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Close as Strangers: Chapter 10

Close as Strangers: Chapter 10

Word count: 4.5k

Genre: High School au, angst, fluff

Happy Valentines day, lovelies. Thank you if you’re still reading this. Sorry about mistakes, i’m sleepy and just got off work.

Parts:  one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine

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The fact that it was March, almost April, was crazy. You were getting into some different colleges and so was Jungkook. It was weird that sooner or later you’d be departing from each other. You’d been thinking about it so much recently. You knew you two would have the summer and everything. It was just that you had been waiting so long for Jungkook to be yours and then all too soon you would be split up. It was like you couldn’t win.

You were trying not to think about it and obviously it wasn’t working.

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aurelche  asked:

Hello!Can I request a HC in which MC is more of a giver than a taker.And every time the RFA++gives them anything that is material she feels bad.She keeps giving them without wanting anything in return other than their affection and love.I love your b

I gotchu babe.

This might not have been exactly what you wanted, but hopefully it’s good enough…?


  • Hmmm…… I don’t feel like he would notice at first and take it all for granted
  • Don’t get me wrong, he’d happily receive gifts she’d give him randomly, but wouldn’t notice
  • But then, he would notice eventually when he felt like she was giving him too much and not taking enough
  • Honestly, I feel like Yoosung, when he wanted to give MC something, would either scrimp and save to get MC that one really nice and really expensive thing he thinks she’d like, or he would just want to spend a really nice, romantic evening with her
  • And obvs she would enjoy the romantic evening more than an expensive gift because then they can be all cutesy together and kiss and hug and whatever the hell else romantic adults are supposed to do
  • Play LOLOL? (lololololololololol)


  • Jaehee gets MC practical things
  • Spending more and more evenings at her house (totally only watching Zen DVD’s, nothing else)?
  • She gives MC a mug (possibly with her name on it)
  • MC’s doing the baking in the cafe?
  • Jaehee buys her a cute apron she found online
  • She doesn’t realize that MC is so freaking appreciative of these gifts and always feels guilty that Jaehee pays for these things out of pocket
  • MC does the best thing she can think of for Jaehee whenever she can
  • She turns off the alarm clock, gets up early, and takes care of the cafe so that Jaehee can sleep in or take the day off
  • Jaehee always feels guilty about these days, but MC is always happy take repayment in the form of cuddles on the couch while they watch a DVD


  • Ah, with Zen, it’s all about the little things
  • MC leaves him love notes on the fridge everyday because she knows he loves them
  • She kisses him all the time and holds his hand, and he adores that she’s so forward with her affection
  • She cooks, too, and if Zen ever wants to cook for her, he usually has to either alert her ahead of time, or surprise her with a presentation of breakfast in bed
  • MC also likes to find clothes for Zen that she thinks will bring his hotness scale up (not too hot, though, or else she might be in trouble)
  • Her giving nature can be a little bit of a pitfall, however, because, sometimes, she’ll feel jealous when he’s talking to a female fan or coworker and she doesn’t feel like she deserves to feel that way
  • At some point, some tabloid claims he’s dating some model that came to the latest RFA party, and MC goes to Zen and tells him that, if at any point he falls for another woman and wants to end things with her, that’s okay, he just has to tell her
  • He assures her that will never happen (probably pulls out some cheesy romantic line that he remembers in that moment and murmurs it in her ear to make her feel better)
  • With Zen, it’s easy to give him gifts, because he wants exactly what she wants; love and affection from the one they love


  • Oh god
  • Like, no, Jumin would constantly present her with gifts
  • I swear to G, MC would feel guilty 24/7, looking at almost anything he got her
  • If it was expensive, she wouldn’t want to wear/use it because she wouldn’t want to break or lose it
  • Honestly, though, even if she wanted to, she couldn’t keep up with him on returning gifts because the only thing he wants is her
  • MC tries to tell him that she doesn’t want the gifts (not to say she isn’t grateful or she won’t accept them/love them, she just doesn’t want them before hand), she doesn’t need them, and she just wants his love and affection, but his response is usually that he wants to give her everything
  • It’s frustrating and she’s constantly warring with herself, trying to make him happy while also coping with the gifts she receives
  • Maybe MC finds a middle ground for gift giving and manages to find something that would feel equal or superior to Jumin
  • Maybe she starts taking really good pictures of Elizabeth so that he doesn’t have just blurry ones anymore
  • Or she starts painting things for him
  • Maybe she sets up experiences and excursions for when they have days off from work
  • Either way, it would be frustrating for her, if only because he would only grow to love her more for all her gifts and probably present her even more expensive gifts
  • Cue MC trying to rip her hair out


  • MC can sew, so one day, while she’s at home with Saeyoung and Saeran, she whips out her sewing kit and makes little dolls of the three of them
  • Saeyoung thinks it’s so cool when she presents them to him as a gift, and shows them off to Saeran, who promptly grabs his doll form his brother
  • Out of curiosity, Saeran checks the left arm under the sweater and discovers his tattoo, and when he asks about it, MC just explains that he’s great the way he is, so why would she change him?
  • Saeyoung decides to make a exoskeleton for the MC doll so that can control it and has it carry notes from him to MC when he’s busy
  • This starts a small “who can build the best toy for the other” war which results in their house being filled with random toys, 75% of which have a hand sewn element, while 60% have mechanical elements (there’s 35% of overlap)
  • Saeran wades through a pile of toys one day and threatens to sell them because he’s tired of living in this mess
  • This is how they start a toy store
  • She still occasionally makes dolls just for Saeyoung (like one of a little red headed baby when she found out she was pregnant, wearing a onesie that says “My Parents are Error Codes” or “Choi #4”, and when they discover its twins, she makes a second that says “Choi #5”)
  • Saeyoung is Choi #1, Saeran is Choi #2, and MC is Choi #3
  • MC also manages to figure out how to incorporate HBC and Ph.D P into every meal of a healthy, well rounded, meal plan (this just makes Saeyoung love her more)


  • … y'know, I though Jumin might be the worst, and from a certain standpoint, he would, but… V is pretty bad too
  • Like, he feels just as guilty getting gifts too
  • MC gets him a new lens for his camera, he feels bad and wants to return the favor
  • So he gets her a necklace that he saw that he thought she’d like
  • And it just goes back and forth, both of them randomly giving each other small, meaningful gifts to return the favor
  • Emotionally and mentally, though, MC is much better at genuinely helping people (rather than trying to take the burden, like V does)
  • Because of this, MC is the caregiver of their relationship, which makes him a little uncomfortable because he’s just not used to being the one cared for and watched over
  • But he loves it in a guilty-pleasure sort of way


  • Doesn’t really feel a need to buy MC gifts, and doesn’t really understand her desire to give him gifts
  • Probably buys him edgy clothes
  • Like, studded bracelets and Emo stuff
  • One day she just brings home a sweater for him and he immediately just puts it on and doesn’t take it off for the rest of the day
  • In fact, he loves the sweater so much, MC gets him three more
  • His emo stuff is eventually thrown out in favor of cozy clothes, which Saeran didn’t realize he would love so much
  • One day, they’re sitting on the couch and he asks if he should repay her, and she just snuggles up to him and says, “This is all I want.”
  • He doesn’t really understand, but okay

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I felt like drawing Sofia in a big poofy hoodie w/ spooky panties

so I drew Sofia in a big poofy hoodie w/ spooky panties

the hoodie design is from the “Green Hazard” skin for DJ Scully from Killing Floor 2 btw because I thought she’d look good in it and I was totally right

i have a couple more ideas in mind for something of a “casual” lineup of all 3 of my OCs in super casual outfits of course, but I think some other ideas i have in mind are of higher priority so those might be a while.

(also made some slight changes to her design, more on that in the Mod Commentary under the break)

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4x02 Recap - Heavy Lies the Crown (The 100)

This was a quality episode. It’s not gonna jump on to my all time faves list, possibly because pretty much everything was spoiled beforehand (can’t wait to be past the screener eps, honestly), but it was some high calibre shit.

Warning: I am in a foul and irritable mood. If this recap is saltier than usual, I apologise. Unless you like salt, in which case - I did it especially for you!


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anonymous asked:

Hey! Could you write a kuroo/tsukki/ushiwaka imagine where they go meet her parents and they're super nice and everything goes really well and (maybe it ends with a little nsfw 😏😏) thank youuuu

Sorry for the single - and late - update! Trying to keep up with school while coming off my break and dealing with my habit of procrastination!

But this is really cute, I always enjoy meeting the parents situations!


“Parents love me, it’ll be fine,” Kuroo spoke confidently despite his hands nervously gripping at the cuffs of his button down shirt. He had been adjusting his clothing since the moment they left her apartment to head for her parents home. And while he truly believed everything was going to be okay in the long run, he was just as terrified about meeting two of the most important people in her life. He really didn’t know what he’d do without their blessing.

While she had been less fidgety, she had been no less anxious, which had translated into a disruptive sleep pattern for the last week: both of them suffered for it. “You haven’t met my parents then,” the mutter left her lips without the intention of being heard, but Kuroo smiled at them as he stopped her halfway up to the front door so he could look at her.

“Hey, don’t worry,” he gave a small chuckle, his hand rising to lift her chin in the slightest, “I got this.” Their mouths fell together then, quickly finding their familiar rhythm as his fingers dug into the locks of her hair. Yup, this was the booster he needed before he–

“[First Name]?” the voice was that of a man’s and since no one else lived in the home behind him but her parents, Kuroo assumed it was her father that had just caught them making out on his front patio.

Very good start.

Turning quickly, Kuroo threw on as charming a smile he could muster after being caught in the act as his hand reached out to the man. “Hello, sir, Kuroo Tetsurou,” he introduced, voice coming across louder than he originally intended.

While his hand remained alone in midair a second longer than necessary, Kuroo was glad to receive a cordial handshake followed by a gesture to come inside. Turning back to her, he gave a wide grin and a thumbs up to accompany it.

He’d make sure this night went well.

It was not going well.

Not only had he screwed before even really meeting them, but he continued to mess up through the entire evening. Tsukishima had spoken too much, apparently, and in turn of trying to correct it, had been too silent it was borderline disrespectful. He didn’t know how to tip toe his way through and out of this situation. And it didn’t help that her father was staring down the hand she had placed on his thigh disapprovingly - which would end just as badly as everything else if he kept it in place of made her move it.

God, what had originally convinced him that this would go well?

“And you’ll be joining us again, won’t you, Tsukishima?” the question had caught him off guard, his gaze rising to her mother who smiled brightly at him. Despite the spilling of sticky soda all over the carpet she still wanted her to bring him back with her.

His mouth opened but no sound came out right away, his gaze moving to her next to him when he felt her fingers lacing with his own. “Uh, of course,” he answered then, eyes returning to her parents, a small smile touching at his lips. Because he did want to come back. He did want to be a part of their family.

Ushijima still tried to wrap his mind around how the evening had actually gone as they drove back to her place, his eyes straight ahead with her hand resting on his thigh, thumb stroking casually. It had gone well, more than well with both parents expressing their desire to see him again soon. And really, it was a stress off his shoulders knowing that he didn’t have to worry about her parents not approving of him.

Though it definitely was an achievement, he hadn’t anticipated the award that he was to get the moment he parked the car in the driveway. Her seatbelt was unbuckled quickly and she closed the space between them to sloppily slot their mouths together. Ushijima’s reaction was kick, his hand rising to tangle into her hair and deepen their kiss, unquestionably helping her as she maneuvered over the center counsel to settle into his lap.

His fingers pressed into the flesh of her thigh, wasting no time in traveling up the skin underneath her skirt. Where he expected to run into the fabric of her panties, he found simply more skin, producing a growl from his throat as he nipped at her lip. She gave a laugh, hips shifting closer to his, her arms draping over his shoulders and around the seat of the car.

Little more needed to be said between them. She was grateful for him taking the time to meet her family and he was happy just to have them like him from a first impression; what more reason did they need to remove only what was needed in that limited space for their bodies to join? With her face pressed against his neck and his hands pulling her hips to his with every thrust, they knew just how blessed they each were to be in each other embrace. And with each bliss invoked sigh or ecstasy produced groan that came from them, they knew they would continue to be.

Joora(ish) Drabble-- Prompt: Eva

Eva was going on four minutes late.

Really it shouldn’t be all that much of a surprise because, like, Noora knew how Eva was. Sometimes she got so caught up in the moment that meeting will escape her mind. And honestly she wouldn’t be surprised if Eva ended up being fifteen minutes later, or twenty minutes, or maybe she completely forgot and Noora should call her to maybe reschedule-

And then there was a flash of dark hair and a grin and Noora was torn in between oh thank god and shit fuck why.

“I’m here!” Eva swept into KB with all of the grace of an excited puppy. Noora smiled tightly at her, sipping her already lukewarm coffee and taking deep breaths; deep enough to maybe calm the erratic heartbeats threatening to beat right out of her chest.

“Hi,” Eva said, sitting down and pulling a deep sip of coffee, “Thank god. Today has been weird. While I was walking here, I was stopped by this man who was looking for his dog, but I was like, hmmmmm stranger-danger, you know? But he looked like Magnus if Magnus was like 30 years older and-” Eva paused and took another sip, waving off her story, “Anyway. Hi Noora.”

“Hey,” Noora pulled a strand of hair behind her ears, “Umm- what kind of coffee did you get?”

What kind of coffee did you get? Fucking hell.

Eva’s eyes sharpened, “Oh no. What is it? Is everyone okay? Eskild? Oh god- is William back in town?”

Which, snort. If he was, Noora would be the last to know about it, and the last to care.

“No, no nothing like that. I just-” And fuck this was much harder than she thought it would be. “I just wanted to talk to you about something.”

“Okay…” When Noora couldn’t quite open her mouth to respond, Eva gave her an exasperated look, “Nooooorraaaaaa, hallo? What’s going on?”

And she should just rip it off like a band aid right? That was the easiest way to go about things.

“I like someone.”

Okay maybe baby steps would be better.

Eva lights up, “No way! Who? Do I know him?”

“Ummm.” Noora bit at her lip, and looked down to study her chipping nail polish, “Well…”


“It’s Jonas.”

Silence. She could barely risk a glance up. But when she did, Eva just blinked at her. Her lips were parted just the tiniest bit and then she smoothed them out with a quick shake of her head, “Jonas? Like my Jonas? I mean, not like my Jonas but like- Jonas, Jonas?”

Noora let out a careful breath, “Yeah. It’s not- I didn’t mean for- We just have a couple of classes together and he’s- he’s really cool and we grabbed lunch the other day and then dinner- and then. Fuck, Eva, I don’t know what to say.”

“You and Jonas?” Eva took another careful sip of her coffee, eyes wide like she couldn’t quite believe what she was hearing. And Noora’s stomach was so tied up that it actually hurt, because fuck, why was she like this? Always falling for the guys that could bring her best friend’s the most pain?

“Holy shit, you guys would make such hot babies.”

Noora blinked, “Wait, what?”

“Holy shit, Noora! Yes! It took me a second but I am seeing this now. You and Jonas, taking no shit. Discussing capitalism and like- feminism and taking down The Man. Wow- Noora Vasquez, huh?”

“Whoa whoa whoa,” Nooa put the brakes on that one real fast, “Noora Nothing. We’ve just been hanging out a bit- wait you’re okay with this?”

Eva snorted, “Jonas and I- we were never going to work out. He’s too smart for me-”

No, he’s not!”

“Whatever, but you two could literally run Norway. This is like couple goals. I just pictured you guys in like- sitting in a private jet drinking champagne and in expensive designer clothes-”

Noora laid her forehead down on the table and groaned, “Oh my god. I literally love you so much. Eva, really.”

“Pshh,” Eva flicks Noora’s head, “Wait so does Jonas know you like him? I’m going to need the full story on this.”

Noora groaned a bit louder.

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If you're still doing Skimmons prompts could you do a high school AU where Skye and Jemma are -and have been for a while- dating and they start to have sex at Skye's foster home (no smut needed just to let the audience know they are) and May, Skye's current foster mother walks in and Just walks back out. Skye freaks out and Jemma has to console her. (Turns out May has a girlfriend of her own)

on AO3 

“I think I’m going to run away.”

Jemma rolls her eyes. “Skye, don’t be so dramatic.”

“No, I’m serious.” She’s got an odd look about her: mouth slightly agape, eyes far away, the left one twitching just a bit. “It’s the only course of action.”

“So, May caught us having sex. It’s not that bad.”

“Jemma.” Skye’s gaze finds Jemma. She slaps a hand on the bed to emphasize. “Jemma. Do you even hear what just came out of your mouth?”

“This happens all the time, Skye.” Jemma’s nose scrunches. “Probably.”

“To who?” Skye flops dramatically back on the bed, covering her face.

Jemma is sat on Skye’s desk chair, now fully clothed. They felt putting a little distance between them was for the best, considering what had just happened. “To ’whom’,” Jemma corrects absentmindedly.

“Oh my god,” Skye groans. “Look, I’m just- I have to run away, okay? I can’t face her after this.”

“We’re not children, Skye. We’re 17, almost adults. Seventeen year olds sometimes have sex. May knows this. I really don’t think this is going to be Earth-shattering to her, just awkward. And it’s not like we don’t love each other.”

“Yeah, but she doesn’t even know you’re my girlfriend. Shit, she doesn’t even know I like girls.”

“Well … I think she knows now.”

Skye sits up abruptly, face ashen. “What if she’s not okay with it?”

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After mission cuddles

 (A/N): I kinda differed from the request and there wasn’t very many cuddles in here but It did involve a lot of caring Wanda so I hope that’s okay too! 

Request: A fluffy Wanda x reader where the reader gets extremely cuddly after a long mission and uses Wanda as a teddybear

Warnings: none

Tags: @mcuimxgine, @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x, @saradi1018, @holland-toms, @superwholockian309, @fly-f0rever, @capbuckthor 

Originally posted by mcu-cast

   Wanda smiled as (Y/N) walked through the door of their part of the compound, the area strictly made for the two of them. They looked beat down at best, littered with bruises and cuts and more than enough sweat than training could procure. 

    “Hard mission?” Wanda asks softly, setting down the book she’d been reading. (Y/N) chuckles lightly, nodding as they wince a bit. Wanda’s eyebrows furrow in worry as she stands up, walking to (Y/N)’s side to check up on them. 

  “ ’M okay Wanda,” they lightly pat her arm, smiling at her softly. “Just a little sore,”

    “(Y/N), clothes off,” Wanda deadpans, giving them her best butch face. 

   "Wanda, I’d really love to have sex right now but-“ Wanda sighs in agitation causing (Y/N) to smirk just a bit. "I know, I know, now isn’t the time for jokes. But uh- I can’t really lift my arms up at the moment, mind helping?” Wanda nodded affirmatively as she slowly inched (Y/N)’s sweat soaked suit off their body, wincing when she got a look at their chest. 

    “(Y/N),” Wanda murmurs as she trails her fingers along one giant and flaming bruise, smack in the middle of (Y/N)’s chest. 

    “Ow,” (Y/N) winces, shying away from Wanda’s hand as they do.

    “Okay,” Wanda whispers as she retracts her hand, her mind already going a million places at once. “You’re going to go take a bath while I get your some medicine, afterwards you’re going to ice this as you lay in bed," 

    "Demanding,” (Y/N) smirks despite the ache and burn of their limbs. “I like it,” Wanda can’t help but crack a small smile at (Y/N), despite their situation. 

   "Whatever,“ Wanda murmurs fondly. "Lets go get you in the tub,” and with some difficulty the two were able to get (Y/N) in the tub, even if it was just for a few minutes. “I’ll be right back,” Wanda whispers as she presses a kiss to (Y/N)’s forehead.

   (Y/N) hums softly in satisfaction as Wanda’s lips caress their skin, murmuring something in disappointment when she pulled away. Before (Y/N) could reach out and grab at Wanda she escaped, walking to their kitchen to grab some water and strong Ibuprofen. Not even a minute later she returned, medicine in one hand and glass in the other.

    “Here, take this,” Wanda handed the pills to (Y/N) and the glass afterwards, taking them back when (Y/N) had finished. Then, wordlessly, Wanda sat on the edge of the tub, reaching her to grab some shampoo and soap. 

    “Wanda?” (Y/N) questions, one of their droopy eyes cracking open. “What are you-”

    “Close your eyes,” Wanda whispers, her tone soft and loving. “I don’t want to get shampoo in them,”

    (Y/N) does as told, closing their eyes as Wanda applied the shampoo to their hair, working it through the strands gently but thoroughly. Afterwards she washed it out, being mindful of (Y/N)’s eyes and cuts. Then she gently conditioned their hair, following the same process as before. Then came the soap part, with the gentlest hands known to man Wanda gently rubbed the soap along (Y/N)’s body, cleaning every spot of them she could.

    “You ready to get out?” Wands asks, smirking when (Y/N) hums in displeasure. “There is a nice warm bed calling your name,” Wanda taunts in a singsongish voice. (Y/N) seems to think about it for a minute before nodding, muttering something incoherent as they do. With a smile Wanda reaches over to drain the tub, quickly standing to assist (Y/N) in getting up and drying off. 

   "I’ve laid out some clothes for you,“ Wanda gently kisses (Y/N)’s nose, smiling when (Y/N) chuckled softly. 

    "Wanda, you’re the best,” (Y/N) whispers, yawning as Wanda began to dry their hair. 

    “Hmm, I know I am,” Wanda smirked as she set the towel aside, deciding On whether or not she’d dried every part of (Y/N) but her little evaluation cut short when (Y/N) gave a shiver, little goosebumps popping up all along their skin. "I’ll go grab your the clothes,“ Wanda mutters as she leaves the bathroom, returning a moment later with a large shirt and soft shorts for (Y/N) to wear. "I can help you dress if you want me to,” Wanda whispers as she hands the clothes to (Y/N). (Y/N) nods silently, sheepishly smiling at Wanda as they do. With a small smile Wanda assists (Y/N) into the shorts, their shirt following soon after. “Want me to blow dry your hair too?” Wanda asks as she runs her fingers through (Y/N)’s soaked locks, untangling it softly. 

   “Can we just lay in bed?” (Y/N) responds, rubbing at their eyes sleepily. Wanda smiles a bit more, her heart fluttering at the small action. 

   “Of course we can,” Wanda reaches out and takes (Y/N) hand, gently guiding them to their soft bed. With some difficulty (Y/N) lays down, only wincing in pain every so often. 

    “You’re gonna join me, right?” (Y/N) asks, staring up at Wanda with wide, doe like eyes. 

   “If you want me to,” Wanda smiles, chuckling softly when (Y/N) began to tug her down. 

   “I’d love if you joined me,” Wanda nodded, slipping in beside (Y/N) slowly so as not to hurt them further. Once Wanda had finally settled against the bed she sighed, a sleepy smile overtaking her features. 

   (Y/N) gently settles back against Wanda, a small noise of contentment falling from their lips when Wanda reached up to lightly scratch at their scalp. One of Wanda’s arms wrapped around their waist lightly, the other gently playing with (Y/N)’s still soaked strands. 

   “I love you (Y/N),” Wanda whispers but (Y/N) didn’t hear, the minute Wanda started playing with their hair they were out, smiling softly in their dreams. 

I’ve started playing the game “Several Shades of Sadism” some weeks ago because it looked really cool. At that time there were only three routes out: Chiaki’s, Minami’s and Toma’s. But recently Mei’s route came out, so only Rei and Shizuka are missing. I hope that Murayama will also get a route or that the brothers will have a second route. That would be so cool 😍

Before installing the game, I only saw some pictures and I don’t know why but I was totally attracted to Chiaki. And when I found out that Hino Satoshi was his seiyuu, I was literally screaming. I’m also really excited for Shizuka cause Kaji Yuki is his’ voice actor 😂
So I started with Chiaki’s route and I really liked it. It was a nice and sweet story and I also loved how the father tried to seperate Chiaki and the MC and the MC wanted to leave so she wouldn’t trouble Chiaki. But he stopped her and opposed his father. That was really sweet and I just loved his route.

Unfortunately, I only got the normal ending. But that ending was okay and I got a cute picture. Now I’m trying to get the happy ending and I am really curious how that ending will be.

During the route there are missions where you have to buy clothes so that you are led to either a sweet route or a normal route. And after some certain chapters you can buy extra chapters and can get a picture if I’m not mistaken. But I haven’t paid for this game so I always chose the normal routes and also haven’t read the extra chapters… 😣
Maybe I will try to get those points by installing some games :)

anonymous asked:

OKAY! So I just had this idea for the reader watching Yondu with his Yaka arrow and asking him how precise he is and he decides to show them 😏 so the reader end up with her clothes shredded by the arrow and maybe light scratches (Cause Yondu is too adorable to really hurt the reader)


BAP’s Reaction to: Your GG Doing a Sexy Concept

Yongguk: blunt gukkie wasted no time in pressing you against a wall, whispering in your ear how much he enjoyed the concept and what it made him want to do to you

Originally posted by yong-guks

Himchan: he’s known to be a “mother” to the boys, always nagging and taking care of them. So when he sees you after your performance, he first asks if you feel comfortable in the clothing and that you weren’t pressured into it by your manager. Then he asks if your feet hurt from the heels or if you’re too cold/warm. Once he’s sure his baby is okay, he’ll admit that he thinks you look really sexy – “Not that I want to force you into something but if you’re willing …”

Originally posted by bap-in-motion

Daehyun: has said he likes women with sweet images but there’s just something so entrancing about seeing the woman he loves sway her hips and perform flawlessly. It wasn’t just the clothing that was sexy but the confident aura you exuded while wearing it. He tries not to clap too enthusiastically as your gg finishes and the music fades out

Originally posted by daesbulge

Youngjae: I think I’ve read somewhere that he doesn’t want his gf to wear revealing clothing so I think he might be the most uncomfortable with seeing you doing a sexy concept. tbh he’s more uncomfortable about the rest of the world seeing it than anything else. He’s not rude about it though; he praises your performance, tells you your gg just gets better and better. But lowkey shows his dislike by draping his jacket over your shoulders or saying “you must be cold in something so … short?”

Originally posted by jaelo

Jongup: this angel is so pure and innocent that he doesn’t understand the sly smirks he’s getting. He only sees his amazing gf wowing the crowd with her talent

Originally posted by daegerous

Zelo: felt really awkward since he didn’t know how to react to seeing his gf like that. Of course he likes it but he feels weird about having his hyungs around while your gg performs the sexy concept

Originally posted by ninichu

Characters in BNHA that I really, really want to see interact more:


Bakugou and Uraraka:

After their fight at the sports festival, I really want to see more of the two of them. Perhaps even a second fight, since they grew a lot over the course of the series, and especially Uraraka got better at fighting.


Bakugou and Shouto:

Yep, again, Bakugou is one of them. You can’t tell me he won’t ever want a rematch against Shouto, since the latter held back in their first fight, and Bakugou can’t stand it when someone holds back on him.


Izuku and Gran Torino:

I mean, come on – a man who worked with both Nana and Toshinori, went as far as to become a teacher just for the latter’s sake and instantly jumped on the opportunity to train Izuku, too? I definitely want to see more of their interactions. Especially now that Izuku knows more about Toshinori’s past – at least he knows about Nana now – and Gran Torino kept hinting at All Might’s true name during Izuku’s stay. There is a lot that this old hero has to tell Izuku (and, yeah, I want him to become an adopted Grandpa for Izuku, alright, I got caught.)


Gran Torino and Recovery Girl:

The two old veterans who constantly worry over Toshinori and Izuku, each in their own way. Do they perhaps already know each other, since Gran Torino was once a teacher at U.A.? Did Recovery Girl know Nana, too? Even if they don’t know each other yet, I’m so here for sassy old people laying down the law.


Naomasa and Toshinori:

Since when have they known each other? How come that Naomasa is one of the few people who was allowed to see Toshinori’s true appearance? I want to know everything about those two. I think they are something like best friends, but they haven’t interacted much now, and I think that’s a pity.


Naomasa and Izuku:

Pretty much the same reason as the one for Gran Torino. Naomasa is another person who obviously has known Toshinori for a long time, and Izuku is Toshinori’s first-ever-student and his successor. I would love to see best friend and student interact a bit, since they both care a lot for Toshinori. Plus, I’m sure they would be quite curious to get to know each other.


Hagakure Tooru and everyone in Class 1-A:

I’m not saying that Tooru doesn’t get screen time often, since I guess it’s really hard for Horikoshi to give twenty children equal screen time, but… I think Tooru is one of the students we don’t know much about. Has she always been invisible? Does she feel kinda left out sometimes – since she only can be seen when she is wearing clothes, and nobody will ever be able to really look at her? I want to know.


Satou, Shouji, Sero, Tokoyami and everyone:

Pretty much the same reasoning as for Tooru. I want to know everything there is to know about all the students of Class 1-A. I just love those kids.


Present Mic and Ms. Jokes and Midnight:

That’s my teachers squad, okay. My “They-would-drive-Aizawa-up-the-wall”-squad. Those three would hit it off immediately, I’m sure of it, and it would be hilarious.


Aizawa and Sansan:

Man who loves cats and a cat-human. ‘Nough said. They need to meet again and become best buddies.


Mei Hatsume and Izuku Midoriya:

A girl who loves to invent and design and a boy who is a nerd who takes notes and designed his own hero-outfit. Two nerds, basically. They would hang out and design super cool new stuff like outfits, weapons and more, I’m sure of it.


Hisashi Midoriya in general:

I’m not even convinced of his existence yet. Never seen, never mentioned, he’s a phantom. Until proven otherwise, Toshinori is Izuku’s Dad. There we go.

(But honestly, Horikoshi, give us something about this guy.)

I just really love Jamila okay

It’s so important that she exists, especially in the current climate of POC not getting much representation.

HER isn’t super wealthy or well-known but they still managed to put a well-educated, well-spoken british-egyptian muslim woman who wears hijab in their game, make her an important character, and bring her back as a phone character for a later game.

And as someone who wears hijab, it’s exciting that HER portrayed her clothes accurately. Her hijab is tied the way most egyptian women tie it, she’s wearing a long-sleeved shirt under her tunic to keep her neck/arms covered, her tunic is long enough to cover her rear, her pants aren’t form-fitting…they definitely took the time to dress her the way a hijabi might dress, without making her frumpy or dull.

And the whole “daughters of nefertari” thing is cool too. I doubt HER knew about this when they made the game, but it’s super important that she’s muslim and still completing this mission. Nefertari was Ramses II’s wife, right? And Ramses II was the pharaoh pitted against Musa (Moses). Which means that in order for the women in Jamila’s family to receive this mission of recovering the queen’s mummy, they couldn’t have converted until years–maybe centuries–down the line.

AND YET–they keep their word. They are muslims now, yet the women of the el-dine family are bound to their promise. Which is a big deal in Islam–if you promise something you are supposed to follow through. The fact that Nefertari was Ramses II’s wife doesn’t mean her corpse deserves ill-treatment. So here Jamila is, like her mother before her and every woman in her family before her, fulfilling the promise her family made thousands of years ago.

I just really love Jamila okay I will never love a game character more than her.

Practically Perfect | Oh Sehun


Word Count -1.8k

Summary - In which your best friend keeps insisting for you to date her boyfriends friend and you refuse to meet him. Little do you know that fate had exactly that planned for you…



“I shall be alone forever and I’m fine with it” I ended the on-going debate about my ever-so happening  love life, flopping down on the couch as she simply rolled her eyes at my persistent words

“Well, you shouldn’t be hun” She trailed.

“You should be happy, that you have a perfect boyfriend and a perfect life” I sighed.

“Don’t you think I’d want that for my Best Friend too?” She asked.

“Not everyone’s perception of perfect is the same hun. Trust me, I’m fine” I lied. She gave me a slight nod and went on with her report on her laptop, but I knew she wasn’t satisfied with my answer. Relationships aren’t really my thing. That’s a lie; I just don’t know how to keep one. I just like to stay in my own bubble considering the fact that I am the most socially awkward person on earth.

“So Luhan’s friends are going to come over in a few.” She informed. “I was thinking you’d want to meet them” She suggested. In case you want to know, she has been in a secret relationship with Luhan; secret being required as he is a part of one of the biggest boy groups in K-pop. Yeah, no thanks. Now, I might be coming off as rude, or unsociable but give me a break. I already went to that party last week. So the amount energy and effort I will put into meeting someone new is running very low at the moment.

“Great! So that you can set me up with one of those dimwits” I rolled my eyes and she gave me a glare

“They’re not dimwits, they’re actually great guys” She sighed, looking up at me

“Great! Okay. How about, you sit here and make me a list of all of the reasons why they’re great guys, while I go on a little drive to clear my mind” I emptily suggested, getting up and grabbing my bag

“You’re going to have to socialize with someone sooner or later Y/N” I heard Y/BF/N exclaim from behind me

“I choose later.” I laughed as I went out the door. The fact that I’m 20 years old and people had to force me to get out and socialize was quite worrying, but oh well!

My aimless drive brought me to the front of a small bubble-tea shop that I’d been contemplating to visit for a while, so I decided now was a good time to try something new since I’m clearly not capable of doing that naturally. Standing in line, I began to search through the menu on wall, my only view blocker being the lean figure of a fairly young looking guy standing in front of me. Subconsciously analysing his tall and pale form, I mindlessly began to walk forward just as he turned around to return to his place, causing us both of us to collide. The absolutely best part being, the fact that he spilled his chocolate tea all over my white sweatshirt! Perfect. Now I had a huge chocolate stain on my favourite sweatshirt and whoop! Everyone can see my bra. How. Bloody.Wonderful.

“Omo! I waited half an hour for that bubble-tea!” The boy whined, the depth of his voice shining through. Damn! It’s going to be hard to get mad at him. Light-brown fringe sticking to his ever so slightly dampened forehead as he carried an annoyed scowl; he hinted how much he was pissed about his tea. He was wearing a tank top that showcased his muscles as he moved. He was well built with beautifully sculpted biceps and lean, long and toned legs. He noticed me basically checking him out, so I quickly retorted from analysing his body, to analysing how mad I was at him.

“Well next time you should see where you’re going!” I snapped, trying not to get too annoyed as he rolled his eyes.

“An apology would be appreciated” He simply said pushing my annoyance level to its highest point

“Are you being serious!? You just spilled all of your freaking bubble-tea all over my WHITE sweatshirt! And you demand an apology!?” I finally lashed out. By this time he looked furious and it seemed like we were the current centre of attention.

“Seriously, you’re making a scene out of nothing. Just apologise and we’ll call it even” He half requested, half- demanded and I lost it.

“If I don’t think I’m in the wrong, I will never apologise” I sent him a sickening sarcastic smile .I soon took a note of my surroundings and realised that literally everyone at the café were staring at us and I started feeling really self-conscious. I pulled out my wallet and slapped notes into his hand. “Pay for your precious tea” I rolled my eyes as I dashed out of the café feeling extremely awkward.

I drove straight back to my house and walked in on Y/BF/N and Luhan making out on the couch. There’s an image for ya! But the pissed off expression on my face and the huge stain on my sweatshirt, kind of broke them apart.

“You okay Y/N?” Y/BF/N asked wearing a worried expression on her face, getting up and sorting her clothes out.

“Yeah! Yeah. I’m perfectly fine! A complete and utter asshole spilled his bubble-tea all over my new white sweatshirt, made a huge deal about how I should’ve apologised and now I’m really pissed off! But I’m fine!” I yelled.

“Right… That seems like something Sehun would do” Chuckled Luhan and I shot him a death glare.

“Okay. You might want to get changed Baekhyun and Sehun will be here in a few” She informed and I just groaned and went up to my room. Y/BF/N was the mom of the house I guess, but it’s one of the things I love about her. I took a shower trying to get rid of the stickiness -although I didn’t mind smelling like chocolate-  and changed into comfier clothes.

I flopped down on onto my bed and went straight onto my phone. In the process of aimlessly scrolling through my Tumblr dashboard, I heard a familiar voice entering the living room and things seemed quite suspicious. As I walked out of my bedroom, I stopped dead on my tracks. It was him.

“You!?”  We both exclaimed as we caught a glimpse of each other from across the room. I also spotted a tall black haired guy sprawled across our sofa, looking up from his phone to watch the show that was about to go down.

"Well, you two have clearly met…” Luhan awkwardly trailed

“Yeah, no kidding! This is the asshole I was talking about! Thanks for ruining the sweatshirt by the way” I snapped as he simply rolled his eyes

“This is the clutz I was talking about. Still have the stain” He pointed towards his now sticky white tank-top and it was now my turn to roll my eyes. Eye-liner guy seemed to be enjoying this whole scene as he kept giggling

“Okay Y/N, calm down. It was just an accident. I think you should be the bigger person and just apologise to him” Y/BF/N came beside me and calmed me down as I rolled my eyes

“I’ll be in my room” I huffed stomping away

Sehun’s POV

I had to admit, I was a d*ck about wanting her to apologise. I mean it was clearly my fault, but it was something about admitting my mistake to her that didn’t seem appealing. I know, I’m a d*ck. But did anyone notice how her (Y/E/C) eyes sparked whenever she talked to me, or how her sharp jaw clenched whenever she was angry. She’s pretty hot, I mean I was going to make a move at the café, but we weren’t exactly in liking position.

“You want to change into a fresh T-shirt” Luhan asked patting me on the shoulder as he got up from the couch and I nodded. “I’ll go get you one” He said

“Lu! Could you get me the dip from the shelf” His girlfriend requested and he gave me an apologetic look

“It’s a small flat, just go down the hall and it’s the second door to the right. Make sure you don’t get the wrong door, you wouldn’t want to encounter an angry Y/N” He chuckled.

I lightly laughed and made my way down the hall. By the time I was in the hallway, I was already confused as to which door I was looking for. I just grabbed onto a random handle and stumbled into the exact room I wasn’t supposed to be in. I innocently smiled and looked up at her scowling face

“May I help you?” She asked not-so-sincerely

“Ohm, Y/BF/N’s room? - I –Uh-Need -A -T-shirt” I coughed as she giggled. I loved how her (Y/E/C) eyes lit up when she was looking down at me. They almost looked like they had tiny golden flakes running through them against the million fairy lights she had hung up in her room


I looked at him for a long while, carefully picking out his features. He had an amazing jaw line and cheekbones, silky brown hair and the most gorgeous chocolate brown eyes. I’m checking him out again! Damnit! But this time, he didn’t notice as he was practically doing the same to me

“The next door across the hall to your right” I finally spoke after our eternity of silence, but he seemed confused “Y/BF/N’s room” I clarified and he nodded getting up off the ground. As he began to walk out, I turned my attention back to my laptop, lightly smiling to myself.

“Hey! – Uh…” He trailed coming back to my room

“Y/N” I smiled and he smiled back. Okay, he’s not cute, he’s adorable! With a combination of hot as well, which is- Getting off topic!

“Yeah, I’m sorry for the whole tea spilling thing, I should’ve apologized but I don’t-“  He babbled

“It’s fine, I’m the one who should be apologizing for being a brat about this whole situation” I cut him off, but he seemed some-what relived because I forgave him. He gave me one last smile before proceeding to leave my room again, when I called him back

“Sorry, I didn’t catch your name” I shyly smiled

“The names Sehun. Oh Sehun” He introduced in a deep voice and we both fell into fits of laughter seconds later. “Hey, where’s the room again?” he asked as we caught or breaths and I rolled my eyes

“Next door across the hall to your right. Try not to get lost” I smiled which earned a chuckle from him as he left. Score! What? No. Totally not into him. Who am I kidding, he’s practically perfect.

Back to writing Scenarios and One shots! I have a request which I am currently working on, so this was a little coming back post :) My requests are open so please do request if you’d like and I’ll see you later Loves!

~Shazz xx


zurysalvatore  asked:

8 for Klarisse :>

#8 || A Party Outfit

((Klarisse isn’t really into dressing up and going to parties but every now and then she’ll go just to have fun. Also don’t mind the shoes, Mun was tired and lazy.))

"Those People" Sentence Starters
  • "What are you wearing? I said formal attire."
  • "I think I've heard everything I need to hear."
  • "You're my best friend ______, and I need you."
  • "Nothing's ever happened between you two before, why would it now?"
  • "You can't just say that to somebody."
  • "You have got to move past this, this is not healthy."
  • "Please. It's only good when you're here."
  • "It is way too early to look at something that depressing."
  • "They just didn't know that I was, how did they put it, fraternizing with the heir apparent to the most hated man in New York."
  • "You know, I think I need a break from all of us, for a while."
  • "I don't know what you could possibly see in him/her/them."
  • "Do you think I'm a good person?"
  • "People grow up. They grow apart. It's okay."
  • "How could you be in love with that guy/girl/person?"
  • "You think you don't deserve love?"
  • "What if we never get our dreams?"
  • "You have to go after the things you want in life."
  • "I don't know if anyone told you but I'm really a wolf in sheep's clothing."
  • "You're an asshole!"
  • "Are we just not gonna talk about it?"
  • "I know you know. I know you know my feelings for you!"
  • "You just like the attention, right? You just use me to feel better about yourself?"
  • "Is this ever gonna happen? Us. Is this ever gonna happen?"
  • "Why do you want to ruin what we've got?"
  • "When you stop loving me, you're gonna realize what a terrible person I am."
  • "You were right to leave."
  • "You found a way to be happy and it had nothing to do with me."
  • "Real men say goodbye."
  • "I don't think I can be happy here."

You’re Forgiven | Theo Raeken Imagine

request : hi lovely, could you please write an imagine where the reader is dating theo and she’s by herself and gets attacked, and theo finds her bleeding out on the floor after the attackers have gone, and he runs in really terrified for her and starts crying and being hysterical and apologizing for not being there but the reader doesn’t die but she’s frantic bc the pack can’t know (so no hospitals) and he doesn’t forgive himself and so on? love your writing :) xx

a/n : yeah the other gif up there has legit nothing to do with the imagine other than the fact that i love captain swan & once upon a time so i had to. ((also the part that is italicized is a flashback part just for the record okay)) 

Theo gently pressed a cold cloth against your bruised cheek, brushing sweaty strands of hair away from your face in the process. You were shaking and sweating at the same time. Your body was curled up, almost refusing to let Theo take care of you even though that was the only way he was going to forgive himself for letting this happen in the first place. He grabbed your shoulder, forcing you to lie flat on your back. 

“Theo, please, I’m fine,” you told him stubbornly, disregarding the wound on your neck and the various scratches decorating the rest of your body. You were bruised almost every where, and you could still just barely feel your fingers. “I don’t want you taking care of me.” He stood up from his position on the floor, previously kneeling beside with worry and fear in his eyes. 

“We have to get you to a hospital, then! Y/N, you could have broken fingers and you’re all cut up and bruised and it’s all my fault because I wasn’t there-” You gave him a look, struggling to sit up. He instantly placed one hand on your waist and the other on your back, helping you to sit up without causing you too much pain. “Y-Y-You almost died.” He whispered, wiping his eyes with the back of his hand. He didn’t want anyone to see him cry. An hour ago had been the exception, when there was a chance you weren’t going to make it. 

He rushed into the building, the metallic tang of blood invading his senses. He could smell it everywhere, and most of all, he could smell you. He knew your scent to well to mistake it for anyone else’s. He threw open one of the doors, his heart stopping right then and there as his eyes landed on the floor. There was a trail of blood along the floor, imprinted into the ground as if someone had tried to drag themselves away. And a few feet away, there you were struggling to stay conscious as blood seeped through your shirt and soaked the cloth. He couldn’t move at first, but he eventually stumbled his way toward you, unable to even speak as he lowered himself onto the ground, a hand lifting up the hem of your shirt to examine the wound that had created such dark blood. 

“Theo?” Your voice cracked, too weak to even handle the littlest words. He nodded, smiling bravely. “Theo, you’re here-” 

“Not early enough,” he murmured, shaking his head as he slipped an arm around your back, then another one under your knees. Before he could lift you up, however, he noticed another gash in your neck, dripping blood onto your shoulder. There were numerous scratches across your face; a cut on your nose, a split lip, a scratch on your forehead. “Oh… oh god, Y/N, y-y-you’re… hey! Stay awake, okay?” He shook you a bit as your eyes began drifting shut. You opened them slowly, a dazed smile on your face. Theo’s expression was that of hurt, his eyes not focusing on you, but on the possibly fatal wounds decorating your previously unblemished skin. He couldn’t lose you. Not now. Not when he was in too deep and too in love with you. 

“I’m glad you’re here, Theo,” you sighed. 

“You say that like you’re gonna die, even though you aren’t. You hear that, princess? You’re not leaving me,” he said sternly, his voice quivering. He kissed your forehead, slow and gentle. Usually, he would have brushed away his tears without a second thought. He wasn’t the type to cry, or at least he tried not to. But he let them fall now, dripping from his cheeks and spilling onto your shirt, mingling with the blood on your shirt. They fell onto your face, too, down your nose. “Stay awake. Please. Just stay awake,” he said frantically. “We’re going to get you to the hospital, and then you’re going to get all better.” 

“No!” You exclaimed, your voice urgent. You grabbed onto his jacket, clutching it desperately. “No, the pack can’t know. If they know about this, they'll think I’m even weaker than I already am. No hospitals. Okay, Theo? Please don’t,” you whimpered. He nodded obediently, not wanting to upset you even more. “I-I’m really tired, Theo. C-Can I sleep?” Not waiting for his answer, which would have been a solid no, you placed your head on his chest, your hand still holding onto his sleeve. He lifted you into his arms, swallowing back the rest of his tears. 

He stroked your cheek gently with his hand, his hand tracing over the spot on your neck. He had bandaged it, disinfected it, made sure the bleeding had stopped. He had done the same with all your other serious wounds. “I’m sorry.” Theo closed his eyes briefly. “I was supposed to protect you. At all costs. You were my responsibility, my girlfriend. I-I love you so much… I’m so sorry. I am. I told you that I wasn’t good for you, you should’ve listened.” 

“Stop that,” you commanded, staring at him in disbelief. He glanced back up, surprised. Your eyes had narrowed suddenly, your expression fierce. “Don’t say that, Theo. I go looking for trouble, all right? I’m reckless and I don’t listen. It had nothing to do you with you. I’m fine now, okay? I am so, so fine. I love you, Theo. It’s not your job to protect me all the time.” He groaned, tugging at his hair in frustration. 

“Yes it is!” He ran a hand over his face. “It is my job to protect you. I can’t have something like this happening again. Y/N, you terrified me. All- all the blood, and your shirt was soaked, and you had so many cuts and scrapes and you passed out in arms and didn’t wake up until I shouted in your ear. I swear, I thought I heard your heart stop.” 

“You want forgiveness? Fine, you’re forgiven. Even though it wasn’t your fault, even though I probably still would have gotten hurt if you had been there, even though I don’t give a shit about whether or not you were there. I love you. I don’t blame you for anything. Please, Theo, don’t beat yourself up over this.” You opened your arms to him, scooting over the couch so that he could lie down next to you. He cradled you in his arms, thankful that he was still able to. 

Sure, maybe you had forgiven him. But he hadn’t forgiven himself. He didn’t think he ever would, not as long as you had gotten hurt. You would heal, yes, but the fact of the matter is that you had nearly died, and he hadn’t been there to prevent that from happening. And he was going to make sure that it never happened again. 

COMPETITION ENTRY - Draco Malfoy Imagine

Requested by @anemptyfeeeling: Hello , could you possibly do an imagine where Draco is a girls best-friend, and when the girl starts becoming friends with Neville and Harry Draco starts lashing out. Ultimately a really fluffy ending when Draco confesses his feelings and she pecks him on his lips. Thank you :)

This was written by @forkfullofsugar for this competition.

Today was the day that all Hogwarts students who weren’t staying over during Christmas break left on Hogwarts Express. (Y/n) signed up to stay, along with a couple wizards like Harry Potter, Neville Longbottom, and some others.  

“Hiya, Draco,” (Y/n) greeted, popping up beside Draco in the hall, gently nudging his side with my elbow.
Draco turned toward her in complete adoration as he watched her eyes dance in excitement.
“Hey there, loser,” he teased, trying to hide the breathless effect she had on him.
“Oh shut up,” she laughed, “Are you staying at Hogwarts over winter break?” She asked, hope gleaming in her eyes.
“Nope. Sorry, (Y/n),” Draco replied, feeling a pang of guilt as her smile faltered.
“Aw, it’s cool,” (Y/n) reassured him, “Just don’t forget to send me tons of gifts,” she playfully reminded him.
He laughed along with her. “As long as you don’t forget mine,” he bantered, smiling.
“Yeah, yeah. Anyway, guess I’ll see ya after the holidays, nerd,” (Y/n) said, giving her best friend a sideways hug. Draco returned the favor.
As (Y/n) wandered the fairly empty halls, she turned a corner and bumped into the famous Harry Potter, who, along with him was the not-as-famous Neville Longbottom.
“Woah, sorry ‘bout that, Harry. Hi Neville.”
“Hey, (Y/n),” they greeted.
“I didn’t know you were staying at Hogwarts this Christmas,” Harry stated.
“Welp, here I am,” she laughed.
“We were just about to go to Hogsmeade and get a butterbeer from Three Broomsticks, if you’d like to come with?” Harry asked, with Neville nodding his head in agreement.
“Cool, sure I’ll come. Only if you’re paying though,” (Y/n) joked.
And that, was the start of a beautiful friendship.
It was the first day back to classes from the holidays, meaning the school was once again as full and hectic as ever.
She heard a distant call from behind her as she was about to walk into the Great Hall for breakfast.
(Y/n) turned around and grinned. It was her best friend, Draco Malfoy himself.
Just as he was about to reach her through the crowd of students heading in the opposite direction, Neville Longbottom stopped in front of (Y/n), unintentionally blocking Draco from her view.
“Hi, (Y/n),” he chirped happily, walking you into the Great Hall.
“Oh, hi, Neville,” she smiled politely.
Glancing behind both her and Neville,  she caught a glimpse of the upset face of Draco.
“I’m so excited for Defense Against the Dark Arts today, I heard Lupin is going to let us…” Neville droned on as  (Y/n) headed toward her table for breakfast.
'I’ll just find Draco later,’ she thought.
Later on in the day, during Potions class, Professor Snape called for the class to get in partners.
Just as (Y/n) was about to seize the opportunity to be with Draco, a finger tapped her on the shoulder.
She turned and was immediately greeted by the smiling face of Harry.
“Wanna be partners?” He asked.
“Yeah, definitely,” she nodded, grinning at her new friend.
They spent the entire class giggling at how confused they both were on which ingredients were which.
Not too long after though, they caused a mini explosion, which may have been hilarious if Snape hadn’t punished the both of them.
Little did she know, Draco was literally seething from the back of the classroom.
“Draco!” (Y/n) called from behind him, jogging up to him in the courtyard after his Quidditch practice.
Draco stopped in his tracks but didn’t turn around.
She caught up to him and smiled.
“There ya are, I’ve been trying to talk to you all day,” she laughed.
Draco crossed his arms in front of his chest.
She frowned, “Why so glum, sugar plum?”
“When did you and Potter get so close? And Longbottom?” He pressed, accusingly.
“What, them? We hung out a bunch over Christmas; load of fun, by the way. We even went to the Three Broomsticks down in Hogsmeade. It was hilarious, Neville accidentally snorted out his butterbeer througg his nose when I told him a joke. It went like-”
“I don’t care about some stupid joke! Why are you even hanging around them!”
(Y/n) stepped away from him a bit. “It’s not that big a deal, Malfoy,” she said, crossing her arms as well.
“Yes it is!” His eyes were bulging out now, as if the reasons why it was indeed a big deal were obvious.
(Y/n) narrowed her eyes at him being ridiculous. “What’s your problem?”
Draco sighed in defeat. “I just…really like you, okay?”
“Well, duh, we’re best friends, weirdo.”
Draco facepalmed. “No, I mean I’m in love with you, dummy.”
“Oh, well good, 'cause I happen to be in love with you too.”
(Y/n) smiled warmly taking his hand in hers and quickly placing a kiss on his lips.
Draco felt his knees buckle from underneath him. “Would this be a bad time to tell you that I casted a spell on Potter and Longbottom that made their clothes carry poison ivy?”
(Y/n) lightly punched him on the shoulder. “Draco!”