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Am I Trash? Yeah, Probably

So…yeah… thanks to the lovely @markired and revisiting Teabag Edition | Bro Average I have slammed myself into the trash bin. Have an imagine on the one and only Chase. ~~~

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I woke up to a pair of bright blue eyes staring lovingly at me. “G'morning, baby,” Chase whispered.

I couldn’t help the smile that spread across my face. “Exactly how long have you been staring at me for?” I asked playfully.

He raised his head up slightly to look at the glowing iHome behind me. “Um, about an hour and fifteen minutes…”

We both burst into giggles. The mid-morning light coming from the window only made him look even more happy. As I calmed, I felt the gentle touch of his hand on my cheek. “God,” he started.

I blushed and wondered if there was drool or something on my face. “What?”

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EXO Reacts - Finding a Selfie of You and Another Guy (Cousin) on your Phone

Anon : “Can i please get Exo’s reaction , when they find selfie of you and some guy (who appears to be your cousin later), pretty please? <3 TT”

((Ooooooohhh, jealous then embarrassed EXO coming you’re way whooooooo!!)) 


(He’d try to bring it up casually. He doesn’t want to come off as possessive but he isn’t going to just let it slide. With an elaborate plan, he finally asks.) “Hey, who’s this on your phone? Oh, your cousin? I would’ve figured. He’s very good looking, so he must be related to you.” *smooth AF*


(Despite being mostly laid back, there are times when he’s frantic. Especially when it comes to you.) “Hey, what’s this for? Do you know him? Ohhhh, you’re cousin! I see now… I’m gonna go now, okay bye.” *hides in a hole of embarrassment for a week*


(He tries to play it cool, not wanting to let the picture bother him, but ends up thinking about it all the time. When he finally ends up asking, he feels more shocked than relieved when it’s your cousin.) “That’s… your cousin? He’s really good looking!”


(Like Xiumin, he tries to be casual about it, but he doesn’t end up being as smooth as he is when he tries to bring it up.) “So… who’s this? Oh, I just really like his pants is all, haha.” (He’s relieved to know that it’s just your cousin, but ends up receiving the pants he supposedly liked for his next birthday)


(He’d be a bit worried at first, but wouldn’t bring it up until he had concrete detail. Eventually, when he finds out who he really is, it feels like a huge weight is taken off his chest, but he never says he ever had a worry in the first place.)


(He knows you’d never cheat on him, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have some fun with it.) “Um, who is this? Are you cheating on me?! I can’t believe you! That’s it!” (Just before you try to collect your thoughts on an explanation, he gently kisses you on the forehead.) “Save it. I know more than anyone that you’d never do that…. But delete that picture anyways, please.”


(He actually barely notices when he scrolls through your camera roll, and even makes a comment.) “Ooh! Who’s this? His hair is really cool. Should I do my hair like this for our next comeback?” (He knows you’d never cheat.)


*speaks up immediately because he’s direct like that* “Hey, who is this? This guy? Is he a past lover? A present one?” (You have to interrupt him to even get a word in.) “Is he– O-oh? Cousin, ah… Sorry… You know how I am when it comes to you… heh.”

D.O. -

(He’s silent about it. Of course, he trusts you way too much to even think about you cheating on him or anything like that… but he deleted the pic from your phone just to take precautions.) “Hm? Oh your cousin? That photo? No, uh… I didn’t delete it. Maybe you did on accident.” (Good thing he’s a good actor.)


(He automatically jumps to conclusions, but doesn’t say anything about it. He would be a little sad, but would want you to be happy.) “Am I not enough for her? She deserves the best… I’m just not good enough. Damn it…” (After finding out it was your cousin, he unexpectedly holds you tight, sighing into relieved kiss. All of that worrying was for nothing.)


(He wants to be really subtle about bringing it up, so he doesn’t verbally. He leaves the phone on next to his nightstand with the screen on the picture before leaving to go to the kitchen to let you find it. When he comes back and you explain who it really was, he laughs nervously about jumping to conclusions.) “Oh? Your cousin? That makes so much sense! Sorry I doubted you.”


(He thinks nothing of it at first since he’s pretty sure you wouldn’t but then when he finally meets the guy, he gives him this death glare the whole time… only to find out he’s your cousin and ends up apologizing for no reason.)

((I really like how these turned out. I guess I really like the more angsty reactions XD))

f(x) reaction to the media finding out about your relationship

ADMIN IS BACK! This was written on the plane, as notes, and now finished at home! I will get a few things out this weekend, but this one is enough for today, since I am heading out to my fathers empty house to spend the night with my sister & have some quality time, already missed her!

Victoria: “This might be problematic, but we’ll solve it, as we always do with problems.” Vic would joke around a bit too afterwards; “Hey, y/n, I know I’m not allowed to date, but they can’t kick me out either, i’m the mom.”

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Amber: “You really just said that?” you’d call her after you heard her say the words ‘my girlfriend and I usually…” on live radio. “Well it just came naturally!” She’d dig out the positive in the situation. “Now we can do whatever we want whenever and wherever!” she’d say laughing. 

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Luna: “Omo omo omo, it happened, oh god.” Luna would stress like a fool (or a lunatic okay bye) for some time with her little head busily thinking of ‘solutions’ or something else that had no more power over the thing. “But thank god we looked cute in those paparazzi pictures jagi!” she’d later giggle after calming down.”

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Krystal: “Well…” she’d mumble while reading the article that came out. “They would’ve found out sooner or later anyway, cause my love for you is unconditional” she’d say while smiling annoyingly cutely. Krystal would be chill about it, not taking any stress before something bad actually happened from the news.

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FLYinLA Day 2 😭💕 Experience

7/11/16 #FlyinLA2 w/ Got7

I was lucky enough to to get tickets for P1, which were pit standing- I started waiting in line around 2:30 pm- I had gone alone but I made some friends who were super nice. For the concert, I somehow ended up closeeeee to the front because of the pushing, originally There were like 5 people in front of me by the end there were 2. The boys had to tell people to stop pushing twice because it was soooo bad. The first half of the concert I couldn’t enjoy because I was getting squished to death but by the end I really tried to enjoy it to the fullest. Five people around me got pulled out because they couldn’t handle it but anyways, I would like to first start off by saying- GOT7 are beautiful in person😍… guys, like no joke-people always say that but dammmmmm i’ve never seen such beautiful people wahhhhhhh. (Hehe I couldn’t stop checking them out when they weren’t looking ahaha) Just being on a screen doesn’t do them justice, they are 10xs more better looking in person and I don’t even know how that is possible. I couldn’t make eye contact with any of the members during the concert-As soon as I made even slight eye contact with any of them I looked away really quick (Idk, i’m shy and they are too beautiful OKAY😭)/

The members who I could NOT make eye contact with were Junior, JB and Jackson (all the members have very intense stares but their’s were especially “intense”). The least would be youngjae, he is too cute and friendly- he would just smile🙂. Since junior mostly stood on my side he looked in my direction a lot but I looked away, I always thought he was cute but man he is one HANDSOME fellow. Our boys worked very hard, they were very tired but they put on an amazing concert:) they’re so talented and hardworking . They deserve rest and I was so so happy I went to their last tour date. Their fan service was on point throughout the concert and I really appreciated their efforts to not seem tired and energetic as well as happy. (They’re a very smiley group and I found it ADORABLE- they all have beautiful smiles). Hearing them live and seeing them is in person is something I’ll NEVER forget!🙈😊💕

Group Photo!!!!
*Jackson Stans beware your boy is a flirt.

Okay so photo time! My friends and I were waiting in line together, however, the line got cut off so me and my 2 friends got lucky we got a seat in front of one of the boys. They told us to go so quick i didn’t even have a chance to process what was happening so, I didn’t get a good look at any of the other boys:( as i was walking to my seat or when i came in. #sadlife + I’m shyyyy so I don’t think I could have looked at them (but I regret that so psa. Ladies/gents- LOOK AT YOUR FAVS!!) So, I got lucky and my seat was in front of my bias Jackson, SCOREEEEEE (JB and Jackson are tied for 1st btw, I didn’t say hi to the other boys 😔, I’m such a spazzy fangirl aha) So, I sit down in my seat and as soon as I sit down- someone starts massaging my shoulders. Not even lightly but like a nice, good ole shoulder massage. It caught me off guard i was like huh, I didn’t even realize it was jackson’s seat I was sitting on at first- that was how scatterbrained i was at the moment. But as soon as I sat down pow massage i was like ahhh its jackson because no other member would do that, so I looked to check and it was.

So, he kept massaging my shoulders and I like lightly taped both his hands with my fingers like Okay aha thank you, I acknowledge you aha. Then, I titled my head back, to look up at him behind me and i was like,“ you’re so cute” and I kid you not this boy looked down at me with some seductively flirty eyes while BITING HIS LIP, I REPEAT BITING HIS LIP while looking at me telling him he’s cute aha. I didn’t even have time to process what had just happened because they were like okay photo now so he sorta stopped massaging my shoulders but not really he just moved his hand and fingers back while he lightly massaged but now it looked like he was just holding my shoulders a little- before his hands were more forward and he was really massaging my shoulders. So they take the picture in like one sec, literally right after saying okay photo. Then they were like, okay done, next group. So, I got up and I was like “byeee” and i smiled, then this boy AGAIN AGAIN he looks at me as i say goodbye and as i walk away with them seductively flirty eyes while nodding his head and BITING HIS LIP AGAIN AGAINNNNNN. This boy is a top class flirt ahaha. Then, on my way out I say bye to Mark and Im like bye mark he was like looking at me and he just stared aha it was weird, slightly awkward ,idk,Like, he just looked at me as I said bye, idk, i didn’t even have time to wait for him to process me saying bye aha they were rushing us-he cute as heck though up close- his big ole eyes.

*Guys DUDE Jackson’s makeup was on point and he is BEAUTIFUL. He had some really pretty eyeshadow with his eye makeup, his eyebrows on point and skin on point. DAMMM that boy just looked GOOOOD wow… Idk even know anymore. I can’t even believe he did what he did. Also, jackson’s massages are really nice like he has some strong hands and ahh i was so tired so it was really nice… wow.. im so done with that boy- PIT MADNESS WAS WORTH IT FOR THAT ONE MOMENT! My friend who was next to me saw and she was like dude i was jealous, I wish that was me. I was looking at you guys, his hands and i saw….DONE. #GOT7SLAYYYYEDMYENTIREEXISTENCE
*p.s. they look a lot taller in person than I expected. Im borderline 5′7/5′8 plus i was wearing two inch combat boots. Also, I think Jackson started massaging my shoulders right when I sat down because I was carrying a backpack and as I walked in I took it off my shoulder and held it my hand as I got to my seat to place between my legs. So he must have seen and was being really nice by massaging me😭😭 because it was “heavy” even though he was probably 10xs more tired than me😭😭💕 wahh he’s so cute and niceeeeeee but did he really have to look at me like that🙃

QUICK PSA… NEVER I mean NEVER get PIT STANDING if you don’t like getting pushed, shoved, claustrophobic, don’t like sweating, people all up in your personal space (i mean what is personal spacee?please tell me), people boards/phones obscuring your view, people elbowing you, hair a mess from people rubbing against you… it goes on… plus? you see the boys up close:) and the photo.

KM & BW: OMG Jackson!! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

sometimes I picture the mcdanno-first-kiss as this big thing that it has speeches led up to it and angsty substories that relate to them and what not but really I know it’ll probably happen without them realizing it; like Danny will be leaving to go somewhere and they’ll just be like ‘okay bye’ and peck each other on the lips and then walk away and after a few seconds both pause and be like “huh.” and carry on.

like that’s honestly how it would go down


MEET & GREET! Submit your meet-and-greet stories to bryanstarsfanpictures@gmail.com. They are posted throughout the week.

I met Sleeping With Sirens and ¾ of Pierce The Veil on November 22nd. I have been in love with both bands since the ending of 2012, and it has always been a fantasy to meet them. And I almost died when I got tickets to see them. I counted down the days and got more and more excited as it got closer. And when the day finally arrived, I was probably the happiest person alive.

My friend Katie & I got to the venue around 4 ish, and I’m just saying the concert was amazing, and I would wish I could go back there everyday. But anyways, we went outside during Sleeping With Sirens last song since I needed some air. Well, we ended up staying out there until 1 in the morning, in the below 20° weather, just seeing if we could meet them. And this is when the best part comes.
So we first met Vic, he wasn’t allowed to take pictures, since he said it’d take to long, despite the fact there was like 10 of us. But whatever, I still couldn’t believe he was actually standing in front of me. He hugged me and I said I loved him and he said it back, and it made me internally scream. Then after Vic went inside the bus, we found Nick, and he was pretty mellow, and he kept asking if our pictures came out okay and it was cute. And then Justin walked out, and he said he had put things away in the bus, then he’d be out and we were all determined he was lying since he was in there for like 10 minutes. But when he did come out, he was chill as fuck, and he’s king. And as my friend and I were walking back to the front of the venue i pretty much walked into Kellin. But we all stopped and made awkward eye contact, and I was like is this seriously who I think it is. And because I’m a fan girl, I blurted “Holy shit you’re real” and he gave me an awkward glance. And then he peered over me and smiled when he saw everyone at the bus. Then he proceeded to yell “GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM MY BUS” which made everyone turn around and flip out. He said he needed to put his shit in the bus and then he’d take pictures and such with everyone. We all thought he actually was lying because he was in there for a long time, but then out of nowhere the bus door slams open and he yelled in a really high pictured voice PICTURE TIME. Then he got all serious and casually said “okay i want a single file line because i want to feel like a teacher” and as we waited, Gabe and Jack came out and it was just perfect.

Then as we said bye to them, we heard a girl saying Mike’s name and we ran back to the front and there behold was Mike Fuentes. Oh and just to make things even more amazing, Jaime walked out. I swear I could’ve died right there and been perfectly okay with it. After we met both of them, we waited another 20 minutes outside for Tony, but he didn’t come out. And we couldn’t stay outside that much longer because both of us couldn’t feel our fingers and legs.
All in all, that was probably my favorite experience ever and I will meet Tony one day. That’s a promise.

Taehyung wants to eat Jeongguk and sometimes Jeongguk wants to eat Taehyung too (a compilation)

I’m just going to repeat the title for the sake of sanity “Taehyung wants to eat Jeongguk and sometimes Jeongguk wants to eat Taehyung too (or maybe just a piece of this and that, a hug or a touch or just something, both of them thinks)" 

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okay when I was talking to Justin it was me and my friend and him and his bodyguard and he was standing in the corner smoking a cig and I waved and my hands were shaking and I was like “how are you” and he was like “I’m fine” but he really … Wasn’t… And then we were like “we don’t want pictures we just wanna talk” and he was like “I’m sorry I’m not really in the mood to talk to anyone” and because of that we respected him and left and we waved bye to him and he waved and he continued to smoke

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55. *Make your own* You are engaged to someone else.

“Hey Caitlin!” Cisco whispered loud enough for Caitlin to hear.

“Cisco where were you?” Caitlin asked but Cisco just pulled her out of the room into the hall.

“Guess who I saw at Big Belly Burger?” He asked looking a bit happier than he wanted to let out.

“A celebrity?” That was Caitlin’s best guess.

“Ummm… close. Barry’s ex. Y/N!” Cisco grinned from ear to ear.

“What? I didn’t think she was still in Central City.”

“She just came back last week, and she wants to hang out with us, but I don’t think she meant Barry too.” He said with a strong sense of disappointment.

“Yeah, I mean Barry did break up with her and made her crazy mad when he ignored her to go with Patty but I think she might be overreacting a bit.” Caitlin said.

“She said she was looking for a place for her and her fiancé.” Cisco said that last part with hesitation.

Little did these two know that Barry heard all of this conversation. His body trembled when he heard the girl of his dreams was promised to someone else. He loved you more than anything, it didn’t matter how much he tried to put himself into his work, or how much he grew to care for other people, you were always in his mind, he would go to sleep at night hoping you had a good night sleep and he would wake up wishing for your day to be better than the one before. And secretly, he wished for one day to hold you in his arms again.

This all seemed like a distant dream now. Questions clouded his mind.

Where were you?
Did you ever remember what you two had?

Of course, all of these crossed his mind as he ran out the door to try and find you.

You sat down in front of a water fountain in the park; this was where you and Barry had your first kiss. You smiled at the sweet memory. A harsh gust of wind pulled you out of thoughts and cut your breath short.

“Hello, Barry.” You didn’t have to look at him to know he was there. The one you wanted to avoid, the one you tried so hard to stay away from.

“It’s been a while. How are you?” He came around and sat next to you.

“I’m good, how are you? How’s Iris? How’s everyone?” You asked smiling at him.

He knew better than to confide in the smile, it was fake. You were just being polite. What you really wanted to ask was ‘How did you find me?’ and he would grin and respond ‘I’m The Flash’ but this wasn’t a case like that. So instead, he just said: “Everyone is fine, I’m good too, and Iris is great, she actually misses you.”

“I was going to go visit her tomorrow, before I go back.” You said avoiding making eye contact. “I’m engaged now.”

“Yeah, I know.” He pointed at the diamond ring on your ring finger. “What’s his name?”

“Michael. Michael Thompson.” You said looking back at him, part of you wanted to see his reaction when he heard the name. Nothing, just a kind and approving smile, which you returned. “We will move into Central City after the marriage.”

“Oh okay. Nice, I’m happy for you. Congratulations, don’t forget to send some pictures to S.T.A.R Labs…” He looked at his watch and then back at you. “I have to go. My day job calls. Bye, Y/N.” Just like that he was gone. That speed really did take him everywhere.

“Goodbye Barry.” You whispered. It was time for you to go too, the walk down memory lane was apparently only sad for you. You got up and walked to this lonely side of the park.

“And how is that supposed to work out for you and me?!” Barry’s voice behind you said loud and clear. “When we see each other in the market or down the same street do we just avoid eye contact and run the other way?”

“I don’t know Barry! You broke up with me; you didn’t return any of my calls, text messages, I had to hear how you were doing from other people, you said love was something only normal men get but you begun seeing someone else.” The tears spilled, you couldn’t hold them. He walked close to you and pulled you in for a hug and you sobbed against his chest.

“Eobard Thawne nearly killed you; the doctors said you didn’t have a chance of seeing ever again, but when you made a full recovery thanks to Caitlin, I knew I had to keep you safe and the only way to ever do that was to break up with you.” He explained, not that his explanations changed anything but he tried.

“Being nearly beat to death by him didn’t cause any harm at all, but when you left me Barry, that’s when I really did think I was gonna die.” The tears wouldn’t stop; you hugged him so tight you were pretty sure you left him without air.

“Is he a good man?” Barry said kissing the top of your head and staying like that for a while.

“Yeah, he is great. Funny, loving, adorably nerdy too, responsible, I could go on forever.” You say looking back at the qualities and realizing your fiancé resembles Barry a lot.

“Then I’m happy for you. I want you to be happy with him; I know he loves you because it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t.” Barry pulled away from the hug so he could look at your face to see your response.

“Okay.” You nodded. “I will.”

Barry and you smile at each other, but you both drop those smiles when you realize you’re too close to one another, but you still don’t let go. He brings his lips down to yours, the familiarity of those lips kills you but you kiss back.

The kiss was short and sweet just like the time you both were given to live your romance and only caused you to cry more. You looked up at him and saw he too wasn’t able to hold his tears in.

“I was going to ask Iris to give you your invitation but I think I’ll just do it.” You said digging into your purse and pulling out five envelopes. “One is for you, one for Iris, one for Cisco, one for Caitlin, and the other one is for Joe.”

“Okay, I’ll give it to them and tell them you said hello.” He smiled.

“Please apologize to Cisco and Caitlin; I don’t think I’ll be able to hang out with them after all.” You say brushing his tears away with your fingers.

“I love you.” He whispers pecking you on the lips one more time.

“I love you too…”

“I wish you all the happiness in the world.” He clenched his jaw attempting to get a hold of himself.

“Thank you, I wish you the same too.”

“Goodbye Y/N.”

“Goodbye Barry.”

And just like that, he was gone.

Okay normally I would want to shoot him and make a joke about his face but look at this picture he is the actual sunlight that comes peering in through your blinds on a Sunday morning in spring and wakes you up and at first you’re like aw hell no but then you look at the clock and see that it’s 11:00 and that you got a really good night sleep and you just have a feeling that it’s gonna be a good day and now I wanna jump off a cliff bYE

Hi. So forever ago I saw your poem “Earning Your Roar” and it really stuck with me so I reblogged it. But long story short, I had an assignment that had to do with color schemes and I had no idea what to design but then I saw someone do a quote and I remembered how I had searched in vain for some fancy schmancy version of that poem so I could make it my phone background so I decided to use it for my design. I totally credited you and I hope you aren’t upset! It’s not like I’m an art student or anything and no one will really see what I did (thankfully). So…here it is. Again, I’m not an art student. Sorry. If you aren’t okay with me submitting it for my color scheme assignment just let me know and I’ll get rid of it…. It’s not that great anyway. So. Yeah…that wasn’t a short story…bye now. 

Thank you!

If Zelena was pretending to be Marian the whole time, that means she kissed Robin at some point, right? *giggles* I can totally picture the moment when Zelena is face to face with Regina again


“Hey sis! Long time no see. Now I know why you fell in love with the thief. He’s quite a good kisser

And Regina:

anonymous asked:

My sister is a body language expert and I just want to note that when (sorry if this is too graphic) people are in a sexual relationship, they convey that by pressing their ... like pelvis area into each other. Which sounds really weird, but it's a true fact. Note the difference in that area between Taylor hugging Calvin and Taylor hugging Karlie

Okay I’m cleaning out my ask box right now so this is from the night of the iHearts I believe, but my mind went directly to the picture Karlie included in her video for Time. Lol bye. 

Idk if this has been said already

But I feel like we should talk about this.
So at Joe’s booksignings he always takes a picture, most of the times even 4 or 5 with all different faces ((which is really cute bc can you imagine having a normal and silly picture with Joe?¿)) And also he takes his time, like it isn’t just picture bye, no he first hugs you then takes a few pictures then he talks to you for a bit and if you have something for him he will take it and thank you and when you leave he goes in for another hug!!¡! LIKE I AM NOT EVEN MEETING JOE AND I AM ALREADY DIEING. WHAT WOULD IT BE LIKE IF HE DID THAT WITH ME, I WOULD GET A HEARTATTACK RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM TBH. And because of that all his signings take something like 8? hours instead of 3 hours if it was just picture bye. So he really takes his time with you and I think that’s the cutest thing in the world.

Off-Stage (Chp 2) JB x (Y/N)

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Characters: JB x Y/N (reader)

Genre: Angst and fluffy clouds 

Chapter Summary: After the Got7 concert, what events are held with now meeting someone famous? You got his number but now what? 

Chapter 1

…Once you heard a text ring from your phone…

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SOME CREEPY DUDE STARTED HITTING ON ME OVER KIK SO I PRETENDED ALEX WAS MY BOYFRIEND. I thought everyone might like to know and get a laugh out of it so… here you go.

I screen shot the main stuff for you guys. The dude top left is the guy.


H: Hey
M: I’m sorry but who are you?
H: Im sorry I was writing someone elses kik I accidently typed yours
H: But hell with that youre cute :)
M: Ha ha. Thank you (honestly I was scared but didn’t say anything)
H: Anytime :)
H: How old are you?
M: 15 (I was hoping he would just back off cause I thought I was too young for him and he would’ve been like, awkward. Bye.)
H: Cool im 17 :) (He need a spell check or a grammar lesson. Seriously.)
M: Cool. (which really meant…really? I thought you were an adult. Awkward. I still hope you’ll back off.)
M: Hang on. I have to go buy crickets for my leopard gecko. I’ll be back later
H: Okay :)
M: Back
H: Heyy
M: Hi
H: Can you send me a picture of yours!
M: Which one?
M: Oh
M: My gecko?
M: Sure
M: *sends picture of my gecko, as seen top right*
(keep reading the picture cause I can’t type out everything)
M: Oh okay
M: The profile pic or a different one?
H: A different one would be just fine. But can I see how you look right now? (here I was thinking he was a creep)
M: *sends Instagram profile pic cause it’s public anyways*
H: Yeah I was right. Youre cute and sexy at the same time :) (Even more of a creep)
M: Ha ha. Thanks (also meaning…I’m creeped out by you but also curious. Can’t you just back off? Should I mess with you? Lets have fun but be careful and mess with you.)
H: Anytime sweetheart :)
M: Do you want to see something?
M: It’s really sweet
H: Sure
M: Aren’t they cute…
M: *sends picture of baby Alex and Will* (this is to set up later, so it wouldn’t be weird saying I randomly had a “boyfriend”) (read the messages in the pic)
M: I love them
M: They’re just adorable
H: They aree. But I guess you’re much adorable :) (Look at how he typed “are”. SERIOUSLY?!!!)
M: Awwww
M: Thank you. You’re so sweet (Not really. I just didn’t know what to say)
H: Youre welcome sweetheart :) (Okay honestly, the smiley faces are starting to creep me out)
M: Do you want to see another pic?
H: Of your gecko? :P
H: Or the beauty im talking to? (nearly everything came back to me and him hitting on me)
M: The babies silly (Not really. He’s anything but silly)
M: Hang on
M: I have to go out to eat
M: It’s with my family (I should’ve told him we were rich so we have hidden cameras, a gate, guns, weapons, security guards, and guard dogs. Plus, most likely he doesn’t live in my area…hopefully.)
H: Ohh okayy :) (His spelling. OH. MY. GOSH!!!)
M: (see last picture)
M: They were the babies
H: Ohh woww
M: Didn’t they grow up so much?
H: Theyy didd
M: Yeah
M: It’s my boyfriend and his brother (I was hoping it would make him back off and the boyfriend was supposed to be Alex.)
H: Lol nicee
M: Yeah.
M: Do you have a girlfriend? (I didn’t know what to say again so I just asked since we were on the topic of dating)
H: Nah broke up a month ago (awkward)
M: Aw
H: Yeah.
M: His brother’s in a band
H: Cool
M: Wanna see?
H: See what?
M: His band
H: Not really :P (Sure. You can’t send a billion faces and capitalize, BUT YOU MISSPELL OFTEN)
M: Oh okay
M: My boyfriend only lets me send 1 selfie per day over kik. Sorry (not really) (This and the rest of the messages is me explaining why it’s taking so long to respond. They were never received either.)

anonymous asked:

I actually think that the whole countdown thing Troye's doing is kinda disappointing and not really thought through. I feel like it's just not a Troye-way to do it. He's teasing people with pictures and lyrics for ages and then suddenly the official date is announced and now this whole tomorrow-thing. It's not how I imagined him to do this, so, for me, it really is annoying at this point. I'm just gonna buy Wild once it's out and not pay attention to this ridiculous countdown anymore.

Okay bye? You’re not obligated to love it but I think being bitter about it is just silly. Personally I think it’s fantastic, and I don’t know why you’re saying it’s not a Troye way of doing things because I think it’s exactly the kind of thing he would do. One of his favorite things is watching us freak out, and he gets to do that every other day for over a month. This marketing scheme has “Troye” written all over it. I think he probably had a lot of involvement in planning these teasers and I really love how it turned out (apart from the loose schedule, that would be my only minor complaint).

I also think that a lot of people don’t realize that if there was no countdown the album would still be coming out on the same day. They didn’t push it back purposefully, that was always the official date. Albums by up-and-coming artists don’t get dropped, they get promoted for weeks to make sure they do well. September 4 was chosen as the release date by the producers some time ago, but instead of a boring 6-week wait Troye decided to give us little snippets every few days. Part of the experience is the anticipation, the counting of the days and hours until we can hear the music, and the teasers he’s throwing in enhance that experience.