i just really like this okay i love it


I don’t really like stereotypes in general, or any boxing of women or men, or people in general. Boxing people in, labeling – it’s all just really unnecessary. Women are so many things. Men are so many things. People are so many things. There’s no type of – oh, if she wears that, she must be this, or she does that, she must this; all those assumptions and labeling and stereotyping are all so negative. I love being able to talk about it, because I feel like when we see it, people doing it on social media or in media, or in general, it only makes it okay for the readers and the kids in schools to do the same thing, if that makes sense; to label the kids in the class. To make assumptions about a girl who’s wearing something – it’s all this big chain effect.

so my english teacher always puts on some background music when we’re working on exercises and today all of a sudden dna started playing?? our boys have even made it to flemish schools i’m so proud 👏👏

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Is no one going to mention that those 'cool things' Zarkon did with the black bayard was pretty much kick Keith's butt and wreck up the Red Lion? Keith, come on buddy. Which team are you rooting for??? ;)

okay buT LIKE. THAT’S WHY IT WAS SO FUNNY TO ME. even though he got completely wrecked up he STILL concedes and accepts that okay, yes “it was cool” he thought it was really cool. i just.. .this guy. i love him so amsodhsua much. 

and what’s funnier is that in 2x01 he just…..

Serious. Very Serious. Just like: 

but. then. 

WE HAD A TOUGH BATTLE LMFAO.  HIS FACE. his eyebrow quirks up when he says it and the way he says it too like. 

HE KNOWS. LOOK AT THIS FACE I CANNOT DEAL WITH HIM RIGHT NOW OH M Y GOD. And the best part is i bet red wouldn’t either they both in this sense are probably stubborn enough to say they had a tough battle and okay maybe bit off a little more than they could chew but it’s fine. LOL. 

a tough battle. okay keith. if that’s what you want to call it. he definitely held his own impressively well for the amount of time considering it was zarkon but come on keith. you were about to get annihilated he did it because shiro was in trouble, and because the black lion was compromised. but it was a poor judgement and by the end point he was aware he may not have made it out look at that expression:

bUT ANYWAY we’re not talking about that nothing to see here hahhaah :’)))) . back to this whole “cool stuff”. THE FACT HE SAYS IT’S COOL.

when it was used to kick his own butt. just this whole thing…. is brilliant. he is so endearing. 

Okay…Wow.  I haven’t seen the first episode yet (not released until Tuesday) but I was listening to some lyrics, and “Bad Luck Charm” came up.  This one lyric popped up suddenly while I was drawing.

“You don’t want the burden of my name.”

And so I decided to hunt down the lyrics and take a look.  And what if…just bear with me…what if this is a conversation between Qrow and Summer Rose.  I really believe he loved her, and maybe she liked him, too.  What if *she* approached him and he rejected her out of fear of her ending up hurt or worse.

The whole song is trying to dissuade someone from getting close to him.  Of course, it could be the general “anyone” thing…but that one line.  Really stood out to me.

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Maybe like some shy Evan HCs when he joins his school's environmental club but like he loves the campus' trees and it's just really cute?

Omg yes!!! This is the cutest thing!!!
• Listen this boy was HYPE about this club oh boy
• A club???? About plants and trees and all things outdoors??? Sign me up please???
• But he was so so anxious about the other people in the club but he decided that YOU KNOW WHAT I’m gonna join it and have have okay okay okay okay
• Turns out sweet baby boy ended up loving the club!!!!!
• I’m gonna be real, he doesn’t really talk to any other people in the club and mostly just sticks to himself
• like when it comes to group activities he’s like nope
• But when it’s like time to go and explore and study trees and such by himself, this boy is in fuckin heaven oh my lord
• The way he wraps his lil hands so gently around leafs will make your heart melt
• Knows so many facts about trees and plants but is too shy to say them out loud :(
• But in all honestly, this babe really does love it

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!!!!! I bought the small Ghost Lights comic about a year ago along with the kagehina fanbook and I still read both a lot, its so cute and i cANT WAIT FOR PHYSICAL GHOST LIGHTS CONTENT!!!! LOVE THESE BOYS!!! Im very excited for a printed version but also please take care of yourself and I hope you're doing okay?? :o like I love your work but I dont wanna demand it, if that makes sense??? you're very important so please take care of yourself, you sweet person!! Im excited to support you :D

my heart feels all warm 💘

thank you for being patient with me. really i mean it!! it’s just a very big help. i always have to consider my health situation and unfortunately i have times where i simply can’t do anything. it’s a gotdamn circle and i’m planning it into my comic schedule because i know it’s gonna happen. but even when i plan it, life is a big old fuck and doesn’t like my plans at allll

tbh i’ve been in a slump for some weeks currently ; ; got knocked back down out of nowhere and i’m trying my hardest to get it together again. not only because of the comic, but also because i want to function in daily life ugh

man i’m rambling, but i just want to say i’m very grateful. like when i read your words i felt better immediately. it’s good to know that someone is waiting for my work… and for me. and i noticed every time i have a small set back i can get back on my feet faster. and every time it gets a bit better. i think one big reason for it is because i know there are so many kind people who will support me without uhm, without being demanding just as you said! i can take my time but i also know people will be excited when i post a new update or a new drawing. and that it is very calming and very motivating at the same time. thank you

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I have #noshame but enough shame to hide on anon lol... What are software do you use and are you comfortable posting your brush settings? I just really like your art and have been experimenting with brushes and different softwares but can't find any I like so... 100% okay if you don't wanna post 'em though. Thanks and have a wonderful day you lovely individual

oh yeah sure! i use paint tool sai! and i don’t mind sharing my brushes, though i don’t have anything fancy? and i just use three main brushes, my rough sketch, my clean up, and my lining brush!

\ovo/ feel free to experiment with other things too and i have one more tool i use for painting!

it blends nice!

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hiya! ♡ i love your analysis and wanted your input of some of the teams relationships with each other! it just feels like they understand and practice the mechanics of team bonding but don't really /trust/ each other

Thanks dearly! 

Okay, let’s divide the team into categories. 

  1. Trust as a learning curve: Pidge edition. 

We have Hunk, Lance and Pidge, obviously, who have been friends, I’m assuming, for at least a year or so. Though we haven’t been given much info about their past apart from that one flashback of Pidge’s when she first met Lance and Hunk. In fact, it’s only Pidge’s relationship between Hunk and Lance that’s really explored between those three. Hunk and Lance’s relationship doesn’t get the same depth. But that’s because there was an element of distrust from the start for Pidge: her gender, her family and Kerberos, she was surrounded by lies. It’s clear that their friendship has grown since then with the emergence of Voltron, as you can see there is a clear line she had previously drawn between them and her which has disappeared now. Likely similar to the line Keith draws between him and everyone else. So, you can sense a type of self-preservation from her since the very start, though you see the way she gradually embraced everyone since that stressful time in her life, especially when she becomes aware of the fact she ‘hasn’t always been there for people’ when she is tasked with taking back the castle from Sendak. She becomes aware of the fact that she perhaps never treated Hunk and Lance fairly, but they both kept trying anyway. In realising she’s allowed to embrace the team fully, she becomes comfortable enough to reveal her true gender. Her entire first arc was learning to trust her team, as you could see she was reluctant open her mind to them at the beginning with the mind melding exercise. So, in terms of Pidge, I believe she trusts the team very much now, and there is a clear cohesion between her, Hunk and Lance. Lance borrows her stuff a lot, and they enjoy a video or two game together, and Hunk is her nerd partner, but she’s also a voice of analytical reasoning for both Shiro and Keith as leaders. She’s also trusted Shiro from the start because of his connection to her family. And because he’s, well, Shiro.  

     2.  Trust as sacrifice: Lance edition. 

Lance doesn’t seem like a very trustworthy person when you first meet him. At the very start we see him making stupid calls in the simulator, disregarding Pidge’s advice and Hunk’s anxiety so he could show off. Immediately, this backfires on him, and already the show was alluding to his bravado being something he’ll have to get a grip on. It shows he has a lot to learn before he’s ready to lead anyone anywhere. At the start, he’s almost as impulsive as Keith, taking off into Blue without a second thought and even going after Shiro against Garrison rules. He doesn’t have a personal reason like Pidge, he just wants to look cool and rescue his hero. He wants to look good in front of all these people, especially Keith and Shiro. Keith: because Lance wants to surpass him. Shiro: because he wants to impress him. He’s not entirely trustworthy at the start. It’s not until he throws himself in front of Coran after his homesickness hit that we really get a sense of him as anything but the showoff he portrays himself as. It alludes to the idea that he can earn trust through sacrificing this obnoxious part of himself. Trust, over time, for Lance, becomes about him trusting the others enough to put himself on the back-burner and encouraging them to take the wheel. Trust, for Lance, is gradually transforming into allowing the others to shine while he offers advice and encouragement from behind. That was a long rant, so let’s get to some interrelation examples. Lance and Allura, recently, is a good one: He’s endlessly supportive of her, as he realises that earning her trust and appreciation is about lifting her up, not talking himself up. She has the power, but he has the words that inspire that power. She trusts more so than the others now I think, but only after he sacrificed his role as the Blue Paladin and thus his self-promotional ways. And he trusts her to carry out her duties in Blue, better than he believed he ever could. Pidge, Hunk and Lance, hasn’t really been an evolving thing since season 1. It’s been pretty steady, but you can still see him encouraging them onwards, trusting their skills and intelligence and making sure they know it, too. Keith and Lance is a good example of stepping back to allow the other to rise up. Sacrificing his wish to pilot Black and accepting Keith instead was a BIG shift in trust for Lance. He became aware that surpassing Keith is a foolish endeavour, and how he can contribute much more by simply supporting him instead. He steps back, and offers advice and encouragement for Keith as his right hand, which allows him to pilot Red instead. The only fracture of trust I see here is Shiro and Lance. I find seeing Lance as Shiro’s right hand a little awkward. I also find Shiro disregards a lot of things Lance has to offer, mostly because he so self-assured himself, unlike Keith, who really needs Lance’s advice. We see him ignore Lance’s idea to escape in episode 6 of season 4, which ends up trapping them. Undeniably, Shiro supports Lance, we’ve seen that. But Lance isn’t Keith. Shiro is used to Keith as his right hand, not Lance. That went longgggg. 

    3.   Trust as something to be earned:  Keith edition.

Trust isn’t something we see as coming naturally to Keith. The fact that Shiro seems to be his only past connection is proof of that. To earn Keith’s trust, you really have to work, and so does he. Clearly Shiro means a shit load to Keith. He places a lot of value on Shiro being the only person there for him during unknown-to-us tough times. Keith seemingly has never given his trust to anyone else, despite being in a school where there a hundreds to people to make friends with. He could have walked up to Lance or someone one day and simply said, “Hey want some tips on piloting? I can help,’ and ding ding! That’s a connection that could have stemmed into something trusting and friendly. But he doesn’t do that. He’s a ‘loner.’ My guess is he wants to trust, but due to abandonment issues, he cuts himself off, similar to Pidge. He’s terribly frightened of rejection. He doesn’t want to misplace his trust, and neither does he want people to misplace it in him. Trust is a long tenacious process for Keith. And if the issue of Kuron arises, plus the issue of Lotor’s arrival. It will really be tested. Season 3 was hopeful for his gradual expanding of trust, for the fact that he was learning to trust his team, and in turn, they were learning to trust him. And that’s only because Shiro was gone. He was pushed into the deep end and forced to really rely on the people around him like never before. He couldn’t just run away from them like he did with the Garrison because Shiro had given him a role to play. It opened up his character a lot. You can see him often using Pidge as his analytical reasoning, and Lance as his emotional one. But when Shiro returns, and they instantly slide back into the usual ‘do what Shiro says’ trap, I think some of that trust fractured. They weren’t even considering Keith’s orders anymore. Though Lance does ask Keith at one pint what they should do, not Shiro–something interesting. Keith and Hunk have a clear developing trust in each other’s skill sets, as you see Keith relying heavily on Hunk’s ‘brain’ and Hunk relying on Keith’s ability to stay calm–this more so in the Weblum episode from season 2, though. Then there is Keith and Allura, something that had been building and then fractured in season 2 with his heritage reveal, but was steadily growing again in season 3, until he decided to abandon his role in season 4. She, being determined and tested by her own leadership role, never giving up, was offended probably by his unwillingness to just bare with the hard times for a while. But you see again, she overcomes it when he explains why he was pulling away from the team. Allura herself has become a lot more empathetic towards her team now that she is a part of it. 

    4.   Trust as respect: Shiro edition. 

Everyone respects Shiro, period. Including us. He’s the head of Voltron, a legend on Earth and a very strong looking fella. I’d respect him if I ever met him. I’d trust him, too, because he has many moments of softness and humour which makes him likeable as well. And he’s very easy to sympathies with because of his PTSD. Everyone on team Voltron respects and trusts Shiro, too. They have since the very start. It’s been the least complicated progression of trust out of EVERYONE. Because with someone like Shiro, it’s an automatic tendency that comes along with his very role. Everyone loves and trusts Shiro. Here, I’d like to compare that to Keith, who struggled to gain the team’s trust as leader. They fell in trust with Shiro instantly, but not so much Keith, he had to fight for it. WE fell in trust with Shiro instantly. But with the entire Kuron theory, I think the point is for us and the team to fall out of trust with him. Even in season 4, the team was pretty comfortable with him as leader again, and the idea of him as a clone was not once touched, so everyone, including us wants to trust this adorable dweeb leader with big muscles and bad stage talent. Everything was entirely too comfortable with Shiro back. Keith trusts Shiro enough to give up the Black Lion as quick as possible. But it may end up biting them all on the ass. I think Shiro’s story will revolve around everyone losing their trust in him when shit gets real about his identity, and they’ll likely have to turn back to Keith. Shiro and Keith themselves trust each other an incredible amount, but perhaps a little too much. Shiro trusted Keith wholeheartedly to lead Voltron, but it scared Keith, and he didn’t see that at all. More so, he contradicted this supposed trust when he undermined Keith in season 3, which really rattled Keith. And Keith perhaps trusts Shiro too much based on their clearly heavy past together, and likely doesn’t see the warning signs of it not actually being Shiro. This, of course, is only relevant if this is a clone Shiro.   

    5.   Trust as a trait: Hunk edition. 

Hunk has very recently been labelled as a new diplomat for Voltron that will likely really showcase in later seasons. His heavy involvement with the Balmerans, the Puigians and the entire Coalition presents him as someone not only the team can trust, but complete strangers, too. This presents an exchange of trust the team places in him to relate to other civilisations. He’s universally recognisable as a trustworthy person. So, the team trusts him with rallying tasks like this. However, we saw it tested when he was suspicious of Rolo and Nyma, and the team disregarded his gut feelings in favour of the potential info of a rebel group. It’s clear he is bitter and perhaps slightly hurt when the team realises he was right, and that Lance had been taken advantage of and his lion captured. ‘Rant rant rant, I TOLD you so.’ Hunk is clearly annoyed about this. Everyone looks pretty glum at being told off by Hunk, but they accept it because they overlooked his warning, so it’s on them. I would love to see where Lance and Hunk’s relationship stemmed from tbh. Are they life long friends or did they meet in the Garrison? It’s obvious they are close, by the way they constantly lounge around on each other, but it doesn’t have the same emotional weight attached to it as Shiro and Keith’s relationship. There is a real sense of being comfortable around each other that Shiro and Keith struggle with as they go through this leadership issue. I noticed a lot in season 4 how much Shiro himself actually relied on Hunk’s shoulder canon for Voltron. So there is an element of brute strength earning him a respectable amount of trust from the others as well as his inviting personality.   

Phewww, I’m gonna stop there because I could go on for a while. But there you have it. Some lovely analysis on some lovely characters. 

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I read both Sweet Dreams for the Devil and Think. . . Ink and you write so well. I usually don't read fanfics but I love both of them. ;-;

Okay first… 

AAAAAAAAAAAAA Thank you so much! 

And secondly omg, like it’s sort of inspiring to be told that? Like, it’s one thing to be told omg I love your works, it is another to be like I took some time to do a thing I don’t normally and still love your stuff. 

So thank you! It really does mean a lot! 

And I am hoping to get another chapter for both up soon! Just school is fighting me a lot right now… But anyways thank you and have a fantabulous day! 

(P.S. I also highly recommend if you liked my stuff to give @nyrandrea‘s Headboop series a looksie! And I co-write with her on a fic called Guardian Angel. But no pressure, thank you for spending some time to go through my fics!) 

Okay I’m on a roll with OCs today!! These are Andy’s moms (albeit a bit younger)! (●´ᆺ`●)

Enid, the one Andy takes after in terms of hair and skin color (as well as tenacity), is an enthusiastic space witch who meets the sort of goddess who unleashes the night sky in her dark hair and falls in love! (I uh,, haven’t really decided on a name for god mom) She eventually revokes her status as immortal and settles down with Enid to eventually raise Andy!

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Thoughts on Shallura and Plance?

Shallura is a good ship yes but it’s not a super hard core ship for me tbh.


Plance is my absolute favourite Voltron ship, my ultimate OTP I love them so much it’s such a pure and good and sweet ship and I love Pidge’s little crush on Lance, it’s so adorable and subtle, and okay I may just be reading too much into everything, but I like to think it’s there, and they’re just such a cute ship yes.

I’d be totally okay if they were never canon though because I love Voltron being a wonderfully good show with just platonic friendships

Okay so like here’s this @raccoonsinqueen-taxes  

This is Tart, my maid for the MafiaSwap(?) Bros!!

 She’s pretty sweet by default, but the second you’re creepy/rude to her, it’s like she becomes a completely different, salty being. She does have a little trouble owning up to being the issue in certain situations, though.

 She’s really kind and motherly to MS!Sans, she actually likes it when he rambles on and on while she cleans up, it’s sort of soothing… At the same time, though, she also enjoys cleaning a silent room with MS!Paps sleeping in it, it makes her feel like she has a little power?

I guess you could say she’s on okay terms with both of them, but she’s a little timid around MS!Paps.

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Okay i just wanted to say this: I dont think Sehun is straight or gay or bi or pan..but I do strongly feel he is asexual. Like ugh i dont know how to explain it. The members say Sehun isnt interested in women but hes also said himself hes jot interested in men and quite honestly it makes me love him more?? Like man I just see Sehun becoming a dog dad and idk okay let me stop rambling kk lubz u lots ❤❤

Like i already know the chances of me being with any idol is like 0% but Sehun is just completely different. I agree and would totally see Sehun being asexual because he just even looks uninterested in anything than dogs or animals in general. I really just want Sehun to be happy AND IF THATS WITH VIVI AND POSSIBLY OTHER PETS THAN SO BE IT I WILL SUPPORT OH SEHUN NO MATTER IF HE WANTS A PARTNER OR NOT.
(But yes i really do think Sehun is asexual too)
-Admin Kookfairy

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Hey Scott, what kind of dog would you like to have, and how would you convince Nora that it's an amazing idea?

“Okay, I’m gonna have to stop you right there, because the question you should be asking is what type of dog wouldn’t I like to have? The answer is none, ‘cus I love all dogs, I don’t discriminate. I’d love any kind of dog, even those really small yippy ones. As for Nora… well, she’s an odd one when it comes to animals. She doesn’t like ‘em. Too loud and smelly, sends her into a real tizzy and all, you know? And I love her, so sometimes you’ve just gotta make sacrifices for people you love, even if it does mean sacrificing your childhood dream of adopting five dogs…”

[ask my ocs questions]

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AHHH YOU DREW SOMETHING FOR MY ASK!! Thank you so muchhhh, your volleyball Kanan is really cute 😭😭 I hope you don't mind me asking if you have any sport headcanons yourself...? U don't have to though

AAA thank you alskdhglas,,, i love volleyball even if i suck at it 😤 And yeah i don’t mind giving headcanons! it’s fun to do them haha

i got carried away but

Kanan (Soccer, Volleyball, Track/Cross Country): Honestly I don’t really have any explanation for v-ball other than it just seems to fit? For soccer, I’m pretty sure her legs are really strong so yeahhhh. Also since Kanan can deadass run across the Pacific Ocean and not get tired, long-distance running is highly likely too lolol


Dia (Golf): Dia hates running with a burning passion. It’s a traumatizing experience with her, since she’s been dragged around by her two dumbass best friends ever since they were kids. Golf is pretty much the only sport that I can see Dia doing because it’s preppy as hell and I can easily see Dia being one of those pretentious middle-aged women at country clubs

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Are u genuinely okay tho??? Like I know ppl r making A++ memes about the hurricane but r u okay???

Aww, thank you so much, nonnie! I am doing okay. I live in the east of Ireland so it’s not hitting us as hard as the west or south of the country, so we’re very lucky, just can’t travel outside for the next day or so as public transit is cancelled and driving is dangerous.

You’re so sweet to check on me, anon, I really appreciate it :)

For you, @beanmaster-pika! I’m working on Lavi, several people have asked for him. But here! Have my favorite pink girl~! (PLEASE TELL ME YOU MEANT MINA ASHIDO BECAUSE OTHERWISE I’LL MAKE ANOTHER FOR THE CORRECT CHARACTER.)

Ashido Mina

Why I like them

She’s got this energy about her that just makes me want to like her, y’know? Her smile is just so goofy and her sense of fashion both conflicts and merges with her unique appearance so well. I mean, look at this?

Also, she’s kinda my favorite color.

Favorite episode (scene if movie)

Not really an episode yet, but I love her and Kirishima’s backstory together.

Favorite season/movie

Season 2, the Sports Festival Arc

Favorite line

“When you’ve actually overcome yourself deep down, come and tell me, okay?“

-Mina Ashido to Kirishima Eijirou

Favorite outfit

I love her hero costume so much, you have no idea! It’s so gaudy yet it suits her spunky personality perfectly. It reminds me of the 80′s for some reason…




Bakusquad & Mina and Jirou & Mina

Head Canon

Mina may not be book-smart, but she’s a genius when it comes to social interactions. She uses psychology without realizing what exactly she’s doing.

Unpopular opinion

A lot of people focus on Bakugou’s quirk as being one that’s dangerous, and while I kinda agree, I think Mina’s is just as dangerous as Bakugou’s. Let’s not forget this girl produces literal acid, and could easily kill someone if she isn’t careful. A quirk like hers would be perfect for disposing of evidence, sabotage, and if applied to an enemy, could easily leave permanent damage. The fact that she exercises such restraint and control over her Quirk is admirable.

A wish

I want to know more about her personally.

An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen

Her dying or accidently hurting someone with her acid.

5 words to best describe them

Spunky Pink Fluffy Alien Queen

My nickname for them

Floofy Girl

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Okay wow um I just watched "The Child in Time" and I was so shook when it was over I literally put my hands over my mouth like I didn't think it would end there oh my god i wanted to cry i was so sad

Hey Lovely!

Yeah, I haven’t seen it, and a lot of the reason I don’t really want to see the show is because I don’t like unhappy or ambiguous endings; it’s just terribly unsatisfying for me. But I want to support Ben’s work. I don’t know.

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Okay, so I just wanted to let you know that I was sent home from school because I'm like really sick and your posts are making me so happy right now!!!!! Like thank you so much!!! I especially love the one about Jared/Shannon taking care of their sick daughter. Like that made me smile!!! Lol, just wanted to say thanks!!!

Oh my goodness thank you hun! I’m so sorry you’re sick :( I hope you feel better soon, I’m sending you all the love and good vibes in the world. Thank you for being so sweet to me and sending this! Make sure you get lot’s of rest and drink hot tea!