i just really like their new cast photos

thatkevinsmith: Aw, Kraptonite! It’s all over! Finished my second episode of @supergirlcw at 11:30 last night with these cosplaying characters. Thank you @davidharewood, @melissabenoist & @chy_leigh - the heart, soul and spine of this wonderful weekly hour on @thecw - as well as the rest of the cast and the entire #vancouver crew! If you can’t tell, I love “directing” the @dccomics shows in the #berlantiverse. Doing so has made me a stronger film-maker while allowing me to play with someone else’s toys and IP. But it also provides nice cover for me in my day job so I can make masturbatory movies like @tuskthemovie & @yogahosers. Some indie filmmakers in the 90’s used to work under a “One for me, One for them” philosophy - the idea being you work with a studio on something they own then jump back into the freedom of no-budget filmmaking afterwards (Soderbergh popularized this approach). Directing #supergirl and @cwtheflash is kinda like a modern-day version of that for me on one level: the three well-received eps I handled that people have seen thus far clearly indicate I know how to direct and can color within the lines when it’s necessary. But my bat-shit crazy Canadian flicks (the #truenorthtrilogy) allow me to color my flicks any way I want, all artsy or stupid - which has resulted in a few baffled or hostile reactions and calls for my DGA card to be confiscated. So in a way, #supergirl has actually saved my fat ass IRL: working with this show lets me be considered “good” at directing for others while I’m so busy trying to be “bad” at directing my own material (though I like to think the flicks are more experimental than “bad”). Just another reason I love shooting shit with the folks in the photo above: by helping them be fake people, they help me be the real me. Never be scared to make what YOU want to see, Kids - but if you’re gonna get goofy with your personal work, it’s a good idea to simultaneously show folks you’re not really an idiot - you’re just trying out new stuff. Fortune favors the bold! #KevinSmith #supergirlseason2 #melissabenoist #davidharewood #chylerleigh


18th Century New England Hearth Fire Cooking

I have the utmost respect for folks that understand the art of cooking with live fire. The Hubs and I have a small fireplace where occasionally we’ll try our hand at some basic cookery, but spending this evening leaning to cook by a real hearth was truly eye opening.

It was mostly women who tended to this important daily task and they must have had some serious guns. Tending the fire, shoveling embers, constantly shifting around the cast iron pots - it’s exhausting and dangerous!

Our class made quite a meal: cornbread, cranberry sauce, root vegetable soup, rotisserie chicken using a reflector oven, and a bunch of other period English recipes (like…handchurned butter: https://vine.co/v/ijx72hHlvaB -and - steamed pudding: https://vine.co/v/ijPxH3bWLA6) that I couldn’t get good photos of (because fire photography is so annoying without the right setup.) This was the quintessential slow-food movement experience and every dish turned out really surprisingly delicious. 

One day, I have a fire pit big enough to cook like this. In the meantime, I am just happy I have a small fireplace to do some basic cooking indoors in the event I lose gas or power.

So I was up at about 1 am today and I decided to check on Instagram, like a few pics. Then once I look to see what other photos to look at……………I SEE THIS NEW PHOTO OF HAROLD WITH THE OTHER CAST MEMBERS OF DUNKIRK, (which I’m not gonna lie the younger 20 something year old actors in the movie are really attractive including the lead actor Fionn Whitehead.) AND IM NOT HANDLING THIS WELL AT ALL. HE JUST LOOKS SO GOOD. 😍😍😍😍

Alternate version for Jitsui always by Nito Subaru! (I blame the translation to google translate… though for once it seems it’s understandable enough)

先日のお年賀の実井、実はカラーバリエーションがありますので、アップしておきますね。古い写真風の仕上げです。 #ジョーカー・ゲーム

In regard of the other day’s Jitsui for New Year’s greeting, actually there is a color variation, so I uploaded it. It is in a old photographic style. #Joker game

Personally I like the idea this is Jitsui’s photo. We saw photo being used a lot in Joker Game episodes so I would really love it if Nito Subaru were to release a ‘photo collection’ of the whole cast. But maybe it’s just me.

Random thoughts on TBBT social management

I’m not an expert, but I feel TBBT is not doing great campaigns for the show. Let me explain.

The instagram official account, they don’t post anything since a long time ago. I think either on other social accounts.

I read someone said about not doing anything for the emmys campaign, for example no new promotional photos…

I’m just feeling us, the fandom, we are doing more for the show during the hiatus, than the people of the marketing side of the show. I’m not talking about the cast itself, though I also think that if they do a major interaction with the fans, they will grow on popularity. See what groknation did? they put someone to like and comment posts related and sure they win more appreciation and supporters. I appreciated a lot when they liked and commented some of my posts, some of them really old. They win me more with that. See that? And no, I don’t think it’s Mayim behind it. She has a team for it. 

I’m just talking with my experience in hand, I can’t talk for them, I don’t know if they have people hired for the social marketing or not, I don’t really know how tv shows works at all. I’m just giving my opinion.

It’s my first hiatus really active on the fandom, the last one I was here, but I was only reading shamy fanfics, not active at all. ( reading –> devouring )

Happy to fill the hiatus with my drawings, watching your edits and thoughts, reading amazing fanfics from great writers here, talking with friends of all TBBT related.

But why I feel sometimes it’s not enough? 

Waiting for the new season…

im never really concerned for any of the newsies cast since the show closed because i know theyre still out doing what they love and getting new jobs and pursuing their passion and stuff but occasionally i will get concerned for ryan steele’s hair like in the meet specs video when everything was first starting out it was pretty cleanly shaven and maybe a little curly when he started matilda but i just saw a recent photo for the first time in like months yesterday and i now believe it to be an independent sentient being that is slowly taking complete control of young steele’s entire body soul and mind i mean is it just me or

6 Months Into Freelancing, 6 Lessons Learned (the hard way)

Oct. 10, 2014 was my last day at the Tampa Bay Times — after having been a staff photographer there for almost (3 months shy of) 10 years. It was a rude awakening, to say the least. I’d survived 4-5 rounds of layoffs and buyouts in my short time there, and never imagined I’d be on the chopping block. I was doing good work. I was always an idea person, bringing my own to the table instead of waiting to be assigned stuff. I was telling in-depth stories, assigned to the enterprise team of the best narrative feature writers at the paper and helped them launch “Floridian,” the Sunday Feature section, into a monthly magazine.

Sometime late September of last year, I walked into a meeting with two bosses, where I was told “You can be terminated effective immediately or take the buyout and get the full severance package.”

The meeting lasted all of 5 minutes.

So while freelancing wasn’t something I had sought out, I had to learn to embrace it.

The last 6 months have flown by, and I wanted to share a couple of lessons I’ve learned along the way.

1. YOU ARE NOT YOUR JOB. The hardest thing for me to come to terms with was that I was a newspaper photographer, and now I am not. And I loved being a newspaper photographer. Loved. Loved covering my community. Loved working with amazingly talented writers and editors. Loved being part of a team. And loved seeing the tangible results of a hard day’s work in print and then see it actually make a difference in my community. Since college it was all I’d seen myself doing. And I wasn’t sure how to stop doing it. BUT… I had no choice.

I definitely went through all 5 stages of grief… Sometimes in the same day. And then I hit the last one… acceptance. And I picked up the pieces and moved on.
What it taught me is that I wasn’t just a newspaper photographer. I am a concerned photographer who likes digging deep, telling stories that matter, and making pictures that make people look/stop/think/ask questions/care. And I don’t have to stop doing that. In fact, I can do it for lots of people now, not just one publication. And most importantly, I can do it for myself. It forced me to reevaluate how I thought of myself, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

I never imagined myself as a freelancer before. Never thought I could do it. I liked — NO LOVED — the security of a weekly paycheck with benefits. And I don’t think I ever would’ve made this jump unless forced to. But as my good friend Josh Ritchie likes to remind me: Leap and the net will appear.

The best part was slowly realizing that 15 years of hard work, making solid pictures, and building relationships with folks at workshops and photo conferences has paid off. I got a bunch of great phone calls and emails immediately after announcing I was leaving the paper from people who wanted to send me their contract, get me in their system, and were excited to learn they could hire me as a freelancer now.

I’m not my job. I’m so much more than that.

But when I was buried so deep in it, it was really hard to see that there was any other way.

2. BE OPEN TO NEW OPPORTUNITIES. One of the things I decided early on was that I was going to embrace every new opportunity that came my way this first year of freelancing. I was going to say YES to everything (unless it was just a really bad deal, or a rights’ grabby kinda thing or unless someone just flat out wants me to work for free).

So in mid-October, I got a call from a photo producer at Turner Broadcasting asking me if I’d like to shoot production stills, essentially behind the scenes photos of cast and crew, on the set of one of their network TV shows. One episode was being filmed in Florida. I’d never thought of shooting for a TV show before. But the show sounded interesting, and the work sounded challenging. So, I said yes. I’m getting ready to shoot my 5th assignment for them in as many months.

In the last six months I’ve shot for The New York Times, Sports Illustrated, Rolling Stone, TNT and CNN, Audubon Magazine, the NCAA’s Champion Magazine, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, AARP, Education Week and a handful of others… I’ve been sent to places like Curaçao and Paducah, Kentucky for shoots. I’m not saying this to brag. I’m saying this simply to make the point that I’m working for publications I’d never even imagined working with before, and going places I’d never imagined going. And it’s been awesome.

I’ve learned to say yes, and not just lock myself into this “I’m a newspaper photographer” mentality. It’s exciting being open to the possibilities of where photography will take me.

3. FIND BALANCE. I make a to-do list each morning — when I don’t have any assignments. Because even when you’re not “working,” everything you do needs to be focused on making your business work better. I have found though that I go stir crazy if I sit in front of my computer, alone in my house all day, talking to nobody but my dog for 8-10 hours a day. So I also schedule things like read two chapters of a book outside in the backyard, making it to an exercise classes at the gym, taking a long walk with my dog or getting lunch with a fellow freelancer. Giving myself the freedom to take mental and physical breaks has made all the difference in my health and well being, it also makes me feel like I’m not on an island.

4. MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, MONEY. One of the first calls I made after reeling from shock of the buyout news was to call a financial planner. I immediately rolled over my 401k to get it invested by someone who really knows what they’re doing and inquired about how I was doing, financially. And fearing never being able to retire now, opened a Roth IRA, with a goal of contributing to with each assignment. Then I went to see my CPA later that same week. He talked me through incorporating and setting myself up as an S-corp. And he gave great tips on all of the things I could expense, write-off, etc.

My existing credit cards are paid off. And I recently got a new one that’s working for me and my business as far as travel/rewards points go. I’ve also set up frequent flier miles for all the airlines I’m using and rewards numbers for all the hotels I stay in. Those things will come in handy when I want to take a vacation (and I realize my new company doesn’t give me 5 weeks of paid vacation anymore). I’ve stopped buying unnecessary things, learned where I could cut back, and become really good at saving. 

I’m a firm believer in Suze Orman’s 8-month emergency fund to plan for all the what-ifs in life. A big part of that is calculating exactly what you need to live on each month. Baseline = rent/mortgage + car payment + car insurance + cell phone bill + electricity/water/gas + groceries + a little bit of spending money for a few meals out or beers with friends. Now multiply that times eight. And that keeps me from stressing when there’s invoices that are 30 days overdue and clients still haven’t paid up.

5. WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS, AND THEN THERE ARE DRY SPELLS. It’s great being busy. It’s great being so busy that you’re begging for a day or two off so you can do little things like go to the grocery store and do laundry, or get out all of those invoices you haven’t gotten to yet, because you haven’t had time. Then you get that glorious day off. And you can breathe. And you start to get caught up on things. And then you get another day off and you’re like this is great — this is almost like a weekend. I’m going to go to the beach today or play in the garden. And then another day off, and you find yourself inevitable wondering if the phone is ever going to ring again. 

But at some point, you have to learn to embrace these periods of downtime as time to refocus and reinvest that energy elsewhere… Maybe now is the time to get a jump start on your next email newsletter or mailer promos. Maybe it’s time to start researching those ideas you’ve filled notebooks with and writing grants to find funding for them. Maybe it’s the time to actually start shooting those personal projects you’ve been dreaming about for a while but haven’t had the time for yet. Downtime doesn’t have to be down and out time. I’m trying to look at it as time to do work for you instead of them. And it won’t be dry forever. That phone eventually does ring again, and then your dopamine levels skyrocket, and all is right with the world… and then you’ll find yourself wishing for a little of that downtime.

6. BEING HAPPY. I feel like (and this has been confirmed by several independent sources) I’m actually happier now because I’m not always angry and/or frustrated by the decisions being made at work. I’ve been on the road a fair amount since going freelance, and when I’m home, I’ve learned the importance of really being there and being fully present. I’ve learned to enjoy the downtime, and find the balance. I have more time for long walks and taking my dog to the park and reading than I have in years – and those things alone have made a tremendous impact on my mental health and well being. 

And most importantly, I think I’m making better pictures that I have in years because I’m working for myself. And while independence is a little scary sometimes — I’ve found that a healthy dose of fear is a huge motivator — it’s made me kick it up a gear. The work I’m doing now not only goes in publications I want to be working for, but those images are also going on my website, in my promos and are the very things that are hopefully helping me get the next job. It’s nice not to have an editor tell me, “this is only running two columns on 3B, so don’t waste a lot of time on it.” Now, my new boss would never say that. She actually respects the work I’m doing — and that makes me pretty damn happy.

anonymous asked:

opinion on the Suicide Squad trailer + the new Joker (Jared Leto)?

I’m really looking forward to it.  My only concern about the new Joker is that I have no idea how much he will be in the movie.  I’m almost positive that he is not going to be part of the squad and I’m pretty sure he isn’t a main villain.  If he isn’t in it enough people will be disappointed, but then again it isn’t a Joker movie.  It’s the Suicide Squad. 

My guess is that he will be featured in a few scenes that has Harley separate from the group to find her Mistah J and he’ll return in the 3rd act out of nowhere and become a huge unexpected complication at the climax of the film.

And for my money I think Jared Leto will be a great Joker in a long line of great Jokers.  Not everyone is going to be satisfied, but I think a lot of people will be.  I think about the casting of comic book characters like I do with the casting of Doctor Who.  I understand each new version will look and feel different and while it may or may not be my favorite I can still see the value that each iteration brings.  I predict that a lot of people (especially those who are currently growing up with these movies) will see Jared Leto as the best Joker and their opinions will be just as legitamate as yours or mine.  

I liked the look of Killer Croc much better than I did when I saw the leaked set photos. 

Will Smith is just being Will Smith which is kind of a disappointing.  I was hoping he’d be a little more hard edged as a supposed “villain” but it looks more like he’s back to being the hero from Independence Day.  I love Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn.  Her New 52 inspired costume is not what I would have gone with, but it’s not exactly a deal breaker.

When Jai Courtney was cast as Captain Boomarang people said he is a terrible actor, but I didn’t really know who he was.  I thought that maybe people were overreacting…. and then I watched ‘Terminator: Genisys’ and I saw exactly what everyone was talking about.  Just god awful.  However, considering Jai Courtney is an Australian actor playing an Australian character maybe he will pull it off.  The one line he got in the trailer wasn’t bad so maybe he’ll make it work.

Another actor that wasn’t on my radar is Scott Eastwood (who is Clint Eastwood’s son).  It’s still a mystery on who he is playing, but my fingers are crossed that he becomes Deathstroke.

Overall, the trailer was a perfect teaser.  If you watch it and aren’t curious to see anymore than you might just be dead inside.  Currently it has 4 million more views on youtube than the Batman v Superman trailer which I would have never expected.