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With Them It Doesn't Seem So Hard // Jughead Jones

Hey I Really liked your last jughead x reader and I’d like to request one too. could you do it in idk like archies, bettys or v’s point of view. And they just watch being jughead and the reader being a cute couple. For example the reader tries to steal his beanie and it’s just so much fluff🤗

Thank you for the request! This was fun to write and a lot of fluff and warm fuzzy feels. I don’t usually write like this so this is definitely something new, but I love writing nonetheless. It’s short but I think the short sweet things are the best, enjoy! ❤


Veronica’s P.O.V

Many adults believe that teenagers don’t know what love is, what’s it’s all about. They created this idea that we don’t have any idea, of the real world and it’s problem.

But Y/N and Jughead changed all that.

Sitting here at Pop’s with the gang, I studied Jughead and Y/N’s movements. The way Jughead would steal small glances at Y/N when she would laugh at something Archie said, smiling a little at his girlfriend’s laugh. He looked at her like she was the most important thing in the world, the only person in the room.

Even the way he would randomly grab her hand, kissing the top of the knuckles in a sweet manner. It made me smile and I was just a witness. Betty said she never thought he’d let a girl affect him like that, but she’s happy that he was happy.

I would try and hide my grin when Y/N would steal Jughead’s beanie. Now, I’m not close with Jughead, but I know for a fact that he is VERY protective of that boring, grey beanie. He’d treat it as though it was the most precious thing in the world. He’d glare at her playfully whilst she sat the trophy beanie on her head, chuckling at Jughead’s expression. But, he would just roll his eyes and continue on with the conversation. That one flawed me the most.

When they got into arguments (which they rarely ever did), they were both as stubborn as anything. But, when one of them started laughing, the other one followed and they’d completely forget what they were arguing about. They had that down pat.

They were two peas in a pod. They hated partying, huge groups of people and sticky noses. Many say that they’d clash, but somehow they made it work. Like Romeo and Juliet, but without the whole death thing.

‘Would you look at those two,’ I turned my head to Archie, seeing him gesture his head to his best friends who were so madly involved with each other they didn’t even bother to notice us admiring them, 'they’re so in love.’

'They’re happy, Arch. I mean - Jughead didn’t seem like that type to treat someone with so much affection, but, I was completely wrong.’ I laughed, shaking my head.

'What are you laughing at?’ Y/N asked. Arch and I turned our heads back to Jughead and Y/N looking at the two of us in confusion.

'Oh, nothing. Honestly, it’s fine.’ I gave the warm smile whilst they just gave us a look, going back to their original conversation.

'He really does love her, doesn’t he?’ I asked.

'He loves her Ronnie and that’s hard to find these days.’

'With them - it doesn’t seem so hard.’

I watched them as they mouthed 'I love you’ to each other. I bit my lip, trying to contain my smile whilst I continue to drink my milkshake.

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I just want to take this off my chest: I was watching the new atl video for like the hundred time today and idkw I read the comments (even tho I know I'm gonna get pissed bc so much hate) and there was one saying "Idk what I'm doing here, I'm not even an atl fan lmao" and like... I wasn't even surprised it had a top pic in their icon. Besides a few exceptions that fandom is so rude and extra, I can't even (sorry for any typos, english isn't my first language).

ahhaha yeah i saw that comment too! whatever tho they’re still giving atl free views so better luck next time 💁🏼💁🏼💁🏼 also i fucking hate top and most of their fans, this is a top free zone🙅🏼 but yeah i don’t like their fanbase it feels like a cult to me ahsnshahha idk i just really don’t like them at all, they think they’re superior for some odd reason like do they think they’re above atl???? gross, anyway have a good weekend, also your english is great!😘❤

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Do you ever have problems reconciling the movies you enjoy watching with your faith? I struggle with that sometimes--I thought it was wrong of me to enjoy Corpse Bride because it doesn't depict the actual afterlife--and since you really like things like the Godfather movies and Scorcese's films, I figure that you've had to think about this as well. Thank you.

No, I don’t often have trouble reconciling my faith with the movies I watch.

I approach everything from a Christian viewpoint, and a film can either provide me with food for thought, or provide me with an way to better explain my beliefs.

Just because a piece of art doesn’t strictly conform to Christian standards doesn’t mean we should dismiss it. Instead, we must view it through the prism of our faith, and then use it as a way to understand ourselves, and our own personal journey with Christ.

God is in everything, and so we can find aspects of him in humanity, since we are made in God’s image, even if we’ve tarnished that image with sin.

I hope that makes sense.

Faith issue

After hearing of Yousef not being not Muslim I am gonna tell something. See I grew up in really religious country. And there are a lot of people who are really faithful. Sometimes they meet not religious people and fall in love. And there are differences. Sometimes the person feel unsure because their partner don’t want to attend to church or are okay with sex before marriage. And other person may not want to suddenly become faithful just because of partner, but they respect their faith. I personally think that relationship between two people with different religious views of the case can work, but not like when one side suddenly changes just to please partner, because they kinda lost what they are. Yes I know that my religion and Sana’s are not the same, but I saw how it is like being really connected to it, so I know it is hard to let go and just say “Hey, this person don’t believe, i don’t care, let’s just be happy”. Because it is hard, people need to talk about it and see how they percieve it, can they find the way to accept it or do they want to let go, because they don’t feel ready.

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hello hello you seem really nice so one time i told my friend that i was antisocial and she said 'well yea if i wasn't here rn u would probably alone' and it hurt even though it shouldn't have. i don't have many friends in general, sometimes i feel alone and i don't even know why HELP AM I NOT COOL ENOUGH OR SOMETHING

to me, it can be viewed in two ways??? like one, your friend might be joking but two, just because it’s joking doesn’t mean it couldn’t hurt. i don’t have any right to say if it has anything to do with your personality or any sort like that, because i don’t know you and i can’t vouch to take your side or to make you feel better just by saying SCREW HER YOU’RE PROBABLY TOO GOOD TO BE HER FRIEND ANYWAYS - no, i can’t say that.

but what i will say is that if it really does upset you, probably talk to her about it? the number one thing in a friendship or any relationship be it romantic or platonic is communication so if it upsets you, talk about it. other than that, i can’t say anything else about it.

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Hi Susie, whats your favourite thing and least favourite thing about each 1D boy? ( Like the thing you did for BSB) it would be really interesting to know. :)

Louis - I have no doubt he’s got your back if he’s your friend.

Least - he seems like he’s hard to focus sometimes. And omg stop yelling.

Liam - he’s happiness personified. I always smile when I see him.

Least - super sensitive and defensive when he feels like he’s been attacked. Calm down cupcake it’ll be alright.

Niall - Niall and I are the most similar in terms of how we view the world. He just wants fun and adventure. I can relate.

Least - he’s always seemed like it’s hard to get him to make a decision. And he’s one of those people who won’t say anything for fear of rocking the boat.

Harry - he is painfully self aware. And he seems like a person who would gladly stand there and talk to someone he didn’t know if the conversation was good enough.

Least - alright if he doesn’t learn how to start saying no to people I’m gonna fly to wherever he is and make him write it on a whiteboard 1000 times. It doesn’t bug me because of him it bugs me because it’s created this idea within the fandom that he needs to be protected. So fans attack other fans for things they “think” might upset him when in reality Harry never gave a shit (the lipstick stained jacked for example)

My favorite thing about the band as a whole is that none of them EVER take the bait when someone tries to sucker them into talking shit about their fans. Or labeling us as crazy.

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just want to let you know but someone reposted your saiaka animatic vid to a confession page on ig without credit, i can ask them to take it down if you want to :0


I don’t even know what that is.. confession page on ig?? what is that place, why would they omg I didn’t even get like 200 views on that thing and somebody’s already reposted it somewhere?? how could they?? thanks for telling me, I would really appreciate if you do and lina can you give me the link you’re talking about if that’s alright with you? tysm..!

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I like to believe that even though Spencer has zero tolerance for Sophie's bullying towards Diana, he kind of feels for her because deep down he knows that her home life with her father isn't great and she doesn't really know what it's like to have that kind of love at home. I like to think that if Sophie was to do something again, he would talk to Diana and take the two on like, a day out full of fun and laughter and hopefully change her view. Just to show that she can be different. Idk

As I’ve been writing, and developing Sophie’s family, I’ve been thinking that Sophie’s father is verbally abusive and controlling, and then one day, Sophie calls Diana in desperation because her dad has turned physically abusive. I have a feeling I’ll end writing this piece. Where Spencer, Luke and the rest of the Bureau go and arrest Sophie’s father for assault and battery and then they take Sophie in for a bit while her mother recovers in the hospital. I’m thinking…

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This isn't really a question but I just wanted to say you are beautiful and inspirational. I will be starting my transition soon and viewing your blog has given me courage and hope. 😘😘

Thank you I’m glad to hear it 💕 good luck on your transition though it’s roller coaster of like everything but it’s worth it for sure

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why is trans girl ranma so big? I could totally see it fit if he didn't yell I AM A MAN all the time in the manga. and because he does that, shouldn't trans boy ranma be more fitting? like? we have, what? 38 volumes of a 'girl' yelling I'M A MAN. so shouldn't it be trans boy? it makes me kind of uncomfortable because his only wish throughout the whole stroy is to be male. I just want me some good ol trans boy ranma content

very interesting question! Personally I’m a fan of all kinds of trans!Ranma, hell I’m currently writing about trans boy!Ranma.

 I’m probably not the best person to answer this cause I’m not entirely sure why people like the concept themselves. I don’t really have an exact headcanon for what Ranma identifies as, because I like all of them all so much. I think for some people a lot of people view Ranma as a trans girl because they identify with them, but again I’m not entirely sure!

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I feel like your attitude annoys a lot of people. Like you think you're the top shit. Need a bit of humbling maybe..?

Nah, I just like to be direct and giving my mind. Meet me in person before not calling me humble. I assume you get that from my grammar or how I answer my asks. Try getting the same question over and over with the answers all over my blog. It gets frustrating especially if they’re about sexual preference or political views. Now really, tell my how I think I’m the shit. Doesn’t everyone want to stay on top?

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Talley isn't working for Jen anymore and Laura is replacing her, is that right? I saw something about that on Twitter, but I don't know if it's true. And just a random question: do you like Laura? I really do, but I saw people throwning hate at her for no reason (in my point of view), so I was just wondering if there's some reason for.

Talley isn’t working with Jen anymore and it does make me sad. Talley worked for Jen for three years and seemed to be a supportive, discrete and calming presence in Jen’s life. But when you work for a star the caliber of Jen, you don’t have much of a life of your own. You’re away from your family and friends for months at a time in different countries. That’s not easy and maybe Talley just needed a break. I hope Talley is well and happy and I miss her!

Laura is acting as Jen’s assistant right now. I am not aware of any “hate” directed at Laura - if you can point me to a link, that would be helpful. I can’t imagine this is a permanent position. Like I said, you really have no life as an assistant and Laura has a husband that I’m sure would like to have her around. 

my art teacher has the ability to view everyone’s monitors in the lab on his computer and today he interrupted everybody working to say “hey hannah? that picture you have open on your desktop looks really weird.”

of course this piqued everyone’s interest who wasn’t around me and he tried to explain it but couldn’t and was like “i’ll just show you”

and then he displayed my desktop full-screen on the projector while it looked like this

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Hey jack, this doesn't really effect YOUR content specifically but what do you think about the YouTube LGBTQ+ restriction? From my point of view it is ridiculous and should be dealt with immediately.

At first I was like “well it seems like everyone is effected by the restriction mode” but then I thought about it a bit more. If people are being restricted as “inappropriate content” just because they’re LGBT channels then that’s absolute bullshit.

The fact that we dont know how or why restriction mode works is ridiculous. Youtube need to speak up. EDIT: YT have since issued an explanation https://twitter.com/ytcreators/status/843613347367079937

My view on the “waiting for the McElroy culture to go sour thing” is that,,, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it? I feel like this is where the rift is going to split open, pitting “things inevitably go bad” against “I really just enjoy them, please let it alone” people

We’re making problems where there really aren’t any? I see people citing the fact we refer to them as “good sweet boys” which is literally just mimicking the way the guys talk, themselves. Ofc we’re not infantilizing them, we’re just enjoying their comforting humor, pls don’t make problems where there aren’t any

one of my friends said that they weren’t expecting this at all from harry, and it really like? hit me so hard because this is more or less exactly what i expected from him, more or less exactly what my friends were expecting from him, but the general public has such a different view, and this is the harry that i have adored and admired for several years, this is the harry that’s authentic and real, and i just. cannot WAIT for the public to see the real him, the one i’ve “known” for so long, and i can’t wait to watch everyone else to fall in love with who he really, truly is.

Ok that last post got me fired up so we’re gonna have a quick chat about queer history and respecting your elders.

Nothing makes me more angry then when I see some 14 or 15 year old kids try to talk over queer elders and tell them what they can and cannot say about themselves and about their community. 

The queer community has a long, painful, and constantly evolving history. From things like early lesbian couples and Boston Marriages to Stonewall to the AIDS crisis, a lot of shit has happened, a lot of identities have existed and a lot of words have been used. 

Remember that if you’re young right now, you grew up in a time completely different than that of queer elders. You didn’t live through this stuff but you’re coming into it and you’re expecting to bend it to your own thoughts and needs. And that’s ok, you’re allowed to want to better your community and you’re allowed to change things where you see problems.

The problem arises when you haven’t done your research. When you come into the community with no background in it and try to change things. When you don’t know what happened in the past, but you think it should change or you think you know how to change it. 

So story time.

I live in a very liberal dorm. A very queer liberal dorm. And each semester we have guests come speak to us about whatever they do. A couple semesters ago we had Kate Bornstein come speak to us. For anyone who doesn’t know, ze is a trans author. A much older trans author. And the entire trans club at my school decided to attend hir talk. An email was sent out by the LGBTQ resource center beforehand explaining that if people chose to attend the event, they should be aware that ze was older and probably had differing views and to take it with a grain of salt.

So I attended the talk and first of all Kate is the loveliest human. Just very sweet and ze really wants to help queer youth. But, yes, ze is a little different than say a trans 15 year old. Ze explained how ze likes to use the word tr*nny. Why? Because when ze was figuring hirself out ze found a group of other trans people who referred to themselves that way and it felt like a family. Tr*nny became a family word. However, people in the audience immediately started questioning her on this. And being rude about it. 

So my takeaways from this are essentially that this was carried out horribly. First of all, I find it cringe worthy that the trans club felt the need to tell us to “take it with a grain of salt” and I found it cringe worthy that these kids fought a trans elder on zir own life story. 

Why? because this wasn’t a lesson in being queer now. This was a lesson in queer history. This was a person talking about what it meant to be queer in the past and educating us on where our community came from. And that’s important.

You don’t get to tell queer elders who they are. They know who they are and what they’ve been through far more than you do. You need to sit down and learn your history before you try to tell a queer elder what it means to be queer and what words they can and cannot use. Because you know damn well that if anyone tried to take your words away from you it would hurt. 

TL;DR: the queer community has a history, please learn it before you try to shit on it

If you need educating, please read And the Band Played On by Randy Shilts and Odd Girls and Twlight Lovers by Lillian Faderman. They’re a good start, but there’s always more to learn, please don’t stop.

This is what “balancing the Force” looks like:

I wrote a 25-page paper on Star Wars arguing that “bringing balance to the Force” didn’t mean “the Jedi will be 100% in control” (and of course not the opposite) but bringing the two aspects of the Force into alignment, using Anakin as a case study. Brief recap of my paper:

    • The Jedi literally don’t know that slavery still exists in the galaxy and are shocked when Shmi says “The Republic doesn’t exist out here… We must survive on our own.” So like… the fuck.
    • Anakin asks Qui-Gon “Have you come to free us?” and Qui-Gon says “No, I’m afraid not,” to which Anakin replies, “Why else would you be here?” Here we can see the innocence and goodness in Anakin juxtaposed against the moral ambiguity of the Jedi. They’re there for repairs on their ship - nothing more, nothing less. Witnessing slavery does nothing to change those priorities.
    • The Jedi take a child away from his mother, and when Anakin is (rightfully) scared for his mom, who has been left in slavery, the Jedi are still like well, you know, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, enforcing the laws against slavery seems kinda like a lot of work so we’re just not gonna get involved. That’s like… not quite what you would expect from the “Light” Side.
    • Anakin is literally a child whose mother has been left in slavery and, understandably, he’s kind of freaked out. Instead of acknowledging Anakin’s pain as legitimate and working with him, the Jedi take an oppositional stance, telling Anakin that “Fear is the path to the dark side” - a phrase that was much more apt in the Original Trilogy than it is here, where Anakin is only nine, and his fears are 100% rational.
    • Obi-Wan asks Anakin if he’s sleeping poorly because of his mom, Anakin basically admits yes, and Obi-Wan says “Dreams pass in time.” Uh, Obi-Wan, I’m sure you have good intentions and all, but the problem isn’t in the dream world. Anakin’s dreams are a reflection of the actual, legitimate, very real danger his mother is in, and Obi-Wan’s response only dismisses Anakin’s fear and drives him further away from the Jedi Council. And, again, the Jedi could have fixed this entire situation by either rescuing his mother or actually trying to stop slavery instead of just paying lip service to the idea.
    • Anakin and Padmé fall in love, and Padmé is like “yo is this, like, allowed to happen for you??” and Anakin says “Attachment is forbidden. Possession is forbidden. Compassion, which I would define as unconditional love, is central to a Jedi’s life, so you might say we’re encouraged to love.” So… Taking a woman’s child so he can fulfill their prophecy and leaving that woman alone and enslaved on a desert planet is compassionate behavior now? Right. Sounds fake, but okay. Also, Anakin is literally pointing out the hypocrisy in that statement - so you can love humanity and people, but you can’t love a person? That’s super weird.
      • Falling in love is like… not really something you can help? Especially not the first time. Just, you know, speaking as the classic lesbian who has fallen for a straight best friend… just saying “don’t do that” is not really going to help. At all.
    • At this point, the Jedi have created a situation where if Anakin falls in love (as he is wont to do as a literal teenager who was not brought up in the Jedi Order of his own volition), he has to keep that love secret or a) risk expulsion from the Jedi and b) prove them “right” that he can’t be trusted. Which, you know, nobody wants to do.
    • Padmé tells him that he “had a nightmare again last night,” and Anakin says, “Jedi don’t have nightmares.” Yo, what the fuck. This kid is a teenager, his mom is on a desert planet and enslaved, and now he feels like he’s not even allowed to have nightmares? Which are not conscious? I get that the Jedi are supposed to have total control over themselves, but first of all, that’s a completely unrealistic expectation to have of anyone, much less a teenager, and second of all, that’s a real fucked up thing to imply on a mental health level. “You’re guilty, even for the pain that your brain is inflicting on you from childhood trauma in situations (i.e., unconsciousness) that you can’t even control!” Yeah, no. There is no way that could possibly go well. 
      • If Anakin is made to feel guilty for being scared or having nightmares or missing his mom from whom he was taken when he was not even ten years old, and Jedi are pointing to those feelings as evidence that he is dangerous and untrustworthy, he is put in a situation where he cannot admit that he needs help and therefore cannot access help. Like, just get the kid a shrink! And maybe rescue his mom! There are ways to address this and help Anakin stop having feelings, if that’s something we really have to do, without shaming him, which is gross and also distinctly unhelpful.
    • Anakin goes back to Tatooine to find his mom, she’s been kidnapped and tortured by Tusken Raiders, she dies in his arms, and he slaughters the Tuskens and vows to become so powerful he will be able to stop people from dying. Which, like, is not ideal - not condoning murder - but he’s also seen his mother for the first time in years, like at least half a decade, and he is a) completely overrun with survivor’s guilt and b) rightfully grieving and c) also rightfully pissed the fuck off that he finally sees him mom again only to have her die in his arms. Like, I’d be pissed, too. And you know what helps with grief? Talking it out!! Therapy!! Friendship!! You know what Anakin doesn’t have? Literally any of those things. He can’t admit that he’s grieving his mom because it would threaten his place in the Jedi Order. The Order’s strictness continues to place him in a catch-22 where admitting he needs help is already condemning him.
    • Anakin beats Count Dooku in part because he is furious that Palpatine has been “captured” and taps into the Dark Side with that emotion. THEN, Padmé’s like “surprise, I’m pregnant,” and Anakin (again, understandably) flips the fuck out. He has nightmares about her dying in childbirth, and guess who he can’t go to for advice or help or even consolation? The Jedi!! Wow, this is going so well for everyone, what great policies we have here.
    • The Jedi Council want Anakin to spy on Palpatine, and Anakin (correctly) points out to Obi-Wan that this goes against the Jedi Code, against the Republic, and asks why Obi-Wan is asking this of him… to which Obi-Wan replies, “The Council is asking you.” So, you know, this doesn’t exactly endear Anakin to the Council, who have already been pretty shitty to him and are now seemingly hypocritical as well.
    • Palpatine says to Anakin, “Be careful of the Jedi, Anakin. They fear you. In time they will destroy you.” and yeah, he’s playing on Anakin’s confusion and suspicions and totally using him as a pawn here, but he’s also right. The Jedi have proven themselves to not have Anakin’s best interests at heart, even if they have good intentions. And they do fear Anakin, so, you know, that whole “non-attachment prevents fear” thing isn’t really working out for them either.
    • Palpatine tells Anakin that the Dark Side can allow you to control death, and Anakin (who, let’s remind ourselves, has watched his mother die in his arms) begs to know how so he can save Padmé should his nightmares come true and she die in childbirth. And, again, since he can’t go to the Jedi for any help with this, he feels he has no choice but to trust Palpatine.
    • Here we get to a real fun sequence of events. Palpatine tells Anakin he’s a Sith. Anakin threatens to kill Palpatine, but doesn’t, so he can maintain the possibility of learning how to save Padmé. He goes to tell the Jedi, who rush into action and don’t allow him to join them because they think his fear will cloud his judgment, ignoring the fact that a) they’re scared out of their asses too, and b) he literally just betrayed someone close to him??? for people who have really been nothing but shitty??? So I feel like Anakin’s doing surprisingly well rn and the Jedi are basically like, “Yeah, great, but also fuck you and stay here.”
    • Soooooooo, Anakin goes to save Palpatine (again, to then save his wife), and in order to save him he kills a Jedi. At this point, Anakin’s like “I’m completely fucked,” which is true (although he’s been fucked from the beginning because the Jedi suck), and he pledges himself to Palpatine because he doesn’t think he has any other option.
    • Okay, then he goes and murders a bunch of kids, so like. That’s not great. Not gonna condone that. This was A Mistake™. I think we can all agree on that. Moving on.
    • Obi-Wan and Yoda see footage of Anakin’s fun murder time and Obi-Wan goes to try to find and defeat Anakin. In order to find him, he tells Padmé what happened and then hides away on her ship.
    • Padmé talks to Anakin, flips out when she realizes Obi-Wan was telling the truth, and as she tries to talk Anakin down from his panic- and grief-fueled descent into insanity he says, “I won’t lose you the way I lost my mother! I’ve become more powerful than any Jedi has ever dreamed of and I’ve done it for you. To protect you.”
      • Side note, at this point I get annoyed because, like, Anakin, she literally Did Not Ask. Buddy, pal, friend, she specifically told you not to do this. I know your heart is in the right place, but like, this really could have all been prevented if you’d just listened to your wife. Why are the women in Star Wars consistently the only people who know what the fuck is going on?
    • Obi-Wan reveals himself, Anakin thinks Padmé betrayed him, and Force-chokes her. So, like, again, the anger is understandable, the Force-choking is not. Not going to defend that.
    • As Obi-Wan and Anakin fight, Anakin says something extremely telling: “From my point of view, the Jedi are evil.” He isn’t lying. He isn’t even exaggerating. The Jedi have fucked him over at every turn. And the point that is being made here is that Anakin descends into madness because he, like the Jedi, lives at moral extremities. He goes mad and gives himself over to the Dark Side because the Jedi have thoroughly erased any possibility of a middle ground. 
      • The utter distrust that the Jedi Council have of “Gray Jedi” and the fact that “Gray Jedi” means both people who walk the middle ground of the Force and people who don’t answer to the authority of the Jedi Council also point to this. We can see this with Jolee Bindo and Qui-Gon, among others. If you walk the middle line, the Jedi will turn their backs on you. (Pro tip: if nobody is allowed to disagree with you, you’re probably not the good guys.)
    • Aaaaaaaaand finally the whole fight ends and Anakin becomes a weird lava-deformed creature of the night and when he finally wakes up and asks Palpatine if Padmé is okay, Palpatine says, “It seems in your anger, you killed her.” So, Anakin at this point a) is consumed with self-hatred, b) has nothing to live for because all of his loved ones either hate him (Obi-Wan) or are dead (Padmé, theoretically), and c) feels like he has no way out of the horrifying mess he’s put himself in. And here the prequels end.

What I’m trying to say here is that the Jedi aren’t perfect, and they don’t always use the Force for good. (See: “slavery is cool, we guess.”) Their emphasis on shutting out your emotions is ultimately what drives Anakin to the Dark Side because they allow no room for mistakes and therefore erase the possibility of Anakin ever getting help. Or, you know, compassion, which is supposed to be the Jedi version of love. So… The Sith suck. But the Jedi also suck. Not as much, for sure, but they are definitely guilty of some real fucked up things.

Now for the fun part!!!!! Rey, in Ep. VII, wins her battle against Kylo when she gets pissed. You can also see in that scene that when he’s overpowering her, you can see both the red and blue light reflected in her eyes, and when she closes her eyes and thinks “use the Force” and opens her eyes again, you only see the red.

What that piece said to me, and what this trailer and the poster say to me, is that “balancing the Force” means recognizing that emotions are not evil unto themselves, that you can love people and use that love to fuel goodness. Rey has the potential to balance the Force because she has already proven that she can harness emotion, be driven by emotion, and still use that for the Light Side.

Anyway, I fucking love Star Wars, meta is great, Rey can kick my ass any day, and if I’m right and these trailers are backing up my theory I am literally going to lose my mind.