i just really like this anime ok

ok this is hard actually

like..really hard

ive been thinking abt on how to answer this for weeks..and FINALLY

lemme tell you one thing, im combining the similarities between the bsd characters and the paladins traits (so probably a bit of the characters like lance, keith etc. but not whole??) bc when i combine them w the charas, for example; dazai as lance- lance is too open and Dazai. D a z a i. were supposed to think him as mysterious and all (psst thank you for reminding me brynna ;)) hence its really hard to match their personalities altogether?? not jsut w lance but w other characthers to smh though i know thats not the thing here but, i tried to make it as relevant as possible so i hope you anons r satisfied w my answer:0

but here we go, anon

(though i prefer aku as the red paladin more?? and sushi as blue paladin???)

this one is indeedo hard my amigo

(i actually had this thought just a week ago before this ask came, liek tanizaki as pidge cuz hes searching for his lost sister naomimatt or the other way around )

t h i s. i was actually thinking like psst king alfor as natsume???

shuttup rue

 oh ya i just realized i forgot to add the galras so…mori as zarkon probs and i legit think kou as haggar idk

anywho…so this is my answer so far?? if you have any other thoughts just dont be shy to let me know and ill probably draw them, mash them up togetherrrwhatever 

and that reminds me…somebody in discord said ‘altean prince dazai’ so whoop

he’s reffereing to the lions dont worry

oda, somewhere in the bg:  coughyoure dazzling..cough

Some stuff about Yuri On Ice EP#7...

OKOK OK i know that everyone is freaking about about this episode because i am too (trust me ive died like 200 times already) but !!!! 

instead of the (maybe? probably???) kiss scene what really hit me was this !!!! line !!!!!

The original words were “離れずにそばにいてよ!” A more literal translation is perhaps “Just don’t leave me and stay by my side!”

WHICH… are the exact words to the title of the song Viktor was skating to in the beginning (yup yup the one Yuuri skated to as well). Like, exact words. In the English fandom the song is more commonly translated to “Stay By My Side” or “Stay Close To Me” I think?

IN ADDITION !!!! There are probably already a bunch of posts about this circling around but a while ago the OST tracklist leaked causing a huge explosion on Japanese Twitter:

SO…. You see track #24 iS A DUET VERSION OF THIS EXACT SONG which means it will probably be played in the last episode and thus there is a huge huge chance that we will see Viktor and Yuuri skate to this together i’m just dreaming a girl can dream right

im dead this is too much tHIS SHOW IS TOO MUCH


Hm, yes hi, i wanted to release this when i had more pages finished but people are behaving badly in and outside the fandom and i want to bring positive vibes to the rest of the people who dont give a shit about some random anime popularity contest and how badly it was administrated, thank u vry mch .

I’m doing a little enchanted AU comic because i saw this movie some days ago and goddam its really cheesy and silly and lighthearted i just felt it needed to be a yoi au fjdkgh, i haven’t though much about it so that’s why the comic seems really weird and rushed hahaaha, also im not a native english speaker so if you find something gramatically wrong please tell me! ok that’s all hope you like it!!

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one of the things that i really appreciate about this fandom is that you can literally ship fucking ANYONE,, like sometimes i’m convinced that the haikyuu!! fanart ppl just roll some dice and are like “oh damn ok so today i’m gonna draw yahaba and ennoshita” and even though we’re kinda like “??? what” with some of it, we accept it and most of the time end up sobbing over a ship that we didn’t even know existed

I just wanted to emphasize the fact that Killing Stalking is a fucking comic, which means it is not real. Sangwoo doesn t exist, Bum doesn t exist, that crap never happened and it is ok for ppl to love Sangwoo and Bum or to ship them or whatever the hell they want. I also want to say that loving or supporting or w/e Sangwoo is doing is ok since in real life , you would never agree with that and you will never fall in love with a killer :D . In fiction, anime and manga, everything is different and it is only natural to like a pretty and handsome character even though he’s insane and such.
Complaining about that is just so stupid it makes me wanna drink bleach .You really have a serious problem. Everyone is free to love them and ship them and anything they want. You’re completely fine if you do so, believe me.
But ppl bitching about ppl thinking that way is the most cringiest thing you could’ve ever done. Maybe now i’m one of these fangirls bitching about stuff but i really wanted to say this. :“)



wew… this really unexpected (maybe wan going along with anime version) but Odasaku chibi’s version really cuteeeeeeeeeeeee !!! (i don’t wanna comment ango version cause to be told i dislike him) and Dazai dark era version too cuteness overloadddddddddddddddd !!!

ok then, next we have Dazai speciality COOKING !!! That’s really unexpected, we already know (if you read manga cause anime didn’t mention it,well wan previous chapter already mention it) Dazai can make painting like-curse now they add one more cooking like-curse potion.I didn’t suprise anymore if onward they mention something else (like making fictional story  lol)
then we have Odasaku which is too PURE for it’s own good. I didn’t know he really just get along with Dazai’s mischief or just too pure (straight) but I guess he really just too pure…

before my comment become long,like always english isn’t my first language moreless japanese so please bear with it…

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Something I really love about yuri on ice isn’t only that it’s a “gay romance” and about “accepting” and “showing society that a same sex couple is ok”. I feel like the show isn’t even hardcore trying to bring them together, but the attraction and desire between Yuri and Victor is just something so natural that not even the creators want to interrupt it. 

Yuri has always admired Victor- we know that. But the fact that Victor has fallen in love with him too by the first time he saw him is just something so hopeful and beautiful and shows how intense love can be- how chemistry isn’t based on genders or for how long you’ve known a person. Either you like someone or you don’t. And the fact that the both of them became attached to each other so quickly is just because the both of them just know what’s going on. From Victor’s glistering eyes to Yuri’s sweet smiles- the both are head over heals for each other. 

When Phichit congratulated them to their marriage he didn’t even question that the both of them are guys- nobody has ever said anything about the two being guys. So even for them it’s just the most normal thing ever. 

I just low how open and accepting that show is. It’s like it’s writing itself, as if the writers just do what they think is right, not what society thinks is right. And if that’s two wonderful man falling in love with each other in a way that couldn’t be more natural- I’m more than happy with it.

OK, so one thing I’ve noticed when watching Hunter x Hunter (the 2011 version, at least) is that the characters don’t really change their costumes like they do in other anime, like every arc or so.

But then why

is this little kid

apparently such

a fashion icon?

I mean, how big is this kid’s wardrobe?

Where is he getting all this stuff from? Is it expensive?

Can you imagine Kil and Gon going on their travels and having to carry all this stuff with them, tho? Just bags and bags of Killua’s costume changes.

Fashion concious Killua is my new headcanon.

ok tbh i think the thing that really enriched mob and reigen’s friendship/family-like relationship for me was the ED of the anime. like, not only was it stunning paint on glass animation, but just the way it so simply told the story of how reigen’s life was monotone and normal/boring till he met Mob, and how in no words at all it shows how they both rely on each other and how much especially Reigen is inspired by Mob, was really touching

tiny Briggs things that didn’t make it into the anime

1. NEIL’S AWFUL SHIRTS (the second one is louder than Buc’s automail) - ok so these would have been REALLY annoying to animate and I can see why they changed him into something a little more reasonable, but it’s still impressive and I wonder what else he has in his closet

2. this guy - in the manga he really looks like he could have some Xerxesian ancestry, but his coloring is different in the anime (?????)

3. Falman’s revenge for Ed throwing him under the bus

4. FRECKLES KID AND SANDWICH GUY - look at them!! look at them!! I love them so much


6. this (ok I know I’ve included this in another post already but I love it) although we did get a similar scene that ISN’T in the manga so I guess we’re just about even there

7. t h i s


SOOOOOOOO I just finished Saint Young Men / Saint Oniisan and fuckin-

Like the anime is actually really good (please watch it yo) unless you’re religious af. The anime pulls off jokes so damn well which references Jesus’s and Buddha’s stories but yet there’s zero offensiveness like wowwwwwwww. The feels I got were pretty much of happiness and lightheartedness. This anime is so damn underrated wtf (oh yah it 4am and I’m high excuse my grammar man).


I can’t even be bothered to list out the parallels man there’s just too many. Please watch it for the humor and a ship parallel bonus for y'all SaiGenos fags

Peace out

ok i just read robot x laserbeam ch1 and ?? its really good? what the fuck?

  1. robot is so cool? i love him? hes so cute and i can see him becoming one of my fav sports manga/anime protagonists
  2. like my other fav is kuroko so,,, fujimaki tadatoshi always delivers best protagonists
  3. the funniest thing is how his best friend literally has the personality of ur usual typical sports manga protagonist. hes loud cheery over enthusiastic a 1st year and bad at golf but has a lot of determination
  4. (also their friendship is cute)
  5. the captain is cute as fuck oh no

this guy??? is hot. like theres no way a first year high school student looks like this but i should be used to this already 

I’m Gonna Talk About Dragon Maid, And How It’s My Favorite Anime... Ok? OK!

I REALLY like the anime Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, and it’s my new favorite anime. I mainly like it for the characters and how well they are designed and animated! I also really like the jokes in the series, I have never laughed harder than when Elma was introduced. However, the anime really stands out to me because of how it gets real with it’s characters. It’s not just non stop jokes and heart warming scenes, there are also really deep scenes, where characters open up to each other. That amazed me when I first witnessed it. To me it was the scene where Kobayashi is talking to Kanna about living with her and it made me AWWWWW when Kanna got along with Kobayashi the next day. It was also somewhat hilarious to me, I laugh too easily. ;w; Anyways, Dragon Maid is probably gonna remain my favorite anime forever, CAUSE IT’S THAT GOOD! GO CHECK IT OUT!!! IT IS A HUGE INSPIRATION TO ME!!! 

Alright, I’m just gonna talk about what’s so cool about dragon maid. You can leave now if you just wanted to hear why it’s good. Cool? Cool. Aren’t the titles amazing! Like the parenthesis in the titles are so clever! They always make me chuckle because it’s as if a person is watching the series and what they said about the episode made it into the title. Like (There isn’t a twist or anything), (The Fan Service Episode), those are pretty funny to me. XD Aren’t the characters unique! Like all the characters have their own color palette, body shape, outfit, eye color, resting face, and they interact like REAL PEOPLE! WHICH IS IRONIC BECAUSE THEY ARE DRAGONS!!! I love it. Also the animation is consistently incredible. The characters don’t look stilted when they move and when there is an action scene the animation gets even better somehow!!! Like KyoAni really put in the extra effort to make one of the best looking and animated anime currently airing. All right, last thing that wows me. The writing is unbelievably great. After the first episode the writing/pacing only gets better, the series is always improving in someway. The writing makes it clear when a scene is suppose to be comedic or serious, and that’s important when an anime has as many tone shifts as this anime. One moment a tiny dragon is failing to damage an adult, the next they are talking about living together and then they become friends? It’s insane how well they execute the story. The concept is crazy, so are the characters, but it’s pretty great. So yeah… GO CHECK IT OUT RIGHT NOW WHAT ARE YOU STILL DOING HERE!!! LIKE DID YOU READ THIS? GO! GO! GO!

Thanks for reading this post, I didn’t reread it for errors, so that’s why it’s more disorganized than usual. It’s also just me writing my feelings and I don’t want to change it because it’s how it came out naturally. Yeah… Have a nice day! 

hemmosidal  asked:

Ok but how bout lanky noodle boy being really good at art & drawing and stuff because he loved the anime & manga style growing up and wanted to draw like that. Tbh I think my brain just wants to see tendou in ratty old clothes with paint splatters on them.



Send in some headcanons!! 

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ok i’ll turn off caps first.

there’s multiple layers going in here. 

So I know for an ending you usually want some sort of huge and/or obvious change in character but Oreki never indicated any huge changes throughout the entire series, just small subtle ones like the decrease of general disagreement with Chitanda’s plans and more skirting around her plans. 

Ya know, following his theme of “if i have to do it, i’ll make it quick.” 

However, with the last episode he entertains the possibility of that rose colored life that Chitanda is pushing him towards.  He doesn’t outright say it, but considers saying it. 

There’s multiple conflicts of interest here, since technically choosing to follow Chitanda is heading towards a gray colored life, which Chitanda explained: 

“Take a look, Oreki-san. This is my place. All that’s here are water and soil. The people are growing old and tired. I don’t think that this place is the most beautiful. I also don’t think this place is full of potential. But.. I wanted you to see it, Oreki-san.”

Also, as role-reversal, Oreki holds the bike this time, showing how it is he instead who has the opportunity to leave and adventure. 

There’s so many layers going on here. 

And the important part is that Oreki realizes that rose-tinted or gray-tinted viewpoints that he’s been holding on for 21 episodes now (iirc, one full year in anime), are not so black and white (or gray and rose, I guess). He not only sees the value in love (that Mayaka has been trying to show him for the entire show) but also the intricacies of how a rose-tinted life can be lonely or a gray-tinted life can be full of exploration, which is what Satoshi has been trying to explain the entire show. 

I love the ending so much.