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Who needs footwork when you’re Hercule Poirot? ;)

hi guys!! so this year is coming to an end and i reached a follower goal so i decided to make my 1st follow forever! i really couldn’t be more grateful to all of you, you all made my 2016 a little less harder and made me have such a good time here!! during this time i’ve met some of the most amazing people and even if i’ve never talked to some of you before, i care about you and i wish you the best💞 thank you so so much for following this jimin trash blog and liking it even if it’s just me screaming all the time :’) i really appreciate every single one of you and i hope your 2017 will be full of love, health and good things, you deserve the best!!💕 happy holidays and i hope we get the chance to know each other more💞💖

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In astrology, planetary energies can be expressed in so many ways and this is why you won’t always fit the exact description of a placement, like I’ve read from so many sources that Uranus in the 1st house often makes one tall but this won’t always be true from what I’ve seen. Uranus in the 1st house will make you stand out or give ‘unique’ or ‘unusual’ physical traits and being really tall is likely to be a more common manifestation. Or like how Neptune in the 1st can give really dreamy eyes, a dreamy/spacey kind of vibe,or you can just come off as really mysterious. The possibilities vary in astrology, and this is because there are many ways for the planetary energies to be expressed.

I have had this headcanon since 1st season where Shiro is really bad at flirting… and i just love them so much. (sorry, i kinda flopped the anatomy)

So, he would be like trying to be all charming to Ulaz, but he’s just too ridiculous and Ulaz still loves it and cant help himself bc Shiro is the most adorable being he’ve ever met.

i am sorry, i got too much feelings for them

i’ll ship them ‘till my last breathe. fight me!!!  

also posting at midnight so no ones sees

750+ followers Raffle!

I’m doing a raffle ! It’s been a while since the last one ;u;
Thank you everyone so so much for following me and liking my drawings <3

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I won’t draw nsfw, mecha or gore, anything else is welcomed.

Raffle closes: 1ST OF MARCH (I’m gonna post when it’s over, I can’t say the exact time)


i think in the 1st one even was holding onto isak because isak had just said that he prefers to not have mentally ill people in his life and even was afraid of losing him

in the 2nd one isak is now the one holding onto even because he thinks that even is afraid that he really doesnt like him, but isak is so obviously in love with even that isak is afraid even will close himself off

*idk who’s gifs these are but if i find out ill be sure to give credit*

In synastry, I’m mostly fascinated by planets that fall in the first and eighth houses especially the really emotional,sensual, and instinctual  ones(moon,venus,mars). When a planet like Venus or Mars is in the 1st house (especially conjunct the ascendant) I usually find myself immediately attracted to them and the attraction barely ever fades even if it’s just from looks and whats on the surface. Now with eighth house, I CANNOT get them out of my head(especially with the Moon) and I get all of these deep urges and feelings! Every little thing they do fucks with my emotions whether it involves me or not and I feel like I turn into a little bit of a stalker cuz the moment someone calls their names or mentions them, my attention immediately shifts to that conversation and I’m more focused than when I’m in class and it sucks but I love the intensity of the feelings it brings but it sucks when you can’t have them!!!


7/100 days of productivity

23.11.2016 || “the worst enemy to creativity is self doubt”  an artwork as requested by @studystash. Hope you like it! + you can print out the 1st one for your use while the 2nd one is just me drawing it out :’)

++ I swear I am productivity other days too ;-;;  and I really need to get back into studying honestly.

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Amazing… Your phobia of women is completely gone! 
No. It’s just… It’s only gone with you.

art trade with the fabulous Kai (@krazehkai) and !!! I’m !! So !! Happy!!!  thanks for being patient! hahaha i know i took 842849 years to do this but its done now! :)

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Hi! I wanted you to know that I've been following you for years on Tumblr and your art is always so good and I love it! I follow you on Twitter and you're hilarious! I'm writing this YOI fic where Victor is a single dad and Yurio is his 6 year old son and he's starting first day of 1st grade and YUURI is is cute teacher and I could scream just thinking about it! I've been working on the outline for the first chapter for like 2 days and I'm so excited and I had no one to tell so I told you!!!!!

wha for years?? that means you’ve seen some not so great art and yet you’re still with me ; ; 💜 💜 💜 thank you

and omg your fic idea sounds absolutely great, really

Originally posted by tetsuruo

i’d love to read it once you’ve finished it!! he’d make a wonderful teacher, and yurio? sdjhf i’m crying a little I LOV YURIO BEING THEIR SON my heart feels warm

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I noticed a huge drop in antis harassing Larry blogs since Lounielle ended. They were so sure of themselves that Lounielle were gonna get engaged that when it ended it was out of the blue for them and just blew them. It then hit them that Larries were right. Jan 1st to Jan 1st. It was the timing of the ending that is making antis nervous about the Freddie situation. On top of Freddie looking nothing like Louis being 100% clear now. Bstans are really the only ones pushing Freddie now.

I love winning 

My Thoughts on JJ in Episode 11

Holy shit. I honestly thought I’d never learn to really like him; I appreciated his love for his fans and his loved ones, but his cockiness really put me off and I found it hard to get invested in him.

Things started changing when he had his anxiety attack during his performance. It showed he wasn’t this perfect skater that everyone saw him as, he’s just 19 years old and he has so much pressure pushed on him coming into the Grand Prix in 1st place. Even “The King” can make mistakes and even have a complete breakdown. Even JJ isn’t perfect.

What finally sold me, though, was what happened after his performance. He’s sitting in the kids and cry, receiving the lowest score of his skating career, and trying to figure out what the fuck is wrong with him. It’s probably the lowest he’s ever been, and he feels like utter shit.

But then his fans start chanting his name because even after all of that, they still support and admire him, and it’s because of them that JJ is able to stand up and shout out his iconic “It’s JJ Style!” And being in a place like that and still managing to smile through it is definitely no easy task.

tl;dr: After suffering from an anxiety attack and fucking up his performance, he was able to push through it with the support from others around him. For that, I can finally respect him and like him as a character.

My issues with Connor Walsh

First let me declare my undying love for Jack Falahee who’s acting skills amaze me every week like yass bby come through! Second, I love that this show really takes the time to explore a gay relationship. It can be complicated like every other relationship and I applaud Shonda for not using Coliver as shock value aka kill the gays (looking at you CW). That being said. CONNOR AIN’T SHIT Y'ALL! His idgaf attitude was cute in the 1st season but now we just giving him excuses for his appalling behaviour. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself. He’s proven time and time again how selfish and self centred he is even towards the ones he loves! I mean he always says the shittiest borderline aggressive and inappropriate things to hurt peoples feelings especially my bby Wes. He constantly lashes out even going as far as sleeping with Oli’s fling. He told a GRIEVING Laurel to have an abortion not long after Wes’ death was revealed! I mean WHO SAYS THAT?! In what world is that ok?! What i hate is seeing all the excuses people come up for him. Being your favourite gay character doesn’t give him a pass. Nope his ass is cancelled. Next season I wanna see him get called out. The boy has some unresolved issues for sure and hasn’t been a true friend AT ALL THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE SHOW. Stop praising him.

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not to be a dick or like #grumpy but the first year they did something for 1st june (2015) it was clever and unexpected and now its just kind of tired and we all hate it and not in a like ughh im so stressed what have they got cookin its painful but i like it kind of way.. like actually i’d say 95% of the massive fans that i know genuinely abhor it so maybe just give it up with all the countdowns and mystery no one’s really having fun lads!


I really like these pairings.  Don’t know why, but I like the male version of      Luan X Maggie more lol.  I guess it would be Lane X Matthew?  I know this has been posted before, but I really like this artwork.

When I first saw the 2nd pic, I thought it was a legit screenshot….sigh, it was just good artwork.  Interpret that anyway you guys want, a lovely sisterly moment or maybe a different type of love.

For the 1st pic, all credit goes to coyoterom.

I’m not sure who created the 2nd pic.  It’s either pb or navel who created this one.  Or maybe it was a collaboration.  Sorry for the confusion.  

anonymous asked:

I noticed a huge drop in antis harassing Larry blogs since Lounielle ended. They were so sure of themselves that Lounielle were gonna get engaged that when it ended it was out of the blue for them and just blew them. It then hit them that Larries were right. Jan 1st to Jan 1st. It was the timing of the ending that is making antis nervous about the Freddie situation. On top of Freddie looking nothing like Louis being 100% clear now. Bstans are really the only ones pushing Freddie now.

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I love winning 

Put reblogs back

Talk about projection! I’ve never encountered a ‘nervous’ anti. We have zero doubts about Freddie; he isn’t a Tumblr theory like Larry, he's a living, breathing human child.

 Antis aren’t like Larries, we don’t get vicarious thrills by imagining Louis engaged and married. Louis doesn’t have to be in a relationship at all to keep us interested in him, whereas we’ve all seen your side of the fandom declare many times over that without Larry Louis would be a horrible homophobic sub Trump voter who none of you would support

au where louis wakes up on january 1st in some random guy’s flat, his name is kyle…or colin….or something like that, louis doesn’t really care, it’s 8am and he’s still kind of drunk and his body is so tired from the wild party and not-the-best-in-the-world sex and this guy doesn’t actually look that attractive in the morning, so louis just wants to go home and make himself a cuppa and sleep for a week or something. who cares about the inevitable walk of shame when no one will even see him on empty streets.

so louis tries his best to find all his clothes around the room, puts them on, jeans that are ripped in some places and louis has no memories of how the fuck that could happen, tshirt and no socks, he leaves the room and is actually going to just pick up his jacket by the front door and fuck off away from here but alright he smells pancakes now, pancakes and bacon, and oh, here’s the kitchen, and OH, who is that. there’s a guy working his magic with the pan, black jeans and one pink sock and no shirt and his hair up in a bun and oh, okay, maybe kyle/colin has a neighbour, and also OH, OKAY, the guy sure has a nice body.

“hi”, the neighbour says cheerfully when he spots louis, “want some breakfast?” and it’s kind of ridiculous to stay here after all but louis can appreciate good food when he sees one, so, “yeah sure”, he walks into the kitchen, hops right on the kitchen counter, figuring he’s being kind of impudent, might as well abandon the actual chairs. shirtless guy doesn’t seem bothered at all anyway, he just finishes cooking and asks louis how he likes his tea in the morning and sings quietly to himself and seems to glance at louis every so often and makes small talk and the banter is quite fun and louis almost forgets he is at some stranger’s flat and another stranger is cooking him breakfast like it’s the normal thing to do. but then he remembers and can’t keep his mouth shut, “okay, it will sound rude”, louis says, watching the guy - harry - placing one of the plates full of food near louis and starting to eat himself, “but what’s your neighbour’s name for real? kyle or colin? that mystery will fucking bother me all day, you better help”, and harry narrows his eyes, “what neighbour?”

….okay then.

“you live here, right?”, louis tries again, and they spend a minute in a very awkward silence and then harry just laughs, loud and bright, showing off the dimples (and OKAY, don’t stop) and looking at louis curiously. “i don’t actually, no”, harry says and louis freezes, “there are two guys living in this flat, at least i think so, but i had one drink too many last night”, harry smiles and louis smiles at him too although he doesn’t understand a thing, “so i’ve slept with one of them, i guess you did so with the other one. maybe one of them is actually kyle and the other one is colin. maybe they are brothers”, harry suggests, and alright, now he is just laughing at louis’ face.

“what the fuck”, louis says cleverly, trying not to moan at the taste of the pancakes, “what the actual fuck you were doing in their kitchen then”. 

“i wanted to eat”, harry shrugs, and pouts when he hears louis’ snort, “i really really wanted to eat”.

they finish breakfast and decide that the best walk of shame is the one where two people are involved and discover they live two buildings from each other on the same street and they went to the same uni; they just continue walking and louis makes harry buy him coffee because louis doesn’t have any money after the party and also harry’s tea was honestly shit; harry makes louis walk some more and they visit some random shops that are somehow not closed (maybe they don’t know it’s january 1st, harry suggests, maybe we should tell them) and the very next day louis goes back to one of them and buys that candle harry stared at for ten years; louis invites harry for a real cup of tea to his flat and harry stays there till january 8th and then some more;

louis calls harry his new year miracle for a few months after that.

dank3she  asked:

Hi! , I really like your gifs a lot , but one question , How do you make them so smooth ?

damn i thought i was gonna get criticized for a second.

hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, well i guess you gotta know which frames to delete and which ones to keep, and then set an appropriate timing between frames.

like for example in that gif i just posted:


the difference between the first frame and the next frame is that the background moves but the character stays still (but in this case its only her mouth that would be moving). if it was a still background i would have deleted the next frame so the next frame won’t be a duplicate.

so i tried to keep every frame possible since the background moves every time i move on to the next (it would look so much smoother). but be warned the size of your gif will shoot up very high (but tumblr recently increased the limit to 3MB so FUCK YEAH)

it also depends on the timing you give for each frame. in the case where i keep every single frame i usually give it a 0.03 or 0.04 timing; depends on the scene. if you do delete frames, the timing you should give would be 0.06 or 0.07.

so rather than making my gif look like this:

External image

it looks like this:

External image

if you can’t understand what i’m saying (cos idk if i can either), this post might help.


the image didnt load so i’m sorry T-T