i just really liked their interactions a lot :))))))

TheDoctorNumber11′s Permanent Starter Call 2.0

Liking this means

1. You’d at some point like a starter.  Everyone who likes this will get a starter at some point, even if it’s not right away.

2. You don’t mind being tagged in random starters at any point.  Once one thread comes to a conclusion, there’s a good chance I’ll tag you in a new one randomly.  Or just when I feel like it.  Who knows.

3. You don’t mind me sending you random asks and memes and headcannons and general OOC conversation.

4. You acknowledge that I enjoy being sent ask memes and I have no problem with people tagging me in random starters.  It also means you’ve read my rules and sent me the thing saying you’ve done so.

5. We can just generally be best friends because you liked this.  I’ll probably send you ooc messages just to say hello a lot and in general you don’t mind me sending you lots of stuff!

This basically goes on forever and ever.  At any point I can randomly tag you in a starter, send you a meme, a message to start conversation, etc.  One might call this more of a friendship call than a permanent starter call, but permanent starter call works too!

ok ok ok ok ok

now that I think I can handle the hubub and it’s died down a bit, thank you everyone so much for the outstanding outpouring of support and excitement for Viridescent Skies!!! I am super touched (and a bit overwhelmed!!) and so, so very glad that everyone enjoyed it so much!!! The reaction was much bigger than I expected, but honestly I am just thrilled everyone enjoyed it! Please treasure my darkside tsundere trashson, Anakin ‘I don’t like that little monster at all :\’ Skywalker!!!!

Thank you everyone who ever reblogged a part of it (whether you added tags or not)!! Without you, I never would have felt encouraged to continue writing it. Thank you everyone who ever sent me asks about it! Without you, I wouldn’t have had some of the ideas I did! It might not have gone in the direction it had! Thank you to everyone who liked and replied to the posts, and who stuck through with the story even if it made you a bit uncomfortable

(no one has said as much, but I’m aware of what I write lol)

because writing does not take place in a void, and all those sparkling stars reminded me that there was something out there in the darkness.

Special mention to @grayjedii , @strunmahmah , @isweariamanadmin , and @ebonykain (who I can’t tag??? for reasons????? wat) who sent me nice messages and encouragement. @likealeafonthewind who has bolstered me with ideas for my various AUs and may have trapped me in Star Wars fandom (I am happy to be here), and also helped me reach a wider audience I would not have without, and @fireflyfish for being nice and also helping me reach that audience and being excited about VS, and also for writing Tano and Kenobi because sometimes I like to read fic to make me excited about writing my own xD (I LOVE IT IN CASE YOU HAVEN’T NOTICED) @rainglazed FOR BEING SUPER SWEET and drawing fanart!!!! for Viridescent Skies!! because I !!!! am seriously overwhelmed!!!! thank you so much!!!!

There are also so many more people out there that reblogged and commented and tagged on Viridescent Skies than I have mentioned here. I assure you, your encouragement and excitement and wonderful words have been read and treasured and I ‘!!!!!!!!!!!!’ about them and I’m just so pleased!! I have usernames memorized and I re-read the lovely things you said to encourage myself. I am excited!!! that you are excited!!! about Viridescent Skies!!!!!

Without every single one of you, this AU would have languished as that very first part.

I don’t have a set date, but there will be an Episode II of Viridescent Skies because I heckin love this AU and I want to show that my trashson can actually avoid falling entirely to the Darkside, Anakin, thank you: I know you need attachment to be stable and have been denied that at every turn, but please do not depend entirely on your tiny padawan to provide that.

Also because it deals with Sidious and all that fun stuff, it will take a while for me to plan. I am more of an Anakin than a Sidious lmao, so being that sneaky will take me a while to plan out. Thankfully, we have Obi-Wan on the case

(I have to still write Obi-Wan being smart though ohhh my god)

Also the thing I’ve been talking about, Anakin’s Tatooine Trauma, will be on the back burner. I don’t yet have a solid hook for it, but I think it’s important to address. Also it is Suffering, and I dislike writing Suffering (alluding to it is all kinds of fun tho) but yes. I have ideas and I have finished ironing out the kinks, so all I have to do is figure out how to climb into Shmi’s head.

in the mean time, I’m probably gonna work on something else, like the timetraveling vaderwan au, or getula minor which has yet to have a single part posted because I haven’t written it yet Dx

I feel like if Sirius had lived, he would have approved of Ginny for Harry so hardcore because she’s got that same Marauders spirit.