i just really liked the angle of this photo

have you ever taken the time to really look into this face, though


As I do with most things, I draw hands from a series of gesture strokes that insinuate the pose and shape I want. Something I personally find very appealing about hands are all the joints, bends, and crooked bits so I start with those and build the rounder, meaty bits from there.

In the first two steps here if you just look at the individual strokes I’ve drawn, you can see they’re just some curves, really, that sketch out the shape of the hand, and I’m focusing on the joints and knuckles. (The fingertips in the second one are actually rly unnecessary and ugly to me haha – that’s usually the kind of thing I’d just throw down in step 3.)

And again below, just starting w/ some curves and squigglies to show the joints and knuckles:

These hands are by no means realistic or fully proportional but drawing’s supposed to be fun and these are really fun! I’m like, really not about that whole “draw a box and then the little tubes and those are the fingers” thing. It’s too technical and so much life gets lost when you sketch that way. Maybe it’s helpful for a pose you’re uncertain about but then just look at a photo or your own hand to see how things work, y’know?

Something else I’m really about is using shading and line to emphasize the bends and stuff even after I’ve got the hand down:

The first image here you can tell the fingers are bent, but they also look lumpy imo. To stylize further, I add some thin lines for the joints and fingernails, and then shade for some extra depth + to pronounce the foreshortening etc. (Fingers are so ugly from this angle! But we gotta draw them like this sometimes…)

Some examples where these extra lines assist in conveying the shape:

And shading:

(Bottom right is the same pose as a previous example which I didn’t realize till now sorry haha)

Some general tips:

- Use asymmetry!!! When the joints don’t line up exactly right, or you’ve drawn two hands doing the same thing but idk one’s curled a little bit more or the right pinky sticks out but the left doesn’t – these little touches make the drawing more dynamic, even if the general pose/concept is flat.

- Thumbs are really cool? They’re like trapezoidal. The same tapering thing kinda happens where the hand meets the wrist. A hand is like a big thumb

- Two things that a lot of beginner artists get wrong: which side the thumb is on (…always double-check…I still double-check sometimes too), and drawing the fingers straight instead of slightly bent when trying to draw a relaxed hand. Relaxed fingers curl! And this is much easier to draw imo than perfectly tense fingers

- Study your own hands and think about their shape. Part of developing a style + comfort with drawing a particular thing is how you choose to simplify the form thru line. I explained above that I focus on the joints and knuckles and seek to simplify those with curves and squiggles but maybe you’re more interested in a different aspect. (Like, you can see I don’t draw palms v much…that’s cuz I like knuckles haha)

Hope this is helpful/feel free to ask followup questions!

anonymous asked:

i have a question about drawing clothes with writing on them; when i do it it always seems to turn out slightly ~wrong~. like not all the letters look to be the same size, or like i stretched them/ shortened them in the wrong place. how do you always do it so perfectly? is there some secret to it, or is it mostly trial and error?

Honestly, its a lot of trial and error :’D What I’ve noticed when drawing letters on clothing is the letters have to follow the folds of the clothes - which becomes easier the more you practice. If you have any clothes with lettering or shapes on them (even stripes if you really want to give yourself a headache PFF), take a photo and study how the lines follow the creases!

giving yourself a small guide too can help! What I tend to do when I include letters is stencil out a box shape that follows the shape of the body (even if there aren’t any creases on the chest area for e.g, there’ll still be a slight curve because chests aren’t flat), and then I use that stencil to make the letters fit the shape! Like so:

I hope some of that helps Anon :’D I’ve never tried to do a tutorial before because I find it really tricky to explain how I do things - but I hope even some of this has helped. Honestly the best thing to do is just practice from photos and remember the letters and shapes will distort depending on the angle of the clothing, you’ll get the hang of it in time


Now my room is actually somewhat tidy I can finally take some photos of the finished bookshelf! Awkward angles are awkward because there’s not enough space in my room to stand back far enough.

I’d love to go into details about everything, but we’ll genuinely be here forever. Just know that I like young adult books, am a weeaboo (hence the manga, figures, and obsessive Gurren Lagann collection), am a nerd (hence the Harry Potter lego, comic shelf and Doctor Who shelf), like Final Fantasy, Zelda and Vocaloid (if you didn’t notice the figures and artbooks/strategy guides) and also really really like art books and Japan in general. Also notice the special Alice in Wonderland dedicated shelf.

I don’t want to think about how much this all cost…

Tumblr User! Ong Seongwoo

[credit to each pic owner!]

ok so i was just eating some filipino food at a restuarant when my mind was like “YO YKNOW I WONDER WHAT WANNA ONE WAS PPL ON TUMBLR WOULD BE LIKE” so here i am BSJXNS [this is literally not proofread tbh everything i write isn’t proof read im so sorry DHFKD]


  • his username would be
  • ongtheslate95
  • 95 being the yr he was born in
  • so he’s probably one of those aesthetic tumblrs that posts aesthetic photos that everyone loves
  • like he’ll post aesthetic photos of him posing at places that look so nice and stuff 
  • honestly his photos were so pleasing that they actually ended up being used in a lot of places 
  • also being used without credit but tbh ong didn’t mind, as long as he got recognition for his photos and his artistic style through being aesthetic he was happy! 
  • so you also happened to be an aesthetic blog, people also admired you
  • you didn’t really take pictures of yourself mostly of places that looked aesthetic. 

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easy conversation ain’t exactly where we’re at

it’s so strange deciding how i feel about you


I wasn’t sure if it was the baggy shirt or my posture or the angles of the photos or just… reality?? but i feel like I look very #thicc Kanye in these photos and at first I felt some type of way about it but you know what??

im glowing. thriving. my life has been coming together really nicely as of late. im really happy these days and I can see all of that here✨


Hi!!! So I went to the IDKHBTFM show. It was amazing!! I’ve posted a few photosets of pictures I was lucky enough to take. I didn’t get so many cos I was too lost in the music, and Dallon kept wiggling. And I dont have any of Ryan because his drum set covered his face from my angle!!! :( I promise I tried but none turned out good. I did get a selfie with him after (he said he liked my hair!).

So Dallon is a really sweet guy. He knelt down on stage after the set and tossed me his bass pick and my heart actually stopped. They were so tired they were awake for 72 hours!! But they still stayed around for HOURS talking with fans and taking pictures because they’re amazing guys. I hope they got some sleep.

These are just some extra photos that I thought were funny, we made a lot of weird eye contact. I think it was bc of my hair LOL.

((I did just post this a second ago but then I realized that people’s faces were in it and I didn’t have permission so I edited them out with cute af stickers!!!!!))

Today our HUGE Amiami box came and it’s two months of backed up YOI stuff (plus stuff from other series but this post is focusing on just YOI), so here is an absolutely massive loot post. I  think this literally almost doubled our YOI collection.

First off is the Chara-Forme Yuri on Ice Acrylic Strap Collection Vol.3 by Empty! These are all Kiss and Cry themed and in my opinion this is one of the cutest sets they’ve released. Look even Georgi is adorable lol. 

This is the Yuri!!! on Ice Rubber Strap Collection Pair by Movic. There’s actually one non-pair in there as you can see lol. Yes they did remember the ring on the Victuuri one, by the way. Recent merch has been getting better about this, thankfully. I really like this set a lot (especially the bottom two. IDEAL). The only thing I’m not a fan of is how the ‘transparent strap’ style of them washes out the color in their faces a bit so you can’t see their blushes from the original art! 

The  Chara-Forme Yuri on Ice Acrylic Strap Collection Vol.2 by Empty! These are all based on the ED theme. The Yuuri in this set is blessed by angels. I don’t make the rules. It’s just true. 

Yuri!!! on Ice Clear Rubber Strap by Sol International. These are really cute and creative and all the straps have different colored sparkly backgrounds!! The top three are obviously themed to go together (both Yuuri and Victor are singing omg), and Yuuri is talking to a tiny Phichit on the bottom one of him. Also Victor and Yuuri as JOINT HASETSU AMBASSADORS is the best thing I never knew I needed. 

Yuri!!! on Ice Choko Kawa Rubber Strap by Sega. I really like the art in this set. It’s really soft and the thick lines are nice!! Also the skating Yurio has a sweet expression, which is rare but good. 

es Series nino Rubber Strap Collection by Kotobukiya. Chris’s pose is so extra. Haha I don’t have much to say here. They’re cute. 

Yuri!!! on Ice YuraYura Keychain by Bushiroad. For some reason my photos of all of these turned out really poorly, so you get these photos where the ones I’m selling are cut off, which I guess doesn’t really matter. I wonder why they put Yuuri in that promo outfit he never wears in so much stuff. I mean it’s a nice outfit but. Anyway, I ended up really LOVING these. The colors are super bright and the art is adorable!! Also no photos but they’re just as detailed on the back (for example Yurio’s hair is braided in the back on the keychain). 

Yuri!!! on Ice Tojikore Acrylic Keychain Vol.2 by TwinCre. So these are actually keychains, but they came with plastic stands, so you can display them as acrylic stands as well which is the BEST IDEA EVER. I love this so much and I dearly hope more keychain sets do it because it is so clever and handy. @abarero figured out a really, really awesome way to display our excessive amounts of keychains, but even then, this is always going to be better to me than hanging up yet another set of keychains. ANYWAY, every single keychain in this set is a gift; from banquet dancing to katsudon pirozhki to just… all of them. It’s so good. Absolutely one of my top three faves released for the series so far. 

Here’s keychains that came by themselves!

The History Maker Yuuri and the ending theme sparkler Yuuri were ACTUALLY amiami exclusive bonuses that came with the Kiss and Cry keychains and the Ending Theme keychains, but since they packed them separately I forgot to include them in those pictures. Whoops. 

Anyway, the big chibi keychains of Victor, Yuuri, Yurio, JJ, and Otabek are by Avex and they’re chibi versions of the Comiket exclusive release keychains. JJ, Otabek, and Yurio belong to @pantacular. 

Charappuccino Phichit is by Birthday. I actually did have Victor and Yuuri ordered too, but they were a couple of the items that got canceled, and they were out of stock. I actually did manage to find them on another site and have reordered them, but they’re not here yet. This keychain is so precious. 

The Tsumamare Victor and Yuuri are the little keychains hanging by their shirts. They’re by Cospa. They’re so cute and expressive. Especially the Yuuri! 

Bocchi-kun are by ACG and they’re the little tiny pouty keychains. They’re super cute, but I admit I’m a little disappointed by how tiny they are. Though I’m familiar with the line, I’ve never ordered a Bocchi-kun before, so I was unaware of their size. I don’t regret ordering them, and I’d still have gotten them (it’s not like they were pricey), but yeah, small. 

That single Yuuri is a Jelly Charm by ACG. And lastly is the Oshikura Victor by Orange Rouge. This actually came out in January, but I missed ordering it. Victor and Yurio are relatively easy to find, but Yuuri seems to be sold out everywhere, so Victor is having to wait. I did find Yuuri somewhere, but he’s a bit overpriced. It’s not TOO bad though, so I’ll probably go ahead and bite the bullet and get him instead of having to resort to bidding on auctions.  


In front, Love&Life and On Ice Victor and Yuuri cellphone stands from Atelier Magi because they’re great. Behind that, Cospa’s Vkusno! rice bowl. Next to that, Gyugyutto cushion straps of Victor and Yuuri by Bell House (Victor gets katsudon but poor Yuuri doesn’t lol). Behind them, Victor and Yuuri mugs by Gift. And inside the mugs, Victor and Yuuri Nitotan plush by Takara Tomy ARTs (which are super cute and nicely detailed). 

Here’s the inside of the rice bowl:

‘sup from Yuuri

Okay here we go. More non-keychain loot.

The Playful Mind (that’s the brand) collaboration stuff was cute as shit so I picked up some stuff from it. Good stuff, high quality, adorable art. 

There’s two (faux) leather trays, a coin purse, a phone case, and two cord holders. 

Above that is two pass cases of Victor and Yuuri being dapper in suits by A3! There were keychains released by Animega with this art, but they are near IMPOSSIBLE to get, and I’m resigned to the fact that it will never happen, so when I saw these pass cases, I decided to snag them instead. You can use them as keychains, so they essentially serve the same purpose.  

There’s Victor and Yuuri hair clips by Emu, which I’ll actually probably sell because they are big! I thought they’d be little ones judging by the price, but they’re big and I have short hair, so we’ll see about that. Above that is three sets of can badges, all by Movic. Then there’s the super cute 2016-2017 School Calendar, which I’m so pleased stands up on its own. 

Down below is three pens. Two of them are those kitschy ‘floaty’ ones where a figure floats down the pen, in this case it’s Victor and Yuuri ‘skating down’ a rink in the pen. They’re cute. The other one is a really cool, elegant pen themed after Yuuri’s FS outfit. 

Some closer up pics: 


The softe things.

Usually I crop images to just the merchandise but like hell I was going to crop out my cat. Oxford now graces this post with his remarkable presence. 

Makkachin tissue box cover by Avex Pictures. Just as fluffy as all the rumors have foretold. 

Then! The Victor and Yuuri pillowcases by M’s. Extremely soft fabric!! Would recommend for resting head upon. The picture is kind of a bad angle and frankly they BOTH look weird in this photo because of it but… I think, upon seeing it in person, the complaints about Victor’s face are very unwarranted. He actually looks really good and sweet and gentle in person and very much like Victor? The problem is parts of the rest of his body, where the anatomy is wonk (but this is just the pillow, so it’s only shoulders up and you don’t get that). And Yuuri looks great of course.  

ANYWAY, that’s end of this massive post. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I’ll have a sales post up pretty soon.  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Along for the Ride – Prompto x Fem!Reader // Chapter 1: Photoshoot


Word Count: 3666 
Adult Themed but SFW (Later chapters will be entirely NSFW. We’re building to it. I’m a sucker for sexual tension, ok?)
Reader specifics: She has some sort of fashion color in her hair. It can be any color(s), in any amount, but it’s there. 2. She has a small tattoo on her right bicep. That is all. :D

Author’s Note: This little chapter was what started my journey into Prompto hell. It has since taken over my entire damn life and it’s all thanks to someone else’s photoshoot one shot. It was fine, but it left me un satisfied. I’ve tried my hand at modeling before, so the flow just felt inorganic. I also just couldn’t wrap my head around (the canon version of) Prompto just banging a chick he just met during a photoshoot. So I was like…I’m an ok writer…I could write it…then I needed it…and before I knew it, I was neck deep into 9 chapters and I now have an overarching plan to fix the end of the damn game. (Facepalm) I’ve been consumed.

I ALMOST didn’t post this. I’ve been reeling, trying to make it perfect. Then my dumb ass muse was like, “PREQUEL!” 

Then it was like, “ONE SHOTS!” and I started like 4 that are currently incomplete because I keep going back to this damn chapter and fixing it. If I don’t just post this, I’m going to find a reason not to. 

So here you go my lovely Prompto fans. I hope you enjoy it.


(If I tagged you, it’s because I’m pretty sure you appreciate Prompto. I hope that’s ok!!  ⁽˚̌ʷ˚̌ʺ⁾)

@xnoctits, @ridingchocobros, @louisvuittontrashbags, @dirtyffxvconfession, @chocofeathers

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Ok but can we talk about the picture ContactSH posted today?

So this morning he posted that he is going to look for the Highland Cow, as a part of his “mission” in Scotland, and three hours later he posted this photo

can we look at the shadow of the person taking this picture??



the hair is quite obviously similar, if not identical, to Sherlock’s curly hair

To me it looks more like Sherlock’s hair from season 1-3, because Sherlock’s hair is thicker and smoother in those seasons than the mess in season 4 (not saying it’s bad, just in comparison) which could signifies the distress he was experiencing.

If my observations were correct, this would mean either: 1. Season 4 did not happen in the Twitter verse (or at least as it happened to us). I am aware of Rosie existing and all the parent!lock they have been presenting, but to my knowledge they have not mentioned anything from the plot of season 4. Mary was mentioned once by John, which proved nothing but her existence in the universe (I mean if Rosie exists so does she), but her death or absence was never mentioned so we could not know why she is gone, it could’ve been for a completely different reason. Eurus was also never mentioned, but let’s be honest, we’d all like to think she is not real. (there is an Eurus account with the prefix Contact, but 99.999% certain it is just an average RP account who is using the contact accounts fame to gain followers) Or 2. After all the turmoil from season 4 (assuming it happened), John is finally making Sherlock happy again and began to take care of himself more (or John is takes care of him, either way), and is no longer the self-loathing person he was is TLD (I am crying a little bit just thinking about this).(Benedict have also mentioned in an interview that he deliberately gained weight for season 2 because he wanted to show how John has made sure that Sherlock eats properly and that living with John made him an overall healthier person)

We can quite clearly see the flap being the collar of Sherlock’s coat, which again matches with the coat in the show

However, there is one place where the coat seemed slightly different from Sherlock’s

the coat appeared to be shorter than the one Sherlock wears, but that could just be the angle this picture is taken from, but even it is shorter, it does not really change the fact that it is liked to the BBC

because this just reminded me of this guy

when going through his Twitter photos, I spotted many landscape pictures that reminded me of Scotland, but of course my knowledge of the UK is rather limited geography wise, so if any of you could help identify those places it would be great.

Now we know how setlock went to a lot of different places and had a lot of extra materials that wasn’t shown to us, which can be found at @the-missing-footage . And there have been many posts and theories about the connections between the cast’s trips to Krakow, Poland and the pictures on Contact_JM’s account. Also the picture taken from the BBC broadcasting building, it all links the accounts back to the BBC. I don’t recall setlock being in Scotland (I might be wrong, correct me if so). So could it be that Luke was the one responsible for taking pictures for the trip in Scotland?

The trip itself also mirrors the show in some ways,

The shadow, as we’ve discussed, looks a lot like Sherlock in THB

Some parts of the conversation between Sherlock and John also echoed with many details in THB, examples being Copper Dog and the fireplace.

So….. I just wanted to make a post about this, I’ll leave the deduction to you…

edit: I am aware of the conversation between Sherlock and John about “Vampires“ and “Night owls“ yesterday, but in the show it took place before Mary’s death, so I still do believe that there might be a possibility of the contact accounts having lived an alternative story than s4.


A follow up to this (alternate costuming choices for Six). There will be another part in the future, as I had ten ideas for costumes and wanted to split them up at five/five… and it’ll probably be a while before I post the next set.

Basically, to those of you not following my nonsense that closely, I was cooking up ideas of alternate looks, usually going off of the theory of ‘how could I dress up Six to make him stand out from the environments from each serial but also have certain thematic points that fit with each story?).

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Okay I’m gonna answer this in one post because I woke up to 10 messages asking me about how thin Brittany looks in her latest Instagram pic. I’m no expert on the subject of eating disorders or depression, but my first thought is that it could just be the angle of the photos. But of course I’m not gonna discount her history with disorders so it could be something.

But the one thing I would like to point out is that Brittany was just on Conan on Monday and she looked totally normal. 

I know that you can suffer from anorexia and bulimia and sill appear normal, but I’m talking as far as her looks, can you really get that drastic in just a few days.

anonymous asked:

you literally made me out to be a villain when all I did was ask a simple request.

That one message about feeling like a villain was meant for the followers btw you obviously saw i wasn’t being shady.

Sorry about that.. Sometimes people jump to our defense, which I appreciate, but I’m sorry the context was misinterpreted. :/ Please forgive me and them. Sometimes it’s just harder to understand what people are saying online but even more so how they’re saying it. Glad you and I understood where the other was coming from though. That’s what matters. Thank you for being understanding, hope you have a nice week~

Anonymous said: (based off that anon) maybe instead of posting 1 pic every time, make it a photoset instead? like put maybe make a photo set of 2 to 4 pics of each fansite together, instead of posting all the pics seperatly, if you know what i mean??

We do photosets, but we have certain design rules we try to follow based off our personal preference. So sometimes we post photos individually/together for a reason. And honestly I do filter out photos when they’re blurry or when there are tons of photos from the same angle. Some fansites really just hold down the shutter button sometimes, haha. Hope you can understand~

Anonymous said: We (this blog’s followers) need to organize some sort of “allforbts” day or smth, you guys need a lot of loving for all the work you do. Like 9001/10 appreciation levels bc y'all are the best

I laugh-cried at this. Thanks so much for being so sweet, we seriously adore you. These funny, sweet, unexpected messages make days a little more bearable. ♡ 

@thatswhatiam98 said: On this thread of love, can I say how much I’m thankful of this blog? It’s one of the first things I check out in the morning and it makes my day so much better, so thank you for all your hard work 🌼

It’s one of the first things I check in the morning, too~ Also, we’re just as thankful for all of you. I know I say it a lot but I really do mean it. I come here to avoid the horrifying realities of life and it’s really wonderful to come online to a really great community of people~ Have a nice week (you, and whoever else may be reading this). ♡

Anonymous said: Hii~ I just started again school this week ㅠㅠ I just wanted to thank the members of this blog for taking up ur own time to post pics for armys. Like thank u so so so so so much. I could come home from school n scroll through an eternity of magical pics. <3 thxxx again

Glad we can help wind down your school day with pics and vids of BTS~ This message came right as I was about to hit post, but I’m glad I didn’t. Thank you for being so sweet! Hope your school year goes well. ♡
- Kristi

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Hey can i ask you smt? Why people rarely share something releated with jjong's concert series? Not just for agit but all of them. I mean taemin's different kind of fan videos going around everywhere, you can find 6384736 different angled videos of door performance(which is normal i think), meanwhile we barely can have photos of the letter concert. Its upsetting, really. Its not like sm will release dvd or smt. Then why, i actually dont believe that its hard to record videos in 700 seated theater

i actually dont believe that its hard to record videos in 700 seated theater”. it actually is pretty difficult. the venue is very closed in with security at different angles and one of the main reasons why most attendees aren’t going out of their way to take pictures or record videos is because they’re worried that they’ll get caught - which could resort in an embarrassing situation such as security directly going to them to tell them to put their camera away or taking them out of the venue to confiscate it (made even more embarrassing by how small the venue is so it’d be easier for people to see it happening). this, plus the smaller venue makes it much more obvious when something is being recorded. 

but those are just… smaller reasons why. the core reason that a lot of fansites don’t share material is: they view the concert as an intimate experience that’s between jonghyun and the fans in the audience and they don’t want to spoil that by sharing the, once again, intimate details of it. it’s unfair for i-fans but it’s how a lot of people see it. another reason is that they don’t want to spoil the visual for people attending future concerts - and some fansites hold off on releasing material to save for fansite goods. 

anonymous asked:

Do you happen to have a general guide to doing more masculine makeup? Like defining cheekbones and nose and all that stuff because, while I can make up my face, I definitely can't contour and all that. Thanks!

I’m in the same boat. Contouring is a mysterious beast that intimidates me every time I look at my bronzer.

I have a book on cosplay makeup that does have a small section for masculine makeup. How To Cosplay vol. 1 by Cos Note. It focuses on makeup and special effects (idk what the other 2 do, as I can’t find them). This book has been a life saver, and it’s actually how I learned to do my own makeup! 

What you generally want to do is find a picture of a man and see how the shadows define his face. Usually helps for regular lighting, not dramatic. See where his cheekbones and jawline are. Your bronzer, which shouldn’t be too dark for your own tone, will lightly define those places. I know some use creme for contouring, but I always preferred powder. It’s very easy to build up to what you want, avoiding mistakes right away. At least until you’re comfortable enough to move onto creme contours. 

Personally I always lightly bronze the area just blow my cheekbones if I’m doing a young adult, it gives me more angles. If it’s a kid I don’t contour much. 

Surprisingly, this book shows much more contouring instructions for feminine makeup. Though they are showing masculine to feminine and vise versa, so most men do have a lot more to hide in terms of angles to curves. 

Nose is the same way. Though, I’m from an area where we all have the same general features (big Italian town) so I never really knew there was a man nose and woman nose. 

I know with anime characters and non 3d video games, this can be difficult. Find a face claim for them, or a stock photo of someone who has the basic face shape of the character. 

I hope this was able to help! Don’t forget to check out YouTube! There are tons of helpful videos. Like this awesome guy I just found in a quick search!

w3-4r3-th3-f1r3  asked:

Tfw your friend sends you pdf's of all the SA books and you read them in like two days and then see all this shit about "huge" "really long" "heavy book" and just uhh????? How big is it???

i made a trip to the library so i could take reference photos! here we go

for starters, here is my pencil. i think it’s a relatively standard type/size, good for referencing!

here’s Bands of Mourning next to my pencil. 

here is the longest Harry Potter book, the Order of the Phoenix. (angle is a bit different, sorry!) 

here’s Words of Radiance.