i just really like them a lot

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Hi, I'm almost fully colour blind, (I can only see some shades of blue and yellow), but I think that I would really like purple. The way that my friends describe it, ex: regal, deep, rich, calme, ect Makes it sound right up my alley I'm quite sad that I'm unable to see them.

Purple is a good one. It’s a happy medium between two very different colors and somehow more interesting than either of them. Lots of “mystical” things are purple. It’s seen as regal and a little bit eccentric, but just about everybody likes it.

I might describe the song “Architeuthus” by Omniverse as a musical version of purple.

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I just don't think people understand that Mary doesn't really know her sons and that she doesn't have to be the Perfect Mother for them? I mean, I feel like a lot of fans want her to be that but she isn't and that's ok! Even in fanfics, people paint Mary out be the cookie cutter mother that says honey and bakes cookies. People are freaking out and hate that they can't box her into that role. 🙄

like, honestly this is it. I wrote Let It Be cause I wanted to explore that before I even knew Mary was coming back to the show. She wasn’t perfect, her actions in part started the whole story. I love that they’re taking her off her pedestal…Amara gave her back to Dean because it was what he thought he wanted most in the world, but it’s the very definition of “be careful what you wish for.” It’s forcing the boys to look at their illusions and look at themselves through her eyes, and that’s cool.

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I’ve never read Nero Wolfe but I’m starting to think I should (I similarly blame you for the Leverage boxed set I just ordered). I think we often forget that authors are people and people are complex and don’t always hold the opinions we would expect of a period, or fit easily into boxes.

I mean, all other issues aside, they’re fun books. Really well written, really intelligent, very funny. The complexity of the plots sometimes loses me for a while – Stout likes to introduce a lot of characters in a brief amount of time – but honestly I’m not reading them for the plot. Archie is a really endearing narrator and Wolfe is a great curmudgeon. The books are full of amazing food, too; Wolfe is a gourmet and has his own private chef, Fritz Brenner, and Stout eventually wrote a cookbook based on the meals served in the novels. 

Though I will say you should not always google the food Archie mentions. At one point he’s like “SHAD ROE AGAIN. WHATEVER. I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL SHAD ROE SEASON IS OVER” and I was like, I wonder what shad roe are like? Clearly Archie doesn’t dislike them, he’s just sick of how often they eat them in season” and then I googled Shad Roe and THAT WAS A MISTAKE. 

I should do another stream of the TV show – it was really well done (starring Tim Hutton as Archie!) and if you like the show you’ll like the books, because they’re very true to the books. 

Also Archie came up with what is perhaps my favorite piece of life advice ever: A lie isn’t a lie if it’s in response to a question the questioner had no right to ask.

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I think what I find most interesting about that moment in Too Many Cooks is that many many books later, we see that young man who was attending college again, and find out how successful he’s been. Stout is a fascinating sort of longitudinal study of a writer’s growth/evolution/whatever you wanna call it.

Yeah, I’m looking forward to reading that one! I was aware it existed but I’ve never read it. It’s waiting in my to-read file. At the moment I’m on Poison Ala Carte, the one where Fritz cooks for the Aristologists. 

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For Komahina, who's the jealous type?

Probably me.


You have no reason to be jealous Hajime, no one else would ever want to go out with someone like me. Not that I would want them to. But you don’t have to worry about that.

You really are clueless huh? I’m sure a lot of people would love to have someone like you as a boyfriend. You are far much lovable than you think.

You are saying that but just look at our current situation, you are far much loved than I am. So I should be the one who is jealous.

*hugs him* I guess we are both idiots then. Since I’m really in love with you and could never leave you for someone else.

That’s good then…*laughs*

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The "straighty" bog literally has a "Ask to follow if you're cis". I never really understood blogs where you have to ASK to follow. Like, if you don't want people following just block them? Or make your blog private. It's rude to force people to reveal something like that about themselves especially if they're having gender association problems, at least to me. What's your opinion? (You don't have to answer, I know you get a lot of anon hate but I just thought this topic was interesting)

I personally would not even want to follow a blog that approached #discourse that way, but I understand why people write like that. All methods of moderating who you interact with online and how are imperfect, so people resort to blanket generalities in an (often sloppy and ineffective) attempt to protect themselves and create a hospitable environment. I’m definitely in camp “just block someone if they’re an asshole” but my reaction to harassment is irritation rather than fear or anxiety.

Part of what I dislike about that is the assumption that other people from X demographic you’re a part of are automatically going to be trustworthy, supportive, kind, and reasonable. People trust too readily based on shared traits or experiences that are not reflections of the quality of one’s character, and they get stabbed in the back for it all the time.

I’m literally crying so much. So I just had Popeyes and like with my meds I can’t eat a lot so I still had like breasts and they were really big so I didn’t eat them. As I was walking back to my dorm I saw this homeless lady so I gave her my meal and she was like but what about you? Like she was so worried about me and I was like no you keep it and she took it and I cried

A regular day out.

This one is for @bootymebetter​, kinda based on the idea you sent:

“I have an idea for fluff? Maybe you could like do something where all the avengers people and stuff have movie nights or are generally just good friends and mess each other around a lot. Like, you could even write something like a day in the life of a normal avenger xD or even write what they think or dream a normal day for them is like i.e. ice cream on the beach with their friends or out for schwarma and beer and jollyness xD “

I really liked the idea of the Avengers trying to have a regular day, and how their idea of regular might be a little different to everyone else’s. Thank you for such an awesome idea!

A regular day out. That’s the plan, just a normal day. No mission today, no training, no need to be superheroes. We’re going to be just regular guys ‘n’ gals, doing regular stuff, like regular people. Brunch, a trip out, a walk in the park. Regular.

So, we start the day off with brunch. That’s a thing now, apparently. Back in the ‘30s, if you got up late on a Sunday, you skipped breakfast and went straight to church to atone for your tardiness. Now, you get up late, they got a special meal just for you. Howard shoulda put that into his Expo!

So, it’s me, and Buck, Sam and Nat, we’re sitting in this café eating eggs and croissants and bacon, drinking coffee, talking. It’s nice. Regular. We’re talking about sports and weather and politics and movies. Sam’s laughing at how little me and Buck know, what with being 70 years out of time; Nat’s making the usual jokes about films we haven’t seen, then Sam’s explaining them, which makes Nat roll her eyes. It’s nice. I’m sitting by the window and the sun’s shining on me, got my legs stretched out, one arm across the back of Buck’s chair, the other’s holding a steaming cup of coffee. The sky’s blue, the birds are flying past, the people outside are… the people are running. And screaming.

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Hi! , I really like your gifs a lot , but one question , How do you make them so smooth ?

damn i thought i was gonna get criticized for a second.

hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, well i guess you gotta know which frames to delete and which ones to keep, and then set an appropriate timing between frames.

like for example in that gif i just posted:


the difference between the first frame and the next frame is that the background moves but the character stays still (but in this case its only her mouth that would be moving). if it was a still background i would have deleted the next frame so the next frame won’t be a duplicate.

so i tried to keep every frame possible since the background moves every time i move on to the next (it would look so much smoother). but be warned the size of your gif will shoot up very high (but tumblr recently increased the limit to 3MB so FUCK YEAH)

it also depends on the timing you give for each frame. in the case where i keep every single frame i usually give it a 0.03 or 0.04 timing; depends on the scene. if you do delete frames, the timing you should give would be 0.06 or 0.07.

so rather than making my gif look like this:

External image

it looks like this:

External image

if you can’t understand what i’m saying (cos idk if i can either), this post might help.


the image didnt load so i’m sorry T-T


some stuff for my portfolio!! i had a lot of fun with the shapes and designs… the characters took forever T_T but the shapes were really fast??? oh gosh it’s been like 3 years since I drew full body designs of my characters

left to right: Vita Hayes, Flynn & Nate Lockhart, Terence & Athena Nightingale (more info on them here!)

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Ravenclaws with ptsd? (I'm a Hufflepuff mainly but there's no blog like yours for us and Ravenclaw really matches my personality too)

I actually have lots of requests for this so I promise I’ll try and get round to it soon! I just thought I should let you know there actually is a hufflepuff blog! Feel free to head over to hufflepuff-headcanons and I can give you a more hufflepuff centric answer as well :)

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Please can we have the chapter. I check for updates at least 5 times a day.

I’m holding it hostage for nachos and validation.  

Really, though, it should be pretty soon.  I work on it as I can, but I do have a full-time job and a child, so, unfortunately, as much as I would like to just sit around in bed (like I am now) writing, it doesn’t always work out.  And  I want the chapter to be good.  I spend a lot of time on them, trying to make it something that is worth reading and doesn’t disappoint.  Hope the wait will be worth it and thank you for sticking with the story.

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Francis=dat boi. Alfred=fuck boi. Allen= pretty boi. Ollie= pink boi. Arthur=will stab a boi. Toni=booty boi. Gil= toi boi (< Gil was very proud of making up these names for them all, and wants them all on matching bomber jackets)

((this has gotta be on the list of the many things i love you for omg Francis made them get creative and make shirts uwu. Artie might of written on Alfie’s a bit more than Alfie would have liked. ;3c))

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Lol, just because Finn is not indulging or entertaining these 10 year old girls with false hopes that he could be with Millie they're mad? He cant even be a friend to her without everybody freaking out over it. If Caleb or Gaten gives her a hug or simply converse with her nobody cares, but if its Finn "they're the cutest couple in the world!" They are ruining their friendship. Its so annoying.

It’s so sad how true this is /: I think it has an awful lot to do with not being able to separate characters from their actors - like I feel like all these Fillie shippers are shipping them because they’re projecting Mileven onto them, which really isn’t okay ??? I really, really don’t want the weird fans to ruin their friendship but I can’t blame them if it does… at least in terms of how it is to the public eye

I really wish people could just respect their wishes and not be so invasive and let them be - they’ve made it clear several times they’re friends and shipping them makes them uncomfortable HOW HARD IS IT TO RESPECT THAT ??? 

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i just love spring day. Jin has many lines and also the choreography seems to be focused on Jin a lot. song and dance are beautiful too. when i look at the choreography, i feel like the one that bts members are missing (friend) in spring day (lyrics) is Jin. there are moments all the bts members touch Jin or Jin touches them as they sing/rap. maybe except for Namjoon?

hi, anon~! ahhh, i’m sorry for the late reply dfkjndkfjnv i just went to watch their spring day performances a couple of times to focus on jin in the choreo ;v;

spring day is such a beautiful song and i’m really really glad he has so many lines in the song since it’s v suitable to showcase his voice + the part where jin’s in the center of the choreo where the others dance around him kfjndkfjnv gosh, i love that part so much T^T

the choreography itself does seem to hint/imply that jin’s the ‘friend’ that is missed, or at least he seems to be playing that role/providing that image for the choreo. if i’m not wrong, jin comes in contact with jungkook, hoseok, taetae, jimin and yoongi in the choreography and in the instance of his contact with taetae and jimin, he seems to be someone who finds/comforts them.

interpretations of this choreography might differ amongst people since there are quite a number of ’interactions’ between certain members during the performance but i do think it’s a valid idea that the choreography/performance showcases jin as the one who’s the one being missed.

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If a friend reposts your art on fb, do you want me to just tell them to take it down, or should I also let you know what was posted? Or do you not care what it was? Either way it's deleted. I only had to explain that "don't repost" doesn't just mean "give credit and do as you please", and they were very apologetic about it.

Yes, the best thing is for you, a friend who knows them and whose opinion they respect, to kindly inform them why it’s bad and to ask them to reconsider their ways. It’s a lot better than me, a random stranger trying to talk to them, or having to scare them by having facebook staff send them a warning ^ ^;; Thank you SO INCREDIBLY MUCH for talking to them, and I’m really glad they took it down and hopefully they’ll reconsider doing it in the future! ;A;

Teaching people one person at a time just like this is the only way we’ll make safer fandom communities, so thank you so much for contributing to that ;A; And please thank your friend for liking my art, and for choosing to appreciate it in more respectful ways >.<;

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(I'm the same anon about homeland Asians) Most of the time, like you said that homeland Asians don't like white tourists, they assumed that we acted like them, but not really. Homeland Asians misunderstood our struggles & feelings about our own identity because we're too Asian for people in English-speaking country or we're too foreign for our homeland. I hope they at least understand it & support Asian diasporans.

Exactly! And it’s not that Asian Americans act like white tourists or anything, it’s just that we grew up with Americanized cultures and they assume anything that is “American” is white (but a lot of American culture was actually made by black people). In addition, for some of us, especially Southeast Asians, we didn’t even grow up with white people (I didn’t grow up in white communities), let alone “act” like them lol.

And excellent point, I definitely forgot to address the issue that many homeland/native/national Asians don’t understand racism and white supremacy in America because they’re the dominant groups in their own country. They don’t understand the Asian American identity or what it’s like to be a minority, and a very small one (Asian Americans make up only 5.6% of the US population).

Overall, the Asian American identity can be very confusing because as you said, we’re too Asian for America but we’re not Asian enough for our home country. I think this is why so many Asian Americans have developed internalized racism, depression, and many other things because we simply have no idea where we belong. For those on the more extreme end, they hate Asian people and wished they weren’t Asian or were never born. I feel like the only thing we can do at the moment is to help each other. We can’t wait around for our homeland siblings to help us.

Angry Asian Guy

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Just curious, as I know a looot of people on Youtube pre-record a few videos so they can have them up on time every week, have you ever considering doing this? I mean, I love the surprise of a new video, but a week without Jenna is a sad, sad week.

I already do this.

People, I know you mean well, I really do, but I’d appreciate if you stop sending me stuff like this. There’s A LOT of work that goes into weekly vlogging, at least if you’re trying to produce honest, researched, quality content, like I am. I always announce if I gotta take time off for Cliff’s back, which is pretty much the only reason I ever miss a vlog. And let’s be real, when my fiancé gets surgery on his spinal cord, I’m going to make that a priority over uploading. He is more important, period.

I understand if you guys don’t understand how complicated and difficult his injury is. I just ask that you respect the time I need to devote to it.

my thoughts on betty + jughead

ok so I saw the leaked kiss (cute af) that they will share and I heard that it’ll be happening very soon. It’s quite obvious that both of them have a blooming friendship and I am definitely interested in seeing them turn into a couple because for me, they do have chemistry. However, I think it’s happening too quickly. Usually, the couples I ship have a lot of development before they officially become a couple. I just hope that the writers don’t rush their relationship because it would just feel very forced. As of now, I would like to see them as friends first. I’m not in to insta-love. If ever the writers really plan on making them a couple, I would like to see first how their relationship gradually turns from platonic to romantic. They should take their time, it’s still the first season.

also, i have never read the comics, but I’ve been hearing that there are a lot of archie fans out there, who are quite sad about bughead being a thing. But like c'mon guys, the fact that they made Riverdale more of a mysterious teen drama like “PLL” and less of a high school romance teen drama like “Awkward” shows that not everything in the series will be exactly the same as the book, like most TV shows that are based on books. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be sad about it. It’s your emotions. You can’t control how you feel! I’m just saying to be prepared for changes because I’m pretty sure there will be a lot more to come.

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:/ Its Ok Naegi, I think everyone should put themselves in your shoes to see if it was the other way around they might feel like you or they just seem cool about it. But I guess people will just be people

It’s okay. I’m not really mad. I would just like to remind you that the fact that you know a lot of things about us doesn’t give you the right to play with our embarrassing secrets like that.

What was revealed wasn’t a big deal and even if Byakuya had reacted differently it wouldn’t have been really bad but I’m sure that that’s not the only thing you know about us and you might know things that could hurt one of us more. So just please think carefully before telling someone else a secret.

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They seem like they're quite in control of keeping their relationship on the DL, but the SMILES!!! After watching the preview, what do you think they do that shows affection? X

It’s a little like slipping back into old habits, isn’t it? I get the feeling that they’re sort of just happy to see each other and talk to each other - everything else they can sort of let fall by the wayside for the moment. I imagine it will get a hell of a lot harder as time goes on.

(even though it’s weird and awkward for them and they’re really not great at not looking like they’re in love lmaooo, they’re still cute af)

As for whatever the moment of affection is… I don’t know, hand grab, or maybe something that happens when they say goodbye? Or maybe their mooned eyes just get a bit too much and someone notices that you don’t look at your cousin like that (unless ur a dingle lmao thx rob)

I don’t know, but they are… so damn cute and still so happy to be married???? like… that alone seems to help so much??????? They’re just excited to be able to call one another family and like… everything they said to one another related to the wedding/their new marriage in some way, because they’re just… happy about it.

(and throwing in a little “you know/i know” god damn it stu)

Which all of a sudden makes it way more awful if something happens because someone notices something about the way they are and Aaron decides that they have to be a lot more careful and this is the only happy-ish meeting they get and hahahaha ok i made it sad again