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okay filipino rap is so cool like it flows so…

dude… dude start posting your favs. i want to hear the music.

youre wish is my command

((This one is about what it means to be gay in the philppines (though imo, its really being a trans male, but filipino society has no idea about what being trans is) but anyway, its the journey of a boy who’s being bullied by because he’s gay but it didn’t bring him down))

((same artist as above. its about a person saying he’s just a simple man, but their love for their loved one is bigger than the world))

And my all time favorite

((one time for a family reunion, i rapped the second verse on karaoke with all my cousins and its the best. also check out the guitar riff. also its live, think of that. Sadly tho, Francis M, the greatest Filipino rap in my opinion, has already passed away because of leukemia a couple of years ago. His son (second rapper), Frank Magalona, rapped in his place. but yeah, this rap is basically about just about rappers and having fun))

Bonus: a rap in English with Francis M when he was still alive and the same band from above 

Tell me how you liked it

Reading the Cursed Child

me: oh my god. they’re meeting on the train. this is perfect… oh my god. they’re hugging now. i am so here for a potter/malfoy friendship… okay, so like, i mean i guess they’re just like really close friends?… i feel like i’ve never hugged my guy friends this much… hold up… “you make me stronger.” this feels pretty gay dude… “you two- you belong together.” oh. my. god. they’re not friends, they’re fucking boyfriends. <3 i can’t wait for them to tie it up in a sweet scene in the end making it canon…wait.what’s happeni- no, wait. WAIT.



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Okay but I really need more fics of young Jack Morrison being completely and utterly love-at-first sight infatuated with Gabriel Reyes.

I want Jack Morrison who’s enlisted fresh out of high school where he was prom king and captain of the football team taking one look at the rugged beauty that is Gabriel Reyes and being like “Yes. Him.” Even though all his fellow recruits are like “dude he outranks you” and “dude he’s an officer and you’re just enlisted” and “dude that’s Gabriel Reyes.” And because Jack Morrison doesn’t know the meaning of the word “stop” when he’s got an idea in his mind he fucking goes for it.

But Jack’s not dumb. Jack knows you win people over with kindness better than force, so he winds up hell bent on being Gabriel’s best friend. He sits by him at mess, tries to really get to know him, compliments him every time he sees him. He’s determined to get to know Gabe and support him and make himself everything that Gabriel Reyes needs in a man.

Meanwhile here’s LA raised Gabriel Reyes who’s a ROTC kid, probably double majored in Philosophy and Computer Science while working in the theater department’s costume shop throughout college, wondering what the hell this white bread Indiana boy is doing trying to get on his good side. He’s suspicious at first, but the problem is Jack is just so genuine in his adoration. He backs off when Gabe asks him too, respects his boundaries, and really listens and takes things to heart, even when Gabriel challenges his Midwest farm boy assumptions about the world. So Gabriel can’t help but relax around him. Bit by bit he lets himself enjoy Jack’s constant company and comes to see him as a friend that he can rely on.

Finally one day his curiosity gets the better of him and he turns to Jack all “What the hell is all this for, Morrison? You know I’m not going to give you preferential treatment.”

Jack just shrugs like, “I don’t really want that. But how about a date?”

And Gabe is so thoroughly dumbfounded and seduced that he says yes.

Homegrown, grass-fed, organic Coach Bittle headcanons

(This got really long and fluffy. Sorry.)

Coach looks like a scary dude, but he’s actually a big softie. He has a really intimidating resting bitch face, and a more intimidating murder face, but he would rather eat shit than say shit.

Coach is hella passive aggressive. If you mess with him he’ll be all like, “Wah, I was always taught to turn the other cheek. Hate the sin, love the sinner.” But then he’ll blind copy your boss and forward your emails if he feels like you’re being rude. Or he’ll hand out invitations to a cookout to everyone except you.

And it’s really interesting because Suzanne Bittle is the opposite. She is small and very sweet, but if you mess with her she ascends through passive aggressive and straight into aggressive-aggressive. Like, in high school Bitty had a lot of trouble with this one teacher. Not the subject material, but the teacher. Bitty would ask for help or clarification and the teacher would basically do the academic equivalent of “No, fuck off and die.” And then this teacher would “lose” Bitty’s assignments periodically, and he would grade Bitty’s tests way harder than anyone else’s.

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I know Gorillaz looks rough initially. Because the first thing you get from them is that there are zombies, a dude with black eyes and another green dude that likes to show his dick around

but saying it’s just that and it has uninteresting music is…  sad, honestly, because you didn’t take the time to look up what gorillaz really is

you’re missing so much stuff, you’re missing the large and super strong guy that loves wearing dresses and heels and news flash! it’s not used as a joke

you’re missing out the anxious cute boy who likes to wear make up and nail polish and! it’s not a joke!

you’re missing out the young smart woman that is not sexualized, encourages girls to join STEM fields. The young woman that loves her cat and would love to smash the patriarchy with her thighs at the same time.

and you’re missing our Murdoc Niccals. He… is something. Anyway a man with a complex personality and backstory that has sex with people regardless of their gender and is not ashamed of publicily say it. He’s green too.


So this was interesting. They cheered for every single skater except JJ, and while I get that he was basically a douche, it was still kind of an ouch moment. I mean, the dude had a breakdown on the ice and totally bombed his performance.

And yeah, basically all of Canada and his fiance continued to cheer for him, it still sucked. He went from number 1 to number 6 in the span of about 4 minutes.

It was just like Yuuri. And Yuuri realises that it happened and was like “oh that sucked I remember when that happened to me” but no one else really felt for him.

Idk it just kinda was obvious to me that maybe JJ isn’t okay.

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Ok RFA reacting to MC being a MAJOR snuggler, like she nuzzles into them when she's sleeping, and wraps her legs around them? PLEASE!

A/N: I’m this type of person ^^;; Let’s all just snuggle my dudes <3 ~Admin 404


           -Okay but do you really think you’d get the chance to wrap your legs around him?

           -He’s a major snuggler too!

           -His legs are probably already around you

           -The two of you fight for snuggling dominance

           -He’ll hold you as close as possible, with you doing the same to him

           -Okay, y'all are bound to get really sweaty since you’re pressed completely together every night

           -If you fall asleep first, he just lays there and waits for you to nuzzle into him

           -If there’s ever a day you don’t cuddle into him, that’s the day he’ll die right then and there from drowning in his own tears

           -Honestly can’t get enough cuddles please cuddle him as much as you can throughout every day!!

           -You two are the cuddly cute couple that people have mixed feelings about are they cute? are they gross? whAT ARE THEY


           -Love love loves it

           -Yaaaas, gurlfren, wrap your legs around him!!


           -He honestly thinks it’s really sweet that you want to be that close to him!

           -One of his favourite things to do is run his hands down your sides when you’re cuddling in bed

           -Once, you cuddled him so fiercely that he had to carry you with him when he got out of bed

           - MC, please, I need to get dressed;;

            -When he’s cooking and you hug him from behind, he knows you won’t be letting go any time soon

           -Sitting on the couch is always fun because you sit on his lap and nuzzle against his chest!

           -Sometimes, you’re latched onto him enough that he likes to see how far he can get across the house without having to hold you up zen that’s dangerous


           -MC, why is your leg strung across me


           -Isn’t against it, oh no, she thinks you look rather cute

           -Also, the fact that you’re so close is great for the winter, you’re a little heater!

           -Loves when you cuddle her from behind and wrap your legs around her

           -What are you MC, a jet pack?

           -Honestly, you’ve kind of conditioned her into doing it as well;;;

           -She’s by no means clingy, but in bed…

           -She either needs to feel the weight of your leg on top of her, or she needs to wrap her legs around you instead

           -Nuzzle yourself against her chest and she’s a blushing mess



           -He didn’t realize you were a snuggler, he thought it was him doing it

           -When he has a stressful day at work, he looks forward to coming home and having you jump into his arms

           -When you wrap your legs around him, you can bet your sweet ass he will carry you everywhere for the rest of the day, your feet WILL NOT touch that floor!!

           -If he wants to tease you, he’ll hold you up by gripping your thighs

           -Likes your cuddles more than Elizabeth’s! is that even possible

           -He’s usually the most relaxed when you two are in bed, his hands on your hips, his face buried into the crook of your neck

           -Run your hands through his hair and he’s putty in your hands

           -It’s normally reversed though, where your face is nuzzled against his neck

           - Jaehee, cancel all of my meetings for today, I’m staying in bed with MC


           -so bABY PULL ME CLOSER

           -okay sorry #notsorry

           -He’s always on his computer, so when you sit on his lap and wrap your arms and legs around him, your head on his shoulder


           -He’ll carry you to bed, and is ecstatic that you refuse to give up your position

           -So he goes with it, no complaints from him

           -Lazily drags a hand up and down your back

           -Whispers sweet nothings against your hair

           -When you nuzzle your face even closer? Saeyoung.exe has stopped working

           -Hugs you so tightly that for a split second he thought he broke you; once he realizes you’re fine though, he’ll go right back to doing it so you feel as snuggled as he does


           -This sunshine loves cuddles!

           -Please, MC, let’s just cuddle, work can wait

           -So you snuggling against him at night is A++++

           -When he wakes up and tries to get out of bed, if you wrap your legs around him, he’s right back in bed

           -Well it looks like I’m not getting up today, yES

           -Likes to put his hands on your hips and rub soft circles against them with his thumbs

           -Kisses to the top of your head every 5 minutes

           -He can feel his heart flutter when he feels your head nuzzle against his chest

           -If you kiss over his heart, you’re immediately flat against him



           -Never admits it, but he loves the clinginess

           -If you wrap your legs around him, he melts

           -All hard-shell persona is thrown out of the window

           -He also likes to bury his face against your neck, but that’s mainly because he enjoys placing little kisses to the base of it

           -Mostly likes you against his chest though

           -It’s easier to play with your hair!

           -You need to snuggle with your legs around him?

           -Yeah, well, he needs to snuggle with his hand buried in your hair, come to a compromise here

           -Watches you every time he feels you nuzzling closer

           -Falls asleep with a small, soft smile on his face every time you’re with him

Tattoos in Moana [Possibly spoiler-y??]

okay but really tho one of my favorite things about Moana is the way they represent tattoos-especially Maui’s

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like, in Dwayne Johnson’s song “You’re Welcome” he says “and the tapestry here on my skin?/ it’s a map of the victories I win!”

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tapestry. map.

then later in the song “Shiny” the giant crab-dude (did he even have a name?) Tamatoa says “yet I have to give you credit for my start/and your tattoos on the outside/ for just like you I made myself a work of art"

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I just think its really interesting to think about their word-choices in some of the songs, take it as you will

I love the idea of Tucker still having traces of Dulaman still in his head to some extent after King Tuck. Like, it was already confirmed that Tucker’s his reincarnation or descendant or something like that, so what if Danny’s about to fight a ghost or whatever, and Tucker’s just like “hey dude, Dulaman just said he dealt with this guy when he was ruling; his weakness is claustrophobia” and they trap the ghost and that’s the end of that.

Alternately, Tucker still having his powers and occasionally using them to help fight, only it really drains him, and at the end of the fight, he’s just sitting there with his head in his hands and Sam or Danny ask if he’s okay and he’s just like, “yeah, I’m fine, I just have a god in my head and that shit can hurt.”

Just… Tucker still having access to Dulaman after King Tuck (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

God, Ackles

“God, Ackles,” Jared scoffed, staring at Jensen as he acted out a scene.

Jensen stopped and walked to the door, laughing as he did so. “You said as much as I could do! Is that too much?” 

“No, I love it. It was perfect,” Jeremy laughed, patting Jensen on the shoulder. 

 “Seriously, dude,” Jared smiled at you mischievously before turning his attention back to his best friend. “I really hope that isn’t what you look like when you eat Y/N…” 

You cut him off, elbowing him in the ribs. “Okay, Jare, that’s enough of that!” you spoke over him, giving him a death glare. 

“What?” he laughed, doubled over. “I was just going to say I hope he doesn’t look like that when he eats your delicious pies! We all know how much Jensen loves your homemade pies,” Jared scoffed, pretending to be indignant. 

“Sure you were, Padalecki,” Jensen butt in, snaking his arm around you. He turned and smiled at you. “I sure do love your pie, sweetheart,” Jensen quipped with a wink, kissing you quickly before you shoved him away playfully. 

“God. You two are SUCH children!” you laughed, walking away from your husband and best friend. 

I promise that I will do OTHER’S Gif blurbs… but I took ONE LOOK at this gif, and I couldn’t get this idea out of my head. It had to be written. 

consider: lance has never kissed anyone before and he really wants to and so one day hunk is just like “you can kiss me” and lance is freaking out a lil cuz he’s definitely got a crush on hunk, who just offered to KISS him and he tries to play it cool and is all “dude really?? u would do that for me??”and hunk is like “i would do anything for u bro” (that makes lance’s heart flutter like crazy!!!) 

and so they’re sitting on lance’s bed and it’s kinda awkward and lance is trying to keep himself together cuz holy moly he’s about to kiss HUNK his best friend and crush and hes just “so um…im gonna kiss you now” and hunk says “okay” and they close their eyes and lean in all slow and nervous and then their lips touch and they’re both so tentative with each other and it’s really short and soft but when lance pulls away all he can say is “wow” bc WOW he’s kind of wanted to do that forever 

then lance notices that hunk looks kinda nervous and that makes him nervous bc what if hunk thinks this is a mistake and he’s ready to suggest they just forget about this when hunk asks “do you wanna do it again?” and lance’s heart just… flies out of his chest he never thought he’d get to kiss hunk once and now he can do it TWICE?? so they kiss again and this time it lasts longer but it’s still just as soft and hunk puts a hand on lance’s cheek and lance’s heart is Out Of Control 

when they pull away they’re both looking at each other, hesitant and unsure and lance swallows his fear with a nervous laugh and says “hunk, you’re a 9 and i’m the 1 you need” and now hunk is SMILING and it’s so beautiful and lance feels So Warm when hunk just goes “lance that’s ridiculous you’re a 10″ “you’re a 10 too” and anyway please just consider… HANCE

it is wednesday my dudes


Ed Sheeran appears on Australian TV show The Project and performs his single Castle on the Hill, February 6, 2017. 

“I was with my label boss and he had his kid, and his kid went to swim in the sea and obviously when kids are little they get naked. And I’m walking back with the kid, and this paparazzi comes out and starts taking a picture of this naked two-year-old! I’m like, Mate! What are you doing?! Isn’t that weird?! …I was just like, Dude, like this is really not okay for you to be taking pictures of a naked child. 

Stan: Um, before I go though, I’ve got a favor to ask you.
Craig: Uh, alright then. 
Stan: You might wanna put the camera down. 
Craig:  Anything you say to me you can say to the camera, Stanly.
Stan: Well… okay, then. I, uh… I looked through your blog after Kyle told me about it. I saw all the stuff you said about Tweek, and that you want to see him again. 
Craig: What of it?
Stan: Listen, dude. I’m not trying to sound like a douchebag or anything. I actually do really like you, but they’re really happy now. I know you’re not trying to get in the way of that, but I know your history.
Stan: You can’t just be friends with Tweek. 
Craig: Well I don’t see how you think you suddenly know me so well.
Stan: C’mon, Craig. We all know what went on in high school. 

Craig: Well we aren’t in high school anymore, Stan. People can change- maybe it just so happens I’m one of those people, and I actually give a damn about how Tweek feels.
Stan: Okay, okay. Just… god, this is going to sound like a really shitty thing, but just don’t ruin this for them.

Craig: Yeah, alright.

let me rant for a bit and give an advice

I used to have a friend who every single time I was sad he made me feel my feelings weren’t worth it or that I shouldn’t be sad because X person was probably going through something worst or that because I never had a though childhood (or a though life, let’s say) I wasn’t supposed or allowed to be that sad. Let me tell you something, if you have a friend or someone close to you that makes you feel that way, please go away from that relationship. 

I spent 3 fucking years believing that what I was feeling wasn’t correct and I kept putting my feelings in the very back of my mind. I spent 3 years believing that my sadness was a pain in the ass for everyone and even for me. I spent 3 years of my life thinking sharing my feelings was something bad, that was cheesy and that It was selfish towards the people who were struggling the most. This person made me believe that because I didn’t have a tough life my sadness wasn’t allowed to take place in my mind. This person made me believe that I was supposed to ignore that sadness and I was supposed to move on, that from day to night I was supposed to be happy again.

Let me tell you this, don’t fucking do anything from above. There are people who not necessarily went through a tough childhood or life and they still feel depressed or anxious or something. You don’t have to go through something in order to be sad, let me tell you, my life’s good compare to other ones but that doesn’t make my feelings less valid. If you are sad, EMBRACE your sadness, don’t ignore it, don’t put it in the very back of your mind. 

I know there are different people who embrace and see happiness and sadness differently but that doesn’t give you the right to tell someone how they should feel or act. What I want to say with this little bible I wrote is, don’t ignore your feelings, don’t feel forced to feel a certain way. Feeling sad? It’s alright. Feeling happy? It’s alright. Feeling *insert any type of feeling*? It’s alright. Don’t let anyone tell you which feelings are valid and which are not. 

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sick shiro? hell yes. maybe hunk made some space food that actually tastes like something that Shiro really liked at earth so he stuffs his face with it and he realizes too late that this stuffs makes him really nauseous...end off the story Shiro is just really stuffed and nauseous because it really doesn't agree with him and hunk feeling bad tries to comfort and take care of him?

A/N: @bosstoaster for the Shiro hunger headcanons. Plus, I love this pairing, okay?

As the team’s unofficial chef, Hunk is very aware of everyone’s individual eating habits; likes, dislikes, specific allergies, and so forth.

For instance, he knows that Lance won’t touch anything that even remotely resembles a brussels sprout with a twelve-foot pole. He knows Pidge has a quirk about different foods interacting on the same plate; everything has to have its separate, designated space. Keith has to be coaxed, (sometimes forced), into eating even a little breakfast and he blatantly refuses food when he’s anxious before missions.

It took Hunk a little longer with Shiro. The night they had rescued him from the compound he hadn’t realized the extent of the damage; he’d assumed the poor guy was still suffering nasty side effects as a result of being drugged, not to mention starved for over a year.

Hunk had whipped up an impromptu dinner for everyone in Keith’s little shack, taking solace in the comforting sense of control the process of stirring, chopping, and searing had allotted, if only for a fleeting couple of hours.

Long after everyone else had cleaned their plates, Shiro had continued to eat. He’d mechanically shoveled food into his mouth like a ravenous robot, oblivious to his companion’s bafflement. At the time, Hunk hadn’t understood; hadn’t really thought anything of it. He’d seemed hungry, so Hunk had continued to feed him. And Shiro had kept eating. It was the grim concentration that had really freaked Hunk out. Shiro hadn’t enjoyed the food, either. In hindsight, Hunk realized his objective had been to inhale every scrap of nourishment as quickly as possible. He’d quite literally eaten himself sick.

Halfway through his fourth bowl of stew, Shiro had abruptly spun away from the table and vomited it all back up onto the floor, nearly giving Keith a heart attack.

Shiro never talked about his year in captivity. But Hunk was willing to bet his ass that food - if you could call it that - had been scarce and Shiro had been forced to fight for every morsel. He also guessed that prisoners were never fed regularly or sufficiently. Hunk had no idea if humans were even meant to ingest whatever the Galra considered food. It couldn’t have been especially pleasant. He couldn’t imagine forcing yourself to eat for the sole purpose of fighting to stay alive, not knowing when or if you’d ever be fed again. It made his chest ache when he thought about Shiro trapped in such a monstrous hell.

Shiro’s brain had undoubtedly been conditioned to consume every bite of whatever he was given, solely fueled by the most basic human instinct: survival.

Since they’d all been tossed together, Hunk’s taken it upon himself to meticulously monitor Shiro’s meals. The man has absolutely no concept of hunger or the parameters those triggers entail. Essentially, it boils down to making Shiro eat and then ensuring Shiro stops if he’s distracted. Hunk isn’t positive Shiro is ever going to be able to enjoy food like a normal person ever again. That realization makes him incredibly sad.

One of Hunk’s favorite pastimes is cooking for the team, (when Coran hasn’t beaten him to it). He’s grown exceptionally skilled at experimenting with the various foreign ingredients and creating dishes that taste nearly identical to some of his favorite foods back on Earth.

Still, he’s never seen Shiro actually enjoy a meal. Sure, their leader enjoys the company, the camaraderie and routine of sitting down to do something so mundane and familiar in the midst of their crazy lives. But from what Hunk can deduce, Shiro eats because he knows his body requires the nutrients and energy in order to function properly, not because he relishes the flavors or textures of whatever’s placed in front of him.

So the night he makes something vaguely similar to chicken spaghetti, (it’d been a rough mission; Hunk needed comfort food), and presents it to the group, he isn’t surprised when everyone digs in. What does surprise him is Shiro’s reaction after his first bite.

Oh,” Shiro pulls back for a moment, chewing slowly and giving a curious tilt of his head. He swallows, a strange smile playing at the corners of his lips. “This is…”

“Oh,” Hunk echoes, disappointment weighing heavily as his shoulders droop. “You don’t like it.”

Shiro shakes his head, “No, I…this is really good. It tastes like…I don’t know. Something my mom used to make, I think.”

Shiro’s never bothered mentioning his family. The comment sends Hunk sputtering while the other paladins gape at Shiro, noisy sounds of chewing abruptly halting as forks poise listlessly in the air.

“I, uh,” Hunk stammers, still taken aback by Shiro’s compliment. “I was going for chicken spaghetti?”

“Yeah,” Shiro hums after a thoughtful moment before digging into his meal with renewed enthusiasm. “That’s it. That’s what she used to make.”

Shiro moans around another mouthful, closing his eyes as he swallows. “Hunk, this is incredible. I don’t know how you do it.”

Hunk beams with the praise, smiling from ear-to-ear as he watches Shiro reach for the serving bowl to ladle out another helping. He’s eating with gusto, relishing every bite.

“Well, it’s not exactly spaghetti, but I guess it had the general shape,” Hunk chuckles, swirling a bite around his own fork. “So I figured I’d give it a try.”

“It’s awesome, Hunk,” Lance agrees, cheeks ballooning as he struggles to speak through an obscene amount of…space spaghetti?

Shiro nods, barely pausing to breathe as he practically inhales his second plate.

Pidge and Keith contribute their own compliments, quickly finishing their portions and heading to the showers to wash off the day’s grime. Lance lets out an unapologetic, thoroughly satisfied belch before announcing he’s wiped.

“You want some help?” Lance offers lazily, slurring around a sleepy yawn.

Hunk rolls his eyes, “No, no. I’ve got it. You’d only screw up my system, anyway. Yes, there is a system, Lance.” He begins gathering up the empty plates, feeling the grueling exhaustion beginning to take its toll. That’s when he notices that Shiro hasn’t moved. Come to think of it, he hasn’t moved for a good five minutes.

The older boy is hunched over the table, head bowed, arms braced against the surface and hands clenched into tight fists. His eyes are squeezed shut, upper body swaying gently as his throat works with convulsive swallows.

“Shiro?” Hunk frowns, crossing over to place a hand on the man’s shoulder. “Are you all right?”

Shiro jerks upright, blinking at Hunk with hazy, unfocused eyes as his throat bobs with another thick swallow. He’s alarmingly pale, skin clammy with sweat and hair matted to his forehead.

“Yeah,” he pants, tongue slowly licking over his upper lip. “‘M fine. Jus’…just tired.” His slurred words end with an audible shudder that visibly ripples down his spine. His hand strays to hover over his abdomen, lips parting to pant softly as he struggles to stand.

“You sure?” Hunk glares skeptically, keeping his hand on Shiro’s shoulder as he rises. “‘Cause you look kind of -“

Hunk is abruptly cut off by an odd gurgling sound. Shiro’s eyes widen as he frantically presses a fist to his mouth. A wet burp rumbles in his throat, causing his chest to jolt.

Hunk takes an involuntary step back as Shiro cringes, suppressing another deep belch. “Um, Shiro?”

“E-excuse me, I -” Shiro blushes furiously, hand rubbing over his stomach as he takes a few steps away from Hunk. “My stomach feels…sorry. I don’t know what’s -“ he cuts himself off with another gurgly burp, cupping a hand firmly over his mouth before stumbling away from the mess-hall, breaking into an awkward jog. “I’ve..gotta go.”

Baffled, Hunk really has no choice but to follow. Something is seriously wrong and he has the sinking suspicion that it’s his fault.

He catches up easily. Shiro’s hunched over in the hallway, one arm gripping abusively around his stomach and the other bracing his weight against the wall. He’s panting, broad frame jerking with sharp hiccups that he’s obviously desperate to stifle.

Hunk can’t help resting a hand on his friend’s shoulder. Shiro flinches, but doesn’t push him off, just curls in harder on himself.

“You’re sick,” Hunk says matter-of-factly, leaving little room for argument. “You should have said something.”

“I’m not -“ a muffled retch interrupts his protest. Shiro presses his fist against his mouth so hard Hunk’s afraid he’s going to crack his jawbone. “I’m just…so full. I can’t remember ever feeling so…oh, my stomach -“ Shiro’s voice catches on another hiccup and Hunk braces his palm against the other man’s chest, attempting to steady him.

“I know,” he says, voice gentle. “Don’t worry. You’re okay. It was just a little too much, I guess.”

Shiro grunts, trying to detangle himself from Hunk’s grip as another violent gag erupts from his throat. He staggers into the shared bathroom, knees bruising against the floor as he drapes himself over the toilet. He clenches the edges of the bowl, legs writhing as he struggles to regain control of his rebelling body.

“What the hell is - ulp - wrong with me?” Shiro demands, shoulders shuddering brutally as saliva drips over his bottom lip.

Despite his own mounting nausea, Hunk squats down behind the older boy, placing a warm hand against the center of his back. He begins rubbing slow, methodic circles, hoping to help in one way or another. He has no idea what he’s doing, but Shiro isn’t pulling away, so it must be all right.

“Your body isn’t used to so much,” Hunk reasons, wincing sympathetically as Shiro convulses wretchedly at the mention of food. It’s true; he hasn’t seen Shiro eat that much since their first encounter and he feels awful for allowing it to go so far. “I think you may have overdone it a little. I’m sorry. I should have -“

“Don’t be,” Shiro gags, spitting uselessly into the bowl. “Wasn’t your - urp - fault.”

Of course it wasn’t. Nothing is ever anyone’s fault but Shiro’s. Goddammit.

Hunk takes a deep breath through his nose, wrapping his arms in a sturdy embrace around Shiro’s waist as he muffles the shaky words, “Yes it was. Don’t be such a fucking hero.”

It’s angry and stupid and selfish but it gets Shiro’s attention.

Shiro glances up from the bowl, eyes momentarily softening as he regards his friend.

“Hunk,” Shiro barely manages to choke out the name before he’s curling forward with a full-bodied heave, burping up a stream of brown bile. Hunk winces, automatically increasing the pressure of his hand against Shiro’s back. His other unconsciously presses against Shiro’s contracting stomach.

“Don’t worry,” Hunk reassures, tightening his grip as he feels the other boy’s determination waver, muscles bunching and coiling in desperate anticipation. “I’ve got you.”

Hunk feels like his insides are disintegrating when Shiro’s self-control finally gives out, sending him lurching over the bowl with a belching gag that results in a flood of pre-digested liquid spewing from his mouth. Shiro coughs and wheezes, desperate for a breath of air as crippling waves of nausea threaten to suffocate him.

“Take it easy,” Hunk coaches. His nose brushes weakly against Shiro’s right shoulder blade as the older boy hiccups pitifully, grasping onto the supporting arm that Hunk’s encircled around his waist. “Breathe.”

Shiro tries to follow the order and ends up retching, another harsh belch ushering up a watery flood of sick. He slumps over the toilet, panting raggedly as the fit eventually wears off.

Hunk is kind of freaking out. It’s almost as bad as the first time it happened. Except this time, he knows it’s his fault.

Shiro coughs, tainted drool dribbling languidly over his bottom lip as he struggles to regain some semblance of control over his own body. Then his hand strays to Hunk’s, long fingers brushing against his skin.

“Hunk,” he slurs, voice breathless. “Wasn’t you. Stop…stop thinkin’ so hard.”

“W-what?” Hunk stammers, voice catching.

“I can hear you,” Shiro chuckles, a little deliriously as he slumps against Hunk’s chest. “So loud.”

“Well, stop it,” Hunk demands, readjusting Shiro’s weight against him. “It’s weird, okay? Reading people’s thoughts isn’t normal.”

Shiro simply nods, offering a woozy smile as he goes limp against Hunk’s chest, exhaustion sluicing through his body. He slides down onto Hunk’s thigh, nuzzling contentedly as his labored breathing evens out.

“Ah, geez,” Hunk groans. In spite of his initial irritation at being reduced to a human pillow, Hunk continues to drag his fingers over Shiro’s back, humming soothing sounds whenever he stirs.

“You’re all right,” he whispers when Shiro whimpers softly in his sleep. “You’re gonna be all right.”

Shit I've Heard In Class (Part One):
  • "I already know what tube socks are."
  • "If you're practicing seven hours a day, you get good."
  • "Let's talk about marriage vows."
  • "Who should I murder?"
  • "The respectability of your mom has yet to be established."
  • "I used to have 100% control of the temperature, now I only have 80% control, therefore I'm oppressed."
  • "God and I are on the same page."
  • "Spit in my hand."
  • "Is this how we're supposed to use our brains?"
  • "Give them candy when they do the right thing."
  • "Screw this, I'm starting over."
  • "Eenie, meenie, miney—forbidden."
  • "Don't murder anyone."
  • "Just YouTube it, okay?"
  • "Nice blinking, dude."
  • "I put the ladder on a trampoline."
  • "I LIKE my kids, but I REALLY like my dogs."
  • "If your best self includes a bladder that is unpredictable, then I can live with that."
  • "What did I get in trouble for again?"
  • "You're standing there, naked and alone..."
  • "Nope, no kids here."
  • "One time I got so mad I threw a bar of soap at a dresser."
  • "I gasp and squish first and then go, what was that, later."
  • "It's a great time and you won't get mugged. Probably."
  • "I can't wait to learn about morals."
  • "It's like a rave but with organized dance."
  • "I'm not about to give you parenting advice—no, yes I am."
  • "Do not let that word cross your lips."
  • "I'm too tired to talk to you right now."
  • "What do you have against Spongebob?"
  • "We agreed not to euthanize each other."
  • "I'll pee my pants next time."
  • "I wanna mug someone who's a challenge."
  • "Can't you just be obedient?"
  • "Now everyone's seen you dance naked."
  • "I'll use the context clues."
Girls Night Part 3

Title: Girls Night Part 3

Part 1    Part 2

Pairing: Dean x Reader (we’re getting there!)

Warnings: a few curses

Word Count: 1254

A/N: Okay so this is short because I’m going to keep their first date in one part. I’m a details freak so that will probably be kind of long. Also I 100% believe Dean would be this awkward if he really liked someone and wasn’t looking for a booty call…just go with me here. 

Sitting at the library table, Dean stared at the screen of his phone and fiddled with the slip of paper holding Y/N’s number.

Sam entered the library after grabbing some coffee. “Dude.” He noticed the slip of paper in his hand, he’d been carrying it around like a little kid since the other night. “Seriously? You still haven’t called her?”

Dean just looked at him.

“Hey, she gave you her number and usually that means she actually wants you to call her.” Sam sat down to resume what he’d been working on.

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I just read chapter 95. And. Okay, look, I HAVE A NEW HEADCANON…

I just… I really, really like Izuku being his son, okay? These two are The Best father/son pair, I will never go back on this.

BUT. BUT. Imagine. Now that All Might’s real form is revealed, this sickly skeleton twig-dude. This is class 1-A’s All Might, their teacher. Before he was this beloved symbol of peace, but now the truth has been revealed, he’s human, very human, actually very susceptible, he is TOTALLY gonna need some help SO– 


look at all these children that adopted all might. protect this sickly doofus