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some ole bullshit (again)

AIGHT ladies and gents and everyone, you’ve probably seen this  twitter post basically showing Xander Berkeley (Gregory) messaging a 19 year old and whatnot. I’m not going to explain it bc i want u to read it for yourselves. This is going to be a long-ass post so hold on tight. I just got home from Cuba, and I was without internet for a week so I’ve missed 98% of the shit thats gone down this week. 

So to start I want to talk about the messages sent between Xander and Karma (that’s her twitter name) 

1.) One of the big things taken out of context here is the fact that during one of the messages, there was a comment made that, if not read correctly, made it seem as if Xander were a pedophile. (which he is not) That is a really fucking big accusation and shouldn’t be taken lightly at all. Other than that the messages speak for themselves, although Karma posted screenshots as well as a 2 min video, which u can find on her page. It’s some pretty solid evidence, and I’ve analyzed it and can’t find anything that would make it seem fake. 

2) My biggest problem with this is that Xander is, ya know, married with two kids (both girls) so the whole situation is extra fucked. The girl he messaged is my age (19) which constitutes as an adult, but theres still somewhat of a power inbalance with the fact that he’s a celebrity and, ya know, 61. Legally there’s nothing wrong, but socially…yeah. There’s a lot of things in the messages that I’m not even going to go over bc the link is above.

3) Steven Ogg did post a tweet defending Xander, but deleted it. It was most likely a knee-jerk reaction to seeing his friend getting hate, so hopefully he realized what was happening and saw all the messages and whatnot. Does that make him “human scum” or “trash?” no, it doesn’t you fucking freaks. Jesus.

So in terms of the raw evidence/messages, that’s about all I have to say. In my opinion the dude is fucked and shouldn’t have done what he did, however, the way the situation was handled is an entirely different story, which I’m going to talk about below. It’s a real shame, too, because Xander and I have interacted plenty of times and I never got any sort of creepy/pervy vibe from him (then again, I never got any weird vibes from the 19 year old who sexually abused me when i was 15) (which now that i think about it means he was a pedophile) so yeah.

Anywho, for the next part of this - this doesn’t really have to do with this situation in particular, but something that social media (twitter especially) has made a “trend” of sorts - publicly “exposing” people (mainly celebrities) via the internet. The situation with Xander just made me want to talk a bit about it because it’s happened so many times its seems, and it’s something that really, really worries me about people (younger people especially) and social media. 

In no way am I giving a free pass to people who do shit like what Xander did. I just personally feel like there’s this terrible mentality that we have to share anything and everything with the world via social media, and in this case it’s something that should have been kept private. This should not concern anyone other than Xander, his wife, Karma, and possibly Xander’s employer. Mainly due to two reasons 1) the sake of the victim and their mental healthy 2) the fact that when information if put out to be read by thousands of people, you have no clue what the context is, where it’s coming from, what could be someones interpretation of the situation not the truth, etc. you’ve also inadvertently drawn in people such as cast members  - Lauren, Norman, JDM, Austin, Seth, Christian, etc. - who might not want to be involved in stuff like this. 3) once the information is out there, you have absolutely no control over who see’s it and where it goes. You’ve forfeited the right to privacy. You no longer ‘own’ what you post. There are already articles being written about the situation that Karma had nothing to do with, and this could be really, really dangerous for a lot of the parties involved when it comes to what the truth really is, and who is affected, mainly because now this shit is going to follow you. 

The next thing, and I think this has to do with the TWD fandom in particular. And this is just my opinion.

For the love of God stop stanning celebrities

The TWD fandom has a huge problem with this shit, and I think its part of why the reaction to all this has become one giant mob mentality ie. ur either “with” or “against” and anyone who disagrees is “trash.” That is NOT how situations like this need to be handled, and another result of why situations like these should be left private. Celebrities are not ur personal toys to project your ideals on. They are human beings. And at the end of the day, what they do will not effect your life whether you think it will or not. In no way am I saying that you have to support an artists behavior should they be homophobic, racist, etc. but you have to understand that you cannot forfeit their right to make mistakes or do fucked up shit just because you enjoy their work/like some of the things they say. One of the biggest fucking things I’ve seen is people trying to count how many TWD cast members are unfollowing Xander, as if that’s somehow a correct gage of how the cast feels about him. As if you know him more personally than Steven or Austin or Lauren. (news flash: you don’t. I’ve talked to him a bunch and hell not even I knew this shit was coming) As if the whole thing is just some fun spectacle for you to watch cause ur bored that the shitshow that is TWD isn’t back on until October. Some of ya’ll need to understand that these are REAL people. This is the same fandom that bodyshamed Alanna, and ran JOSH off social media for no reason at all. So you’ll have to forgive me if I’m not a little bit exasperated with TWD fans in general. 

So yeah. Long post, but I felt like I needed to say some things about the whole situation. The whole thing is a clusterfuck and I think what happened is wrong on both sides. (Karma is an adult, but like I said, to me 19 is still socially a child) I think at the end of the day this should have been dealt with privately, but I wish Karma all the best. If you want to message her on twitter to ask questions she said that she’s open - just be respectful. 

I’m going to tag some people bc I want them to see this. I’m also probably not really returning to the TWD fandom (if I do it will be strictly Negan or Simon material) I’m focusing more on Transformers, Attack on Titan, DC, Marvel, and some other stuff. 

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Daryl Dixon x Reader

Word count: 2294

Warning(s): None, really. Mentions of the reader’s past and cursing but that’s pretty much it.

a/n, just a little drabble i came up with a while ago and posted on my wattpad account.

“The hell are you doing up there, woman?” you heard a gruff voice call. You peered down from your high perch in the tall tree and rolled your eyes at who you saw. “I done told you not to roll your eyes at me, girl. Don’t you know nothin’!”

“Dixon, you can’t even see my eyes all the way up here so I know you can’t tell if I rolled ‘em or not!” you called back to him. You proceeded to sit back on your branch with your head against the tree and sighed contentedly. You could hear him muttering to himself. “What was that!” you called.

“Nothin’, dammit! Rick sent me down here to get you because no one else will!” Ah, that’s why he was so ill.“ I trekked all the way out here and I ain’t going back empty handed!” You heard a noise and look down at the jack ass of a hunter. He was pointing his crossbow right at you. “I’ll shoot ya down if I have to!”

“Ya wouldn’t dare!” you shouted back. You could see him raise his brow. Of course, he pulled the trigger right after you said that. You squealed when you felt the arrow zip by your head and got stuck in the tree. You untied your legs and packed all your stuff back in your pack, including the birds you had caught. You put your bow back over your shoulder.

“Can ya grab my arrow for me?” You could hear the smirk in his voice. You scowled down at him. Before you started down and you grabbed the arrow, broke it on your knee and threw the pieces down to him. He was seething by the time you got to the ground. “What did ya do that for!”

You shrugged. “You shot at me,” you said simply before turning around and headed towards the prison.

Daryl shook his head after you left. Crazy bitch. You were seriously starting to make him regret picking you up out of that barn all those months ago. You had been burning up with an infection from a recent gunshot wound. He didn’t have it in him to just leave you there.

So you’ve been with the group ever since. There weren’t many people that actually liked you, to be honest. In fact most were scared of you. Daryl didn’t know why. You were about as scary as a wet kitten to him. You never said how you really had gotten shot. You changed the story every time, each new story more ridiculous than the last. He once called you on it but all you told him was, “Gotta keep you on your toes, Dixon.” The only people that did like you were the group that Daryl had came here with. They all saw you as a little sister or a crazy cousin. You were family.

Daryl wasn’t sure how he saw you though. Hell he hardly knew shit about you! Even if he wanted to know more he wasn’t going to fucking ask, because he knew your type. You would see it as “an eye for an eye” type deal, and he wasn’t about to let you go digging through his head for nothin’.

He was brought back from his thoughts you called his name. “Daryl get down!” He ducked down just as you shot an arrow through the skull of a walker that had snuck up behind him. You grabbed his wrist and yanked him towards the now open gate to the prison. “Come on, ya crazy shit!”

You both made through the gates just as walkers were closing in on you. You put your hands on your knees, trying to catch your breath. “What the hell-” you breathed “-was that!” He just stormed past you, bumping into your shoulder as he did so. You shrugged it off and went inside to find Rick.

“Y/n,” he called out from one of the cells. You looked in to see he was feeding Little Ass Kicker.

“Hey Rick,” you said quietly. “Daryl said you needed me to come down for something?” You scratched the back of your hand.

Rick nodded once, slowly. “Yeah. Well you didn’t have to come all the way up here. I told Daryl to give ya the message if he was goin’ huntin’.”

You smacked your face. “Fuckin’ son of a bitch….” You ran a hand through your y/h/c hair. “Okay so what did ya need me for?”

You could see him, struggling not to grin. He knew exactly what Daryl did. “You’re on watch tonight at sundown.”

“Is that it?” you said.

He nodded. “Yeah, you’re good to go.”

“I’ll be there for my shift. I’m gonna go walk the perimeter.” You stalked off grumbling to yourself. “Dumb redneck… smug bastard… wring his neck….”

Rick finally couldn’t hear you anymore and he smiled down at Judith. He knew he didn’t need to worry about you hurting anyone, especially Daryl. Neither of you might have noticed, but you’re the only two who haven’t. Y/n Y/l/n and Daryl Dixon were too much like each other in personality, that was the only reason you clashed so much with each other.

You wanted to go up to Daryl and smack the shit out of him, but you didn’t want to scare anyone again. Most everyone already thought you were a freak, although you didn’t really care about what the adults thought. You just didn’t want to scare the kids that were around.

Instead of doing what you wanted, however, you ran up to Carol when you spotted her. You took out the string of birds from your bag and gave them to the older woman. You smiled at each other and you went walking along the fence until the sun was almost covered by the horizon.

You ignored all the people sitting around eating supper and relieved Glenn from his watch.

“You okay, Y/n? Have you eaten yet?” he asked.

“I’ve got it taken care of, honey,” you lied. “Go on and get you something to drink, you look flushed.”

He patted your back and nodded. “See ya later then.”

Daryl watched as you climbed up the guard tower, not even bothering to come and eat first. Stubborn woman, he knew you hadn’t eaten that day. He grunted and grabbed another plate for you. He went over and climbed up.

You turned, startled, as you saw a plate of food shoved your way. Daryl glared down at you. “Ya gonna take it or not? I ain’t gonna stand here all night.”

You took it wordlessly but put it down in front of you. “I’m not hungry, but thanks anyway.”

“Whatever,” he mumbled. “Ya need to eat. Keep up your strength.”

“I will later,” you said. You were thankful when he dropped it.

Looking back through your binoculars, you started chewing on your thumbnail. Daryl had finally had enough. “Ya need to fucking get out of my head!” he yelled suddenly.

His outburst startled you, but you didn’t show it. You put down the binoculars. “Excuse me?”

“You’re the reason I wasn’t payin’ no attention today! I don’t need some girl constantly in my head, makin’ me miss things I shouldn’t be missin’, like damn geeks coming after me!” he continued ranting. “I don’t even fuckin’ know you, so get outta my head!”

You snapped back at him. “Well none of you people have ever bothered to get to know me! And as for being in your head that’s not my fault, Dixon, so don’t even start!”

You glared at each other hard for a few moments. Finally Daryl backed down some and broke the silence. “What did you do before all this?”

 Sighing you said, “I was a waitress at this shitty little Chinese restaurant.” He let out a small chuckle. “What?”

“Nothin’,” he said. “Just thought you’d have done somethin’ more… excitin’.”

You smirked. “How do you know that I didn’t? Ya gotta ask the right questions if you really wanna know. I’ll answer your questions if you answer mine.”

He knew that was coming. “There’s some I won’t answer. Understand that.”

You nodded nodded. “Got any tattoos?”

“I have a few. Do you?” he said back.

You lifted up the jeans on your leg and he saw a weird shaped blob just above your ankle. “A camera?” he asked.

You picked up your plate and nodded. “I loved reading, writing, video games, but my favorite thing to do was take pictures. Do you ever wonder what the world looks like through someone else’s eyes? That’s what a picture is. Seeing the world the way someone else does. And the best thing about pictures? Maybe the people who were in them change, but the pictures themselves… that’s a memory frozen in time. The photographs can’t change. They’re amazing.”

Daryl just stared at you for a long moment. That was the most he’d ever heard you say to… well anyone. He wasn’t sure how to feel about him being that person, but he didn’t hate it. “Never thought about it like tha’ before.”

She just grunted and that was it for conversation. You both ate in comfortable silence.

The next morning Daryl was woken up by the door slamming shut in the guard tower. It was Maggie climbing in for her shift.

Daryl didn’t realize he’d fallen asleep up here. “Where’s Y/n?” he asked groggily.

“She went huntin’. Said you were right behind her when we tried getting someone to go with her.” Maggie looked concerned.

“Ah shit,” Daryl groaned. He packed up his crossbow and quiver and climbed down to go after you.

Hearing leaves crunching behind you caused you to groan. “Daryl, I am fine!” you said without looking at him. “It’s day time, bright and sunny, and I can defend myself against any-” you finally turned and saw a walker a foot away. You quickly shot an arrow through its head, but there were about 6 more behind it. You tossed the bow and went for your knife you had hidden in your boot. You managed to get two down before another pulled your hair and tried going for your neck. You screamed when all of the sudden it dropped, with another person’s arrow sticking out of its eye. You and Daryl took down the remaining three quickly.

He turned on you. “Do you have a fucking death wish!”

“I was handling it just fine,” you said curtly.

“The hell ya were!” He was screaming in your face. “You should have brought someone else out here to watch your damn back! Unless you really are just wanting an easy way out! I’ve saved your ass at least three times now, the least you could give me is a damn thank you!”

You flinched away from him, about to express that you actually were grateful to him until he said, “Probably wasn’t even worth the damn trouble to get you outta that barn anyway and saving your ass the first time! More trouble than your worth.”

Your demeanor changed then. You couldn’t have felt more angry. “Maybe you fucking should have left me then,” you spat.

You began stalking back to the forest and Daryl didn’t follow. He needed to cool off. 'Course he didn’t mean what he said, but you didn’t know that. He was just pissed that he almost lost you right as he was getting her to open up to him. He chewed his thumbnail before deciding to go back to the prison. He’d send someone out here to get you; there was no way you’d come with him now.

A week had passed with no change. Both you and Daryl were more moody than ever and never spoke to each other. You just didn’t speak much at all, really.

Glenn, Daryl, Bob, one of the teenagers Zack, and a few others were on a run to the Big Spot. The inside didn’t look like it’d been touched much at all. Daryl saw Glenn stopped in one of the aisles staring hard at something.

Daryl’s eyes widened when he saw what it was, and he and Glenn grabbed a couple of them each. That was then the ceiling caved in and the screaming started.

You had finally calmed down enough to try and sleep after pacing back and forth worrying for God knows how long. They should have been back by now. Not that you really cared or nothin’…

You jolted awake when a gruff voice yelled, “Dammit!” You looked up and saw Daryl rubbing his head which he had apparently bumped pretty hard.

With a sigh, you shook your head. “Let me see, tough guy.” He winced when you felt around his skull. “Just a bump. I think you’ll live. If not, I’m getting the vest and the crossbow.”

“You already have your own bow,” he grumbled.

“But it’s not a crossbow. What are you doing in here?”

“Well it was supposed to be a surprise…” He rubbed the back of his neck before deciding to give it to you anyway. He grabbed the bag from behind him and tossed it.

You caught it opened it up to reveal several polaroid cameras, the kind that develop as you take them. You looked up at him wide-eyed. Grinning widely you stood and wrapped your arms around his neck. “Thank you!”

“I don’t hate ya, girl,” he said. He hugged you back. “Just hate that I’m worryin’ about ya.”

“Ya know,” you started, “it wouldn’t kill you to admit you care about someone Daryl. More than you normally care for people. I care about you more than I probably should, even though you’re a mean old son of a bitch.”

He grinned at you and sat down beside you. “Wanna go take some pictures? The moon looks… kinda cool tonight.”

You looked at him like he was crazy. “Are you out of your mind? Taking pictures of the moon is a bitch. But we can go in the morning and catch the sunrise.” You smiled and leaned your head on his shoulder, and sighed when you felt his head rest on yours.