i just really like these pics

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Hi Kellie! I got a little question. When did you bought that Billy Cipher t-shirt you were wearing in that selfie you took yesterday? (Also, you look cute af, just saying :D )

Oh I bought it at Vermont ComicCon! like a year ago haha, I just don’t post much pics of what clothes I have, but yeah its really cool cause Gravity falls is fucking great B)

sUSAN NO NOT YOU TOO HOW DARE YOU :P <3 you cutie what the heck

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omgg your reaction pics to asks always kill me tbh. like the last one, i had to stop for a second and see if i'm really on my simblr account right now cause i randomly saw charlie pop up!! lmao

is this simblr? is this just fantasy? HAHAHAH THO THNX it really means alot because i hope people dont see my anxiety and depression thru my sense of humour, i was gonna post a funnier image but i just lowkey wanted to post this image because i almost sharted my ass of laughing when i made this


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the first was taken exactly six years before the second, and oh my GOD you guys can see that i was really not at my best in eighth grade. this is a Rachel i’ve tried to erase from my memory, and thankfully literally everything about my face has improved since then. i took the last pic two days ago on my way to work and tbh i think i look great

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The hugely talented @darinster has started selling prints and I simply couldn’t resist grabbing a copy of her beautiful painting of Henry Lascelles in Plucked Eye and Heart. Seriously, the print is stunning. The colours are rich, the paper is perfect and well packaged - I’d definitely recommend buying prints from Darina. Go and check out her art

What really surprised me though, was the extra drawing she included as a gift for being her first ever print buyer! I just had to show it to you guys (Darina gave me permission to upload a pic) because it’s seriously beautiful (and a perfect likeness of John Heffernan like wow) and I am overjoyed. Thank you again Darina, I’ll cherish them both forever and can’t wait to get them framed and up on the wall of my new place <3

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I noticed that pic you did of Susan sitting on goopy Bendy's shoulders that Bendy has a red bow tie instead of white. I like to think susan gave him the bow tie so now he wears it everyday to show her he really appreciates it. If he were to lose it, he'd freak out about it in private but play it cool when in her company. I don't know i just thought it looked funny in my head. xD



Bendy and Susan actually switched bows– notice, she has a white one, that’s his old one– and you better believe he loves that frickin’ thing like nobody’s business. This is actually a mildly important plot point.

Why, you ask?

C’mon I can’t make it that easy for ya.

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what do you think about fansites?? specifically ones that follow them to the airport and diff countries. it hasn't even been a year since I got into kpop & got7 but the idea of fansites took me a while to accept & understand. like I'm grateful that we get airport pics and stuff but at the same time I always feel bad for the boys when they're just trying to walk through.

I can’t remember my initial reaction to fansites since I got into kpop from a really young age; they were just a concept that I was socialised to think as always a given in kpop. 

I think that as long as they’re respecting their privacy, not following them to their private events and meetings, allowing them their space to walk then they’re okay. There are fansites that are sasaeng fans that book the same flights and hotels as them, which is not okay and people shouldn’t support them. 

I would much rather prefer fansites providing us updates and photos, people who want to show the best of the boys, than having paparazzi/reporters who can be rude and show people unflattering images.

I really need some like, otayuri fluff in my life rn?? Like pls

•At the beach and Otabek cant swim so Yuri tries to teach him how to swim
•it turns into a giant mess tho because Yuri is apparently a really shitty teacher
•Otabek kisses his frustrations away and instead they make sand castles

•Otabek can draw?? What?? So Yuri lays down on the couch in the LEAST sexy pose and says “draw me like one of your french girls”
•Beka takes a whopping 5 minutes on it, coloring and all, and they laugh at it for 10 minutes
•Later when Yuri falls asleep during the movie at the other end of the couch, Otabek sneaks down and actually does a very nice portrait of Yuri asleep
•Yuri has them both framed in his apartment next to each other

•Yuri constantly buys shit for Beka because he has like no impluse control
•Guys this boy has like a $1,000 backpack okay dont talk to me
•Anyways one day he buys Beka this leather jacket that looks like it belongs in a Lady Gaga music video. Its a crop top jacket with studs and fringe EVERYWHERE and Yuri LOVES IT
•After mails it, like, a week later, Otabek posts a pic on instagram of him, leaning against his bike, in leather skinny jeans and the jacket with ray bands on and it goes like, viral over night. Yuri is s h o o k. Otabek texts him later like, “Oh, by the way, thanks for the jacket Babe”

Give me the boys being silly and stupid and in love p l e a s e

finally hauled ass to draw bnha for the first time!! which happened to be on lil beansprout’s special day by sheer coincidence! happy birthday midoriya ♡

“In the Victorian era, red was considered a strong, virile, masculine shade, while blue was dainty, delicate, and feminine. Young boys were more frequently seen in pink, while young girls favoured pale blue. It wasn’t until the early 20th century—quite possibly as late as the 1940s—that pink began to be universally assigned to girls and blue to boys.” 

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renjun for @twtshua ♥
// rj, holding up 2 pictures of markhyuck: “…these two, i love these two photos.”