i just really liked that line

I just can’t decide which theory I love the most. Rey Kenobi or Rey Jinn…. As most of you know, I am a huge fan of Rey Kenobi but I love how Rey’s hair is kinda like Qui-Gon’s :3

Personally for me, I want “unexpected” and “shock” from The Last Jedi. I would not be oppose or disappointed in Rey Jinn, because it would be hilariously unexpected and I’m sure it would have a interesting story-line. I also would love to see Finn Skywalker, because that would be a excellent shocker! I do feel like there is more to his character and I really hope he at least turns out to be Force-sensitive despite some people saying he isn’t or has it been confirmed that he isn’t? I love Poe but I just feel like he isn’t part of the new trio. He just feels like he’s sort’ve of a background-character friend to Finn. When I first went to go see TFA, I expected him to have more screen time, especially with both Rey and Finn but it was more Rey, Finn and Kylo. Honestly, I think those three are actually the new trio or rather future trio once or if Kylo is redeemed.

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why dont you like the does jumin han is gay meme?

First was okay, then it was kinda overrated
Like….to prove you know MM = you know Does Jumin Han Is Gay meme

For example, I have an artbooth last year big comic event in Malaysia, some fangirls that know MM, will be shout “does Jumin Han is gaayyyyy” to show some sort of way they know MM, instead of chatting the content or character they like, they did this meme

Then the Cheritz Valentines contest was a disaster for Jumin, he was suppose to be saying the line (confession) while handing the chocolate to MC, instead he get the “I’m not gay”

last but not least, he’s not gay in the game, it was just a small joke.
Sometime I wonder if people really know whats the real content on Jumin’s story
Instead just a meme joke.

You and Me... Everyday- Jakob Chychrun

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Ok so this one came out adorable! I really like it! Anon I hope this is what you were looking for! PS- Don’t judge for my love of Chych. He has NO RIGHT to only be 18! Also I don’t own The Notebook just borrowed a few lines!

Warning: None!

Anon Request: Could I request a chychrun imagine where you guys are both athletes and decide to workout together in the morning and then just have a lazy day the rest of the day? Just like super cuddly and cute with sweet kisses:)


              Usually you were up for getting up early and working out with your boyfriend.

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Jian Yi likes other guys? True/ False?

Yeah…no. I mean, hell no! FALSE. We could argue whether he’s gay, straight or bi or him blushing over the grey hair dude, but it should be pretty obvious by now that the only person he cares about is Zhan. Sure the guys be lining up for him, but he’s definitely not interested. Anyone remember this heartfelt moment? He was so sincere and sad that Zhan really thought he might be into men, when its only him he wants to be with.  

Exhibit A: When Zhan asked whether he liked men

And let’s talk about that blush in the latest update for a sec. Him blushing could mean a lot of things. He could just be uncomfortable, nervous, embarrassed, awkward. Who knows? I mean, this random strong-huge-ass-manly-looking dude who he met for a brief moment a while ago, suddenly showed up, wraps his arms around him and uses words like ‘’to save you’’ and ‘’idiot’’ in the same sentence (I laughed so hard at this). I’m sure people are just joking around thinking Jian Yi would actually be into someone else other than Zhan. 

Exhibit B: Blushing = Love?

Warning: Again, don’t take my opnion the wrong way please. 

I really like to debate/argue with people about politics, but I feel like there comes a point where you just have to draw the line and realize that the person you’re arguing against holds such vile and toxic views so it’s best to walk away.

Continuing to argue with them is like talking to a wall and it merely gives their view point validity, which it most definitely doesn’t deserve.

For the record, I’m only thinking in extreme cases here, like the views of Holocaust deniers, people who support racial segregation, and people who call for the genocide of a group of people. Arguing with them honestly does more harm than good. 

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Okay so like despite Darhk's line (Which I think was to just get Sara to try and attack him) I think Laurel is alive in the doomworld because that was Dinah Drake's mask on his trophy case. Not Laurel's. So say she is, what are your headcanons for Doomworld!Laurel?

Ooh that’s really interesting - and that would help to explain one way that Laurel shows up in the finale! So, let’s go with the headcanons lol - and unless the finale proves me wrong she’s gonna be good okay and sorry I don’t have many headcanons on her whoops

  • Whatever universe this is, whether she’s an antihero, hero, villain, etc., Laurel is going to be fighting to get back to her sister. If she’s not with Sara already, she’s not going to stop until she’s with Sara again. 
  • She probably leads a whole group of vigilantes honestly?? Sin and Roy (and Felicity, when she was alive) are her top team members and they’re just training other vigilantes and going out and trying to stop the Legion of Doom now. 
  • She was a bomb ass attorney in this world too, although this time she had to go into hiding because she couldn’t try any of the Legion of Doom members. 
  • She bumped into Ray once and he dropped all his cleaning supplies and she spent the next 30 minutes helping him clean up all the chemicals even though he insisted it was okay. Ray spent the next 30 minutes wondering why she looked so familiar, but couldn’t put his finger on it (and a few hours later, when he looked at the technology laying around, he also couldn’t figure out why he felt so compelled to work on them). 
  • Badass Momma who Adopts Vigilante Children, ardent protector of children everywhere. 
  • So there are no powers in this world but I’d like to think that Cisco still made her the canary collar - and since his mask wasn’t on the shelf and Eobard didn’t mention him let’s assume Cisco is helping Laurel and they’re together 

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I have to say. I'm incredibly jealous of writers like you and Gotham for your ability to beautifully weave in lines from the book and show canon. Even if you change who actually says them, you bring those words in seamlessly. I'm really in love with this new story of yours (I know, big shocker). But that "nothing hurts when you love me" line just KILLED me. So SO very beautiful.

Owww, thank you so so so much lovely @takemeawaytocamelot!! But you shouldn’t be jealous at all, it’s not as hard to get those lines in, as it is to create a wonderful plot - and that you do so beautifully! I love that Jamie dixit and thought it was the perfect way to end this first part of the story. 

Btw, I’m saving your Vegas AU to finally catch up to this weekend, when hopefully I’ll be able to breathe a little. Can’t wait!! <3

When I left my house, I lost a ring that I really like so I went around looking for it but in the end, I’m pretty sure I lost it.  
So I said to myself, “NO…”
Then, as I whispered that…
“I don’t even want to touch your haaaand!”
I just continued unconsciously singing the Sebas and Will duet.  
“It’s been so long, WIll!”
That’s not a line, but in any case, where did my ring go… 

Translation by @nimbus-cloud

Note: In Musical Kuroshitsuji: Noah’s Ark Circus, William and Seb sang an angry duet during their trapeze scene which was basically them yelling “NO!” at each other.

Criminal Minds: 12x18
  • Rossi - the only father figure Reid has left 😿 
  • I guess when Reid is gone, they just give lines about really random things to another agent?
  • JJ’s so good with parents. I really love seeing her shine in that role.
  • Walker has a teenage daughter? How old is he??
  • I really loved the plot with the unsub, but there was no profiling??? What was his name? Why did he do this? What behavior did they look at?? Plz satisfy my poor psychology major heart.
  • Calvin Shaw is shady as heck. 
  • I really admire the writers for trying to do this longterm plot line, but I feel like they’re really struggling to pull the weight of both an “unsub of the week” and a “Reid’s Shawshank Redemption” in every episode. In the great words of the wise Ron Swanson:  Don’t half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.
  • Okay that was probably really clever because it shows him who used the supply and who was in on it but -

This season got real dark real fast. Please get my baby out of there before he becomes an unsub!

I’ve gotten to the point in my skill-level where I’m starting to notice the difference in other people’s art when it’s truly rich and full of life vs a trap that some professional character/environment designers fall into.

Which is they become too streamlined with their work. Their art is still “good” objectively, and has good colours, good anatomy, good composition, good likeness, good layout etc etc… but at the same time there’s an underlying sense that they’ve drawn things along these lines so much that this is “just one more”.

In character design, the colours/lines/expressions have all bee tailored to efficiency. And in concept art the messy/experiment/speedpaint style is more due to timing how fast you can do something to get an idea across as quick as possible vs putting true care into a picture.

It’s something I’ve only really started to notice the difference in in the past 2 years, and seems unique to people working, specifically, in the gaming industry.

Perhaps I’m wrong and I’m seeing something that isn’t there; but I still think its a cautionary tale worth keeping in mind.

Don’t focus too much on speedpainting as a concept you do with a stopwatch in hand instead of what you’re actually drawing. Don’t let your subconscious way of drawing a character become “how well will this translate into 3D?” instead of how much life/believably you can put into it.

Don’t let your default become ‘efficiency’.

one of my many flaws is that I’m easily angered when my decency isn’t returned. so like these fuckin suit mates take long ass showers with loud music every night in a line from like 9-11:50. Today i got in the shower before them and literally part way through this girl comes in like 3 times and each time she opens the door, groans angrily and then leaves like she wants me to hurry up. It’s like!!! just fucking tell me to speed it up if you have something important to do and i will!! i dont do that to you when you shower let me enjoy my peace and quiet! I dont even play music like you do that annoys people >_> so I’m like so angry I’m not gonna do anything about it but please be kind?? like they could have just asked or ya know waited until i was done like i do for them but nooo they gotta be assholes. 

Personally I’m okay with some Eric/Dylan related fantasies here and there ,just AS LONG AS :

  • it’s not disrespectful to any of the victims 
  • it’s NOT about shooting up your school..(i mean,there’s a thin line between a fantasy and reality and that one should NEVER be crossed)
  • it’s not about rape  
  • it’s not a DylRic smut bullshit (come on guys that is disrespectful to both Eric and Dylan)

Just don’t let some fantasies turn into reality and if you’ve ever had any obsessive homicidal ideation, please look for help. Other than that,I’m not judgemental. I don’t really wanna judge anyone here for their blog content. And I don’t like it when other people do that. And if anyone in this community doesn’t agree or just doesn’t like my blog,you’re always free to unfollow me,it’s simple as that. No need to be hateful and disrespectful to each other. 

i feel like i have 5 other mothers with my coworkers alkjfldjg not that they’re overbearing or anything honestly i really like them but they’re like “imane ur still young pls don’t settle until ur in ur 30s… actually don’t ever settle just stay single being married is overrated” first off mood cuz my mom has been saying this ever since i was old enough to understand words secondly rip why is everyone is :/ about their romantic life its saddening thirdly they’re all cute cuz they think ppl are lining up at my door to ask my hand 😂👌🏽💯🔥 pure banter 

optronixes replied to your post “LL spoilers[[MOR] i’m sick and tired of megatron and his bullshit…”

gOD agreed?? Like pls. Pls. pls it was so ooc

IT WAS SO BAD i was physically angered by what i read and i don’t normally get like that???? 

but just having megatron (former war lord responsible for millions of deaths) lecture rodimus (who probably still feels guilt over the destruction of nyon that he had to commit in order to prevent the subjugation of an entire population) was just so bad and the final straw for me personally 

i really wanted megatron to continue to grow and fully realize all that he’s done wrong, not put down rodimus and bulldoze over his ideals and development along the way. 

ugh it was just so out of character and not in line with any development so far. 

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to the person who wanted to know how to get snl tickets if that's a legitimate question and you not just being sad to get snl tickets you have to wait in line outside snl studio and for harry i imagine it'll start forming like a week early and even if you get the tickets it's not guaranteed you'll get in which sucks i don't really think it's worth it but if you really want to go for it

you really have to queue outside?? no reservations made or anything?

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So if BTVS can not end with Spuffy who had a big following then why couldn't TVD end w/o DE? How come the creator/producer of BTVS can follow their narrative but TVD couldn't? I just find it interesting how Julie likes to copy BTVS.

Here is the thing, JP copies plot lines from BTVS but she doesn’t understand the essence and creativity of BTVS and I really got that when she said that Klaroline was Bangel and Damon was Buffy in the sense that Damon had the one-line zingers like Buffy had and I was just like woooooooooooooow you are misapplying EVERYTHING.

it’s so weird how in most languages using “it” about a person is really disrespectful and should never be used because it dehumanizes them, but in finland no one uses “she/he” (aka “hän”) when referring to a person unless it’s a formal text. we just say “se” (it). like for example if you wanted to say

“she went to the grocery store.” you’d say
“se meni ruokakauppaan” (it went to the grocery store)

and sometimes using “hän” is seen as salty/sarcastic like if i was salty at someone i could go “mutta hänellehän se ei kelpaa” (idk how to translate but it’s along the lines of “but of course it doesn’t suit her/him”)

is there any other languages that use “it” to refer to people when casually speaking??

sometimes i think about changing my jason design….