i just really love ginny

The first time Ginny met Luna was on the boats to the castle in their first year. Ginny was fiercely gazing towards the castle with a fearless look on her face….and Luna was staring at her.

Ginny didn’t know what to do with the extra attention from this dreamy-eyed, dirty blonde girl and started to nervously tell her about all the Hogwarts things she wasn’t afraid of.

Luna listened with wide eyes and rapt attention, unmoving and unblinking, as Ginny spoke. But Luna noticed that the closer they got to the castle, the more nervous her new friend seemed.

As the first years stepped out of the boats, Ginny’s stomach felt like it was doing summersaults and she wasn’t sure she could make it to the castle. That is, until a cool, small hand slipped into her own and she looked up to see those dreamy eyes and a smile that could’ve inspired Ginny to take on the world

I’m all about Ginny being the awkward one when she and Cara met. Assuming Cara wanted a picture and getting all flustered when she clarified. The cringes from Blip and Evelyn who were trying not to laugh. Ginny’s own sheepish cringe after that “Uh… surprise me.” Ginny totally neglecting to respond to Cara’s formal introduction with her name or a handshake. Her mumbled lament that everyone knows who she is and Cara’s instant rebuttal, “They don’t know you - they think you’re that person,” which is the best fucking response she could have had in that moment. Ginny being unsure about her outfit and nervous to go to this party and Cara assuring her with her own calm demeanor. Cara’s casual “It’s L.A.” at the lack of reaction from the partigoers. (Also Cara playing Mom and suggesting Ginny not dunk in the dress before driving her back to San Diego and handing over the second video to Amelia to get Ginny some help.)

Basically I loved how poised and cool Cara was the whole time while Ginny, who you’d think would be the aloof one brushing off fangirls, is actually a complete dork and totally taken by surprise at this confident, adorable little human.

i just love Ginny Baker.

Vulnerable!Ginny Baker and Emotional!Ginny Baker are so damn important… Like wow. A 23 year old Black woman playing major league baseball with the weight of the world on her shoulders gets to have emotions too??? Wow. 

She gets to hold things in. She gets to be strong as hell. She gets to be angry. She gets to break down and cry. She gets to feel weak. She gets an episode ALL ABOUT HER MENTAL HEALTH. I REPEAT. THEY ADDRESSED HER MENTAL HEALTH!


Ginny Baker makes me so damn happy. And when she’s hurt, my heart breaks for her. I just really love Ginny Baker and I’m glad that the writers are exploring all of her emotions. Take care of my child, writers. <3

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I feel like if Sirius had lived, he would have approved of Ginny for Harry so hardcore because she’s got that same Marauders spirit.