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renjun for @twtshua ♥
// rj, holding up 2 pictures of markhyuck: “…these two, i love these two photos.”


If there was a boy and a girl… and they were in love with each other, really, properly in love, and they could prove it, then they would be given a few years together, before they began their donations.

a psa on whitewashing in the soc fandom

this post could apply to everything, but i’m going to focus on whitewashing in the six of crows fandom bc i’m most active in that one. you’re all probably tired of hearing about this from me but it’s an important issue that’s becoming more and more obvious.

lately i’ve been seeing a lot (and i mean a LOT) of whitewashed inej edits. pretty much everyone is using neelam gill (an indian model), but severely lightening her skin. i hope that most everyone is just applying psds and not realizing how light it makes her skin, but truthfully i don’t know. it also might be the whole grayscale/pastel theme that’s all the rage rn. but either way, it’s not an excuse. i’m not going to link or post specific examples as i don’t want to single anyone out bc this isn’t one person’s problem. it’s a problem with a lot of the soc fandom and other fandoms too.

i’m going to be frank, and this is probably going to come off as rude but whatever. stop whitewashing people’s skin to match your edit’s theme. look at how your psds affect people’s (especially poc’s) skin. i honestly don’t understand why this is such a problem?? just lighten the background to match the rest of your edit. you don’t have to change someone’s skin. sorry if dark skin doesn’t match your aesthetic, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to whitewash.

and another thing, don’t use pics of white hands/legs/other body parts for pocs?? that’s blatantly whitewashing, and while you can’t find as many stock photos without white people, it’s not that difficult to find at least a couple of other photos you can use.

here are some links for further reading/info:

and if you’re questioning whether you edited someone’s skin too much, feel free to message me. i’ll most likely respond in 12 or fewer hours. again, sorry if this post came off as rude bc that’s not what i was intending, but pls, just stop whitewashing bc you won’t look at your psds. just stop whitewashing in general tbh. i also ask that if you see an edit, and it’s clearly whitewashed, don’t reblog it bc then you’re supporting this whitewashed edit, and then other people reblog it. i’ve seen a lot of these edits gain more notes than an edit that isn’t whitewashed. instead, reblog those edits that aren’t whitewashed. whitewashing is harmful and furthers the belief that dark skin is not as beautiful as light skin. don’t do it.

do you need a new icon? well look no further! or do idk if u’ll like these but hey check them out anyway. there are 115 different ones so like there’s a good chance you’ll like at least one of them. basically i took five pictures and made pretty colourful backgrounds for them and now u can use them for free you’re welcome. 

HOW TO USE [for dummies]

go to this page
click on the icon u want
locate the icon in the imgur folder that pops up
save it and use it wherever you want! for free! no credit necessary! unless u really want to credit me in which case go for it but it’s really not required if it fucks up your blog aesthetic u feel?
like/reblog this post just because it makes me feel validated

ALSO i’ve got the psd file with all the backgrounds so if you want any other dan/phil/phan/barack obama/furry hentai/whateverthefuckurinto picture as an icon just send me the photo (submit it or link me idk) and tell me which background you want and i’ll sort it out for you 8)

icon tutorial

hey so today i’m gonna be teaching you how to make this icon:

requested by: a lot of people, mostly on anonymous

This is what you’ll need beforehand:

  • A screencap
  • Some kind of overlay/texture (You can find nice ones on deviantart, or you can do what I do and I look up ____ texture deviantart on google images)
  • Basic photoshop knowledge
  • A psd (optional) (this one is really nice)

please like/reblog if you used!! :)

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SMROOKIES; an otome game 

After three years of hard work, sleepless nights and routine breakdowns, you’ve finally been accepted into a digital media program. It seems like you’re finally closer to achieving your dream, it’s probably going to be smooth sailing from here on, right? Wrong! Upon arriving to school for first day orientation, it was suddenly revealed that your school program went through a sudden revision and now you’ll be working with the students from SM Academy of Stars in a joint program to complete assignments, pass classes and prove yourself an able producer. But no worries! The top students of SM are ambitious, hard-working and handsome, your future projects with them will be a success for sure, but how will you be able to convince them to partner with you for assignments instead of your rival classmates?  

Continuously improve your skills, balance your social and love life as well as complete assignments on time for the next 4 years to ensure that your future is bright!  Keep your chin up, you’re one step closer to becoming an award-winning producer you’ve always dreamed to be…that is, if you graduate.  

text post gif tutorial

requested by @illegalwhite

In this tutorial I’ll specifically show you my processes when I create a text post gif like the one below (from here) but since I’ve been asked a few times now how I make gifs I figured I’d make it fairly thorough so that you can use it to make regular gifs as well.

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  • kmplayer – to import frames
  • photoshop – for editing (i use cs5)
  • video/clip – with the scene you want to gif
  • print screen – to grab the text post

Also important if you want your gifs to look really good is to use high quality videos, I prefer 720p or 1080p, without subtitles. You can also sharpen gifs to make them look crisp, but I haven’t included that step in this tutorial as it isn’t vital to making text post gifs. Also, I’ll only briefly cover coloring this time.


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anonymous asked:

/post/155989627886/skam-meme-33-seasons-sesong-tre would you mind sharing what psd you used on this gifset? it's really pretty :)

hi! sure, i can do that. and thank you :’) so i did use this one, but i had to tweak it a little so it would fit better! (i made it original for my skam s1 gifset, and just used it for the other ones)

  • psd
  • !!like or reblog if saving!!
  • the font is justus 

anonymous asked:

Do you know if there are any psds that are made for the poc characters? I tried to make my own coloring but it just doesn't seem to be coming out right. Anything will help! Thank you!

I don’t really have a PSD in mind but I cn show you some tricks! It’s all about the reds baby (I’m assuming you have photoshop!) 

So this first picture is me just up-ing the brightness. 

this next one is me turngint he reds DOWN - this is a bad thing to do with the characters of colour. see how it makes them super pale and not like they are supposed to be? BAD!! 

This next is me using a PSD that was specifically made for a certain scene in Moana. See how it washes out the characters? Not good. 

So all I do is adjust the reds! Moana/Maui still looked pretty white washed but see how playing with the reds makes it a LOT better?

I tried fixing them up with the tone curves , which can help as well I only did it a little bit but it helps a lot ! ( i did it for the RBG and the Red curves) 

See how it changes a lot?!?!?! then i played with another layer of selective colours and focusing on the reds. 

A lot of it is trial and error, but these things are the things to focus on. You may have to alter the PSD to fit a specific scene so that they stay as true to characters as possible! if you have any more questions, feel free to message me!! :D hope this helped somewhat

thelastmouse-psd  asked:

How are you liking Andromeda so far? I'm about 12 hours in and pretty overwhelmed by the customization, like holy shit I know it's going to be a 100 + hour game but I didn't think it would be like this.

Without getting into spoilers, I’m really enjoying it so far. I’m with you on the customization - I’m about 15 hours in and I’m still trying to figure out how exactly crafting works. My brother finally figured it out so I’m going to go over to his house this weekend and watch him do it haha.

Is anyone else getting KOTOR vibes from this game? I wasn’t expecting it but I keep feeling it and that’s a positive in my book.

I will also say that I also like how the quests are organized. It was harder in Inquisition to tell which of the sidequests were “worth” doing and which were ones that essentially just killed time, I think that this game so far is doing a much better job of making it obvious which ones have more plot/character interactions tied to them, which ones are fetch quests and which ones are tied to exploring/collecting.

The combat is a lot of fun (even though I’m still getting used to it) and I like the new dialogue options.

And just because I can, here’s my Sara Ryder. I was a little worried creating her but I think she turned out pretty cute!

anonymous asked:

Could you do a graphic tutorial for/post/120855259626/throne-of-glass-by-sarah-j-maas?

I’ve never done a graphic tutorial before so I hope this helps. I’m assuming you have basic knowledge with PS6 because that’s what I use. For this graphic we’re going to use the polygon lasso tool and marquee tool so I hope you’re familiar with those.

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anonymous asked:

Do you mind me asking what exactly your method for your psd coloring is exactly??? Like do you usually start off with curves or levels first ? Is it mostly just selective colors ? And what does the color fill do exactly? And how do you get your gifs so light and shiny ? I'm sorry for bumbarding you with questions it's just I really wanna make my gifs look better

There’s no need to apologise, if anything it’s flattering to get asked about colouring so thank you!

I usually start by lowering the contrast, then I add some levels and selective colour. How much of each and what colours really depends on the scene though.

I do go a bit OTT with selective colour just because I like things bright and colourful (if I can manage it).

If the scene has a horrible colour tinge to it I always use curves to get rid of it as best I can.

The colour fill doesn’t add a great deal to be honest. I think I just followed a tutorial once when I was first learning to gif and it said to add it, so I did. And I’ve been in the habit ever since. It makes the gif a little lighter, but you can achieve the same thing with curves/levels/brightness.

I don’t really know about the light and shiny, I don’t really see that when I look at my gifs so I don’t know what to tell you on that one. I’m assuming it’s the Guassian blur.


Augusta Artwork by SaudadeSims

Hey guys! It’s been forever since I got anything finished so I could put it up for download, but I finally got this wall art done! I’m still working on the dining room I posted as a WIP but I got inspired making some standing frames for that set and wanted to make a complete set for the wall. So here we are :)

Things you need to know: The smaller versions of each mesh pull their textures from the largest one in the set. For example, the medium, small, and tiny circles pull from the large circle. Therefore, you need to have the large mesh in game for the smaller versions to work

Each large painting (for lack of a better word) has 12 different art swatches and 3 different frame colors for a total of 36 swatches apiece. Again, the smaller paintings share their textures with the largest ones. 

Large, medium, small and, tiny Circles: 334 polys

Large, medium, small, and tiny Ovals : 406 polys

Large, medium, small, and tiny Horizontal Ovals: 406 polys

Large, medium, small, and tiny Squares: 46 polys

Large, medium, small, and tiny Rectangles: 46 polys

Large, medium, small, and tiny Horizontal Rectangles: 46 polys

Download (SimsFileShare):



Horizontal Ovals



Horizontal Rectangles

>>Merged Set<<

TOU: Don’t reupload my stuff, please. Don’t put anything of mine behind adf.ly (or the like) or on a paysite. DON’T include my CC in your mods folder that you put up for download (even if it’s to complete a house you are offering for download). Even if you really, really want to. Please don’t.

Please feel free to recolor, but use the selective clone method so that my mesh is required. If you want my psd templates for these paintings, just let me know and I’ll send them to you :). 

Credits: To all the creators of the art I used, thank you. None of the pictured art is mine. To the wonderful people over @sims4studioofficial, I don’t know what we’d do without you. I used the recolorable/remeshable S4S paintings as the base for mine. Photoshop, Blender, Maya. And @deelitefulsimmer my constant cheerleader :) <3 you!

alright, as per requested, this is going to be SOMEWHAT of a tutorial but more of a guide/tips and tricks to gif icons. i’ll be discussing coloring, textures, etc. i won’t be talking about how to MAKE the gifs, for that you can check out my tutorial right HERE. i suggest you get into the hang of making gifs in general first. if this was helpful to you, please give this a like or reblog, it’d be much appreciated.

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anonymous asked:

i love love love love love your icons!? have you made (or will you make) an icon tutorial? mine never turn out as good as urs

thank you so so so so so so much!!!!!!! it’s been asked so many times that i’m just gonna do it right now lol. i admit i checked other icon tutorials to have an idea of how to start this. do i really need to type what you’ll need? anyway. english isn’t my first language btw so if you don’t understand something feel free to come ask me. even if it’s a stupid question, those are the easiest for me k? wink

you’ll need:

  • photoshop (i use the photoshop cc version)
  • a screencap lmao (i take them from here)
  • a psd (you can check the psds i’ve made or… not)
  • patience tho

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