i just really like this photoshoot and this colouring and her face

First Impression*

Anonymous: can u make more modeling imagines?? like how harry meets y/n and he feels like she is familiar but cant remember. and when they are like hanging in tour bus or backstage etc (1d does exist) one of the boys finds her cover of like it being revealing. and so on

I’ve changed this up a bit so it fits in with the series!


You and Harry had been dating for a few months now and this was the first time you were going to meet the boys. Harry invited you on a couple of tour dates and to say you were nervous was an understatement.

These were a group of boys Harry had spent nearly the last six years constantly. They were practically his family. They knew a whole lot more about him than you did. You may have seen him more intimately, but they had seen him through his high and low moments.

You had stayed at Harry’s house the night before so he could drive you both to the stadium for his first show at the O2. He held his hand on your thigh during the drive, squeezing reassuringly occasionally. 

“’S everythin’ okay?” Harry asked you. You briefly smiled and went back to looking out of the window. 

“Yeah, just a bit nervous really.” You replied, biting your bottom lip. 

“There’s no need to be nervous, my love. They will love you. I love you so they have gotta love ya’! Kind of a rule…” Harry winked at you. You felt a little better and brought his resting hand up to your lips, kissing his palm. 

“I love you too.”

Harry parked the car by the crew’s bus and the tour busses. 

“Ready?” He looked over at you, eyebrows slightly raised. You nodded and you both climbed out of the car, Harry immediately intertwining your hands. After going through multiple security checks, you made it backstage. 

It was just like Harry had described. A huge room full of tables with a massive buffet style food area at the back of the room. A few people were sat in there, chatting together. 

Harry politely waved at them before moving on towards their dressing room. He didn’t bother knocking but instead opening the door. Loud laughter could be heard as the door opened and you instantly felt a little more relaxed. 

“Harry!” You heard a male voice say. Harry walked in and you followed closely behind him. There was Louis and Niall sitting on the black leather couches together, a girl next to Louis. 

“Alright, mate!” Harry said. He stood to your side, his hand resting on your lower back. 

“This is (Y/N).” Harry introduced you, a wide smile on his face. You slightly waved and the girl next to Louis stood up, walking over to you. 

“It’s so nice to finally meet you! Harry has been talking about you non-stop!” She brought you in for a hug and you were a bit stiff at first but loosened up, hugging her back. She pulled away. “I’m Danielle.”

“It’s lovely to meet you.” She seemed nice. She went to talk but was beaten to the chase by Niall speaking up. 

“’Ang on, (Y/W/N)?” He asked you. You looked over Danielle’s shoulder, nodding reluctantly. He chuckled and picked up a magazine off the table. “Just read an article on ya!” You walked over towards him and he handed you the magazine. 

An immediate blush rose to your cheeks. 

“Oh gosh, that’s a great first impression…” You muttered. It was a shoot which consisted of you modelling the new lingerie line that Ann Summers were launching. And you weren’t exactly covered up. 

Harry walked over to you and chuckled. 

“It’s a nice shoot.” Harry whispered in your ear, trying to reason with you. You were mortified. You were meant to present yourself as a nice, respectable lady. Not as someone who was seductively biting their thumb with lace panties on. 

“I’m so embarrassed!” You whined, shutting the magazine and chucking it on the table. The rest of the room laughed light heartedly as you buried your face in Harry’s chest. 

“Baby, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. This is your job, you shouldn’t be ashamed. Come on, let’s show you round.” You waved goodbye to the people in the room and Harry intertwined your fingers, kissing the top of your head. 

You didn’t know anyone really apart from Lou. She had been on set for one of your photoshoots awhile back and you got on well. This was a few months before you met Harry.

She welcomed you with open arms when you walked past another dressing room. Her hair had changed colour, once again, and her daughter Lux was sitting in the make up chair waiting for her mum to finish her french braids. 

The two of you walked out of an exit towards the buses where the rest of the band were. Harry held his pass up to the door and it opened, warm air greeting the two of you. You let Harry walk on first and he held a hand our for you to steady your climb on the stairs. 

“Hey!” Harry announced as he started to walk down the aisles. You peeked over his shoulder to see Liam next to Cheryl - of course you knew who she was (you were a die hard Girl’s Aloud fan when you were younger) so this was rather odd being introduced to her as a friend and not an artist.

“Alright, mate? So this must be (Y/N)?” Liam happily spoke, bringing you in for a warm hug. 

“It’s so lovely to meet you.” You saw Cheryl get up, her hand gently rubbing over her bump as she walked over towards you. 

“Hiya, Pet, we’ve heard loads about you!” Her Geordie accent the exact same as it was in the interviews you used to listen to on the radio whilst she was in the band. 

“All good I hope.” You cheekily smiled at Harry who was watching you with admiration. 

“I promise.” Harry assured you, squeezing your hip slightly.

“Well, we’ll let Harry show ya round. Fancy grabbing a bite?” Liam asked Cheryl. She frantically nodded and patted the side of her bump. 

“Baby is making me bloody starved all the time.” She chuckled as she spoke. You softly smiled at her and your heart warmed as you watch Liam’s hand instinctively rub the side of her bump. 

The two of them excused themselves and you and Harry were left on the bus by themselves. 

“Sooo,” You trailed off. “This is your humble abode?” You pretended to scoff. Harry rose an eyebrow. 

“Don’t ya’ like it?” He played along. You ran your finger over the countertop and pretended to examine it. 

“Hmm, not sure about this whole relationship anymore. Kinda only dated you for the big house, not this bus.” You leaned against the counter, innocently twiddling your hair around your finger. 

“Oh, baby, I got a shit load of houses for you. Still have four to christen.” He stalked over to you, hooking his fingers in your belt hoops. He tugged you towards him and listed you onto the counter. 

You gasped as you wrapped your legs around his waist, tugging him closer towards you. 

“Mmm, baby, keep this up and I may end up taking you on this counter.” Your eyes widened as you looked at him. 

“Not your worst idea.” You ran your thumb over his bottom lip, tugging it so it bounced back. His lips were so fucking intoxicating you just wanted to kiss them for the rest of your life.

He smashed his lips onto yours and took you slightly by surprise. As you gasped, his tongue trailed along your upper lip. You slipped your tongue into his mouth as you let out a lightly groan as his collided with yours.

You could feel him growing against your clothed centre and he naturally rutted his hips against your jeans for some friction. You pulled away, panting and looked towards the door to make sure the coast was clear.

Since it was, you grabbed a handful of Harry’s shirt and brought his lips back to yours, your tongue immediately finding his. Feeling confident, you started to trail hot kisses down his jaw onto his neck, licking up the prominent vein on his neck. Fuck, his jaw turned you on. 

Harry was growing harder by the second and his jeans weren’t providing the friction he craved. You moved your lips up his neck more and gently bit his earlobe, tugging it. His fingers had been massaging your waist, his thumbs most likely leaving erotic bruises. 

Your hand travelled down his shirt until it reached his pants. You put pressure onto his crotch and he let out the loudest groan yet, his hips bucking forward towards your hand. 

“Fuck, please, just do anything. Gotta’ cum so bad.” Harry whined, his desperate eyes meeting yours.

You palmed him through the fabric of his jeans. Fucking on the bus was too risky but making him cum in his pants was perfectly fine. He could change easily. 

His size never failed to impress you or pleasure you. He swept your hair over your shoulder and attacked your neck with kisses, the occasional bite. You whined at his lips and tightened your legs around his waist, your skin hot and the blouse you were wearing was starting to become irritating. 

Your fingertips teased over the belt buckle but never undid it, he had teased you on several shoots before so this was a little taste of his own medicine. His breath was heavy and warm against your neck, the occasional grunt leaving his wet lips.

Surely he was about to cum, you knew this by the pause in spongy kisses against your neck. This was a regular thing. He would be making slow love to you and a few minutes after he stopped kissing your neck, he would reach his end. 

“Baby, come for me. Wanna’ see you cum.” He looked at you, his eyes black with lust. This was only turning you on even more but you were relishing in his pleasure. Your end would come later and it was going to be hard, your little teasing antics always lead to hot sex.

You whispered in his ear, “Let go, H.” And this is all it took, those three words.

His whole body tensed against you and he let out a low, guttural groan. You kept your hand over his bulge and you could feel a small wet patch starting to seep through his jeans. Luckily, they were black so it would be hard to see.

He was deep breathing and yours wasn’t any different. This had worked you up as much as him.

“Mmm, was that ‘kay?” You sweetly asked him, softly kissing his forehead, his face nuzzled against your chest. He lazily blinked and nodded. 

“Soo good. Fucking love you, gonna make you cum so ‘ard when we get ‘ome.”

You giggled and cheekily slapped his bum. 

“I’ll hold you to that.” He kissed your collarbone and lifted his face to look at you. Before you went to reply your eyes caught sight of something on the table. 

“Noooo…” You whined. Harry frowned before looking over his shoulder to see what you were looking at. It was the same magazine that Niall had read earlier. 

“What were you expecting?” Harry lazily chuckled. “’Ts a magazine, babes, ‘s gonna be everywhere.”

“Yeah, but not the day when I met your friends!”

“Well, did you think you would be making me cum my pants on that same day too?” Harry cheekily remarked. You rolled your eyes and brought his lips to yours, kissing him softly. He went to grip your hips but a loud voice cut you off. 

“You two done canoodling in there?! Harry’s gotta be in hair in two minutes!” 

You both snapped your heads towards the door to see Niall holding his thumb up at the two of you. He cheekily winked and ran off the bus again. You let your head fall against Harry’s shoulder and let out a humorous sob. Harry simply laughed and kissed your temple. 


Originally posted by jengkook

Word count: 1820

Warnings: ANGST

Author’s note: I feel like I got a lot to say right now. Sorry about that in advance.

First of all this scenario is inspired by K.A.R.D.’s “Rumor”. At first I didn’t liked that song but I started liking it eventually. And damn this photoshoot gets me everytime. Also I don’t have the feeling I wrote a good Jimin story yet so I hope this will be poppin.

Second thing: I guess you noticed that I am repeating the members now. I mostly pick who I think would fit the role but there hasn’t really been any request regarding a certain group/member. Just to let you know that I am open for any suggestion! If not then I am willing to continue my own comeups ;)

For the third and last thing I just reached 400 followers!! ♥♥♥ For that I wanted to welcome every new companion and of course thank you all :D It is overwhelming to me how this blog grew out of nothing :) I will continue as long as you guys like me to ;) But now we will get going!

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Definitions: noun; A currently circulating story or report of uncertain or doubtful truth usually spread by word of mouth.

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Innocent Rookie // Min Yoongi

Originally posted by taestylips

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Sexy Fluff // Suggestive ^_^

Summary//Request: Anonymous said: Can I request a Suga scenario where he is a n experienced male model and she is rookie. He then learns her the basics. Please make it fluffy and sexy.

Getting into the world of modelling was easy. All you had to do was pay an upfront fee to an agency and they took your headshots and put your name out there for you – so to speak. However, getting into the world of modelling and becoming successful was a completely different ball game altogether.

But as your mother told you before you embarked on your journey to fame; “You reap what you sow, what you put in – you will most certainly get out.” You were of course a very hard working young woman with goals, dreams, aspirations and ambitions. You were also no stranger to the feeling of not winning, but you believed that this humbled you into becoming a gracious loser – something you must learn if you ever expect to be a gracious winner also.

After your last modelling competition which you placed 2nd in a sexy concept shoot, you decided that you needed to ‘up your game’ if you ever planned on winning 1st – something that you had never been able to grab a hold of thus far. And today, you hoped that you would get the experience needed to hone and improve your skills.

Your manager contacted you 4 days ago about a ‘satin boudoir’ photoshoot that you had been scouted for as a rookie female model – they were looking for someone with an innocent look and they picked you straight away upon seeing your soft, doe eyes and had mentioned that you gave off a naive vibe which was very ‘appealing’ to them. What that meant – you didn’t know, nor did you care. You were just happy that someone seen your potential, and you were going to try and exceed their expectations. You had been informed that it was a couple photo shoot, that there would also be a male model. And you assumed he would be some kind of rookie too.

But you couldn’t have been more incorrect.

You arrived at the studio at approximately 10am, giving your name to the receptionist and being handed a guest pass before taking the elevator by yourself to the 14th floor. Upon stepping out, you met your manager – Aria, who had been impatiently waiting for you.

“Oh finally, you’re here! Come on, let’s get you into hair and makeup and then we can have a look at the outfits.” She said all in one go as she pushed you towards the set room.

You walked in, widening your eyes at what was laid out before you. Lights, cameras and a dozen or so set hands rushed about, but you couldn’t help stare at the four poster bed sat at the back of the room in front of a black back-drop. You didn’t get much of a chance to fully observe the rest before Aria was pushing you once more towards a white door with your name on it. You couldn’t help but smile upon seeing your name in black and white, as you opened the door to walk in to a team of hairstylists and makeup artists, eagerly anticipating your arrival.

30 minutes later, you gazed at yourself in the mirror – taken aback at the beauty that lay before you. Smouldering, smoky eyes with delicate false lashes that feathered your eyes, a sleek but dramatic brow, and a classic red lipstick on your lips. Your hair, which had some hair extensions braided in for a thicker, longer effect; fell around your shoulders in loose, playful curls. You smiled up at the makeup and hairstylists.

“Wow…I didn’t know I could look this beautiful…thank you so much!” you said, giggling and not believing you could ever look this good. Aria patted your back and smiled at you in the mirror.

“You have a beautiful face already my love, they just added to that beauty.”

“If Miss (Y/N) is ready, let’s get her changed into her outfit for the shoot. Her partner is ready and waiting, the crew is on standby” a set hand came to inform you all. As you were taken into the adjacent dressing room, you began to feel millions of tiny butterflies fluttering about in your stomach.

“Aria, do you know who my partner is? I haven’t seen him yet.” You asked as you were handed a satin black bra and panties along with a freshly pressed white men’s shirt.

“Less talking, more getting dressed. You’ll see him soon enough.” Aria said, motioning you behind the curtain of the fitting room. You looked at her, before looking down at the 3 pieces of clothing as a look of confusion swept across your face.

“Uhm, where’s the rest of my outfit? They didn’t give me any pants…” you said nervously yet politely, before the entire room of women began to giggle and shake their heads at your innocence.

“(Y/N), that is the outfit. Come on! Hurry up and get changed, everyone is waiting on you.”

You felt almost naked upon walking out on to set in nothing but the provided underwear and shirt. You pulled at the hem, making sure the back was definitely covering your butt-cheeks as you gingerly walked behind your manager. You felt every single pair of eyes studying you as you walked past them. You were glad that the make up team had done such a good job with the concealer, as you felt your cheeks beginning to turn pink under their stares.

It was then you seen him, leaning up against one of the posts on the bed while chatting to one of the set noonas. Min YoonGi – talented, sexy and charming men’s model who was constantly featured on the cover of many fashion magazines both in Korea and internationally. He stood at 176cm and had since changed his hair colour to a pastel grey since his last Vogue shoot. You weren’t sure how long you stood there not breathing, until he turned around to catch your gaze. He wore a white shirt, unbuttoned at the top much like yours, with loose slacks and grey dress pants. He smiled wryly before walking towards you. Watching him, you felt like you were going to pass out, you couldn’t deny that you were absolutely star struck and in awe by him. “Me? Shooting with…him? Surely there’s been some mistake…” you thought as he stopped before you, and bowed slightly to which you bowed just a little lower.

“My name is (Y/N), it’s nice to meet you. You’ve been an inspiration to me and I’m so honoured to work with you today. Please excuse my lack of experience and I will try not to be an inconvenience to you today” you blurted out all in one go. Yoongi stared at you before letting out a breathy chuckle, looking around at the audience of people watching you both, before he leaned in closer to your ear.

“You’ve no need to introduce yourself (Y/N). I’ve heard about you too, so don’t discredit yourself. You are really quite a beauty” he purred, making you feel stupidly weak at the knees. You felt a small shiver run up and down your arms as you felt the wind of him pulling away to meet your eyes again.

“So, have you ever done a concept like this before? With the…uh, the bed?” he slung his head in the direction of the bed which was now made up in black and white satin sheets, the pillows plumped and the lights dimmed to set the mood. You smiled, trying your best not to show that inside you were screaming.

“No, this is my first time. I’ve done sexy concepts a few times, but never with a partner. I’m actually a little nervous right now to be honest, forgive me” you said, your voice dropping a little lower at the end, making Yoongi grin ear to ear in response.

“Ahh, they said you were an innocent beauty, and you have the personality to match. Let me give you one piece of advice; never lose that. Keep it for as long as you can. It’s rare, these days”. You didn’t quite know what he meant by that, but you decided to keep a mental note regardless. He was Min Yoongi after all, and to be given any kind of advice by him was both an honour and a privilege to you.  

“Alright everyone, places! Let’s get this started and we can be out of here before dinner. Yoongi and (Y/N), if you could please make your way over to the bed?” the set director called out. Your heart began to thump in your chest as you sheepishly followed behind Yoongi in the direction of the set.

The first scene wasn’t so bad. It had an element of sexual angst to it, with you and Yoongi sat in the middle of the bed with your backs pressing against each other. You cradled your knees to your chest, while Yoongi sat with his elbows on his knees, his feet flat against the bed. At certain points, the backs of your heads touched as you both looked into the camera with rebellious, sultry stares.

“Perfect! That’s beautiful (Y/N), more angst Yoongi….great, we got it.” The director clapped, obviously pleased with how the photo’s for the magazine were turning out.

“Alright, next scene. Yoongi, if you could stand at the side of the bed, make sure your knees are brushing the covers. (Y/N), I want you in front of him sitting with your legs underneath you while looking up at him. You guys just had a fight, and now you’re making up” he called out, flicking through his booklet of ideas while waiting for you both to get into position. Yoongi was already where he was supposed to be, and you followed suit.

“(Y/N), you need to be closer. I want your face almost touching his abdomen. Come on now, don’t be shy. Be professional”

You breathed in deeply, before scooting forward a few cm’s. Yoongi looked down at you and chuckled, before putting his hands at the sides of your shoulders and pulling you closer to him even further. You almost gasped at the contact, feeling how close you were to him now. Yoongi could sense your nervousness, as he placed his hand below your chin, cupping it in an attempt to comfort you.

“Don’t worry, it’s just a shoot. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Am I that scary?” he cooed playfully into your face, making you blush and sigh in return. You couldn’t help but be embarrassed seeing as he was beyond beautiful and the fact there were other people all watching your every move.

“Oh Yoongi! Stay like that, with your and on her chin. That’s perfect! Lean down more into her face, you’re comforting her. (Y/N), you can’t resist him, you’re slowly giving in to his love, look into his face like you have fallen in love with him…that’s it, yes!”

You held your breath the entire time as you and Yoongi gazed into each others eyes. You could see a gentle playfulness dancing around in them, as you attempted to read him. Yoongi could feel your skin almost burning under his touch, making him silently chuckle at his affect on you.

“Alright, last scene. So guys, please get on to the bed. Yoongi, I want you to remove the slacks and shirt, and (Y/N), I want you on his lap and straddling his waist for me. This is the grand finale, so let’s make it a good one”.

Your heart sunk upon hearing ‘straddle his waist’ as you really believed you would pass out from a lack of oxygen and the amount of nervousness you were feeling. Yoongi removed his shirt, revealing his nicely toned stomach, before crawling on to the bed to meet you.

“You don’t have to be nervous. Just breathe okay? I’m here with you. Let’s just pretend we’re lovers and there’s no one else here. Just focus on me, alright?” he said, as he pulled you on to his lap and placed his hands primitively on your hips. You gazed into his eyes before wrapping your legs around his torso. As you did, he grabbed your waist tighter and shifted you up closer to him, making you squeal a little – causing you both to giggle. You observed his smiling face, and what looked like a hint of natural blush appearing on his cheeks.

“Oh my god that’s beautiful, keep doing what you’re doing guys, you are both amazing together.” The director exclaimed, giving you more and more confidence by the second as the cameras clicked at the flash went off like crazy.

“I think you’re blushing a little, Mr. Yoongi” you purred into his ear, before he bit his lip and stared up into your face. His eyes were that of deep mahogany, and they burnt right into the deepest parts of your soul.

“Well, it’s not every day that I have an incredibly sexy girl sitting on my lap.” He said, his voice laced with lust before he brushed his nose with yours, as you slung your arms around his shoulders – all the while, Mr. Director was practically screaming the house down at how happy he was.

“Thank you…for making me less nervous. I really mean it.” You said sincerely, cocking your head to the side.

“You’re most welcome. In return, you could let me take you out for dinner tonight, if your boyfriend wouldn’t mind it.” Yoongi said casually, making you erupt in giggles at how smooth he was.

“There’s no boyfriend, I’m afraid. But, won’t your girlfriend get jealous?” you teased back, to which he gripped you tighter and wet his lips in response.

“What girlfriend? No one informed me I have a girlfriend?” he replied sarcastically before smiling his infamous gummy smile, making your heart swell in your chest. You couldn’t help but notice how well you fit his body as he nuzzled you further into his bare chest as if you were two pieces of a puzzle coming together perfectly. You rested your head in the crook of his neck, smiling angelically and never wanting the moment to end as you completely forgot about everyone else in the room.

“Aaaaaand, we’re done! Yoongi, (Y/N)…that was amazing. I can’t believe this was (Y/N)’s first time doing this kind of thing. You were a natural, you’ll go far in this industry! Thank you both for working so hard.” The director called out before everyone began cheering with a round of applause. You never felt more proud of yourself as you did right now.

You gently lifted yourself off of Yoongi before handing him his shirt from behind you, hoping that him asking you out to dinner wasn’t just something he said in the moment to calm you and make sure of a better shoot. You looked up at him as he put the shirt over his shoulders.

“I’ll meet you at reception in like, 20 minutes? Is that good for you?” he asked you as he extended his hand to help you get off the bed. You grinned, feeling relieved that it wasn’t just for the shoot that he asked you, before you nodded your head quickly and stepped off the bed and looked at him once more as you felt your nerves and shyness come flooding back to you under his gaze. You took a deep breath, before backing up slowly as he squeezed your hand gently before you pulled away altogether.

“Sure, see you in a bit.”


Pairing: BTS Jimin X Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,566

A/N thanks for the request! Sorry it took a while, exams are coming up scarily fast and I’m trying to make revision my priority lol (it still won’t happen)

Your heels clattered untidily along the concrete ground as you half-jogged up to the modern building. You were supposed to meet the team almost half an hour ago to prepare for the star’s – Jimin’s – photoshoot but had ended up at the wrong location. Dragging your suitcase full of makeup behind you, you stopped at the glass doors of the building.

Jimin was fussy, he only allowed you to do his makeup for photoshoots and music videos as he believed “just no one else could do it right”. Being late meant the director would have tried to find another makeup artist, spurring Jimin to refuse like a frilly child. Which meant chaos.

You impatiently tried to scan your guest card on the sensor but it just flashed red at you and retorted with an angry beep. You peered through the glass and knocked irritably at the door.

A young woman looked up from her desk and annoyingly slowly made her way to the door to buzz you in.

“Can I help?” she asked.

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Ships that pass in the night (Chapter Twelve)

Title: Ships that pass in the night (Chapter Twelve)
Tags: Alternate Timeline, AU, Slow burn, strangers to friends, friends to lovers
Words: 4571
Dan and Phil are YouTubers. The catch? They’ve never met, and Phil doesn’t want them to.

Author’s Note: I’m sorry if you’ve been waiting for this. So much has happened and I won’t bore you with my excuses. Just know that I would have done it sooner if I could have.

[AO3 Link]

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Summer Love - Joe Sugg Imagine #3

You and 3 of your friends go on holiday together. But who is this handsome boy asking you to take a photo?
Word Count: 1.4k


I decided to take a walk on the beach alone, as my friends just wanted to chill. It wasn’t a big deal, I loved taking walks alone, to dwell on memories or overthinking some past conversations. Especially before big night outs, like tonight, I loved the calm before the storm. The sun was about to go down and everything was dipped in a gold light. I loved this time of the day the most. Only a few tourists were still here, catching the last sunlight. It was a beautiful, small beach, mostly unknown and natural. My feet were in the ocean and my heart never felt so light. This is everything I needed right then. “That rock over there is perfect! Just lean against it. It’ll look bomb!”, I overheard a conversation a few meters ahead of me. Some guys were eyeing said rock thoughtfully, walking slowly around it. Some photoshoot, I thought, but kept on walking towards them. “Excuse me? Sorry, would you mind taking a photo of us?” Hm, so no professional photoshoot. I looked up, looking at the young men in front of me. One with long hair and a camera, one with short hair. They were british, I knew the accent. “Sure, why not”, I accepted the camera and walked with them to the rock. The one with the short hair climbed up, the one with the long hair just leaned against it. So I started taking some snaps from different angles. They both were very photogenic and the camera caught the golden light perfectly. “Alright, thank you!” I handed the long haired one the camera and smiled. “You’re welcome. Have a nice holiday”, I said goodbye. “Hey. I’m Byron by the way, this is Joe.” “Nice to meet you. I’m Y/N.” I shook both hands and smiled up to them. “I gotta go, I think my friends are already worried about me. Probably thinking I was kidnapped or something.” “So you got plans for tonight?”, Joe asked, returning the smile. “Yeah, my friends and I wanna go out. It’s our first night after all.” “You should definitely check out the Sundance. It’s a bar, but it has a dancefloor, too and if your friends looking just half as good as you, you gonna get in free.” I laughed at the compliment, but promised to keep that in mind. We said our goodbyes and I started walking again.

I arrived at the hotel room, which I shared with my best friend and told her about the boys I just met. “Were they cute?” “Yeah, totally. I mean, I think so. I didn’t really pay attention.” “you know… It would be really romantic if we fell in love on this trip.” I laughed. “Yeah. Romantic. Getting your heart broken at the end of the trip.” “Y/N you’re so pessimistic. Think positive.” “I’ll try.” “So… Sundance  it is?” I nodded. “Yeah, let’s try it.”
As we all had gotten ready to go out, we decided to get something to eat first, chatting away about our plans tonight. “I wanna make out with a hot Spanish guy”, my one friend giggled. “I wanna dance till the sun comes up”, another chimed in. “I wanna fall in love”, my best friend sighed. “I wanna be drunk to not deal with all of your bullshit anymore”, I joked. I really wanna meet the guys again, I thought to myself. But that was something, the other girls didn’t have to know.
The bar was beautiful, the music good and the crowd hyped. They didn’t lie it was a nice place. My friends and I made our way to the bar and everyone was ordering a colourful cocktail. But I wasn’t in the mood for sticky sweet drinks, so my order was an icecold beer. As my friends chatted away I looked through the crowd, searching for a long haired and a short haired guy with extraordinary good facial structures. But they were nowhere to be seen. Maybe they weren’t even coming, they didn’t say that they were after all. So I concentrated on my friends and forgot about them really quick.
We were dancing to some 90s hit, as a hand grabbed my shoulder. “So did you have to pay to come in?” I turned and looked at Joe, smiling at me with a beer in his hand. “No, we all got free entry. Thank you for the tip by the way. It really is a great bar.” “You’re welcome. Hey, do you want a drink? Mine is empty.” I nodded and followed Joe to the bar. “What do you want?” “Just a beer.” “A beer?” “Yeah.” “You really wanna tell me that you are drinking beer?” I laughed. “Yeah.” “Unbelievable. Alright. A beer for the lady.”
After that we literally became inseparable. We spent every waking hour together, talking, swimming, tanning, eating, dancing. He and his four friends and me and my 3 friends became one big group of friends and it couldn’t have been more perfect. But I began to slowly feel more than pure friendship for Joe and as much as I tried to hide that, my best friend was catching on. “You like him. Joe, I mean.” I laughed nervously. “Obviously. He’s my friend.” “No, not like that. You like him more than that. Way more.” “You’re being ridiculous.” “Don’t try to lie to me!” “I’m not!” “You are! And you’re blushing by the way, it’s quite cute.” I tried to hide my face from her. “Stop it!” “Just admit that you like him and I’m gonna shut up.” “ALRIGHT! I like him, okay? I think he’s funny and cute, he’s a gentleman and he looks amazing. And I hate you.” “You don’t!” My best friend laughed and pulled me into a hug. “But, Y/N, that’s so cute. You two are so cute.” “Stoooop. We are not. He doesn’t even feel that way for me. Besides, I’m not gonna make a move. Our vacation is nearly over.” “We have three more days!”, she argued. “NEARLY OVER! It just would be painful. Nothing more, nothing less.” “Ugh, you’re exhausting me. But fine. It’s your life.” “Right! It is. And now give me my lipstick.”
We made a picnic at the beach. All of us. It was the golden hour again, just like the first time I met Byron and Joe. I was comfortable leaning against Joe’s shoulder, resting my head on it. I had my eyes closed and listened to the waves and my friends conversations. But I had no intention of being a part of it. I was tired and the butterflies in my stomach making me feel nervous as Joe gently caressed my arm. We were close for friends who knew eachother only a little over ten days. “Up for a walk?” He asked quietly. I nodded and it took a lot of my willpower to pull myself away from him. We made our way to the ocean and started talking about the first time we met. “You know, I think it’s quite awkward to ask someone else to take a photo of you, while you are posing hardcore.” I laughed. “Well, it is. But you and Byron are both super photogenic. I was jealous as I took the pictures.” “Oh, shut up.” “No, I mean it. Pretty boys.” We laughed and our hands brushed because we walked that close. My heartrate sped up. Damn, this boy will be the end of me, I thought to myself. “You know, I never would’ve thought I would met someone like you on this trip. I mean, Caspar speculated, that we’d have a new girl every night.” “Well that didn’t work out.” “No. No, it didn’t. But I’m not mad about it.” “You’re not?” “Not one bit.” And with that he took my hand and interlaced our fingers. I let it happen and looked up to him. “You know, I always think rationally and rationally is this”, I pointed at our hands, “not very clever. I mean, we’ll leave in three days.” “But Y/N you’re the first girl who drinks beer with me. You’re the first girl who makes ugly faces for selfies with me. You’re the first girl who ever made me feel that way.” The sun was sparkling in his blue eyes and I couldn’t hold it back anymore. I leaned in for a kiss and for the first time I didn’t care if it was clever. It felt right. “I would love to see you again, when we’re back home. I’ll take you out on a real date.” I laughed. “Well, gladly I got accepted at the University of London, then. What a coincidence.” “No coincidence. Faith.”
The next one! I hope you enjoy these. 
I for sure love writing these.
Kat .xx

NCT fic: Misinterpretations - Jaehyun Angst

Request from @jaehyunfromamerica : “If you’re still accepting scenario requests, may I request a jaehyun angst? About anything really I just want my heart ripped into pieces and then put back together with a happy ending”

A/N: Sorry this is so late! This is my first time writing an NCT fic, and my first time writing romantic angst. BUt ahhhh~ I absolutely loved it. Please remember to give me feedback and constructive criticism guys ♥

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wait for the colours to turn to gold

length: 5k

genre: fluff, AU, strangers to lovers

summary: fashion blogger!Dan and movie reviewer!Phil are neighbours, and when Dan sees Phil about to ruin a shirt by hanging it on his balcony, he has to stop him in the name of fashion

notes: thanks to @spacecattle for the great au, @cafephan for threatening me if i made this less than 5k, and @problmemeatic for dragging me via google docs

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anonymous asked:

prompt- narry!models they know each other by name but never met, bc they have different friends until they merge in a gala, after their both best friends nag about each other and how they'll make a great couple.

This was so cute and I loved every second of writing this. Enjoy!


He just got off his fourth Gucci photoshoot in Rome, settling himself in his fancy hotel room and watching as some people from his management rushed around him, collecting clothes and makeup to put away for tomorrows next shooting day.

“You haven’t talked about the Met Gala yet, it’s a big day for you.” His hair stylist Lou pointed out as she grabbed the last of her hairspray and brushes to pack in her travel bag. She was giving him a questioning look, interested in what he would answer with.

“I’ve been on and off photoshoots for the past month, I don’t have time to think or talk about that.” Harry sighed out, moving his hands over his face to rub at his eyes. They stung, begging for sleep that has been deprived for a few days now.

“Well before you pass out on me why don’t we talk about what you want to wear? Tina wants to know so she can start gathering a team, its your call.” Lou sat on the bed, travel bag in her hands all closed up and ready for her to take back to her own room. People were filing out by now, saying soft goodbyes to them with their arms full of clothes, beauty products, and papers. Harry was glad Lou was staying though, he’d rather chat with her alone.

“I want gold and flowers, bell-bottom pants of course, maybe a see-through black or white dress shirt underneath.” Harry went straight to business, staring off towards the ceiling above him as his imagination wandered to what he’d wear. He’s worn every colour and shade that’s ever existed, but gold was one of those that he’s rarely gotten to wear. What better place to wear it than the iconic Met Gala?

“Ohh, going right in for the kill aren’t you love?” Lou was typing away on her phone, probably sending texts to Tina as he spoke.

“It’s my first Met Gala, I want people to remember me as soon as I step onto the carpet.” He wagged his finger up towards the ceiling, almost like he was making an oath to the world and himself that he wasn’t going to slack on this. He’s been to many award shows ever since his fame sky-rocketed, but those weren’t anywhere near close to as important as the Met Gala where it was swarmed with music, fashion, and movie icons.

“Alright well Tina is already making orders and assembling everyone together, get some sleep now salt.” She got up and walked towards him to give him a short pat on the chest, her bag tucked under her armpit as she exited the hotel room.

The silence was almost too much when she closed the door behind her, it was nice to hear nothing but the sound of his own breath. This was the part that he remembered he was human, no hectic lifestyle, just himself with a beating heart.


Coffee was an essential in the morning, and with only a weak till the Met Gala as well as photoshoots that still went on, he had a completely packed schedule. He went to constant fittings, going in and out of changing rooms and leaving with a good cup of caffeine to keep him awake for the next flight or next drive.

He was in a car right now, getting a drive to his shoot for Tommy Hilfiger in New York. Lou was sat beside him, reading some magazine and silently flipping through it. Harry didn’t pay attention though, just kept his eyes on the window and watched the yellow taxi’s drive past and pedestrians rush around to their destinations on foot.

“Look at this cover, what a face.” Lou mumbled, she grabbed another magazine from the pile beside her that she usually brought to occupy herself while Harry did his shoots that sometimes lasted a full day. She turned it towards Harry, and he nodded in acknowledgement.

It was Niall Horan who was printed on the cover of the magazine, looking handsome and bold standing on a beach with a see-through white dress shirt on, that being it except for the briefs he wore. His brown hair was all wet, it dripping and falling into a fringe across his forehead.

He was stunning, actually, but Harry knows photoshop and the stupid enhancements that the magazine companies make. He’s never met Niall in person, only knows him by name when he sees him on billboards and shop windows, he could be ugly or completely mediocre looking for all he knew.

“Do you think he’s handsome?” She asked with a cheeky look, biting at her bottom lip and wiggling her brows. He wanted to roll his eyes but kept that expression in, instead moving to focus his eyes back on staring out the window. Lou slowly dropped the magazine onto her lap, now flipping to Niall’s exclusive photoshoot at the back.

“Of course he’s handsome, don’t really know him though so I can’t really be sexually attracted to him…can I?” Harry heard Lou snort and he whipped his head towards her, seeing that she was trying to hold in her giggle.

“What?” He asked, poking her in the side playfully and making her squeal and slap him harshly. She hated being tickled.

“You sure as hell can! I’ve seen this man in person many times, I’ve even done his hair when you went on winter break for one of his shoots for Vogue! Harry he’s a gay man that would be perfect for you.” She always was trying to hook him up with other men. It wasn’t in an annoying way, she never pushed Harry to date if he didn’t want to, she just loved playing matchmaker.

“I’ve got shit to do, don’t have time for a relationship.” Harry groaned, retracting his hands and letting her relax and settle down after a long giggle fit.

“Excuses, excuses. Niall is going to be at the Met Gala too, and you will meet him Mister Styles!” She sounded determined, pointing a stiff finger into his bicep to make him squirm.


The next time Harry was reminded about Niall, it was the day of the Met Gala, him standing in his hotel room staring at the door and watching as people raced around him, frantically trying to get him looking the best he’s ever looked.

He had on exactly what he asked, a white suit with gold flowers all over it, snaking around the sleeves of his jacket sleeves and legs of his pants like vines, blooming along his chest and back, all along his bell-bottoms. He had on a white see-through shirt underneath the suit, it had a ruffled collar that was different from what he asked for, but he was happy with the result in the end when his pink and lush skin was seen through the shirt, making him look even better. Everything was coming together perfectly, but then Lou is walking in with her hair supplies, smiling so big he couldn’t help but get suspicious.

“What?” He asked immediately, watching her with careful eyes as she unpacked her stuff and grabbed for the hair gel, making him sit down on the bed to get his hair in a messy quiff.

“Guess who I just had a chat with?” She sang, happily fluffing his curls up.

“Who?” He asked, wincing when she tugged a little too hard.

“Niall’s stylist Laura, she had come along and told me that Niall was going to be on the red carpet around the same time that you were going to be. She said that you two would be cute walking into the Gala together.” Harry was already shaking his head, rolling his eyes and letting out a huff. He was hoping Lou would’ve let it all slide by and forget about this Niall guy and him getting together, but she was a determined woman and when she wanted something she usually got it.

“We aren’t even matching, we wouldn’t look good together walking in with two completely different outfits. You know the Met Gala more than anyone Lou, couples match.” Harry was making every excuse in the book and Lou was catching on to his desperation to let everything go, and she stared down at him after she stepped back from her work.

“I love you and want you to be in a cute and happy relationship, can you at least try and talk to him? For me?” She gave him a small smile, looking all cute and pouty and rocking herself back and forth onto her feet.

Harry couldn’t help but cave in, because he knew if he didn’t agree now, Lou would be back to trying to get him with someone else soon enough. She’s tried to get Harry with many, many guys before Niall, but this Niall guy has really gotten her whipped. She hasn’t been this determined to get Harry to be with a certain man before.

“Alright fine, I’ll have a chat with him but don’t expect me to come back all love drunk.” Lou was squealing right after he said ‘alright’ and her skinny frame came colliding with his as she gave him a large hug. Tina was yelling at her seconds later though, a ‘don’t ruin the couture!’ Screaming across the room.


He had never been more mad with Lou in his life, and that was a fact as soon as he laid eyes on Niall Horan as soon as he came onto the red carpet. Because Niall was matching with him, with a white suit that had gold lining along the cuff and ends and all along the collar. He had on a white turtleneck shirt underneath and a gold bowtie wrapped around the neckline. He looked absolutely fucking stunning, better than the magazines actually.

That’s why Lou didn’t talk back to him when he had said that they weren’t going to match, because they actually were, and his whole body went into overdrive as he walked right towards Niall as he smiled for the cameras.

Niall looked right at him when he was a few feet away, and Harry’s heart felt like it had grew lifeless in his body when they met eyes, both staring each other down from head to toe. It looks like Niall had some realization across his face as well, with the way his brows shot up into his forehead and his mouth almost hit the red carpet.

“Harry Styles? Right?” Niall asked, making the first move as he stepped a bit closer. They were almost toe to toe, their shoulders brushing as they tried to play it cool for the cameras, acting as if they were just taking some photos together.

“Yep, and Niall Horan?” Harry answered and asked through his charming smile.

“Did Laura and Lou do this?” Niall asked, now moving a hand to grab at Harry’s suit sleeve to pull them along to another set of cameras. Apparently they were going along with the ride now, letting the stylists win by being a couple.

This was probably breaking the internet right now, Harry’s notifications were going to be blowing up his phone more than usual. But he hasn’t decided if he minded yet.

“Yep, never saw it coming…but yeah.” Harry mumbled, now staring at the doors that lead into the building where the Gala was taking place. They were close to going inside now, and he wasn’t sure if they should part ways and do their own solo shots for the cameras yet.

“Well, I would love to have you in my company today Harry Styles, I’ll be saving a seat for you inside.” Niall had said that quietly into his ear, skillfully turning his head only the slightest bit so the cameras didn’t catch their secret conversation. Harry couldn’t even answer before the small brunet was pushing himself away and walking off to smile for the cameras somewhere else.

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RFA + Saeran + V with a MC who has an 'emo-like' fashion ?? Facial piercings and black wardrobe vibes. tHaNkS a bUnCh

A/N: Y'all haven’t seen how I dress but this me a lot of the time ^^;; (Though when I went through this emo-phase back in high school I had blue hair and raccoon eyes but omG I MISS MY BLUE HAIR I WANT TO DYE IT BACK) I kind of went based off of things I would wear during this phase sooo;;; ~Admin 404


           -You were nicely dressed at the party so he really had no idea what your casual sense of style would be, but no matter what it was, he was sure it was gonna be cute!!

           -10/10 did not expect you to be wearing so much black and spikey… things

           -???? Is this the same MC??

           -Has nothing against it at all but? WOW not what he expected

           -You’re still the same MC!! Just…. in darker clothes and makeup than expected!!! Still loves you!!

           -“MC! Share some of your bracelets with mmmeeee!”


           -He also loves the splash of colour it gives your outfit!!!!

           -If you dye your hair he’s 500% for it because now you two can dye each other’s hair!!


           - you steal his leather jacket very often

           -But he loves it!!!

           -It’s very expressive! Completely accepts it!!

           -If you have a tongue or lip piercing he is fuCKING WEAK

           - THE BEAST, MC, THE BEAST!!!!!!

           -Ripped skinny jeans!!! Yes!!! Put them on!!! Y E S

           -Secretly loves the short vests you put on over loose tank tops

           -If he sees any black piece of jewelry, or a piece of clothing with a skull on it, he’s buying it for you


           -He knows you like black, but??? It’s so cute when the only splash of colour you put on is in your hair!




           -She’s really happy you express yourself but!!!

           -This is so not business professional MC that’s…the point, jaehee

           -Respects how well you can do your smokey eye makeup! skills, MC, skills

           -Paints your nails for you if you paint hers!

           - refuses to admit she checks out your butt in your skinny jeans

           -She does like your large sweaters and plaid over-shirts though!!!

           -Takes them to wear around the house and plays dumb when you ask her about them

           -“?? These aren’t yours. I’ve had them for years? Are you sure? I think you’re wrong. See, this plaid shirt is red, you wear all black. It can’t be yours!”


           - Listen here mr. bodyguard, I’m not a threat, I’m not a delinquent, I’m MC and I’m hERE TO SEE JUMIN HAN, JUMIN, LET ME IN!!!!!!

           -C H O K E R S

           -Surprised when you showed up at his penthouse in a corset-like dress???

           -Aren’t corsets meant to be more….lingerie-like???

           - what are you trying to say here mc

           -He actually really likes it, so long as you…. don’t wear so many spikes and chains and… black…. and take out the jewelry in your face when attending fancy parties

           -He tries so hard not to laugh when Elizabeth tries to play with your dangling chains hanging from your belts

           -10/10 Will buy you beanies with cat ears on them

           -Okay lets be real, he’ll buy you anything black that has anything related to a cat on it pls wear this for him MC

           -Likes when you wear high-heels with spikes all over them, they’re just so badass and he can’t help it?? But remember to be proper when needed, otherwise it’s all good MC




           -Can and will do your makeup for you

           -If you wear skinny jeans with rips in them, he’ll make sure his fingers are cold and poke your leg through them


           -Tries to see how many crosses he can put on your outfit until you tell him to stop

           -Loves giving you his hoodie because it’s so big and long and hey, it’s mostly black anyway!!

           -GALAXY CLOTHING!


           -Unnatural hair colours is an A+++++ for him!! Loves it!!!!


           -Oh my is that a nose piercing? How cute!!!

           -He’s okay with it but wow, it’s very expressive of you

           -Black, lacey dresses make him WEAK


           -Every time he sees you in any type of band merch, he asks you about them

           - secretly has a list written down somewhere about the bands you seem to like the most

           -Loves taking pictures of you because each picture shows different pieces of your personality because your outfit is always expressive

           -Unnatural hair colours are soooo pretty in different lights!!!! LET HIM TAKE PICTURES

           -You always seem to carry a backpack that’s 5 times too big for your body every time the two of you go out for photoshoots but you’re literally the cutest thing in the world

           -Seriously does not mind how you dress? It’s just a part of you, please be yourself, that’s all he asks of you


           -This little hoe likes to bite on your lip piercing and it’s like??? DON’T at least not in public okay

           -“MC, that’s my choker. No, it’s mine! I LITERALLY BOUGHT IT LAST WEEK, THAT ISN’T YOURS, YOURS IS ON THE DRESSER”

           -If you wear dark red shades or black lipstick, he dies and goes to heaven

           -He dyes his hair, so he wouldn’t mind if you did as well

           -Just to mess with you, he’ll pull your beanie down over your face

           - listen, asshole;;;;;; you’re ruining my makeup

           -Doesn’t even try to hide the fact he checks out your butt in your skinny jeans

           -You try to take his jacket but he ALWAYS catches you and takes it back

           -“Get your own! I’m wearing it!” “But I like it!” “THEN GET YOUR OWN I JUST SAID THAT”

           -Spike-Squad; no one gets close to you in fear of being poked by them lets be honest people avoid you all together because??? so much black tends to scare others

Photos & Time

Mass Effect Relationships prompt Day 2: Pictures of You

A/N - I was going to write a brand new drabble for today, but it’s midnight and I’m tired. So instead I’m going to post a snippet from my Jane & James fic ‘Say Something’ which is set post-ME3 when they finally get together. It’s all about photos. Art is by hazumonster and duckydrawsart, and represents the photo of James that Jane keeps, and the Fornax poster of her that he has. Lol.

Say Something - Photos & Time


The thought of him sent a dizzying rush through her body.

After all these months of running from the very thought of him, of denying her feelings and desperately trying to convince herself that she didn’t love him, it was such a release to just … let go. To let go of everything she’d kept bottled up so tightly and for so long. She’d had so many feelings for him that she hadn’t even known how to deal with them, and after the war and her injuries she’d assumed things would never happen.

And now … here they were.

Jane smiled and brushed her hair behind her ears as she pulled on a black strapless sundress, simple underwear and added some knee high leather boots that would be suitable for a long walk. The thought of strolling hand in hand with James and showing him her home caused a flurry of happiness to fizz through her veins, and she smiled to herself as she drifted through the kitchen door.

The sight of James padding back and forth barefoot in her kitchen and working over the stove brought yet another smile to her face, and Jane paused for a moment to watch him. She sidled up, slid an arm around his waist, and leaned against him as he cooked; she’d missed him. He deftly flipped some bacon in the pan, decided it was crispy enough, and then dished it up; adding fresh slices of toast and some of his famous eggs – though Jane suspected he’d improvised with her meager provisions.

He’d already poured them glasses of juice and he nodded towards her coffee machine which was burbling away. “I wasn’t sure what you wanted, but I was starving so I made us a bit of everything. Some protein and carbs.” James steered her towards the breakfast bar, pulled out a stool and pushed her down, dropping a kiss on her cheek. “Figured we should keep our energy up.”

“Well, we worked up quite an appetite.” Jane inhaled the delicious aroma of bacon and eggs. “Thank you for this.”

“My pleasure, Lola.” James rolled the ‘l’ in her nickname, and the warmth in his tone sent another flutter of butterflies through her.

God, she’d forgotten how wonderful he made her feel.

They tucked into their breakfast with gusto, chatting about what they’d missed out on in each other’s lives in the past few months. She told him about her recovery, finding the house, and her debate about accepting the rank of Admiral and accepting a position on the Defence Committee in Vancouver. James told her about his accelerated N-School training and his upcoming graduation, as well as his promotion to the rank of Captain and command of the Normandy. It felt good to sit and chat with him again after avoiding him for so long, especially now that there was nothing between them anymore.

No more might haves or could haves, no burning sexual tension or things they wanted to say and do, but couldn’t.

“I still feel kind of strange being on the Normandy without you,” James admitted after a time, a faint blush colouring his cheeks. “I mean, the cabin still has your model ships up there and everything.”

Jane chased some bacon around her plate and smiled. “You’re the captain now, get used to it.”

“I know, but the Normandy was your ship. I think in some ways she always will be.”

“No, she’s yours now.” She put her fork down and stretched until her shoulders cracked. “Though if you want to return my model ships, I’m not going to complain. I don’t suppose my fish are still there? Or my hamster, Franklin?”

James laughed and pulled her into a hug. “I’m afraid your fish all died and your hamster passed away too, though he lived a long time for a space hamster. But my husk head is still alive.”

Jane rolled her eyes as she remembered the horrible shrieking head; she’d only tolerated it in her room because of James’ genuine delight in it. He was still grinning at her when she looked at up at him and she narrowed her eyes, shifting in her seat as she sensed he was amused by something.

“What is it?” she prompted him. “I know that smile.”

“You also left a photo by your bed.” His smile widened and Jane’s face flamed as heat rushed to her cheeks.

Oh God! She’d kept a photo of James by her bed on a whim! She’d forgotten about that photo - but of course he was the captain of the Normandy now, and he could have gone through everything in her room when he’d moved up there. Which meant he’d seen the photo and who knows what else! He’d probably suspected she’d had a crush on him all along; no wonder he’d kissed her when the Normandy had reached Earth.

“It was a cute photo,” she said lightly, trying and failing to keep a straight face as her cheeks continued to burn. “Does that mean you don’t keep any pictures of me?”

“Pictures of you?” he tilted her face up so she’d meet his eyes which were dancing with amusement, “Okay, Lola, you got me; I keep a photo of you too. A cute little photo of the two of us from your party on the Citadel. I also have the issue of Fornax with your tasteful pinup photoshoot in the N7 lingerie – it’s very, very sexy.” James slid an arm around her shoulders and his voice dropped an octave. “I have to admit; I like that you kept a photo of me.”

He leaned down and kissed her, his hands sliding down her shoulders and soothing away her embarrassment. Jane happily linked her armed around his neck; James tasted like bacon and coffee, and early mornings. It was a warm and happy kiss. The kind of kiss she’d always thought about sharing with him. When they pulled apart she was a little breathless and grinned stupidly up at him, somewhat appeased to see the same silly smile on his face.

“I really love you, you know,” James told her as he traced her face. “I don’t want this day to end.”

Jane stood up and gave him another quick kiss. “Yeah, but after today comes tomorrow and the day after and the day after that!”

“You might get sick of me,” he pointed out, helping her collect their dirty dishes and transporting them to the dishwasher. “You might wake up tomorrow and decide, 'yeah, that was fun. But I’d rather be alone again.’”

She raised an eyebrow shook her head. “Fat chance of that. Do you have any idea how miserable I was?”

“As miserable as me?” James caught her hand and tugged her towards him, his brown eyes serious as they searched hers. “I mean it Janey; I don’t want to scare you off again.”


It was the second time today he’d called her that instead of Lola; she liked it. Jane closed the gap between them and snuggled up close.

“You’re not going to scare me off again,” she told him. “I love you too much.”

things tie together

As she walked to school, Marinette was keenly aware of several things. The first was that she had actually made it in good time for once, instead of dashing over in a crazed mess of halfway-done hair and halfway-eaten breakfast on the go. The second, of all things, was the way her feet felt in sneakers. She had been forced, last night, to de-transform in a back alley, the nearest sanctuary from prying eyes, and in the darkness had splashed into a dirty puddle of rainwater. Her flats were still recovering in her room now, hence: sneakers.

They weren’t even particularly nice sneakers. They were an old pair that she had to scrounge up from the depths of the spare cabinet. At one point, writing them off as something she would never wear again, she had apparently let Manon go at them with pink rhinestones and some quick-dry glue. Even this morning, as she got ready, she hadn’t the heart to try to prise any of them off.

Marinette wriggled her toes nervously as she crossed the street and began ascending the steps to the school’s main door, all the while keeping her eyes angled steadfastly downwards. All she needed to do was get to her classroom, get to her seat, and hope her other notable fashion choice for the day would be distracting enough that no one would look at her feet much…

“Marinette Dupain-Cheng,” came Chloé’s silken voice, and she stopped on the spot, caught halfway to the staircase leading up to their classrooms. Her classmate gave her a sickeningly sweet smile and cooed, “I see you’ve finally gotten a wardrobe upgrade.”

She was about to respond, but she was interrupted by Sabrina, who piped up from beside Chloé, “Ooh, yes Marinette, I love that dress! Did you make… it…?” 

Sabrina trailed off as Chloé turned to glare at her. “I meant her shoes,” she hissed.

But it was enough of a break in the confrontation for Marinette to gather her wits. “Thanks, Sabrina!” she called out, stepping past her two classmates to continue on her way.

As she did, she felt it: the slight resistance that told her Chloé had actually had the insolence to stick out a daintily pointed foot and step on her shoelaces, causing them to come undone as she pulled away.

“Knock it off, Chloé,” Marinette groaned, turning back to glare at her smug tormentor. She began to crouch, but then realised: the dress. It would make retying her shoelaces awkward, if not impossible, and her klutziness would never allow her to make it up the stairs to her classroom unscathed.

She practically growled at her.

“Oh! I’m surprised they didn’t unravel altogether,” Chloé trilled belatedly, her hand flying to her mouth in pretend sympathy and dismay. “You’d better watch yourself, Marinette. You don’t want to have any wardrobe malfunctions.”

She beckoned brusquely at Sabrina, who meekly began to follow her and walk away, although just before turning aside she sent an apologetic look in Marinette’s direction.

Marinette was seeing red — but as she seethed and looked off into the distance, at a loss for the moment what to do, she also saw Adrien, standing in the main entrance to the school. From his furrowed brow, she guessed that he had seen everything.

She bit her lip as he walked up to her, thinking that anything he said or did right then would only make her more embarrassed, no matter his good intentions. From somewhere off to the right and up, she heard Chloé call out to her Adrikins.

Although he was usually congenial enough, this time Adrien didn’t respond to his childhood friend. He moved somewhat vaguely as he walked up to Marinette, a tentative smile replacing his frown. “Hey Marinette,” he greeted her, and oh, her gut instinct had been right: this was mortifying, to see him in all his perfect clothing coordination and photoshoot-worthy windswept hair, next to her apparent fashion disaster today. Even as she squeaked out a “Hi!” she could feel her cheeks colouring.

“Adrikins?” Chloé called out again from halfway up the staircase, her voice faltering slightly with the diminishing possibility that he continued not to have heard her, and the increasing likelihood that he was actively ignoring her.

“Sorry, would you hold this for a moment?” Adrien asked, passing her his messenger bag. Numbly, she accepted it — and the moment the strap changed hands, Adrien crouched smoothly and began to re-tie her shoelaces. Only, because they were standing quite close together and she was holding his bag, it looked like she was helping him while he redid his own shoelaces.

Marinette’s eyes widened. Dimly, she registered feeling selfishly satisfied, that he had chosen to stand up for her — uh, figuratively — so publicly. More crucially, she felt a warmth spread through her, starting from somewhere deep in her chest: it was both a relief that he had found such a subtle and un-condescending way to help her, and an internal thrill that this was actually happening.

As he stood up again, Adrien flashed her a smile and said, “Thanks!” while accepting back his bag.

“Right back at you,” Marinette countered, meeting his eyes and trying to communicate her gratitude.

He held her gaze for a second too long, and then ducked his head — shyly? but Adrien Agreste didn’t get shy around Marinette. He didn’t get flustered at all, really, except… except…

She was over-thinking it, probably.

But then, in an undertone, Adrien murmured, “No problem. Wouldn’t want you — heh — falling for anybody else.”


She blinked at him in confusion, her heart rate subtly picking up as she did, and her expression shifting from gratitude to the beginnings of wonder.

She only knew one person who made such corny jokes. She only knew one person who reacted that way around her, or at least, the superheroic side of her.

It was almost laughter that bubbled out of him at that point, but instead Adrien just smiled again, seeming to have to fight to keep his face straight.

He touched her on the shoulder, as was his habit, as was Chat Noir’s habit, and she felt the familiar angular ring on his finger, pressing lightly against her skin. His eyes were shining as he said, “Nice outfit, by the way. The spots really, uh, suit you.”

“Adrikins?” Chloé tried one last time, but she sounded faint and far away.

“Chat Noir,” Marinette whispered.

He twirled his hand in the kind of flourish that tended to precede one of his more ostentatious bows. Looking up at her with those impossibly green eyes that she should have recognised before now, surely, he replied, “The one and only, My Lady.”

I think I’m falling in love with you

This is just a quick drabble about Yousef & Sana hanging out together after Yousef gets back from Turkey. It was inspired by the Willhelm clip because all I could think about is how cute that date would be if it was Yousef & Sana. Thanks to the lovely @bloosana for encouraging me through the process!

Yousef couldn’t take his eyes off Sana as she approached from across the street.

“Damn she looks cool,” he thought to himself. She was wearing circular sunglasses (cool), a deep red turban (so cool), flowy high waisted pants (in a matching colour to the turban!? - extra cool) and a really long, black (cardigan? shawl? kimono? he wasn’t too sure what it was called but it was cool as heck). Yousef glanced down at his own attire, suddenly feeling very inadequate. He’d stuck to his usual black and white colour scheme, wearing a white shirt and simple black jeans but he had some work to do before he could reach her level of effortlessly cool.

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Still falling for you

Originally posted by iii-miranda-iii


Pairing: Pietro x reader

Summary: Adorable Pietro pretty much says it all

Word count: 1.222

Warnings: None! It’s fluffy time!

A/N: Wednesdays are for one-shots! And in case you’re wondering, yes, it’s loosely inspired by that song from Ellie Goulding.

“Hey speedster!” you shout exasperatingly from across the kitchen. You had been completely absorbed in the process of fabricating yourself a black coffee with a river of cream since Steve made it before his morning run and the little shit likes his poison way stronger than you do. It was then that Pietro decided to steal your precious toast away from you, snatching it from your plate and speeding off towards his room.

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mistress92  asked:

Oh look a blog that focuses on four of my fave boys! Noice~ But say the boys chuby s/o was a pin up calendar model back when she was in college to pay for school. Nothing nsfw, just her in cute lingerie/bikinis/costumes for the different months. Red/white/blue for July, cute bikini for June, sexy witch for October, red velvet and white fur lining for December, etc. BUT how would the skeletons react to finding an old one of her calendars, maybe Undyne/Alphys shows them. (she found it online?) LOL

OOH~ I like this. :3c


– When Alphys comes to him with it, shoving the colourful picture for the month of December in his face, he immediately turns a deep plum colour and shoves the calendar away. “ALPHYS, WHAT ARE YOU – WAIT.”

– He takes a second look at it and nearly screams. It’s you!! Plum awkwardly asks Alphys for the calendar, and when she hands it over he flips through all the images. Alphys is cackling at his reactions and he’s firmly ignoring them.

– He brings it up with you later after spending the whole day wondering whether or not he should. Once he mentions it though, he blushes and starts rambling about being sorry if it was something you didn’t want him to know about, and how he really shouldn’t have continued looking at it but it was just that you looked so good in all those pictures, human, but he understands if it was a private thing and if you don’t want to talk about it - 

– You better stop this boy and explain before he talks himself to dust. Once he hears what it was for, he lets out a big “OOooooooohhhhh” in understanding. 

– Bashfully, he asks if he can keep the calendar Alphys found. If you say yes, he’s going to keep it tucked away between the books on his shelves and maybe frame his favourite of the bunch - if you’re comfortable with that, of course.


– He’s sitting beside Undyne in the lab when she discovers it. They were just perusing the catalogue of new things that were being sold on Undernet, and his lollipop nearly falls out of his mouth when he spots a picture of you.

– Blushing, he makes Undyne click through the rest of the images, his jaw hanging open all the while. He wants to buy it right now immediately.

– Before he does, Cherry snaps a selfie with him, Undyne, and the July image blown up on the screen and sends it to you with no text.

– Regardless of your answer, he brings the calendar home. He goes through it with you, pointing at his favourite outfits and telling you how great you look in them. “think you could model one of these for me one day, honey?” he pokes at you, only half joking. If you agree to, he grins.


He’ll go back to looking at the pictures like the answer was nothing big, but he’s screaming internally. He can’t wait.


– Hunter discovers it on the dining table of Alphys’ home, just sitting there among the pile of manga and anime DVDs. He interrupts his own report to loudly declare that HEY, THAT’S HIS S/O, and he snatches the calendar from underneath the pile..

.. causing it to spill on to the floor. Alphys yells at him for the mess and for taking her stuff, and he has to spar with her before he gets to take it home.

– When he does, he walks right up to where you’re sitting on the couch and slams it down on the coffee table. “HUMAN!! I DEMAND TO KNOW WHY YOUR RADIANT, PLUSH SELF IS DRESSED UP IN VISUALLY APPEALING AND HOLIDAY APPROPRIATE CLOTHING ON EVERY SINGLE IMAGE IN THIS CALENDAR!!”

– The moment you mention that it was to pay for your school, he raises his hand to silence you. “I SEE..” He looks serious, but then his grin turns impish.


– If you say yes, he goes all out and makes himself responsible for all your outfits, the props, the backdrops, the angles. Prepare for the photoshoot of a lifetime.


– Hound is at Undyne’s lab, there to get her to fix Sans’ phone after he threw it down in a rage, again. He’s just leaning against the counter, watching her work. He doesn’t really register a lot of what she’s saying until she mentions your name, and he perks up.

“run that by me again?”

“Your datemate, numbskull.” Undyne motions for him to pass the screwdriver, continuing only after he’s handed it over, “I said I didn’t know that they were into that stuff.”


– Undyne groans and gestures to the calendar sitting on her desk, saying she found it the other day in the dump, in perfect condition somehow. Papyrus spends the rest of his time there staring intensely at the pictures, mesmerized by the images. 

– He asks you about it when he returns home, and when you explain the situation he just nods. He’s… oddly calm about it, but he’s pretty calm about most things so you figure he just thought it was a normal thing for you.

– But then he pulls you into his lap and flips through the calendar with you, complimenting your hair, your posing and any little thing he likes. He’s grinning all the while, and whispers something about how lucky he is.

Chef-d'œuvre | Chapter Four
Genre: Angst,Fluff | Photographer/Artist!AU
Lenght: 6.9K
Summary: Jungkook had everything in life: fame, money and people at his feet ready to every single command he would gave. But the only thing he wanted was you. But you were gone.

[A/N] It took one month to write this chapter and it’s very long. I have to thank my dear friend @dreamheart13 for helping with this chapter which is probably the longest that I’ve ever written. Hope you enjoy it!

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Prologue | Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five |

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anonymous asked:

How about reactions from RFA and V seeing their very chubby chub chub MC in a short dress-

Okay so I don’t know what happened but I ended up writing 1.7k+ words -  Ah well enjoy ! And I tried including that MC is chubby but I think in some it got a bit lost because they don’t care if MC is chubby or not ~ Also female MC here ! If you want a male or genderneutral MC please resend this ask ~


“ Ah.”, you sighed and looked at yourself in the mirror. You had tried on different dresses since you we’re going to join Jumin at a company dinner later. Rummaging through your closet you had found your favourite dress again . You thought you had lost it and put it on . Even though the dress still made you look gorgeous it had gotten a bit short. It would be a bit inappropriate for a company dinner right ? You decided to go and ask Jumin, who was sitting in his office at home . After knocking shortly on the door you entered. “ Jumin?” “Hmm?”, he asked without looking up. “ Can I wear this to the company dinner? Or is this too short ?” At your question he finally looked at you and blinked, then didn’t say anything for a while. You we’re embarassed being stared at like that but then he picked up his phone and cancelled the company dinner and then stood up and walked towards you. “ Jumin what-“ “ I’m the only one who’s allowed to see you in this dress okay?”, he whispered . Needless to say it was still a quite eventful night for you . And next day he took you out to buy new dresses.

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A Chance at the Hidden Power. FINAL


Words: 3.6k  😝

Warning: FLUFF 😇

Summary: The Final chapter, the interview and the concert.



I was chatting with Michael when out the corner of my eye I saw Calum in a smart body-con dress and fitted blazer, hugging his (well, my) curves in all the right places He was getting ready for the interview and it was not just me who could see his nerves.

We had barely spoken since we got to England, apart from running through some things before I was to go on stage and before the interview. But I hadn’t mentioned about what Mali had said to me, not really feeling the need to.

I was shocked at first, I even chuckled a bit but Mali pinched me and said; “You’ve loved that girl for so many years, don’t tell me you hate her now." I didn’t reply, I just shrugged.

I could see why Calum looked scared that I were to go with Mali for coffee, not wanting her to say anything about me. But knowing our shitty luck, of course it was the first topic of the conversation. A conversation that only lasted a few minutes before Mali gave up, going onto how tour had been.

I was shook out of my trance when Michael cleared his throat, tapping me on the arm and pouting to a very nervous Calum. He was biting on his fresh acrylic nails, probably messing them up already.

I sighed before moving off the sofa to stand in front of Calum, causing him to bump into my chest and stay planted to the floor. He didn’t look up at me, he didn’t say anything. He just… whimpered.

"Cal, baby it’s gonna be fine. You’re gonna do great." I whispered, my hands going to push some hair from his face.

"I’m so scared Y/N. What if I fuck it up? I don’t want to do this without knowing you’re there." His voice was timid and afraid, and I could tell that he was close to tears.

"Calum," I tapped his chin and he look up at me, his eyes glazed with tears,

"Whatever happens, it happens. If you fuck up then that’s okay, I can easily re-apply, saying that I had medical problems. Or you can get your pretty little head straight and see that you can do this." I took Calum into my arms after I said that, my hold on him protective and comforting.

"Thank you." Was all Calum said as he nuzzled his face in to my neck and wrapped his arms around my waist.

We stood there for a couple of minutes, I heard the shutter of a camera go off and Michael walk out the room with a smirk. But he came back in with a moody expression, followed by a stiff looking lady.

Her hair was up too tightly, she held her chin high in the air and looked down her nose at us. She had a tight grip on a clipboard, her brogues slapping against the floor and her ankle length skirt nearly tripling her up.

"Can we help you?" Ashton asked as he came into the room talking to Luke, stopping the conversation when he saw her.

"The concert starts in 10, and your little sisters interview is starting too. So I suggest you find where that thing is and send her packing to the interview." The lady spat, her voice filled with venom and hate that had probably brewed for the last forty years.

"I am here you know, Trunchball." Calum glowered, glaring at her so hard that if looks could kill, the grim reaper would be knocking on the door.

"O-oh, I see." The lady tried to keep up her act, but the stutter she made really threw her off.

"Well you clearly don’t with those glasses. Time to get some new ones." Calum crossed his arms over his chest, his left eyebrow cocked. The lady gasped in shock before storming out, muttering the words of how rude and ignorant we all were.

"Think it’s time to get going lads." Luke clapped his hands together before smiling and running out to the car, getting the best seat in the back and Ashton whined and tried pulling him out.

"Now or never babe." Calum spoke, winking at me.

"Now there’s the Calum I wanted to see." I smiled,

"But yes, I’ll see you backstage." I kissed the top of his head, walking out the door with Michael.

"Good luck Y/N!" Calum shouted, knowing only Michael could hear. I smiled before turning around and shouting back down the corridor.

"Good luck Calum!”

*Calum’s POV*

By the time I had gotten to the Photography Interview Building, the boys and Y/N would probably be finishing soundcheck. Why the fuck did she have to choose a job opportunity in England, far away from us boys and home.

It’s a stupid thing to do but I guess if she wants this, then I’m gonna have to try extra hard.

Of course I was shitting bricks as I waited in a hard cushioned chair, with quite a handful of other people listening to the loud ticking of the clock. Each time the door handle jiggled, we would all hold our breathes to see if one of the applicants come out crying or with a slight smile on their face.

I was too in thought that I didn’t hear the door open, the girl bawling and mumbling how she fucked up the interview. I only came back down to earth when a loud voice boomed off the walls.

“Y/N Irwin?" I looked up, noting that everyone was staring, waiting for me to crumble under the mans harsh glare.

Instead I smirked and stood up, running my hand down my front and my sides, in a ‘wiping the dust’ off motion and picked up the portfolio Y/N had given me.

"Here I am." Was the last thing I said before walking into the office, my stride confident and my head held high with a smile. When the door closed, the man took a seat to the side but motioned me to carry on walking until I was in front of the desk.

"Please take a seat." Another man said, coming out from no where carrying a brown manila envelope with Y/N’s name written in bold letters. I quickly placed the portfolio in my lap, and look at the man’s desk, my eyes widening at the name; Matthew Quinn.

Y/N hadn’t told us that the person who had authorised every single band photoshoot, every famous photographer in this day and age had asked her to be interviewed.

I gulped as he lowered down in the lavish black chair, which just had to be a swingy one. His hair was curly on the top, as if he had just been surfing and not bothered to wash the sea salt away. His smooth, caramel skin glowed under the natural light that was let in by the floor length windows, giving his moss coloured eyes a heavenly gleam to them.

To be honest, I wouldn’t mind working for this man if Y/N didn’t get the job. He sat forward in his chair, leaning on his elbows as his eyes looked Y/N’s flawless body up and down.

"So Y/N what is it that inspires you?" His tongue darted out to lick his top lip.

"There is never one specific thing, Mr Quinn. If I see something that is beautiful but could also be interpreted as something else to someone then I will take the photograph." I opened the portfolio and pushed it in front of him, the file opened on one of my most favourite of Y/N’s work.

"As you can see there." I pointed down at the black and white photo of a clown, who was smoking a spliff with a sad look on his face outside a French restaurant.

"This inspired me in more ways than one. Others may see this as a deadbeat bum who got paid a couple of bucks to dress up like that. However, I saw it differently." I cleared my throat and placed my hands in my lap, watching Mr Quinn.

"The clown is not where he is supposed to be, and neither is that expression. A clown is supposed to bring happiness, am I correct?" Matthew nodded, still mesmerised by the picture. I was too when I first saw it, but I was too stubborn to ask about it so I heard her talk about it to Michael with much enthusiasm.

"Then why is it depending on a spliff to make him happy? You can see it in his eyes that he has hope for the toxic thing to make him happy.” i then turned the next page, where the sad clown had the thing between in index and thumb, twirling it in front of his face as his eyes were wide with desperation and hope.

“He is depending on it because it’s the escape from reality. His job is to make people laugh, to make little kids scream with excitement when they get a toy balloon." Matthew sat back in his chair with wide eyes,

"He is doing his job because he doesn’t want other people to feel the type of loneliness and desperation he feels." And that’s how the interview carried on, me rambling about my favourite pictures Y/N had shot over the years, rejoicing on the inside that I paid close attention to each story.


After the final bow we all ran off the stage, Ashton throwing Luke over his shoulders and running ahead. Whe me and Mike got off the stage, out of view of everyone he pulled me close and kissed my forehead.

"You did amazing darling." He whispered before running after Ashton and Luke, hollering how he was gonna jump on them.

The show was amazing and I absolutely nailed the bass, making sure that I bounced around and goofed out with Michael like Calum normally would. I did kiss his cheek a couple of times and said into my microphone whilst he was singing that, 'malum is rising’ which made him laugh and the thousands of fans so crazy.

I could totally understand why the boys loved doing this so much, the buzz I had gotten was un-fucking-real and I loved every second of it. Ashton and Luke had taken their shirts off, threatening each other to wring out the sweat on their heads as Michael just laughed at them and went straight for the food table.

I was the last one in as I had forgotten the way a couple of times but when I got their, Michael and Calum were stood by the sofas with smiles on their faces; and a envelope in the hands of Calum.


I said with a smile, walking over to them. Ashton and Luke must’ve just noticed that Calum was in the room as they bounded over with open arms and smiles, tackling him into a hug.

They pulled back when he started to scream with laughter, telling them he would shave their heads if they didn’t get off.

"So did you get in?" Ashton smiled at Calum, sitting down on the edge of the sofa just as Luke did.

Calum handed the envelope to me and I raised an eyebrow. Ashton and Luke gave a confused look and Michael sat there smiling, his hands over his lips.

"Open it." Calum said, an emotion flashing across his eyes that I couldn’t detect. I grabbed the brown envelope with shaky hands and ran my fingers over the name. My name in gold cursive font and the main logo for the academy printed on the side.

"C'mon Calum open it" Luke jeered, slapping my thighs. I flipped it open and ran my finger underneath the sill, taking out the thin piece of paper and unfolding it. I looked up at Calum who was biting his lip in worry. I flipped over the letter and read it.

"Dear Y/N Irwin, we’re overwhelmed to announce that due to your amazing interview, Mr Matthew Quinn requested a space for you immediately be saved. He talked nothing but greatness as we held a meeting a couple of hours after the interview.”

I looked up at Calum who was grinning. Ashton squealed picking him up and twirling him around. But I carried on reading.

“He was mesmerised by your technique of photography, and with each story you told about each picture he could tell you are headed for greatness. We look forward to having you with us.”

My heart thudded as I felt a sense of pride watching Ashton hug Calum in my body to death. Calum hugged Luke and Michael before walking over to me. I wrapped my arms around him and he nestled his head into my neck.

“Thank you," I whispered into his hair. Calum held onto me tightly, his lips pressing against my shoulder in comfort. I felt a tear run down my cheek and Calum raised his head looking at me with a smile of adoration.

"Sorry, I can’t help it." I whisper-giggled, wiping away my tear. Calum shook his head and wiped away the puddles under my eyes.

"You did it!" I smiled.

"So did you!" He grinned

"I watched the last half of the show, you were awesome!”

The other boys had left the room to get showered and alcohol so Calum wrapped his arms around me. I rested my head on his as he looked up at me.

“You know If I had to spend the rest of my life as someone else I’m glad its you." I spoke in a hushed tone, my voice careful and collected.

"Ditto." Calum mumbled, chucking after.

"I can’t believe you got it! I rambled to Matthew Quinn so fucking much.”

“No you got me in!" I reminded him, my hands falling to his hips.

"Yeah but it was your amazing photography Y/N that got you in. I talked about all my favourite ones who had captured, telling each story.”

“And it was your amazing bass skills that got you where you are today. I sang each song from the bottom of my heart." 
I laughed.

I suddenly felt my body tingle and I snapped my eyes closed due to the amount of pain these tingles were giving my spin.

I grabbed onto Calum feeling my legs give way, his arms catching me as my knees buckled. All was silent for a couple of minutes, my breathing painful and laboured.

"Calum get the fuck awa-” Was what brought me back. I snapped open my eyes and looked up with dizzy eyes. Calum was stood in front of me, his eyebrows punched together.

Why was I looking at Calum? Ashton grabbed Calum’s arm who looked equally as confused as me as he got pulled away, opening and closing his mouth. He reached his arms out to me but Ashton slapped his head and kept pulling him out the room.

I looked into the dressing room mirror and pinched myself way over tent times.

I was myself again..

Michael walked into the room and nodded his head at me, completely walking past me. But he did a double take when he saw I wasn’t moving.

“You alright Cal?”

He said in confusion. I walked over to him and squished his cheeks in my hand, scanning over his face and running my hands through his hair.

“Its me, Michael, Y/N! something just happened and we switched b-back.." I saw his eyes widen but then narrow in suspicion.

"Oh really?" Michael smirked.

"Whats the most embarrassing thing I’ve done in front of you and not told the boys?”

“You farted on your dads pillow and gave him pink eye the next morning. You tried blaming it on me but your mom wouldn’t have any of it.”

I spoke, giggling at the memory.

“Why do you ask?”

“Okay yeah true but I don’t believe you, I probably told Calum one night when we were drunk." Michael rubbed his chin, his rings pressing against his squishy cheeks.

"Okay here we go. What’s the furthest we’ve gone?" A smirk plastered itself on his face.

"Cuddling why? Maybe we kissed when we were drunk when we were teenagers at some shitty parties." I shrugged.

"Why?" Michael didn’t answer me, just scanning me up and down processing whether I was me or not.

"Oh god did Calum try something?" I groaned, throwing my head back and squinting my eyes.

"He definitely tried to.” Michael giggled, his arms pulling me into his body,

"But yeah. Cuddling and sloppy drunk kisses are the furthest we’ve ever gotten.”

"I’m back Mikey" I whispered, nuzzling my head in to his shoulder.

I had been back in my body for 2 hours and I was already enjoying getting my life back. I had cuddled Ash, Michael and Luke probably 100 times each, squashing them to death but they didn’t care as when Calum was in my body, they barely got cuddles.

I have missed them so fucking much. The only person I haven’t seen was Calum and it was starting to get me down.

We were at the after party of their first concert of the tour in England and it was more like a small get together, but I was still happy. I walked out onto the balcony to find that Calum was sat there with a beer can and a cigarette between his fingers.

"Hiya!” I said cheerfully, closing the door behind me after I stumbled a little bit.

“Hey” He whispered laughed, smiling at me and taking a drag of his cigarette, turning his face and blowing the smoke away from me.

“You know,” I started walking up to him slowly, “You never did tell me what happened that night of my graduation party.” I said sitting down next to him.

We both looked out at the sky, Calum laughed awkwardly before putting his beer can on the table and grabbing my hand, interlocking our fingers.

“The night of the party, the one where we woke up in the same bed?” I nodded for him to carry on, watching his eyes will with worry yet excitement. He took the last drag of his cigarette and threw it in the ashtray, bringing my hand up to his mouth and kissing it.

“Well, all that night I was trying to get your attention, for you to notice me I’m a good way or even to come over and shout at me.” He chuckled at the tougher, a smile washing over me.

“Just before everyone went home you came over to me, your hair looked like you’d been dragged through a hedge backward and your mascara was smudged over your face, your lip liner was also showing but I didn’t care. Because you were still so beautiful with the blue disco lights shining down on you, making your skin gleam so beautifully I mistook you for a Goddess.” My heart skipped a beat when Calum said that, his fingers drawing patterns on my hands as he looked to the sky. “You were talking about how no man would ever love you and that they were all assholes like me. After a long conversation about you wanting a man I told you that i’d been in love with you for 4 years. You laughed at me then threw up, all over my new shoes.” We both cringed and shivered, neither of us liking sick.

“I decided to take you home and get you changed and when I tried leaving your room, you kept calling me to stay. So I did. I took off my clothes and got in the bed with you. When I got in you were looking straight at me as if I were the moon and stars put together-” Calum started to get nervous about what he was saying so I moved closer to him and gave his hand a squeeze and gentle kiss.

“Y-you stroked over my face and kissed me so delicately that I thought I were flying on the clouds. You told me that you could’ve fallen hard for me if I wasn’t such a dick” He admitted with a gulp.

My breath hitched in my throat as I looked at him, not expecting that. My heart sped up at his confession of love, my lips parting.

“I replay that night over and over again..” He mumbled. “How I’m so love with you and how I’m such a dick to you, I’m so sorry for everything.”

“I know you are in love with me, Mali told me when we went out for coffee.” I whispered.

Calum chuckled wrapping his arm around me as I leant on him. The past few months had been different and I’ve seen a different version of Calum that I thought was non-existent. He’s warmed up to me and to be honest, it’s the best feeling I could have.

I looked at him but he was already looking at me with those brandy coloured eyes that made my heart melt. And that was the moment my heart stopped and started to beat again, with no butterflies but a sense of comfort and belonging.

“Well I was right.” I mumbled into his neck.

“Right about what?” He asked in confusion, looking down at me.

“I fell in love with you. Pretty fucking hard.” I said with a smile, pulling his face closer to mine.

“Thank fuck, because I don’t know what i’d do without you..” he said leaning down and pushing his lips to mine.

There will be a smutty Epilogue soon! But I’d like to thank you all for taking the time to like and reblog my work! I’d also like to thank @lucidmalum for taking the time to help me and write some shit and check through my work, I love you a hella lot.

askadisneycharacter  asked:

Hi, I love your blog! I was wondering if you could do one of those information posts (makeup, poses, etc) about Elsa? I'm going to cosplay as her, and I think it would help my portrayal as her :) if you've already done it, don't worry about it, I just can't search on mobile. Thank you so much! x

Hi there!

Thank you for the kind words! I hope you’re still okay with this coming so, so late. I apologise for how long it’s taken to get to you!!


Whenever Elsa poses, she always has one hand up in the air, poised like in the movie poster and she’s gracefully floating snowflakes in the air. Her hand should be about level with her face. In this photo you can see as well her other hand stays down by her side straight, with her fingers directly towards the ground.


In this picture below you can see better how she positions her dress. Make sure the cape is splayed out behind, and you’re standing on an angle for the best shot of the dress and her hair (over the shoulder closest to the camera), and tilt your head on an angle so that the lighting hits your highlighter/sparkles the best.


In a profile picture that’s a bit closer up, like this picture below, instead of her second hand towards the floor, she crosses it over herself and rests her other arm on that arm. This is also a helpful pose if your arm’s getting a bit tired after a long day of posing!


A great dramatic shot - good for cosplaying photoshoots - is one when when she spreads her cape out behind her and then looks over her shoulder with her typical hand gesture.


If you ever end up cosplaying with someone as Anna, then they have 2 typical poses. This one is simple; standing facing each other, both hands joined, one leg sticking out.


The other pose is Elsa’s regular pose, but back to back with Anna and her arm that is down is holding onto hers, just like in this photo here.



Elsa’s makeup look is a lot of fun! Think cool undertones of purple, glitter, and lots of highlighting for that Elsa-angled face. This picture here is a great one to work off. Elsa’s lipstick is also good to work off here. Definitely use liner, and some decide to line a bit of a sharper point at the middle point of her bottom lip to help with Elsa’s smile a bit. Most often Elsa wears a blush pink lipstick.


In this picture here you can see that she doesn’t use too much blush to keep the pale, natural Elsa look. And she uses a pigmented highlighter or just plain sparkles in a ‘c’ over the top of her cheekbone and under her eyebrows. Don’t be afraid to pack on the sparkles! Primer is helpful to make sure the sparkles/highlighter stays on for longer - especially if you have a long day cosplaying.


This photo here is good to see her eye makeup properly, which is important as it defines the Elsa look. She uses a basic purple over the lid, and a darker indigo blended into the crease. It also helps to outline the extended cat eye look. This is then the base for the liquid eyeliner across the whole lid and extending past that. You can extend the eye for a dramatic look, like here, or go for a much softer look like the photo above. It really depends on how it looks on you. You can also lighten the tones in the colours and bring the shadow in the crease down a bit for a bit of a lighter, more natural look. Usually Elsa wears false eye lashes, as well. This more dramatic look is usually her parade look as her makeup needs to be seen from further away, but it may be a look that works better for you; experiment and see how you go.


Makeup Tutorials

This makeup tutorial here is an easy, simple look which is great to start off with if you’re new to cosplaying or makeup.

I love the eye makeup in this tutorial, I think it brings Elsa into more lifelike state.

And this is the glamorous tutorial for Elsa’s makeup. If you’re really into makeup and want a dramatic look, then this is a good one to go with. This is also the tutorial that will give you the best parade-style Elsa look above.

Or you can always blend some together and create your own look! Play around and see what you like and what works best for you; taking into account your colouring, the shape of your face and what you feel best in.

Tips for Portraying Elsa

  • Elsa is the epitome of a queen. She holds herself tall, walks with purpose, and her movements are light. She’s extremely graceful; think about how graceful her powers are, they’re a reflection of her character. This video of her in the parade is great to get down her walk - especially the way she uses her cape to add a little drama.
  • When she’s standing still, if she’s not talking or gesturing the pose she’ll come back to is folding her hands neatly in front of her.
  • She loves to laugh and play games with Anna and the kids who come to visit them.
  • Anna is her best friend; they share jokes, laugh a lot together, tease and look out for each other; that’s the basis of their relationship if you’re ever cosplaying with Anna.
  • When Elsa’s with Anna they’ll often talk about chocolate, making ice sculptures or ice skating
  • Otherwise Elsa likes to tell stories about her adventures with Anna, Olaf, and Kristoff.


  • This video is great to note down Elsa’s movements, especially when she’s talking.
  • This one’s good to emulate her voice and her conversation topics, especially with Anna.
  • This is a great classic Elsa to note down her posture and movements and conversation
  • And here’s a mixtures of meet and greets to watch for some more tips, and just for fun.

I’m sorry this has taken soo long to get to you; I need to learn to minimise the amount of requests I get otherwise it takes a million years for me to get back to you! But I hope this is still helpful. If there’s anything I’ve missed please let me know! Thanks for the request and have a magical day! :) x

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