i just really love knitting

Couples that read together stay together (◡‿◡✿)

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I think it'd great for you to knit her some mittens! Take all the time you need, it's super sweet of you to do that for her! :)

thanks!! im psyched b/c i have this really really really good grey alpaca blend yarn that im gonna start today, and i’ve already started on another pair with this pretty honey colored bulky wool

but yeah, i really love knitting things for other people. there’s just something wholesome and good about making something for someone you love with your own two hands!!

I was at the library several weeks ago and Mollie Makes Knitting caught my eye solely because of the two cats on the front cover.  I checked it out just to flip through, and my kids loudly requested a cat each, Penelope the burger kitten and Patrick the ice cream kitten.  They were both super easy to knit and are delightfully squishy!