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I’d just like to take a quick moment here to say - I’ve seen some people in tags concerned that things are getting dark, and I totally understand why! I just want to reassure folks who might be worried: I’m not going for grimdark. There will be obstacles and things might get darker sometimes, but in the end what I want to make is a comic about cute girls having Feelings. One of the downsides to the webcomic format is that it’s spread out over such a long period of time that I feel like the bad stuff takes a lot longer to be resolved than I’m really happy with. But it will be okay in the end, and I love you all. <3

An outsider’s perspective

(don’t hate me).

My two best friends, we’ll call them L and M, from college and I live really far away from each other. But every week on Fridays, we set aside our lunch hour to do a gchat, and catch up on our lives, and sometimes we talk about what we’re reading/watching.

My girls aren’t big into the fandom (they have personal tumblrs but never use them anymore, they don’t pay attention to fandom stuff, etc.) but they love to talk about Riverdale as a group (mostly because we can just laugh about how ridiculous it is a lot of the time and how much we still love it). 

For context: They think Bughead are cute enough but L likes V*rchie more and M doesn’t really care one way or the other about the romantic aspects of the show, so I’m the resident Bughead ‘shipper. (At least we can all agree that B*rchie is 5000 shades of wrong).

Anyway, we got to talking about how everything played out in “Death Proof” and it was kinda fascinating to see how they perceived the J*paz/Bughead stuff.

We all agreed that the BH reunion was super rushed.

L said, “I YELLED at the screen when I realized we don’t even get to see them make up on screen after all that?” and M said, “If it was going to be that easy for them to solve everything why didn’t they just do it last week?”)

And then we were talking about the whole rebound thing and whether Betty is going to ask about Toni after she saw them in the diner, and M said, “I like how one minute he’s bummed that Toni doesn’t want his dick and the next he’s all mad at Betty for breaking his heart.” 

And L was like, “Yeah he’s wanted it both ways since she showed up.”

Neither of them think Jughead did anything wrong by fooling around with Toni. But to them, it was clear as day that it wasn’t like, a hurt/comfort thing, it was a “hell yes this hot girl wants me and I want her, let’s do this” kind of thing. 

And on the one hand it’s like, “Yeah, I see what they’re saying because the whole thing rubbed me the wrong way, too” but then on the other hand it still surprising that both of them came to that conclusion so definitively. Like, it wasn’t even a question in their minds. Yes, Jughead was/is into Toni, moving on.

Now I’m perusing reviews of the episode to see if other people outside the Bughead fandom came to that conclusion. And I saw this from Elle: 

After we see that Toni stayed the night at Jug’s trailer (wearing nothing but one of his t-shirts), the two grab breakfast and Toni puts an end to whatever was brewing between the two, presumably to leave room for Betty and Jughead to rekindle by the end of the episode. And let’s be honest, it wasn’t Jughead who seemed to regret what happened between them.

And yes, this is three voices out of the, what, 2 million people that watch the show? But it all just has me thinking: fandom can be a bit of a bubble and it’s easy to find comfort in confirmation bias. We study the minute details to glean meaning from every single moment to better inform our understanding of this thing we love and then other bloggers tell us they agree with us and it all starts to feel like fact.

But sometimes I think that means we can miss the big picture? None of us want Jughead to want Toni because that puts a much more sizable dent in our Bughead hopes and dreams. 

So we all start to try to get inside his head, her head, the writers’ heads to see this whole storyline in a way that could make sense. But these casual observers, who watch without looking for what they want to see, who just see what Riverdale is showing us on the screen, seem to have come to a completely different conclusion. 

I just want to be clear that I’m not discouraging deep dives and character studies and finding parallels and subtext because those things are, in so many ways, my favorite part of this fandom. In the past two weeks, I have ready so many incredible, insightful takes on Jughead and how his past is driving his decisions, and it’s helped me feel like I understand him better. 

I just am wondering how often in seeing what we want to see plays into how we interpret what’s going on on screen. Thoughts? 

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Did you see Rian's quote on Rey and Kylo from Total Film magazine??



“From the script [of The Force Awakens], to seeing the film for the first time, I felt like the dynamic between those two is fascinating and complicated and had a lot of potential,” grins Johnson. “That was one of the things I was really excited to figure out ways to get into, on this one.”


and the part about the trailer not tricking or misleading you, just giving you questions I LOVE THE SMELL OF VALIDATION IN THE MORNING

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Was there anything specific that inspired your ML Comic? Same question regarding your original one as well 😊

I just really wanted to make a reveal comic that wasn’t all fluff or seemed like it happened too easily. I wanted to present some conversations about issues that I really think these characters could face given the situation. So I was kind of inspired by my own past relationship issues. I also wanted to see how many cliffhangers I could create HAHAHAHA!!

As for Dream Runners, this literally started because I drew some random character one day that I ended up giving a backstory and built the entire world and story around. Plus anime. Lots of anime.

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Hey! I really like all your head canons, I think they are super great! I know it might sounds kinda odd but would you mind doing ones on how Uma, Harry and Gil would react if a stray kitten kept following them around. I just think it would be kinda funny.

- The crew was more than a bit surprised to hear the sound of someone following them as they walked home from the market. They tried to ignore it at first but Uma was starting to get seriously fed up Finally, the trio spot the antagonist, though the culprit turned out to be a lot less scary and a lot more fluffy than they were expecting.

- Now, the Isle has their fair share of strays, but this cat appeared a lot more clean than the others. Uma just figured that it was probably a pet to one of the Island folk or had possibly been from Auradon and accidentally climbed into something that was tossed onto the Isle. Not particularly caring anymore, she recommends that they just leave it and continue on their way.

- So, they try. And fail.

- The cat begins to follow the group, despite Uma and Harry doing their best to get it to stop following them. No matter what they did (yell, run, or even place mit in a wooden box.) they can’t seem to get rid of it. Whenever they turn around any corner, the ball of fur always seems to be practically stepping on the back of their heels.

- Yet, unlike his friends, Gil realllly want to keep it. He tries many ways to not-so-subtly sneak the cat home (hiding it under his shirt, gently holding it behind his back, etc.).

- Finally giving up, Harry and Uma decide to allow Gil to keep the cat.

- As time went on, the entire crew eventually grew very attached to the small creature, even with Harry’s apparent fur allergies. Even Tik Tok Croc, Harry’s ‘pet’, became very protective of his new friend.

Jealous! - Haechan

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Request:  Hello! Can I request when you’re dating Haechan and you like to tease him a lot so you’re being affectionate with Jisung and telling Haechan that Jisung is the og boyfriend and he gets jealous

A/n: I almost didn’t write this one, but I’m glad that I did lol :)


  • Haechan is so cute
  • I love his cute little smile so much
  • ughhh just such a cute and smiley boy 💓
  • (I love how I said all that ^^ yet look at him in the gif lol, he’s still really cute though)

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I know you said you wouldn't say anything about this new arc where even though both Bruce and Diana have their partners they'll be almost forced to be together BUT PLEASE I NEED THE ANGER BC I'M WAY TOO PISSED WITH THIS SHIT

This is the one and only time I’m going to break my most sacred and cardinal rule.

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So for yall, is the cultural context of manifesting your code different from showing the soul? Does the soul lore apply?

* there wasn’t a whole lot of actual ‘soul lore‘ built into the game, at least not from what i’ve gathered hearing the guys upstairs talk. that said, manifesting one’s code is a pretty private thing because you can tell a lot about a person just by looking at it. personality traits, habits, predispositions, what kind of modifiers they might have installed…

* everything, really. it’d be like if everything about who you are were written out on a whiteboard for everyone to see and read at a glance. so, yeah, definitely not something you do in front of just anyone. not that there’s a lot of call to do so in the day to day.

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I hate ding dong ditching, and chances are if you do it we won’t be the best of friends. My friend gets ding dong ditched, because they’re Muslim and because her brother is a special needs kid. They live in an all white neighbourhood so it’s not too surprising but it sucks. :/

I mean, you are assuming a lot of stuff from just one innocent question you asked. First of all, you are on anon, I don’t know who you are so chances are you don’t even want to be my friend. Second of all, I’m sorry about the situation of your friend, and really there’s nothing you or me can do, but judging other people out of a silly question like the one you asked is not good, I won’t excuse myself, because that thing is in the past and I didn’t hurt anybody.

I hope you and your friend have a great day

03 | love is not over ( kim taehyung )

estimated word count: 2.5k
summary: you’re pleased to know that you managed to force kim namjoon in becoming your fake boyfriend for the meanwhile, and he plays the part too well when taehyung pays an unexpected visit at your office with sunhee.
warnings/notes: i’m so happy that this series is having a fine amount of support so far! thank you so much for the likes and feedback i get from this story. it truly means a lot and it motivates me to write even more 🙈

chapters: one | two | three


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10 Favourite Songs Meme

Here’s a secret: If you want to torture me, just tell me to pick ten songs I like. No, just kidding, thank you @tiny-tany-thaanos for tagging me! I’m not going to list the songs in any order from least to most favourite because choosing “the one” would take me another six hours x) Also, they’re probably just ten random songs I like from ten random artists. And my favourite music doesn’t make any sense. I don’t even know my favourite genre is anymore. I mean I do, but I don’t. Like I said, it doesn’t make sense. Don’t judge me. Sooo…yeah. Classic Ronnie.

Rules: Share your top 10 favorite songs, then tag whoever you want.

  • Sonata Arctica - Black Sheep
  • Nightwish - The Greatest Show on Earth
  • Within Temptation - Covered by Roses*
  • Delain - We Are The Others
  • Beth Crowley - Warrior
  • Ed Sheeran - What Do I Know?
  • Taylor Swift - Long Live
  • Little Mix - Little Me
  • Oasis - Live Forever
  • Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody

What did I tell you. Mess.

Since I’ve already tagged a bunch of people today, I’m not going to tag anyone for this particular thing, but feel free to do it if you feel like it :)

* It actually IS a cool song, it’s not like I like it only because of the title :D

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Yay~ all right, let's picture this: Our MC and her LI are married and she just found out that she is pregnant! How would the boys react to the news? :3 (I really love the pregnancy related ones haha)

Ooh, interesting~ We still have to figure out exactly how mermaid pregnancy works (what if they’re like seahorses where the dad gets pregnant??). But for the purposes of these scenarios, let’s assume they’re similar to humans.

Mikali is over the moon that they’re going to be parents! Think starry eyes, lots of excited hand holding, maybe even some tearing up. He proceeds to spend the next nine months cooking all of the MC’s favorite meals, fetching every little thing she wants, and basically waiting on her hand and foot (or, well, fin).

As a result, Mikali is super tired by the end of each day, but still stays up late reading every night. Eventually, the MC finds he’s fallen asleep on a huge pile of scrolls…all of which turn out to be parenting guides (turns out Mikali is actually feeling quite insecure about being a dad and really, really doesn’t want to screw up). The MC rolls her eyes, smiles, and then makes his favorite meal to share with him when he wakes up.

The sorcerer appears very calm and collected when he hears the news, as if he doesn’t think it’s anything out of the ordinary. But by then, the MC will know him well enough to suspect his true feelings. Soon after, her suspicions are confirmed by a magically summoned landslide of healthcare and baby supplies that nearly buries their house.

The sorcerer actually has no clue what to do, so he just tries everything that possibly seems helpful. He starts making all these special potions to boost the MC’s health, ensure an easy birth, make their child stronger, etc. Unfortunately, all his potions taste really disgusting, so the MC forces him to stop. Everything is fine until the next day, when the sorcerer’s obsession turns to gross vitamin supplements or weird birthing exercises or knitting the baby every possible thing he can think of. :’D

Malik is all like “haha, very funny” and swims off before the MC can convince him that she wasn’t joking. She gets a bit steamed that he doesn’t seem to be taking things seriously. Shortly after though, the MC finds a mysterious vial in her room. She has no clue what it’s for until she asks Mimi.

Mimi informs the MC that the vial contains a rare and expensive medicine that is the best possible mermaid treatment for morning sickness. Coincidentally, Malik asked Mimi where he could buy rare medicines just a little while ago, but never explained why he was asking. And later on, the MC discovers that all the scrolls on parenting and childcare have suddenly vanished from the palace library…

Whoops, that was really long! Sorry, got a bit carried away imagining things. :’D

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Okay so I used to have a pretty bad stutter when I was little (like through 6th grade) and then it just went away? But then I moved to college and it’s coming back and it’s so :( It makes it so hard to be confident around new people. it’s as bad as Bill’s but I’m always having to restart sentences and talk slower. it’s like my brain is ahead of my mouth so I just constantly stumble on words. It’s not life ruining for me just makes me feel meh bc I was so happy that i had gotten rid of it before

But yeah no one really makes fun of me now bc like just in college people are a lot more accepting. But I had a kid that would bring it up all the way through high school at random times and it was irritating


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My boyfriend is one of those guys where once he orgasms the sex is over. It's really frustrating and I've asked him to just go down on me after or use his hands but he won't because "it's gross". So I've just started getting myself off after or else i feel physically uncomfortable for a while after and he seems kind of offended about it??

The instinctual advice is to dump his sorry butt, but let’s try to work with it first.

A lot of (probably most) cis men are like this, and obviously it comes from misogyny. Women’s bodies, of all configurations, are wonderful, beautiful, and the opposite of gross, but men don’t realize this because they view our bodies as existing for their pleasure.

It’s perfectly okay to not want to give oral sex. Genitals are considered dirty, and well they often are not the most hygienic thing to put in your mouth. Kissing is just as “gross” and there’s a lot of bacteria in the mouth, not to mention food residue. If he’s willing to put his (presumed) penis inside you but won’t even use his hands to bring you to orgasm, he clearly cares about his pleasure a whole lot more than yours. If this comes from him being tired after orgasm (very common, and okay!) then he should be getting you to orgasm first. It’s okay for sex to not have an end goal and just be fun, but clearly you want to get off.

If you happen to have a penis yourself, there’s an element of transmisogyny to his actions (or lack thereof) as well. If he won’t have anything to do with your genitals and isn’t penis repulsed, then he isn’t respecting your gender. I know how desperately we want men to like us (if we are into them). I know how good and right it feels for a man to make love to you as he would a cis woman, but it’s not worth staying in a one-sided relationship for. It’s very unhealthy and not good for you long-term.

Him getting offended at you being a sexual person with needs and desires is a huge warning sign. If he gets upset that you masturbate after sex when he won’t help you out, that is abuse. Honestly you need to confront him about this if you feel safe doing so. If he doesn’t go something like “hmm yes I’m being misogynist and abusive and I must change immediately”, you seriously need to consider leaving him. There are better guys, gals, and nonbinary pals out there who will respect you.

-*Mod Star*

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Unnamed OCs; I just like making really really bad quirks. There was “Monster” which let person copy someone’s worst fear and project it, but the person could easily snap out of it if they had a stronger mind. And “Animal Form” which let the hero take some form of animals, but only fictional ones like Greek and Celtic historic animal creatures. I’m not good at making characters, but the quirks are lots of fun ^^

AWESOME! That’s the important part!! It’s important you have fun when you do stuff like this!! CREATIVITY. THRIVE. LOVE. MAKE MORE QUIRKS. BUT ALSO, I WOULD PROBABLY BE WEAK-MINDED AND GIVE INTO MY FEARSSSS.

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Hey you guys!  I’ve been a bit dormant and for that I apologize!! Just been really busy with a lot of stuff!  So here’s a bit of a small update of sorts, here’s A character from Show By Rock for my good buddy @capricornuscaretaker for a little art trade we did!  I made two versions, couldn’t decide on which one I liked more, so I went with both!  So anyways, here you go!

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you seem to be reblogging a lot of salt towards the most recent Mercy change. It is completely understandable and I was wondering if you would give your opinion on the hero currently?

Just recently got off playing a few matches tonight. Yeah I’m salty. I did a lot of risky rezzes just to see how far I can push it and with a really stupid enemy team, you can get away with risky rezzes. But, unfortunately, rez is pretty much a death sentence. Pretty much most of the time I would die mid-cast. A lot of the ones I got off successfully were usually behind walls or away from the main fight from a Widow pick.

I feel like the Mercy changes suck. Tell me I’m wrong and that she’s better, but this is not fun to play nor experience. The thing that kills her the most is the 75% slow down during rez and the total cast time. I feel like it should be much shorter than almost 2 seconds. I was basically standing still saying KILL ME.

I can handle a cast time. But with how long it is and how fast Overwatch plays, you cannot rez in the middle of a fight anymore. Goodbye clutch rezzes that saved games. Goodbye staying in the fight and keeping your team alive. The Overwatch team wanted to keep Mercy in the fight with her new rework, but all these nerfs have brought her back down to hiding again like usual. Not quite in the game changing way like before, but we cannot live and keep our team alive as well with these new changes.

I still stand by reverting Mercy back to 1.0, as I have been saying this whole time. Or even figuring out the new rework before PATCHING IT TO THE LIVE SERVER.

Also, a big fuck you to those who preached “not all PTR changes go through to live, so don’t worry.” You all can suck my dick.

Other LGBT people can feel however they want but whenever one of those stories about a homophobic politician getting caught having discreet gay sex comes out I just feel really sad. It’s not funny. You know a lot of those times the damage they do is a reflection of the horrors they’ve had to endure in the closet and obviously it doesn’t excuse what they’re doing but it just makes me feel so sad. And god, when straight people who think they’re being allies joke about it, it’s like nails on a chalkboard.