i just really like this okay i love it

i just really hope that these other american awards shows and artists don’t start using bts for their achievements bc yall know damn well these awards will do anything for views and ratings , but our boys deserve so much and are worth more than that.

that’s the only thing that really worried me about bts being exposed to western artists/music industries, because people are really snakes over here and im ready to fight anyone who tries to play that game. like im not surprised that suddenly all of these people are like “oh yeah bts, i love them too.” like im not mad that they’re getting new fans, it’s just annoying when people suddenly wanna pop up and act like they know everything about bts or kpop in general. like stop being a fake and educate yourself pls. it’s okay if y'all don’t know everything, but don’t be fake about it.

and then i don’t want kpop to just be a trend and people start appropriating it like crazy. like no thank you, pls keep out the uglies.

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okay but listen! what if maggie like freaks out and is like that whole "let them down easy trope" and she says its too fast and they need to really think about it... JUST IMAGINE THE ANGST

JUST LET THE LESBIANS GET MARRIED NOX…what if Maggie bursts into tears and can barely choke out the word yes. Crying because she never thought she would find a love like alex, one that truly treasures her and loves her despite her faults, imagine alex crying and just saying I love you i love you i love you over and over as she kisses Maggie’s face. Hmm??? You ever think of THAT???

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Dude... your fall of the heroes AU just filled my heart with angst.... I'm sad right now :( Jk! I love how creative you are omg!!!!!!! I'd like to see more art about that AU!!!! And as always, I love your art!!!! (Okay, I actually got a little sad after reading it....)

Haha thanks CJay! Sorry for making you sad (but not really jk DROWN IN THE FEELINGS WITH ME) The 8 remaining classmates would be up eventually, but for now have some random sketches :-) 

Just ordered some REALLY nice and highly reviewed podcasting equipment! I know I’m still writing the dang thing, but I’d like to have time to play and experiment with different styles of recording. Also having the stuff is a good motivator to write <3 okay.

Also I wanted to say thank you.. to all of you. It’s amazing to have a network of cuties that I can say “Hey! Support me in this!?” and actually get it. I love you. I really hope I can make you guys some good content.

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Oh! I also took your suggestion and watched Burning Love. Long story short, I ended up watching all of it. Oops. Worth it though. That show and your fic are probably the only version of these dating shows that I can, not only stomach, but really enjoy. Thank you once again! :]

AAAAAAH thank you so much!! also, i’m so happy that you liked burning love! that is definitely one of the most underrated comedies i know, and any day i can get other people into it is a good day.  i wanted to fashion this story in a similar style where it’s really a love letter and tribute to what a garbage fire the bachelor is, so thank you omg.  

WHO ASKS TO SEE FEET ON THE FIRST DATE.  look: i hardcore headcanon victor nikiforov as having a foot fetish (i think feet are p. gross, but i just want my sweet, poor son victor to be happy), and i think that yuuri would be like, okay come here, yes you can jerk off on my feet, BUT only because he likes victor a lot!! he would also think it was super weird, but just be like, UGH MY DUMB LABRADOR HUSBAND IS SO WEIRD BUT I LOVE HIM.

I decided that I wanted to write something original to post so I’ve been working on this since last night. I’ve just finished it now!  @tari-aldarion and @wormdelivre were so incredibly helpful as they read through it, giving me their lovely and honest opinions. That gave me the courage to actually post this up!

I don’t usually post anything like this but I really want to try and branch out of writing fan fic just a little! Just try to create characters of my own and build up a story around them. So, there will possibly be more of these in the future, it’s practice!

If you read this, I hope you enjoy it. :)

She had met her at one of those small cafes in central London. 

It sounded incredibly cliche but it was the truth and she refused to alter it. The whole experience was so pleasing, a highly favorite memory. 

Winter had hit and everywhere was absolutely freezing. One could see their breath every time they exhaled, fingers would go numb without gloves. There was no one without a jacket or a scarf and the few who went the extra mile with a hat and ear muffs. It was probably one of the coldest days in the month of November but nothing could be done. All people could do was complain about the weather and continue on their way. 

Cynthia had just finished a morning art class and needed warmth. The class room had been freezing due to the central heating not being on. It was a recurring problem and it made her bitter every single time. Mr. Russo, their art teacher, had complained about more than five times. Cynthia and her classmates had complained about more than eight times. 

But still nothing. 

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OKAY! So I just had this idea for the reader watching Yondu with his Yaka arrow and asking him how precise he is and he decides to show them 😏 so the reader end up with her clothes shredded by the arrow and maybe light scratches (Cause Yondu is too adorable to really hurt the reader)


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Can i get headcanons for kageyama, Yamaguchi and iwa-chan finding out their s/o is into wearing pastel cutesy fashion like fairy kei!!!(♥ó㉨ò)ノ♡

its so hard to describe the clothes. 

But i loved this request bc i gET TO WRITE FOR MY TOBIO-CHAN 



thank you for blessing us anon-chan


Kageyama Tobio

- okay so in school he would be like really blushy when he sees you in the black uniform

- so he asks you out to watch a movie (stuttering may I add)

- so the day comes and he’s wearing a black shirt with some print on it and jeans

- and you walk through the door and his world stops

- you wore a loose, cropped white tee, a holographic-y skirt, pink and white knee highs, and pink platform boots

- his jaw drops and face turns so red 

- he felt like he was going to explode

- he just wanted to hug you bc you were s o a d o r a b l e

- you walk over to him and say hi with a smile and he almost screams

- you panic bc oh my gosh he wasn’t breathing

- you pull him to the side to avoid making a scene and you put a hand on his forehead

- and he gets even more red (you didn’t think it was possible)

- you ask him if he’s okay and he nods really quickly

- so you enter the cinema and it’s already like halfway done cause he just couldn’t calm down

Yamaguchi Tadashi

- you two had been talking in school and he told you his feelings

- he would love how the uniform suits you so well

- he would invite you out to dinner one day

- so he dresses in a dark blue collared shirt tucked in a light blue sweater

- and he sees you walking towards him and his cheeks turn pink

- “Sorry! It took me a while to get ready…”

- you wore a fading pink to purple frilly dress, white stockings, purple doll shoes, and a thin fur coat

- He stutters and says it’s okay so you smile at him and he almost cries

- tells you he really loves the way you dress causing you to blush


- his cheeks would be pink the whole time you were together

- and he just couldn’t stop staring at you bc you were the cutest thing alive

Iwaizumi Hajime

- he would think you were really beautiful in the school’s uniform, but he’s never seen you out of school

- he invites you to go to the park with his dog one day (i would like to believe he’s a dog person)

- so he’s dressed in a white shirt, red and black plaid, and skinny jeans

- he would be petting his dog as he waits for you by the park bench and the dog barks in your direction

- Iwa-chan.exe stopped working

- you would be dressed in a white graphic tee, a purple tulle skirt, kitten stockings, purple platform boots, and a light blue jacket

- he wouldn’t be able to speak as he stares up at you, looking at you from head to toe

- he wants to touch your ribbons

- his jaw is open and you look away blushing

- Y”Y-you look…” He pauses bc he couldn’t describe how adorable you look

- when he didn’t speak you felt tears in your eyes bc maybe he thought you wee too much

- so you turn and he grabs your hand, standing up

- “You look adorable,” he whispers, avoiding your eyes

- iwa-chan’s a sap

One of the things I really love about my husband is whenever I come to the realization that there is some skill don’t have and i’m like “but I don’t know how to do that” his immediate response it, “but you can learn” and he is completely sincere and really thinks i have the ability to do it if I just try and that’s why I have been brave enough to do so many new things this year alone and even when I fail he is like that’s okay you can practice or leave it if you don’t like it and I just am so lucky to have that kind of pure support

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39 for the musical asks?

omg anon im so sorry!! you sent this like a week ago and here i am answering it now like super late wh oops i;m super sorry


39. favourite musical bloggers (tag them!)

okay so there are Lots of Super Super cool people that fit under this category! i’m gonna go through the list of people i’m following and just tag a few! but this is of course by No means everyone i love!! 

(in no particular order!)

@intheheightsandfluff @@sonshine-de-la-vega @awkward-but-nice @bi-evan @beyondthesunrise @usnavis-hat @ithnightmares @friviit @hufflepuff-thespian @forgotten-peggy @revolutionarywarlock @connor-hansen @deafwestnewsies @handchinrilow @put-the-han-back-in-hanukkah @oberon-and-puck

aaaaaaaaaah i feel like im forgetting someone really cool!! i just looked at the list of people i’m following and picked out some that always make me happy to see on my dash! but these are definitely some Cool People that i Love! aaaah

(if i tagged you and you want to be taken off this list feel free to message me and i’ll take you off lol)

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ahhhhhh, I see matchups are open! is it okay if i request one? asfjafkj ok, so... i'm 5'4 and a gemini. i love space and the ocean. i'm actually majoring in aerospace engineering. i really really love animals and i tend to push everyone away at times (when everything gets too overwhelming and i don't want to burden others). i feel like i'm a pretty average person and boring at that. i have no real talents tbh. i enjoy writing and drawing but they're like (+)

(+) completely average. i’m not even good at it. i just do it for shits and giggles. i really care about my family. they’re everything to me, even though it’s messed up. i really care about other people’s opinions about me, which i really shouldn’t. i’m mexican. i hate war. i love horror stories + haunted places and stuff like that (i’m pretty dumb like that tbh). it takes a while for me to warm up to others. I really enjoy singing and dancing (still, it’s pretty average). asjflas THANK YOU!

I match you with Kuroo Tetsurou!

Originally posted by odd-ballduo

  • The fact that you’re majoring in aerospace engineering is super cool to him! He’ll try to help you as much as he can by relaxing or by trying to help you solve things or think of ideas with you, he’s really smart.
  • Even if you want to be away from people, he’ll understand that and give you maybe an hour alone before he just physically stays by your side, even if the two of you don’t talk or look at each other, just knowing he’s there for you.
  • He’ll always try to interest you in new hobbies to see if you’ll like them. He’ll ask you if you want to try video games with him and Kenma one day or ask if you want to play volleyball. He’ll always look out for things you could try because he wants to be a good supportive boyfriend.
  • The fact that you care a lot for you family is a total winner for him. Kuroo will appreciate people who love others even if their weird or messed up, but that’s what makes them special.
  • Kuroo would probably take you to many haunted houses around Halloween time, he likes them himself and he likes seeing your reactions, have a good time with him!
  • If you start singing and dancing, he’d come out of nowhere singing and dancing with you.

I have nothing against straight people. Really, I don’t! It’s just, y'know, do they have to push it in our faces all the time like that? I mean, come on, they want straight characters in, like, EVERYTHING, and they insist on changing the pronouns in love songs. I even overheard a straight guy mention his girlfriend three times yesterday! Three times! Like, okay, we get it, man, you’re straight, you don’t have to shove it down our throats. But I mean I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with straight people—I actually have straight friends! Just, I don’t know, can’t they tone it down a bit? It makes me a little uncomfortable, you know? Not that I’m, like, heterophobic or anything, of course not. But I mean, think of the children!

okay but
hc that my version of dio just…
he actually has really long hair. Like, really long hair. Way past his shoulders. About halfway past his back? It really depends on how he feels that day. The reason it looks like he has short hair though is because he keeps it all rolled up and held up with hair clips in the back and his hairband in the front, making his hair very fluffy and thick from the back.

so when he takes off his hair clips and ruffles out his hair its just. a deluge of long golden locks. he has super long hair and he will fucking rock it and flip it in your face like “look at how gorgeous i am”. and because he has long hair like this he has like a million different hairstyles and just. dio with long hair ok

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Totally gonna piggyback off what that anon said about Harry tying you to the bed and making you watch him jerk off! Okay so you're squirming and pulling on the restraints and begging him to let you lick him and he just ignores you and when he cums he takes some on his fingers and puts it up to your lips and pulls away at the last second and says some stupid shit like 'did you want a taste? I'm sorry, petal.' GJKSKAKA

WHAT IS AIR I DON’T KNOW HOW TO BREATHE ANYMORE. He’d really love the way you’d lift your head desperate for it, for a taste. You’re whimpering for it. And when he pulls his fingers away and sees your shocked and desperate reaction he can’t help but chuckle. ‘Look how desperate you are princess, s'pathetic really.’