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Moriarty x Sherlock sister!reader

Prompt : You’re with Jim Moriarty, the world’s only consulting criminal and you have to tell it to your brother : the world’s only consulting detective…

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You’re Y/N Holmes and you’re family is quite special. You have two brilliant brothers but you’re very clever too. You have a social problem but you can manage to get through it and have a quite normal life.

It has been a month, you are in a relashionship with the world’s only consulting criminal and tragically your brother is his arch nemesis.. And he doesn’t know about you and Jim yet.. 

Today is the day, you have to tell him, you have to tell Sherlock, you know it. The sun is shining outside, you’re in the bed you share with Jim, you had a good night and everything is ok. You get out of your bed, the smell of the pancakes leads you to the kitchen where you found a paper with “from Jim with love. Don’t wait for me tonight, darling.” written on it. Pancakes always hide something but there are delicious.
Then you dress up, take your courage and order a taxi to go to 221B Baker street. 

Here we go. You open the door and see Sherlock playing violin and two cup of tea ready to be drink on the table. “Wait, what ? Did you just make tea ? “ you just can imagine your brother doing something as normal as tea.
“oh Y/N, I wasn’t expecting to see you

-yeah, I see, you’re waiting for someone ?

- Y/N, you know that someone break into the tower of London recently and that this person is the one who tried to blow me up in the swimming pool

-Did someone actually break into the tower of London ?”

“Oh my god, this wasn’t suppose to be like that. Sherlock is waiting for Jim and you’re here. Morever, what’s the story with the tower of London ? How can I not know that ?” you thought

“So Y/N, it’s not that I don’t like you but you’re not supposed to be there, this isn’t part of the plan”

“You got a plan ?” You hear the too-much familiar voice from your back 

“Must people knock but you’re not must people I suppose”

You’re in trouble, Jim is going to see you, and to say something that will make Sherlockfurious, that is going to happen for sure, what can you do to stop an atomic war between your brother and your boyfriend ?

‘Wait a minute, I have something to say to Sherlock, Jim don’t talk “as you see him opening his mouth to say, you know it, something about your relationship.
Sherlock raises an eyebrow, how can you talk to Moriarty like that ? 

“Sherlock, what I am going to say isn’t a joke, don’t be mad and I’m sorry for everything that will happen next but I am with Jim Moriarty”
“You’re with him ?” Sherlock says like he doesn’t understand 
“yeah, two people living together and loving each others, just like you and john”  Moriarty  says

Oh no, he did it, he just implies that Sherlock loves John, could not be worse…

“Ok then, you don’t need me obviously so uhm.. bye” and you get away as fast as you can from you brother which is getting a little angry (not to say furious). 

Two week had passed since that day and your brother don’t want to talk to you anymore. Of course, your other brother, Mycroft, came to “talk” to you. Well, you clearly have been told to leave Jim. And you declined the offer with yellings on your brother. So now, you just have Jim who is, you can say that, really happy to be with you just because of Sherlock’s reaction. 

“You should have seen his face” Jim tell you it every day when he thinks of Sherlock. 
“Ah ah ah. Thank you Jim for your compassion. Do I have to remember you that it wasn’t suppose to happen like that. You should have tell me that you were going to see Sherlock and by the way that you stole the crown jewels !”
“Oh Y/N, darling, you know that I really like when you get angry, that makes you really sexy”
And you always lose at this game because you just love Jim too much.

You wake up late, it’s about 11 a.m and you can’t find Jim in your flat. He didn’t let you a note like he usually does and moreover there’s no pancake. So you try to call him but his phone is on the table.
This isn’t ok. Something is going to happen to Jim. You have to find Sherlock. Only him can help you because he is the only one consulting criminal.

Baker Street. There is no one in the flat. No Sherlock. No John. You decide to see if Mrs Hudson knows something. She told you that Sherlock and John have been arrested, that they escaped and that they are runnig in London;
There is a link, both Sherlock and Jim disappeared suddenly the same night. You have to find them before the fall. Jim always says that the world will end in a fall. That’s what is happening.

If Sherlock has to find something he must be in St Bart’ hospital. So you get a cab and go there.

You enters in the lab but it’s empty, not even the girl Nolly, Molly well something like that.
And you heard a gunshot from the rooftop. Oh no that is not good. Not good at all. You get the stairs and you find on the roof a dead body lying on the ground, Sherlock is on the  roof edge calling someone.

What the hell ? Who’s dead ? 
You’re getting closer to the body and you can finally see his face.
“Oh no. Oh my god” You run to Jim to see if you can do something to save him. “No he can’t be dead” “It can’t be” “No no no no no” You can do nothing than holding his body and crying of despair.

Sherlock screams to you that he is sorry about what happend and about what he is going to do. He says that he can’t stop it. But you are focused on Jim’s face. And you see Sherlock jump from the roof. 

You don’t understand. You hear foodsteps from the stairs but you can’t move, you just stare at Jim’s dead body. 

Someone beats you in the head and everything gets dark.

Thank you for reading. If you want to say something, it’s open, I will maybe do a part two. Sorry for the mistakes.

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Michael Gray x Reader

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“Oi mate watch where you’re going!” Michael shouted as a random passerby walked straight into you causing you to stumble back a little.

“You talking to me?” Came a gruff voice in return as the passerby stopped passing by and began approaching the pair of you.

“Stand behind me love.” He spoke quietly into your ear. “I think this is going to get nasty.”

Just as the stranger began to aggressively square up to Michael, you snapped, deciding to take matters into your own hands.
Stepping from behind your boyfriend, you grabbed ahold of the man by the collar and pulled him down to your level taking him completely by surprise.
“Yes he was talking to you and now it’s my turn. It’s time you start opening your goddamn eyes, today is your lucky day because I’m going to allow you to walk away with full use of all your limbs but should you start causing trouble for us then you’re not going to be so lucky. Sí comprende?” You sassed while cocking you eyebrow.

“Who the hell….” The man attempted to answer before you kneed him straight in the Crown Jewels causing him to keel over.

“Lets go.” You said, grabbing Michael by the hand hoping to get away before he recovered enough.


“Ok, wow that was just amazing not to mention sexy as hell!” He growls in arousal as he begins to nibble at your ear.

“If only you knew what I’m really capable of.” You teased, kissing him before running into your house, leaving Michael to contemplate that further.

Lighting up a cigarette he stands there replaying the events over again in his head.
“I think I’m in love with a goddess.”

ok i’m refreshing Tor’s Hugo Awards page mostly out of spite, like, I would love if Ninefox Gambit won best novel, but there are some where i’m just like, not that one (ex. “The Jewel and Her Lapidary” and “Seasons of Glass and Iron” [which won, and I just stare at it like i d g i, it was fine, but was it really the best?]) 

nibasaurusrex  asked:

These gift asks are super cute omg ok how about what would you gift Red Velvet????? especially joy the love of ur life

omg omg ok

  • Irene - i wish i could get her expensive jewels or something she’s such a princess but im broke so i would try to find a really cute pair of earrings or something that fit her aura
  • Seulgi - cute headphones maybe customized just for her!!!
  • Wendy - a cute plush moose not reindeer because canada 
  • Joy - gosh I would basically want to take her out on a Christmas date where I take photos of her out near the big tree and all the decorations and then we share gingerbread flavored lattes together and I kiss the foam off her lips…..
  • Yeri - like one of those Polaroid cameras and also like herbal tea I picked just for her so she can stay healthy!!!!! and if she needs to take another break she can take some photos just to let us know she’s ok ✨
Meryl and Maks Daily Recap July July 15th, 2014

Whoa! What a day!  Every time we think we’re gonna have a slow day or a sad day, we always get a few little rays of sunshine don’t we?

So, I’m gonna start with the big stuff.  Meryl, Charlie, the Shibs and Jeremy are all on a jet plane headed to Japan (I think this was about 3:00 EST).  We’re all praying for safe travels (and not too many Jeremy rumors, please God!).  Meryl is continuing her “I dress like my boyfriend now” trend ;).  Also, we got a little SM love when Serge, Jaqui white, and VAL favorited Meryl’s tweet.  The SM that is continuing!!

Before the Airplane pics, Meryl had a very interesting time liking photos on IG.  One was a quote about being in love (you HAVE to go read it), one was a photo of two baby bears, and the other was  a photo of a sad puppy, lost you might call him.  All lined up in row.  Like a message.  We hear you Meryl.  Meryl also tweet earlier in the day “Latest playlist: a beautiful frenzy of Sam Smith and Adele…They’re doing something right in England. #inspiration”.  Wonder how many times that girl has listened to latch?

Ok, I’m gonna bring something up here that may bring on the Naysayers.  I wonder if Maks is going to magically appear again now.  No physical whereabouts since Sunday morning.  I’m beginning to wonder if that bag of make-up was hand-delivered after all.  I’ll put the likelihood of a secret Maks visit to MI at somewhere between “probs not” and  "mmmaaaybee".

Ok, tidbits and great new stuff:

  • It seems the fans are taking matters into their own hands and have started promoting Maks’ events on twitter.  I call this “fans are the new PR” and I approve!
  • panda-capuccino has an awesome new drawing that is a must-see
  • kbnello has released a new It’s a Maksyl thing that is very steamy (aren’t they all!)
  • maggiemae2104 is now being followed by Charlie’s sister, What does this mean?
  • DWTS will premiere on 9/15, there will be 2 results shows on 9/6 and 9/23
  • dwtczars had her mom check what Grandma C was saying in the week 8 practices for the dance dual.  She says the translations are correct.
  • Great little re-cap by dolphin on all of Meryl’s “reflective” quotes on IG.  
  • A girl who waited on Meryl yesterday (in MI) at Nordstrom’s went to twitter to say she didn’t even know who she was, that her manager had to tell her who she was, and that she had to google her when she got home.  Goes to show that she can get by undetected.

Maks did a radio interview today that was short and sweet.  He talked about how DWTS had given them all (and given ballroom dance) and national platform and a boost in people taking classes.  He said he enjoyed getting to tour and meet the fans who voted for “Meryl and I”.  I loved that he mentioned her and said her name first I won’t even mention that he should have said “voted for Meryl and me” cause that would make me an annoying know it all.  

Ok, really good day everybody.  The next couple of weeks might get tough, but we might just get some more of these SM jewels that we got today.  Off to look at that quote and those bears and that puppy one more time…..