i just really love edna okay

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I think since Nino wears blue and has an eye shape(like the "eyes" on peacock feathers) on his shirt, that he'll be the peacock

okay, if it really could just depends by their clothes, it makes sence, i guess, ahah. but, seriously, all of them really have something based on their miraculous in their clothes (at least, a colour, huh) or in their appearance. 

so let me scribble something stupid (like its stopped me before)

*Edna`s screams in the backgroung*

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36 for the soymilk Drabble thing. I love your writing!

Sormik with “Precious Treasure”

(Thanks for the support anon!!! >//////< Have some floof~)

Sorey settled in the big room, “Where did the others go?”

Rose stretched out on her bed, “Training out back probably. Edna teased Mikleo again so he’s all fired up for some training~”

Sorey laughed, “He really can’t deny a challenge. I’m gonna go join them.”



“Let’s talk a bit.”

“Okay…” Sorey awkwardly sat on his bed, facing Rose who had just sat up.

“You like ruins, right?”

“You bet I do!”

Rose tilted her head with a smirk, “I’m just asking as a friend, here. Did you find any hidden treasures? Any hints on hot spots?”


“Yeah you know! Loot. Gemstones. All those kind of stuff.”

Sorey sheepishly scratched the back of his head, “Well…”

“Don’t tell me you went exploring all these places and not take the treasure! Treasure is the heart of exploration! And when you find it, you value it and take it with you everywhere you go! Its like a memento of the ruin you explored. You’ve never done that?”

Sorey smiled warmly, “I don’t need mementos when I have the next best thing.”

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Okay so Edna teasing Mikleo about not being romantic and Mikleo brushing it off but then trying so hard to do something romantic and he just CAN'T PULL IT OFF and meanwhile Sorey's like casually giving him flowers and slipping love notes and poetry in his pocket and holding his hand in public and Mikleo's like HOW ARE YOU DOING THIS

This is a super cute headcanon and did cheer me up quite a bit!  X3  I only drew a part inspired by this, but I really love the whole idea.

“Oh this?  Just the bouquet I’m going to give to Sorey.  Now who’s the romantic one, huh?  I’ll show him!”

Edna snorts.  “Okay, so we all know you didn’t buy that since you’re invisible to humans.  Did you frolic around in the field all day picking daisies and daffodils?”

“Sh-shut up, Edna!  It’s simply my superior herb spotting skill, that’s all.”

“Wow, Mikleo!  These are for me?  I’ve never seen so many different pretty flowers in one bouquet before!  And they’re all native to this distinct region.  I can press them and catalogue them with our travels!  So cool!”

Nailed it!  “Well of course, I knew you would appreciate my–”

“Oh, but!”

“You should keep the prettiest one for yourself.”

((indistinct gurgling noises))  I never win…

Bonus Flower Mikleo