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You’ll always have a home- Jughead Jones

Pairing: Jughead Jones x Reader

Warnings: Angst, kissing, like a makeout kinda part? Is that even a warning?

Description: Jughead seemed off lately, with Jason’s death, and the drive-min closing, reader can tell something is off, but cant really pinpoint what


The first time I could tell something was off was when I mentioned the coffeemaker. It was funny how something as simple as the mention of a coffee pot was the spark of my curiosity towards the situation.
“I swear to god, you drink so much coffee, I’m just going to get you a pot for your birthday so you can save some money.” And there it was, the slight twitch in his shoulders and the split second of a tense look on his face before he began laughing along. It was so quick, I was surprised I even caught it, but I did.
 I never asked about Jughead’s home life. He always steered clear of it so I figured it was a touchy subject. I wondered why I hadn’t been invited over in… well…. ever. Then I started putting together the bits and pieces of information and realized: I hadn’t a clue what roof Jughead was sleeping under at night.
Obviously, it was time to investigate.
And I had the perfect opportunity one afternoon.
“Shit, I forgot my textbook at home.” Jughead muttered, his head ducked down and searching in his schoolbag.
“We can walk to your house and get it if you want.” There it was, the tense-up. Jughead froze in his tracks for a split second before regaining his composure and kept walking. To anybody else, it would have looked normal, but I wasn’t anyone else. I was his best friend, and he was the boy I was in love with.
“No, it’s fine. I can just use yours, right?” Jughead looked at me with almost pleading eyes, and I didn’t want to egg him on any longer. I wanted him to open up and tell me the truth, not shut me out.
“Yeah, of course.” I smiled up at my friend and he smiled back reassuringly. Deep down, I knew something was wrong.
And a week later, I began to confirm those suspicions.
“Can you believe they’re shutting down the drive-in?!” Jughead screeched at me one morning as I walked up the front steps of our school.
“Wait, what?” I gave him a confused look.
“Yeah! Apparently an “anonymous buyer” gave the mayor an offer she just couldn’t refuse” Jughead through his hands up in dramatic sarcasm before scoffing and folding them over his chest angrily.
“Juggie, I’m sorry you’re going to lose your job, but- “
“it’s more than just my job, y/n!” Jughead paused for a second. I watched his Addams apple move quickly as he gulped down words that were threatening to pour out of his mouth. “It’s, it’s, it’s a special place! It’s special to us! I took you there when you first moved here! Remember?!”
“Yeah.” I laughed, thinking back to the memories of Jug and I sneaking up to the film roll room and watching through the peek hole while Jughead made sure the tapes were switched out on time.
“hello?! Earth to y/n?” Jughead waved his face in front of me, and I brought myself out of my quick trip to the past, listening to Jugheads rambling about the drive- in.
Jughead brought it up later to our friends as we ate at pop’s, inviting Veronica, Kevin, Betty and I to the last drive in on Friday. Of course, they all agreed to go, and we all planned who we would drive with. I decided to walk with Jughead, and Kevin was taking Veronica. Betty was going to go with Archie.
“I’m going to go to the mayor again and see if I can convince her to keep the drive- in.” Jughead told me as we began to part ways that night. I grabbed his sleeve, pulling me back to him.
“Jughead, why is the Twilight drive-in so important to save?” I asked him, my voice soft and full of concern.
“It’s my job, y/n! I thought that might be an important thing to try and save!” Jughead’s words dripped with sarcasm as he yelled at me. He never usually got angry like this.
“Ok, I’ll see you at school tomorrow, good luck.” I spoke softly as I backed away slowly. I watched Jughead’s face go from angry to apologetic and walked away before he could say anything.
Jughead and I didn’t really speak much for the next few days. We still walked to class together, and he walked me home. He told me that the Mayor just wouldn’t listen to him or give his words any consideration, so I tried going to her myself the day after he did to change her mind.
“Hello, miss- “I opened the door to her office slowly, speaking with the politest tone I could manage.
“Miss y/l/n, I’m sorry, but the drive in is closing, and that’s final.” The mayor cut me off with a firm but somewhat polite tone.
“I’m sorry to bother you, this is just really important to Jughead. I just wanted to at least try and change your mind.”
“That’s quite alright, miss y/l/n.” The mayor smiled at me, staring at me for another moment before speaking again.
“Jughead is… special. He doesn’t have a lot of friends, certainly not any that would at least try to help him with something like this. I’m sorry I can’t save the drive in. I wish I could, for your sake and Jughead’s, but… “The mayor sighed, rubbing the side of her head with her thumb and forefinger.
“Thank you for your time.” I nodded, beginning to exit the Mayor’s office.
“Y/n?” I turned to the sound of the mayor’s voice. “Jughead is lucky to have a friend like you.”
“Thank you, Mayor.” I exited the office, my shoulders heavy.
The night of the drive-in, I rode to the lot with Kevin and Veronica, meeting up with Jughead. I found him by the snack counter and smiled as I watched him talk aimlessly with the boy in the booth.
“Hey, Jug.” I greeted my best friend and the boy he was talking to.
“Hey, y/n/n.” Jughead wrapped an arm around me, hugging me tightly. I wrapped my arms around his waist, my head leaning against his chest.
“How are you feeling?” I asked him, my voice muffled by his shirt. Jughead shrugged before looking down at me with a small smile on his face.
“Could be better, but you’re here, so I guess I’m not under a complete raincloud of doom.”
“Oh, so just a small one then?” I teased, grinning up at him.
“Yeah, it’s kinda just lingering somewhere behind me, ready to open up and strike me with a lightning bolt at any given moment.” I laughed at Jughead’s comment.
“Are you gonna come lay with us on the truck?” I asked him, a pleading look on my face. I grabbed his hand and began tugging him toward Kevin’s truck.
Jughead sucked in a breath before giving in. “Fine, Fine, I guess I’ll be angsty and depressed in the back of the truck instead of in the film room.” I jumped happily before intertwining Jughead’s hand with mine and pulling him towards the back of the truck. Veronica and Kevin sat curled up in blankets and scooted over so Jughead and I could sit next to them.
“Ah, it’s the official partners in crime, the tag team, the endgame, the- “
“I thought Archie and Betty were endgame?” I cut off Kevin before he could throw another couple reference at jughead and I.
“Yes, but that was before he got vocal with our music teacher.” Kevin grinned at his subtle pun and I rolled my eye.
“Ok, no Archie, no Ms. Grundy, no endgames, let’s just enjoy the drive in while we can, alright?” Veronica handed Jughead and I a blanket. I climbed in to Jughead’s lap and rested my back against his chest and he wrapped the blanket around us, his arms going around my waist under the cloth.
“Thank you,” Jughead whispered in my ear.
“For what?” I whispered back, grabbing the popcorn Veronica handed me.
“The mayor told me you stopped by to see her.” Jughead whispered to me. I turned around to face him and he was looking up at the big drive in screen, the lights reflecting off his face and casting shadows under his eyes and chin. He looked painstakingly beautiful. Jughead’s eyes flickered down to look at me and he smirked a bit before looking back up at the screen.
We stayed almost the whole night, watching movie after movie. The only time Jughead left was to go switch out the rolls as the credits came after the end of every showing. He would re-appear five minutes later, and I would lift the blanket as he hopped over the side of Kevin’s truck and resumed his prior position, his arms wrapped around me and his chin on my shoulder. At 4 in the morning, the credits to the last movie rolled, with only a few cars left on the lot. Veronica and Kevin were leaned against each other as they snored lightly, and my back rested against Jughead’s chest. I looked up at the mesmerizing boy. He had a hard look on his face and his jaw was clenched, his eyes glossy and shiny, the credits from the screen reflecting off his pupils.
“Jughead?” I spoke softly, my eyes on the raven-haired boy. He kept his gaze on the screen ahead of him. “Jughead, the construction people will be here soon, we have to go.”
“You guys go, I’m gonna hang around a little longer.” Jughead pulled away from me, climbing out of the truck and disappearing around the side of it. I turned to my friends, shaking them lightly to wake them up. Kevin woke first, carrying a still-sleeping Veronica around to the passenger seat and lying her in it. I grabbed my blanket and my backpack and swung it over my shoulder and waited at the driver’s side of the vehicle.
“Aren’t you and Jughead coming?” Kevin asked me, walking around to the front of the car where I stood.
“No, Jughead said he wanted to stay a bit longer, so I’ll wait with him.” I hugged my friend before he climbed in to the driver’s side.
“Hey, if you guys do it in the film room, I want details.” Kevin grinned devilishly before starting the car and driving away. I just shook my head, laughing at his comment. I made my way to the wall of the film room and leaned against it, folding my blanket. I pulled the bag off my shoulder, sticking the blanket inside.
 I waited for Jughead for another hour or so, playing on my phone mindlessly. I figured he was soaking up what he could of the film room before Mr. Andrews’ company teared it to shreds. The drive- in was his favorite place in town, besides the chock-lit shoppe.
I watched as the sky started to get lighter and I checked the time. 6:08 A.M. It wasn’t like I had never pulled an all-nighter before, and I wasn’t going to leave until I at least made sure Jughead was alright and home safe. I leaned back against the building, hearing birds chirping as the sun rose. Minutes later, I heard a voice from the other side of the building, and I turned my head, kicking off the wall with my heel and poking my head slightly around the corner. I saw the back of Jughead, and he was facing a man that looked familiar. Jughead had what looked like a camper bag hanging off his back, a poster sticking out of it.
“They’ll tear that booth down, too. Raise the whole place, send it to the junkyard.” The man in front of Jughead spoke, a smile playing on his lips.” And us with it.”
“Yeah, maybe they’ll save it. All the pieces. Store it in the town hall attic and rebuild it in a hundred years. Wonder who the hell we were.” I could almost picture the bittersweet smile on Jug’s face.
“Hmm.” The man smiled a bit more before his face became serious.
“So where are you gonna live now?” My heart stopped, a million emotions and realizations hitting me like a bus.
“I’ll figure it out dad, I always do.” I watched Jughead walked past him, walking towards the entrance of the drive in. I snuck around the other side of the building, making my way towards the entrance. I managed to beat Jughead to it and stood at the gate, my arms crossed as I waited for the boy I loved.
Jughead came around the corner, stopping in his tracks when he saw me. He had what looked like a busted look in his face as I stood there, a blank expression matching the hurt, worry, and concern for the boy.
“Y/n… what are you still doing here? I thought you-?” Jughead asked me, hoping I hadn’t caught on to what was going on.
“When exactly were you planning on telling me that you were homeless?” I cut him off, my tone of voice coming off as if I were a concerned mother. Jughead opened his mouth, trying to find the words to speak, but gave up, closing it instead.
Juggie? Really? I’m your best friend! We tell each other everything? Why would you keep this from me? More importantly, why aren’t you staying with your father? Is he homeless too? Did he kick you out? What is going on, Forsythe?! Tell me!” I paced back and forth as I rambled, before turning to look at Jughead. He looked down at the dirt underneath his shoes, His hand wrapped around the strap of his bag. I waited for an answer, my arms spread wide in front of me as I stared at him. Jughead said something that I couldn’t make out.
“What?” I spoke, encouraging him to repeat himself. Jughead lifted his head, the rims of his eyes a dark pink and tears falling down his face. My face dropped quickly, my heart clenching tightly as I looked at the broken boy in front of me.
“I said,” Jughead lifted his sleeve to wipe his running nose.” I don’t have a home.” His voice cracked slightly and more tears fell down Jughead’s face as he dropped the bag from his shoulder.
“Jughead.” I dropped my bag as well and quickly ran to the boy, trying to keep my tears from falling as I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. Jughead wrapped his arms around my waist, burying his face in to my neck and quietly crying. We stood there for a few minutes, my one hand rubbing his back and my other pulling off his hat so I could run my fingers through his hair, doing everything I knew in my power that could soothe him.
“Jughead, Hey, Jug.” My hands cupped his cheeks, rubbing the tears away from his eyes while mine began to fall freely.” Listen to me, you are not homeless, ok? And you will never, ever, be homeless, as long as I am alive and breathing.” I stopped for a second to inhale quickly, my nose stuffed.” You are going to come with me to Pop’s, and I’m going to buy us breakfast, and then we are going to go back to my house, and you’re going to take a shower, because lord knows how long it’s been since you’ve had one,” Jughead chuckled lightly at my statement and I also let out a breathy laugh.” And then you’re going to crawl in to the guest bed, and you’re going to get some sleep, because it literally exhausts me every time I see those bags under your eyes. And you’re going to stay with me, ok?” Jughead nodded silently, knowing that this was a losing battle.
“And this never. Happens. Again. You got it? God, Jug, something terrible could have happened to you. We’ve got a murderer waltzing around town, do you know how easily you could have been killed?” I scolded, more tears falling down my face. I backed away from Jughead, going to grab my bag. “I don’t know how I can ever survive without you, ever! I would have dropped dead if anything ever happened to you! You’re the most important thing in this entire world to me! I don’t even know how- “Jughead grabbed my arm, turning me to face him before leaning down and planting his lips on mine. I stood still for a second, processing the shock of the gesture before wrapping my arms back around his neck and pulling his body closer to mine. Jughead wrapped his arms around my waist, his lips moving against mine. After a few moments, we pulled apart, my chest rising and falling as I caught my breath.
“Jughead, I- “Apparently, Jughead wasn’t done, because he pressed his lips to mine again, taking my breath away once more. We stood at the gate of the drive in for a little while longer, Jughead pushing me backwards until my back was against the fence and his body was pressed firmly against mine. We broke apart when we heard a man clear his throat.
“Uh, we’re gonna have to ask you to leave the premises.” The man spoke politely.” Construction begins soon.”
“Oh, sorry sir.” I apologized quickly, fixing my hair that Jughead had his fist tangled in moments ago, and grabbed my bag. Jughead did the same, grabbing my hand and leading me away from the drive in and down the street towards Pop’s. We stopped at my house so we could drop off our bags and began our trek to the 24-hour diner.
“Hey, Jughead.” I looked up at the boy as we walked hand in hand to the diner. “I love you.”
“I love you too.” Jughead looked down at me, smiling warmly.
“No, Jughead, I- “
“I know, and I love you, too.” I stopped walking, causing Jughead to stop as well. Jughead looked down at me and I leaned up, pressing another kiss to his lips.
Jughead and I made it to the diner soon after, spotting Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Kevin at a booth. When they saw us, they invited us to sit and Archie and Kevin grabbed chairs from another table.
“So, did anything happen in the film room?” Kevin wiggled his eyebrows at me as Jughead and I slid in to the booth. I slapped his shoulder before glaring at him.
“Nah, nothing happened in the film room.” Jughead paused momentarily before speaking again.” It happened outside the film room.” Kevin’s mouth dropped open wide.
“You kinky fuckers!” Kevin hollered. The table laughed as I turned red in embarrassment. I felt Jughead’s hand grab mine under the table and I smiled, my fingers intertwining with his.
He would always have a home, and it would be with me.

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We have been too conditioned to see the hero wins and the villain in every series and movies that we watched. It's really sad that we only see the true face of the villain just before they die. I actually like your approach on Betty in which she reveals her true identity AND remained unscathed throughout Glitchtale.

I’m ok with the hero winning in the end. Unlike what you guys think, I like happy endings, but that doesn’t mean that the path to it will be a walk through the park. The harder it is to reach your goal, the most satisfaction you’ll get from it

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ok so marinette is late to gym class because of an akuma and she's just. really tired and sore and in no mood to deal with any bs and the teacher is just like 'you're late, punishment is squats' and someone (kim?) is just like 'lol dont make her do that, i doubt she could even squat 20lbs' and marinette is so completely and utterly done at this point so she's just like 'watch me' and basically adrien walks in to a crowd surrounding marinette squatting like 200lbs just like !!??!??!/!?damn




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Hi! Could you do hcs (or scenarios, whichever you prefer) for Zen, Saeyoung, V & Saeran (I don't know if you do Vanderwood, if you do then it'd be nice for him too, but if you don't then just forget it XD), as to how would they react to a poor innocent & naive MC, like, so gullible that she got herself in trouble because someone told her to go with them and she listened because... because she's so gullible?;; Hope you have a nice day...!

I had the time of my LIFE writing this omg. I came up with a few different instances where our MC could get herself into trouble, so only one of them is specifically like the one in your ask, but I do hope you like them!


  • The two of them were out on a date, getting some ice cream and just walking through the streets
  • It was the weekend, so there were plenty of people about, and Zen was just getting… a bad feeling about something possibly happening to MC
  • Like his dreams, he always trusts his intuition, so he was keeping a really close eye on her the entire time, enough for her to mention it
  • “Zen, you ok? You’ve been watching me like a hawk this whole date!” she joked
  • Feeling a little guilty, he laughed it off and decided to let it go. He was pretty sure he wasn’t going to lose her, but that hunch kept scratching at the back of his mind:
  • She’s so cute, anyone would just want to take her!
  • And so naïve she’d probably just think they were being nice and follow right along…
  • Little did Zen know he hit the nail right on the head. He had gone to the bathroom and asked MC to wait outside and literally in the five minutes it took him to be gone, she had disappeared
  • d e a t h
  • He freaks out, asking people all over the street if they’ve seen what they think sounds like a really generic description of a girl but to him it’s his princess, the love of his life, he can’t lose her so where is she
  • He wouldn’t have even found her if he hadn’t accidentally dropped his phone with all the frantic running around that he was doing
  • When he bends down to retrieve it, out of the corner of his eye he sees her standing by the back of a white van in a secluded area, talking to some random creepy guy, and Zen can see two other guys sneaking around the other side
  • Now I don’t know if Zen has some kind of wrestler or MMA fighter blood in him but he decimates those guys. No questions asked, he jumps into the fray and beats them tf down
  • Takes MC home immediately and gives her like a three-hour long lecture on stranger danger and did she never learn this when she was a kid wtf MC
  • From then on he vows to always use the bathroom before they leave the house or when they get home, plus The Buddy System™ is foolproof


  • As we all know, Saeyoung is the type of person to use the same type of joke on different people until he gets the reaction he’s looking for
  • And from the moment he met her, Saeyoung could tell MC was exactly the kind of gullible person his jokes would have the perfect effect on
  • He knew the perfect one to use
  • It had never worked on a single person up until now, but he felt confident that MC would be the one
  • They were hanging out, playing video games and just generally goofing around like two idiots… but Saeyoung was ever plotting out his move, the perfect moment to strike
  • MC offhandedly mentioned something and Saeyoung knew. The time was now.
  • He sighed deeply and said, “Man, that reminds me so much of updog.”
  • MC was almost positive she had heard incorrectly, so not wanting to look like an idiot, she just didn’t reply and nodded quietly
  • Saeyoung was shook, and for just a moment his confidence faltered. He was positive MC hadn’t heard the joke before… So why didn’t she fall for the line? No… there was no way MC knew.
  • Composing himself, he waited until they had reached a different topic of conversation and tried again, this time speaking very clearly
  • “Oh, you mean kind of like updog?”
  • He was practically sweating with anticipation as he watched the telltale face-scrunch of confusion take over MC’s expression. The world moved as though in slow-motion as she opened her mouth, breathed in, and asked:
  • “Um, what’s up dog?”
  • Saeyoung died twice that day… once, from the onslaught of uncontrollable laughter that erupted from his body, and the second time, from the Bitch Slap of Rage issued to him by an extremely unamused MC


  • Now, V knew that MC was an incredibly trusting and sometimes naïve girl
  • But he had never witnessed her in the act of doing something majorly gullible, so he felt like he must have just assumed or that was just what her personality seemed like
  • He felt uncomfortable leaving her alone in the house sometimes when he left for long periods of time on trips, so he felt like it would be a good idea to try leaving for short periods of time at least once a week just to convince himself that she’d be safe
  • On one such day, he decided to make a visit to Jumin’s place and told MC that he’d return later that evening, so she should just order pizza around 7 and he’d be back by 7:30
  • He figured nothing could possibly happen
  • But oh lord was he wrong
  • V came back at 7:30, as promised, and opened the front door to hear a movie playing in the other room
  • He smiled to himself, thinking that he would join MC and they’d have a nice, relaxing movie night where they could just cuddle on the couch
  • Walked through the kitchen, grabbed a slice of pizza on the way in (which was already halfway gone, to his confusion… MC didn’t usually eat that much or that fast), and walked into the TV room, opening his mouth to say: “I’m h—“
  • V’s plate fell on the floor as he took in the scene before him:
  • MC, sitting on the couch, watching a movie with the pizza guy
  • “Hey, V! Jason here noticed I was by myself and asked if I wanted some company till you came home!”
  • The guy is out within a matter of seconds, so fast that MC barely has the opportunity to explain that nothing happened and that she’s fine
  • As soon as the door shuts behind Jason, V e x p l o d e s with “He could have been a murderer or a burglar or a rapist or any other number of terrible things and you could have died or had something terrible happen to you and ANYTHING can happen in a half hour and”
  • This is a RARE side of V and he doesn’t stop talking for a good hour or so until MC finally gets him to calm down, promising she’ll never talk to or be involved with strangers in any way from now on
  • He actually has to pry himself from her side when he has to go on work trips though


  • MC gets a lot of emails since she works for the RFA
  • 99% of the emails are valid, from guests that the RFA members suggest or close connections
  • But some emails are… Not so much
  • Saeran takes good care of MC and makes sure she’s always protected, and looking scary helps when they’re in public too and anyone thinks of getting too close
  • But he never expected her to be so gullible because that’s sort of the one thing he can’t protect her from. Plus, being so protective all the time doesn’t allow for many instances where she can do something gullible
  • But he learned a harsh lesson when one day MC came swaggering into the room saying, “Saeran, we’re gonna be rich!”
  • There was a pause
  • Saeran’s eyes narrowed dangerously as he assumed there was a story behind this, and probably not a good one. “Explain.”
  • MC’s eyes light up as she tells the story of how she received an email from a Nigerian prince who became aware that a distant relative of his was wrongly arrested and in need of help. The prince is fabulously rich, but can’t spend money at the moment and fervently asks MC for her help
  • She continues, “He must know that the RFA is filled with important and sometimes rich people who would be willing to give him a hand!”
  • By the end of the story, Saeran’s hands are balled into fists and he’s struggling not to start screaming and yelling right off the bat
  • “So… did you… give this guy… any money?”
  • “Not yet, no! I figured I would let you know before I did anything.”
  • Saeran practically melts into his chair from the pure relief washing over him like a tidal wave
  • He gets angry like a minute later of course, because that was a really close call, and gives MC a long long long long lecture on never paying attention to an email like that ever again, EVER.
  • Then tightens up the computer’s security system because you can never be too careful with gullible MC

Ok but like when I was watching the episode and I saw them start walking down the hotel hallway to their rooms, I seriously got major season 8 vibes and I’m like NO WAY in hell can we….CAN WE?!?!!?!?And then he gave her that look and oh my god fam, I was self combusting….it was just all like…

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Wait (Zach Dempsey x Reader)

Request:  Hi!! I am in love with your blog like oh my gosh. Can you write me a fan fiction where you just start dating Zach and he’s a couple years older than you (like he’s a senior and you’re a sophomore) and he wants to be your first? if not it’s alright. Thanks beautiful 😘

Word Count: 889


Warnings: Slightly smutt maybe? I don’t even know what this is ! 

A/N: So I write this and I really hope I didn’t disappoint anyone, or just i hope you like it. Let me know :) 

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Your blog is friggin awesome!! Next I wanted to make a kinda sorta weird request. How do you think Roadhog and Junkrat would react if their s/o reverted back to being 10 years old (maybe younger idk) if you wanna add any other OW characters that's ok

I picked this out because age and I wanted to mention @over-imagine-watch ‘s Reaper with La Chancla in Junkrat’s one ^.^



-Looks at you. I mean really LOOKS. Stares. You. You’re adorable. So small. And you look angry. Here lemme pick you up.

-Mercy will have probably done this to you, but when she’s trying to get Roadhog to put you back down to try and fix you, he’ll ignore her and just walk off with you, holding you like a little teddy bear. D’Awhhhh.

-Becomes a parent. If you remain 10 years old for more than a day, he’ll be making sure you go to bed at 7. But will also go to bed with you and cuddle. D’Awwwh, you’re too cute!

-In the middle of the night, will be struck by the thought that he technically had sex and dirty talked to the 10 year old next to him. Will sit in a dark place somewhere for about 2 hours, questioning his morals.

-Will be glad when you’re back to normal. Really glad.

-Will look back on this event with mixed feelings but lowkey wants to mama-bear you again.


-Will be confused. Has been told by Roadhog not get too near kids due to angry parents before. So technically he can’t be near you?

-Screw that, he just threw you over his shoulder and waddled off. Shows you off and how small and cute you are to everyone. Except Mercy because she’s looking for him, trying to get you back as to see the results of this experiment.

-He tries to take you into battle. Reaper stops him and confiscates his 10 years old s/o. Junkrat throws a bit of an argument. In the end, Junkrat goes into battle and Reaper is forced to baby sit. Jamie gets you back sleep and well-taken care of, but little does he know. If you do something wrong, Reaper will look at you and whisper “La Chancla” and you run off frightened

- He has you on his lap 24/7, just hugging you. How could he resist? You’re so much smoller. If you stil got some of that puppy-fat and chubby cheeks, he’ll be lightly poking and pinching. Will cuddle even more intensly because you’re so soft.

-Walks around the base with you on his back. Sometimes even forgets you’re there. Like, you guys will be having dinner and Reinhardt will eventually just start chuckling and lift you off Junkie’s back to feed you. Jamie will realise he forgot about your hunger needs and will shriek apologise. Yeah, not ready to be a parent.

-When you turn back to normal, he’ll reminisce about how you were younger that one time but weill be glad to have you back. You still run away, terrified out of your mind whenever Reaper lifts a flip-flop

Sweet Maker Jeonghan!

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A/N: god damn inspo hit me but motivation left me
slow winks. enjoy

  • for a boy who doesn’t like sweets, he sure does love making them
  • Jeonghan kind of just developed the passion to make sweets
  • It started when Seungcheol wanted to make cookies

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I'm imagining Karen at university, it's autumn and she's wearing cute sweaters with little wool skirts etc, she's persuaded to go to a pretty rough bar in town, and that's where she meets Him. He seems rough and ready, but when they start dating he's so kind & gentle with her, always encouraging her to finish assignments, walking her to lectures & meeting her from the library at night. I'm starting uni next year & this is a fantasy of mine, perhaps someone might like to write. Love your writing!

Hey Anon! First of all, let me say congrats and good luck with uni next year. Stay away from the 8 AM classes if you can and a regular sleep schedule is going to become a distant fantasy, but you should fight for it. It helps a lot. As does exercising and LOTS of water.

Second of all: you didn’t SAY Frank, but you described and I saw him. So I wrote him.

I hope you like this. Thank you for the prompt, I had fun with it.

A study in black and blue

Josie raises her eyebrows when the door opens and this life size doll walks in.

Usually, the pretty girls that walk through the door are showing either too much boob, too much stomach, or too much leg, maybe all three at once. Or they’re pretty but don’t bother with anything more elaborate than jeans and a coat over a simple t-shirt.

This one has her shiny blond hair up on a neat ponytail, enough makeup to just make you wonder if she was born like this or her cheeks are really that shade of pink, a sweater with a swan wearing a crown, the sleeves rolled up and a skirt that stops a few inches above her knees, her caramel ankle boots rising a little bit above her ankle. The bag slung on her shoulder matches it.

“Hi”, she says to Josie. “Do you know where I can find Foggy? Or Matt?”

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Hero | 1

Pairing: Shownu x Reader

Word Count: 2,138 

Genre & Warnings: This series will have a little bit of everything, although nothing too heavy. Angst in later chapters. Shownu will be a bit of a soft dom. Fluffiness overload. Comedy because it’s Monsta X. 

“Do my lips taste like Doritos?”

That was his only warning before Shownu was rudely awakened by a pair of wet lips that did indeed taste like Doritos.

“Minhyuk, what the fuck?” Shownu shot up off the couch, wiping crumb residue off his lips. He glared at his friend, the answering grin not faltering in the slightest. 

“Time to get up Papa Bear. We have a guest.” Minhyuk nudges him and gestures towards the front door where a middle age woman looked at her surroundings and at the boys with distaste. She nods curtly to Shownu as he makes his way to her. 

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Pack Mom:Part 4

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Characters: Y/n, Derek, Liam

Pairing: Derek x Y/n (Female for this series) Liam x Y/n(mother/son bond)

Word count: 1731

Warning: Slight angst. Insecure Liam. Cute Derek. Little mentions of smut

Summary: Liam has began distancing himself from Y/n and Derek. Y/n is determined to know why


Pack Mom Masterlist

Liam loved y/n. 

He loved Derek too, but y/n was his everything. 

But he still had himself convinced she would just going to be pissed by anything he wanted. 

So he didn’t ask her to go the parent teacher conference, or attend his lacrosse games, or even give him a ride to school. 

He felt after 3 months, the couple were probably realizing they didn’t want him there.

So Liam began pulling back, leaving the room when they both arrived, letting them have their own family time. 

That’s what Derek and y/n were to each other, family. 

After Laura died and Cora left, y/n was the one to pick up the pieces of Derek’s heart and the love she had for him pieced it back together. 

Liam didn’t want to get in the way of this.

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Distraction (Kai x reader Mafia AU)

You walked around the floor of the casino, watching and observing. A few man stared as you passed the, but you paid them no mind. You walked up to a blackjack table and looked over the players. You were standing behind the table watching the rich men play their games.

“Hey doll, why don’t you come wish me luck,” One of the old men said to you. You smiled and batted your eyelashes at him as you walked over to him.

“I don’t really know how to play,” You told him innocently.

“That’s ok, Doll. Just having a pretty girl like you around is enough luck,” he chuckled at you and called a waitress over and placed a drink order.

“And what ever this lovely little lady would like,” He told her.

You told her your order and put your hand on the shoulder of the man and watched over the table. You made eye contact with the dealer and looked away. The man who’s shoulder your hand was on had just won a fairly large amount of money. You jumped up and down and cheered for him. 

“So how do you play this game?”  You crouched down next to him and asked. 

“Well, here I’ll show you,” He said ,offering up his lap. You smiled at him and sat down on the middle of his lap. He showed you his cards he started to explain the game to you. You blinked twice, and then three times. You tapped your fingers on the table as the game went on and crossed and uncrossed your legs. 

The next hand, the man’s lap you were sitting on, lost. You gave him a sad pout and told him he’d get it next time. You flipped your hair behind you and ran your finger around the edge of your glass. The man lost another hand and you stood up and went behind him to rub his shoulders.

“It’s ok, hun. Just a bit of a loosing streak. It’ll pass,” You comforted. He nodded and focused on the game. After loosing two more hands, he cut his losses and left. You smiled charmingly as he left for the night. You watched the game for one more round. After the round the dealer stood up and another dealer replaced him. 

You walked to the bar and got another drink and took a sip. You surveyed the casino once more as you slowly sipped your drink. You finished it and walked back to where the bathrooms were. You got to the door of the women’s room and looked around, making sure no one was around. Instead of going into the women’s bathroom you entered the door at the end of the hall, listed personnel only. 

You smiled as the dealer for earlier grabbed your waist and kissed you passionately.

“God you’re so hot when you’re tricking old, rich men out of their money,” He whispered kissing your neck.

You laughed darkly and replied, “I know. I am pretty devious.”

He kissed your neck, nipping lightly here and there. You sighed contentedly.

“Jongin, calm down baby,” You teased. 

“Yeah, I don’t really wanna watch, unless I can join in,” Baekhyun purred.

You laughed as Jongin threw some chips from his pocket at the man. Baekhyun dodged and chuckled as he walked back to his computers. Jongin kept his head in the crook of your neck and inhaled deeply. 

“Come on love, let’s go scam some more people,” You said straightening your dress and fixing your lipstick. 

Diary Days ~ Sonamy

A/N -


Sonic’s helping Amy spring clean, but he finds something he shouldn’t.

Chapter 3 – The final.

Amy had manged to sneak away before anyone had realised she was even there. She’d been concocting a plan in her head the entire journey home. If Sonic liked her that was great, but now she knew so she was going to make things very difficult for him, she figured it was a fair payback.

Sonic had returned to his shack by now and was pacing around the room. How in the world was he going to make this up to Amy? She wouldn’t want him to buy her something, she’d say he was trying to buy her back. She wouldn’t want him to just wait it out either, that wouldn’t be trying to fix what he had broken. What on earth did the woman want? Maybe some kind of grand gesture?

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Pairing-Peter Parker x Fem!reader

WARNING- self body shaming, Mentions of depression and self-harm


A/N- This is in no way meant to offend anyone. I just feel the need to address these problems and concerns. Also these are thoughts from my head. If you feel the need to talk to anyone about anything you can’t talk to me.

As I try to squeeze into the swimsuit that should fit the cold feeling comes back chilling me all the way to the bone. I look in the mirror my eyes watering, and the thoughts that I have tried so hard to ignore come back full force.
‘Why don’t you look like the girl on the magazine cover’
'Why do you even eat’
'No one would miss you’
'Just leave. Just like everyone else.But this time for good’
Tears well up in my eyes but, I just push them back. I take the bikini off that Peter picked out and put it on the hook. Before leaving I look in the mirror one last time and put on a fake smile, while some of the lyrics of 'Not Today’ by twenty øne piløts

“Listen, I know this one’s a contradiction because of how happy it sounds,
But the lyrics are so down,
It’s ok though, because it represents, wait better yet, it is,
Who I feel I am right now”

I walk out of the dressing rooms and watch some girl walk into the dressing room with exact same swimsuit in her hands.
'I just know that she will love it.’
When I put it back on the rack Peter looks at me and frowns.
“(Y/N) did you not like it?” He asks from his seat by a rack of clothes.
“No Pete I really liked it but it did not look very good on.” I say while walking over to him to pull him up. Eager to get out of the store.
“Let’s go” I say while pulling him towards the exit. But of course he stops in his tracks and looks at the food court longingly.I look at him and he looks back giving me his best puppy dog look and looks back at the food court. I really don’t want to be here anymore so I fake wince and say
“Can we please leave I have cramps and I want to go home.” His face softens and continues walking.
When we finally get back to my apartment complex Peter walks me to my door and, gives me a hug.
“Feel better” he murmurs into my hair. When we let go I go into my apartment and go straight into my room thankful that no one is home.
I close my door sliding down the back and bring my knees to my Chest and start to cry. That’s when the voices start again.
'No good’
'No one likes you’
All of a sudden you hear your window open. I look up and see Peter looking at me panicked. He runs over to me and wraps me up in a hug.
“What’s wrong (Y/N)” he asks looking into my eyes searching for an answer. I look into his eyes as well, contemplating on whether or not to tell him how you feel.
“Do you love me?” I ask seriously
“Of course I do. I would not have stayed with you for 2 years if I did not love you.” He says without hesitation.
“Pete you have to promise to not think of me any differently after I tell you.” I say still looking into his eyes.
Almost instantly he says “I promise.”
I then recklessly spilled my heart,thoughts and mind out to him. Some how while I am talking to him he picks me up and lays me down on the bed and lays facing me and I continue.
“You know those scars on the tops of my thighs you asked about a couple days ago?” I ask him
“Yeah…. Wait don’t tell me-” by now Peter has tears in his eyes too.
All I do is nod my head. He pulls me into his chest tightly and whispers things like
'I love you’
'You are worth something’
'I need you’
'I’m sorry I have not noticed’
Into my ear until we both fall asleep. But before we do I ask
“Pete why did you come back in the first place?”
“I forgot my goodbye kiss” he says while pulling me by my waist closer. He connects his lips to mine pouring every ounce of passion,and love he can muster up into the kiss.And I do the same.

A/N- Sorry the ending is bad. Thank you for reading and feel free to message me feed back or to request something.
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Comic- con reunion

Pairing: reader x Clint

Anon request: Clint- the reader is a childhood friend of Clint and while she is at Comic Con she meets her old friend who is supposed to be tracking down a HYDRA agent who has information on one of their secret bases(but she doesn’t know this). Amazed by how beautiful the reader has become Clint becomes distracted and they sneak back to the reader’s hotel room for some good old smut.

“Do I really look good in this or are you just saying that” I asked my friend as I looked at myself in the mirror. We were going to go to comic con and I was dressed up as Wonder Woman.

“You look hot y/n ! ! ! I can’t wait to see gal gadot face when she sees you in the Wonder Woman costume when we go to the autograph signing.” My friend Bethany smirked at me as she finished her makeup. She was going as harley quinn and I was going as Wonder Woman.

“I just can’t wait to see Henry Cavill’s gorgeous face” I gushed as I zipped up my boots. “Are you ready to go” I asked as I got my bag off the hotel bed.

“Yeah let’s go” she grabbed her bag before we exited the hotel room. Lucky our hotel was near the convention center so we decided to save our money and just walk over there.

“This.is.crazy.” I looked around the crowded room. We began walking around and checking out different booths until the DC panel began. We ended up spent a little over $100 on stuff by the time panel began. I was in awe when we entered the room and we quickly tried to find some seats close to the stage. They showed what was coming up movies wise before they let some of us fans ask them questions.

“Come on let’s go” I grabbed Bethany’s hand as we exited the room and rushed to where they were having the signings. I don’t even know how long we waited in line for but once we reached the actors I was freaking out on the inside.

“Ooooh I love the costume” gal smiled as she signed my photo.

“thank you, you look way better in it though” I replied.

“Nonsense you look beautiful, what’s your name?”


“It was so nice meeting you y/n” I couldn’t stop smiling as she passed the poster to Henry so he could sign it.

*Clint’s pov.*

“Guys are you sure he’s going to be here” I spoke into the earpiece as I scanned the room. Nothing but a bunch of people in costumes.

“Yes ! Now keep an eye out, we don’t know what time he was supposed to be there” Steve’s voice rang in my ear as was really paying attention to each person that was walking by. I was walking past people and accidentally bumped into someone.

“Ow” I heard a female voice, looking down I notice a woman on the floor. Wait is that.

“Y/n? Is that you?”

*y/n pov*

“Ow” I complained as I fell to the ground.

“Y/n? Is that you?” I looked up at the male voice and noticed it was a well built man. How does he know my name? It took me a while to realize who it was.

“Clint?” I asked in a question form as he helped me up.

“Oh my gosh I haven’t seen you since high school” my heart started to race. Although he was one of my best friends in high school I also had the biggest crush on him. “You’re still looking good since high school” I watched as he eyed me causing me to blush.

“Thanks you too-” just as I was about to say something else he cut me off.

“Listen I have to do something really quick but let’s meet up later ok?” He didn’t let me answer as he left abruptly.

“Who was that?” Bethany asked after Clint left.

“An old friend from high school”

“Well it’s a good thing we go separate hotel rooms, I don’t want to walk in on you two doing it” I smacked her shoulder.

“Oh shut you it’s not even like that, he hasn’t and probably never look at me that way.”

“Oh please I saw the sexual tension you guys are so going to hook up later”

“He didn’t even ask for my number though so how are we going to hook up”

“Don’t know but it will happen, mark my words woman” Bethany hooked her arm with mine as we continued to enjoy to convention.

*time skip Clint’s pov.*

“Guys I don’t think he’s here” I complained. I’ve been here for hours and I still couldn’t find the hydra agent that had the information that we needed. On top of that I couldn’t get y/n out of my head. She looked so hot in that Wonder Woman costume, I wonder why we never hooked up when we were younger. She was just as equally as hot when we were younger as well.

“Just keep searching Clint” Steve sounded annoyed. I was now searching for the agent at one of the parties that’s being thrown tonight. There was a mixture of both celebrities and just people from the convention here. Scanning the room one more time for Steve I spotted y/n again. She was still in her costume from earlier, I watched as she was talking to someone. ‘Fuck it’. I turned off my earpiece and walked over to her. “Hey there Wonder Woman” I whispered into her ear.

*y/n pov*

“Hey there Wonder Woman” Shivered as someone whispered into my ear. I turned around and noticed it was Clint.

“You scared me ! ! !” I playfully smiled.

“Sorry I couldn’t help it” he pulled me into a tight hug.

“Oh Clint this is my friend Bethany, Bethany this is my old friend from high school Clint” I introduced the two.

“Nice to meet you Bethany” Clint reached out and shook her hand.

“Likewise, listen y/n I’m going to to go get a drink. I’ll let you two catch up” that was code for I’m going to ditch you now. Bethany let go of Clint’s hand and started to walk away.

“Do you want something to drink?”

“Sure” I replied as we walked towards the bar. An hour later I was starting to feel tipsy from the amount of alcohol we are currently consuming. “I’m going to be honest, I didn’t think I was going to see you again.” I leaned into the table we were currently sitting at.

“Why would you say that? ”

“You looked like you just wanted to leave by presence” I replied as I took another shot.

“That couldn’t be farther than the truth, I was in the middle of something. But now you have my undivided attention” Clint leaned forward as well as we looked into each others eyes.

“Do you want to get out of here” I asked biting my lip as I moved my leg up and down his leg.

“Sure” we got up and and made our way towards the exit. He held onto me as close as possible as we walked towards the hotel I was staying at. Once we were inside the elevator he pulled me into a hearted kiss.

“I need to press my floor number” I managed to say as I tried to press the elevator button. After pressing it he lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. Once we reached my floor Clint carried me out. “407” I mentioned my room number. Reaching my door I got off Clint and got my room key out of my bag so I could open it. Clint wasted no time once I opened the room, throwing me over his shoulder jogged over to my bed. I tossed my stuff on the floor before Clint gently placed me on the bed. I watched as he started to remove his clothes so I started to remove my costume.

“You’re hotter than I imagined” Clint commented as he glanced at my naked body before pulling his boxers down.

“And you’re bigger than I imagined, do you think you’ll be able to fit?” I asked as I spread my legs and started playing with my clit.

“Let’s find out” he pounced on me, his mouth started attacking my breast and I felt him tease my pussy with the tip of his cock.

“Clint please” I begged causing him to laugh against my nipple before sliding into me. “FUUUUUUUCK” I screamed as he filled me up.

“You’re so fucking tight, Jesus” Clint bit my shoulder blade as his hands dug into my hips.

“Please move” I asked once he was fully inside me.

“Looks like I managed to fit” he smirked at me as he started to thrust roughly. “Your tits are fucking beautiful” Clint buried his face between them as he picked up his pace and the bed started to slam against the wall.

“Clint ! ! ! !” I panted as I dug my nails into his back. “How come we never fucked back when we were in high school?” I asked, wondering if he would of been this good back in the day.

“We were idiots, all that matters now is that I’m fucking you right now” Clint growled before I managed to flip us over and began bouncing on his cock.

“CLINT ! ! ! !” I bounce faster as I dug my nails into his chest now.

“Ahhhh fuck this is hotter. That’s it, take my cock” he slapped my ass as I went faster making me cum within a couple of seconds.

“CLINT ! ! !” I shouted as I grabbed my breast and threw my head back as I came all over his cock.

“Oooooh fuck. That’s right cum, cum for me” Clint egged me on as pulled me so I was laying on top of him but kept moving. “Shit ! ! !” He groaned against my ear as I felt him spilling himself inside me.

“Mmmm yeah fill me up with your cum Clint” I moaned as he slowed down his pace until he stopped moving. After a while he pulled out of me and I rolled off of him.

“Please tell me that I’m going to see you again after this”

“God come here” he motioned for me to curl up next to him. “I felt like an ass because I didn’t stay in touch with you over the years. There is no way I’m letting you go again especially after tonight. Once again you’re stuck with me, just like in high school”

“I wasn’t stuck with you, you were stuck with me”

“Agree to disagree” I felt Clint kiss the top of my head

“Are you ready for round two?” I asked as I got a hold of his cock.

“Oh god I think I’m in love with you” Clint looked at me wide eye as he got on top of me as we went at it again and again and again.

*the next day Clint’s pov*

The sun creeping through the blinds woke me up. I was wondering were I was until I saw y/n curled up beside me and memories of last nights lustful night came back to me. I was about to kiss her forehead when my cellphone went off. Careful not to wake her I got out of bed and went towards my pants and got my phone out. It was text from Steve saying that he got word that the agent never showed up and that fury wanted to speak to me when I got back.

“Clint come back to bed” I looked over my should and smirked as y/n held the bedsheets over her body. Setting my phone down I joined her in bed were we didn’t leave until she had to check out, three days later.


my lil baby:

  • wonwoo as my a husband????
  • but wonwoo as a husband is like =w=
  • u know damn well that he has the lowest voice in seventeen just imagine hearing his morning voice i quit
  • youd wake up early to make breakfast and he’s gonna sneak behind u and wrap his arms around ur waist CLICHE BUT U LOVE IT RIGHTTTTT
  • place his chin on ur shoulder CUTEeeEEEe
  • then after that he’d just go sit on the stool watching u preparing breakfast and like stare dreamily at u “HOW IS THIS GIRL MY WIFE” and he’d blush bc ur just in one of his shirt and ur hair is in a bun and he lowkey thinks ur hot (and also beautiful ofc)
  • the shy type of husband
  • but not always only at some occasions u know
  • when he’s staring at u and u caught him doing it he’s gonna turn super red and turn away SO CUTE
  • likes to lace ur fingers with his and rly likes it when u play with his hAIRRR
  • rly passionate abt his music
  • “babe do u think this is good” realized he called u babe and gET A BIT RED AND U JUST SMILE
  • “would this rap go well with the music”
  • would have a black and white cat in the house/apartment/whatever it is ur living together in
  • idk what he’ll name but its probably something weird 
  • the white one will cuddle to him like 99% of the time
  • and the black one will stay with u looking at them with pure jealousy /probably
  • so you pat its head and it will go “meow” and love the black one ever since and wonwoo will get a bit /jealous/ sometimes
  • “ok why are u spending time with the cat more than me!!!!”
  • *keep petting the cat*
  • ok move on
  • wonwoo with kids are kind of awkward bc he doesnt know what to do but he’ll be a natural with his kids ok he’ll play with them like all the time and even teach them how to rap??
  • telling wonwoo ur pregnant is gonna be nerve wrecking
  • “uh….wonwoo….i am uh….pregnant…”
  • he’s gonna be like “oh…wow… we’re gonna be…” then suddenly bursts out “PARENTSSSS OH MY GOD THIS IS HAPPENING WE’RE GONNA HAVE A MINI YOU AND ME RUNNING AROUND THE HOUSEEEE” and would just hug u rly tight
  • when u eventually have kids tho, theyre gonna say somethings like “waaaaa appa’s really tall”
  • and he’ll just smile telling they both will get a piggy back ride
  • he’ll be the best dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :,)
  • and he’ll say random things when u two are watching the kids
  • “ok look he has ur laugh”
  • “wait look at the way he walks it looked like me”
  • when he’s away he’s gonna make sure to send u a selfie at least once an hour JK JK he’ll video call at least once a week and send u photos of cute toys “IM BUYING THEM THIS!!! im a great dad right”
  • many fun times ;;;;;;;;
  • lame jokes from wonwoo ur gonna deal with this for the rest of ur life
  • he’s so shy of public skinship like he accidentally hold ur hand out of nowhere and he’d just blush furiously
  • basically wonwoo is the best husband nOOOOOOOOO :,(
  • youd make him do aegyo and he’d do them bc he likes u
  • /warming up before the aegyo/
  • kiss u sweetly passionately roughly ok any kind of kisses
  • i heard rappers are great kissers ;;;;;
  • ok but this boy would be confident at some times and be cheesy saying this pick up lines at u and making you blush
  • he loves to hold ur hand so much and play with ur fingerS AND KISS UR KNUCKLES AND PLACE UR HAND ON HIS FACE ANYTHING WITH UR HAND
  • “omg wonwoo stop holding my hand im trying to eat”
  • “sorry babe i just love u so much” EW
  • husband!wonwoo will be the death of u im giving u a warning sign before u actually become his wife!!!!! I WARNED U PEOPLE
  • contact me if he is actually not shy thanku or if he is actually hyper
  • thank me later by sending in u and wonwoos wedding invitation to me

TWO WONWOO POSTS IN A ROW hmmmmm ok nice for more husband!au click here or u can check my masterlist!!! <3

I Give You My Heart (Damian Wayne x Reader)

I hoped you liked it! I never written Damian Wayne stuff before so i hope you liked it lol. I’m not a big fan of him either but i tried x :)

Requested By Anon-can i request a Damian x reader where he realizes he loves her and he asks one of his bros for advice and they say “just give her your heart man” and he literally gives her a heart and says “i don’t think it’d be safe you give you my own, so i found one suitable for my beloved” oh my god

He realized he loved you on the last date that you both went on. When you met the family. Barbara,Cas,Steph and Kate they all loved you. It was nice having another girl around the manor for a day or so. You loved hanging out with them but did they get annoying real quick. Damian on the other hand was talking with his father and all the other three boys. “Damian your girlfriend is super hot!” You heard Kate yell from the kitchen where she was cooking food for you all to eat. You decided on a movie night for everyone. Damian glared at her “Shut up” You giggled under your breath a bit and looked over at damian. You walked up to him kissing his cheek being shorter then him having to get onto your tippy toes which he thought was absolutely adorable. “So uh damian are you ready to watch the movie?” You smiled and whispered a bit being quiet and shy. You were right in front of his dad what else did you expect to be. Damian looked at you “Uh yeah go sit down with the girls i’ll be right back. You. Stupid bird come with me.” He pointed to Nightwing. “Dude what the hell babybird.” He smirked at Damian and he walked over to the corner. “Dick i never ask you for advice and this isn’t going to work but fuck it. I love (Y/N) and I don’t know how to tell her. I’m worried i’ll mess up and just  really nervous. She’s perfect and I want the best for her” He looked up and dick bursted out laughing “You care about someone!” He whispered laughing “Ok but dude just give her your heart.” He looked at damian and both of the boys walked over and you all sat down to watch a movie. About 2 hours or so later everyone was passed out on the couch but damian. Even you were. He slipped his arms underneath you carrying you upstairs to where his old room was. You fluttered your eyes open seeing it was about like 1am and you yawned not knowing where damian went. “Baby bird?” You giggled hearing dick call him that earlier and he came out of the bathroom holding a fake heart “I don’t think it would be safe to give you my own so i got a suitable one for my beloved” He smiled and you giggled a bit and took it putting it down wrapping your arms around his neck “Dick told you that. Didn’t you? Damian when someone tells you that you don’t give them a heart you tell them what you feel in your heart and i take that as a I love you?” He blushed hard mumbling under his breath “Dammit grayson” He looked up putting his hands on your waist. “Yes I do love you my beloved” He kissed your lips softly as you kissed back. “I love you too damian.” You exchanged kisses and laid down in his old bed and cuddled till you fell asleep.

my onions about (almost) every twin peaks character

im going to put it under a read more but my cliff note is my three faves are andy, pete, and gordon and i write like a paragraph for all these characters so have fun – also spoiler alert i use the word “sweet” a lot…. its just how i feel

also, spoiler alert for a lot of these just a heads up

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leakycauldrcn  asked:

dramione (◡‿◡✿)

  • proposes - draco. oh my god and it’s the sweetest proposal ever because they’re out at flourish and blott’s and it’s a sunday afternoon and he plants the ring in the binding of the new edition of hogwarts, a history, and she picks it up and doesn’t see it bc she’s getting so into the book and draco’s finally just like “GRANGER!! WHAT ON EARTH IS THAT DANGLING OFF THE SPINE OF YOUR BOOK?” and she sees it and she starts laughing and oh my god dramione proposals YEs
  • shops for groceries - hermione bc draco got banned from the grocery store for eating his food before paying for it,, “draco!! you can’t just take an apple from the produce section and eat it! we have to pay first!” “what? why do they put the food out then?” “sir, we’re going to need you to come to the front of the store..”
  • kills the spiders - hermione!! one time she came home to draco standing on the coffee table whimpering over some tiny little speck of an insect tbh
  • comes home drunk at 3am - BOTH they love to go out drinking and dancing together and they stumble in the door and have wild sex afterwards
  • remembers to feed the fish - neither of them so harry has to come over once a week and do it otherwise they’d die tbh
  • initiates duets - hermione after a couple glasses of wine loves to stand on the dining room chairs and belt the lyrics to random top 40 songs until draco eventually joins her 
  • falls asleep first - draco, hermione stays up until like 3 am reading so he can’t compete with that tbh
  • plans spontaneous trips - draco loves picking hermione up from work on fridays and whisking her off to random places like his family’s villa in the south of france and blaise’s place in milan and skiing in the north and she’s surprised every time ahh
  • wakes the other up at 3am demanding pancakes - hermione bc she’s already awake reading and she gets hunger bangs and draco makes these delectable blueberry pancakes 
  • sends the other unsolicited nudes - draco and hermione will be at work and her phone will buzz and they’ll just low key sext all throughout her meeting until she has her lunch break and then they fuck in a ministry broom closet
  • brags about knowing karate even though they never made it past yellow belt - DRACO OH MY GOD he does this every time they go out with friends and hermione just rolls her eyes and one time they were out with some japanese associate who challenged draco to a friendly spar and ever since then he’s kept his mouth shut
  • comes to a complete halt outside bakeries/candy shops - hermione bc she LOVES sweets and she always begs draco to let her go in “please i mean i know we’re going to be late for the movie but they have these brilliant looking cupcakes and i just would quite like one draco please..” and he’s a sucker for when she says please so he always goes in with her and buys half the store 
  • blows sarcastic kisses after doing ridiculous shit - DRACO OK I FEEL STRONGLY ABOUT THIS LIKE IMAGINE draco just managed to dance along to the macarena for 8 minutes straight and hermione is just watching him in awe and before he sits down again he blows her a kiss and a wink goD
  • killed the guy (also, which hid the body) - really could be either for both of these tbh 
  • wears the least clothing around the house - hermione bc draco likes to keep the house at a toasty 77 degrees and she can’t stand it but no amount of cooling charms will help her so she just has to walk around in shorts and tank tops and yes that does have the extra side effect of draco pouncing on her every time she has to bend down and put a plate in the dishwasher but hey
  • has icky sentimental moments for no apparent reason - draco sometimes gets really emotional about how rude and awful he used to be to hermione and he has these moments of extreme insecurity about their relationship bc he just doesn’t see himself as being good enough for her but hermione always manages to reassure him that he’s the most positive and important person in her life and just i cry

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You move on his bed feeling the first rays of sunlight break into your room.
“ Good morning sunshine. ” You listen one voice you know behind you. You turned and found Kai lying on his bed with a big smile on his face.
“ What are you doing here? ” You asked away and pulling the covers closer to the body. “ I was watching you sleep, obviously. ” He said as if it were the most natural thing in the world. “ What? I like to watch you sleep. ” He said noticing the look of astonishment on your face. He got up and started walking to his side of the bed. “ You’re obsessed with me or something?! ” You asked walking away from him. You tried to pull the blanket together, but he held it. “ I’m not obsessed, just curious. ” He said casually looking around the room as if he had never stopped to look before. “ Curious? ” You asked frowning in confusion. “ Yes. I have to say, you are very different when you’re sleeping. Is not running away from me and insulting me. ” He said smiling while moved the stuffed animals on the side of his bed. “ Yes. That’s because I’m sleeping! ” You screamed but returned to normal tone of voice trying not to lose patience with him. “ How did you get here Kai? ” “ Oh, just as I entered the other times.” He said lying on his bed again but now with a teddy bear on her lap. “ The other times? Wait, how long you do it? ” You asked indignantly taking the bear off his lap and throwing across the room. “ You’re so cute when you’re mad. ” he said walking toward you. “ KAI! ” “ Two or three months. ” He answered your previous question. “ What? ” You began to feel anger for not realizing that he had been watching you for so long. “ Hey calm baby, I just stared. ” He said taking her face in her hands. “ Do not call me baby, ” you said it away from him. “ Why do you do that? ” you asked and before he could answer you continued. “ And do not tell me it’s because you like me look asleep. ” He smiled at that and walked closer to you. “ Ok, first I really like the look you sleeping. Second, it helps in my self control. ” Walking in front of you, he traced a finger around the collar around his neck. He cleared his throat. “ And third, I like your pajamas, they always rise when you move in your sleep. Sexy. ” He smiled and cocked his head to the side giving a quick look at your body. “ I do not know how it can help you with your self control ” you said pulling away and folding his arms across his chest being very aware that his pajamas were transparent.
“ Oh, If you knew how hard is look at you and not being able to touch you, you would understand. ” He muttered to himself with a little smile. “ Kai why are you telling me this? ” Because I want you to let me look at you without invade into your room every night. “ He said through you heading toward the stairs and you followed ago . ’‘Is tiring pass through the window ” “ You can only kidding me.” You said as she followed him into the kitchen. “No I’m not. Look, if you let me stay I can do morning café for you every day.” He said winking at you. You looked at him a little thoughtful. You were a cooking disaster. “ All right, you will keep coming anyway. ” “ Good girl. ”