i just really love knitting

Couples that read together stay together (◡‿◡✿)

honestly westleigh are so good and we don’t deserve them? with everything that’s happened with nathan’s father and chyler having to film the finale, most people would have just given up and cancelled the shows but they both still stuck it out, for US. because they know and understand what they mean to us and they want to give us that time. i mean chyler’s had practically no sleep in days and nathan is carrying such a heavy load right now but they both showed up and they’re smiling and laughing and giving everyone 200% of their energy and like just wow, find me two people who are more generous and loving?? who care about others (and each other) so much ???

I was at the library several weeks ago and Mollie Makes Knitting caught my eye solely because of the two cats on the front cover.  I checked it out just to flip through, and my kids loudly requested a cat each, Penelope the burger kitten and Patrick the ice cream kitten.  They were both super easy to knit and are delightfully squishy!