • Finally they reach the sewing studio. A giant door that leads into a huge room covered in fabric of all types and sewing equipment. Mannequins are spread out and assorted papers are stuck to the wall. 
  • A woman with Louis’ jet black hair is sewing something while Jagged Stone blares from the speakers. She is wearing a red, black, pink and white dress and makes it work. She addresses the older man as ‘Papa’ and finds Adrien endearing while giving him an impromptu tour around her studio while they search for the rolling pin.
  • They find it and the family rushes in excitedly and they apparently really love cookies because they congratulate Louis’ grandpa for having found it. (”Cookies for desert tonight, Uncle Tom ?”)
  • Louis has been freaking out and looking practically everywhere for Adrien and they run into each other just as he escapes the sewing studio not wanting to intrude on this obviously happy family. 
  • Louis’ asks for a rundown of what he knows. Adrien complies :
    • “Ok so Tom is married to Sabine. They are bakers. Their daughter is Mari, who’s full name I do not know. She’s a designer and is married to someone everyone refers to as CN, for some absurd, reason…who does your Dad look like ?” 
    • “Jeremy Johnson.” 
    • “Okay so Mari is married to CN while her best friend is Alya. Alya is married to The DJ who has known Mari since Kindergarten. The rest are also childhood friends. Kim is married to someone dubbed Swift who has pink hair. They like challenging each other. Then Prince is married to Rosie and they are really close with Jules. Nath is a painter and a world renowned artist. He is in a relationship with someone dubbed Bee but I didn’t meet her. She was on the phone talking to a ‘Sabrina’ in another room and Tom said disturbing her wasn’t wise. Ivan and Millie are married and Max is someone who is on a business trip with your Dad. I didn’t get to meet any of the kids in the family but I know DJ and Alya have a son and so do Ivan and Millie.” 
    • “Aren’t you forgetting something ?” 
    • “Oh yeah, Mari and CN have three kids. You are the eldest and from what I know have a younger brother and sister.” 
    • “And no one know’s your from the past ?” 
    • “Not a soul.”
  • Ok so now Adrien should have put two and two together or someone from the future should have but everyone is dense and couldn’t see the similarities because apparently Adrien’s hair was hidden in the Cookies and Camambert hat. Thus no one suspected and the boys made it to the garage.
  • They manage to get the machine to work for all of a minute before it crashes and Adrien’s self loathing reappears.
  • Mari demands they come up for dinner or she’s gonna come get them. They can’t very well show her the broken time machine so up they go.
  • Adrien finally meets Emma and Hugo and the other future kids. Dinner time is the best and for the first time in a long time Adrien has dinner with an actual family who may not be related by blood but it doesn’t matter to them.
  • When the conversation steers too close to personal territory, Louis creates a fight between Kim and Mari. Adrien is astounded at her mad Kung Food skills. (The family makes this pun and Adrien is so ecstatic).
  • Adrien lets it slip that : “Your all so nice. If I had a family, I’d want them to be just like you.”
  • Mari who is very much like her own mother goes into mom mode and asks Louis what that means. Turns out this Adrien has a similar backstory to her husband’s.
  • A dinosaur crashes the dinner party along with a swarm of butterflies. It target’s Adrien and you would think this family is made of superheroes’ the way it works together.
  • The sun has nearly completely set by the time the fight finishes and Adrien gets carried away and calls Mari, “Mom” when she hugs him and Louis. 
  • Cue awkward silence. 
  • Louis decides to take Adrien home very loudly announcing so because suddenly his Mom has her determined face on and before he knows it she’s inviting Adrien to stay with them, because from what Louis tells her and she knows, Adrien’s home isn’t one he should be living in.
  • The hat comes off, gasps all around. Adrien defends Louis but Mari tells him he absolutely has to go back to the past. Feeling rejected he asks to let Louis take him to his mom first. Mari is furious and Louis lets it slip that he never intended to go through with his promise of taking Adrien to his Mom.
  • That is the last straw. Adrien runs away and Louis is grounded for life. The boy still goes after him just in time to see Adrien accept a deal from Hawkmoth (who in this AU has not been defeated).
  • Adrien doesn’t even notice the butterfly when it slips into his family photo in his pocket. Hawkmoth promises him to see his mom in return for something. For once, it isn’t the miraculous. 
  • Adrien accepts. Hawkmoth takes him to an abandoned building with a large butterfly window and makes Adrien fix it while he’s mumbling hateful words about the machine as he fixes it.
  • In an unlikely turn of events, Hawkmoth makes him come to the conclusion that he is Louis’ dad. (Hallelujah give the boy a prize !).
  • Hawkmoth tells him he just wants to find his wife, just like Adrien wants to find his Mom, but Adrien know’s what Hawkmoth’s doing is wrong by akumatizing people.
  • Hawkmoth then betrays him and refuses to take him back but promises Adrien that he will see his Mom soon. Once again the poor thing is betrayed.
  • He’s rescued by Louis and the robot friend named Carl. Hawkmoth steals back the machine though and Louis disappears as Hawkmoth goes back in time and changes the future. 
  • Louis only manages to tell Adrien that Hawkmoth is Gabriel and reminding him that only he can save the future, before being wiped from existence. The last think he says is , “I know you can do this…Dad.”
  • Now Adrien doesn’t know what to do because his Ladybug isn’t here. She’s back in their own timeline. When he makes it back to the house to find Marinette and the others they’ve all been akumatized already so they can’t help.
  • Adrien hurriedly fixes the time machine and travels back in time to stop his Dad from signing the machine to a Invention company, thereby broadening his market and helping him get more influence which, (according to him), would somehow help him to be able to find his wife so him, Adrien and Catmom Agreste can be a happy family again.
  • Adrien interrupts the meeting right as his Dad was giving his concluding statements about ‘The Memory Scanner’ and forcefully brings his Dad back to a future in which everyone is akumatized and there is chaos and destruction. 
  • Gabriel is shocked and upset. He just wanted to make his son happy by making their family whole again. 
  • Adrien just tells him that Gabriel needs to be a better father and  pay more attention to him and he’ll be happy. They hug. 
  • “One parent is better than none. I miss mom, but she’s gone. I miss you, but your still here.”
  • Since Gabriel never signed the contract handing over Adrien’s machine, the future is back to normal. Louis appears in front of him and hugs him.
  • He attacks Hawkmoth and when Adrien pulls him off and says “Meet your grandfather. I’m assuming you haven’t.” Louis is shocked and replies “He’s your DAD ?”.
  • Mumbling apologies and saying something like “We have too many superheroes in this family.”, Louis grudgingly accepts Gabriel who backs off as the rest of the family greet Adrien.
  • Cue a frantic Older Adrien and Max rushing out of the house and Tom commenting “They’re home early.” Both are screaming about the two time machine’s being missing when younger Adrien comes face to face with his older self.
  • His older self is an inventor apparently and still Chat Noir. While Marinette is Ladybug (Adrien can’t wrap his head around that). 
  • This convo takes place :
    • “Do we ever go back and find mom. Do we see her again ?”
    • “You’ll have to find that out yourself. I can’t tell you for certain.”
    • “I was figuring you would say that.”
    • “Well we are one smeowrt kid.”
  • Everyone can’t stop saying goodbye. Mari gives him one last piece of advice while booping his nose : 
    • “I am always right. Even when I’m wrong, I’m right.”
    • “She’s right. I’d believe it if I were you. And I am.” 
    • “You’ll always have a family Adrien. You still do. Just wait and see.” 
    • “I sure you are absolutely right.”
  • Louis and Adrien finally go back in time and Adrien is shocked to see himself farther back in the timeline than he expected. Louis wants to honor his promise but Adrien doesn’t stop his mom the night she leaves. He has an opportunity but doesn’t take it because he realizes he has a family.
  • He still doesn’t know why his Mom left even though they were happy, but he won’t deny her what she felt was right.
  • Back to the science fair. Adrien gets a retry and this time he calls his Dad who, for once, shows up for him having learned his mistake. Adrien asks for a volunteer and his Dad steps up.
  • They see memories of his family when Adrien was younger and its a bittersweet moment and Gabriel and Adrien work on their relationship.
  • Adrien gets an article featured in the newspaper. For once its not because he’s a model or Gabriel’s son. 
  • He looks around the room, sees his proud classmates and future family, Marinette is cheering him on, Nino giving a thumbs up and the rest of his class is proud too.
  • Slowly things heal between Adrien and his Dad. He’s more free and finally he takes steps to reach where he was in the future. 
  • Not everything is the same. His father is in that future. But his family never changes and Adrien is content and happy.

This is rushed, unedited and quickly done because I was in a hurry. I apologize for the mistakes in advance. Tell me what you think. I had fun writing this. It struck me and I just had to get it out. I didn’t see this AU done before so I hope I did it justice. I’ll try to go back and properly edit later but probably won’t have time so this’ll have to do.

Send feedback. Feel free to Art or Fic and be sure to tag me so I can see it.



Honestly, after episode 8, some people started trashing on Kanaan and shit. Im not one to butt (hehe booty) in, but this pisses me off. Like why would you do that???

Ok i understand the KanaMari scene that got everyone crying ( ;;w;; im still crying like a bitch in the inside, thats for sure ) is one thing to talk about, but dont talk shit about our edgy mermaid just cause she rejected Mari’s hug.
(*wispers to Mari*: its ok bb ill hug u, along with suwa)

I really do feel bad for our fav Engrish chara, but dont think shes the only one suffering. In this very episode, you see crying. Hell this isnt Sunshine!! at all, this anime should call Love Live! Feels!

okokokok i should stahp.
But seriously, i think Kanan is the one suffering the most. I know how it feels to be scared of something that gave you a bad memory, especially if it was something you loved doing. And she also have to witness seeing her childhood friend go through the same situation (kinda)

Some random person: “B-But she’s not real… “

…..IK, BUT IDC I WILL PROTECT KANAAN! (and hanamaru eating her snacks)

btw i went all out on this like, what????? thats me that drew that???? wtf i dont believe it, im so speechless

Life Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This

Request -  Can you do a Dean or Sam x reader where they are married and have a little girl. And she falls and scrapes her knee and Sam or Dean (which ever one you decide to use) cleans it up??? Fluff obviously :) thanks

I went with Dean as I kept picturing Jensen with JJ XD - Hope you like Anon! X

You hear a scream as you come out of the bathroom. You fly down the stairs at an inhuman speed,  tearing through the living room like a hurricane to reach the source of the voice. 

As you enter the kitchen you see your four year old daughter,  cradled in the arms of her father.

“What happened?!” You say rushing over to your husband

“Oh angel pie had a little bit of a fall, scrapped her knee” Dean answered pointing at the tiny scratched joint. 

“Oh baby” you place a kiss on her head as you wipe tears from her eyes

“It’s ok Daddy’s gonna clean it up,  aren’t I sweetheart?” Little Mary nodded her head, has Dean lifted her to sit on the kitchen counter. 

“Hmm…Nurse, I think we may need the first aid kit” Dean said looking down it the tiny scratch on his daughter’s leg.

“Oh right away Doctor” You jump to work, looking over your shoulder at the pair. She’s was the spitting imagine of Dean, with your hair. Even at 5, she was a tough little madam and boy did that girl love pie, but sometimes she’s was just your little girl who needed love and attention. 

You knew one day she’d find out about monsters, that things really did go bump in the night. You and Dean chose to give her as normal life as you could for as long as you could. Dean worked as a mechanic, and as far as Mary knew, a mechanic who went out of town on business every now and again when really needed. 

You lost count how many times you’d sat outside your daughter’s room at night, angel blade in your hand after a nightmare, and how many times you’d found Dean doing the same.

“Hurry up Mommy, angel pie is in pain here” you smile grabbing the box bringing it over, holding it out for your husband.

He wipes it clean, revealing it to be more dirt then cut but he still made a fuss. 

“Well sweetheart, it’s good news. You’ll be able to keep your leg” Mary giggled

“Daddy, you’re silly" 

"That’s Doctor Silly” she laughed hard, all tears forgotten. Dean pick out a choice of band aids.

“Well, we have a choice.  Hello Kitty, Frozen or Pirates?” He held them up for his daughter to see

“Frozen!” She shouts smiling. He nods

“Good choice” he slips it over the small cut, placing a kiss on top of it. She threw her arms around his neck, clinging for dear life. 

“I love you Daddy” she says as she held him tightly. 

“I love you too angel pie” his face bright, he pulls back to look at her.

“Now how about we go back and play?” She nods as he puts her on her feet,

“Wait!” She shouts running towards you, holding her arms out towards you. You kneel in front of her hugging her tightly “I love you too Mommy”

“I love you too baby” she then ran back to Dean taking his hand.

“You ok to clean up Nurse?” Dean asks winking at you making you smile

“Oh yes doctor, I’ll be just fine” he kissing you lightly on his way out of the back door. 

You watch them play through the window. Dean spinning Mary around in the air, without a care in the world. Dean sees you at the window and signals you to join them. You nod as you go to, slip on your shoes.

Spending the afternoon with the love of your life and your daughter? 

Life really didn’t get much better than that.

Tag 9 people you want to know better!

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Favorite color: light pink

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Last song you listened to: Dreams- Fleetwood Mac

Last movie you watched: Wreck-It Ralph

Top 3 Characters: Leia Organa (Star Wars), Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter (Sailor Moon), Peridot (Steven Universe)

Top 3 Ships: I’m actually kind of indifferent to shipping… anything cute and wholesome basically has my vote tbh

Books you are currently reading: The Star Wars: Old Republic comic anthology (with Zayne Carrick) as you can see, i have a sophisticated taste in literature :-P ((ok i really love reading but i just haven’t really had too much time lately))

Top 5 Musicals: The Sound of Music, Wicked, Mary Poppins, Grease, literally every Disney movie

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“Promise me you’ll take care of her and yourself. Don’t leave the knife and gun out of your sight even for a econd ok? And stay in, hold Mary close to you. I’ll be back as soon as I can” Dean whispered, his forehead resting against yours as his arms were around your waist holding you close to him.

“I’ll try to do fast” he added in a whisper.

“I know” you said just as softly “I know” you brushed your thumb over his cheek, your golden ring shining in the really morning light. The sun had just began to rise.

“I love you” his voice was hoarse, just like every time when he had to leave you and Mary to go to yet another hunt.

“I know” you smiled trying to give him the slightest bit of reassurance, knowing how hard this was for him “I ove you too” you whispered leaning in to kiss his lips.

He responded ummediately but when the time came for you two to pull away you tried to amile at him and not let show how you did not want to pull away and go inside the house and find the worst of all.

Watching Dean leave almost every morning to the unknown, not knowing if he was going to come back alive or not at all and waving back at him with a smile as he drove away was hard but what awaited next was the hardest of all and Dean didn’t even know about it.

“No daddy!” your daughter’s voice echoed through the entire empty house as you held her trying your best not to show how you reallhy felt about this as well.

“Daddy” her muffled cries and sobs were heard as she cried in your arms for her father. Just lik every other time with Dean leaving while she was asleep and you having to later try to be strong for her and comfort the little girl that her father was going to be back soon.

You didn’t dare bring up the possibility of him not making it because Castiel forbid how she could react to that, you as well.