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I have 16 requests from the other night still in my inbox friends. Going through them slowly. :D I’m just going to comment on some and people can… do what they want. As in, write them if you want. Or add them to the kink meme doc (some news about that coming soon…) if you are really invested in them happening - if I just comment on them that means I’m not planning on writing them, at least not any time in the near future. Because I can’t possibly write all of this stuff myself.


I love this idea. And I feel like it could be a really long thing. Like so much plot and development and stuff going on. And tension, oooh the sexual tension. Would they still be mates? Would she turn fae? How? Their dynamic would be so different. Think about all the things they had to go through before they got together. So clearly she would be around Rhys a lot, maybe like… his chambermaid. And conveniently she would probably be wearing some sort of restraints. And probably hate him, like way worse than she did in ACOTAR. But damn is he hot. Enemies to lovers. Probably dubcon because… slavery. Which would definitely be for a certain type of writer, which I am not certain I am.

But then if we want to go for straight feels maybe they could do that too. It could go a couple of directions, depending on… when/how/if she gets made. And if they were mates still, then… maybe he would feel Conflicted about her being his slave. I bet she would assume he’s going to take advantage of her because of his position. And so she would be all full of fire and fuck off you hot bastard.

Or it could just be a quick one-shot where she’s like “fuck off you hot prick you stand for everything I hate, oh actually I meant fuck me because… you’re a hot prick.”

I feel like Rhys & Co would be still trying to fight against the whole slavery of humans thing. So maybe they could work together, she could be part of the resistance and then she realizes that hey, he is, too, so maybe he’s not as bad as she thought, and then of course one of them gets hurt one day while trying to do something… resistance-y. And cue the feels and smut. Because that always works.

This is one of the shorter suggestions you sent me but it has SO MUCH POTENTIAL.

i know other people have called leonard mccoy “bones” in the series, but i really like the idea that only jim ever calls him that. because that’s their thing. and maybe someone has tried calling him “bones” but he just glares and grumbles about “the name’s leonard”. but he’s never done that to jim because every time jim calls him “bones”, he gets this almost warm feeling because jim actually listened to his drunken rambling that first day they met and the kid actually fucking cared enough about him to give him a nickname other than “leo” or “doc”. 

Alright but imagine this: FAHC Gavin as a very involved member of Anonymous.
The crew doesn’t know this about him until one day one of them goes into his room and they fine an Anonymous mask carelessly thrown on his bed. At first they think that its not real or a joke or something, but then a lot of things start to make sense.
Why Gavin was always away while the big Anonymous protests were happening. Why he always had some sort of not-crew-related project he was working on at any given time. Why he never commented when the organization came up in conversation. Why he always felt so strongly about protests and political disagreements.
When Gavin finds out that they know, he kind of just laughs and says that a notorious and well known criminal couldn’t possibility be a member of an anonymous organization.
None of the rest of the crew believes him.

sunny day


Hey guys!  Back with Johnlock again  

I can’t belive that I really kept going with this ;_; the horses were so hard to draw ;’D
I always wanted to draw Sherlock and a horse ! Because I thought that it would really suit him ;w; I’m glad how it turned out <3
but when I finnished drawing him he looked a little bit lonely…In the end I just couldn’t draw him without john ^^“ then I decided to add a panel..then another one…….. and now this came out XD
Another reason for drawing them together with horses is a Fanfiction I started to read last week ;w; It’s written in german and soo damn wonderful!  It’s pretty long though.. around 69 chapters so far ;w; But I really love this fic so far <3 for people who maybe want to read..here’s the name : (tax_returns.doc …or) The Private Life of Sherlock and John  from:nothinghappenstome!

I hope you like it ;) 

How would you all feel about me starting a Patreon? I wouldn’t be using it to hold any of this blog’s content hostage for money, I’d just have it as an additional way for people to support me if they wanted to. The reward tiers would probably include the patrons’ inclusion in a monthly “thank you” post and access to the Google doc where I keep my drafts and ideas for future texts. What do you think?

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I feel like I need to lose weight to get a girlfriend, all the lesbians and bisexual women I know are into boyishly skinny women and it's just hopeless for me.

There is definitely a certain look that seems very popular out there - ya know, the skinny gal with the undercut and the button-down shirt, probably with a lip piercing and Doc Martens. But I can assure you that there are plenty of lesbian, bi, pan, and queer women who dig girls of all shapes and sizes! 

Honestly, there have been times when skinny chicks have shown interest in me, and I was like, “really? me? Are you - are you sure? Wait, you wanna kiss ME? Wait, you’re actually flirting with ME?” so I get that sometimes it can feel like no one will ever be into a big girl like me. BUT IT DOES HAPPEN. 

You’re going to find someone who is into you for YOU and doesn’t expect you to change your body. I promise!


raggedyanndy (a fat bisexual gal)

So I totally want my procedures done… But I’ve E-mailed a few Doc and no response… 😢 feeling discouraged in that department… But other than that think I’ve been having fluffy thoughts Way more lately. Waking up smiling happy giggling ready to conquer the Day… Just really want My procedures done… Can’t wait to look like the Doll I’m imagining also can’t wait to find my bimbo bestie like OMG the fun we will have 💞💞💞💞💞😘

this thing is over a year old and i only remembered it bc it was still in my google docs. anyway i really liked it but know i’ll never finish it, so i’m gonna just post what there is of it :)

organized crime rhack au

warnings for: violence, murder, drug use, unhealthy relationships, time jumps, also a nsfw scene

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probably my favorite thing about back to the future is how easily everyone accepted that marty and doc brown were best friends. like. we see this hip 17 year old kid who is very into skating and metal and all the other things that the cool 80′s kids™ were into, and then we see this 60+ year old hermit dude who is a stereotypical mad genius doctor archetype and just think yes. they are best friends. that makes a lot of sense and it’s definitely not weird at all.



Atila first cut my hair in the summer of 1984. I was 13 and had just gotten a mohawk at Blades, a shop in West Hollywood’s “Boy’s Town” above Revolver, a club which is still cooking today. It was on the heels of a mother approved “modified mohawk,” which was really nothing more than an unfaded fade. Determined to take it to the next level, I brought my childhood pal like a brother, Andrew, back to Blades and asked my guy Joe to give me the real deal. I was obsessed with the post punk / hardcore aesthetic and did my best to pull it off–suspenders, Doc Martens and all. No small feat for a diminutive pre-pubescent runt with an acute anxiety disorder. 

I was shell shocked by my new cut. So much so that I rode the bus home with a sweatshirt on my head only removing it, once home and quietly sobbing, to reveal it to my mother from whom I expected the worst but who was cooler than me about it. She took me to her stylist (at a new-wavy salon whose name escapes me). An intimidating Hungarian punk with a bleached blonde mohawk replete with liberty spikes, containing tiny flags of various countries emerged. Atila Sikora. His hair was celebrating the Olympics, which were in town that summer. Atila was also a musician who made a strange stew of dub-punk-new wave along the lines of Grace Jones. He also made – and makes – some pretty whacked out art, with no dearth of punk rock comic book porn.
Atila was of course a sweetheart and took care to fix the haircut that was scaring the shit out of me, by shaving the back strip off and blending the top as best he could. Kids in Westwood still shouted shit at me from passing cars for being punk. Or not punk enough. Or for looking like a 9 year old.

I’ve followed Atila from shop to shop for 33 years but never had to stray far from Melrose Ave, where he had trendy shop called Tiger Rose in Melrose’s ‘80s heyday and where just northeast a few blocks he has a station today, at Dan’s Salon on Fairfax, a far cry from the old scene–where I’ve bore witness to more manis than mohawks, but where Atila is still doing his thing, flying his freak, and fixing my hair when I come in crying.


why does no one ever talk about how badass Doc is? Like, I know he’s not got the highest kill count or the coolest weapon, but he’s keeping up with all these folks a third his age. The man is a senior citizen, and he’s clubbing skulls in with a crowbar. 

I know he has this whole peace-love-and-drugs vibe but we know he was in the military when he was younger and he’s way too good at fighting (especially considering his age) to not have prior experience. Even in the day 1 flashback he manhandled that one dude attacking the other therapist.

I just really want a flashback to like, 22-year-old Steven Beck who knocked teeth in when people effed with him. Cause Doc at almost 60 can throw down, so Doc in his 20s would’ve been a one man riot.

Blood Gultch Crew Thanksgiving

Sarge - Tries to make the turkey, fails horribly, acts like nothing happened

Simmons - Tries to make a toast, never gets to

Grif - This is p much his favorite thing ever, he’s just happy

Lopez - Powered down and hid in the closet

Donut - Made a cheese and cracker platter, quietly gripes about the centerpiece to Doc

Church - “Can I skip this?” “WHY NOT?! I can’t eat anyways.”

Tucker - Made endless sex jokes while Sarge stuffed the turkey

Caboose - Ate an entire casserole??? Also tried to give some to freckles but it didn’t really work

Washington - Is the true Dad™ and passes out on the couch

Doc - Is constantly screaming because the only thing he can eat is black olives

Carolina - Doesn’t really change from the Freelancer days, she still watches football

i found this through my docs. it is an old thing i wrote for a fic i planned to do (but that lost it’s magic to me) , where adrien gets a girlfriend , named sara, and mari gets hurt protecting her. i felt like i needed to rescue one of the drabbles bc i still really like it, mostly bc of alya.

Marinette’s vision turned red. She had to save her, she had to save Adrien’s girlfriend. She wasn’t going to let destiny take someone else away from Adrien. He wasn’t going to lose someone he loved, not if she could stop it.

She threw her yo-yo to the closest building, jumped off and swung as fast as she could. She extended all her body and released her yo-yo to drop fast to the ground.

“Watch out!” She shouted and pushed Sara out of the way.

Everything happened so quickly. Marinette wasn’t looking around or thinking of the consequences, she only had eyes for Sara.

She was on the floor with her mouth hanging open looking at her. She was safe, Adrien’s girlfriend was safe.

“Are you okay?” Ladybug asked and offered her hand to the girl, when she was kneeling to go closer to her is when she felt the pain. And she understood the expression on Sara’s face.

In her left side, close to her hips a big branch full of thorns cut across her body. Ladybug heard a laugh behind her and then in a fast move the branch was gone.

“Oh my god!” Sara shouted and pointed at Ladybug

“Run” Ladybug ordered and turned to face the akuma.

The Gardener was smiling from ear to ear and for the first time in a long, long time Marinette felt real fear.


It was time to quit… Marinette had to quit. 

She jumped back to the street. It would be easier to move if she wasn’t jumping from rooftop to rooftop, and hiding was easier since the building projected shadows where she could hide . 

It was still hard. She had a hole in the middle of her tummy, and it wasn’t a tiny one, no matter if Tikki was helping with magic making the suit regenerate and create a type or bandage on top of her wound. It wasn’t enough.

After running four blocks down, she saw her. 

Alya was running with Nino behind her, camera in one hand and phone in the other. She was pointing at the rooftops… she was looking for Ladybug, as she always was. 

Alya always had found a way to be in the middle of the fight, she was reckless and now, since Nino wasn’t able to stop her, he came along.

Marinette hated how her best friend didn’t thin about the consequences of being in the middle of an attack, but now she couldn’t be happier to see her. “Alya!” Ladybug shouted and ran in her direction, dodging branches and people, trees, and cars, trying to hide in between them so The Gardener couldn’t notice her presence. 

Alya didn’t turn around, she was too immersed in the report of the fight, but Nino did and he took Alya’s hand to stop her and point at Ladybug. 

“Ladybug!” Alya shouted and ran towards her. The smile on Alya’s face completely disappeared when she realized the different shade of red on Ladybug’s costume.

“Ladybug” Alya gasped.

“I need your help” Marinette said and threw herself to Alya’s arms.

 Alya dropped her camera and took Ladybug on her arms. Getting help from Nino after he picked up the camera she had threw to the floor.

 “We gotta go… an alley… with no one around…” Ladybug said between heavy breaths. 

“You need a hospital, Ladybug!” Nino shouted but moved along with Alya who was doing what she was asked. 

“Not now” Ladybug answered and let the strength who was holding her body go, relying only in the strength of her friends. 

Alya and Nino ran with Ladybug on her arms to the first abandoned alley they could find. Hiding beside a dumpster and placing Ladybug against a wall

“We have to call Chat Noir” Alya said and took her phone, tapping on the screen a few numbers.

“No” Ladybug shook her head in negative “Y-you g-gotta help-p him” 

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Alright, look. I adore mutual pining. But let’s be real. Mart McFly would not be that patient. Doc would, he’d suffer. But Marty, as soon as he figured out what he was feeling would be bringing it up constantly in really not suave ways while Doc tried to be a good person and ignore his advances

“hey, Doc, what type of guy are you into again?”
“Uh, Doc, I just want to let you know I’m down for all kinds of experimentation”
“Doc look, I really dig that shirt on you would you mind taking it off so I can see what size it is?”

And it would be immediately obvious and he would not be able to let it go until one day he was just like “listen, Doc, I’ve got the hots for you”
And Doc would just be like “I know, you’re so god damn obvious about istg”
This boy has no chill.

"Waiting On You" - 10K Imagine

Fandom: Z Nation

Pairing: 10K x reader

Warnings: cute stuffs, swearing

A/n: Hey guys, I’d like to formally apologize for the lack of updates these past few months, life and school just decided to join forces and distract me. I really hope those of you who requested more 10k stuff enjoy!

10k had never felt so annoyed in his life, he thought as he trudged along behind everyone else, scowling at the water that seemed to never stop falling. The thunder storms had been going on for days now, and they had been camping out in an old house until Warren decided that they couldn’t wait around for the storms to finally pass. He wiped at his face again in a useless attempt to rid himself of the incessant falling water, pressing his lips into a thin line of annoyance as his wet hair flopped back down into his face.

“God, can it just quit freaking raining for like ten minutes! That’s all I’m asking for, for crying out loud.” He mutter to himself, fingers clenching around the strap to his gun when it threatened to slip from his shoulder.

“Kid I think you just need to chill out, it’s just a little rain is all.” Doc spoke from his place in between Warren and Murphy.

“Doc’s right 10k! You’ve got to enjoy it while it lasts, because once it’s gone it’s just going to get really hot again." You piped up from in front of him, your (e/e) eye teeming with excitement as you spread you fingers wide, palms turned towards the heavens.

"I think the kid has a point for once, it’s not going to matter if it gets hot as hell outside after this if we all end up with hypothermia.” Murphy complains, trying anything to get out of the cold at this point.

“Fine!” Warren shouts at everyone. “We’ll go wait some of this out in one of these houses down one of these streets.”

- - - - -

10k was keeping watch while everyone took a power nap, attempting to pass the time by cleaning his weapons and staring out at the bleak world through the busted window in the foyer.

“You know, I kind of want to go back outside…” You said thoughtfully.

10K jumped up from the windowsill in surprise, his knife clattering to the floor with a metallic sound, his eyes blown wide. When he realized it was only you, he sighed and resettled himself on the edge of the window.

You were leaned idly against the door frame, your clothes and hair ruffled from your short sleep. He could see the dark circles that had been dulling the life in your eyes for weeks now, and noticed that your check bones looked a little more prominent that what he remembered. He reminded himself to give you the last bite of his twinkies from now on. He smiled, holding one arm out to beckon you to him. You returned the expression and happily obliged. When you were close enough he slid his awaiting arm around your waist easily, like he had hundreds of times before, and pressed his forehead into your side.

“I still don’t understand why you like the rain so much (Y/n)?” He questioned you, his voice barely above a whisper as he kissed the inside of your elbow. You started running your fingers through his hair leisurely, your gaze focusing somewhere outside the dirty window as well.

“It reminds me of when I used to sit in my big window in my bedroom with a mug of hot cocoa and just listen.”

You had closed your eyes, 10k noticed, and leaned your head atop his.

“Life was a lot simpler back then. Wake up, fight over which cereal was the best with my brother, while my parents kissed each other good bye as they headed out for work,” a broken sigh left your slightly parted lips. “I didn’t worry about having to wake up and give Z’s mercy.”

There was a still quiet that fell over the two of you for a few minutes, neither of you speaking. The only sound was the old house creaking from the wind, and the pouring rain outside. You closed your eyes again, a weak smile spreading across your face.


“Yeah princess?”

“Will you go outside with me, please?” 10K nodded slowly, raising an eyebrow at you.

“We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm, and you want to stop and feel the rain?” He laughed at you affectionately, but rose from his sitting position nonetheless. He slipped his hand into yours wordlessly and quietly led you to the front door, where the two of you peered out to check for and zombies that might be creeping in the bushes.

10k looked at you out of the corner of his eye, a grin widening his features as he asked you, “you ready for this princess?”

You only laughed in response, which made 10k’s thoughts stand still for a moment, just so his entire being could focus on that sound. Never in his life had he wanted to just listen to one thing on repeat for hours, but if he could record the sound of your laugh, that’s all he’d ever want to listen to for the rest of his life. He didn’t find it necessary to tell you this as you looked back at him, so he just leaned to give you a quick, chaste kiss, as he pushed open the front door.

As the door swung open, rain pelted the two of you mercilessly, but you only erupted into a fit of laughter as the cold liquid attacked you. 10k could only watch as you sprinted down the steps of the rickety old porch and propelled yourself feet first into a large puddle, sending sheets of water in various directions. To say the boy was awestruck would have been an understatement in his opinion, because he just sat there for a moment, jaw slack, as he watched you run about. You had to be the definition of perfect, he thought, because nothing else in this entire world could be as beautiful as you in that moment. The longer he watched you, the more his mind went blank. Every time he blinked he no longer saw Cassandra’s lifeless body descending upon him, or felt the fast-paced beating of his heart against his rib cage from constant adrenaline rushes.

With all of these things still rushing through his head, your spun around to look at him suddenly, with an all most child like excitement in your movements, and held one hand out to him.

“Come on Tommy! What are you waiting for?” You giggled as you spun around more.

He could only smile at you fondly, muttering a reply that you couldn’t hear before joining you in your rainy day endeavors.

“I’ve been waiting for you, princess.”

His attitude towards gay rights as an actor, people like that he would do what he could to support them. Although sexuality for him wasn’t an issue, he knew that it was a big issue and there was a lot of discrimination within film, within every walk of life which he thought it was just ridiculous.
The fan letters that I would show to him, especially the ones to do with ‘Idaho’ from people that came out were just very touching, and really emotional. River was very touched by the fans, quite moved.
For ones I remember was just saying, 'Thank you. I’ve come out, It wasn’t as hard as I thought and you gave me the confidence to do that. And my life has changed, thank you.’
—  Abigail Greenberg (River Phoenix’s personal assistant) on This Road Will Never End Documentary