i just really liked the colouring okay


Maybe at once upon a time this was about whether he was innocent, or y’know, some sort of psycho murderer. But that ship sailed a long time ago, along with your career at Nelson and Murdock. So why do you still care?

White Suits omake

Hooguro: Aniki, looks like it’s Christmas.

Naki: What’s this “Kumasussu” you’re talking about? What are bears doing there? (TN: “kuma” is “bear”)

Hooguro: It’s a day where you have a party with your family, go on a date with your lover, and so on.

Naki: I see. Then we’ll do one too! Because we’re just like family!

Naki: So, how many bears do you think we’ll need? This many? (14 bears above his head)

Hooguro: We don’t need any bears.


Hooguro: Santa is a red-coloured grandpa who leaves presents by your side while you sleep.

Naki: No way, isn’t that really dangerous?!

Hooguro: It’s okay. He just drops the presents and leaves right after.

Hooguro: You have to write down the thing that you really want on a piece of paper, and send it as a letter. And then on the night of the 24th, if you leave a stocking by your bedside, on the morning of the 25th, the old man will leave you that thing you really wanted.

Naki: Ohh.

Some time later…

Shousei: Hooguro. Did Aniki write it down? What he wants.

Hooguro: …um.

Naki’s handwriting is almost illegible.

Shousei: “Ohagi…u”?

Hooguro: I think that says “keyaki” though…

(Correct answer is “cigar set”).


Miza is sleeping when she wakes up.

Miza: …Nghh……!?

She sees Naki in the doorway.

Naki: …

Miza: W-what is it, Naki? You surprised me there.

Naki sits down next to Miza.

Naki: Miza, do you know who this “Sumasukkusu” referee is?

Miza: “Sumasukkusu”…? No…I don’t. (What the hell is that)

Naki: It’s a red monster called a Manta that ambushes you in your sleep.

Miza: …a manta? (thinks of a manta ray)

Naki: Let’s turn the tables on them!

Miza: Ah?…Ahh.

Miza (thinking): I don’t know what’s going on, but if I’m next to Naki, then…


Shousei is in a Santa outfit, and Hooguro is in a reindeer costume.

Shousei: Let’s go, Hooguro. I brought the ohagi. (TN: “ohagi” is a rice ball coated in sweetened red bean, soybean flour or sesame.)

Hooguro: Gatten. I brought the hayaki too. (TN: “hayagi” may mean “fast spirit”.)

They barge into the room.


Naki and Miza are dozing off.

Miza: Oh…oh. What the…

Naki: *snore*

Shousei: Excuse us for interrupting while you were making a child. (Nice present)

Miza: That’s not…! And what the hell is a “Sumasukkusu”supposed to be!

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This may sound kinda rude, but why do you only use red to sketch?

short story: i like it

long story: it starts from like traditional sketching where red is a really good base colour, like its not very overwhelming to most other colours so you can use it as an initial sketch layer and its very easy to go over with another colour (i usually like a darker red or a blue, depending on what im planning to do with the sketch),, but its also quite striking on its own so if you do like the sketch then you can leave it that way

also when i want to draw clean lines i like to use layout paper and then a regular black pencil, and layout paper is kind of like a more substantial tracing paper, and red is very visible through the layout paper and, unlike if you had had a greyscale sketch under the layout paper, your clean black lines dont get confused with the grey lines underneath

below you can see the initial red sketch with the darker red refinements of the sonny/pete sketch i did yesterday, and also the cleaner lines i did on layout paper afterwards (i wasnt happy with the sketch at this point, so took it into photoshop for another refined layer) 

also i have a red sketchbook i started this year, where all the sketches in it are just red, which i decided to do because i wanted to practice filling space, and chose red because i had a nice new red pencil, and love how red looks less scrappy than pencil, and all the sketches come together and flow nicely and the red brings them together as one whole page but doesn’t overwhelm the individual drawing,, i mean DOESNT THAT LOOK COOL????

now, digitally, the choice of red was just initially transferring the technique, like “oh red looks nice on paper, lets do some of that here” but now i really do think that its a good choice,, and to prove my point i edited some of the lil bennys from earlier

black is just a lil plain and bland, yellow is always hard to see and very easily overwhelmed, pink is too loud and overwhelming, blue is probably my second favourite but you cant draw in blue without bringing sadness to the party, and then theres red! soft, good, not overwhelming, easy to get depth of tone, very visible but not dominant, doesn’t evoke any particular emotion so its very versatile (unless of course you use a very harsh red and really try to bring out the anger of the colour and what not), just pure and good and nice

SO PLEASE, people who made it to the end of this long long red nerd out, GO FORTH, TRY RED, HAVE FUN

i love whoever is in charge of isak’s wardrobe because honestly his colour combos are so good?!? so on point all the time?! (and it obviously isn’t tarjei doing this ;) )

#WhatAreTheyGonnaSay when you coloured your hair with Newt as your dad

• Newt: Merlin’s beard, y/n Scamander! What did you do to your hair?! You think you’re a demiguise that really invisible till people don’t know what you’re doing to your hair?! What did you colored your hair with? I’m sorry, i didn’t mean to scold you. Don’t get me wrong, darling, you look beautiful with the color, but… I like your natural color hair, okay? And it might damaged your hair, if you wore that. Just please, washed it. If it can’t be washed, don’t colored it again when your natural hair is grow, okay?

• Tina: Y/n, what on earth are happening to you?! Did your dad knew it? Why did… Why did you do this?! You followed your muggle friend’s hair or what?! What would professor said to me when he look at this? Gosh, y/n, you make your mom stressed now, really! Go washed that, and if it can’t be washed, don’t cut your hair, make it long, okay?

• Credence: Y-You look s-so beautiful, b-but it that really necessary? C-Cause i t-think you’re way m-more flawless with your old hair, y/n… B-But it doesn’t mean that y-you’re ugly, i didn’t mean that, i’m really sorry…

• Theseus: Merlin’s beard, Newt…. What is wrong with your daughter? Did she get an influence from her muggle friend or she just want to be one of your beasts? She better washed it, i guess.

• Queenie: Oh honey, what did you do to your hair? It looks really beautiful, but i think it will be flawless if you keep your natural hair color, y/n…

• Jacob: Wow, did you watch MTv or what? I saw that hair yesterday, really. But you look good, honesty. Just a suggestion from me, you look good with the hair, but you better listen to Newt, he knows whats good for you.

• Percival: Theseus, is that your niece? Whats wrong with her hair? By the way, she’s getting bigger, right? Last time i checked, she was just a toodler that likes to messing up with your paper work everytime you bought her here.

Soulmate AUs

okay so there are all these soulmate aus that are all really cute and shit like holy FUCK
but what about polyamory?
like the one where you have your soulmates name on your body
but hey you just pop out with two or more names on you
and your parents are just like “UHHH well youre in for some fun times”
or the one where you feel eachothers emotions
or like your eye changes colour to correspond with your soulmates emotions
wouldnt that be so confusing???
what about timers???
youd be so happy when you find your soulmate but then you still have another timer or something and youre like
im just
soulmate ot3s yo
what about for the thing i said earlier with you having two soulmates that arent eachothers
what if those two hated eachother and got into fist fights all the time
but it was the au where you felt the pain of your soulmate?!???!

i need to talk about claire bc i love love love claire so much

(also i just really love how trollhunters does not to the whole ‘status quo is god’ thing, and everyone is incompetent and/or willfully oblivious – everyone is going to find out in due time, i am convinced. eli and mrs lake!!!! please find out soon! i’m just really happy that claire finds out about jim being a trollhunter before the midpoint of this series)

but okay! claire

i love her stripe of blue – which tbh reminds me of mako mori, but i mostly want to say that i love her colourful hairclips

i love that she’s smart and loves drama, that we see her and her family (and NotEnrique)

i love that she says fudgeknuckles and she totally has a crush on jim too and that she’s rightfully suspicious and distrustful of him at times like when he’s being a jerk, and she’s not afraid to call him out

she just feels like a fully realized character, but tbh everyone feels like a realized, multifaceted character and i really love this show so much

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I think since Nino wears blue and has an eye shape(like the "eyes" on peacock feathers) on his shirt, that he'll be the peacock

okay, if it really could just depends by their clothes, it makes sence, i guess, ahah. but, seriously, all of them really have something based on their miraculous in their clothes (at least, a colour, huh) or in their appearance. 

so let me scribble something stupid (like its stopped me before)

*Edna`s screams in the backgroung*




Okay, so I know this topic has been brought up a countless number of times. But I really need to get this off my chest, as not just someone who stans VIXX, but as another human being. We are all just people. It doesn’t matter how famous you become, or how loved you are. Idols are human too. They’re not gods. They’re not objects. And they don’t deserve abuse, just like no one deserves abuse. The topic of Cha Hakyeon’s skin colour is something that I see brought up a lot. And I mean a LOT. Whether it be good comments or bad comments. Hakyeon is an idol. But he’s a human, and a person, just like everyone reading this. He has emotion, and esteem, and body image. He struggles with accepting himself, as a wide variety of people do, for a wide variety of reasons. In his case, he has trouble with accepting his skin tone. It’s not something he can change. It’ll never go away. And yet, he is constantly harassed for it. He has many times been told to “change” his skin tone, a thing that quite simply just can’t happen. Everyone is born with a pigment. It’s what makes you hair and eyes the colours that they are. It’s not something you can help. It is a result of your background, and your personal genetics. That’s it. Sure you can tan, or you could stay out of the sun altogether. But that will only be a temporary change. Your original colour will always be the way it is. In Korea, beauty standards are very strict, and many incredibly outdated. One being the obsession of “light-skinned.” In Korea, the beauty standard is to have dark eyes, dark hair, and pale skin. Now, the thing about pigment is that it normally stays within the boundary of a base tone. Meaning, if two out of three of your colours are dark (if you have brown eyes and black hair), chances are the third (your skin) will be dark, and vice versa. It is rare to find someone with the variable (a black person with blond hair, etc) So, similar to North America, only a small amount of people actually fit the pushed standard of beauty.

The difference between North America and South Korea, is that in Korea, it is socially acceptable to publicly humiliate someone if they do not fit that narrow beauty standard. Yeah, you read that shit right. They can openly bully someone for the way their fucking body was created, something they have no control over. Cha Hakyeon is an example of this sort of abuse. No, I’m not going to deny the fact that his skin is darker than many of the people I see around him. It is. But he can’t help that. And he doesn’t deserve to be shunned for it. Now, I am not only defending Hakyeon with this post, either. There are many other idols, and non-idols who suffer the same shit as him. I’m not going to say “regular people,” because wether we are in the public eye or not, we are all regular people. I’m simply using Cha Hakyeon as an example, because he IS in the public eye, he is someone I idolise, and he is a human. I have seen time and time again that he is reprimanded for the colour of his pigment, even by those who are close to him, such as his band mates. It is a topic that is brought up constantly, and constantly taken lightly. They’re ‘just kidding.’ Throwing offensive comments, and then treating it as a joke. If you want details to such comments, I suggest you go to @offensivekpop, as they have a full explanation. It is quite clear that Hakyeon is not comfortable with these comments, and that he gets offended, as anyone would in such situations. The issue is prominence and reoccurrence. It’s not just a snarky little joke anymore. It’s gone beyond the pail, and is just flat out abusive. Hakyeon is a very beautiful and kind individual. He doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment. Nor do any of the people that are affected by colourist comments.

When I first got into VIXX, the first person I saw was Hakyeon. I had never seen an Asian person with dark skin before, and my first thought was that it was beautiful, and that he must be admired. In North America, people want to tan. It’s something that is sought after. In Korea it’s looked down upon. I first started noticing this while watching an episode of Seoul’s Secret Box, that was featuring VIXX (situation is also mentioned in the above blog). They were to pick questions off the wall, and answer them. I noticed that throughout the duration of the episode, Hakyeon was constantly bashed, with comments such as “make sure the camera picks you up,” and “red hair doesn’t suit you, it makes you look darker.” When it really sunk in was when they had to pick a member, who had to answer yes to every question asked. Hakyeon was promptly grabbed, despite him fighting against them, and trying to open the door. Sanghyuk restrained him by pinning his arms to his side, while Wonshik berated him about his physical appearance, and his role as leader. It was quite obvious that Hakyeon definitely didn’t want to be in this situation, by the end of it being so defeated that he couldn’t even yell at them anymore. It was a harsh wake up call for me, exposing the reality and seriousness of the situation. This was not just some inside joke, or something that was funny. It was bullying. It was unwanted. It confused me. At the time, I had only seen two videos by them, and didn’t really know anything about the fandom, or the members. Up until then, I had idolised Hakyeon because I thought he was beautiful. I thought that since dark skin was rare among idols, it must be sought after.

My immediate thought was “but Ravi also has ‘dark skin.’ Why isn’t he teased the way N is?” In Korea, the only time it is acceptable to have dark skin is if you are a rapper, or someone in a sex profession. Basically, someone who is “badass” or “dirty.” It is presentable only among the grungier appearances. Wonshik is a rapper, and therefore it is okay for him to be tanned, similar to someone such as Hyuna. Hakyeon is a vocalist, and has a “cleaner” appearance and way of presenting himself. Therefore he is not allowed to be darker. What only furthers this is the fact that out of all the members, Wonshik seems to be the worst when it comes to teasing/bullying him. I am not bashing him in anyway by saying this. I love his music and his writing, and I think he’s very talented. I’m just pointing out what I’ve seen. He seems to jump at every chance he can to make fun of Hakyeon, almost as if trying to gain superiority, and to make sure the attention stays on Hakyeon, and doesn’t slide onto him. I’ve also noticed that Hakyeon likes to put on this persona, this kind of erotic image, such as the dances he performs on stage. It seems as though he puts on this act, almost as if saying to the audience “look at me, I’m a sex toy.” Like a cry for positive attention. He seems to almost whore himself out. Even the way he looks so confident when applauded. As if he’s achieved something. It seems as though he sluts it up for the camera, just so he can be seen as attractive by someone. It seems as though he just wants to be seen in some sort of positive light by anyone. He wants to be noticed in a good way. And the only way he won’t get teased is if he exploits himself. If he’s a slut, he fits the standard, and no one will harass him. He is allowed to be dark, as long as he is sexualised. He seems outwardly happy, but he always looks sad, as if he’s proved that he’s worth something. The kind of “see? I’m pretty too,” attitude. The sugar high of temporary self esteem. I find it very depressing whenever I see him act like this on camera. He seems so desperate, and he shouldn’t have to.

The final thing I’ve noticed is the ever increasing light patches on his skin. Hakyeon’s skin does noticeably change colour from era to era, he says because he uses whitening cosmetics. For example, during On and On, he was very tan, and now, just after Hades has come out, he is sheet white. But it doesn’t look like just makeup. He looks tired and sad and sick, and not at all healthy. I was almost horrified to see this recent picture of him during a performance of Dynamite that he posted on social media. The most noticeable thing is the overall colour of his skin. He looks flushed, and unhealthily pale. If you look, you can see these random splotches on his cheeks and chin, where the skin is much lighter, almost to the point of being yellowed. I don’t care wether or not he says the cosmetics he is using are harmless, it’s obvious that they aren’t. Those are scars, and they are from him using bleach creams on his skin. This is also evident, due to the almost raccoonish circles around his eyes, where his skin is much darker, like it was during On and On. He has dark bags under his eyes as well, and looks very tired. His smile looks fake. He doesn’t look happy at all. It hurts my heart to see someone I idolise in this kind of situation. Bleaching is a very painful process, and it causes rashes and skin irritation. Prolonged use can cause the patches you see on his face, the scars. If it is used too much those scars could never fade. I have a personal experience with my friend who used to bleach her skin. She was shunned by her mother for being dark, and was forced to bleach her skin. She stopped three years ago, and the scars are still there. I don’t know when Hakyeon was bleaching his skin, or even if he’s doing it currently. It just stood out to me almost immediately, and I found it very upsetting.

Hakyeon is a very kind, beautiful man, and doesn’t need to go through this level suffering to prove that to people. He shouldn’t have to validate his worth by hurting or exploiting himself. People should just respect him, and appreciate him for who he is, not the colour of his skin. It disgusts me that it is the year 2016, and yet skin tone still matters. He can’t help the way he was born. He has that skin tone because for most of his life, he was outside helping his parents, and working his ass off, which is more than what most of the fucks who abuse him online could ever hope to be doing. We need to understand that everyone looks different, and that anyone can be beautiful, regardless of their colour or ethnic background. Everyone needs to just shut the fuck up and mind their own business, he’s perfect the way he is, and doesn’t need to change to impress anyone. He’s a good person, and doesn’t need this shit. Please, just give it a rest. I sincerely hope that the other members will start seeing that this isn’t a joke, and that it’s hurting him. They need to stop. Everyone needs to stop. It’s not funny. It’s not just a joke anymore. It’s verbal abuse. And no one deserves to be abused.

Hakyeon needs to start seeing that he isn’t just an object, and that he should stand up for himself. He did nothing to deserve this. He isn’t ugly. His worth isn’t defined by his colour. He is a capable, sweet person that only wants to do what he loves, and succeed. He has feelings and dreams and goals just like the rest of us. He’s just another person, and he’s only twenty six years old. He shouldn’t feel like he has to stand by and let himself hurt like this. I find it sick that he has to go through so much pain at such a young age. He gets so uncomfortable when people mention his skin, and is always so desperate to change the topic of conversation. It really takes a noticeable toll on his self esteem. It’s heartbreaking to me, and I hate seeing it. I wish I could find a way to tell him that he’s strong, and he’s beautiful, and that everything is going to be ok. I wish I could make more of a point than just ranting on Tumblr.

To anyone who is suffering from colourist abuse, I want you to know that you are courageous, and you are gorgeous, and that you are so, definitely worth it. I don’t want you to feel like you deserve this because you don’t. No one does. Just keep holding on, and keep being brave. You will make it through this, it will be ok. They’re just jealous. They WISH they could be as tolerant, and as powerful as you are. Keep being you, and don’t feel like you ever have to change yourself for anyone. You are perfect the way you are. Your brown is beautiful, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

I really hope someone reads this and cries, because I sure as fuck did writing it. Thank you to whoever actually finished reading this because it really means a lot to me. Rant over.

  • no but guys
  • james potter
  • james potter who was raised by the loveliest parents
  • james potter whose skin colour was just another thing for him to be proud of
  • james potter who insisted on telling his indian name first because if some white person couldn’t even make an effort to pronounce it right they were obviously not worth his time
  • james potter who couldn’t help but fall a little bit in love with everyone he ever met
  • james potter who was genuinely nice to everyone till he got comfortable with them (from then on it was all inappropriate jokes and too hard hugs that left you a little breathless)
  • james potter who played his first prank on the then seventh year bellatrix black whose name he heard sirius shout in the middle of a nightmare
  • james potter who always knew exactly who needed a pep talk, and who needed a talking to (he told lily who needed the latter because james potter could be a lot of things; strict was not one of them)
  • james potter who loved everyone he ever dated, just not in the way they wanted
  • james potter who watched his two best friends fall in love with each other and then out of it
  • james potter who was so obvious about his crush on sirius literally everyone but sirius could see it
  • james potter who needed two bottles of firewhiskey and the threat of a hex from lily to finally gather up the courage to talk to sirius and no james not about quidditch 
  • james potter who woke up the next morning with a faint memory of warm arms leading him up the stairs and the same arms wrapped around him
  • james potter who had a kid with lily because sirius was so afraid of passing on the black genes and lbr who better than the fierce gay redhead
  • james potter getting the happy ending he deserved all along

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You know what really annoy me? When people said "it would be great, if sasusaku have son with green sharingan" like? Wth!! Stop insulting uchiha, with changing sharingan colours. Sasusaku fans are annoy me!!!




The problem with Meta Knight

Okay so like I think it’s already been pretty well established that Kirby and Meta Knight are supposed to be the same species like come on they look pretty much the same except for their colour and the anime goes so far as to state that Meta Knight is a star warrior and Kirby is just a baby star warrior or something (I know the anime isn’t really treated as canon but whatever man).


Meta Knight has like these long arms and thumbs, like Lololo and Lalala. Kirby on the other hand…

Has these stubby little hands - Clearly no arms or thumbs. WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH THAT?

I’ve always assumed it’s just cause Kirby is a baby unlike Meta Knight SO DOES THAT MEAN THAT WHEN HE GROWS UP HE’LL HAVE ARMS TOO LIKE THIS


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i'm sorry if this is soo off the track but isn't it weird that after camila met shawn she's been like ohmergawd i love harry potter and i love guitars omg i totally love ed's music and she has one same jersey that shawn has with the same number soo like gurl wat. it doesn't bother me but idk.. it just makes me a it mad when people try to get under someones ass. sorry again if this is sounds rude i just really like playing sherlock sometimes

Okay what bothers me about her is that she always seems to monopolise a conversation? Like I saw an interview with her and Shawn and Shawn was saying how Alessia Cara told him that his album has a blue colour because she can see colours. And Camila butted in and said I can see shapes and for some reason I did not believe her… But yeah… not a fan of hers…


Screenshot redraws. With some alternate color palettes.

I really love the lighting in a lot of scenes in this game. Also, yeah, sorry for -All the Bedman- I find him really relaxing to draw. If I redraw any screenshots from later scenes I’ll be putting them under a read more. Just in case.

I really wanted to see what 8% was going to be…

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k, t, v, w!! (for the poetry thing 🖋)

k. what’s the best line you’ve ever written?
okay i have no freaking idea. i have thought about this for a really long time now and i just dont fucking know like oh my god the best line ive ever written? i havekljfladsjlfk dsi dont know i cant answer this nope cant do it

t. what is your favourite line of poetry?
okay so i have so many fav lines.but one that i love so much is, “glory to the girl who goes back for her body.” by Dominique Christina

v. slow or frantic?
both???? yeah both

w. what colour is your poetry?
my poetry is grey bc there are soo many shades of grey and somedays maybe its a dark grey other days maybe its a grey that looks light purple, etc

thank you!!!

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Not to be rude and I really like your Kravitz but he's a dark skinned man of colour and your focussing on his thighs and butt is a little concerning? Is there a particular reason for doing so?

oh god yeah you’re absolutely right, jesus. i didn’t realize how gross and fetishistic that would come off as. like the honest answer is that i’m finally starting to get the hang of drawing men from the waist-down and i’m just excited about it but the way i’ve been approaching it is absolutely not okay, you’re right. i hadn’t really thought about how dehumanizing and fetishistic it would read, but i can see that now, for sure.

you’re not being rude, don’t worry, thank you for calling me out on this.

i’ll stop talking about it the way i’ve been talking about it and i encourage anyone who follows me to do the same

Tag tag tag tag

I was tagged by the incredible @queenmareena, thanks girly xx

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Favourite tv shows: Okay so I just finished watching Stranger Things (I’m literally rewatching it now) and I am absolute trash for it. I love this show sooo much I cannot deal. I also really like Teen Wolf but other than that I don’t actually watch tv

First fandom: Mine was Red Queen too (as if that isn’t the most predictable answer ever) :)))

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Gender and Sexual Orientation: Female & John Oliver?
Star Sign: Gemini, so let’s stop all of this Gemini hate, shall we? lol
Height: 5′11″
Hogwarts House: I should have thought about this more but I haven’t so I do not know.
Favourite Colour: Green
Favourite Animal: Fluffy Cats
Average Hours Of Sleep: 8-12 hours
Favourite Fictional Character: Lucy Ricardo
Number Of Blankets I Sleep With: One quilt, sometimes another quilt if I’m cold.
Favourite Singer/Band: Okay, here goes: Elvis, The Misfits, Have Heart, Bob Dylan, Chance the Rapper, Bing Crosby. Just to name a few.
Dream Trip: I would kind of like to go to Ireland. It’s not like a DREAM, because I tend to not get too excited about much lol.
Dream Job: I work with research grants right now and I really like that and would like to continue. If not this, something in politics or social justice. I will have a Masters in Public Administration soon.
When Was This Blog Created: 2012 I think.
Current Number Of Followers: 220ish? It keeps getting lower lol
What Made You Decide To Make A Tumblr: I had a miscarriage and needed a blog to write about it, and dropped it for a while and came back to quench my JO thirst.

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