i just really love blanket forts okay

Boyfriend Johnny...

• he complimented your shirt when you guys first met
• “listen pal, I also have a cool shirt collection that consist of super corn… Super broccoli..”
• you honestly thought he was a salesperson instead of an idol
• right off the hook he friendzoned you
• or as you thought
• his term of endearment is a list consisting of but not limited to: piece of poo, smol loser, midget, piggy, dingus
• you are dating now and he still rarely calls you bae!!!
• “hey loser can you help me with these dishes”
• it doesn’t matter if you’re 30cm shorter than him or 2cm shorter if you are shorter he will call you smol!!!!
• boyfriend Johnny is never boring… EVER
• he takes you on adventures even in your living room
• you know how when you were a kid you would have an imaginary best friend whom you’d talk to while building forts
• that best friend is no longer imaginary he is named Johnny and he is also your boyfriend
• he got a cardboard box, placed you in it and pushed you around the house
• you guys also bake together
• “mommy mommy let’s bake a cake together!! I want rainbow”
• “ Johnny I know your fans call you daddy but I never knew you had a mommy kink”
• he doesn’t but his 5 year old high pitched voice is just annoying
• you might’ve accidentally left him in the kitchen cause you had to run to the store to get icing
• you find yourself walking through the door with a smoke filled house, a black cake, and a whiny johnny with several burnt fingers
• time goes by so fast when you’re with him, but ironically the hands of time also turn back as you guys live as 5 year olds again
• surprising as it is, Johnny is also really romantic
• but romantically awkward
• he once brought mark on a date with you guys with the excuse of Mark needing ideas to court a girl
• Johnny was uneasy the entire time and was constantly looking over at Mark
• you literally thought Johnny was going to propose to you after 3 months of dating
• “Johnny is there something you’d like to tell me…”
• Mark comes back with a green balloon after he excused himself to go to the “washroom”
• Johnny starts off a speech on why he loves you
• “I know we’ve only been going out for a bit, but I’ve never seen anyone so beautiful. I’ve never met anyone with such a beautiful… SHIT!”
• you look up and realized that Johnny accidentally loses the balloon that Mark gave him
• “THAT BALLOON HAD A PROMISE RING WORTH 400000₩ ($351, €303)!!!!”
• Mark looks up at the sky… then looks at you…then looks up at the sky…then looks Johnny before laughing
• “Johnny that truly was one as long ass ride”
• you engulfed Johnny into a tight embrace and laughed along with Mark
• “ I don’t need a promise ring, just promise me you’ll love me for a long time”
• johnny replies, “ is forever long enough for you?”
• Johnny is really cheesy
• Johnny also makes a lot of sex jokes
• you’ll sometimes hear Ten and Johnny just laughing and you know it was a sex joke
• sometimes you ship Tenny more than your own relationship
• sometimes Johnny ships Tenny more than he ships you guys
• Ten calls Johnny “darling”
• so sometimes you’ll randomly burst out “darling darling darling” just to tease Johnny
• he likes to wrap his giant arms around you
• and kiss the back of your head
• he also likes to kiss your forehead
• and your lips
• but it may be hard to reach
• “ I don’t want to get on all fours just to kiss you…”
• you kicked his groin and ran off declaring that you’ll never kiss him ever again
• he chased after you, picked you up bridal style and kissed you softly on the nose
• he’s a good kisser
• among other things
• he also laughs a lot
• but you can’t help but to smile and laugh after seeing him happy
• he’s been through a lot
• so on the nights that you’re upset he comes over with a care package filled with your favourite little treats
• actually he comes over more times than you invite him with your favourite treats
• he builds a blanket fort for you guys to snuggle
• Johnny is so SARCASTIC
• “okay dear YES I LOVE it so so much”
• “shut heLL UP JOHNNY”
• whenever you are annoyed with him he will kiss it away
• he just really likes to kiss you
• and likes to make fun of you
• but he would always make you realize that choosing a clumsy, lanky, sarcastic LOSER is the best thing you’ve ever decided on

This one is for Adri. I never really talked to her, but followed her for a long time and her posts always brought a smile to my face. She reblogged and posted for happiness and joy, nothing else; and I admire her for that. I never knew her, but her passing moved me deeply. She was a steady presence on my dash, and her absence is striking, especially today. 

At one point, I was breaking contact with two friends, and were at a real low point. One of those days @sheriffswan posted the words below. I screenshot it and have had it on my phone since. I look at it sometimes and really cherish the words. I haven’t spoken to those two persons since, and my life is better for it. Of course I was the one to make the decisions considering that situation, but I really feel Adri’s post helped me somehow.

”When friendship dies away, I think the best thing you can do is to think of that person as someone who accompanied you for a part of your life. They helped you, they were here at a certain time and added something to your life. They were not meant to stay for longer than that but celebrate the short moment and let them go. They were on your road to help you at one moment of your life. You will find other friends who will follow you and walk by your side forever. Some friendships die away but that doesn’t mean they didn’t hugely touched you or have an impact on your life. Cherish that.” - @sheriffswan

I hope you are happy, Adri. Wherever you are

”Well… This should be interesting.”

Killian had been out for an hour. An hour of grocery shopping and checking up on the Jolly by the docks. She had been home alone for an hour (well, alone apart from the baby, but he didn’t think the infant had much part in this), and their house looked like someone had ransacked it for through and through. The couch was moved, there were pillows on the floor, lamps, food, blankets and other small trinkets spread over the entire room, and his wife in the middle of it all; her tongue slightly out trying to, what it looked like, balance a blanket on a stick.

Killian walked over to the bassinet by the corner of the room, and lifting his daughter into his arms, smiling widely as she gurgled happily and wrapped her tiny fists into his shirt.

”I’m making a fort.”

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A Rainy Day

set sometime over the summer before Kate’s return to work in season five

The sound of rain hitting the window wakes her; the soft pitter-pattering of the drops eases her into consciousness. For once, Kate finds she doesn’t really mind. Not today. Not when she has nowhere to be.

It’s early still, she notes, as she rolls over and reads 6:40 shining bright on the clock, and while normally she would spend her days off trying to catch up on sleep, she finds that she’d much rather spend the day awake and curled up in bed, or maybe on the couch, with a good book  and her boyfriend. The sun hasn’t quite finished rising, the light of the early August morning only just beginning to shine through, dulled even further by the rain. The space beside her in bed is empty though, and judging from the lack of warmth emanating from the sheets, it likely has been for a while now.

She lies there for a moment more, revels in the warmth of Rick’s bed, before forcing herself up. She stretches quickly before throwing on one of his button ups and heading towards his office.

The bedroom’s door is already open, so when she spots him standing with his back to her, staring out the window, she pauses. She stands silently, trying not to make her presence known, because as much as she used to tease him for not-so-secretly observing her, she’s always secretly enjoyed observing him just as much.

He senses her, though, as he always does, and turns around, gestures for her to join him.

“Morning,” he hums, pressing a kiss into her hair as he pulls her into his side, rubbing gentle patterns into the fabric of her – his – shirt, that have her sighing in content. “Sleep well?”

“Mm, yes,” she replies. She always sleeps well in his bed. Has since when she first showed up here a few months ago. “What has you up so early?”

“Woke up a couple hours ago and couldn’t fall back to sleep, so I came out here to write,” he answers. “I guess I ended up just watching the rain instead.”

“Get any writing done?”  

“Not really, no, but I’m actually ahead for once, so it’s fine,” he says, lets out a small laugh. “Apparently having you around all the time helps me write more.”

“Mm, I knew you needed me,” she says with a quiet laugh, turns in his arms so that she can smear a quick kiss to his lips.

“Always, Kate,” he whispers, his mouth pressed to her forehead. “Always need you.”

She blushes, looks to the ground, allowing her hair to hide her smile and the pink heating her cheeks. There haven’t been any declarations of love, not yet, not since her shooting over a year ago, and while she wants to tell him now, it’s not the time. Not quite yet.

“I need you, too, Rick,” she whispers instead, lets the love she feels for him make itself known in her voice, in her eyes when she lifts her head and allows them to meet his.

He smiles, presses a kiss to her cheek in response, a gesture that she’s come to find oddly intimate.

They stay like that for a moment, her forehead rested against his, their arms around each other, but the moment is broken when a yawn makes his tiredness known.

She gives his hand a squeeze before separating herself from him and starts to head to the kitchen.

“How about I go make us some coffee, hm?” she asks, pausing in the doorway connecting his office to the living room. “We can spend the day just hanging out, throw on some movies, and not change out of our pyjamas?”

“Sounds great, Kate,” he says, his eyes crinkling in a way that they only do for her.

“Okay,” she replies, flashing back a smile of her own. “Why don’t you choose some movies and grab some blankets? I’ll be right back.”

She returns a few minutes later with coffee and a bowl of fresh fruit to find him on the couch, surrounded by enough blankets to keep at least a dozen people warm. She bites back her laugh as she places the coffee and fruit down on the table in front of him.

“Castle,” she huffs. “I said a few blankets, not ten.”

“I know,” he replies. “But I thought we could make a fort.”

“A fort?”

“Yes, a fort,” he says with an exaggerated sigh, as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world. “You know, a structure made of blankets, sheets, pillows. A blanket fort.”

“I know what a fort is, Rick,” she replies, her amusement barely hidden. “I just don’t see why we need to make one.”

“How else would we survive a movie marathon?”

“I was thinking we could just sit on the couch and cuddle.”

“Okay, while that would be amazing and I love cuddling with you, don’t you think building a fort would just be so much fun?!”

She bites her lip, because, really, it does sound kind of fun. Plus, he’s excited and giving her puppy dogs eyes, and he’s cute right now and, really, how can she say no to that?

“Okay,” she complies, and the grin that spreads across his face makes the mess that they’re going to be stuck cleaning up later oh so worth it.

They spend the following hour or so building the fort - their food and coffee long forgotten - and by the time they’ve finished Kate is ready to go back to bed. She won’t, of course, but the desire is there.

Rick leaves her in the office to make them some fresh coffees, and she takes the time alone to admire the fort that they built.  

It actually looks surprisingly good. Although, it’s Castle who co-built it, so she really shouldn’t be surprised. They’ve managed to drape the blankets so that the television is still clearly visible and they have enough room to sit up and move around comfortably.

Rick had done most of the planning and ordered her around a bit - not that she minded. He had experience building forts with Alexis when she was growing up, and Kate hadn’t so much as seen one since she was a teenager still babysitting little kids. It was fun, though. A challenge different from what they faced in their day to day.

He returns then, handing her the two mugs before crawling over to join her in their little setup.

“Did you pick out a movie to start with?” Kate asks, her coffee mug resting at her lips, waiting for the liquid to cool enough for her to take a sip.

“Yes. Well, actually, no,” he retracts, and she turns to face Rick, shooting him a quizzical look. “I was actually thinking we could watch The X-Files, instead?“

She bites back a small laugh because of course that would be his suggestion.

“The X-Files? Really?” she questions, anyway, a small smile gracing her face.

“Kate, we both know that I’m Mulder and you’re Scully,” he points out.

She rolls her eyes but gives him a small nod when he pauses, clearly wanting for her to acknowledge that.

“Besides, the revival is coming up and when was the last time you actually sat down and watched an episode?”

Kate bites her lip. He’s right, she really can’t remember the last time she watched an episode.

“So, what ones should we watch?” she asks a few minutes later, once Netflix has been set up on the television and they’ve retreated to the back of the fort. They’re propped up against a pile of pillows, her head resting on his shoulder.

“Well, as much as I’d love to watch every episode with you, we probably don’t have time. So I did a quick google search while waiting for the coffee to brew, and found a list that had the twenty-five most critical episodes. I was thinking we could just go through that list?”

She smiles at him before pressing a kiss to his clothed shoulder, mumbling a ‘sounds good’ against it, before reaching over and stealing the remote from his hand.  

“So… what’s first?”

A/N: fill for my single word prompt series (thank you to @ericasreed for prompting this one with the word “rain”)