i just really love eggs

harry is truly the level of chill i wanna be. he just dropped a single, did some promo, announced the album release, and now is straight chilling. just going to the gym. wearing tall white socks. drinking water. hashtag goals

In other news, I’m still Ryan Ross trash and intend to stay that way for the time being. 


“Yes, Sir! That’s all I can do, anyway! I’m still a hatchling after all!


Private Sawamura Eijun reporting for duty to Shogun Kataoka Tesshin


! flash/glitch warning !

ayyyy finished another animation meme!! :0 it’s pretty repetitive tbh but I wanted to do something nice and simple for the time being (instead of animating transformers for a change lmAO) plus, this one’s been on my to-do list for quite some time and I’m glad I finally got it done!

hope you enjoy!!

y’all holy shit my hyper fixation on writing happened due to my sudden lacking in the art department, and now my abrupt failures in writing have started after my improvement in art so I guess I am not aloud to have more than one talent

Because for some strange, unknown reason Charanko developed a habit of forgetting to buy cabbage whenever they get together to have hot pots, Saitama and Genos nowadays just bring their own cabbage to the dojo.

Except this time, Saitama forgets.

Saitama pulls out his phone to call Genos. Genos isn’t here yet, he’s been running some errands and he’s supposed to be heading this way now. Maybe Saitama can get him to pick up some cabbage on his way.

Saitama presses dial on his phone, and Genos picks up exactly after one ring.

“Sensei,” Genos says. He also appears at the door of the dojo, holding his phone to his face with one hand and holding a grocery bag in the other.

There are cabbages in that bag.

Saitama stares. He folds his phone shut. His face brightens.

“You got me cabbages.”

Charanko thinks that Saitama should’ve said Genos got us cabbages, but no one corrects him. Genos settles down at one side of the small table.

“Yes, Sensei. I wasn’t sure if you had gotten them, and we can always save what we don’t eat today.”

“Genos, I love you.”

While the statement startles Charanko so much that he drops the large pot he was holding, it doesn’t faze Genos in the slightest. Genos merely starts taking the cabbages out of the grocery bag.

“You love that I bought cabbages for you?” Genos clarifies, taking a head of cabbage and inspecting it for any damage. The cabbage is fine. He sets it down and holds up another.

“Yeah. I also love you, in general.”

And that’s when the cyborg stops functioning.

I really do love the idea of Saitama who just does not know what to do with love (and I’m so glad so many people love it too!)

But I also really love the idea of the egg just being totally nonchalant with it even as he confesses his feelings for the first time (complete with the poor toaster having to deal with that)

But hold on where is Bang what is he doing

penny222000  asked:

Ok but arin comforting Dan after having a v v bad nightmare, one where Dan couldnt get arins soul back & hes just clutching arins fur so tightly, head buried in his chest, trying to ground himself w the feeling of arins warmth & heartbeat & that hes there and a live & now sinking at the bottom of the ocean. & arin just softly telling him hes there, hes ok, & petting his head. Im sorry, I just really love angst+fluff bc Im a bad egg. I might draw it once I figure out how to draw cat arin qwq

Before i continue, i wanna give you props for going through sO MUCH of my blog; i was at work and it said i had 50+ notifications in an hour. And im like, from who?!!😂😂 And im right there w you; angst/fluff, hurt/comfort is honestly my favorite genre(?), its honestly so rewarding in the end aaaa

But yes, imagine they go to bed, Danny as a human and Arin transformed (its cold!). Its nice and calm, but a few hours later, Arin yelps, jolted out of his sleep with his fur practically ripped off of his chest, skin caught in a vicelike deathgrip. Normally he would be fucking l i v i d bc dUDE thats like my fucking hair how would you like it if I pulled YOUR hair?? But Danny is staring right through him, hyperventilating and shaking, cheeks slightly damp w fresh tears and Arin instantly tries to go into Overprotective Mom Mode™

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“You change the sound of my name
A moment of truth that I saw in your face
It hurts inside, a moment this vile that you brought alive
All the roads lead back to you.”
                                                                        — fate / bleak

a small birthday gift for redcliffes.  ♥

Part 3 of black hole science project I guess? [1] and [2] based off of this

So some people were wondering how you control a black hole and my answer is that you keep it on a leash and house train it.

@pta-dadster so proud of how well Frisk is taking care of their new pet and Sans being all like “STOP GIVING THEM THINGS THEY’LL BE AS SPOILED AS HELEN’S LEMON SQUARES.” I just really loved the idea of egg grandpa spoiling their grandchild with a pet their parents usually wouldn’t allow.

“kylie jenner buys mansion at age 17″ doesn’t impress me for a lot of reasons. if you wanna impress me, talk about how 16 year old amandla stenberg speaks like a race scholar or how 18 year old zendaya is becoming a fashion icon

another gravity falls theory

I usually don’t post any of these because I just see so many theories flying around, but no one has mentioned this one and I feel like it could be a big one.

So someone posted this photo after A Tale of Two Stans:

And they said that this could be a young Bud Gleeful. And even though it’s one tiny photo, I think there is more evidence to support this claim.

At the beginning of “The Hand That Rocks Mabel,” we see the commercial for Gideon’s Tent of Telepathy, which is narrated by Bud Gleeful. At the end of the commercial, he says one of the those really fast warning things, which was a joke on the warnings at the end of regular commercials. However, the commercial ends with:

Yes, Carla. As in, the Carla. This cannot be a coincidence. Which probably means that:
A) Carla was a real person (because I’ve seen speculation as to whether she was real or not)
B) Bud, Stanley, and Stanford could’ve grown up together, which would make sense if that was actually him at Glass Shard Beach.
C) There might have been some rivalry between Stanley and Bud over Carla.

I hope this isn’t just an easter egg that gets passed over. I would really love to know more about Carla, Bud, and Stanley.