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Nct Dream Reaction to Waking Up to Their S/O Having Really Bad Bed Head:

Anonymous asked: NCT Dream reaction to waking up their s/o and seeing their really bad bed head. Thanks

Author’s note: These boys will probably either be really shocked or amused. Here are their individual reactions. These boys will probably either be really shocked or amused. Here are their individual reactions 👍👌.

Mark: Would most likely be amused by it. He would burst out in laughter and when you asked why he was laughing, he would just giggle while smoothing down your hair and tucking a loose strand behind your ear.

Renjun: He’d smile at you then just act natural about it and not bring it up. Once you saw your hair and asked him why he didn’t say anything he’d say something chessey and gross like “I didn’t say anything because no matter what you’re still beautiful to me.”

Jeno: Tells you that your hair is a mess nicely and continues with whatever he was doing before he got distracted by you. I feel like he’s just blunt and open but not in a mean way.

Haechan: Utterly frightened for a second. Then when he realizes that its just your hair and not a giant rodent attacking your head he’d let out a sigh in relief and fix your hair for you.

Jaemin: Just shrugs it off as normal and smiles at you. He would be a lot like Renjun and not make a big deal about it.

Chenle: Worse than Mark. He would laugh so hard that his stomach would start hurting and he’s trying to calm himself down with breathing techniques. He would apologize then tell you that your hair was sticking out in every direction.

Jisung: I feel like he would be a mix of Haechan and Jeno. He would be frightened but then when he realized it was your hair he’d tell you that your hair was terrifying but nicer than how I put it of course.

Author’s note: Again this is my opinion. Thank you for requesting and I hope you enjoyed this.

-Admin Leo

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why's halsey a mess? jw i don't rlly keep up with that she does i just occasionally listen to her music

like I don’t want her stans coming for me like “halsey is a strong woke woc that gets ridiculed for standing up for herself i cannot believe ur coming for her!!1!” but honestly she’s annoying to a lot of ppl she has that cliche trying to be edgy music/style where she licks her microphone and sings abt tasting the cigarette smoke of a white boys lips or w/e like it’s corny and what’s cornier is that in interviews she kinda hypes herself up like “yea I just feel like I walk this line adrogony. I’m really raw” like it’s so corny and stuff lmao like that thing w/ bringing all her fans out and them all crying abt her music like?? Ok? Also she has done a few problematic things and while it’s not like this is a 2014/2015 tumblr witch hunt but some of the stuff has been really uncomfy like she once kissed a minor at her concert w/o knowing the girl was a minor and it was just an ugly situation idk I saw some accounts saying the fan consented and everything but also some saying they were in front of ppl at the concert so she was probably kinda pressured and it was really messy and just careless of Halsey and it just shows how much she like, tries to be the “’”“edgy”“’”“ ”“’"real”“’” “”’“"raw”’“” persona or whatever and it can be so cringy or inappropriate and lol sometimes ppl make fun of her and she, like in that post on my blog a few posts ago, like totally goes awf like “wow why are ppl so unnecessary I am just trying to be a musician that bares her soul with her fans andjsjssA” and all this stuff and I’ve never seen some1 who defends herself like she does bc for some reason she literally just does it in such a messy and embarrassing way that it seems like she took smth some1 on the internet said too seriously and it ended up being cringey and it’s a vicious cycle honestly idek abt her

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Ngl I am still not over Lavi's breakdown/mindrape or however you would like to describe ep 86- I just. Protect Lavi. Precious son. Just. His reaction to seeing the Ace of Spades fall while he was keeping up so well with fighting back against the illusions and once he sees it how it goes downhill from then-- In real world, Allen HUGGING HIM AND TRYING TO BRING HIM BACK TO HIS SENSES AND LENALEE HELPLESSLY SCREAMING FROM SIDE FOR HIM TO STOP AND ONCE BACK IN CONTROL LAVI FIRE SEALING HIMSELF AAAAA

IKR?! In my opinion, Lavi is one of the characters that develops the most along the series. He starts off with his optimistic and carefree facade. He knows his duty and bears always in mind that he cannot develop feelings for his comrades in the Order. But he is human and goes through a lot of suffering with all of them, and sharing pain and suffering always creates bonds. I think when he firsts realizes this is after Allen’s “death”, during the battle in the ship, when he is looking at the Ace of Spades from Allen’s deck of cards. And yeah, that scene you described, I would say is the climax of Lavi’s realization of his true feelings. It was honestly one of the most painful scenes for me to watch. Lavi is such a complex and human character (which is ironic because he is not supposed to develop human feelings) and i wanna see more about his past and present and future and everything and that is why HE WILL ALWAYS BE MY FUCKIN FAVOURITE (+ he is so cute damn) HOSHINO PLEASE BRING HIM BACK SAFE AND SOUND I BEG YOU

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Could you write about Neil's mom and her abuse towards him? Like Andrew finding out or Arron talks to him about it because he understands? My poor sons need to talk about their problems

( what’s that? just the lonely sound of my heart breaking. )

  • The problem is: they never talk about it
  • It takes years of small mentions and absent comments (moments Neil plans seriously, but tries to pass off casually. He never truly relaxes about revealing his past) for Andrew to piece together a full picture of Mary Hatford
  • Neil’s bias goes deep. His mother saved him. his mother compared to his father was, if not loving, at least protective and concerned. she taught Neil to survive! All her lessons were for his benefit!
  • The longer he outlives her, the more rose tinted his glasses about his mother become
  • Andrew knows this
  • Mostly he doesn’t think too much about it because, well, she’s not with Neil. Andrew is. While what she did to Neil obviously still lingers, bringing it up never seemed like the answer. 
  • He’s right: pointing out Mary’s faults would more than ruin Neil’s week. 

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Daddy J is pissing me off today.

He wants me to meet him like every second day and though the money is good, I like to have a day off once in a while. And if I can’t make it he will get upset, ignore me. Then when we do meet he will bring it up a couple times and say:

“you know I really wanted to meet on ____ ”

“I’m glad I can see you but I wanted to meet yesterday”

Blah blah blah and tries to make me feel bad.

Like you realize I do have a life and other clients right? Maybe I want to take a day off to see my family or recover from a hangover, or maybe I just want a day to myself? I never say that though I always give him a “legitimate excuse”. But he always whines and tries to make me feel bad.

I think from now on if he says anything my excuse will always be the same and I’ll just say “I’m a busy girl!” 😇 and nothing else.

Magical workings to induce prophetic dreams

Charm Bag containing:

  • Clear quartz
  • Any purple crystals you have (examples: purple fluorite, sugilite, amethyst, etc.)

  • Rosemary

  • Poppy seeds

  • St. John’s Wort

  • Marigold

I recommend you spend time with each of these, either separately or altogether, and really focus your intention on bringing out all of the psychically boosting energies residing in them. In my practice, I am a firm believer that just tossing things together has been less likely to succeed for me, while channeling energy into them with purpose has made me more likely to succeed. Use your best judgment. Charge up your charm bag as a whole really well, too, once it’s all together, before you seal it for an added bonus! 

Before bedtime, when you are getting all cozied up for the night:

Make yourself a bath that contains some purple stones (double check to make sure you don’t have any water soluble or toxic stones, first) and any other herbal correspondences you have that aren’t staining to the skin. Stir it in a clockwise motion, invoking psychic energies in order to induce prophetic dreams.  Soak in it, clearly imagining what you are intending to do.

Alternatively, you could make yourself some star anise tea, or cinnamon tea with a teeny bit of anise extract, and stir it clockwise (the same way I spoke on with the bath). Drink it up, and prepare yourself for bed.

Once you’re ready to hit the pillow, stick your charm bag inside of it and enjoy your astral travels :D

I recommend you keep a journal by your bed to record anything you dream of that night, for easy remembering in the morning, as well as quick reference for interpretive use. It is hard to want to write something when you are half asleep or wanting to go back to sleep, but it is also super easy to forget things we dream of when we don’t record them. I also recommend to take extra protective measures, just to ensure nothing muddies your results. Sweet dreams~ 


Public Male Bonding. Over the weekend, a lucky fan met Richard Armitage, Lee Pace, and an unnamed friend while they were out midnight snacking on kebabs because why not. 

According to Jessi, Lee didn’t agree to a pic because he’s shy. (which is Lee-speak for “No one’s supposed to know I’m in Berlin because as far as anyone knew, I’ve been filming my new movie in New York.”) Other than that, Jessi seemed to have a lovely encounter.

a brief and VERY FUN study of lucifer in 11x09–he does this little gesture in it where he sticks a finger in his mouth while he’s listening, like he’s chewing on it or just doing that to focus on the situation.

i ADORED mark p’s performance in this ep, and his little motions like this were seriously so visually inspiring for me. i’m gonna gush about this a little bit here, actually! like, we as the viewers know luci as more of a wide-gesture character, but it’s once he’s laser-focusing or getting personal that he brings out these little physical cues. i think that’s how most were able to figure out early on in the episode that he had planned the current situation the whole time.

i think this also backed up sam’s hallucinations of him once the wall broke down. he wasn’t constantly torturing sam, and did actually have a voice of reason to offer to the table. however, that didn’t mean that 90% of his valued time, even when projected, wasn’t just spent on torture.

i just think with lucifer’s deep past as light-turned-dark that he’s going to play SUCH a cool role this season. i am PUMPED

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I think what I'm going to do about Halle and dressage is just find a trustworthy dressage barn near Eastern, start taking lessons there to make sure I like it while still coming back home to ride Halle, and then bring up moving her again to my mom once I have some dressage experience. Where's the clinic you're going to being held? That sounds really interesting!

Its at Oaktree farm a couple of miles from Swan Creek!


Dean x Reader

Summary: You’re Dean’s best friend, and when Dean brings home his new girlfriend, she really hasn’t taken a liking to you.

Warnings: Cursing, brief fight scene.

Requested by me~! I had this random idea and decided to roll with it!

A/N: If your name is Victoria, you might want to change the other girl’s name.

Originally posted by sweetpea9873

“Dean’s doing what?!”, you exclaim, lifting up your arms in shock.

“He’s bringing a girl back to the bunker”, Sam repeats, chuckling at your reaction. You just gape at him, mouth open and all. “I know, I know. It’s a surprise to me too.”

Never once in the five years you’ve hunted with the Winchesters have you seen the infamous Dean Winchester bring home a girl. Ever.

“Her name’s Victoria and her parents were hunters. She quit a while ago though”, Sam explains. 

Well at least she wouldn’t be as freaked out by the weapons everywhere. 

“Are you going to be okay, Y/N?” Sam asks, putting a soft hand on your shoulder. Of course, Sam found out your feelings for Dean a while ago and encouraged you to tell him. But, Dean’s your best friend and you couldn’t risk losing that. And besides, the girls he chose were tall, skinny, and beautiful and loved clothes and nails while you dressed comfortably and loved shooting and hunting. 

“Yeah, Sam. I’ll be okay.”

The next few hours pass quickly and you hear the bunker door open. 

“Guys, we’re here”, Dean’s gruff voice calls out, making you shiver.

Soon they make their way into the kitchen, practically glued together. Victoria is gorgeous, you have to say. She has long, curled blonde hair, a light complexion, and long legs. She’s wearing a dark blue dress and her makeup is done to perfection. Subconsciously, you look down at yourself- A band t-shirt of Dean’s, loose jeans, torn up combat boots. You also remembered you didn’t wear makeup unless it was a very special occasion, and your hair was put up in a high messy ponytail. You frown briefly before plastering on a fake smile.

“This is Victoria. Victoria, this is my brother, Sam, and this is my best friend, Y/N”, Dean gestures, grinning widely. 

“Nice to meet you, Victoria”, Sam gives a friendly smile before going back to work. 

“Ditto”, you smile too. But, she just glares at you, blue eyes in slits. Great first impression, I guess.

Breaking the silence, Dean decides that everyone should watch a movie, which you all agree to. You sit next to Sam and Dean and Victoria sits on Dean’s other side, snuggled against his chest. Waves of jealous flowed through you, but you pushed them away for now. 

As the beginning credits begin to roll, you almost squeal in excitement as you see the title of your favorite movie pop up on screen.

Before you can express your excitement, Victoria pops in. “Ew, I hate this movie”, she spits out, making a face.

Dean flinches, because not only is it your favorite movie, its one of his too. 

Dean clears his throat. “Um, yeah, I do too. Bad choice I guess.”

You and Sam frown instantly. Dean, being the most cocky son of a bitch you know, just gave into a girl’s demand.

You roll your eyes before leaning back and relaxing, trying to ignore the obvious kissing sounds next to you. 

Before you know it, you’re out cold, and so is Sam next to you. The ending credits are rolling, but not that any of you noticed. Finally, Dean broke away from Victoria and took notice of the ending movie. 

“Oh, it’s over already”, Dean sheepishly smiles, before taking a look at you. You’re curled into the couch comfortably, making sure to avoid Sam’s long limbs, which are spread out everywhere. Dean’s expression visibly softens as he sees you stir in your sleep. 

“I’m going to the lady’s room, babe”, Victoria breaks the fond moment, standing up. 

Dean only grunts in reply, looking at you again. This time, he notices you shiver in your sleep. Deciding the couch wasn’t the most comfortable place to sleep, he gently scooped you up in his arms and carried you to your bedroom. Softly, so he wouldn’t wake you, he places you on your bed, tucking you in the covers. He takes a minute more to admire how peaceful and at ease you look. 

Suddenly, Dean feels emotions he hasn’t in a very long time. He hadn’t noticed it until now, but he had always liked you more than a friend. He admired your bravery, your humor, your immense loyalty. And when you almost died on a hunt a few years ago, he felt so broken, so hurt. 

Shit. He’d fallen in love with you and didn’t even know it. 

Fighting his emotions, he forced himself to walk out of your room, only to be face to face with a fuming Victoria. 

“What the fuck were you doing in there Dean?”, she snaps, tapping her foot obnoxiously. 

“I was putting my friend to sleep”, Dean says simply, even though its not true. 

“You know what I think Dean?” Victoria moves closer. “I think you’re a lying sack of shit”, she spats out, and drawing her hand back, slapping Dean hard on the face. 

You had heard the arguing instantly and stood by the door to listen in. And once you heard the hurtful words Victoria had said and the slap that echoed through the halls, you lost it. You harshly opened your door and strode over to Victoria, right past Dean. 

“You bitch!” you yell, bringing your fist back and landing it swiftly and powerfully on her nose, making an audible snap. She stumbles back, but not before landing a weaker blow on your jaw. Infuriated now, you tackle her to the ground and begin landing blows over her “flawless face”. 

“You listen to me, honey. If you ever, and I mean ever, hurt Dean again, my knife will be quite acquainted to your back, you hear?”, you threaten as a groggy Sam pulls you off of her. She only nods, and scrambles to her feet to leave. 

Adrenaline flows through your veins, but you soon relax against Sam’s arms, and he lets you go. 

You look over at Dean, who is holding his bruised cheek and open mouth gaping at what just happened. 

“Oh crap, let me get you some ice”, you softly mutter as you notice the obvious black and blue adorning his face. He lets you go, but not before giving Sam a shocked look. Once you return with the ice, Sam’s gone and Dean’s sitting on your bed. 

You sit next to him, lightly pressing the ice to his wound. He sighs in relief briefly.

“Are you okay sweetheart?”, Dean asks, rubbing your slightly cut knuckles. 

“Yeah, no big deal”, you mumble, shrugging your shoulders. “I’m sorry for beating up your girlfriend.”

He slightly chuckles. “You did give her quite the shiner huh?” You laugh as well. “But…”, Dean says a little quieter. “Why’d you do it? She didn’t hit me that hard.”

You let out a sigh. “I don’t know. She just said some pretty awful things to you and she didn’t have to hit you.”

Dean’s eyes soften as you continue. “No one should ever have the right to treat you like that, Dean”, you say softly.

“Thank you, Y/N, really. I’m sorry she treated you so poorly. I guess I’m not good enough of a friend to stand up for you. I’m so sorry”, Dean whispers the last part, looking deep in your eyes. “And the truth is”, Dean holds your hands in his much larger ones. “I’ll never love her as much as I love you. I love you so much sweetheart”, Dean smiles, liking the way the words flowed out of his mouth. It’s been years since he’s told anyone that. 

Hope rises in your stomach. “I love you too Dean, as a friend I guess-”

Dean cuts you off. “Darling, I love you a hell of a lot more than as a friend.” You can’t help but smile widely, eyes gleaming.

Dean smiles too, eyes crinkled as he pulls you close to him.

He lightly presses his slightly chapped lips to yours in a sweet chaste kiss. You’ve kissed a few people, but none have ever felt like this before. 

Dean softly presses his forehead against yours. “You’re so perfect”, he whispers, still smiling.

With a huge grin on your face, you mutter the phrase Victoria especially hated the most. 


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What the special characters’ Tumblrs would be like, part 2:

Kapp’n: Under the impression that Tumblr is a search engine/digital reference desk and keeps sending random villagers asks about stuff like where to get good deals on cucumbers in bulk, and then reblogging the answers so he can “save the results for later.” He has five thousand followers.

Leif: Living green/off-the grid-tutorials and home gardening advice. Doesn’t post terribly often because he doesn’t have electricity in his house and doesn’t bring his laptop home from work because it’d just distract him from landscaping.

Gracie: Fashion inspiration blog that only updates like three times a month because they think the majority of fashion bloggers are insipid. Gracie goes on anon a lot to send hyper-critical asks to blogs they don’t like.

Harriet: Only has a Tumblr to cross-promote her DIY makeup and hair Youtube channel, but fields asks every once in a while. Gets a lot of anon hate from Gracie but always has snappy and positive comebacks.

Labelle: Built up a following by being a fashion blog with Gracie’s taste but more lenient, and then eventually shifted more into using her follower base as an advertising network for her Etsy shop that sells bespoke accessories.

Sable: Would be an art blog showcasing all of her designs, but she’s too shy to post them, so instead she has like 500 drafts and growing. Keeps saying she’ll post them eventually, but never does.

Mabel: Doesn’t have a Tumblr of her own, but will occasionally use Sable’s account when she’s not looking to tag and post some of her drafts. Sable gets flustered, but doesn’t mind.

Pelly: Makes high-effort photosets and gifsets of whatever she’s into at the time, and is so prolific that she’s made a lot of fandoms spring up overnight. Has never received anon hate in her life, and never will.

Pete: Tons of vague personal posts about how frustrating love is. Gets lots of anon asks from Pelly about how there are definitely people that care about him, answers them gratefully, and secretly hopes they’re from Phyllis.

Phyllis: Doesn’t follow Pelly or Pete, and in fact doesn’t even know they have Tumblrs. Phyllis doesn’t follow anyone, she just occasionally makes frustrated text posts when on the job but deletes most of them immediately. Nobody knows how Pete found her Tumblr, and he is her only follower.

Resetti: Originally made a blog so he could watch all the other villagers, but got wrapped up in various television fandoms and will argue relentlessly with anyone who disagrees with them. Has introduced a good number of harmless but distinct insults into the vocabulary of the “apples rolling across the screen for an hour show” fandom.

Gulliver: Keeps making text posts of funny stories that happened to him that are really obviously implausible/made up and fishing for notes, but is off the charts popular. Booker has been following him and reblogging these posts since he first made the blog – it is not a mutual follow.

Pascal: Much like in-person interactions with him, Pascal’s Tumblr is a constant stream of fake-deep nightblogging/shitposting that he puts forth completely earnestly. Has unintentionally made a lot of memes, and got a lot of his followers from Shrunk reblogging him (he now has about triple the number of followers Shrunk did).

Its about Pharmecy and the ships

Hi… there’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while. Honestly I ship Straight ships as much as I ship Yuri ships…. okay I ship Yuri ships more than I do with Straight ships. Just want to clear this out.

This thing is going to be a long one.

I’m sure I’m going to write something similar if I come across another ship of a different game or anime or show. I’m pretty sure I did with the Legend of Korra and Bleach.

Anyway it’s about Pharmacy at first I was shipping Zarya/Mercy because that’s how goes down for me. Warrior and Healer (My shipping weakness) so me being a dork shipped Zarya/Mercy instantly, then Pharmacy somehow grew on me. (MAJOR Factor YulSic but that’s a.. different story I’ll probably never get into)

So Shipping Pharmacy became fun then once again there was trouble in Paradise because of the antis.
And there’s a few things people liked to bring up often to ‘Justify’ their reasons on why Pharmacy can’t be shipped. This more of a ramble so excuse me for being all over the place.

Many people try to say Pharmacy is creepy because
1, Angela’s ‘way, way, way, older’ than Fareeha by five years… okay? Five years apart… ladies and Gentlemen please hold your seats for this.

2, Is that Angela was like a mom to Fareeha. Had anyone ever considered that Angela could have been like a big sister figured or maybe more of babysitter.(Yes I realize people may use that as a fuel to not ship Pharmacy about the sister thing.) Same as Jesse, big brother figured or babysitter to Fareeha.

3, Angela and Fareeha were more than likely never thought of each other in a romantic nor sexual way when they were teenagers. Well, Fareeha was a pre-teen because she was 12.

4, Fareeha might not have visited Overwatch as often to even create an atmosphere of this supposed ‘Mother/Daughter’ thing or even sister/babysitter.

5, They’re officially grown adults… Feelings can change. They can be attractive to each other or not.

6, Would it be different if they never meet before when they were the ages when they were young? Would you end up shipping them or still find an excuse to claim that they can’t be shipped.

7, I remember reading that it’s an abusive ship… (I understand the age difference because people brought it up many times but how is this one abusive?)

8, Angela age really well from what we can tell and looks young because one she probably took care of herself or she has this thing called genetics to look younger than she appears to be. So I know people were freaking about that part which leads to number 1. Blizzard from the looks of it cleared it up that she is 37.

9, Originally Angela was going to be 34 years old but ‘Someone messed up and changed her age to 37 from the first video with Winston.’ So basically Angela was going to be 2 years older than Fareeha. Would people still find it creepy!?

If you don’t ship them, then don’t but if you want to claim it’s sick and wrong due to the age and mother tone then please look at Soldier76/Mercy and Reaper/Mercy if you wanna play that game or display your otp while dragging down another ship.

Who knows Reaper and Solder 76 could have been father figures to Angela and they knew her when she was seventeen and Jesse’s case as well. Both men were well over in their thirties when she was seventeen.
Probably treated her as a disciple.
It could be the same where they had not care to know Angela on a personal level when she was only seventeen and only see her as a healer when she was at that age. Maybe afterwards from a couple of years of her being in Overwatch they probably seen her differently as a romantic partner when she’s in her 20s.
Which is understandable and A-Okay with me.

And if you don’t agree with what I’m writing… it’s cool, don’t like it. It’s really something I wanted to get off my chest because it’s ridiculous and hypocritical as well as frustrating to read those reasons. Ship Soldier76/Mercy and Reaper/Mercy as much as you want; I trying ain’t stopping you all.
It’s just silly and redundant for you to bash a Yuri Ship when you guys should be worrying about your ship and loving your ships and most importantly having fun with your ship.

Also if you ship both Pharmacy and Soldier76/Mercy and/or Reaper/Mercy. I’m going to be honest I like you far more than the nay sayers and keep on shipping if you find nothing wrong with it or you know but love their flaws for it.

If you ship Solder 76/Mercy and Reaper/Mercy and you don’t ship Pharmacy cause you just don’t want too and it doesn’t have anything with the Age difference or “How Motherly Mercy is to Pharah”. The real reason is that you just don’t see them compatible to each other and that’s that. I want to say Thank You for not being rude to us.

Ps. I’m sorry for bringing Jesse into this…
Pss.. I’m not trying to start an argument lol but it is silly. Though there is few things I’m curious about.
Psss. Hi
Pssss. I don’t know if this is even possible but if you don’t tag a ship, it still somehow finds it way to its tagging list.

I know there’s also other shippers from different ships besides those two that keeps on dragging Pharmacy.


The second the intro of Style begins, you’re singing right along in the back seat, bobbing your head to the beat. Dean knows you’re crazy about the song, so he cranks it up just for you. You’re absorbed in the music once it reaches the first chorus, moving your hips and dancing as much as possible while seated. You make eye contact with Sam, who is already watching you, and he hastily looks away. You smirk mischievously. You’ve noticed Sam giving you that look many times. Uneasy, overheated, slightly terrified. But most of all, you would describe it as pleading, and that entertained you more than anything else.

You position yourself behind his seat, and reach forward with your arms. Bringing your hands to his shoulders, you slowly begin to massage the tense muscles. Sam jumps slightly, he knows it’s you, obviously. You can see his expression in the side-view mirror, his eyes are widened and he doesn’t move, like a mouse being batted around by a cat before its imminent death.

You mouth the words as you work on his shoulders.

“I heard, that you’ve been out and about, with some other girl…”

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Does a guy really love you if he brings up your weight every once in a while? My BF always says I need to workout more so I can live longer & it makes me uncomfortable sometimes even though he means well. In my head, it makes me feel like I'm not good enough for him. And the vibes I get from him aren't always positive. I told him already how it made me feel but then he started up again. What should I do?

If someone makes you feel bad about yourself, then it is not a healthy relationship. I can’t speak to whether or not he loves you, but he certainly doesn’t love you the way you deserve to be loved. You deserve someone who makes you feel good about yourself, who finds you attractive, and who loves you just the way you are. You don’t need to put up with anyone criticizing you for your weight and especially not someone who doesn’t respect you enough to stop criticizing you when you’ve made your feelings known to them.

“why did I break up with her?” jace furrowed his eyebrows as he repeated the other persons question and then shrugged his shoulders, bringing the beer in his hands up to his lips so he could get a sip of it before setting it back down on his lap. “i’m going to sound like an asshole but basically she just wasn’t satisfying me in bed.” he told the other, not really caring that he really was an asshole. “i want a girl who can take charge every once in a while.”

hey guys,

i just wanted to write this little post kinda addressing a lot of things in life/what I’m feeling etc.

life isn’t always just sunshine and rainbows.  while i love school, so much, maybe too much sometimes, others i feel completely alone and like i have no where to turn to.  a lot of stress is coming up with formal this weekend, and to be honest the anxiety of it brings me back to my high school prom and i just want to curl up in a ball and forget about life.  i can’t find a date, i feel really helpless and like i have no one to talk about my feelings to, and i just left downtown early so i could come back to my room and mope while i think about things.  i know it happens, everyone has a bad night once in a while but since i’ve been back in athens things have been a little different and i feel just overall uncomfortable.  i just am writing this mostly so everyone knows its OK to feel like you don’t have everything together; to feel like your life isn’t under control.  because while this sucks so badly, i know its just temporary and that by saturday at this time ill be so relived and just ready to take my tests next week and get back on track.  it’s ok to feel like we don’t have it all together, because lord i certainly don’t.

i thought about booking flights home for the weekend, i just looked up costs.  its too expensive, otherwise i honestly might have been headed to NY just to see my parents and hug them and have them tell me everything is going to be alright.  but in the back of my mind i know i dislike my hometown, and i probably would be more unhappy there.

  i have been sending good thoughts into the universe, and all i can really do at this point is hope that these good thoughts are returned to me and that i feel better about life in general.   sorry this is probably really poorly written i just wrote it in about 5 minuted ok ily all so much and your kind words just boost me up a lot thank u