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I’ll give my favorite new headcanon, in detail below. It can be best summed up as the following:

Newt Scamander is a terrible flirt who doesn’t understand innuendo even after they’re together but he tries oh my god does he try and usually ends up embarassing everyone except for himself.

Credence is, secretly, and in ways that only come out during rare and blink-or-you-miss-it bursts of confidence, devastatingly smooth as fuck.

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lazy day | dan howell

a/n: this is literally my first time publishing any actual writing omg hopefully it doesn’t suck?

The sun was mostly being blocked out by the dark curtains, and the faint sound of a fire engine racing down the busy streets of London could be heard. You opened your eyes, smiling to yourself when you could feel an arm wrapped around your stomach. Slowly rolling over onto your other side, you saw your still-sleeping boyfriend, his curly brown hair messily covering his forehead. His soft, pink lips were slightly parted, his chest rising and falling with each breath he took. You quietly laughed to yourself, thinking about how cute he looked.

Although, it didn’t last for long. Dan opened his eyes, a smile appearing on his face instantly when he saw you, only a few centimetres away from him.

“Morning,” he whispered, his voice weak and unsteady from having just woken up.

“Mm, hello,” you answered, lightly tapping the tip of his nose, laughing when he groaned in annoyance. You knew Dan thought it was ‘sickeningly cute’, so you did it just to tease him (although you knew he secretly didn’t mind).

You stayed like that, lying next to each other in a comfortable silence, for what seemed like hours, which in reality was only a few mere seconds. Your eyes wandered towards the clock sitting on the bedside table. 11:24AM.

“Aren’t we supposed to go shopping today?” you ask. “Remember? Video stuff?”

Dan sighed, pulling you closer. “Five more minutes?”

You reluctantly gave in, pulling the blankets further up.

Five minutes turned into ten, which turned into half an hour. Then, you decided that you didn’t really want to leave the house today anyway. Dan didn’t seem to mind either.

“Can’t we just have, like, a lazy a day or something? Watch movies and stuff?” he suggested, pressing a light kiss to your neck.

“We do that anyway, Dan.” You let out a small laugh, shaking your head. “But sure, I’m up for it.”


It had been almost half an hour later when you and Dan had both dragged yourselves out of bed. The apartment was quit old, and you were enthusiastic about the idea of leaving a perfectly warm bed. Dan had brought along a blanket that you were currently snuggled up under, your head resting on his shoulder. Dan had also decided to make popcorn, and a bowl was sitting on his lap, you occasionally taking a handful.

You were watching Yuri On Ice, which you had both debated on, but Dan had won because he promised you that he would buy you ice cream later.

Your eyes were focused on the TV, but occasionally you would notice Dan looking over at you. Once you saw him again, you faced him, a small smile tugging on your lips.

“What?” You questioned.

“Nothing,” Dan shook his head, turning back to the anime. “Nothing at all.”

“I better not have, like, popcorn dust on my face.” You wiped your mouth with your hand, just incase, earning a laugh from your boyfriend. “What now?”

“There’s no ‘popcorn dust’ on your face, Y/N. I was just, y'know, looking at you.”

“Well, no shit.” You threw a piece of popcorn at him.

“Hey, that was uncalled for,” he laughed, moving the popcorn bowl from his lap and putting it on the coffee table. He paused for a second, smirking, and then grabbed a hand full of popcorn.

The smile dropped from your face, you knew exactly was happening. “Dan, no! I’m sorry, please-”

Ignoring your protests, he threw the handful of popcorn at you.

“Dan,” you whined. “I said I was sorry!”

After that, you collected all of the popcorn pieces (some had completely missed you, falling onto the couch) and putting them on the coffee table. Dan had helped you.

After that you had moved back to beside Dan, as he put his arm around you. It was silent again, besides the noise coming from the TV. A few minutes passed, when Dan surprised you, his mouth moving closer to your ear.

“I was staring at you because you’re beautiful.”

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger | Chapter 2
Hux had a single beloved toy as a child. As an adult, he meets a faceless shadow of a man who reminds him uncomfortably of what was once his prized possession.
By Organization for Transformative Works

In case you want to know what’s going on in Part 2/2:

Hux woke up to the sound of Ren using Brendol’s shower, which meant Ren would be using Brendol’s bathing products, which meant the man who had just fucked him some hours ago in his father’s bed would smell like his father at his father’s funeral. 

Though really there’s a lot more going on here :B

ANYWAY I deeply loved writing this, and thank you again to all who sent encouragement and notes (wanted to finish answering comments before I updated but work kicked my ass hard this morning ;_; so that is pushed to tomorrow). It felt unexpectedly but COOLLY (why does coolly look so insane in all caps hmmm) cathartic to pause halfway through working on the final installment of CWU and write this story, which is kind of like a condensed/canon-adjusted take on a lot of what I was trying to get at there. It was a rewarding exercise because I felt like I had a vague roadmap that made this at least somewhat efficient and also because it confirmed for me why CWU needed (at least in my wordy hands) to be over half a million words long for me to try to do what I wanted to do there. (?!?!)

More about this later maybe, I have a lot of ~~feelings about this story. But mostly happy to say it is now COMPLETE and I hope those who liked the first part will enjoy the conclusion!

Tease (Drabble)

Originally posted by jibeom

Genre: Fluff, Doctor!AU

Word Count: 702

Summary: The worst part of working with Jungkook wasn’t that he was so good at what he did he made everyone else look bad, or that his visuals were so top notch it intimidated most, no the worst part was that he was such a tease when you were around and you just couldn’t understand why.

A/N: I’ve been watching a medical drama recently and it gave me instant inspiration!! I don’t know too much about the doctor profession and I wrote this really late so if I mess anything up forgive me. The first person I thought of was Jungkook for some reason but I really like the idea of a Doctor!AU maybe something else will come out of it. I also really want to make a sequel to this because I wanted to write so much more but then it wouldn’t have been a drabble akjfhslkdjnfkas someone stop me.

Hiding in the supply closet was not how you thought you’d spend your break, but because of a certain doctor who wouldn’t leave you alone there you were, leaning against the door of the closet hoping he was no longer around. You had ran into the closet as soon as you heard his voice around the corner and you had now been in there for at least five minutes. The closet wasn’t small but it was stuffy and you were beginning to get uncomfortable waiting here for him to leave. You opened the door enough so you could peek your head out to check if it was clear. 

You didn’t see or hear him so you assumed it was safe to leave but as soon as you stepped out and closed the door you jumped. There he stood, Doctor Jeon Jungkook, to the left of the closet with his arms crossed and leaning against the wall. 

“Were you hiding from me?” 

He was wearing that irritating smirk that you hated and didn’t think was attractive at all. “N-No I wasn’t hiding! I needed to get something from the closet.” 

“You didn’t come out with anything.” 

“I didn’t find what I was looking for.” You threw him a glare as you turned and began walking down the hallway. He quickly followed after you and walked next to you, close enough that your arms were almost touching and it made you want to move away because your heart was beating too fast. 

“Lets go eat.” He spoke up after a minute of silence and it startled you. What exactly did he mean by that? Did he want to eat now or after your shift? You didn’t exactly have enough time to grab a meal on your short break and your lunch break wasn’t for a couple more hours. Maybe he meant to go back to the staff room and grab a quick snack from a vending machine. Whatever he meant you’re sure you didn’t want to go with him. 

“I’m not hungry and I don’t have time.” 

“You don’t have time because you wasted it hiding from me.” 

“I wasn’t hiding!” 

“Don’t lie!”

You groaned loudly and stopped walking to face him. “Dr. Jeon You’re so-” You stopped mid sentence when you realized he had gotten closer to you. He leaned down slightly so his faces was only inches away from yours. That annoying smile of his was front in center and it made you want to run and hide again as your heart thumped against your chest. 

“I’m so?”


“So hungry? Yes, I am. Since you won’t eat with me I’ll have to settle for this.” He reached down to grab your hand and you jumped in surprise. What exactly was he doing? Your heart was beating so fast what if he felt it when he grabbed your hand? Was that possible? You really should know since you’re a doctor but your mind is so scrambled right now you don’t know what to think. 

Unexpectedly, he reached into the pocket of his lab coat and placed something into your hand. You looked down to your hand to see a granola bar, one he obviously got from the break room vending machine and was carrying around just in case he needed some energy. Why was he giving it to you? 

“Don’t work on an empty stomach.” He smiled and you swear your heart was seconds from jumping out of your chest. You opened your mouth to respond but nothing came out so you stood there with your jaw hanging, probably looking as foolish as you felt. He leaned back before winking at you and started walking down the hall again to check on his patients. 

Your eyes followed him and you regained your voice when he was a safe distance away. “I told you I wasn’t hungry!” 

He only laughed in response and it just made you angry, if you didn’t want to eat the granola bar you would’ve thrown it at his retreating back. You ripped the wrapper off the bar and bit into it angrily. 

Why did you let him get to you and make you so flustered? 

If We'd Kissed in High School
By Organization for Transformative Works

Author: seasalticecream32

Rating: Teen

Setting: ModernAU

Word Count: 6k

Summary: “Yes, well, I need something that says ‘Terribly sorry, I didn’t mean to ruin your wedding even though your potential husband was an absolute twat.’ ” Arthur eyed a bouquet of Peruvian lilies, raising an eyebrow at the exotic, way out of season flower. “Except maybe just the terribly sorry part.”

Modern AU where Merlin is a florist.

Comment: I have a soft spot for florist!Merlin stories so I loved this. I really liked that he used magic to make his creations and that he clearly loved what he did. I liked the tension in Merlin and Arthur’s relationship and I spent the story trying to guess their past relationship. I’ll admit I didn’t see the story’s big revelation coming.

Aladdin is Damian’s favorite Disney film. He’s a bit baffled that it exists in the first place because of all the anti-Arab rhetoric and stuff going on. But when Bruce first showed it to him he fell in love with it. He went around quoting it and singing the songs for weeks. Watched the movie whenever he had free time. He loves Jasmine’s relationship with Rajah because that’s the type of relationship he has with his pets. He loves Rajah and wants a tiger just like him. He even asked Bruce if he could get one. He also loves Abu and Iago. Dami hates Jafar because he finds Jafar very scary. Jafar also reminds him of Ra’s too much. When he first saw the movie his only comment on Jafar was “Grandfather would like him.” I also feel like Damian would identify with Jas and her rebellion storyline. I’m not really sure what his favorite part of the movie would be.

It’s also Jason’s fav. Jay loves it because he identifies with Aladdin since they’re a lot alike. Orphaned street rats, eating to live, stealing to eat and all that. Al’s attitude towards authority figures mainly the police is another thing they have in common. Jason sings the reprise of One Jump Ahead to himself sometimes when he’s sad. He totally understands why Aladdin lied to Jasmine; he’s done that countless times. He understands Al wanting to hide who he really is from Jas in fear of her not accepting him. Jason’s been in that boat. I feel like his favorite part of the movie is the end when Al and Jas get married and Al gets his happy ending.

mythologymonster  asked:

Hi! What do you think about people who say that Scott is milking the franchise, or that he's lazy or greedy? I usually have to leave that part of the internet to cool down 😤

saaame man, its such a bad opinion >> he’s just creating something he likes and works incredibly hard on it, there is absolutely nothing lazy about that. And the guy has a family to look after its obvious they mean the world to him so he’s not being greedy, i really look up to him actually. But I hardly see comments like that anymore :) Its an unpopular opinion now imo.

Prince!Luke 4

Title: Avoidance

Pairing: Luke Hemmings x Reader

Warning: Smut-ish (Only in the beginning. If you don’t want to read it, skip over the bold/italics)

Additional Comments: This came really quickly because I was really into writing this weekend. Either way, I’m trying a different point of view. I don’t know how this will work, so just bare with me. Also idk if I wrote the smut part the right way but I sure hope so (let me know if it wasn’t good and I’ll work on it)

Additional Parts: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Luke POV

I never intended it to happen but she just stood there with her perfect smile, gazing at me. And I gazed back, as if she was my whole world. How could you expect me not to ask when I knew she was my everything?

The sound of crickets echoed around us as we stood together, trying to take in everything all at once.

Her lips molded against mine and she hung onto my face, our lips keeping us afloat. She rubbed her hands along the side of my face and I could tell she loved the way my stubble felt on her skin. 

She bit my lip lightly as she stroked my jaw and I moaned softly, yet I didn't pull her into me as I had so desperately wanted. I let her guide, afraid that I would lose her if I tried to dominate. I felt like I was melting under her touch, and I didn't care who she was in that instant. It only mattered the way her delicate lips felt against mine.

My hands went to her waist and I pulled her lightly towards my body. She didn't shy away, instead she deepened the kiss. I knew then my life was over. She had such a pull on me that even her hands caressing my jaw made me want to scream. 

Her hands moved from my stubble to my neck and instead of pulling away like I should have, I found myself pulling her closer, trying to fuse us into one being. Her lips went from my face to beneath my earlobe. 

My breath caught in my throat as she kissed me softly and I backed us up towards a tree. Her lips clasped against my skin and as she sucked ever so gently, I felt my hand tighten against her waist. When she nibbled at my neck, my hands went from over her shirt to rubbing the sides of her bare skin.

I knew that if anyone were to catch us, we would be tried for treason but that didn’t seem to effect me as much as it should have. So instead of pulling us apart, I encourage us with my hands finding themselves just a little too close to her breasts.

She moaned the moment my fingertips made contact with her and I could feel my back tighten against the tree. I began to massage her in my hands and she stopped kissing my neck and laid her head on my shoulder. She whimpered quietly as I grabbed tightly at them, squeezing hard enough to make her moan and then all of a sudden I was the one being pleasured. 

She took my hands from under her shirt and put them behind my back. I ignored the fact that I could have easily moved them when Y/n let her hands trail down my stomach on the outside of my shirt. Her lips were on my neck again and she sucked my skin as her hands went past the waistband of my pants and onto the outside of my underwear.

I could feel her hand over me and she gave me a small kiss. She then moved her head and started kissing my right side, as her right hand rubbed at the stubble and her left was underneath the fabric of my pants. 

The combination of her rubbing my stubble and palming me from the outside of my underwear caused my to whimper. 

I could feel her smile into my neck and then in the next moment, her finger nails were dragging themselves over my jaw and she squeezed me in her hand quickly and forcefully. My back arched against the trunk of the tree and I moaned her name loudly.

“Do you like that Luke?” She asked still holding me in her hands.

I nodded briefly, melting into her touch and then I felt her release me.

I gazed down in to her y/color/eyes and she smirked up at me, her newly found confidence made me whimper again, my eyes closing. “Do you?” She spoke softly.

“Yes,” I moaned desperately.

I opened my eyes to the sun shining in my room and my hand on the outside of my underwear.

I looked around, searching for the dark forest, searching for Y/n. But she was no where, as it was my room and no trees grew there. I sighed, unhappily, yearning to have Y/n’s touch again.

I took my hand off of myself and stared. I regretted distancing myself last night. She must think I don’t like her. She must think I’m a creep for following her into the wood. She must think a lot of things, and none of them good.

There was a knock on the door and a yell from Gwen, my maid.

“Prince. You need to get up. The King and Queen wish to know if you are coming to breakfast.”

I groaned. If I went then I would have to see Y/n. And I wasn’t looking forward to explaining anything to anyone especially in front of my parents.

“Gwen,” I said speaking softly but loud enough to be heard through the door, “I don’t feel so good. Do you think you can bring me up some toast?”

I knew she would get worried, “Are you alright? Do you want me to call the physician?”

“No, I’ll manage. I think I just need a day’s rest.”

I assume she left to get me breakfast and so I sighed once more, not for the last time, and daydreamed about Y/n beside me.

That was how I spent my week. I would dream of Y/n, not always so physically, usually doing everyday things except with me. And then I would find excuses to stay in my room, under my covers and away from Jack and Y/n. I learned a great deal about governing from the books in my room.

Around the 4th day, there was a knock on my door.

“I’m really not feeling well Gwen. Do you think you could get me some coffee.” 

There was silence and so I returned to my book about battle tactics. I didn’t even glance up when the door opened.

It was silent, and I continued to read, “2 splashes of cream and 4 spoons of sugar.”

It was silent, and I stretched out my hand, waiting for the cup to be placed in my hand. At the first sound of the spoon hitting the cup I smelled roses and vanilla overpower the smell of coffee. I closed my eyes knowing well who stood beside me. 

I had been smelling her scent every time I dreamed. Every daydream I had was of her. Every touch I yearned for belonged to her. I had been seeing her eyes every time I closed mine. And I knew when I opened them, she would be standing right beside my holding my coffee like I had once dreamt.

I opened them slowly and set my book down.

Y/n stood there, a sweet smile on her face as she held my coffee.

“Good morning Princess.”

“Good morning my love,” she cooed and set the drink in my hands.

I smiled up at her and she leaned down to kiss me.

Her soft lips lifted away from mine and she gazed down, lovingly, “I wanted to see how you were feeling.”

“Better now that you’re here.”

She smiled shyly at me, which caused me to smile as well.


I looked up into her eyes and then saw her, drink-less and motioning for me to sit up. As soon as my back lost contact of my pillows, her delicate, yet powerful, hands came to fluff my pillows. I shifted myself up and then she handed my coffee.

“Good afternoon Luke.”

“Afternoon already?”

She nodded and then found a seat on my bed, beside my long legs, and I became all too aware that I was not wearing pants underneath the covers.

“I came to see how you’re doing.”

“Fine, thank you.”

She frowned at my bluntness and I sighed, not wanting to upset her, “My apologies Princess. I didn’t mean to be so rude. I am just so tired of being sick.”

Her hand rested on mine and she smiled her lovely smile again, “I told you that you can call me Y/n.”

I moved my hand away to hold my cup steady, and tried to not kill myself for making her frown, “I do not want to overstep our boundaries Princess.”

“The ‘boundaries’ between us are practically non-existent.”

I sighed, “The boundaries are very noticeable, Princess, and I can’t help but think of them each time I think of you.”

“Let’s ignore them then,” she said simple a small smiled dancing on her lips and I shifted around as I had to stop every part of me from reacting to her, “I don’t think I can. Not with you.”

She was quiet and I looked up from my coffee to see her gazing at her feet.

“My apologies Princess. I don’t mean to upset you so often, I just don’t believe that we should carry this on. For one thing, we’ve only spoken one day the entire time of your duration of your stay.”

She looked at me coldly, completely different from everything I had been imagining since I had met her, “I came to see how you were. I would have been concerned with your health regardless of our interactions.”

I could feel myself tremble softly, and I hid my guilt as I drank from my cup.

She stood up abruptly and smoothed out the skirt of her blue dress, “I’ll be taking my leave then Prince.”

I nodded and then set my cup down as she walked out.

Before she closed the door I heard the voice of my brother.

“Y/n! I need you to answer a few questions about the wedding.”

As the door shut, I was reminded of my place.

I waited for what seemed like forever, to ensure that neither Y/n nor Jack could hear. I picked up my white cup and hurled it and it’s liquid against the wall opposite of my bed. I grabbed the next closest thing, my battle tactics book, and chucked it at the white doors that confined me. I ripped the covers off my body and began to throw things about, yelling and screaming silently.

The door opened and I looked towards it, gasping for air, only to see Gwen gazing at me wildly.

“My Prince!”

I picked up the candle on the floor next to my stand and set it up the brown wood.


She still stood there, frightened, “Yes?”

“How long have these envelopes been here?” I asked, my hand clasping around a wade of cream sealed paper.

“I’ve been leaving them there every morning since you got sick. I assumed they were for your princely duties and I did not wish to exhaust you while you were ill.”

I groaned and opened one up.

“Dear Luke,
I’d like to thank you for reigniting my passion for writing …”

 “Gwen, do you mind stepping out?”

“I came to inform you that your family requests your presence at dinner tonight.”

“If I feel like going then I will,” I said coldly before Gwen shut the door and I was left alone with my letters.

“Dear Luke,
       I’d like to thank you for reigniting my passion for writing. I’ve been confined in my room as you have, only for selfish reasons. I’ve begun writing a novel of a daring young maid who saves the kingdom from its enemies. I assume it won’t be popular, however I hope that you will find an interest in it. Of course, I will let you be the first to read it once it is finished. However, you may be the only person to ever read it.
       I understand that we haven’t spoken much and I know that isn’t something that should be built off of what we have between us. So I have brought it on myself to write these letters to you. I hope that you will find time, while you are recovering, to write back. I figured I would tell you about myself and you would tell me about you.
With Love,
P.S. Thank you for everything last night.”

I let myself fall onto my messy bed and I sighed loudly. I figured that the rest of the letters contained things about herself, things that would bring us closer. And yet, I couldn’t allow myself to read them in that moment. I knew they would contain less and less as they continued. She probably assumed that I wasn’t replying for a reason. And with my comment earlier, I knew she must know that I hadn’t read them.

I glanced around the room at the mess I had made and groaned. I didn’t want to leave it for Gwen to pick up and so I set to work trying to clean as much as I could. When I was done, I sat at my desk with my back to the door. I grabbed a fresh piece of paper and began to write a response to Y/n’s first letter.

“Dear Princess,
I have just found your letters to me sitting on my stand. I regret my words. I did not mean to hurt you in any way. I hope that you will take these following letters into consideration as an apology.
I think that it is a wonderful idea to share things about ourselves. I truly look forward to learning more about you and who you are as a person.
Prince Luke
P.S. I’d like to thank you for everything that happened that night in the woods.”

And so I wrote letters in response to every single note from Y/n. I watched as my “Princess” and “Sincerely”’s subconsciously became “Y/n” and “Love”.

We shared secrets and stories and moment that we cherished. I learned about her embarrassing moments like the time she had been convinced that her father was a dragon mutant. And I learned amazing things as well. She told me about how she had been trained to fight, in secret, once she had started going out riding alone. She told me small things too, like her favorite food and color and what she dreamed about. 

But I also learned about the big things too. She elaborated her desire to pursue writing. In fact, she said that she would trade her crown in to run away with only her horse and her journal. I found everything she wrote to be captivating and amazing.

My daydreams, throughout the writing and reading, didn’t subside. Instead I found myself wishing to be beside her at night, as she rode her horse. I wanted to be there to comfort her when she felt anything but happiness. I began to imagine my daily life with Y/n. 

No longer did I pretend that we could wake up together. There was no more dreams of her doting on me. They were replaced by small actions like hugging and comforting and taking care of her. I wished only to make her happy, and I found myself wanting to do anything possible to see her smile.

It was dark outside my windows when I had finally finished. I knew I had missed dinner and it didn’t bother me at all. I hid the stack of letters in one of my drawers and locked it. I put a pair of pants on and a fresh shirt before grabbing my replies and heading out the door to deliver them to Y/n.

Part 5

Drew a neko Jack because of his cuteness! I watch his videos almost all day. My mother walks into the room and sees me and says,
“Stop watching that, go do something productive with your life.”
And I respond “but mom, how can I say no to this! I have an addiction to his adorableness!

Also I just wanted to personally thank all the nice people who liked my other Jack drawing. I wanted everyone to know how happy I felt and thankful and honored.
To Jack, I really want you to know that every video, comment, photo you have every posted makes me happy. I’m so lucky to have found your videos when I’ve most needed them. I can tell you, from all the laughs you’ve been me have saved me in the lowest parts of my life. From the bottom of my heart, thank you thank you!
Thanks for reading, high fives all around! I’ll see you in the next drawing!

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Headcannon #832

Post-reveal- Adrien and Marinette start dating so she invites him over to dinner one night. Sabine and Tom are the most perfectly dorky parents ever, especially Tom with his lame bakery puns which Adrien laughs way too hard at. the best part is though Marinette and Her mother usually share sly comments in Chinese since Tom isn’t fluent enough to understand them if they don’t speak slowly, so Marinette’s mom says “I really like this boy Marinette, he’s just as cute as you said he would be!” rather loudly and Marinette just giggles and says “Yeah, I like his whooshy hair.” And all the sudden Adrien, in fluent Chinese speaks back. “Thanks, I like it too.” And Marinette’s jaw drops and her mom squeals, screaming in Chinese “MARINETTE YOU BETTER MARRY THIS BOY!” And Tom is just so confused and Adrien has the most innocent look on his face but Marinette sees the smug look he gives her and she is so done

anonymous asked:

Sometimes I think about how Liam took time out of his busy body enhancement schedule to compliment Zayn on his graffiti wall. Like really compliment him. Not just like hey that's sick. Like really talk to him about it and commenting on which parts he liked and why and Zayn's face and expressions and Liam and Zayn and sob sob sob

LISTEN, that whole thing was straight out of Liam Payne’s Hoe Tricks journal. Liam risked passing out from paint fumes so he could work out shirtless while Zayn painted. That is dedication. That is the most classic of hoe tricks.

Liam took time out from setting his thirst traps for Zayn just to tell him that he lobed his graffiti and even picked out which neon shapeless teeth blobs were his favorite:

Liam didn’t just compliment Zayn one time. OH NUH. Liam is seen through the whole three minute video doing the real time version of poorly caps locked crying about how iconic Zayn’s art is roughly 812 times.  He even took the time to throw out the highest compliment he could think of: that Zayn’s graffiti teeth blobs* were something you would see in “New YAWK on a JAWG”. HE EVEN DID A HORRIBLE NEW  YORK ACCENT. HE DID THAT. 

I think my favorite part of it is after he says it to Zayn, he looks at the camera like he’s in The Office, extremely pleased with how well his Extraness and hoe tricks are panning out:

You know they had to edit it down for time because that three minutes was probably more like 6 ½ hours of Liam telling Zayn his art should be in the MoMA. Liam Payne won’t stand by and let the world spin some bullshit propaganda that there’s anyone that’s more deserving of lifetime membership in Zayn’s ass than Liam. Liam has land there, he maintains a beautiful property, and he put down real roots. 

In short,  I live for how much Liam went out of his way to make Zayn feel good about his art. 

*Zayn’s graffiti art is really ridiculous cool to be fair

More doodling for @linesporadic … older Sho, and his crush on Fubuki persisting!

He sometimes wanted to join the Blizzard Group, but Fubuki decides to disband them after a few years.  She still drops by to bug Saitama anyway.  Saitama decides not to comment on how much Sho blushes and stutters around her.

Prince!Luke 3

Title: The Ride And The Forest

Pairing: Luke Hemmings x Reader

Warning: Kissing (not even that bad)

Additional Comment: I kinda really like this chapter 

Additional Parts: Part 1 Part 2

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. I never intended it to happen but he just stood there with his beautiful eyes and adorable dimples. How could you expect me to say no?

I walked briskly down the halls, making sure my shoes didn’t make a sound. I knew that if anyone caught me at this very moment I would have a lot of explaining to do. 

Like why do I own pants and a shirt? Where did I get them from? Who did they belong to? Was he the one I was sneaking off to? Was he royal blood? Did he have my heart?

And I surely didn’t want to have to explain that I had asked our castle seamstress to make them for me. And I definitely didn’t want to be confined in my room if they thought I was seeing someone. So I hid in the shadows and tried to keep the contents in my bag quiet. 

I had brought my writing material, in hopes that perhaps I could find inspiration from new scenery. My talk with Prince Luke had reignited my passion and I couldn’t thank him enough. 

When I got to the stables, I was spotted by a woman in a pale brown dress. She stared, and I hung there with one leg already propped on the stirrup and one hand steadying myself on the horn. She looked at me as I placed my second foot on the other side and I smiled at her.

“Are you-”

“I’m irrelevant. You didn’t see me nor did you speak to me. I was only a shadow you thought you imagined. The horse I’m taking, is being used by the stable boy. I will ensure that he doesn’t get punished if the topic comes up.”

She nodded, submissively, and I walked the horse out.

I trotted a bit before I remembered to put my things in the saddle bag. When I was facing forward again, I flicked the reins and the horse immediately galloped farther away from the castle and the stables. I continued, speeding forward, as I rubbed the horse face, assuring it that all was well. 

And then all by himself, he broke into a sprint and I laughed gleefully, my hair whipping around. I could feel the wind pressing my face and my shirt waved erratically around me. I pressed my knees to the horse and held on tightly as I dared myself to let go. He slowed a bit but continued as I held myself to him, with my arms out wide.

The wind pushed my clothes in every direction and I watched calmly, holding the reins again, as the scenery changed. It went from that beautiful light green to a darker one. Trees sprouted up and then eventually got thicker as we ran past them. I eventually brought us to a trot and let him guide me around. The horse led us to a stream where I hopped off and tied him to a large tree near it.

He stood there, head bent to the water, as I retrieved my journal and pencil from the saddle bag. I sat on the dark grass, and used the moonlight to see what I was writing.

His blue surrounds me. Everywhere I look, I yearn to see the ocean in his eyes. They captivate me. The ring of deep blue that encircles his pale ocean traps me in a world of beauty. That single black pupil in the center of his eyes, causes me to dream of being a non-existent spot. I long to be in the center of his blue beauties. I crave to be the only thing he sees. And yet, the world is so cruel. I mustn’t at all costs, go near. I will never know what it is like to swim in his ocean or be all that he dreams. For I can not even dream of him without consequences to be paid. I mustn't and yet I must, know what it’s like to be drowned by his ocean.

“Hello Beautiful”

The deceptive tone of the man speaking frightened me and so I grabbed the nearest thing to me, which happened to be the blade I always kept with me on nights like this, and threw it in the direction of the voice.

My head swiveled around to see a man with dark hair slumped on the ground as he moaned loudly, the blade sticking out of his leg.

My horse, which had apparently been whining the whole time, cried loudly and my head moved from the bleeding man to a different one who was walking towards me. He had a sword in one hand and his other was clenched in anger.

There was a shout from behind him and he whipped around. I took that moment to scoop my things up. I heard metal hit metal  and when I turned around, I saw the other man lying on the floor with his hands in surrender as a different man stood in front of him, a sword to his throat.

“My-my Prince!” he said quietly and astonished.

I looked up at the blond man and realized it was, in fact, Prince Luke.

“I wasn’t aware that-”

His voice rang loud and cold, “I wasn’t aware that you liked to pray on innocent women, Morgan.”

The man underneath the sword swallowed and the long blade bobbed up with his throat.

“We didn’t know-”

“Of course you knew,” he growled, “No man comes out here in the late night to write.”

“Please, My Prince!” the man choked out in fear.

“I shall let you live.” The man sighed in relief, “However, I will not let this incident go unnoticed.” And with that Prince Luke branded the man on his cheek, a common sign of criminals.

“It won’t scar,” he said, “But it will stay long enough for everyone to know what you have done.” He lowered the sword and ordered him to leave.

Prince Luke offered the horse he had rode to the men and so off they went, both bleeding lightly yet both in pain.

“You will never cease to amaze me Princess,” he said a small smile on his lips.

“Prince Luke.”

He nodded, as if I asked a question, but I just walked closer to him.

He watched me curiously, and I reached into the pocket of my pants to retrieve his white cloth from earlier. I brushed it along the red at his jaw line and he stiffened noticeably.

“You were injured,” I said less as a question and more as a reason for my touch.

His hand came slowly to mine that was still wiping away the blood, “I guess so. I hadn’t even noticed,” he spoke softly.

I smiled graciously at him, “Thank you.”

He smiled back at me and then frowned, “I’m sorry.”

I folded the cloth and wiped at his jaw again, “For what?”

“For trailing you. I don’t mean to make you uncomfortable, but I was worried something would happen to you during your ride.”

I nodded and folded up the cloth, tucking it in my pocket as it was no use already stained with blood.

“It’s quite alright,”I said softly, my thumb brushing the line on his jaw one more time.


I stared into his eyes and let myself plunge into his ocean.

He stared back down and his voice was low as he spoke, “Y/n.”

The tension between us was too much. I longed to feel his lips on mine. I wanted to know what it was like to taste him on my tongue. I wanted him in every aspect and so I let myself drown in him.

His lips landed gently on mine, and he tasted like something I never could have dreamed of. This indescribably pleasant and warm feeling washed over me as I let myself be consumed by him. I let my hands hold his face, ignoring the blood that would be on me, and pulled him slightly closer. The stubble of his beard was a foreign texture to me and I let my hands run across it.

There was a low moan, and yet he kept his distance, never forcing me into anything. His arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me closer, when I deepened the kiss. And we stood together, fused as one being, for a while with only the songs of crickets to fill our breathy silence. 

Every moment that passed, I could feel myself falling farther into his abyss of blue.

It was when my hands trailed from his jaw to his neck that he pulled us apart.

“Y/n,” he breathed softly with a goofy smile on his face.

I looked up at him, his lips slightly plump and the dimples in his cheek were the deepest I’ve ever seen them. As I looked shyly into his ocean, I saw them changed.

I was unsure as to what had happened but all of a sudden, he took a step back with fear in his eyes.


“Princess,” Was all he said as he scooped up my things from where I had dropped them and placed them in the saddle bag. He untied the horse from the tree and led it towards me.

“Luke-” I started, I didn’t know what I was going to say buy I knew I had to say something.

“Please.” He whispered softly, and then he hoped on the horse and held his hand out towards me.

I grabbed it and pulled myself up. He let go the moment I was stable and we galloped off. I wasn’t sure what had happened to him, so I kept my hands on my lap. And then just before the horse picked up, his hands came from behind him and guided me toward his waist.

“Hold on.” And then we were speeding out of the forest, the wind whiping my hair around.

As the horse picked up speed, my grip on him was tight, in fear that I would fall off. The horse continued quickly, as I let my head rest on Luke’s shoulder as the  wind whipped our hair around. I smiled, the sense of freedom present, and leaned my head against his. I could feel him do the same and I saw the sideview of his dimple smile. Then all of sudden the horse came to a trot, the stable in clear view. He stopped the horse and hopped off.

“You go on a head, I’ll be there to fix up the stable. You can just head to your room Princess.”

“Luke, you can keep calling me Y/n.”

He didn’t say anything, only lightly slapped the side of the horse which caused him to gallop away.

I turned around to see his curly blond head hanging down and then his hands came up and ruffled his hair. I watch as he then grabbed his roots and tugged. And then he was crouched on the ground. I was going to stop but I knew he would insist I leave him alone and so I continued to the stable.

I took the things out of saddle bag and quickly undid the saddle. After hanging it up, I made my way towards the front door. I ran, afraid that someone might catch me now. But just before I entered the castle I hear a soft yell from the distance.

Part 4

I love Dan’s video so much up until the part he started crying.
I was literally like:
“wow what Dan, stop it. Hey its okay”
Then realized i was talking to a computer screen. But still, so I check out his instagram and thank god, everyone is saying sorry. Now I rarely take part in commenting about Dan in any negative way because, I love Dan. Dan is basically me so if I made fun of Dan I’d be making fun of myself.
But I was genuinely so upset when Dan started crying.
But I’m just glad to see that people do really care about Dan and we were just making memes like he wanted. Next time we just have to remember:
“Hey, Dan’s a human. He has emotions.”

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Hi, this is really random but I just saw a video of one of my favorite youtubers and turns out he is an awful person. He made trigg/ered jokes and complained that people are being 'too sensitive', and said that 'even breathing is transphobic now' (because someone once called him out on a cissexist thing he said). I'm so disappointed, I used to like his videos and his approach so much. (The worst part were all the comments praising him). Ugh. (Sorry this is random, I had to tell someone)

I’ve had similar situations with YouTubers in the past. It seems like 99% of them are just shit people.

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I don't know if someone already asked this (if yes, then sorry) but what are your headcanons on how humans are treated in Germany ?

Lest seems to really like to follow after Urd and do what he does for the most part–

However when he was commenting about how humans are treated in Russia, he comments that Urd is of idealistic nature and thoughts, and that he could never be like him (?) 

Even so, I would like to think that with him having a mindset of a child, despite his words dissing himself he still goes ahead and makes effort to copy what Urd does, though admittedly not as well as Urd has it, but still commendable enough. 

at the gala

((i have once again arrived with a ficlet that no one asked for. this one has the Dreemurr trio at an art and culture exhibition for monsters. the three of them are about 18-20. if you wanna know what Chara looks like here, look at this wonderful art by the amazing paychiri. hope you all enjoy this! thanks!))

((EDIT: so paychiri drew this incredible piece for this fic and i’m tearing up they’re so awesome))

“It was a really great performance,” Asriel commented casually. Chara took a small sip of their tea, nodding in thanks to Asriel. “I especially liked the part where the old senator from Maine was trying to figure out if you were monster or human.”

Chara nearly spit out their tea, but they barely managed to contain themselves. “A-are you serious?” Small laughs escaped them no matter how hard they tried to keep a straight face. “Is it because I look scary?”

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someone pointed out in the comments that joel (from vinesauce) hates dio’s ultimate defeat in part 3 (a punch to his leg) because it’s an ‘asspull’ (”Jotaro punches really hard”) yet somehow his favourite part was Battle “Asspull Central” Tendency

and i think you can find why he thinks like this from joel’s own words when he describes his fix-it part 3 ending that he wants high dio to be seemingly unbeatable…  what i get from that is: joel’s just jealous that ultimate kars gets the honour of being the ‘nigh invincible supervillain’ and with the fact that joel’s a massive dio fanboy he wants the banana man to get in on that too

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“You’ll be rewarded for your efforts if you keep trying.”

Questions/Comments to be sent anonymously!

“I don’t really want a reward… the only reward I want is for people to be happy! This world is so pretty, but you just gotta see the beauty of it!” Candyman had read that last part out of a book, but he really liked the phrase. It was true in his eyes.