i just really love how they did this movie okay

more texts for you bitches


[text] You should have told me you wanted me out of your life.
[text] I should have never let you back into my life.
[text] Okay [muse’s name] what’s the deal, pretty sure this is you…listen if you want me to leave you alone, please just tell that.
[text] Please don’t walk away.
[text] Please don’t do this.
[text] When are you going to realize I want nothing to do with you?
[text] You want nothing to do with me, I get it.
[text] I’m an idiot. You fooled me again.
[text] When I think things are about to change … I’m always proven wrong.
[text] I just want you to be happy. And you’ll be happier without me.
[text] I just hate that someone could make me trust [him/her/them] the way that I did
[text] The truth is I’m not over you.
[text] The truth is I never really wanted to be with you.
[text] I’m seeing someone else.
[text] How the hell did you get my number, stalker?
[text] You’re so selfish.
[text] I just saw you leave with [her/him/them].


[text] Did I tell you today that you’re the most adorable? Cause, yeah.
[text] Be careful.
[text] I’m only saying it because I love you.
[text] I’m only saying it because I care about you.
[text] Okay, I’m bringing coffee.
[text] I’m thinking dinner and a movie later this week?
[text] Let me take you out, please?
[text] Let me make you dinner tonight.
[text] I want you to be happy.
[text] You’re always safe with me.
[text] I can’t stop thinking about you.
[text] I seriously don’t know what I’d do without you.
[text] I know you may not feel like you are, but you are loved. And important. Please don’t forget that.
[text] It was so good seeing you.
[text] You don’t need this shit.
[text] I’ll be there in five minutes.
[text] Let me help, please?
[text] You’re important to me.
[text] Stop falling asleep in the bathtub. You’re going to drown and die and leave me and I’m not having that.
[text] I would gladly watch Netflix and eat Thai with you any day.
[text] I’d give up my phone charger AND the last piece of gum for you. That’s love.
[text] Hey beautiful no judgment but why is there a bucket of KFC chicken in the bathtub??


[text] If you don’t want me to bust your window, I suggest you answer the phone. Now.
[text] To quote Mean Girls, you’re a fugly slut.
[text] Are you SERIOUSLY bringing that up right now!?
[text] Lose my number, asshole.
[text] You’re so predictable and obnoxious. And it’s not only me who thinks so.
[text] …The least you could do is answer, wtf.
[text] You’re a piece of shit human being and an even worse friend.
[text] This is YOUR FAULT. And you can’t even pretend like it isn’t, because you know it is.
[text] Why couldn’t you just stay out of it?
[text] Holy fucking shit, take a hint, asshole.
[text] Go fuck yourself.
[text] What the fucking hell is wrong with you?
[text] You can take your stuff back as long as I don’t light it on fire first.
[text] I have cramps and a migraine so you do NOT want to mess with me right now
[text] Bye and have a very fuck you day


[text] Just let me suck your dick and be happy. Let me have this.
[text] Why are you so hot…like honestly, it’s not fair.
[text] Yeah, you looked good in your [dress/shirt/pants] last night but really, they looked way better on my floor.
[text] Come over. With condoms.
[text] You should come over, clothing optional.
[text] I feel like a nasty slut and I LOVE IT
[text] Sorry I got drunk and texted you about my sex life
[text] Sex on a rooftop - trashy or adventurous?
[text] If you’re not at my apartment, shirtless, in five minutes, I will be personally offended.
[text] I don’t think he likes that I’m always sending him pictures of me in my bra but he needs to get it together
[text] It’ll be like The Notebook, except with way more of my penis.
[text] I didn’t know that all of his brothers would be hot and musically inclined, too. That’s a dick move on behalf of biology.
[text] So is it your turn now to pretend like dating someone else would stop us from fucking?
[text] I just need some of your time and all of your body.
[text] I am available for nakedness
[text] I think about [him/her/them] when I masturbate so I guess you could call it love


[drunk text] So wat are you really over me no w
[drunk text] You are my queen and my savior and I love you forever
[drunk text] You are the most beautiful girl I have ever known
[drunk text] I’m eating macaroni and cheese on a slice of pizza and autocorrect just wrote that text for me pretty much, what’s your night like
[drunk text] Listen up slut, you’re one hot piece of ass and if [he/she/they] doesn’t realize it, it’s their loss
[drunk text] but what’s the point of a Disney sing off party if you’re not here. You have to be be the Pumbaa to my Timon
[drunk text] Can you pls remind me tomorrow of how much of a fool I made myself tonight
[drunk text] I think maybe you and me should like go out and eat pizza or something check yes or no
[drunk text] Please don’t hate me I’m too tired and too dizzy to be hated
[drunk text] I hate (him/her) but less when I’m drinking. Thanks, alcohol.
[drunk text] Omf g you need to get over here now I think I’m dyin

boyfriend! yugyeom

okay so yeah, I’ve decided to make my first post about yugyeom because he is my ult and I love him so much so yeah!


•stating the obvious, he’s super tall so he’d like walk up behind you and wrap his arms around you and rest his head on your head or shoulder

•he probably smells like really good

•he would bring you cute little things whenever he got back from somewhere

•I feel like your home would always be filled with flowers because of him

•"Yugyeom, can you reach that for me?“
•"Why can’t you reach it?”
•"Shut up.“

•His kisses would almost always be soft and caring

•Kinda shy about PDA, but you better bet your ass he would purposely kiss you in front of someone who was checking you out

•Not shy about PDA when you’re alone

•Cute morning texts reminding you that he loves you

•Probably would send you pictures of what everyone is doing if you weren’t there with captions like "It would be better if you were here.”

•Loves holding your hand and his hand would be so soft and large

•Would definitely grab your ass out of no where

•He’s definitely an ass person okay

•When you cuddle with him, one arm is wrapped around your waste and the other is under your neck

•Your head would be in the crook of his neck and one or your legs would be wrapped around his

•Him constantly wanting to buy you things even if you aren’t high maintenance

•"Look at this!! This would look so great on you, I’m buying it for you"
•"It’s okay, I don’t need it"

•makes funny faces at you in public

•protectively holds your waist or hand in crowded places

•Comes home with little sweets for you guys to eat while watching tv

•LOVES playing with your hair

•You’d ask him to tickle your arm/ back and he’d be like ? But he’d do it anyways

•Then after you’d tickle his arm/ back and he’d be like hOLY SHIT KEEP DOING THAT

•Having dance parties in your underwear

•Constantly muttering that he loves you in your ear and after he always kisses under your ear

•I don’t think he’d be that kinky, but he’d love leaving hickeys on the places only you and him could see

•Cute little nicknames that you’d come up with for each other

•You guys would take turns making dinner because you can’t make dinner together without getting carried away or distracted

•Cupcakes would be a weekly must

•Whenever you’re around the others, he is always by your side but almost never kisses you around them

•Gets all flustered when you kiss him around them

•"Y-Y/N…The hyungs are h-here.“
•"You can’t just do that to me!“

•Warm hugs that would consist of him holding your waist tight and lifting you off the ground a little bit

•Your arms would be around his neck while you hug, and he would leave tiny kisses on your shoulder

•Repeating this one again, but he would aLWAYS PLAY WITH YOUR HAIR

•He usually likes being the big spoon, but after a long day of work you know he likes being the small spoon

•Secretly takes pictures of you

•You trying to secretly take pictures of him, but he always catches you and makes a silly face


•You two would always fight over which movie to put on every night

•He would help you curl the hair at the back of your head because did I mention that he probably loves hair?

•Would almost always accidentally burn himself

•He’d act tough but we all know it really hurts

•You two would always belt out lyrics in the car and would not care about how you sound

•But he’d always sound good because he constantly tries to impress you

•If he accidentally hurts you like accidentally steps on your foot, he’d be devastated even if it really didn’t hurt

•"Y/N, I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry, are you okay? Does it hurt?“
•"No, babe, I’m fine. It doesn’t hurt.”
•"Are you sure? I am so sorry I didn’t mean to do that.“

•Always take care of you when you are sick or on your period

•You’d always take care of him too even if he didn’t want you to be around him because he wouldn’t want you to get sick


So yeah, that’s a little bit of how I picture Yugyeom as a boyfriend!! I haven’t seen one of these for him so I was like hey, I’ll write one! I hope you liked it. xx


“Lara Jean? Are you okay?”
I nod my head yes and make a motion like he should just go. He rolls the window back up, and I think he’s really going to drive off, but then he pulls over to the side and parks.
Peter sits down next to me. “How long have you been sitting here crying by yourself ?”
I turn my head and wipe my face again. “I’m not crying.”
”He’s getting into his car when, as an afterthought, he turns around and asks, “Want me to call Triple A for you?”
“No, that’s okay,” I say. “Thanks for stopping, though. That was really nice of you.”
Peter grins. I remember that about Peter—how much he likes positive reinforcement. “Do you feel better now?”
I nod. I do, actually.
“Good,” he says.

Shy, Shy, Shy

Jeno X Reader

Request: Can I request a scenario with Jeno? Like, we’re just watching a movie and the other members tease us? Just something cute and fluffy with comedy, I guess. Thanks for reading ❤️❤️

           “Are you being serious right now?”

        Your boyfriend looked at you pleadingly before glancing over at the door. Okay so apparently he was being serious right now. You guys had been planning this movie night for months, and now he was telling you that you had to scram because the other members were coming over? No, nope, not happening.

        “Jeno, absolutely not! I bought popcorn and candy for this! And it’s raining!”

        “Yeah, which is why the others are coming home earlier than I anticipated!”

        “Sounds like a you problem.” You glared at him before plopping down on the couch. “Sorry, babe, but I’m not budging.”

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SPOILERS: the michelle / MJ hullabaloo.

i will post my review on the overall movie when i get home so i can put it under a read more and tag it and stuff (i honestly loved it). but seeing as i think the majority of people know about this, i’m gonna give my thoughts on it first. i’ll still tag it tho just in case.

there are 3 ways this mj/michelle thing can turn out. 2/3 of the ways i would be fine and content with. i hope it’s either of them.

  1. the first way, the whole ‘my friends call me mj’ is nothing more than an easter egg. that it wasn’t meant to be taken seriously or written into canon for michelle’s character, that people actually call her mj. it was just something there to excite fans that mj may be appearing in the next instalments. because they teased mj a lot in the comics. she was teased in issue 15 and didn’t appear later until issue 42. there was even a plant covering her face before her reveal. they really teased her. and if they’re just doing that now in movie form and mj will come later, i am okay with that.
  2. the second way is if michelle revealed she’s mj, but also reveals later that she is mary jane. i honestly don’t understand the whole point of that at all, every theory i hear or come up with on my own is convoluted and silly, making me not understand even more why they wouldn’t just name her mary jane to begin with, but whatever. i love zendaya so much and she embodies mary jane more than any actress i can think of, that i would be okay with the Mess™ , if it meant she would be mary jane through and through within the next movie. give her the red hair, slowly start giving her the characteristics (but keeping the main core of what she has in homecoming because i did truly love her), have her come out of her shell, show her awful home life, make her more important and fleshed out (they did say that her character would be bigger in movies to come). so that i’d be okay with too. i mean… not how i’d do it, but i mean we can never really have it how we want lol.
  3. and the third way is she just always is this michelle/mj person and mary jane doesn’t exist in this universe. mary jane doesn’t exist in the MCU. that will be a tough pill to swallow, and i don’t think i will ever get behind that. :\ i will try to enjoy the future spidey films but they will always be a little bit empty for me because my favourite character isn’t in it, it will feel like i lost my best friend, and they just exploited her name because it brings in views, but they didn’t respect her enough to utilize her. and that’ll always burn. so i don’t think i’d ever come to terms with that direction.

but i am going to try and remain optimistic and hope for option 1 or 2. i would be very happy with either of those. i honestly loved this movie and zendaya’s portrayal i’m hoping for the best!

What I think needs to be said

Dear absynthe–minded,

I’ve been following you since you declared you would make a new dress in reaction to the 2017 Beauty and the Beast movie, which I think is an admirable project.

In response to the recent controversy, I would like to make several points.

Point One:  Why the costuming in the new movie is a big deal, and why people should care about it

I’ve got no clue about fashion and periodic clothing, but even I can see that the costuming in this movie was done badly, and with barely any regard to social norms and fashions at the time; and more importantly without any apparent respect to the actual costume designer. I’ve looked up Jacqueline Durran’s work and it’s absolutely incredible, I am absolutely in love - I never realised that she was responsible for the amazing costumes in Pride and Prejudice and Anna Karenina.

It is fairly obvious that if she had any input or advice for the costumes in Beauty and the Beast, it was disregarded. So I do not understand how those anons can hear about this and say, “Why do you care about this, it’s got nothing to do with you, get over yourself,” etc.

Because costume design is Durran’s life. It is a job she takes obviously takes pride in. She is internationally renowned in her field and winner of numerous awards, among them an Academy Award for her work on Anna Karenina. And it is not just job, it is art. As an artist myself, I know that when you make art, a bit your heart and soul goes into every piece you make.

And I love and admire Emma Watson, I really do. But taking control of an artist’s work the way she did is Not Okay for so many reasons.

The general opinion seems to be that Watson’s goal was to make this movie more feminist, and to have her costumes reflect that. But this raises the question - how is it okay from any feminist standpoint to walk all over a fully capable woman’s work? How is it okay to take a woman’s art - her job, her life - and decide that it is not good enough?

I’m not sure that that is what actually happened, but this certainly sounds as if Durran - even though she doesn’t act offended by this, so there is an unlikely chance that she was okay with it - had a plan, and Watson stamped her own opinions on those without fully understanding the intricacies of periodic clothing and the importance of fashion actually had in that period of time, never mind her lack of experience in costume design. If she had been an expert in the field, it would have been different. But she is not, she is an actress, and so she comes across as a woman who appropriated another’s work and forced her stamp on it.

So I fully understand your outrage. It is even more personal for you because this might be your future. Your work that you love and take pride in might be taken and twisted to suit someone’s opinions, and be used in a fashion that offends you personally.

(Such as wearing a dress and hiking up the for the sole purpose of revealing the bloomers worn as underwear. Honestly. No.)

Point Two: Why the changes to Belle’s characters are such a big deal

Again, People have been questioning in varying levels of politeness if you are justified in being revolted to the point of tears by the new movie.

The answer is: You are. You definitely are.

For one, and this should be a no-brainer, you have the right to have opinions, and you have the right to defend those so long as you don’t force them on anyone, which I don’t think you have done at any point unless I misinterpreted or overlooked something.

I am honestly appalled at the awful things some of those anons have been saying, and admire the bravery with which you face their hate - I for one would have a great deal of trouble dealing with that kind of toxicity.

For another, and this is the point that people just don’t seem to understand, so I will spell it out for them.

2017’s Belle is not a new Disney Princess.

“Of course, we know that, it’s a remake, dumbass.”

Yes, of course. The point is this:

The remake of Beauty and the Beast has been advertised heavily as not just that, a remake, but a movie that surpasses the original and adds to it. A movie that brings a modern Belle with it. An improved Belle.

Basically, we are told that the original Belle and her qualities are no longer valid. The New Belle is the improved and better version, a modern woman™, they are telling us that the New Belle is what women should be now. They are telling us that we should replace the Belle we grew up with and loved with the New Belle.

“So what? They’re the same character!”

Sure. They are the same character. But they are not the same person.

This wouldn’t be a problem if the original Belle and the New Belle had the same personality, now would it?  But here’s the thing. They are not.

The original Belle is lovely. She’s graceful, she’s intelligent, she is sweet, kind and selfless. She‘s also soft and she gets scared, and likes pretty things, and she sees the good in people. And she’s misunderstood and an outsider in her own city, people look down on her ideals; she’d like to break free of her life, feeling that there is more for her out there.

New Belle is actually a lot of those things. But the thing is, they are prioritised differently, and it makes her different.  

I’m just going to highlight the most important differences, I’ve only watched the new movie once which isn’t enough to fully analyse a character.

So. Is New Belle graceful? I would say no. Again, she hikes up her skirt and shows off her bloomers, among other things.

Is she sweet? No, not really. She’s confrontational. She had her moments, but it’s just not a defining characteristic.

As for kindness and selflessness - she was those things, but it wasn’t as pronounced as the original Belle. In portraying Belle as a strong female character, she was made more grab-the-bull-by-the-horns and less accepting.

And this New Belle doesn’t value pretty things as much. Or material things, period. She’s less soft, and more importantly, I got the feeling that she was jaded towards people - hence she was confrontational. She didn’t believe in the good of people as much. Actually, she seemed to look down on them.

I’m not saying that New Belle is a bad character per se - but she is very much different, and again, we are encouraged to look at her as better. As stronger.

Now here’s the thing that makes all of this so important.

Original Belle isn’t weak. She is strong and brave, precisely because she is kind. Because there’s incredible strength in kindness. To go out every day and be praised only for your looks and ridiculed for who you are, for your ideals, for your intelligence, for what makes you you, and still be able to smile at people and be kind to them. Original Belle never rolled her eyes. She never sighed in aggravation, she didn’t do sass. She went on with her life and stayed kind even when others were unkind towards her.

And New Belle doesn’t have that quality and she’s portrayed as strong because of it. This is the real problem. The 2017 movie tells us a woman is strong when she’s talking back and wearing bloomers, when she refuses to wear corsets, when she confronts others, when she fights. And - and this is a pretty important point actually - it tells us this vehemently. The strong™ Belle moments are all emphasised in some way (like the costumes, as you’ve pointed out), we basically get the feminist messages shoved in our faces. The movie doesn’t give us a subtle message to consider and think about at home. No, we are told a point and we are told to accept it, and fast. At least, that is the impression I got from it, and I found it uncomfortable.

The original movie doesn’t tell us about how a woman needs to be. It’s not about feminist propaganda. It tells us a story in which the heroine is kind and stays that way, and makes the best out of a bad situation in a quiet and gentle way. She’s gentle and peaceful, and that is okay. It has a love story in which one learns to look past the other’s terrible looks and sees the good within, and the other falls in love because of the qualities others laughed at her for. To me, The Beauty and the Beast is a story of acceptance.

Again, I’m not saying that New Belle is bad.

But in replacing Original Belle with New Belle and told that the latter is better and modern, we are told that the original Belle’s in this world are outdated. A thing of the past. That we should change to be like New Belle. That we aren’t enough anymore.

So this isn’t actually just a little problem. Because maybe 9 out of 10 people don’t see it that way, but the tenth? The one who grew up wanting to be just like Belle, who had posters of her all over their bedroom, who felt this Belle was their friend who would love them if they were real, who felt encouraged every time they watched the movie?

To them, seeing the new Belle will be disappointed at best, and devastated at worst. It’s like seeing a beloved friend pushed into the shadows for the louder and shinier twin sister, and not being able to do anything.

And what makes this even sadder, there will now be children who’ll grow up never knowing the original Belle.

I don’t know about you, but I think that prospect sounds really lonely.

So I hope that some people will now better understand the significance of this controversy. Absynthe–minded, I fully support you, and I wish you courage. Please know that you’re opinions are valid, you are valid, and what you do gives courage to a lot of people out there.

Thank you for being you.

okay like

this is the nicest thing anybody has said to me about this project? And also just… thank you. For understanding, and for Getting It. Thank you so much.

Pentagon reacting to s/o masturbating


You’d be at home thinking jinho wouldn’t be home till much later. You for some reason were very horny this evening. So after you finished eating dinner BY YOURSELF, and took a shower you’d dim the lights to give a more erotic feel to the room. After, you’d lie down on the bed and put the covers over yourself. You start by just rubbing through your underwear, and gradually began groping your breasts, letting out little moans as you started rubbing faster.

You didn’t hear jinho let himself in, because you were in your own world getting more and more intense with every stroke of your finger. Your underwear was getting moist so you decided to get it out of the way-

“Jagi?” Jinho would say staring at you with shocked eyes.

You were so shocked and slightly embarrassed you didn’t respond

“Uh-oh my god I’ll let you finish,” he’d say shutting the door and speed walking to the kitchen(to eat his confusion)


Hui never spends weeknights with you because he always has some sort of schedule. It was Friday night and you were feeling horny and since Hui wasn’t coming home till tomorrow morning, so you decided that tonight you’d masturbate. You preferred to hump a pillow, because it reminded you of the motion of grinding. So you left your underwear on and put a pillow between your legs. You first straddled the pillow while sitting up, and groping your breasts, you then started grinding on top of the pillow. You increased you speed little by little-

“Jagiya~” Hui would say walking into the the room with a bunch of bags.

Hui stops in his steps and says “oh my god” covering his eyes with the bags in his hands, and starts chuckling to himself.


You routinely masturbated once a week because Edawn wasn’t always home to satisfy your womanly urges. You’d pamper yourself; bubble baths, putting lotion on etc to get yourself in the mood. You laid on the couch with a tablet next to you and you turned on some of your favorite porn(to pace yourself). You started by just touching your breasts and flicking your own nipples and dragging your hand down your body. You let out little moans here-and-there that encouraged you to be a little rougher with yourself. You moved your fingers faster and faster gripping your breasts harder and harder, moaning louder running out of breath. You were getting so close-

“Jagi~I’m sorry I’m late, I bought your favorite cake from the bakery” Edawn said walking into the room.

You couldn’t stop now, you were about to finish. So you kept going, Edawn just watching.

He’d look at you with a giant smirk and tell you to continue.


YeoOne was actually home that day, but he went out for a little bit. You suddenly felt a rush of ecstasy shoot through your body, and you didn’t know when YeoOne would get home so you thought you could quickly get yourself off without him. You took off your pants and laid on the bed with your knees up. You started relatively softly you gently played with your clit sending sparks through your body. You insert two fingers into your pussy while flicking you nipples-

“Y/N I’m home!” YeoOne said walking into the bedroom

He walks in and sees you half naked two fingers in your pussy, gripping one boob. He covers his eyes and says

“Honey, why are you doing this in the middle of the day? Do you want me to help?” With a mischievous voice.


You and Shinwon were lying in bed together. Shinwon was being really touchy tonight, grabbing your hips and gently rubbing your inner thighs. You thought tonight Shinwon was tryna hint at having sex tonight, until he kissed you on the cheek and turned over and fell asleep. Shinwon already put you in the mood to fuck though, so you were just lying there wet and wanting(poor thing). You decided that since Shinwon didn’t finish what he started, you put your hand in your underwear and began rubbing your clit, flicking your nipple. You tried to keep your moans to a quiet purr here and there. Suddenly you felt a large hand grab your butt cheek and you almost screamed.

“Jagi~ ottoke are you masturbating?” he’d say with a chuckle.

“Yes, because you got me like this” you’d say while making a pouty face.

“I just wanted to see what you would do. Do you masturbate a lot when I’m gone” he asks you innocently.

This turns into a long cute conversation about you masturbating without him.


Yanan was at Cube for some after hours promoting. He wasn’t gonna be home tonight, which you were used to. Whenever you missed Yanan you felt both horny and hungry, but since you already ate you decided to pull out your trusty vibrator. You lied down on the couch and let your mind go blank. You started by just playing with your breasts and gently thrusting your body on your body pillow. Soon after you took out your vibrator and began rubbing it against your clit.

You let out loud moans that encouraged you to keep going.

“Jagi, guess what? I got away early! So I’m all your haha” Yanan says shutting the door behind him.

He spots you on the couch gripping one breast and the vibrator at your vagina. He stops in his steps and asks

“Jagi~ are you feeling okay”

You sit up and nod

“What’s that thing” he’d ask even though he knew what it did and what it was for.

“Just a vibrator I thought you’d be really late tonight” you’d respond

“Does it feel good? Is it strong?” He’d ask you

The rest of the time was spent explaining how you bought it and where you bought it etc.


HongSeok hadn’t been home for 2 months, because of his movie filming. Like any normal girl/woman you missed your man, physically. So you pleasured yourself often. You loved using this cute little Vibrator you bought recently, you took the vibrator and put it on top of your underwear and started groping your breasts, and playing with your nipples. You moaned loudly thrusting your hips with each rub. It was getting more and more intense, until you finally released and felt a surge of pure ecstasy. You took a deep breath wiped the beed of sweat if your forehead, and just lay there trying to catch your breath.

“You’ve really missed me huh?” A voice came from the foot of the bed.

You were surprised to see that it was HongSeok just staring at you with shocked eyes and a slight smirk on his face.


Sometimes fingering yourself feels better than fucking so this morning kino was in the kitchen making breakfast, but you decided to stay in bed. You contemplated between masturbating or just taking a shower to get rid of the feeling. Mastrubation all the way! You started off kind of intensely cause you didn’t want to take too long. You began stripping yourself rubbing your clit, and trying to hold in your moans-

“Jagi, how about we go to this tonight” kino said while walking into the bedroom.

You were almost completely naked so you hid yourself and stopped.

“Y/N are you feeling sick” he’d walk over and touch your forehead.

Kino looked at you up and down and realized you weren’t wearing a shirt.

“Jagi, what are you doing?” He’d ask while trying to pull the covers off you.

“Jagi were you masturbating?! Am I not pleasing you enough!!” He’d say with a shocked face.


You were lying in bed alone tonight, and you starting feeling horny. You slowly started rubbing your clit through your underwear, which made you start moving your hips. You were getting more and more intense, moaning louder and louder. You started running out of breath a bit because all the pleasure, and pressure building up. You kicked the covers off yourself, fully exposing your almost naked body to the air-

The door opens and Yuto quietly enters the room as if not to wake you(little did he know you were WOKE). He finally notices that your fingers are on your pussy and your breasts are fully exposed as he crawls onto the bed.

“Oh my god” he quietly exclaimed while immediately covering his eyes.

You just laugh and wipe the head of sweat forming in your forehead.

Yuto would lean over you and look you up and down chuckle to himself and say “want me to finish what you’ve started?”


Wooseok was home today but he didn’t want to have sex, because he said he didn’t want you to feel like every time he comes home all you do is have sex. Wooseok wanted to show you he loved you not just for your body. You were horny though!! You wanted wooseokie dick, but you knew how adamant he was about this “no sex” weekend. So when Wooseok left for some outings you masturbated for the first time in a while. At first you were a little awkward with yourself, but after you started to relax your body, it started feeling a lot better. You imagined wooseok sucking on your boob and fingering you, while you were quiet aggressively rubbing your clit, you were now moaning loudly, each moan encouraging you to continue-

“Jagi, sorry I have to pee.” Wooseok said rushing past you to the bathroom.

This startled you, but you were super close to finishing so you continued. Wooseok came out of the bathroom, initially shocked but he watched you pleasure yourself then he would walk over to you, smile and say

“I guess you really missed me, want some help?” While unzipping his pants.

Maeve’s note/

Hey whats up im back with another imagine scenario thing. I hope you like it feel free to give me any feedback or REQUEST something. Btw I tried to pick out accurate gifs, but I’m not very good at that(as you can see) So sorry if the gif turns you off (that’s why I put it on the bottom). Also I’ll be posting another less smutty scenario really soon.

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GIRL please tell us more about your love for Dabin

Are you SURE you want to get me started on Dabin?


Okay well here we go!

This is gonna be one of those where I cross out the word hate and replace it with love because I love him so much I hate it.

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Song: Thirst. Point of song where “Aight cool” happens: 0:15

Song: Right Here Right Now. Point of song where “Aight cool” happens: 0:39

Song: Movie Shoot (a song he did with Loco) Point of song where “Aight cool happens: 2:43



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You can see it very well in this gif

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FIFTH, I HATE LOVE HOW HE’S ALWAYS SO CUTE WITH HIS FAN INTERACTIONS. I have some posts from when he’s replied to me on twitter. Just search through the tag “hong dabin is bae”



SEVENTH, I HATE LOVE HOW CONSIDERATE HE IS. Whenever he goes live on instagram or periscope he ALWAYS tries to switch between Korean and English because he wants to make sure everyone understands.

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AND FINALLY, (i’m stopping myself here because this would take me forever otherwise) I HATE LOVE HOW HUMBLE AND THANKFUL HE IS. HE ISN’T COCKY. He’s said many times that he doesn’t know why people find him attractive. I just wanna SQUISH HIS FACE AND TELL HIM HOW IMPORTANT HE IS.

I have SO much love for Dabin. I wouldn’t be able to fit it all in a post that wouldn’t make people pissed because of the sheer size of it. (also i’m sorry to everyone that this is so long already. don’t kill me)

Night In || Jack Maynard

send requests here!

summary: where you and jack have a movie night

word count: 714

request: Can you write an imagine where you and Jack have a movie night?


When Friday night rolled around, Y/N and Jack wanted nothing more than to stay in.  With a hectic week, an infinite amount of meetings, and stress about upcoming events, the pair decided it would be nice to relax for once. And not to say that she didn’t love spending time with his friends, but, it could all be a bit too overwhelming at times.  It was uncommon the two of them could spend time together without being constantly interrupted.

In the year they had been together, they had grown to be each other’s best friends.  Jack often bolstered about how he thought she could be the one, even when his friends explained he was getting a bit ahead of himself.  He didn’t care, it had been too long since any of them felt the way he felt.

When she recommended a movie night, he knew exactly which one she had in mind. She had forced him through it dozens of times, no matter how much he protested.  But Y/N couldn’t help it, it just always put her in a good mood.  Secretly, he loved it too.

“We’re not watching it again, love. It’s a kids movie, Y/N,” Jack insisted, grinning at the thought of knowing she would defend her choice in a heartbeat.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know there was an age limit on enjoying a cinematic masterpiece such as Zootopia! It’s inspirational, you see how Judy Hopps finally becomes a police officer even though no one believed in her and proves everyone wrong! I just need to see it one more time,” she pleaded, knowing she would come out of the argument victorious.

Jack laughed at how personally offended she always became when someone dare insulted her favorite movie of all time.  

“Y/N, you saw it four times when it was out in cinemas.  And probably eighteen more times since then.”

“And it was money and time well spent,” she argued, already searching for the film on the TV.  When she wanted something, she typically got her way.

“Fine, but only because I like that one song in it.”

When the lights were dim, and snacks were settled, she nuzzled her head onto Jack’s chest, the warmth of his body comforting her. He was running his fingers through her hair, watching her as she focused intently on the screen. He didn’t think he would ever get over how mesmerizing she was, or how he got so lucky in the first place. She made his life exciting again, and challenged him everyday in the best ways possible.  Even in situations where she forced him to watch a kids’ movie.  No matter how much time they spent together, he could never get enough of her.  Her presence was addicting in a way he couldn’t quite describe.

Jack was so busy admiring her, he’d lost track of time.  It wasn’t until she nudged him that he realized just how far into the movie they had gotten.

“Your favorite part is coming up,” she said, “they’re gonna play the song.”

“Already?” he questioned, readjusting himself on the couch.  

“Did you zone out, again,” she whined.  Jack not paying attention to movies was a recurring thing.  Either that, or he couldn’t stop talking throughout.  She had no real place to complain, the same often happened to her when it was Jack’s turn to pick.

“No,” he lied.

“Yes you did.”

“Okay, maybe a little,” he confessed, smiling.  

“I cannot believe you would disrespect Judy Hopps like this. You missed her graduation and everything,” she fussed sarcastically.

“I had a good reason,” he protested.

“Oh, really?”


“I’m listening,” she said, sitting up and crossing her arms.

“I was just thinking about how much I love you.”

She pursed her lips, debating what to say next. “Okay, I suppose that’s good enough,” Y/N joked, cuddling close to Jack once more. “I love you too, by the way.  Not as much as I love this movie, but you’re a close second.”

They smiled at each other, and Jack knew he had the right idea, whether his friends agreed or not.  She was the only one he could ever picture himself being with, even if she did insist they watch the same kids’ movie on repeat.

I just saw Cars 3

GUYS. I freaking loved it so much. It’s AMAZING. Please please go see this wonderful movie. In my opinion, I thought it had a similar feel to the first one and as someone who has been a fan of Cars since I first saw it in theaters in 2006, that meant so much to me. Freaking Pixar, man, they really know how to mess with your feels and this movie did just that. IM SO PROUD OF MY SON, LIGHTNING MCQEEN. SO PROUD. Also, can I just say…FREAKING GIRL POWER I LOVE IT. okay I’ll leave it there.

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hi! How are you?😊 I'm just wondering if you have any really good book recommendations? thanks!

Hi Nonny!

Oh gosh, I haven’t read a book in a very long time – I mostly read fan fiction these days! I think the last hard-copy book I read was some young adult fiction about witches which was really good. Though I do have some ultimate fave books that have still stuck with me all these years and I still fondly remember them:

  • Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman: I read this in high school on a whim; the library JUST got it, and I was the first person to borrow it, and I took it because I liked the cover. I was hooked. I don’t remember ALL of the book, but I do know I enjoyed it and probably would read it again. As an aside, I’ve read a LOT of Gaiman’s books. I LOVE THEM. I think Neverwhere is just the one that sticks with me because it was my first Gaiman novel.
  • Official Red Dwarf Novels: Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers, Better Than Life, Last Human, and Backwards by Grant / Naylor: OMG if you love Red Dwarf, you will ADORE these books. They’re essentially AU fan fictions written by the official showrunners / writers, Rob Grant and Doug Naylor. Seriously, they’re written in the same universe, but slight alterations are made enough that it’s literally an AU of the series, so much so that by the third book it is an alternate reality. I wish they would write more. Grant and Naylor are so clever.
  • The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold: The movie really REALLY sucks in comparison to this book; it did not capture it at all. It’s from the POV of a young girl who was murdered, and how the people around her are affected, including her family who are attempting to solve her murder. CW / TW for rape / murder / death / paedophilia – it’s just background stuff relating to the main character’s murderer.
  • The Inkheart Trilogy by Cornelia Funke: OH MY GOD. Okay, I read the first book because of the movie. AND HOLY SHIT IT IS SO MUCH BETTER, so much so to the point that… I don’t really like the movie that much anymore. Seriously, they changed SO MUCH in the movie, and this book is SO good. After I finished the first book, I went out and bought the other two books in the trilogy. I couldn’t put it down. Seriously, it’s a bit meta, and I love it. Read it especially if you love fantasy. Ink Spell is my favourite of the three.

Yeah, so those are what has stuck with me. I have SO MANY BOOKS to still read, but I just can’t tear myself away from Johnlock fanfics, LOL.

I watched Age of Ultron this morning to refresh my memory. It was … a challenge. I took notes. (I actually have a spreadsheet of AoS ep notes, so, yes, notes are a thing I do). Looking at those notes, it seems I yelled kind of frequently. And, I was totally yelling in my mind. This movie falls apart quick. 

Oh well, chore done. *pats self on back*

Below, my notes, if you need your memory refreshed and don’t want to sit through the movie again. See how much I love you guys?

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What should I say? I love crossovers so much X3

I had this idea when I was sketching something of Villainous with an animated villains songs playlist on youtube then “Mother knows best” from Tangled started to play and my mind did the rest ^w^U

Choosing Black Hat clothes was hard but I liked how they turned out. I took a inspiration from Westley from the movie “The princess bride” to do Flug’s mask. Pascal here is Demencia’s hat but alive

I’ll definitely make more drawings about this AU; besides, I really love Flugmencia so I can’t leave this concept just like that. Okay, I hope you like it and sorry if my English sucks

I did actually see Spider-Man: Homecoming today! There are a lot of things I really liked about it. I frickin love that it has a more diverse cast than any MCU movie released so far, and that you can see Jewish kids!! and Muslim kids!!! just randomly chilling out in the background like how they don’t generally on screen. And I loved Ned. That kid is awesome. He even made a fedora adorable. What?

BUT I guess…I can’t quite get over how they translated the female characters to screen. Okay, you’ve got a lovely, sweet Liz Allen, she’s perfect. You’ve got Betty Brant with… with the exact iconic Gwen Stacy look, blonde hair and black hairband, okay I’ll go with that I guess? And then you’ve got Zendaya, the perfect casting choice for Mary Jane Watson, playing someone who has the nickname MJ but is not technically Mary Jane Watson? Okay….? And the message I got from all that is that Peter’s main love interests throughout the years - Liz, Betty, Gwen and Mary Jane - are interchangable in the eyes of these filmmakers, and that really and truly bums me out. Add to that that Aunt May never really gets her due either, and…

Basically, it is a really, really good superhero movie it’s just not a very good Spider-Man movie? I mean… there’s not a single mention of Uncle Ben in there. A Spider-Man film!? That doesn’t mention Uncle Ben!? Come on!

Kurt Wanger Ship Meme

A/N okay i am so sorry this took me so long i expected this to be short but it got really long i just love kurt wagner

  • Who initiated the relationship? (Who asked who out, how they did it, etc).

It was you. You’d liked Kurt for a while, he was just too cute not to, and thanks to Jean you knew he felt the same, but unfortunately he was too shy to make a move. Finally one night you decided to ask him to a movie, ‘like a date’. The poor guy was so flustered he almost couldn’t get a word out! Luckily he accepted and you’ve been dating since then.

  • Who makes Mixtapes for their significant other?

Mostly you. You like to share music with him that he might not have heard yet, and he loves it. However, he also likes to make you mixtapes of his favourite songs.

  • Who kissed who first?

You kissed first. It was after a particularly good date in which you had gone on a picnic, and Kurt was babbling about how nice it had all been. You could kind of tell he wanted to kiss you, but he couldn’t really figure out how to do anything about it. Finally you grabbed him by the collar and kissed him, much to his surprise and delight.  

  • Who said ‘I love you’ first?

Kurt. It was in the middle of a mission, and he was honestly very scared. He wasn’t sure if you would  make it out (okay, maybe he was overreacting, but he worries about you quite a bit), and he ended up just kind of yelling it at you. Sure, it wasn’t the most romantic thing, but you were overjoyed and delighted nonetheless.

  • Who takes pictures of the other when they’re not paying attention?

Kurt takes millions of pictures of you. Jean gave him a Polaroid for his birthday, and he wastes no time capturing almost every moment he spends with you. Although, you swipe it sometimes and take pictures of him. (He objects pretty heavily but it always happens in the end)

  • Who needs to be touching their significant other at all possible moments?

Kurt does. He always needs to feel in contact with you, whether it’s holding your hand, or a hand on your shoulder, or his tail wrapped around you somehow. He can’t bear to feel apart from you for very long.

  • Who asks strange questions late at night when they can’t sleep?

You do. You’ll be laying in bed and a thought will pop into your head and you just have to share it. It could be something deep and meaningful; ‘Do you think there’s such a thing as fate?’, to which he will try to answer to his best, ‘There definitely was when I met you,’; or it can be something completely dumb, ‘How was the platypus even created?’, and he’ll always laugh and say: ‘Go to sleep darling.’

  • Which one is really excited to put up the Holiday decoration, and which one is dreading it?

Listen, Kurt really, really loves putting up holiday decorations, like, a lot. He gets really excited and detailed oriented, while you groan and help begrudgingly. Holidays aren’t really your thing, but you’ll participate because Kurt loves it so much.

  • Who spends more money on (Useless) things?

Kurt buys a lot of stuff, but if you ask him, they’re all very useful and quite needed.

  • Who likes to cuddle more? (Who’s the little spoon? What positions?)

Kurt absolutely LOVES to cuddle, and you’re not opposed to it at all. Generally it switches, but Kurt loves to be the big spoon and wrap around you.

  • Who cooks the best? (best meal? Who burns everything they cook?)

Kurt cooks so well! Both of you are pretty good, but he loves to treat you after a long day.

  • Who is most likely to sleep in?

You are. Kurt is up bright and early to eat breakfast and go on a walk around the Institute’s grounds.

  • Who is the clean freak?

You are. Kurt comes home from missions and is too tired to do much of anything, so most of his stuff gets strewn around and you normally have to go around and tidy up.

  • Long kisses or short kisses?

Both! Short kisses happen all the time; when you’re hanging out, watching movies, or making dinner. Long kisses are when he’s feeling more romantic, or he’s going to be gone for a while and he might not see you.

  • Who’s the first to apologize after a fight?

Kurt, all the time. He can’t stand you being mad at him, and he never stays mad at you for long. He usually shows up at your door with flowers, ice cream, and a movie, a pleading look in his eyes. Of course, you always let him in. He has killer puppy eyes.

  • Who is the flirt? (And who is the romantic?)

Kurt Wagner is SUCH a hopeless romantic. He always does silly little things to show you how much he loves you. Stuff like leaving cute sticky notes all around your room, teleporting you both up to the roof at night to stargaze and have a nice dinner.

  • Who comforts who more often?

Kurt has a rough go of it sometimes, because of the discrimination against mutants, but you’re always there to comfort him (or yell at someone who badmouths him).

  • Who is the most protective over the other?

Kurt is way more protective over you. If someone says so much as one bad thing about you, he will be on them so fast. And it’s not just that, if you’re feeling down about yourself, he will be there in an instant to reassure you and tell you that you mean the world to him.

  • Who kills spiders?

Kurt always does. You tried once and it was horrible and we do not talk about it anymore. All we can say is that a huge spider flew into someone’s mouth and it was not good.

  • Who wants kids more?

Kurt probably does. Of course, it takes a little time for him to get past that fact that his kids might have to go through the same things he did, but he’s come to the decision that with the two of you as parents, your kids wouldn’t have any problems.

  • How many kids?

    Probably two or three. The two of you might not be able to handle more than that, especially with the mutant powers they’d probably have.

  • Who proposed? (How did they do it?)

   Kurt proposed. He got the help of Jean, Ororo, and Peter to transform one of the rooms in the mansion into a private place to eat. He surprised you, leading you down to the room with your eyes closed. Jubilee and Peter stayed outside making sure no one interrupted you (at one point they had to plead their case with Charles. He was surprisingly accepting of the whole thing.) Kurt’s plan had been to ask you near the end; he’d even thought of a small speech to say, but halfway through dinner, he realized it wasn’t how he wanted to propose. Instead of waiting, he stood up from his chair, pulled you with him, and kneeled in front of you. Abandoning his speech, he simply looked into your eyes and said, “(y/n), you make me happier than I ever thought possible. I can’t imagine a day without you, much less the rest of my life. If you’ll have me, I’d love nothing more in the world than to marry y-” at that point you pulled him up to you and kissed him. Jubilee and Peter, who had been listening from outside, burst into the room, rushing to congratulate the two of you. Needless to say, you said yes.

Percy Jackson and the Titanic

This is my first attempt at a Percy Jackson Fanfic, so here you go!

@theinsidiousbookworm @alexfierrno

Tonight was the night. Percy Jackson and his friends were finally going to watch The Titanic after him recommending it at least ten times. Each time they all gave each other weird glances but finally, finally they caved.

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An Unexpected Christmas Miracle

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Written by Danielle 

Category: Christmas fluff 

Word Count: 1562

A/N: OMG GUYS ONLY ONE WEEK UNTIL CHRISTMAS?!?! Happy Holidays to everyone! If you don’t celebrate, I hope you enjoy your holiday! :) I also just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU for over 400 followers?!?!?! It’s been two months now since Christina and I started this blog and I’m just so happy you guys like what we write and post enough to follow us 😭❤️ Thank you!! If you have any requests let us know!! 😊 

New York City is extremely famous for Christmas because of all of the lights, huge Christmas trees, bright lights, ice skating, and cozy snowy weather. The streets are always busy, but during this time of year, everyone has more of a festive cheer in their step. You’ve always loved the holidays and are grateful to spend them in New York City, but this year was different. Due to the crazy snowstorm, your family wouldn’t be able to come this year and that’s what makes Christmas complete in your eyes- spending it with the ones you love. But this year it would just be you and your mom, like any other day. It was a week until Christmas and you still didn’t have a tree yet due to mom’s busy schedule with work. Things started to get overwhelming. It was your favorite time of year and everything was just going wrong. You decided to put your favorite Christmas film on to try and cheer you up. As you got to your favorite part of the movie everything went black. The power went out from the bad weather and you didn’t know when it would be back on. Sadness engulfed you and you ran to your room to get tucked up in bed. Your emotions were already overwhelming you and this had just been the last straw. Picking up your phone, you called the one person you knew who could cheer you up; Peter. He answers after the first ring.

“Hey (Y/N)! Did you lose your power over there too? I was just in the middle of using a microwave and an old VHS player to build- Wait (Y/N)? Are you okay?” You can’t help but smirk a little from already hearing how enthusiastic Peter is, but that doesn’t stop him from hearing your sad sniffles. 

“No..” you let out in a shaky breath. 

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okay so i just watched the mash movie with my dad, and i gotta say i think i might like it better than the show, it’s hard to compare since the movie is so different from the show etc but i liked how heavy it was the whole time, like even when they’re having fun the war is still really looming and hawkeye wasn’t so unrealistically high energy ya know? i love alan alda to death but i really did love donald sutherlands performance

Maknae line find out that you asked hyung line for relationship advice

I made this reaction complementary to yesterday’s reaction~ Please enjoy it well :*

All gifs belong to their rightful creators=owners (please see the urls right under the gifs as always)~. Please support each other and BTS well :***

Al eonni loves all 917 of you <333 At this rate we can really get to 1k by the end of the year I love

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You: “Jimin, let’s go on a date this week~ Let’s go watch a movie~”

Jimin: “Uh…okay! How come you want to go out though? I thought you like being home most?”

You: “I…I was a bit scared you might get bored at my place one day, so last time when I was at the dorm, I asked Hoseok and Namjoon how I could make our relationship more exciting~”

Jimin: “[starts laughing and gets a bit embarrassed] You could have just asked me~^^ Now they are going to ask me questions about it forever~ ” 

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Taehyung: “Hyung, did ______ really come to you to talk about us? What exactly did she say? It wasn’t anything bad, was it?”

Jin: “Ya, you little rascal! [insert gif] She was telling me that you were being way too forward. No more tongue kissing for now, okay? For real, what were you thinking?^^”

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Yoongi: “[Kookie is at his door] What is it? I’m composing and I don’t really have time-”

Kookie: “Hyung! Thank you so much that you gave ______ advice on asking me out. Seriously. I wouldn’t have had the courage to ask her”

Yoongi: “So she’s your girlfriend now? That’s great!”

Kookie: “[insert gif] Thank you, hyung!”

Sugakookie: Happy Together Forever™

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Requested by anonymous

Pairing: Midorima/Takao
Theme: letters

With his parents suddenly needing to take Takao away to see family, Midorima was still unable to be away from the raven’s presence on the court.

It was only a week, but for all five days, something odd happened. After they’d all change and gather on the court, Otsubo would hand Midorima a note, face sour as if he couldn’t believe that he had been put up to this. And on Monday, after Midorima read the note, he couldn’t believe Takao convinced Otsubo to do it.


Don’t forget to wash your laundry! I won’t be there to remind you that you smell!

Aaah… I’ll miss Shin-chan’s sweaty smell…


Midorima couldn’t meet Otsubo’s eyes for the rest of the day. And on Tuesday, there was another note.


Did you eat your lunch today? You get cranky when you don’t, so make sure to have something before practice! I miss eating with Shin-chan… especially drinking milk…

Takao ♥

On Wednesday, another. Thursday, another.

Shin-chan ♥

You don’t want to know what I had to promise to make Otsubo give you these… oh, remember to be nice, okay? They don’t understand that you’re nice on the inside. On the really, really, really, really inside inside.

I like it when Shin-chan’s inside me though~

Takao (Otsubo please tell me you’ve stopped reading these)


PASS THE BALL or I swear you’re not getting any all of next week. And I don’t mean passes.


By Friday, Midorima remembered that Takao had watched some sort of a romantic comedy and giving notes to boys was a sure way to win their heart, the movie had promised. And even though Midorima thought it was stupid, Takao believed it wholeheartedly.

And maybe if the notes weren’t so perverse and completely inappropriate, he would’ve liked them because, he’d admit, they were sweet in a way. But reading one had his face turning bright red and based on the way Otsubo handed them to him, he’d read them too.

But stepping out onto the court, the final note was delivered and Otsubo didn’t seem awkward or flustered at all, instead muttering ‘maybe you don’t need to kill him.’

Dear Shin-chan,

I bet you really missed me this week, right? I did too, you know, which is why I left you these! I’ll stock up on bad jokes to share with you when I get back, okay?


PS: I didn’t need to steal your heart like in that movie, I just wanted you to know how much I love you.