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10 Rules Of The Watch

Once upon a time..

Most men with a sense of style know not to match brown shoes with black belts, a pre-tied bowtie or pyjamas in public. I remember my father once mentioning that the only glass a man loves to keep clean is the glass of his watch. When it comes to wearing watches people don’t really care about the rules. On many occasions you will discover men wearing completely inappropriate timepieces to their outfits. Being aware about some watch etiquette will save you from embarrassment, no matter how expensive, casual or formal the occasion is.
Younger gentlemen will eventually begin to appreciate the meaning of classic—–an item that stands the test of time. At some point, these maritime gauges that so many of us wear look like what you’d expect to see on the QEII or Queen Mary or a cargo ship. The will fade out of vogue and when they do, you will be able to cover the succeeding watch with the cuff of your shirt and jacket sleeve.

1. Match your metals & colors
Try and match the metals and the colors of the watch to the rest of the outfit you have on. Note the color of your belt buckles, shoe buckles, rings, collar bars or pins, and cufflinks and choose a watch in a matching metal. Wear yellow gold with yellow gold, and don’t wear a brown band when you’re wearing a black suit. Focus specifically on the boldest parts of the watch; the color of the strap, the color of metal and even the color of the dial.

2. Don’t wear the same watch every day
Even if you only own one nice watch, you shouldn’t wear it every day for several reasons. First, if the watch is a piece that you love, giving the watch a break will make it last longer. Second, one watch is rarely suited to the variety of outfits that a man will wear in a given week. The office, the gym, sporting events, dinners out, and parties all require different clothes and hence different watches. If you wear the same watch daily, chances are that 20-30% of the time it is the wrong watch to be wearing.
Regardless of your budget, if you love wearing a watch, try building up a small collection of reputable watches that suit all the various needs you have during the week, and give you favorite piece the occasional break.

3. Skip the bling
Wearing a diamond encrusted watch is fine if you’re a music mogul, but it has no place in the wardrobe of a well-dressed gentleman. Like an oversized watch, flashy diamonds and jewels are simply a cry for attention. They will distract from the rest of your outfit by drawing all the attention to one point. Most people will be wondering if it’s real, rather than what kind of watch it is. Diamonds and jewels also have the effect of making men’s watches appear more feminine. Unless you’re trying to be the next Eminem, skip the diamonds – with one exception. Some dress watches use very fine diamonds or other stones to accent small details, such as the rim of the dial or the numbers on the face. If the stones are subtle and enhance the overall features of the watch without being ostentatious, then they can find a place in a gentleman’s watch collection. Just remember to wear them in appropriate settings and don’t buy sporting watches, as diamonds are not suited to more casual watches. Finally, it should go without saying that you should never buy a watch with fake stones. If you can’t afford the real thing, skip stones altogether, as they will only cheapen the overall look and make it painfully obvious that you seek the kind of attention diamonds can bring.

4. Wear your watch on the wrist that suits you
The old rule of thumb was to always wear a watch on the non-dominant wrist. The reasoning was that it is the opposite of the dominant hand. Don’t let tradition dictate on which hand you wear your watch; wear it where you find it most comfortable. Like any other garment or accessory, your watch should fit you properly in two key ways. The size of the dial should be proportional to your wrist, and the band should fit snugly but comfortably. A loose band looks sloppy, so take it to your jeweler to have it sized to your wrist.

5. Admire other men’s watches from a distance
Just as you would never touch another man’s wallet, don’t expect to handle his watch. For many men the watch is the only piece of jewelry they own or wear, and they take great pride in keeping it dust free, fingerprint free and well polished. It’s perfectly okay to politely ask to see a watch, but don’t expect him to take it off his wrist. If he offers, feel free to accept, but try to handle it as little as possible and never place it on a hard surface where it could get scratched.

6. Pair watches with outfits appropriately
Just as you wouldn’t sit on the beach in a morning coat, you also don’t want to wear your dress watch sailing. Try and match the type of watch you wear to the activity you’re involved in each day. If you’re unsure what you’ll be doing, pair it with your choice of clothes; sport watches with athletic wear, dress watches with business wear, or a simple Seven Friday with beach wear. If you’re invited to a formal event or gathering and the dress code calls for black tie, attitudes have changed about wearing a watch. Historically it is considered impolite to wear a watch, but the rules regarding black tie have softened to accommodate wearing a simple dress watch with a black face and band if you choose. A pocket watch like U-boat or Bomberg is an alternative. For the rare white tie event, tradition demands that you do not wear a watch at all.

7. Beware the implications of checking your watch
Even though a great watch is one of a man’s ultimate accessories, checking it can have some negative social implications even if that’s exactly the reason you are wearing it!
If you’re on a date, in a meeting, or at a social event, don’t check your watch visibly in front of other people. Just like it’s rude to check your phone at a movie or restaurant, checking your watch shows that you have other things on your mind; things that take precedence over your present company. Unless you’re still young and have a curfew, the only way you should know what time a date is over is when she says goodnight.

8. Wear dark with dark, and light with light
If you’re out during the day consider a lighter colored face such as white or cream. However, at night focus on darker dials such as black, grey or browns. Just like a tuxedo is for evening wear and you wouldn’t wear it to brunch, a dark watch dial should be on your wrist at night, rather than during your 9am tee time at the country club.

9. Never wear a dive watch with a suit
Just because James Bond did it, doesn’t mean you should. James Bond was a spy who might, in fact, jump into a river in a suit at any moment. As far as we can tell, he’s the only one (besides other actors with endorsement deals with Omega) who should wear a dive watch with a suit. Dive watches are bulky, they don’t fit well under a suit jacketand they are a tell-tale sign that you don’t know the rules of watch-wearing…or that you aspire to have your own theme song. The same way that you wouldn’t wear your sunglasses at night, leave the dive watch for casual wear and pair a simple dress watch with your suit.

10. The oversized watch is over 
For the last couple of years, oversized watches have become the norm in men’s style. This popular trend only served one purpose: to scream for attention. An oversized watch dwarfs your wrist, throws off the proportions of your entire outfit, and simply doesn’t “fit” well into a nicely combined outfit.
For a watch enthusiast, those large dials are nothing more than for show. If you want to be taken seriously in the world of horology, stick to watches that fit your wrist.

I will fly with no fear

desc; punk!phil takes care of his boyfriend, dan’s, son while dan is at a meeting. dan’s son comes home from school crying and its up to phil “on some level im deathly afraid of children” lester to save the day.


a/n; thank you to @andromedalester for betaing this 2am explosion of words and dubbing it ‘SO GOSH DANG SUTE’ i love u v much em ty or helping me out <33  

 gender rolls are the only bad type of bread

The door swung open and hit the doorframe with a resonating crack. Phil perked his ears up from his bowl of cereal and looked over, just in time to see Finn crawl onto the couch next to him. The kindergartner snuggled into his arm and Phil made sure to set the bowl away.

Finn almost never touched him, still not understanding why Phil had moved in with him and his father, Dan. He hadn’t expected a smidge of affection this early on – being the stranger, in Finn’s home – and made sure to wrap his tattoo clad arms around the somber boy.

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Hooked | Guard

Series: Worth Fighting For

Note: Part two is here! So this has been long overdue since it was supposed to be Worldwide Day for write-a-thon, but oh well. Writing this really made me wanna go to DC…so I did lmao. Anyway, enjoy. :)

Word Count: 4559

Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x Reader

AU: Boxing

Warnings: cursing, mentions of death

Summary: Thomas Jefferson, a world-famous boxer who is pegged as a self-centered asshole that has everything — good looks, fame, fortune, talent — trains for his big fight against Alexander Hamilton. When he moves to Washington D.C. to be closer to his family, he meets someone who will look past his outer shell and get to know the real him.

“You’re going out with him again?” Alex asked. “This is like the seventh time in the last three weeks.”

You were currently facetiming your best friend before he had to leave to do an interview for some sports magazine. You both had tried to stay in contact with each other over the past few weeks even though he was really busy. Just because he was five states away didn’t mean that you couldn’t talk every once in awhile.

“You’ve been counting?” You snickered.

“That’s besides the point, Y/N.” He deadpanned. “He’s no good for you.”

You rolled your eyes at him. “You don’t know him, Alexander. He’s not as bad as you think.”

“I know enough about him, okay? Have you even done any research on him?” Alexander asked. “The guy rode to fame on his father’s back, he thinks he’s on the top of the world, and he’s a wannabe playboy…need I say more?”

You scoffed. “‘Wannabe playboy’?”

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Midnight Cinderella Suitor’s Fashions

@aquisces-arts wanted to see what the suitors would look like in modern clothes, so I did my best conceptualizing what each would wear and why.

Let’s start with King Byron:

Byron dresses very monochromatically– wearing different shades of black head to toe, and choosing gold accents that catch the light. 

If you look at his hair, you can see that his wisps are very controlled. Even his cowlick is styled neatly. He would probably use a light pomade. The details on the jeans give texture without distraction, like his black casual shirt in the game. 

The gold zipper on the knees also satisfies his love of gold hardware. If you notice, Byron does not wear jewelry aside from his earring, which he shares with Nico, so I think a planetary key chain would be a good choice for him, as it combines his star-gazing hobby with an outlet for an accessory.

Of course, a Rolex is a must, and I think he would always give himself a chaste spritz of cologne before stepping out of the door. This scent is unisex and has a dry-down that smells of vanilla, woods and leather.

I don’t think he would shy away from stylish shoes– he may even be a subtle trend-setter. Because Byron can hold his liquor with the best of them, and because he doesn’t tend to let himself get too casual out in the open, I thought martini glass novelty socks would be a fun twist. It would be his own little secret. While it may not be that wild of a thing for the rest of us, considering Byron’s aloof personality, he may feel that it really is daring indeed.

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anonymous asked:

Top 10 sentai suits design.

This one is one I’ve been thinking about for a while since I got it in my inbox. There are a lot of possible answers to this but I wanted to hold off until I caught up on some others and give it a bit of thought. Now that I’ve had the time, here we go!

10. Ryu Commander from Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger

This is going to be the most recent entry on the list and places this low because of that.  That said, I love this look.  I have always been a sucker for the long coat look on tokusatsu heroes going back to at least Shinken Red’s Super Mode and Kamen Rider Wizard, both designs I adore.

When you add violet, which is my favorite recent edition color, to the mix, you have a suit that REALLY hits my sweet spots for awesomeness. Plus, you make it dragon-themed and that just pushes it over the line to being one of the ten best ever.

9. Dragon Ranger from Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger

Sticking with Dragons and extra Rangers for a moment I can’t let Burai’s hero outfit go by without adding it to the list.  He started the trend of taking the look of the original heroic suits and adding to them (in his case the chest protector and added gold bands) to the design to make the sixth hero’s outfit something really special. His is also just a great take on the general Zyuranger costume theme and his shade of green is particularly appealing to the eyes, vibrant and rich but not pastel or too dark.

8. Starninger from Shuriken Sentai Ninninger

I am not the biggest fan of the series Shuriken Sentai Ninninger but I am a fan of Starninger, especially his ridiculous outfit.  This may be because I live in Texas and am an American and Starninger’s cowboy rock star outfit is exactly what I expect the rest of the world to think of when they come up with a Texan hero.  Built in cowboy hat?  Check!  Lone Star faceplate? Check! Faux fringe on the faux poncho?  Check and check!  I also love the balance between gold, blue black and red with the gold being primary and everything else used as accent.  It’s a great look and I can’t help but love it!

7. Heart Queen from J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai

One design element of Sentai costumes I don’t think gets used enough are capes.  I love them but more about that later.  Of call the old-school pink heroines, I think Heart Queen has the best costume.  I love the sash across the shoulder to the hip that meets up with her belt, I love the yellow cape that gives a nice color contrast with the rest of her costume, I love the heart-emblem faceplate on the helmet and I really love the four colored triangles on the shoulder.  Each one represents a member of the team and functions as an anchor point for the cape.  Love that design element and I love designs that run diagonally across like that sash/utility harness.

6. Kyoryu Violet 2 from Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger

Two of my personal favorite design elements come into play here, the across the chest diagonal design and the color violet.  I really like the Kyoryuger costume designs and somehow, I like the new ones from the South Korean/Japanese co-production Power Rangers Dino Force Brave/Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Brave even more with their addition of white accents for the helmets and areas on the uniforms.  However, none of those are violet so I ruled them out. This is a nice design and I really like the helmet with the dinosaur teeth and raised areas for eyes plus the little fins on the lower side to suggest the flippers of a plesiosaur.  That little armored shoulder bit suggesting a dinosaur eye just completes the look

5. Vul Eagle from Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan

If you can’t have a cape, I saw go with a scarf.  Yes, it’s more well known as a Kamen Rider costume flourish but I think it works for Sentai as well. Vul Eagle makes this list because I love how simple and iconic his costume is. The white and red color balance is great.  His yellow sun disc stands out on his chest and looks great.  But what really does it for me is his helmet.  The design might be kind of simple but I love the look of it with the huge golden eagle in the front and the yellow accents around the visor suggesting wings.  It’s a really great look.

4. Dekared from Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger

This is another costume I like for the helmet design. That’s not the only reason but it’s one of the first.  I like the police lights on the side of the helmet, I like the way the visor narrows in the middle and sweeps up dramatically to the back.  The visor shape reminds me of the headlights on a Nissan 350Z (which came out about the same time). The other thing I really like about this costume is the way the number designation is done with it being integrated into the left side of the costume and leaving one arm red and the other arm black,  I have a thing for asymmetric costume designs and this one is just fantastic.

3. Gokai Green from Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

I really, really like the outfits from Gokaiger.  They pirate theme mixed with a Sentai costume really works with the flared boots, hat-like helmets, high collars and colored coat over a black undersuit just creates a unique look that I really, really think is one of the best designs in the last 10 years. So, why Gokai Green?  I like Green. It’s a good color when done right and Doc’s heroic costume is just the right shade of green to strike my fancy.

2. Akaranger from Himitsu Sentai Goranger

This may seem a pretty easy choice and it was for two reasons. 1) It’s the original Red Hero outfit and set the standard for what Sentai heroes look like. 2) It has my favorite design element of all time for a Sentai costume, that short cape. I love the way capes of that length move in battle and how easy they are to flourish dramatically without having them get in the way or drag like a long cape would. I also just love his thigh holster and high collar.  It’s a classy look that’s really passed the test of time.

1. MagiRed from Mahou Sentai Magiranger

Once more with the capes!  I love capes on Sentai outfits as I just said and I think the capes on the Magiranger outfits are just perfect.  I’m going to go with their original, non-powered up forms because I just think the outfits are better before the added on bits and changes.  The lines are clean and sleek, the material is nicer than the simple cloth used on Akaranger above and the helmet design works much better for me.  In short, good costume design is Magic!

Personal headcanon: When heroic Edain are described as elf-like, it’s not meant literally. Human heroes don’t really look similar to elves, and can’t generally be confused with elves, unless you have never met both an elf and a human before. They look different, and they move differently. Also, beards. The few cases this might actually be true are when the human has elf blood. Legolas knows at first sight that Imrahil has elvish blood in him, for example, despite the many generations between him and his elvish fore-mother.

The mundane explanation is that humans and elves are both bipedal and similarly formed, so confusing one race for the other occasionally is understandable. It could easily be caused by poor visibility, long distance, having the face obscured, having their back turned, having a particular hair color, dressing like an elf, speaking or responding in one of the elf-tongues, or being unusually tall.

For example, Nienor disguises herself as an elvish marchwarden by putting on a matching grey cloak and being tall enough to blend in (she is so tall that only one marchwarden is taller than her, which is pretty neat). Mîm confuses Turin for an elf “by your speech and your voice.” This makes perfect sense if his speech has the cadence or accent of the Sindarin he spoke during his fostering, or if he is in fact speaking Sindarin.

Turin must be considered separately thanks to this quote, “he was in truth the son of Morwen Eledhwen to look upon: tall, dark-haired and pale-skinned, with grey eyes, and his face more beautiful than any other among mortal men, in the Elder Days. His speech and bearing were those of the ancient kingdom of Doriath, and even among the Elves he might be taken at first meeting for one from the great houses of the Noldor…and many called him Adanedhel, the Elf-man.” Now, the text tells us that Turin could be confused with an elf, but it doesn’t actually show this. His coloring, and height would account for being confused as a Noldor elf as long as he’s clean-shaven, but none of the characters who meet him, like Gwindor or the Falathrim ambassadors, seem to have trouble doing it. Turin was fostered by elves, which would give him knowledge of elven customs and practices that would make it easier to confuse him with biological elves. Calling him elf-man might equally well refer to his elvish habits and upbringing, but I’ll classify Turin as a borderline case.

His cousin Tuor is even weirder, a special case where we have direct proof of a Man being frequently confused by elves as an elf, but Tuor is frequently spiritually grouped with the elves and kind of an outlier. Tuor is cloaked, wearing the armor prepared by Turgon, and standing on a high terrace when Voronwe at first takes Tuor to be an elf. Tuor is confused a second time for an elf while wearing Ulmo’s cloak, but I am explaining that as Ulmo’s magic being the cause, and that something relating to ‘magic’ or the Unseen can cause misidentification. So I’m putting Tuor in a third category labeled ‘who knows.’

Beleg is the only case I know of where an elf is confused for a Man, and again environmental conditions are the contributing factors, “In the dim dusk of a day in midwinter there appeared suddenly among them a Man, as it seemed, of great bulk and girth, cloaked and hooded in white. He had eluded their watchmen, and he walked up to their fire without a word. When men sprang up he laughed and threw back his hood, and they saw that it was Beleg Strongbow. Under his wide cloak he bore a great pack in which he had brought many things for the help of men.” So Beleg’s outline and size are distorted by his clothing and bag.

The other strong possibility is that the description of heroes as elf-like is more of a poetic epithet, and all of the ‘look like elves’ superlative bits are just unfamiliarity with elves or hyperbole and propaganda by the Dunedain. The Silmarillion in-universe has a textual history, and the version we’re reading has been passed down by the scribes of Gondor. Those scribes have a clear motivation for making their ancestors look heroic.

Stories shift and change as generations of storytellers repeat them, and exaggeration of a hero’s characteristics makes for a better story. Ancient epics in our world are full of heroes and villains described in superlatives (god-like Achilles etc.), and I find it reasonable that the same is true of Tolkien’s ancient Edain. Tuor, Turin, Morwen (called Elfsheen for the light of her glance and the beauty of her face) are all characters with high destinies and who are described as elf-like and whose traits could have been exaggerated for narrative effect.

Elvishness also has a thematic context as shorthand for goodness, beauty, and behaving according to tradition and natural law. Even if we know this isn’t an accurate shorthand, it is one that seems to hold weight to an in-universe acculturated reader. In the beginning of the story of Erendis and Aldarion, for example, Erendis is frequently noted to have qualities reminiscent of elves and is also described as looking like an elf. These descriptions disappear entirely in the text as the tale winds down it its unhappy conclusion, culminating in the dismissal of the elven birds when she and Aldarion reject each other permanently. Loss of elvishness correlates to a loss of virtue, alignment with morality and ‘right’. 

The description of men-like-elves by their contemporary Edain can also be explained by the context. When elvishness has social capital, applying this label has power even if it isn’t strictly true or accurate. And being like the elves was a powerful concept among the Dunedain for a long time, both out of genuine admiration and for more pragmatic motives. It was deliberately invoked for political reasons by the three houses of the Edain, the Numenoreans and the Elendili, and their Dunedain descendants in the Third Age.

Easter Dragons

You can also read this on Ao3 here

Rating: G

Fandom: Voltron Legendary Defender

Characters:  Lance (Voltron), Hunk (Voltron), Pidge / Katie Holt, Shiro (Voltron), Allura (Voltron), Coran (Voltron)

Word Count: 1385

Summary: A little Lace-centric fic for Easter inspired by this post

It was Easter.

Lance knew it was. Pidge had been able to make them a calendar after they’d finally got the hang of the Altean time measurements and had converted them to Earth time measurements. And, quite frankly, it sucked knowing how much time he had been away from home. He hated the thought of his family looking at their calendars too, thinking about how long it had been since he’d disappeared. The Garrison had probably told them that he had died-just like they’d done when Shiro and the Holts had gone missing.

Easter had always been a fun activity in their family. It wasn’t one of those few holidays where all the family, including his cousins, joined in but it was a fun family bonding time anyway. His parents would set up the Easter eggs early morning before anyone woke and they would all join in on the search. Even his sister, Marisol, would come home from university to go on the Easter egg hunt. They would all paint the eggs beforehand and, no matter who found it, everyone would get to eat their own ones unless they swapped. It was lots of fun and they would watch Easter-themed movies in the afternoon. Easter wasn’t a Cuban tradition but it was an American one and it was a holiday they all enjoyed.

But Lance couldn’t enjoy it with them this year.

Nobody on the ship, other than him, celebrated Easter. Well, technically, Hunk did but he was busy. The last planet they had stopped on, they had discovered this new type of mineral while Lance had found some weird egg-shaped, fuzzy things and Pidge and Hunk were experimenting on it to see if it could be used a power source for any future bots they built. They’d been at it for two consecutive days now and, knowing them, they’d be at it for a few days more. That left him alone with his wish to do something to celebrate Easter. Lance found himself wandering to the kitchen, in hope that Hunk had left out some of his new recipes, when he could try out but when he saw a basket of eggs lying on the counter. He suddenly remembered that he could alway improvise, a small smile crept over Lance’s face. It was something small but better than nothing.

(Read more beneath the cut)

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Ride With Me (Part 12)

PAIRING: readerxbuckybarnes au


WARNINGS: swearing, 

*The arrival of Commander Coulson to pull apart the butting gangs unravels secrets unknown to (Y/N) that change everything, completely.  

Previous Chapter 

Well, this has taken me a while, sorry about that. Life got a bit crazy then I have writer’s block for a while. But I pushed on through and decided to finish this chapter because I needed a good distraction from today. 

Gif Not Mine 

Originally posted by sebjpeg

Friday nights were the busiest nights for Hawkeyes and add onto the little fact that it was St Patrick’s Day it was all hands on deck behind the bar. Even though you had been working flat out for four hours and your feet could do with a good hot soak you were happy for the distraction. Not to mention your friends had claimed the end of the bar as their own so you could listen to their conversation and chip in with your own thoughts.

“I never knew you had Irish roots Steve” Wanda laughed as she cleared away their dirty glasses, you and Sharon were busy stocking up the bar with new bottles of spirits while Luis, Clint, and Darcy were busy serving the ever coming on slaughter of customers.  

“They are faint but Ma’s family are all still over here, St Patrick’s Day is always a big celebration” Steve grinned holding up his beer glass.

“I think Clint could have toned it down with the decorations” you wafted the stray green paper streamer out of your way as you collected the empty spirit bottles to discard in the bin.

“Not a fan of the color green?” Natasha smirked at you as you tore away a cardboard cut out of a leprechaun blocking the bin.

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Slow Ride

A Team Free Will Foursome
(Dean x Sam x Cas x Reader)

A/N: HAPPY SMUT APPRECIATION DAY! Big thanks to @manawhaat​ and @balthazars-muse​ help with beta-ing this, and @kayteonline​ and @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid giving me motivation to write porn. Here’s my contribution to the Smut Apocalypse. Let February 10th live on in infamy. Enjoy! xo

Word Count: 4,911

- Do not read any further if you don’t want to read about sexual situations.
- Polyamorous TFW relationship
- Always wear a condom, kiddos!
*(there is no Wincest or Destiel in this fic)

Tagging people who I hope would enjoy this: @aprofoundbondwithdean @oriona75​ @fvckinpayno @king-crowley-tho @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog​ @abaddonwithyall @kittenofdoomage​ @withoutaplease @deandoesthingstome @spnashley

Based on this imagine: [x]

*gifs are not mine.

You were awoken by gentle kisses being pressed over your face, soft lips leaving wet trails on your cheeks. You fluttered your eyelids and opened them, being greeted by a very delicious surprise waiting for you at the foot of your bed. Dean was standing before you, completely naked, his gorgeous cock already half hard. You glanced at your phone.

It was 12:00 am.

“Good morning, beautiful,” Dean whispered in the dark. “Happy Birthday.”

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PHOBIA Series Masterlist



Originally posted by theartofimagining13

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: ~1620

Summary: Bucky’s POV; It’s been nearly thirty years since you were separated from the man you called Зима, Zima, Winter. He was made to forget you, and he never knew why. What had the two of you done wrong? Now that he’s found you again… well…

Warnings: This is pure fluff, guys.

I run out to the moving truck, reaching to take the box from (Y/N)’s hands.

“I got it, baby.”

She smiles, handing the box off to me and skipping to the front door. Steve waits there.

“Is that the last one?” he calls, stepping out onto the porch.

“Yeah,” she says, “and thanks for helping us move in, Steve.”

“You don’t have to thank me. You didn’t even have to ask.”


Steve nods, hugging her around her shoulders and pulling her into his side, “You’re welcome.”

I take the couple of steps onto the porch. (Y/N) goes inside first. I follow in behind her with Steve on my heels. Just as I set the last box down in the kitchen, (Y/N)’s phone starts to ring.

“Kitten! Your phone!”

“Answer it! It’s probably just Nat.”

I swipe up the little piece of tech from the wooden counter, pressing the answer key and putting the phone to my ear.

“(Y/N)’s phone.”

“Next time you can pick up the paint!”

I chuckle, “Calm down, Romanoff, and tell me what happened.”

“They mixed the wrong color twice! Like, dude, I gave you the paint card. Just make my color!”

I sigh, listening to her frustrated groaning for a few moments before she finally sighs.

“I’m fine. Did you guys get the truck unpacked?”

“Just brought the last box in.”

“Alright, well, I’m picking up the food now so I should be there in about twenty minutes.”

“I’ll let (Y/N) know.”

“See you in a bit.”

I end the call and set the phone back down. When I go into the living room, I find several open boxes but no (Y/N) or Steve, save for their voices from down the hall as they discuss the paint colors. I decide to leave them to it, going to sit on the couch.

I smile, looking down at my left hand. Specifically, I’m looking down at the dark-colored, titanium band that graces the ring finger of my metal hand. It’s amazing one seemingly insignificant piece of metal can mean the world.

It was after Siberia, after France… When we got back to the states and our future finally felt like it was ours for the taking, (Y/N) and I sat down to discuss just that. I told her I wanted to do right by her. I told her I had everything intention of marrying her one day.

She looks at me, smiling as she says, “Why wait?”

“What are you saying?”

“I’m saying it’s been long enough, Bucky. I love you. You love me. So what the hell are we waiting for?”

“You’re serious.”

“One hundred percent. We could go right now.”

I chuckle, shaking my head and taking her hand, “Let’s take a couple of weeks, make sure this is something we can even legally do.”

Turns out it was not.

Fury had been working for months to get (Y/N)’s citizenship reestablished. Because she was born overseas, it took a little longer than expected. As luck would have it, her new birth certificate came in a week and a half later. Also in that two weeks, Steve and I got new suits. (Y/N) and Nat found the “perfect dresses”. We bought our rings.

I pull mine off my finger, leaning forward into the light from the window. Our initials, carved in a beautiful script, on either side of the word ‘FOREVER’ written in Russian, a language we both, at one time or another, feared.

As I slide it back on, I look around our living room. A couple of months after saying “I do”, we started looking for a place of our own. We found this little fixer-upper just outside the city, not too far from the Avengers facility. Three bedrooms. Two bathrooms. A decently-sized kitchen that flowed right into the living room. A massive backyard.

(Y/N)’s favorite part is the bay window in our bedroom; it overlooks the backyard. We had the seat converted into storage space, the perfect place for her to store her books or whatever.

At first, I was worried because it more or less out of our price range, but she loved it. I loved it. It seemed like the perfect place, if the universe willed it, for us to raise a family. Much to my surprise, while Steve was trying to help me work out what to do, Tony walked in and offered pay for it, in full and in cash if that would guarantee it would be ours.

“Tony, I_”

“Look, Barnes, don’t get all sentimental. We’re in a good place, you and I, and I like (Y/N). While I’m doing this for you, it’s mostly for her.”

I nod my head, still in slight disbelief, smiling as I look up at him, “Whatever your reasoning, thank you.”

He even covered the repairs and renovation. Clint chipped in his expertise on that. It took a month to get the paperwork finalized and get whatever permits we needed for the work. It took another two months to get everything finished. We spent another month packing and picking out furniture.

She insisted we do the painting ourselves. I agreed assuming it was just her way of reassuring herself that this was, in fact, her home.

“A little help would be nice!”

I jump up at the sound of Natasha’s voice, running out to her help her get the paint cans and supplies from the car. She carries two large take-out bags, walking ahead of me and into the house. (Y/N) runs out from the back, impatiently waiting for Natasha to unbag the food.

Once she finds hers, she takes up a plastic fork and disappears into the living room. The girls sit on the couch. I sit at (Y/N)’s feet, leaning back against the couch, while Steve sits next to me, turned to face us. We talk about a little bit of everything, laughing and just genuinely enjoying the moment.

“So,” (Y/N) says, running her fingers back through my hair, “I was thinking about accent walls.”

“What?” I ask, laying my head back against the couch and looking at her upside down .

“In the bedrooms. I know we’re doing the walls in that dark beige you liked, but I want more color. So I had Nat pick up some extra colors. Dark red for our room. Then dark purple or dark blue for each of the other rooms. What do you think?”

“Sounds good to me, though I don’t know how I feel about that purple.”

She smiles and leans down to kiss my forehead, “I think you’ll like it.”

We’ve finished eating by the time the others finally arrive. From there we split off into five groups. Steve and I work in the back room across from the master. Tony and Bruce take the master, and Thor and Vision take the third room. Clint and Sam work in the living room, putting together what furniture they can. (Y/N), Natasha and Wanda start in the kitchen, unpacking what they can.

We’ve finished the other three walls. I stare down at the two cans of the colored paint, screwdriver in hand. I sigh, kneeling down to open them up and slightly dreading the sight of the color to come. I feel my brow raise when the first color turns out to be a sort of hot pink. I pry the lid from the other can and find a sort of blue-gray color inside.

“Hey, Kitten, can you come here for a minute?”


She and the others arrive in the doorway a few moments later.

“What’s wrong?”

“Didn’t you say purple and blue?”

She nods, biting her lip.

“Well, that’s not what we have here.” She smiles, and my brow raises again, “You knew that, didn’t you?”

She walks into the room and grabs both paint lids from the floor, “Bucky, tell me what you see.”

“I see pink, and I see blue.”

“Uh-huh. What do people usually associate those colors with?”

I don’t know why my mind isn’t grasping what she’s getting at. From somewhere behind me, I hear sounds indicating Steve’s understanding.

“Think, Bucky.” (Y/N) says with a laugh.

Finally, a few more minutes of staring at the paint and looking into her eyes, it dawns on me. My eyes go wide, my hand flying up to cover my mouth as my vision blurs a bit. I drop my gaze to her stomach. I put my hands on her sides, my palms on either side of her belly.


She nods, “Yeah.”

“We’ll give you two a minute.” Steve says, patting my back before leaving the room.

Once everyone’s gone, we both take a seat on the floor, her hands in mine.

“I didn’t even think it was possible.”

“I know. Me either, but I got curious one day. I asked Bruce if there was a way to find out if they’d done anything, you know, sterilization or whatever. He called in a couple of favors. They ran blood tests and things got a little,” she chuckles softly, “invasive. After everything, they told me I should have no problem conceiving if we were trying. I know we weren’t exactly trying, but…” her voice trails off as she crawls over to me, “Are you okay?”

“I’m just processing.” I meet her gaze as a tear finally breaks from my eyes, “I’m gonna be a father.”

She nods, “Are you scared?”

I shake my head, “No. Not even in the slightest.”

I move to stand on my knees. She leans back but after a moment does the same. I cradle her jaw in my hands, pressing my lips to hers.

We earned this, this freedom, this happiness.

Fear is forgotten, and for the first time, in a long time, hope is the overwhelming emotion.

So, the main part of this story has come to an end, but I’ve been doing some thinking over the last few days. I want to do a sort of miniseries that will expand on Bucky’s flashbacks and dig a little deeper into their relationship. I just wonder if that’s something you guys will be interested in.

Update: It happened. It’s happening. Go to the Phobia Masterlist, and you’ll find Recollection: The Companion Series.

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The Difference Between Tayuu/Oiran (Historical Edo era High-Class Courtesans) and Geisha (Historic and Modern Performing Artists/Entertainers):

Here, I will explain the aesthetic and cultural differences of the Geisha and the Tayuu/Oiran courtesan. Geisha work as entertainers in the modern world. Prostitution was made illegal in Japan in 1959, though Tayuu (known today, and ever since the decline of the Tayuu line in the 1700s, as Oiran) entertain today sans-sexual favors. 

**Please note: though historically, Oiran were working within the sex industry, neither modern Oiran nor Geisha have anything to do with said industry 


  • Make-up: While the white face and red lips are a feature of both courtesan and Geisha, their overall look is different. Oshiroi/Shironuri white powder is used, just like actors do in Kabuki theatre.
  • Dance and Music: Dance is one of the most important things a Geisha trains for. Her rigorous schedule is based around not only clients, parties and performances, but around her strict and traditional dance classes. Many Geisha attend dance classes until they are elderly and continue to perfect their skills, if they hadn’t retired! The shamisen, hand drum or flute are also some of the things Geisha learn, and Jikata Geisha (special Geisha who are trained in music and singing) provide music for a Geisha’s performance at parties (called Ozashiki)
  • Kimono and Obi Belt: The kimono worn by Geisha are very specific and are worn based on many factors, which include the status of the geisha (apprentice geisha (Maiko) have very different kimono from the older, professional geisha (Geiko) in that Maiko are by default more “child-like” and elaborate, with many bright colors and ornaments, while a Geiko wear more even-tones that are simpler but more womanly and elegant.) or are colored and designed by season and occasion. A Geisha’s kimono has about 5 layers of undergarments, tied to the Geisha to create the outer shape of the silk kimono. The obi belt is many meters long and is tied in the back, and takes the strength of another person just to tie it! Maiko wear their obi belts trailing behind them to accentuate their cuter, “youthful” appearance as it makes them appear smaller, while Geiko wear their obi belts tied into a tight, neat box. These kimono are tied together to allow a Geisha to dance and perform and are made to pair elegantly with each dance performance. If the belt were tied loosely in the front, as a courtesan Tayuu/Oiran’s is, then the geisha would be more limited in their dance and it would mask their subtle, minute movements. It is all a true work of art, and each kimono is unique to the Geisha (excepting the kimono used for some dance performances or ceremonies).
  • Hair Ornaments and Footwear: A Maiko wears many finely detailed hair ornaments–many are made of intricate silk designs. Each ornament is hand-crafted by Kyoto artisans and are very valuable; not only in terms of expense, but to the Maiko herself. Ornaments change with seasons, ceremony and rank-changing. A Geiko wears simpler ornaments like tortoise shell style combs and sometimes jade pins, though the ornaments are not limited to those designs. New Maiko wear six-inch high clogs called Okobo, though more experienced Maiko and professional Geiko can wear glossy leather Zori or Geta sandals, depending on the weather/preference.
  • Hair of Maiko and Geiko: The Maiko wear about six different hairstyles, made up of their own hair, within their time as an apprentice (these are–
  1. Wareshinobu–her first hairstyle
  2. Mishidashi–hairstyle for the ceremony of her debut
  3. Ofuku–”Coming of Age” hairstyle; becoming a more senior Maiko
  4. Shimada–used for dance recitals (and it used to be a traditional hairstyle for married women!)
  5. Katsuyama–Used for the annual Cherry Blossom Dances (Miyako Odori) in the month of April
  6. Sakkou–The hairstyle worn by a Maiko for her final two months before debuting as a professional Geiko/Geisha!

Geiko wear their natural hair underneath a wig, in a style referred to as Shimada

  • Geisha as Entertainers: Geisha are trained from their beginnings in the arts of Dance, Music, Tea Ceremony, and are well educated in the cultural arts. They are expert conversationalists; flattery and sake-pouring, along with lively and educated conversation are what Geisha bring to Ozashiki (the parties/events within the Ochaya teahouses). Contrary (extremely) to popular belief, Geisha are not and were never a part of prostitution or the sex industry. Ozashiki are a place for customers–who are not only men, but women or families, wealthy tourists, famous folk or groups of businessmen–to unwind and experience the traditional arts that Geisha have kept alive.

Tayuu/Oiran Courtesans:

  • Make-Up: The Oshiroi/Shironuri white make-up paired with red lips is used much like a Geisha’s. Red accents to eyes, eyebrows and cheeks are also used by both women.
  • Entertainment and Music: There are only about 5 active Oiran entertainers in the “flower town” district of the Kyoto Hanamachi. These women are trained in the traditional arts just as Geisha are–historically, Oiran were high-class Tayuu and were trained in music, flower-arrangment, calligraphy and social arts, but with the added aspect of sexual favors. These women were elite and had the power to personally reject a client. Today, Oiran, though few, exist as historic actresses and as entertainers very much like a Geisha. These women both keep Japan’s history alive.
  • Hairstyle and Hair Ornaments: The hairstyle of an Oiran courtesan is called Datehyougo–as you can see it is an extremely elaborate hairstyle much different than the styles Geiko and Maiko wear. This difference is important, as the Datehyougo hairstyle has perhaps little or even nothing to do with Geisha or their culture. The ornamentals of an Oiran’s hair are a plethora of combs and picks, arranged by rank/status of the courtesan. 
  • Kimono and Obi Belt: Much confusion surrounds the tying of the obi belt between Geisha and courtesans. It’s simple, really: Oiran had their intricately designed obi tied elegantly, though loosely, in the front of their kimono. This was so that clients receiving favor from the courtesan could undo the kimono. Geisha on the other hand, keep their kimono on, tie their obi in styles on the back and are cinched up tight around the Geisha to hold everything together. Their kimono have many more layers than the Geisha–all in an Edo-period fashion. The overall style promotes a more “loose” looking aesthetic, which was very erotic in it’s time. 
  • Footwear: While Okobo and some Geta can be very tall, the footwear of an Oiran can come in the form of 15 cm high, black lacquered Geta. During the Oiran Dochu (Oiran walking parade), an Oiran can be seen walking with her many attendants, swinging her tall Geta out to the side smoothly with each step. It is very beautiful to see!
  • “Attendants”: A big difference between the Oiran and the Geisha is that while Geisha have “younger sisters” whom they take under their wing as apprentices, Oiran have what are called child attendants. These children traditionally were apprentices who would attend to and shadow the courtesan, and who would later be initiated as courtesans as well. 

Thank you so much for reading! Hope you learned something! :)

- @crylie

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Do you have advice on how to write good drabbles?

THIS IS THE ASK OF MY LIFE. I could spout a million quotes at you, show you examples of great drabbles I’ve read both in fanfiction and outside of it, but there are a few things I’ve learned since starting my 100 drabble writing journey earlier this year that could help:


I try to keep myself above 300 and below 1,000 words for a drabble. If it wants to climb above that, then it wants to be a short story or ficlet and should be posted on its own. Sometimes I break this barrier by 100 words or so, and other times the drabbles HAVE demanded more form me (see Chaos (Sirimione) and Never Tamed (Draco x Charlie) as two prime examples). This will keep your mind on the end goal, to keep the little prompt as just a drabble.


You don’t have to give the audience ALL of the details here. Is it important to know what color the walls are? How long her dress is and who designed it, or the color of her lips? Not always. Some things are better left to the imagination, for the reader to fill in, which makes the drabble all the more appealing. 

When you take a single scene out of a movie, it is expected you won’t know all the facts of the plot. Build on what we can infer. (actually this is also my advice for novellas and novels as well, don’t kill me with the way the drapes make you feel, unless it is IMPORTANT, as explained below.)

Originally posted by imwerka

Let’s use this scene for an example: I suspect most of us recognize this as Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swan in Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. Savvy? I apologize I couldn’t resist.

What we have here is a scene in the near middle of the movie. Take it out and it is STILL A GOOD SCENE even though we don’t see any of the character development before or after. Here, we have a drunk pirate, with an accent that tells us what his life before may have been like growing up in the bowels of a ship, where hers is all high society and well-bred manners. Tell me about his tattoos, how his skin is tanned compared to Elizabeth’s showing his life at sea. Talk to me about her hair, unbound and waving in the wind, and her prancing around in her underwear (yes that is her underwear) to explain how she’s still from good breeding but right now none of that good breeding has really prepared her for getting marooned on an island with a drunk scallywag so she’s going on instinct. They talk about life, they sing a well-known song, we get a little information on their history, and a LOT OF ANGST lot of interaction between the two characters. There is still a definitive beginning, middle and end, and if I really tried, I could probably write out what happened here in less than 1,000 words. And it would still make sense.


Again - is it important to the plot? Yes?? Good! ADD IT. If not, leave it be. Understand what questions you want the reader to ask themselves, and here are some examples to get you going:

  • What era? (Regency, Medievil, Victorian, Future, Present, etc.)
  • Is this an alternative universe where magic exists? If so, how does that work? Wands? Is everyone magic?
  • What kind of building are they in?
  • Is it day or night?
  • What does the air smell like?
  • What are they wearing? (IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE: sometimes explaining each detail of an outfit is important. Sometimes we just need to know if they are wearing pants, or goggles. One item of clothing is usually enough to build a whole picture - short skirt, high heels, leather pants, wallet with a chain, button down shirt, baggy sweater, ripped jeans, pajama pants, slippers, cargo shorts…)
  • Are they blind? Hearing impaired or totally deaf? (You would be amazed at how long you can go in a story without revealing these things, and they can be a GREAT plot twist, same as revealing gender or age.)
  • How old are they?
  • How long have they known each other?
  • Do they get along or is this a relationship of convenience?
  • What ethnicity are they?
  • What country is this?
  • What religion do they practice, if at all?
  • How would they react to a gunman entering the building they’re in? A late train? Seeing an ex from ten years ago? The snack machine not taking their money, it keeps spitting out their wrinkled bill, so they can’t get that candy bar?
  • Has this happened to them before?
  • What is their favorite food?
  • Do they come from money? Do they come from humble beginnings?
  • Did they grow up an only child or one of a dozen?
  • Are they street or book smart?
  • What are their fatal flaws?
  • Which of the seven deadly sins works most accurately to describe them?
  • How do they feel about murder?

There are so. Many. Questions. You can ask yourself these with EVERY story, but understanding what is important to tell the story you’re telling RIGHT NOW, is vital.




This may sound harsh, but really, do you go back and read a book again because you understood everything the first time you read it? No? It works the same for a 750 word drabble someone posted on the internet. You go back to answer those questions, to interact with the author however you can, to revisit the characters and fall into what is comfortable about them or what about them makes you question your own personality or life.

Anon, I truly hope this helps, and if you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

Royai Week 2017-Day Two: Black Tie

“Why am I here again, sir?” 

He turned his head to study her stony expression. For a reason he was still trying to ascertain she had been acting cagey and agitated during the event. She wouldn’t tell him the reason no matter how he asked, instead Riza gave him half answers and deflected the question.

“I had a plus one?” Roy guessed, keeping his eyes on her as he spoke. She wasn’t looking at him, instead her eyes were fixed determinedly on the group of people on the far edge of the room. Her hands occupied by the shawl she held to herself.

Keep reading

Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-dee (Loki x reader)

A/N: I got the idea to write this while going through this book “Mother Goose Rhymes”. There were so many cute rhymes in there! ^^ Anyways, I got the idea once I read this particular one and couldn’t not write it. So, enjoy!
Warnings: None
As always, (Y/N) is Your Name, (h/c) is hair color, and (e/c) is eye color. Just wanted to clarify in case anyone was confused.

The library of the Avengers tower was quiet and empty, except for one person near the window. The sun was setting, the window catching the view perfectly. You were seated front and center of the large glass pane, a book in your hands and a content smile on your face.

You were snug as a bug, engulfed in a big leather armchair with a blanket covering your legs.
Today was a relaxing day for you and the whole group of superheroes. Missions were taken care of and no alien threats or anything like that happened to pop up. You greatly took advantage of the day off to catch up on the novel you picked up a few days prior.
A content sigh passed your lips, the smile never leaving your face while your (e/c) orbs traveled across the printed pages. Nothing could ruin this moment.

A sudden slam of the library door ripped through the silence and you jumped. Spoke too soon. You held back a sigh as your eyes remained glued to your novel. There was only one other person that visited the library often, and with that entrance, it only made you more certain on who it was.
A grumble came from the person who reached the back of your chair after a couple of seconds, and without looking back you greeted them;
“Hello, dear.”
“That Thor.” Loki’s voice was now at your side, pacing by your chair with a scowl on his face. “Always messing around-”
“ ‘Hello to you too, (Y/N).’ “ You imitated your boyfriend’s accent. He stopped his pacing to roll his eyes but still leaned down to peck you on the cheek.

Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-dee
Resolved to have a battle,

"Sorry, love. My brother’s just been pushing my buttons lately.” You hummed, your own way of telling him you were listening. Also impressed with his use of expressions. You’ve been teaching his some throughout your relationship. You shifted in the armchair when Loki made way to sit with you. The chair was big enough to fit the both of you on it.

He wrapped his slender arms around your middle, leaning his chin on top of your head as you kept on reading. “I don’t see why he insists on playing jokes on me all the time,” he continued. “It’s like he wants me to cause a scene.”
“He just wants to have fun, is all.” You put in your two cents, hoping to ease the god’s troubled mind. Instead, Loki scoffed.
“I don’t see how vandalizing my helmet is fun. Annoying, yes. But fun?”

For Tweedle-dum said Tweedle-dee
Had spoiled his nice new rattle.


“He drew all over it. In Sharpie!” You rose a brow, a thought coming to mind as he explained more of his story. Thor apparently drew all sorts of pictures on Loki’s helmet. Loki, as usual, confronted his brother only for a fight to break out.

You pursed your lips, mind now focused on trying to connect the stories in your head. There was a small mother goose rhyme you read not too long ago, that sounded a lot like the Asgardian brothers’ recent fight. It was in a book one of the team members had gotten you for Christmas last year with other rhymes inside, as they knew your love for things as such.

“I admit, I might’ve gotten a little heated. It almost resulted in a fight.”

“Almost?” You turned around in Loki’s arms, now even more curious.

Just then flew by a monstrous crow,
As big as a tar barrel,

The raven-haired man nodded, “Romanoff came in at the last second and yelled at us.” He looked slightly embarrassed towards the end of his sentence as if Natasha’s fire actually scared him.

Which frightened both the heroes so,
They quite forgot their quarrel.

“After that, I forgot what I really was angry about. Until I came here.”

A smirk began to stretch across your face as Loki finished his story. He caught the look on your face, furrowing his brows in confusion. “What is so amusing about this?”

You bit your lip, forcing yourself not to let that smile widen. “Oh, nothing. Just a thought.” Turning back around, you reached for your book again.  "Why don’t you get a book and read with me?“

"I’m alright here.” Forgetting your prior amusement, a small blush warmed your cheeks as Loki hugged you tighter, resting his head near yours. The two of you carried on relaxing in the fleeting sun’s warmth and each other’s company.




Unable to hold it in any further, a giggle escaped you.
What is so funny!?

A/N: Hope you enjoyed! I really liked this idea, so it was fun to write. I’m glad I have the inspiration to write, it’s given me the courage to actually put my work out there. Finally. Anyways, I’m thinking maybe I should write more one-shots revolving around a mother goose rhyme. Any thoughts?

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I loved your Jasper and Bismuth headcanons! Can you do the other Crystal Gems at some point as well?

Oookay this is a doozy, wedding headcanons for Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Lapis and Peridot! ***This is all implying the reader is human!! Sorry if you wanted to read this as a gemsona. You could tweak the words if you wish. Mini HCs for Steven, Connie and Greg at the end, not for marrying them but how they’d act during a wedding with you an the gems. 

I’m going to try and doodle the wedding rings later (including Jasper’s and Bismuth’s), so that’s why they’re not described in the post! -Mod Lapis


  • She’s very at-ease the whole time, but also beaming and excited.
  • The wedding was indoors, in a large ballroom looking place. There was a hallway leading to the ceremony room, and another hallway leading to restrooms and other facilities. The decorations were simple, mostly darker maroon velvet covers on things with white as the accent color. It reminded you vaguely of red velvet cakes.
  • Surprisingly, she really enjoyed planning it out, she spends a lot of time planning her vows especially. 
  • If she wore a tux, it would be a very dark plum color with blue and red wrist cuffs. She wore a tie instead of a bow-tie. She’d wear her afro naturally.
  • If she wore a dress, she’d wear a fishtail dress with glove-like details. (Something like this!), her hair would be pulled back and pinned with flowers. (something like this is what I was imagining
  • Nothing really “goes wrong” at your wedding, it has a very peaceful atmosphere overall. 
  • You don’t follow the “you can’t see the bride until the ceremony” ritual, she assures you it won’t matter. You two spend the day together until it’s time to get ready, then you separate for a bit until the ceremony. 
  • Some of your relatives make off-hand remarks about Garnet wearing her visor the whole time. It irritates you but you don’t let it ruin the wedding. 
  • Come time for the ceremony, you and Garnet have dopey smiles plastered on your faces, she even giggles a few times which made you smile wider. 
  • Her vows are short, but genuine, her demeanor changed from giggly and happy to sincere in an instant. “Today, you and I make a commitment to one another. To stay together. To act together. To suffer together. To celebrate together. From this day forth, you will always have someone to put your faith into, to share your joy and your pain with.” She takes your hands- “I love you.” 
  • She takes her visor off to kiss you, looking you in the eyes before pressing a gentle kiss on your lips, smiling as she pulled away. 
  • The after party consists of lots of karaoke, dancing and chatting. Afterwards you went home with your wife, holding one of her hands as she carried a tuckered out Steven in the other. 


  • There’s lots of nervous laughter from Ame, her jokes don’t deliver well all day and she’s very affectionate- yet quiet. It’s pretty out of character for her. You could tell she’s got a lot on her mind. 
  • You and Ame let Pearl plan a lot for the two of you, so the decor was very elegant, lacy tablecloths with lilac and (favorite color) trimming or ribbons, even the flowers were color-coordinated. It clashed a little bit with the beach simple setting, admittedly, but it was still very pretty. 
  • If she wore a tux, she wouldn’t actually wear a tux at all. She’d wear a white collared shirt with a black vest and dark purple slacks. Her hair would be up in a pony tail. 
  • If she wore a dress, it would still but on the more casual side. (Something like this!) with her hair down, but pulled back out of her face. 
  • The ceremony starts off well, but midway through Ame starts crying, she tells you she’s okay. When it comes time for her to say her vows, she grabs you by the face and kisses you. She pulls back but keeps you close and whispers “I-I didn’t make any! I didn’t know what to say I didn-” you pull her back in for a kiss and assure her it’s okay. 
  • You two keep pecking little kisses across each other’s faces. 
  • She holds your hand as the two of you walk down the isle together, wiping her tears away and looking at you with glistening eyes.
  • During the after party, Greg preforms lots of his songs as the two of you just sit and listen, peacefully. There’s lots of actual partying happening, but you two just wanted to spend time with each other. 
  • Peridot makes a big dork of herself during her speech, telling you how you’re now legally fused with the “superior quartz”. Ame giggles and scoffs at it, so do you. Garnet takes the mic from her and expresses how happy she is for Amethyst, and gives you two her best wishes. 
  • The two of you dance together to cheesy pop love songs on the dance floor, giggling to each other again.


  • You both decided to have your wedding in a chapel. (She just loved the aesthetic of it so much)
  • The decor is all white and cream colors, she really stressed that “the light shining through the stain glass might make some colors unflattering to look at”, you agreed for her sake, she was pretty stressed.
  • If she decided to wear a tux, she’d wear a similar one to what she wore in Mr. Greg (It’s Over Isn’t It episode), perhaps a different color, like pale blue. The accent colors would all be pastels, of course. She’d wear her hair normally.
  • If she wanted a dress, she’d wear something simple with elegant details that flowed well. (something like this!), she’d wear her hair normally still, but would wear some sort of hair accessory. Very pale silver leaves, pearls, something simple but lovely like that. 
  • You did follow traditional rituals with her, more for the fun of it instead of actual belief in them. 
  • There was a light drizzle of rain before the reception, it stopped quickly and left little glittering water droplets onto the stain glass windows. 
  • The reception went over well, Pearl recited her vows without skipping a beat. “From this day forward, I, Pearl, take you, (y/n) to be my spouse. To have and to hold, in peace and in strife, I will stay by your side. So long as your heart still beats and my gem still shines, I will love you.”
  • The kiss was short and sweet, with Pearl’s nose bumping into your own briefly, making you smile.
  • During the after party, you and Pearl slow danced a lot. There was a dance where you traded off partners with someone else, which was a lot of fun. It broke off into more loose and dorky dancing afterwards.
  • Pearl took you outside to the church garden to walk around and be with you in peace for a while. 
  • Greg was the one to give you two the “good luck, I’m so happy for the two of you!” speech, he looked especially happy the whole time. You noticed he and Pearl talking a lot, too. 
  • The two of you stayed until everyone had left and cleaned up together, Pearl would give you little cheek kisses when you would pass each other to throw something away.


  • She was VERY excited, but terribly nervous. She’d ask you tons of questions about this “tradition” and how to celebrate, occasionally making off-hand “that’s weird” or “oh! that sounds fun!” remarks. 
  • Peri wanted to hold the ceremony in the barn after reading it’s supposed to be held in a “special place”. 
  • Lapis, Pearl, and Garnet helped remodel and redecorate for the occasion. Lapis had made a large ring of water around the barn, not in front the entrance of course. Garnet moved a lot of things outside and behind the barn out of sight, with some help from Greg and his van. Pearl and Peri took care of actual decorating for the most part. Peri made some wind-chime looking meep-morps out of tin cans and pieces of different colored glass, she hung them at the entrance of the barn. Pearl set up chairs in the barn, making a reception area in the back. A large piece of white tulle hung from the ceiling, creating a large upside down V looking shape, it was weighted down from moving by fabric flowers. There was more white tulle on the walls, mainly near the entrance, (looking like curtains) and hanging from the high points of the ceiling with more of Peri’s meep morps. It was odd looking, but very pretty. 
  • If Peri wore a suit, it would be green, with a bright green bowtie. She’d wear her hair as usual, but would make sure it was extra well kept. No pieces sticking out or out of shape!
  • If she wanted a dress, she’d wear something shorter and cuter, (ideal to walk and party in later, she planned it out ahead of time). (Something like this!) The top part of her hair would be pulled back and secured with a barrette, with the bottom still flared out a bit. 
  • During the reception, Peri kept looking at you, she’d smile and her cheeks would flush.
  • Her vows were incredibly dorky, but there was a lot of sincerity to them. “Fusion- it’s the most intimate a gem can be with another; or is it? They share their physical and mental state with each other, they become one. Here on this day, we become one, we’ll share our lives together from this day forward. Our physical and mental states combine, but stay separate, making us use honesty and communication. We don’t share a body, but we’re still one. Today, I fuse my life with yours.” 
  • Peri’s vows earned an odd look, a giggle, and an “awh” from Garnet within seconds of each reaction. 
  • She actually missed the first time she went in to kiss you, kissing you on the side of your mouth. She realized this and awkwardly laughed, you cupped her face and pulled her back in for a proper kiss.
  • The after party was a lot of fun, there was mostly dorky dancing, and a marathon of Camp Pining Hearts in a truck bed. 
  • She comes up and asks you if what she said was “okay”- of course it was, and you tell her she did great.
  • You learned Peri can’t dance. At all.


  • She suggested the wedding be held on the beach, you asked if she was sure, she said she was. “I have enough bad memories about the ocean. It’s time to make some good ones.” 
  • The wedding was held at night. Greg was kind enough to lend you his old light-up floor. (This one!)
  • Lapis heard the old saying “rain on the day of the wedding is good luck” so she made it rain throughout the morning so it would have time to dry before setting up.
  • Chairs had been set up on the flooring, the gentle whirring of Greg’s van made for comfortable ambiance while everyone else was quiet. There were flowers and flower petals scattered on the beach, but overall it was very simple, with the full moon overhead. 
  • If Lapis wore a suit, it would be a simple button up with dark blue slacks. She’d roll up the sleeves and wear a loose ribbon tied in a bow around her neck instead of a tie or bowtie. She still wouldn’t wear shoes. Her hair would be in a low ponytail. 
  • If she wore a dress, it would be simple in the front and backless with a bow at her lower back. (Something like this, the one on the left! sorry I couldn’t get a single image of it in a good resolution.) Her hair would be down like normal with the back of it in a flat braided bun, and she still wouldn’t wear shoes. 
  • She said her vows quietly, very softly. “After all this time, I’ve finally found a home on Earth. Home is being with you. So I guess I want to stay home forever now.” she laughed a bit, but she held you hand a bit tighter, you could tell she meant it. She pulled you closer into a hug, holding you there and pressing a kiss on your cheek before putting her hand on your chin and pulling you in for a kiss. 
  • The two of you half-heartedy listened to the speeches your friends and family gave, mostly just holding each other and appreciating the moment. Lapis paid the most attention when Steven spoke, recounting the day he met her and saying how happy he was to see you two together now. 
  • She took you out onto the ocean and danced with you there, smiling and pressing little kisses into your shoulders and neck. 


  • They helped set up a lot, Greg always offering to play music.
  • Steven and Connie were always the flower boy and ring bearer. 
  • Steven wears a pink vest and pants with a white button up underneath, Connie wears an off the shoulder long sleeve mint dress with a white belt. Greg wears his tux from Mr. Greg. 
  • Greg almost always references his relationship with Rose in his speeches, saying how you need to talk to one another and be honest, communication is key, you should trust the other one to love you despite your flaws. No one is perfect until you see them as they are completely, and if you still love them as they are entirely, then they’re perfect for you.
  • Steven always says how happy he is that his friends/family is getting married, gives you the best wishes he can, makes a handful of jokes. 
  • Connie doesn’t give speeches, but she is very happy to be around and says congratulations when the ceremony is over. 
  • Greg, Steven and Connie do karaoke- Greg and Steven are happy to do back-up vocals for people, too. They all sing very well! 
  • Steven and Greg welcome you to their family afterwards.
My Sixth Warrior

My Five Warriors is the first part. This is just a little side story. Saw the comment from @cherrybomb-jaguar (can’t seem to tag you so sorry if you don’t end up seeing this) about wanting to see Zack’s mom meet Tommy so here it is.

Tommy was nervous to meet Zack’s mom. She heard from the other rangers that Zack’s mom was a delight, but still, Tommy had not doubt that Zack’s mom must’ve known what she had done. Of course, none of her actions were intentional, but she had still done them. The others had forgiven her, but the fierce protectiveness from a guardian might be a bit tougher to get by.

She stood outside Zack’s home with the gang, waiting for Zack to let his mom know that there was someone he wanted her to meet. Tommy was anxiously tapping her foot and playing with her hair. 

She wore her usual thin, green jacket with just a regular tank top underneath. She had some yoga pants on for comfort. In hindsight, she probably should’ve worn something nicer for the first meeting, but it was too late now anyways. 

Trini nudged her side and Jason patter her shoulder to try to comfort her. She was a almost exactly the average height between Jason and Trini. She smiled at them, silently thanking them for their efforts. Still, she was coming up with a thousand and one ways that the meeting could go wrong.

Inside, Zack knocked on his mother’s door. She was laying in bed as usual, so she called out to him, telling him to come in. He entered with a nervous look on his face. 

“Hey, Mom. How’re you feeling today?” he asked in Mandarin.

“I feel decent. How was school?” 

“Good, good. Nothing too bad.” 

Zack’s mom nodded slowly. “Okay… Is there something wrong? Because I know you’ve been looking for that green whatever you call it. You know I don’t want you risking too much, right?”

“No, no, no. Nothing like that. I just wanted to introduce you to someone, Mom.”

She sighed in relief. “Why didn’t you just say so? Geez, making me worry like that. I’m frail. You should be nicer to your mother,” she joked.

Zack laughed. “Yes, Mom.”

She crossed her arms as the room went silent. “Well? Are you going to let our guest in? I thought I taught you better than this.”

Zack immediately jumped into action, leaving the room to get Tommy.

Tommy choked in surprise when Zack opened the door. She was a bit too on edge. 

“Okay, come on in guys.”

The Power Rangers all entered naturally, but Tommy was a bit hesitant.

Jason noticed and waited for her. He gave her a sympathetic look. “You’ll be okay, Tommy. She really is lovely.”

Tommy reluctantly followed Jason into the mobile home. Zack closed the door behind her and gave her an optimistic thumbs up. 

Jason, Billy, Trini, and Kimberly all instinctively gravitated towards a door on the far left. Tommy followed them towards the door, avoiding boxes and random objects. She understood that Zack lived in a small home, but she didn’t realize it was this small.

The rest of the team entered the room, but Tommy stopped at the door. Zack bumped into her, knocking her through the threshold. The room was warmer than the rest of the house since the windows weren’t covered by curtains, allowing sunlight to flow in. It smelled sweet, like lavender. There was a tired looking woman laying in the bed with the sheets pulled over her legs.

Everyone enthusiastically greeted her.

“Trini, how are your brothers? I hope they’re getting better from that stomach flu. 

Jason, how is that leg of yours. You know, even though you have superpowers now, you should still be careful when training. One injury could mean a lot in battle. The best way to survive is to not get hurt. 

Kimberly, I see your hair is growing out a little more. Do you plan on cutting it again? Either way, you’ll look beautiful, so I don’t think it matters too much. 

Billy, I heard you blew up another lunchbox. How many times have I told you to keep your wires organized? Color coding isn’t good enough if they’re only going to get all tangled together, young man.” The woman had a slight accent, but was otherwise fluent. She was talking with the rangers so casually, Tommy felt a pang of envy. She seemed to know the rangers so well, talking to them about their families, interests, and even their ranger lives.

The others were nodding along, and smiling. Even Billy smiled when she chastised him a bit. The woman smiled brightly the entire time. When she finally saw Tommy, the look in her eyes changed from parental fondness to curiosity.

“Hello, you must be Zack’s new friend. Zack, where are your manners? Get your friends some water. Actually why don’t you go out to the store and get some juice or something. Zack, you know where the money is. Go with him, Jason. Don’t you dare let that boy pay for it, Zack. Billy and Kimberly, go get the food ready. We should all have dinner together tonight. It’s been too long. Trini, you set the table. Remember to set a place for your new friend as well. We should eat outside since all of us are actually here for once.”

They all laughed and left the room, starting on their assigned tasks. Tommy was dumbstruck at the easiness of it all. No one seemed uncomfortable with the commands. It was probably a habit of theirs already.

Once the room emptied, only Tommy was left standing in the room.

“You are Tommy, correct?” Zack’s mother asked.

Tommy nodded. “Yes, ma’am.”

Zack’s mom laughed. “Oh, don’t call me that, dear. You can call me Mrs. T. I used to be a teacher, so I’m used to it.”

“Yes, Mrs. T.”

Mrs. T patted the spot beside her legs. “Come sit, honey. I don’t have a lot of room though, so you’ll have to forgive me for the cramped space.” Tommy quickly sat down beside Mrs. T. She smiled at Tommy with a sad glint in her eyes. “You’ve been through some tough times these past couple weeks, haven’t you?”

Tommy was shocked at the question, but she silently nodded, looking down at the ground.

“Hey, don’t blame yourself for anything. Do you understand me? You are not responsible for what happened and no one thinks less of you for what happened.”

Tommy jerked her head up, staring at Mrs. T with tears in her eyes. “Really?” She didn’t know why, but she felt like she could believe what Zack’s mom was telling her, even though it’s been told to her before. “Do you really think that?”

Zack’s mom smiled sympathetically. “Of course. You know, Zack talks about you all the time. Almost as much as he talks about Jason, which is a lot. I swear, those boys had better get it together soon, or I will personally throw them into.. what do they call it? the Pit? Yeah, that’s it. I will throw them into the Pit. The point is, he really adores you too. You should’ve heard him when he was talking about how sad you looked when you found out what had happened. He was so heartbroken that you were hurt so badly.”

Tommy laughed through her tears. “Thank you,” she whispered.

“You don’t need to thank me. Just remember that, no matter what, just like my other warriors, you have a place here. After all, you are my little warrior now too, aren’t you?”

Tommy nodded with a smile, not even questioning how she knew. The others told her that Mrs.T had her ways.

“You teenagers. Always wearing the color as your… armor? Is that the word for it? Bah, who cares. You know what I mean. If it was anyone but me, you’d be able to pass by without a second thought. You should be careful. I told Billy since he is the smart one, but I swear, you kids are so stubborn about your clothes.”

The ladies giggled on the bed. There was crash outside. 

“Billy! Take it outside! I don’t care how small it is!”


The two of them burst out laughing at that point. They looked at each other fondly. Tommy was surprised by the quick connection they had made.

"Alright, alright. Enough slacking. Go help Trini with setting the table. The boys should be home soon. Maybe they actually got their heads out of their asses on the way home. I sent them out together for a reason, after all. I don’t understand why I must get involved just to get my son to open his eyes. I thought teenagers were supposed to be hormonal all the time. Unbelievable that a mother has to push her son into doing something that he actually wants to do. Or rather someone, I suppose.” Mrs. T tsked. 

Tommy stood and started towards the door, giggling at Mrs. T’s words. “We’ve been trying to push them too, but they’re both stubborn boys.”

She sighed. “Whatever. It’ll happen eventually.” Tommy was almost out the door when Zack’s mom called her one last time. “Tommy!” She hovered by the door.

“Yes, Mrs. T?”

“Thank you.”

Tommy was confused. “Um, you’re welcome?” She was waved out after that.

Thank you. Tommy thought it over. She didn’t know what she was being thanked for, but she felt the weight behind the words. She smiled inwardly. She had a place here now, and that filled her with overwhelming joy. Her chest felt warmer than it had ever felt before.

“Tommy! Get your ass out here and help me!” Trini yelled from outside.

“Trini! Language!” Mrs. T had opened her window and scolded Trini.

The yellow ranger blushed and apologized. I think I’ll like it here.

Zack’s mom felt the familiar pang in her chest when Tommy left her room. She could feel the impending doom approaching. She had a month left was her guess. She didn’t cry this time. She smiled, and put her hand over her pained heart.

She felt joy. She was glad that she got to meet the rangers and raise them for the time. Zack would undoubtedly feel bitter about her passing. She didn’t want to leave them, but she could feel it: she had fulfilled her role in the lives of the rangers. Her last act would be to leave the world and the rangers. They would hurt for a while, but she sensed that they would be okay. Eventually. Zack will have the others, and they’ll be able to move forward. It’s a great pain, leaving a child alone in the world, but she knew with certainty that the rangers would never leave Zack to be alone. Her death would lead to their bonds strengthening even more.

My six warriors. Thank you.

anonymous asked:

I eagerly await the third part of the priest Kylo drabble 😈😈😈 this has become my favorite AU in the fandom

hello darling other anon, i didn’t mean for this to get so horribly long idk why Plot happened this started as porn and now it’s an exorcism story -__-

The whole thing is on ao3 here

anyway, The Gang Gets Exorcised, Part 3: 

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What’s in the box?

I got a package in the mail from the lovely @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse, folks! 

For those of you who may not remember, Jo recently celebrated 750 followers with a contest. Reblog three of her wonderful fics, and you were entered in a random drawing to receive a care package in the mail.

Guys, I won.

Anna never wins anything, so, as you can imagine, I was frickin’ stoked! I had planned to do an unboxing video, but dammit, I’m a resident, not a videographer, so you guys will just have to be content with pictures, instead. 

Besides, I didn’t want to subject y’all to my atrocious Arkansas accent. ;)

I’ll start with the box itself. 

“Bad art by Jo,” she says, but actually, guys, I’m fucking impressed. Anna is not the least bit artsy, not by a long shot, and that Enterprise is pretty damn recognizable, right down to those ample nacelles. ;)

So, the outside decor? I give it 10/10.

Moving on…

Jo packed this sucker full of great stuff. So much stuff that it was actually hard to get a good picture of it all, but I did try. 

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The Cuddly Hair Salon (Lafayette X Reader)

(@oakdragon253) Would you please do a Lafayette X reader where the reader braids Laf’s hair?
(Anon) Hey! I really love your writing and I was wondering is you could do an Alexander or A Lafayette one where the reader always wears her hair in a bun and he takes it out and it’s super fluffy??? Please and thank you!
Reader Gender: Female
Notes: time ;) ;) to ;) ;) combine ;) ;) requests ;) bc ;) ;) ;) im ;) ;) extra ;) ;) ;) but thank you anon!! and i got to learn about braiding bc i suck at it ^^” also i tried writing an accent. idk i dont really like it but tell me if its good :) this is possibly my first official fluff btw
Warnings: taking the Lord’s name in vain

Modern Day

You finally tied up your bun, and you put in the last bobby pin that kept down a rogue piece of baby hairs from sticking up. You smiled giddily as you tilted your head in different angles, admiring the slick handiwork in the mirror. You lightly nudged the bun around to make sure that it was secure on the corner of your head, because it would be a disaster if a group of stray hairs puffed out.



Spoke too soon.

You groaned out loud and finally walked away from the mirror, not caring that your once extremely slick and perfect updo was now cursed with a flaw. It would only be soon until more pieces started joining the first group into a revolution.

“‘Ello, bien-aimé, I’m home!” A familiar voice chirped up from down the hall. You felt your heart give a small jump as your boyfriend’s voice briefly rang throughout the one-story house. You had the bliss of having a day off from work, whilst your boyfriend got called in to substitute a high school class.

You padded towards the couch where your boyfriend threw himself upon, a pillow on top of his handsome face. You sat down on the other side by his long legs and leaned against the couch, looking out the window that was facing the living room.

“How were the kids? Were they annoying?” you asked, turning slightly towards Lafayette. You could slightly see his face under the pillow, and he groaned.

“They vouldn’t shut up. Literally, only one class did zier work and didn’t mess around.” Lafayette sat up, only to move himself closer to you, lean his head down on top of yours, and to hug your torso close to himself. You involuntarily smiled at how cute your boyfriend was, and leaned your own head on his shoulder.

“Is it the first time you subbed for that class?” you quietly spoke up, talking soothingly for Laf. He loved your voice either way.

“Yes, and hopefully the last time I vill ever go in that classroom. It was my first time at the school too, and the faculty was mean to me during lunch break.” Lafayette pouted. You giggled softly and turned your head, so that your face was covered by his shoulder.

“I’m so tired, (Nickname). Don’t make fun of me.” Lafayette lifted his head from yours, and you looked up. He then proceeded to kiss your forehead, and you closed one eye in protest, sticking your tongue out cutely. Lafayette had to keep in his squeals as he watched your reaction. You were so small and cute compared to him, it sometimes made him feel like a giant.

“I can massage your back if you want or something. I owe you anyways.” Laf nodded and turned around, giving your fingers access to his shoulders.

“Does this mean I have to make dinner, though?” You giggled once more and dug your thumbs hear your boyfriend’s neck.

“Yes, it does.” Concentrating on a particular knot around his shoulder blades, you gave a small kiss behind Laf’s ear.

“But for now, you can just relax and leave it to me.” Lafayette gave a warm smile and leaned into your fingers, your whisper giving him tingles. You gave the best back massages, which made you famous in your friend group.

You worked out the near-top of his shoulders, slowly going up to massage his scalp. You loosened and uncurled the hair tie that kept your boyfriend’s curls in his regular but cute bun, using your fingers to straighten his hair out. Testing out a few strands, you gained a brilliant idea.

“Babe, I’m gonna make you look beautiful.” you spoke up, reaching behind you for the drawer that held your sacred bag of hair things. Lafayette hummed in confusion, mainly because he wasn’t paying attention until your touch left him. You met eyes with Lafayette and shook your magical bag in excitement, the many hair clips and barrettes clinking together. Laf simply gave a tired and amused smile that fit his whole face and turned around, straightening his back.

“Make me as pretty as your French girls, mon amie. I want everyone in the room to be jealous when I walk through zhe doors.” Laf lazily flicked his hair with his hand for dramatic flair, earning an adorable snicker from you. You loved this side of your boyfriend. Usually, he was the loud, passionate man you knew, but sometimes, and only sometimes, he let his soft side come out. He can basically switch from excited and ambitious puppy to lazy and cuddly bear in a matter of minutes.

“Everyone is already jealous of you, especially if I’m in the room.” you playfully bantered back. Handing Lafayette your bag of hair clips, you began to start your masterpiece. You parted several sides of your boyfriend’s hair to mess around with, switching from several different types of braids in each section. Lafayette passed you different colored clips and ties, not going with any general color scheme. You noticed that some of his favorites were the little plastic butterfly and flower barrettes, which you then made a small garden of in the three-strand braid section. You occasionally gave kisses to the back of Lafayette’s neck in rewards for keeping still or to comfort him if you accidentally pulled his hair until it hurt. It might’ve been your imagination, but kissing a particular side of his neck made him quietly whimper. Nice to keep that in mind if you wanted revenge on him for messing around with you.

It took a while, but once you were done, you took a few seconds to take everything in before cracking up into a ball of laughter.

“Is it tat bad?” Laf said, a few chuckles coming out of him as well as he felt around the top of his head. You leaned back a little, forgetting that the edge of the couch existed. You held onto the pillows for your dear life, and laughing more due to your boyfriend’s reaction.

“nO BABE IT’S BEAUTIFUL DON’T WORRY.” you breathed out. Lafayette pulled you up and onto his lap, saving you from your near fall. You caught his lips into a sweet and breathless kiss, breaking it with smile. Lafayette had a dreamy look in his eyes, and you couldn’t help but to hug him tighter around the waist.

“How about I do your hair, then we can both see each other’s masterpieces in the mirror?” Lafayette suggested quietly. You nodded in agreement, and Laf placed more kisses on the bridge of your nose. You giggled, turning and shifting around a little, so that your back was facing your boyfriend, and your legs criss-crossed.

“Lafayette, do you know how to braid?” you meekly asked. Laf began to pull out the hairpins that were the most visible on your head and hummed.

“Well, not exactly, but I’m sure it will all come together in zhe end.” Lafayette replied. You decided to help him out on the many pins, since you nearly used a whole pack to keep everything down.

“Jesus, (Name), how many bobby pins do you have?” Lafayette muttered to himself. You snickered and wiggled a little restlessly in his lap.

“You know that pack of 100 bobby pins that you bought?” you asked. All was quiet and still until Lafayette whispered a soft “Jesus Christ.” You laughed and continued to help your poor boyfriend with your hair. It was a burden that both of you had very voluptuous hair.

It took a while, but soon you deemed your hair bobby pin-free. All of your short hairs were sticking up, and you could tell Lafayette was leaning back a little so the baby hairs wouldn’t get into his mouth.

“Finally.” Lafayette groaned in a joking manner. He began to pull the three hair ties that held what was left of your bun, releasing your massive hair and letting your scalp breathe. The feeling of freedom for the back of your head was amazing, since you tied it very tight. Lafayette was once again silent, and you worried, until you heard a series of kept in giggles which failed to stay inside.

“What’s so funny?” you asked, fixing the hair in front of your face so it didn’t annoy you. You were met with no verbal response, but a cuddly one. Lafayette dug his face into your hair, and you felt his chest heave up in down in laughter.

“Your hair…” Laf said in between gasps. “It’s so… Big. It just… heh.. Poofed up and I just…” You closed your eyes in a playful “mmm boi” expression as Lafayette cuddled you closely, before quickly going back up for air.

“Oh my God, I love you so much (Name).” Lafayette said in a soft, tired voice as he nuzzled into your neck. You felt a random rush of giddiness from the descending crackle from your boyfriend’s remark. You crossed your arms and looked over your shoulder.

“If you were working at a hair salon, then I would immediately send in a complaint about you not doing your job.” you lightheartedly pouted. Laf took this as a chance to lightly turn your chin towards his face, looking into your eyes for a heartbeat before stealing another kiss from you. This one was longer than the others, and you followed his lips as he retracted, letting your back fall into his chest. Lafayette didn’t mind your hair all in your face as he laid his chin on top of your head, and he let the smell of your conditioner to wash away his bad day.

You didn’t actually mind all of the kisses he stole throughout the process of styling your hair, but you did mind him snapping a quick picture of both of your final hairstyles in the mirror.