i just really love her clothes okay

I know that Audrey’s breakdown could be strategy, but this time I don’t think it is. If it were strategy, no way would she be risking getting a penalty vote by being under the blankets in a bed when she’s a have not. I don’t think she would take off James’ microphone and her own just so she could privately say what’s bothering her. Vanessa and James are being super compassionate right now…like James is holding her and Vanessa got her a cold cloth to put on her forehead. Vanessa said she could feel her quaking underneath the blankets and I feel really bad. Audrey as a human has been through a lot and I think she’s just afraid of facing people on Thursday. I really think it just dawned on her that she has to face the world. I love her. I hope she’s okay. And I hope her spirits are lifted after she finds out America loves her :)

Reasons Why I Love Lindsay Tuggey
  • She’s funny
  • Great voice actress
  • I'n not even kidding shes fantastic
  • Her Kimball and Ruby are just so great
  • One of the coolest achievement hunters
  • Total thug
  • She and Barbara are a great duo on Immersion
  • Also a great paintball sniper
  • Professional Glug-Glug-Slammer
  • Good dancer
  • Super cute clothes
  • Hella smart
  • Did you see her beat Michael in VS?
  • Because that was pretty cool
  • The Fancy Recap
  • She and Michael are like the cutest couple
  • She’s just really awesome okay
  • Every time she’s in a video its just funny as hell
  • She is an Achievement Hunter and I love all of them

This has been a PSA.

Muggle/// Draco Malfoy x Reader

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Request: Draco x Muggleborn reader where he likes her. One day he finds her out in the cold, bleeding & crying with torn clothes. He takes care of her and comforts her? It’s okay if you don’t do this. I am just a victim and I find imagines like this comforting ( @iknowyouwuvme)

A/N: Hey! I’m really sorry for what happened to you. No one deserves that. I’m very glad to write this if it makes you happy. I really really hope that you enjoy this and it makes you happy.


   Summer holiday had met a grateful Draco with open arms. After the Triwizard tournament and the rumors of the Dark Lord return which Draco knew to be true he was just glad to come home. There was only a matter of time before Draco, himself had to join their ranks. There wasn’t much time left to just enjoy his freedom. 

    Draco spent most of his time outside of the house trying to avoid his parents and anyone else who arrived at Malfoy Manor. He would go for lengthy walks or visit local villages or fly around on his broom before returning home in the late afternoon, eat his food quickly, and retreat into his room for the rest of that night. He kept up this routine day after day. 

   He was making his way back from the hillside where he had risen his broom for hours. Draco hummed a classical song lowly. His hums were suddenly interrupted by crying. Or it might have been closer to sobbing. He looked up the road to see a figure sitting on the side walk near his house. 

   Draco stopped humming and picked up his pace. “Who are you and what are you doing here,” Draco asked. When you noticed him you made an effort to dry your eyes. You looked up at him and were intimidated. He had cold, hard grey eyes and pale blonde hair.

   “I-I was just going. I’m just on my way,” you mumbled. You stood up but he grabbed you. 

   “I don’t like people lying to me especially when the person lying to me is a crying stranger,” Draco said demandingly. 

   “Well, I don’t like talking about my feelings to strangers,” you nearly yelled. You tried getting away but his grip held strong. When you look back up at him this time his eyes softened and he almost looked sympathetic. 

   “Seriously, what’s wrong,” he asked. His eyes trailed over you and he noticed quite a few alarming bruises, your ripped clothes, and your bleeding lip. His eyes met yours again, his were full with worry

   “I do not want to talk about it.” 

   He sat there for a moment wondering what to say next. His hand slid off of your arm. “Fine, at least let me walk you home,” he insisted. 

   “No,” you exclaimed. “I’m not going back there. I am never going back there.”  He nodded reluctantly. 

   “Well…then you should come to my house, I certain we have something for your…injuries.” He started to walk. You were too stunned to follow. “Come on then.” You ran to catch up with him. 

    After a long moment of silence he stopped walking. “Wait. Are you a muggle?”

  Muggle? What did that word even mean? Should you know that word? Had you heard it before? Maybe you had. From passing strangers. Was it possible to be something you didn’t know about?

   “A what,” was your reply. 

   “Yep, you’re a muggle,” he said before continuing. Draco was sure that bringing a muggle into the house would be dangerous but at the moment he could only think about helping you from whatever it was that was hurting you. 

   “But what’s a muggle? Is it bad? Should I not be a muggle? How do I stop being a muggle,” you asked. Draco laughed at your last question. “This is not funny, I am worried.” 

   “It’s…er…it’s fine, really it’s fine.” Even after he said that you weren’t sure. “I’m Draco by the way, Draco Malfoy.”

   “I’m (Y/N).”

   He led you down a few streets before stopping in front of a house. When he stopped you thought he had something else to ask you before continuing on but instead of saying anything he walked up the drive. You looked up at the house. It was humungous. You stopped for a moment to stare at it.

   “Y-You live here,” you asked in awe. 

   “Yes.” When you reached the door he already had it open and was waiting for you to step in. When you did you were hit with a wave of cool air. Draco closed the door. 

   The entry way was decorated elegantly in shades of black, green, and silver. It was incredibly beautiful. The beauty of it had gone dull for Draco over the years so he just walked down the hall. 

   “This is really beautiful and really, really big as well,” you said. 

   “Thanks,” he replied softly. Judging by the size of the house you were amazed at the fact that Draco didn’t get lost. He showed you the way through a maze of connecting corridors until one of them opened up into a large living room. There was a black couch with the silver pelt thrown on top of it. The coach stood in front of a fireplace that contained swirling green flame. You ran over to it and put your hands in front of it. The flames were oddly cool. 

   Draco gazed at you from the staircase. Somehow he knew you’d be impressed by the fire being both green and cold. It’s adorable, Draco thought, Muggle’s can be so simple

   “Come on,” Draco called. 

   “Right…sorry.” You followed him up the staircase to the next level. Finally, he opened the door to a bedroom. 

   “This is my room. Really this whole space is mine. I get the whole west wing. Mother and father are rarely home and when they are they’re never here so I reckon you’ll be alright.” He smiled at you. His smile soon faded when his eyes came across your bruises. “I’m sure we’ve got something for…that. Just give me a moment.” 

   Before you could say you were fine Draco had left the room. Your eyes flitted around the room. There was a bed, a dresser, an armchair, and a few rugs. There was a lot of empty space and the walls were bare. You’d never seen a teenage boys room like this. It was decorated with expensive furniture, all of which seemed to clean. The room seemed un-lived in and drained of life. You trailed your fingers across the surface of the furniture but couldn’t find a speck of dust.

   “Have a look around,” Draco said, starling you. 

   “Sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude.” 

   “It’s fine. So, what do you think?” He raised his eyebrow. 

   “It’s…well, it’s fine.”

   “There you go again, lying,” he teased.

   “You really want to know what I think?” Draco nodded. “It’s awful. There’s lots of furniture but it feels empty. Everything’s so clean and orderly and that’s all right, I like for things to be clean but it’s like no one lives here. There’s none none of your personality in the room. It’s just a room. There’s no you in it. I just all seems sorta fake like a room in a dollhouse.” Draco tilted his head back and laughed. “What’s so funny?”

   “Nothing. I just really like how honest you are. I hate this room to but father says this is how a proper young gentlemen’s room should look and I don’t argue with father. I’m glad someone else sees it too. My dorm is different, I can assure you. I’ve found something that should work for your bruises.” That was when you noticed the small jar of cream in his hand. 

   Draco grabbed your hand and led you over to the bed before sitting down next to you. You avoided his eye as he rubbed the cream on your arms and legs. Hesitantly, he reached for your face so he could spread it onto your black eye. He used one hand to steady your face and the other to put the cream on you.

   Your eyes flitted towards his which were were staring back at you. This time when you looked at them they didn’t seem as cold, they looked soft and glistening, they even seemed to go up one shade to a silver-ish colour. For a moment you were lost, trying to memorize every detail of Draco’s eyes. He was doing the same to you. His hands lingered on your face. When he realized what he was doing, his hand fell which dropped you out of your trance. 

   “Um…are there any more,” he said in an awkward manner. 

   “Uh…” You were trying to decide if it was a good idea to tell him about the last one. “Yeah, but it’s fine, it’s healing already.”

   “Show me.” You looked at him for a moment before looking away. You raised you shirt slightly to expose you ribs. You had lied, of course, this bruise hadn’t shown any sign of healing and was actually the worst. Draco made quick business of rubbing the cream in before drawing his hand back and allowing you to drop your shirt. 

   For the first time since he had started your eyes went to where the bruises were. You looked at your arm and we’re surprised to find that there wasn’t a single bruise. You gasp

   “Draco, this is amazing. This is a miracle. How’d you do it? You must be some sort of angel,” you exclaimed. Draco laughed yet again.

  “Muggles really are so simple. You muggles can’t even fathom anything outside of your tiny reality. Angels and devils aren’t the only things with magic in the world.”

   “There’s that word again. “Muggle”. What does it mean?”

   Draco began to wonder how to explain it to you, if you could even handle the truth, and if it was a good idea to tell you. Before he had a definitive answer for any of these questions something came flying through his window, rifling the green curtains. A large owl flew through the window and landed on Draco’s shoulder. 

   Draco didn’t seemed phased as he grabbed a letter from it’s talons. You on the other hand were terrified. You screamed and jumped off the bed, landing on the floor. Draco laughed at you for several minutes but you couldn’t see what was so funny.

   “What is that,” you shrieked. 

   “It’s an owl, it’s delivering a letter. It’s harmless,” he said between laughs. “Sometimes I forget muggles don’t use owls.” He finally released the letter from the talons and the owl went sailing back out the window. 

   You didn’t feel like asking him questions about the owl or asking him what muggle meant again. “What does the letter say?” 

   He scanned it quickly. “It’s from my father. It says they won’t be back for another week or more. They’re…um…they’re conducting business. I wasn’t gonna cook anything because I’m not very hungry but I will if you’re hungry.”

   “I’m not, I’m just very tired. I’ll go.” 

   Without thinking he said,” You don’t have to, if you don’t want to that is. You can stay. I don’t know what happened and it’s okay that you don’t want to but if whatever it is, is at your home I think you should stay.” Draco knew that if his father could see this he would probably kill the both of you but for the first time ever he was going to do the right thing regardless of what anyone else thought. 

   “Thank you Draco but I-”

   “Is what’s hurting you where you live.” You looked him in the eye uncertainly. You nodded. “Then you’re staying here.” From that moment on Draco couldn’t be swayed from his decision. 

   Later, that night you and Draco both laid in his bed. Draco was going to let you have the entire bed but you admitted that you might not be able to sleep in his strange, foreign room without him somewhere in it. Neither of you could sleep. You both always had a hard time sleeping but this time it was something different.

   Draco mind cluttered. Half of his brain was full of adrenaline. He had never rebelled against his parents or been anywhere near a muggle. He thought back on all of those moments when you made him laugh and he smiled. He was certain that if some muggles were anything like you then they couldn’t be that bad. 

   The other half of his brain was full of questions. Who was hurting you? Why would someone hurt you? You were completely harmless. Could he actually help you? He really hoped he could. He gazed at you.

   “(Y/N), are you awake,” Draco whispered. 



   “For?” You turned towards him. 

   "You don’t deserve this, I’ve only spent a short time with you and I can tell that   it’s not fair that someone hurt you. And I know there’s probably nothing I can do and there should be someone else telling you this but I’m sorry,” Draco whispered. Draco could barely see your face in the pale patch of moonlight that flooded into the room but he could just barely see you smiling beautifully.

   “Thank you Draco.”


A/N: Sorry, that I’m just now finishing this. I think I going to make this a series so stay tuned for updates.

Imagine: Grester

First of all, I have a feeling that they always wanna kiss one another

Just look at this, tell me one of them doesn’t look like they just wanna hug and kiss.

Okay, anyways. 

Grace is probably always falling asleep in his cloths (I don’t have anything for this one. It’s something I fel like happens) she wears his sweatpants to bed and plays them off as her own.

Chester always wants to hold her. Even though she doesn’t really like being touched he loves holding her close in her arms. 

We don’t really have to imagine the kisses they share

Chester being a dork all the time

They probably always fall sleep along the lines of this when they’re together

Oh, and they probably send one another funny texts

sometimes cute

And I feel like if they fight it’s over something small. They just play small little jokes on one another the time. 

My Grester one was way longer than the swarto one

I just really love Jamila okay

It’s so important that she exists, especially in the current climate of POC not getting much representation.

HER isn’t super wealthy or well-known but they still managed to put a well-educated, well-spoken british-egyptian muslim woman who wears hijab in their game, make her an important character, and bring her back as a phone character for a later game.

And as someone who wears hijab, it’s exciting that HER portrayed her clothes accurately. Her hijab is tied the way most egyptian women tie it, she’s wearing a long-sleeved shirt under her tunic to keep her neck/arms covered, her tunic is long enough to cover her rear, her pants aren’t form-fitting…they definitely took the time to dress her the way a hijabi might dress, without making her frumpy or dull.

And the whole “daughters of nefertari” thing is cool too. I doubt HER knew about this when they made the game, but it’s super important that she’s muslim and still completing this mission. Nefertari was Ramses II’s wife, right? And Ramses II was the pharaoh pitted against Musa (Moses). Which means that in order for the women in Jamila’s family to receive this mission of recovering the queen’s mummy, they couldn’t have converted until years–maybe centuries–down the line.

AND YET–they keep their word. They are muslims now, yet the women of the el-dine family are bound to their promise. Which is a big deal in Islam–if you promise something you are supposed to follow through. The fact that Nefertari was Ramses II’s wife doesn’t mean her corpse deserves ill-treatment. So here Jamila is, like her mother before her and every woman in her family before her, fulfilling the promise her family made thousands of years ago.

I just really love Jamila okay I will never love a game character more than her.

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ok so!!

iris is a dmab trans nonbinary girl! her and dahlia used to share clothes and iris has pretended to be dahlia for years just so morgan doesn’t get angry.

she has dpd and is dependent on dahlia. dahlia knows this and is a really good sibling to iris. i love them. 

her first boyfriend was feenie. she also now pretends to be like “i know girls they’re pretty, my sibling likes girls.” and like. denies that she likes girls. but everyone knows. iris. it’s okay. you can admit you like girls. anyways she’s shy, bi, and ready to try.