i just really like this goal

Happy Monday Friends! So excited about today’s “let’s just see” weigh-in! :) :)

My last official weigh in: 200.6 

I weighed in another time between that and today, just to see, but it only went to 200.4 so I didn’t really mention it because I figured it was gonna do the thing where it slowly dropped just to torture me.

But today’s weigh in: 199.6!!

I haven’t been in the 100s for YEARS. SO PUMPED. Like I’m pumped for the number but I’m also so pumped because it’s finallllyyy happening. I’m finally making progress! 

1st Goal Weight: 190 - only 9 pounds away!

2nd Goal Weight: 170 - only 29 pounds away! (whoa, something about it being in the 20s makes it feel so close!)

Really looking forward to seeing the magic I can continue to make happen 💪

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Alex talking about the kellex goal 😍😍😍 (why do I ship this so much you have ruined me...)


I need help with my novel!

Tl;dr: I’m writing a novel and I want to write diverse characters, but I don’t know enough about other cultures and religions to be comfortable writing them accurately. Anyone willing to help?

So, through a long series of events, I’ve set several goals and signed contracts, and I’m writing a novel. I’m not saying a whole lot about mostly because I don’t know a whole lot about it, but I’d like to have a cast of characters that aren’t just like me (for reference, I’m a Mexican-American female, which is a pretty specific character to write if you ask me). I’d really like a diverse cast of characters, but the issue is I’m pretty darn American, and I don’t know enough about other cultures and religions to write about them. I definitely don’t want to be that racist asshole who thinks they know everything. I know enough to know that these cultures and religions are important, but they aren’t a characters defining characteristics (for example, I feel like some writers have Mexican-American characters only thought be “holy shit I’m Mexican” and that’s just… not? Like you can’t go a chapter without them making sure you know they are Mexican and know Spanish and throw in Spanish phrases all the time because holy shit this character sure is Mexican). In my original planning, I’d had a Blackistani (American, because I think with my limited experience writing in a country I’ve never been to is a slippery slope to assholism) Muslim girl, a Native American girl, and an Asian and Pacific Islander girl, but I know there’s so much more out in the world. That’s the second part of this: I know there are so many underrepresented groups out there- I was wondering if perhaps you are part of one, and want to tell me more about it, please do! I really want this experience to be something that can broaden my perspectives. Anyhow, if you’d be willing and comfortable helping me out by educating me, please send me a message! Thank you!

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Hey! Could you give me some tips about how to manage your time to study and how to be more productive? I have a lot to study and I’m totally desperate because I just can’t concentrate enough or produce as much as I should 😭😭😭😭

i answered a similar ask about general time management here! for productivity, three things that help me personally are:

  • not timing myself - if i say “this should take an hour” i’ll just get more stressed if i don’t finish it in that time. getting into the Studying Zone doesn’t have a timeframe for me
  • giving myself targets - such as taking 3 pages of notes before a study break. that way i know i have a set goal i can reach instead of feeling aimless
  • not listening to music - it can lift your mood if you need it, but it really doesn’t help me concentrate. i like ambient noise generators - i use one called atmosphere on my phone!

you could also check my study methods tag for more specific ways of studying! ultimately everyone has different ways that work for them - you just need to experiment with different things until you find a way that fits you :)


RUBY ROSE - “I know that things may seem bad for you right now, but I just want you to realize that you’re really pretty!“ 

WEISS SCHNEE - "I don’t want you to disparage yourself like that. I want you to tell me everything - I want to learn how I can help you overcome these problems of yours.”

BLAKE BELLADONNA - “You look nice, {Name}. There isn’t really anything you need to worry about." 

YANG XIAO LONG - "Babe, don’t sweat it! If there is anything you wanna change, you have to work toward that. Know I’m here by your side whenever you need to work toward that goal.”

JAUNE ARC - “Well, not sure how much this will mean to you, but I always thought you looked pretty.”

NORA VALKYRIE - “Well, I think you’re just adorable!”

PYRRHA NIKOS - “I suppose there is always something to be insecure about. But please do not hesitate to ask for my guidance - you should know you deserve to see yourself like I see you.”

LIE REN - “You are just fine, {Name}." 

SUN WUKONG - "What are you talking about? You look amazing!" 

SCARLET DAVID - "Love, let me share a secret with you: you are simply lovely and couldn’t be any happier with how you are.”

SAGE AYANA - “Don’t think like that. You need to see yourself in a better light.”

NEPTUNE VASILIAS - “Wanna know something? You are my kind of woman.”

SUMMER ROSE - “You are simply enchanting, my dear {Name}.”

TAIYANG XIAO LONG - “You gotta be kidding me! I think I lost my girlfriend. Oh, wait- she’s been standing right in front of me this whole time, beautiful as ever!" 

QROW BRANWEN - "You know I don’t stick around much, but it should tell you something if I’ve stuck around this long.”

RAVEN BRANWEN - “The strong live, the weak perish. Those are the rules. But certainly, if you have survived this long, you are among the strong.”

OZPIN - “Dear, even as the Earth crumbles, you shall forever have me captivated.”

GLYNDA GOODWITCH - “I ask of you to tell me the truth and nothing else. Now, admit that you are beautiful, and mean it." 

BARTHOLOMEW OOBLECK - "Ah, it appears I’m not the most romantic, but dear, you are simply delightful.”

WINTER SCHNEE - “You aren’t the only who feels that way, {Name}. Please take into consideration that we need to build one another up, and only then can we learn to love ourselves.”

VELVET SCARLATINA - “There’s no reason you should feel this way about yourself.”

COCO ADEL - “Lies shouldn’t come out of a pretty face like yours, babe.”

YATSUHASHI DAICHI - “I want to help you find the beauty that I see in you." 

FOX ALISTAIR - "I don’t believe you - these things you say about yourself aren’t right. I want you to believe in yourself first." 

OSCAR PINES - "I, um, think you’re really cute, actually. Oh, shut up, Ozpin.”

CINDER FALL - “You..are lovely." 

ROMAN TORCHWICK - "Looking gorgeous, sweetheart!" 

MERCURY BLACK - "What? You’re worried about that one little thing? There’s so much more than that to be focused on - nice thighs, hips, legs, the whole picture is a sight for sore eyes." 

EMERALD SUSTRAI - "You need to realize you deserve better. If you helped me realize that, the least I can do is help you back.”

SALEM - “Cease your fretting, child. You are divine in my eyes. Once a speck of dust, now blossoming into a masterpiece. Quite the ever growing spectacle.”

TYRIAN CALLOWS - “Your Grace, you mustn’t tarnish your name in such fallacy! Such things are blasphemy. Your beauty something words cannot describe.”


I always feel wrong sharing my humanised Sonic characters on Tumblr. It’s because I am very sparing with which features I try to translate over, with the goal being to create a human version that looks human rather a shounen anime version. Not that I don’t like the heavily stylised versions, it’s just not what I’m going for. I don’t often post them (and when I do I don’t always tag them) because I feel like they don’t really look like fanart. This one, I’m posting because it’s a style experiment, even if it’s a little off… Espio came out looking a lot more feminine than the pencil sketch, oops.

So you know, I will simply use the ‘humanised’ tag for my human Sonic versions, rather than let them show up in the character tags.

Since I feel a bit awkward about it, I’m including a bit of non-Sonic fanart because we all need ten foot shark-men of positivity in our lives.

well, since daca is getting repealed I have to renew my permit before October 5th which means I’ve got a month to pull almost $500 out of my ass so if you want to help with even just a dollar I would really appreciate it


EDIT: I have reached my goal but if you would still like to donate I would really appreciate it as I’m in college and we all know financial aid is a joke & I will also be giving money back to other people looking for donations when I can ❤️


[Connor]’s the kind of player that coaches like to coach, and players like to play with.

okay i want to talk about something

what this show did with the “being a nerd” trope was honestly one of my favorite parts of this season

matt says here that he knows what its like to be the nerd
we all know what he means by that
he was probably bullied and teased just like pidge and empathizes with her situation but tells her that she should keep studying

but she says

“what’s the point?”

good question pidge

as of this point the only thing “being a nerd” means to pidge is the rejection and mockery of her classmates

look at her shes crying okay how many times have yall cried in school and not even like in the bathroom stall in the fucking classroom okay that shit is not fun

heck shes not even sitting at the front of the class or with anyone else shes sitting by the window near the back basically by herself in the classic “main character whos different/disconnected from everyone else” anime spot

shes angry and frustrated and hates that part of herself to the point where she says “what’s the point?” which is a statement of defeat

she was ready to (literally) throw that part of her aside because she was tired of all the pain and angry and sadness that came with “being a nerd” (i mean could you even imagine what would have happened if she actually gave up pidge could have given up loving science and technology and would have never gotten into the garrison or done anything remotely “nerd” related because of how much pain this brought her)

and then this happens

her mood is immediately changed shes overjoyed at her brother getting into the Garrison she probably saw him study like a monster and how nervous he was for the test and how hard he worked and then

she stops

she goes back and picks up that book

and its an immediate 180 in her attitude towards studying and “being a nerd” because now she sees a reason to keep being a nerd

she didn’t stop being a nerd she made that part of who she was

she saw people in her life who were nerds people who were her role models and her and were proud of it

and i think thats really awesome that matt was able to show pidge that there was nothing to be ashamed of in “being a nerd” and helped her embrace that part of her that was smart and curious and intelligent and who wanted to be like her brother and father and go to space and reach her goals and dreams and become the beautiful little nerd we know and love now

and that’s a message to all nerds - to embrace that part of you even if it brings you adversity because that part of you is incredible and capable of doing amazing things 

just like pidge <3

10 Things I Learned as an Interviewer for the Interviewee

As a fourth year medical students (yikes) I was able to become an interviewer for my medical school. So yes, that means maybe someone I’ve interviewed may one day see this. Though probably not. Anyways, it was very surreal to be on the other side of the process all these years later and while I’m getting ready for interviews myself (anyone want me for residency, btw?)

A lot of expectations and previous notions about interviews that I had really did change and I can see how intricate the process actually is, and I get why we get asked the questions we do. At least somewhat better.                                                                   

All experiences and interviewers are different but here are some things I think can really help out the interviewee. Maybe things you thought were hard and fast rules but aren’t or things you didn’t expect us to be looking for. Anything to help! And while this is directed at pre-meds, the advice should still general enough that anyone can use it, if they want.

Some things to know beforehand; I was part of a two-on-one interview setting which lasted 30 minutes with a few preset questions we needed to ask. The interview was blind, so we couldn’t see stats.

Take a second to observe your interviewers.

This isn’t an open invitation to judge your interviewers, but most of us are pretty telling in the way we present ourselves. If you can take a break for the nerves for a second pay attention to our introductions, our demeanor and how we’re dressed. It can give you a sense of how relaxed or stringent we may be and what our personalities may be like even if we were told to stay stone cold poker-faced. And always keep in mind who your interviewers are and what departments they’re from. It can help guide the tone we set for the entire interview.  

Play off the interviewers.

Now that you’ve taken a moment to take in your surroundings use those to your advantage. If we’re playing tough, answer with strength and intention. If we’re relaxed, don’t sit so stiff and maybe get us to laugh. If you are asked thought provoking questions, take time to think about it and provide thought provoking answers. The more you work with us, the easy and more open a dialog becomes and the more personable the interview will become. It’s a great way to show flexibility and adaptation, and for the interviewers who did this well we found ourselves impressed.

If I’m offering you information, take it.

If I am telling you that I am a 4th year and I can answer your questions about rotations, classes, or student life I am literally giving you questions to ask me in the event you have forgotten all of yours. If faculty tells you which program they are a part of and what they specialize in they are opening that line of information for you. They are telling you were their interests and focuses are and you can run with that, if you like.

Please, please do your research.

We had an application who couldn’t tell us what they liked our school. Had no idea what the mission statement was or what the goals of the school were. Didn’t have a clue. I had to use my doctor face so I could stay neutral. It was bad. I get that you just want to be in medical school but come on. Point blank, there is no excuse for anyone to know nothing about the program they’re interviewing for. You should also have worked out answers for frequently asked questions. Getting stumped on classic medical school questions…it’s a big red flag. So please plan ahead and do your research.  

Pick the length of your answers carefully.

Different types of questions prompt different types of answers. There are a lot of questions that can prompt follow up questions. Hobbies for example; going into every detail about your hobbies is probably counterproductive. But that’s assuming you have a fair amount of things you like to do that aren’t medicine. You can add a snip here and there, like “I’ve done that for 15 years” or “it’s really a huge passion of mine” but if there is interest in hearing more, we’ll most likely ask. If you only have one thing, don’t think “I like running” is a good enough answer. Give us something to work with. There are questions, especially theoretical ones or tell me a story situations that are meant to be longer. And always keep in mind your time limit.

Be confident, not cocky.

There is a huge difference between smug and confident. We had one prospect who gave this shit-eating “gotcha” grin after every question they thought they had aced. It was almost like they were trying to directly challenging me. It got to the point that I stopped caring what they were saying and was just getting pissed. The answers could have been great (they weren’t) but all that stuck with me was the cockiness. Not sure if you do that unintentionally? That’s what practice interviews are for. There are very clear differences when someone was proud of an answer and were pleased, and what this individual was doing. And if you do act that way, personally, I don’t want you representing my school, regardless of what your application looks like.

I don’t care about the “right” answer. I care why.

I know there are certain questions answers that are kind of set in stone. And I know straying too far from say, an ethics question, is hard to do in a new and unique way. The way to make yourself stand out from the crowd is to explain the reasons why you believe this to be the “right” answers since those tend to differ among applicants and shows your critical thinking skills past “well obviously this is the right answer”. Aside from that most interviewers don’t have specific expectations for most questions. We’d rather just hear about you and your personal experiences, honestly.

We’re not always looking for your spoken answer.

Sometimes we’re looking at your body language. I will purposefully ask questions I know there are only a few answers too. Not because I want to know if you know it, but rather how you viscerally respond. Do you look uncomfortable when answering an ethics or grades question? Did you answer robotically? Are you still looking at me? Can you pick yourself back up after a rough question? What you do speaks just as loud as the things your saying and I’m looking for it.

Use your personality and responses to show you want to be here. Not your grades.

This was not an isolated event. I had a few prospective students speak about a class and sneak in “which I got an A in” and continue. Not really a fan of that. I naturally assume that everyone we interviewed had good enough grades and scores because, well, you’re at the interview. At this point in the process all I want if for you to shine beyond those things and prove to me that you can be a doctor on paper and in person.  

Make me feel connected to you.

In the end, I want to feel like I know who you are. I want to know what you stand for and I want to experience the person who wants to become a physician. I want to appreciate your story and how far you’ve come. We don’t need to become best friends, we don’t need to have similar thoughts or values or personalities. But I want to feel like we could understand each other now and in the future. Let me be excited about you and for you. Let me want you to be here so I can check accept.

I hope someone was able to get something useful from this because for all of you here dying to enter this crazy profession I want you to reach your goals. I really do, and I’m just doing all I can on the internet. Good luck to everyone on your interviews!

i think one of the reasons that i like cal so much is that he has ambitions and goals and dreams outside of mare

How to Create a Self-Study Schedule

If you’re studying any foreign language on your own (or without a course) you’re going to need to be extra organized. Your language study is in your own hands and so is how much you learn. There is no one holding you accountable or motivated either. So it’s entirely up to you to make sure you’re organized and planning enough material that your learning at a comfortable pace. There are roughly two ways to learn languages on your own. There are roughly two ways to go about planning your language study: intensively or casually. Here are my tips for intensive studying and I’ll post about casual studying soon:

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Magnus: (yelling to Taako) Magic missile the tank!

Taako: Yeah, but like, think about that. Like, really think for once. Just really think about it. I magic missile the tank and-

Magnus: Action over thought!

Taako: Yeah, okay, that’s fine. But really think about this one, Scraps. If I magic missile the tank, where does that get us? How does that help us to proceed forward with our life goals?

Magnus: I don’t see it going badly!

Merle: I’m drowning!

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okay, so bighit/BTS basically made a full 30 page survey asking us to tell them our thoughts about BTS and kpop and hallyu even though they already have a shit tons of fans and I'm like so emotional???? Like they even put other options for you to choose your gender?? They're so caring????? (and btw fuck google servers, I can't get past the 5th page)

Everyone is here like: BigHit is so kind asking us what we like

Meanwhile, I am here like

 "Their marketing and communication team are doing a great job trying to update their data by understanding the needs and behaviors of their customers. I applaud that!. But why a survey now? 

Getting feedback? They want us to know what we like the most, what we think of BTS … this can help in loads of strategic moves in the future. For example, if teamwork is voted as the trait that fans get attracted to the most. They will come up with more concepts that straighten that aspect of the team. 

BTS is growing so maybe to guide future business ideas. WAIT!!!! THIS survey can not only help BTS it can also help Bighit come up with a new boy group. OH BOI THEY ARE SO SMART! 

I really want to know the survey's goals and objectives. Even if just by reading it having an idea ain’t hard … ARGH"

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Disclaimer: I am not cautious, I am amazed and VERY happy. BTS are in good hands!