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Failed Deception

Anon asked:  “can you do a taehyung bad boy scenario like you did with yoongi and hoseok? i just found them and theyre so cutee 💓💓”


PAIRING: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Badboy AU!, Fluff
Word count: 1.5k


 Taehyung wants to hold your hand and kiss you but he doesnt want to ruin his bad boy image

A/N: You guys are really liking this whole bad boy thing huh!Thank you for liking my other scenarios and thank you so much for requesting this one. I enjoyed writing and I hope you enjoy reading it!! Also I might just make this into a series since only 3 more members are left :)

Others members: Yoongi ver // Hoseok ver // Jeongguk ver 


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When Taehyung had asked you out on a date you hadn’t expected for it to be at a carnival. You were expecting something along the lines of a club where you would have to wear some skimpy dress, and probably spend the night coughing your lungs out because of all the smoke vapours and pungent alcohol smell. But you were very surprised when Taehyung unwrapped the blindfold and your eyes had fallen on the giant ferris wheel and a crowd of people bustling from place to place having a good time.

“You like it?” he smiled warmly at you. You shook your head looking around trying to soak in the beautiful sight. He was worried that you didn’t like it and was about to offer to take you to a place of your choice but you interrupted him. “I love it” you whispered and as soon as the reassuring words had left your mouth his frown disappeared and his face lit up with a bright smile. One that made your heart race.

As soon as you approached the booth to buy your tickets , Taehyung found himself to be on the receiving end of a shocked stare. You had to stop yourself from giggling because you understood the sentiment. After all Taehyung wasn’t someone who usually frequented such domestic events, rather everyone expected to find him at some underground joint getting high. Understanding why he was being stared at, Tae opted to glare at the guy and hissed under his breath some very colourful swear words that had the young man in front of you fumbling with the tickets.

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Serizawa and His Umbrella: A History

Welcome to my very, very, very, very long, image heavy Serizawa post (I’m not even going to share the length of time it took me to assemble this).

Since the appearance of Seri’s transparent new umbrella, it occurred to me how different the before and after versions of Umbrella Man are from when we first meet him to now. Compiling this made me emotional because my son has come so far. ;_; 

So, here are some thoughts on Seri and his umbrella.

I’ll start with chapter 89.1, when Seri shares his backstory with Mob. Here he is at 27 in one of my favorite panels, just before he leaves the house for the first time in 15 years with Toichiro. It breaks my heart how traumatized, young, and vulnerable and he looks here.

[Read more: https://flecksofpoppy.tumblr.com/post/166656206863/serizawa-and-his-umbrella-a-history]

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i started writing this book by going on a train ride in november 2013. for 15 days, i met people around the country & asked them to talk about themselves & - oh my god - people talk about themselves

i still watch the videos i took. one dude gave me 2 hours of anti-corporate, deep-internet alien theories, then pulled up at a bar & played ‘piano man’ by billy joel flawlessly. everybody sang.

a prospector in nevada (literally, he searches for gold for a living, but in a cool, modern way) bought me a “glass” of really nice scotch…then sat in a back alley w me for 15 minutes while i puked it up. evidently you’re not supposed to drink it like a shot.

i met a woman who used to take the train with her husband, but he’d been dead for a while so now she just took it when she had a sunday off & could remember it.

she loved her husband a lot. she said it hurt a lot when he died.

she said the day after he died was the first time she ever really looked at the paintings in her office.
i told her i didn’t really like paintings, & she said she didn’t either, it was a metaphor

she said it was also the first day that she really looked at karen, a secretary in her office. she’d never felt any particular way about karen, but she realized that day that she loved karen

then she started saying ALL OF THESE NICE THINGS ABOUT KAREN. karen was nice, karen was thoughtful, karen was lovely, but afraid to seem like she wanted to be liked. karen had a lot of friends but was never boastful about it. karen was super good at cross-stitching or something. 

it was the kind of shit you could only care about if you really, really looked at karen. by the end of the conversation, i loved karen.

we were sitting in a nearly empty train compartment, somewhere between truckee, ca & elko, nevada. & she cracked the whole code for me.

she said the day she was really free,
was the day she figured out how to look at the people around her
& feel lucky for every single one of them

she said all you had to do was decide to be grateful,
& all of a sudden,
you’d start finding reasons to love everything around you.

so past that point, she loved everybody as though they were her late husband. she figured out how to love the sister she didn’t really talk to anymore, the ornery woman who took the tickets, the strangers on the train, me.

i’m not as good as her yet, but i’m working on it.

i’m so lucky to know the people i know. i’m so lucky for the chance to know the people i don’t. i’m so lucky to have gotten 26 years, i’m lucky that the odds say i get 26 more.

i’m so lucky to have paradise fears & the family that surrounds it. now i’m so lucky to have joanna & ben & harper collins. i’m so lucky to get to put out a book.

side note: it’s a fictional book. none of those stories made it in, exactly. the book’s about a profoundly sad kid & his profoundly confusing grandfather. it’s a mystery, & i’m very, very proud of it. more on that later.

anyway, thank you for reading, always. today, i’m grateful for this life. in particular, i’m grateful for this insanely beautiful cover from victo ngai.


A little video analysis for an older video, but it’s still very telling

0:19 Cole and KJ both start laughing. Cole leans into KJ but stops himself pretty quickly. I don’t know what he would’ve done. And then right after, he takes his arm off of KJ’s shoulder. Maybe someone out of our view told him to or maybe he thought he’d slip up being that close to KJ

0:28 KJ sets hits arm down on Cole’s leg. Cole continues to answer the question to KJ as if he was the one who asked even though KJ was barely looking at him. I guess Cole likes to just admire KJ even if it’s not returned, so cute. 

0:45 Just a good shot of KJ still leaning on Cole’s thigh. 

0:51 Everyone else is answering the question with “Casey”, but Cole immediately turned to KJ and said that he was the one who was always early. KJ agreed. Nobody else really listened to their little conversation. It’s like they’re always in their own little world. These boys know each other’s schedules well. I guess anyone who lived together would. 

0:55 Col says “me” and KJ points to Cole and says “me and cole are always early every time.” Everyone else had come to their conclusions and stop answering, when KJ decided to correct his. The way he says this really seems like they come together to set from their apartment. 

0:57 Cole shakes his head in disagreement for a second, but what more can you expect from Cole, always joking around about being a mess. I’m betting KJ has to drag him out of bed to get to work in the morning. 

1:11 Mad’s answers the question “who is most likely to bait fans on social media” with LR. I’m glad someone is finally acknowledging her using the whole SH crap to get more followers and attention on twitter. No offense to LR, but it’s the truth. Cole hates using twitter and when LR tweets at him, he has to respond. 

1:14 Cole is biting his fingernails or doing something to play with his mouth. He seems either uncomfortable with the topic or trying to contains his thoughts about the answers being thrown around, but he ends up taking his fingers out and adding on to the Ashleigh debate. 

1:17 When cole stops biting his fingernails, KJ immediately starts and Cole leans his arm on KJ’s shoulder. It seems like a comforting thing. Like he uses a little touch to help KJ not be so nervous during interviews. We’ve seen this before. Cole either touches him, gives him something to play with, or makes funny faces when KJ seems uncomfortable. These interviews and press is still fairly new to KJ especially in the US. Cole has said that he helps KJ and shows him the ropes. And in previous interviews, claims he didn’t help anyone. So, KJ was the only one I guess. It’s nice to see that Cole knows exactly what to do to comfort KJ and that he’s the only one who knows him well enough to do so. When he does this small action, KJ stops biting his nails and seems to come back into the interview mentally because he seemed a little checked out before. 

1:43 damn KJ you are ruthless lmao. The question was “who is most likely to work out with KJ” and of course EVERYONE said Charles. KJ then replied snarkily “because he’s the only one who can keep up” and quickly turned his head to look at Cole. Cole looks at him and smiles. KJ looks pretty content with himself and Cole raises his eyebrows as KJ starts to look away. 

We know from previous interviews that Cole goes with KJ most of the time when he goes to the gym. We never see photos, but if you have ever read my blog, you know why. But Cole has talked about KJ pushing him like a personal trainer and how he can never keep up. I’m guessing KJ turned that into an ongoing joke between them. (not to be that person but the raised eyebrows do look like a “well I can keep up in bed” sorry) 

1:50 Camilla immediately, without even having to think about it, answers Cole to the question “Who is most likely to use shipper names in casual conversation. KJ then quietly says “me”. 

2:01 Casey says “I do like thinking of ship names of two names of two random characters who aren’t together while on set sometimes.” Then he looks over at KJ and Cole and gives them a weird smile. Cole responds with “Taterbee” to break that knowing smile and redirect the conversation, but it was pretty clear he was eluding to Jarchie, if even for a moment. Not significant, since those are characters and not real people, but the way Casey looked at them seemed like he was saying he shipped them in real life. All three of them stay silent for the rest of the answers, just smiling

Now, throughout the interview, Cole had risen his legs. So KJ’s are was literally then resting on his inner thigh while Cole was leaning on KJ’s shoulder. If this were Lili and Cole, everyone would be freaking out, but since they’re men, everyone sees it as friendship. I don’t know any male that touches their friend like that. Yet, I know boyfriends that do

Song of Solomon (revisited)

So to say that Brad Bucker and Eugenie Ross-Leming are ham-fisted is an understatement. Other writers may use elegant golden quills to craft their stories, Buckleming uses a hammer and smashes plots into submission.

Thus, naturally, their idea of subtext is to have a three second shot of the Song of Solomon after Dean literally throws the Bible at Jack.

They are to subtext what sociopaths are to emotional intelligence. They’ve heard it described and try to emulate it, but they don’t seem to understand it.

So, Song of Solomon.

Why would Jack not turn to Genesis? Like, he can read, but he doesn’t know how to start a book at the beginning? Genesis is also the book of “begats,” which lists all the descendants of Adam and Eve ad infinitum, and Jack is concerned with his lineage, so thematically it would fit. Why, would he not flip to 21:23, “Show to me and the country where you now reside as a foreigner the same kindness I have shown you,” since Sam is so concerned with teaching him to be A Force For Good TM.

But no. I have a feeling that Dabb said, “Make this season meta!” And he wrote 13x01 as a template– he showed us acrobats twirling on strings and strange bejeweled creatures enacting half-understood tales of grief and innocence…. And then the next act on stage was the roustabouts telling rape jokes. (No offense to roustabouts, it’s just a metaphor.)

So you have a writing team that can’t do nuance and don’t do very good subtext (how hard the meta writers strive to make sense of their episodes!) or refuse to because, again, dysfunctional. What do they give us for destiel subtext?


I’m sure I’m late to the party and that other writers more insightful than I have already tread this ground, but I’d like to wander this path, as well, and talk about the steamiest book of the Bible.

Sex is a big deal in the Old Testament. Everybody was obsessed with having kids, or with barrenness, with who was sleeping with who, and who could and could not get married (guys, you can’t marry your sister. Sorry I don’t make the rules.) In Genesis, marriage is described as a couple “becoming one flesh.” That book also contains the story of Tamar, who had sex with her own father-in-law for a goat. There’s David, the adulterer, who knocked up Bathsheba. Lot screws his own daughters. Good times.

But the Song of Solomon. Song of Solomon is about love and passion.

The book’s conceit is that of a series of poems from two lovers, each describing their love, devotion, and carnal desires in turn.

It begins, “Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth—for your love is more delightful than wine. Pleasing is the fragrance of your perfumes; your name is like the perfume poured out.”

“My beloved is to me a sachet of myrrh resting between my breasts… Like an apple tree among the trees of the forest is my beloved among the young men. I delight to sit in his shade, and his fruit is sweet to my taste… I am faint with love.”

The man says, “My dove in the clefts of the rock, in the hiding places on the mountainside, show me your face, let me hear your voice; for your voice is sweet, and your face is lovely…”

We should all be so lucky to be so intoxicated with passion for another person.

There is one particular passage that I love where the woman tries to retire for the night, but her lover isn’t to be found. She restlessly, desperately combs the city in search of him—“I will get up now and go about the city; through its streets and squares; I will search for the one my heart loves.” She comes across the night guards and they beat her up, but she finds her lover and her wounds don’t even matter at all.

While at one point the man praises the fact that the woman he is enamoured with still has all of her teeth— “each has its twin, not one of them is missing” – it is a powerful, powerful love story.

My absolute favorite passage, though, (which I constantly misremember,) is this:

Place me like a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arm; for love is as strong as death, its jealousy unyielding as the grave. It burns like blazing fire, like a mighty flame. Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot sweep it away.”

Read it. It’s amazing.

Sooo, basically, this allusion is about as subtle as a brick wall.

We’re used to looking for hidden pictures like ships on window shutters, and here we are now, Buckleming literally just throws the Bible at us and says, “Here, have some Teen and Up smut with tooth-rotting fluff on the side.”

I’ll never forgive them for April Kelley or Charlie or Jack’s self-harm or even for putting “I’ll be the one to kill you” in Dean’s mouth, but they did give us this…

I’m more persuaded that what Dean and Cas have surpasses just sexual attraction, and this connection they’ve been dancing around for almost a decade burns very deeply indeed.

But this is Buckleming, they just don’t get it.

So they gave this to us.

Alrighty then.

*All quotes taken from the New International Version. And I’m not a canon-positive blog but god damn this was powerful.

Things I have noticed in the first two eps of season 2. Spoilers!

Episode One:

Kwamis can’t show up on recorded media. Interesting. Seems random to me.

Nathalie knows about the miraculouses and Gabriel’s Hawkmothness. Two theories here. One she is Peacock. The image we have seen of Peacock does match her. Two she is just helping Gabriel out. I’m leaning with two because they said that Hawkmoth is working for Peacock. If Nathalie was Peacock wouldn’t she be calling the shots? 

I have a theory that Mrs. Agreste is being held captive somewhere. Peacock could be the one holding her captive or there’s someone else running the shots which make Nathalie being Peacock make sense. 

Gabriel does in fact know Adrien is Chat Noir.

I feel like they’re making Gabriel a one note character so far. I really hope he gets proper fleshing out. Make him seem more human please. I can see they’re trying at the end of the episode.

Episode two:

In the scene about Chloe remembering her bear. We see Chloe’s watching her mother leaving. So it seems that her parents are divorced! It’s strange that her mother didn’t take her with her. Generally mothers take their children so if this is true then it’s refreshing to have her be with her father. Unless her mother was going on a trip by herself and died in a crash or something. I rather have divorced parents. 

Both episodes:

Lila is no where to be seen. Not even as a background character. So I wonder if she was just a one time character. Which is fine with me because her introduction was awful. 

I know there’s the whole Hawkmoth’s “She’s still angry! I can use her again!”, but what we know about season 2 now. It was just a hint of past akumas returning. So if they bring her back for that special episode then I hope Alya is Volpina by then. Real Volpina vs Fake Volpina would be awesome!

Six movies I’ll always watch

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1. The Lord of The Rings: The Return of the King

I remember seeing this in theaters and watching the Rohirrim charge during the Battle of the Pelennor Fields and I cried?? It has always been my favorite book in the LoTR trilogy and the extended version of the movie still gets me emotional.

2. The Mummy

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Only the best action/adventure movie romp ever made, at least to me. It’s like comfort food for my brain.

3. Rear Window

Everything about this film is amazing. The way it’s shot really evokes that voyeuristic feeling. Grace Kelly is stunning throughout. The colors, the lighting, the sets. All of it is just near perfection.

4. Romeo + Juliet

Probably the best film adaptation of the play ever made. Harold Perrineau pretty much steals the show along with John Leguizamo. It’s so colorful and harsh and lovely. I think Billy Shakes would have loved it.

5. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

I just really love how Val Kilmer and RDJ play off each other in this film. It’s fun.

6. Interview With The Vampire

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Look, I am just extremely gay and weak for this film. Aesthetically, it hits all my buttons. It’s probably the only film I really love Tom Cruise in (aside from Top Gun). I loved the book when I was just a baby goth and the film was beautifully done.

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Music tag!!

I was tagged by @sassprincesierra; thank you!!

Basically I have to shuffle my music and list the first 10 songs that play (i’m so sorry for how weird these songs are going to be)
I’m adding links to each one so if you want to listen to it, just click it!

  1. Don’t look at me like that - Song Ji Eun
  2. Begin - BTS 
  3. One shot - B.A.P
  4. Heroes never die - NateWantsToBattle
  5. Smooth Criminal - Alien Ant Farm
  6. All Star - Smash mouth (okay really?)
  7. You Suck At Love - Simple Plan
  8. Centuries - Fall Out Boy
  9. The Wizard of Us - Iselin Solheim
  10. Never Ever - Got7 

Now for the tags!
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Hey lovelies! I'm know this is a really stupid request, but I want to get in the Halloween mood. Do you guys know of any fics that involve Halloween? Like them going to a party, or them just putting up decorations or getting costumes or anything? Sorry if this doesn't make sense/ doesn't have enough information. Thank you so much! ❤️

Hello, angel!

That’s really not a stupid request at all! I’m a fan of Halloween fics myself, so I completely understand your needs, haha :) I’ve actually done a list of those before - right here

Besides that, I’ve also been really enjoying i_once_wrote_a_dream ’s collection of 31 (mostly Halloween themed) one shots, aka Fictober 2017… so I highly recommend you to give those a try!

No worries! I hope you enjoy and have a nice day ♥


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Are you thinking something or looking for something when you choose what to shoot for a photo? I am interested in how you think and how you choose a picture to take. Everyone takes photos now so it seems less important than it used to be but your photos are really good and I want to take good photos too.

Well, I try to SEE what I’m looking at. Colors, contrast, lines and angles, textures. Even when not trying to take a shot I try to really notice what’s around me. When I’m looking for a shot, I let what catches my eye pull me to it, then look for something in it that isn’t immediately obvious. Digital cameras are fairly recent. With film you don’t have unlimited shots to work through. So I try to get the shot right the first time, just as if I was still using film. Personally I like lines that draw the eye, sharp edges of light and shadow, and colors that are momentary due to catching the light.

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pls explain your last edit i'm not connecting the dots

That gif is one straight clip from the trailer so we go from Totally Platonic Face Touch, fade to black, Frank in the forest with that same hand bloodied holding onto a tree. It just really feels IMO like they’re expecting the audience to fixate on his hand and thus that shot bridges the gap between the trailer’s emotional dip (Karen teary-eyed, Micro’s voice-over of ‘making it right’ and his distressed family) to the next action sequence (clips of him/others preparing for a fight and then fighting).

And to a much less likely intentional degree, the symbolism there of going straight from touching Karen’s face after she’s hurt to bloodying his hands and reaching for support is great. Probably definitely NOT intended, but I’ll take it.

I just finished watching Voltron Force. Overall, I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected and I’m glad I gave this series a shot after hesitating for so long.

I don’t know why - a lot of you guys make it out to be really bad as if it were unwatchable when it wasn’t. It was genuinely something you can enjoy if you can let yourself just accept that it’s like that. Like it isn’t without criticism, there’s a lot about it to be criticized. A lot of shit with the pacing and writing. The animation you can kinda forgive.

Honestly, it felt like they put more passion into making Third Dimension the most American-made CGI cartoon, whereas fast forward to more than ten years later, they didn’t need to do that much for Voltron Force. And it really really shows. Like honestly, the most people you will see on screen are a bunch of copy-pasted Lotors.

Also a lot of you guys exaggerate about the kid characters. They’re good characters, and yeah they did get away with some dumb things and ended up getting slaps on the wrists, but overall, they were genuinely enjoyable to watch. Again, pacing stuff made things seemed like it went way too fast towards the last few episodes with the whole cadets taking over the Blue and Green Lions.

But at the same time, it’s also something you can kinda excuse. Budgeting, network stuff, and just… the time this was made was pretty cursed for Voltron. A lot of shit going on with licensing and whatnot at multiple fronts of the franchise. I know a lot of you don’t give a shit about the toys like I do, but there was a lot of shit going on during the time that made things pretty weird for toys and stuff.


I’m sorta watching Third Dimension with Leo whenever they stream it. I’ve been indulging in the Voltron comic books and dreading the Dynamite series. Oh my god, I could not shut up about how awful the Voltron Dynamite series is, and I’m still reading Year One.

You’ll be seeing more Super Robot Wars W stuff that I’ll scan and translate.


Assassin’s Creed Origins + Scenery

Bruce Wayne is a total Batman fanboy. He has a made to life replica of his favorite Batmobile in his garage and a room set off to the side with all the Batman memorabilia he’s collected over the years. He’s known for spending crazy amounts of money at auctions for Batman stuff and orders his own versions of everything.

No one even bats an eye when he puts in a huge order for batarangs. And he’s so happy about it because when he’d first started out as Batman getting supplies had been the worst part of the job. He’d had a million hoops he had to go through to keep his secret identity a secret. 

He’d thought he’d hated it when people became Batman obsessed, but after he got caught with a Batarang in his pocket at a charity event he decided to go with the fanboy persona. And it worked. 

His children think it’s hilarious and buy him all kinds of weird Batman merchandise. Like the crappily painted Batman figures shipped from China, Batman soap, the plastic masks every store sells, and their personal favorite the pajamas that say “My Batcave is my happy place”