i just really like their friendship

Growing up with an emotionally abusive mother still affects me as an adult. In an abusive home you normalize cowardice as a child within yourself and you never really learn how to speak for yourself. Just requesting things or stating my point of view casually rarely ever happened for me growing up. I was always afraid something I said would trigger my mom and make her upset. Now at 23 I still struggle with being open and saying what I need. It affects my relationships and friendships because when something I don’t like is happening, I can never just call it out there and then. I stay in it and let it pent up inside me and then just viciously explode one day to the shock of the person I’m dating or my friend. I’ve lost many people from my life because of this and it just hurts. I always say I’ll try to do better and I do try, but it’s like this is who I am and it’s gonna take lots of training to change and be better.

Okay I just saw the spoilers and I gotta say this is the best ending we could’ve hoped for (except for an ending with canon Fraxus ofc– the very best ending in my personal view XD). Friendship in focus, almost no ships canon and Team Natsu going on a mission. Honestly I had hoped he would go for such an ending so kwnks relieved sIGH

The New Girl

Jughead x reader 


Requested: Anonymous said: I need some good Juggie writing in my life. That boy is just on my mind and here’s what I’m thinking. Maybe like your from the Southside and you’ve met Juggie before and his dad jokes around saying that you and his boy would be perfect and then like your family or just like you move from the south side to Riverdale and you really start to know Juggie better. Maybe under that tough outside she’s a huge fluff and loves to hug and cuddle

A/N: So willing to do a part two if you guys want!!!

Words: 3634

Warnings: Mentions of bulling

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Jug and I had been friends since I could remember which made everyone speculated our relationship but we always remained friends. It was only until recently that I had started developing feelings for Jughead but I kept them suppressed in fear of ruining our friendship, I mean who wants to lose their best friend over some stupid emotions.

 Today I left school and went straight to the trailer park and turned a right going towards Jug’s trailer instead of mine. I climbed the stairs and knocked on the door but my expression dulled as Fp opened the door. “Hey Mr. Jones.” I grinned and stepped inside as he motioned for me to come in.

 “Hi Y/N, Jug will be home in a few seconds, I was actually just heading out, so no funny business while I’m gone okay?” He chuckled and pulled on his coat.

 “It’s not like that Mr. Jones.” I groaned as he laughed at me.

 “Well it could easily be like that with you two, you never leave each other alone.” He chuckled and shook his head. Jughead walked in just as Fp reached for the door to leave which made Fp laugh again, “Bye you love birds,” he said between laughs, “remember, no funny business.” He called as he closed the door behind him.

 Jughead turned to face me with a confused look washed over his face I shrugged and stepped towards him enveloping him in a hug. “How was school?” He mumbled into my shoulder then pulled away to my expression, I shrugged again and sighed which made him frown and push back the hair falling in my face. “That bad?” He sighed and dropped his bag to the floor.

 I had always gone to South Side High and Jug had always gone to Riverdale High which didn’t really matter but lately these kids in my class kept tormenting me, writing disgusting notes all over my locker, books and desks. Sometimes they would try physically hurt me and one group of boys often tried to corner me and have their way. I was moving to Riverdale High tomorrow and to say I was excited was an understatement, I was so glad that I was escaping the torture.

 “Don’t worry, with me around tomorrow no one will hurt you.” He grinned and pulled me into another hug.

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I haven’t actually played the game anymore after getting Robert’s bad end. I’ve tried, but I’ve been too busy talking to friends to really play, haha. I’ll get his route eventually.

And also, we got confirmation from the writer of Joseph that the ending everyone’s experiencing is indeed, NOT his good end. The good end involves another dad, at this point unknown but people are placing money on it being Robert due to his friendship with Mary.

So yeah!! Keep playing guys! We can save Joseph yet!!

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Prompt: “Just smile, I really need to see you smile right now.”

Character: Chris Beck

Warning: N/A

You had been walking down the street with Chris, chatting to him about what had happened in the last few days. Being good friends it was great to actually get to spend time with him around his busy schedule. But not seeing him too often kept the long time crush in check, the one that you didn’t want to come out into the light. You liked your friendship with Chris, you didn’t want to ruin over some silly crush. 

“You know it’s so amazing that you went to frickin’ mars, I mean here I am on earth and you went into space” You gushed mostly because having a friend who was both a doctor and an astronaut was an amazing thing. He had done things you could only dream of doing. 

“Y/N! Oh darling!” You heard the familiar sound of your great aunt and almost froze on the pavement, your eyes glancing forward to find her making her way to you, in that familiar ostentatious garb she always wore. 

You grabbed Chris’ arm tightly and whispered to him “Just smile, I really need to see you smile right now.” You put your own fake smile on your face, not quite ready to face your great aunt and her passive aggressive commentary on your adult life. 

“Darling!” She kissed your cheek once, twice, three times, before pulling back to look you over her eye as critical as always. “Still the same I see” the same undertone of criticism, ‘oh I see you’re still wearing the same clothes and haven’t gotten any richer in the year I haven’t seen you in’. You really didn’t like spending time with your great aunt. 

“And whose this!” 

“This is Chris my-” You found yourself stumped on what to call him, friend was accurate but it would simply give your aunt another thing to be critical of. “Boyfriend.” You looked over at Chris, eyes glaring a ‘what the fuck?’ but he simply winked at you, holding his hand out to your aunt. 

“Lovely to meet you, Chris” For once your aunt seemed to be actually genuine in her words, “Y/N, I didn’t realise you had a boyfriend! What do you do Chris?” It was odd to see that sparkle of pride in her eyes, she was usual nothing but disappoint with you. Not that it really mattered she was your Great Aunt not exactly your closest family member. But it still stung on the odd occasion you saw her. 

“I’m a doctor with NASA.”


“Chris just came back from Mars.” It sounded so space age and strange to say but it was the truth, unlike Chris being your boyfriend that definitely wasn’t the truth. No matter how much you wanted it to be. 

“Oh, how amazing!” The three of you talked for a few more minutes until you managed to drag yourselves away. 

“She seemed nice?”

“Nice? Nice? My great aunt has neeevveeer been happy with anything i’ve done! Ever.” You remember how she criticised your drawing when you were 6 and how she put you off learning piano. She was the most snobbish member of your family.

“She was happy with me?” You knew Chris was confused, after all he didn’t really know your extended family. He knew your close family sure, but other than that…

“But you’re not my actual boyfriend, Chris. That was a lie.” You could feel that pain in your chest, the heavy disappointment that those words were so true. It was a lie. 

“I could be.” You blinked up at him, brow furrowed. “What?” You removed your hand from his arm and stopped in the pavement again, head tilted to the side. 

“I could be your boyfriend…I like you, I just…we never talked about it.”

“Do you want to be my boyfriend?” You hoped the answer was a resounding yes, that this wasn’t going to be simply another little joke. Not that Chris would ever do something so harsh…but there was that niggling doubt in the back of your mind.

“Yeah. I would.”

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I had a dream last night with Rooney and Santi in it! They were both about nine- or ten-year-olds and were attending this summer camp together. I don't really remember a lot of it, but I do remember at some point both of them having a contest to see who could do the most inappropriate thing behind the counselors back without getting caught. And of course their idea of "inappropriate" was just sticking out their tongues and making fart noises. It was probably the cutest dream I've ever had, ngl.


THAT’S THEM IN A NUTSHELL STOP ;-; they have such childish spirits so their friendship is just them acting like kids together. this is actually really relevant to something i wrote today lmao. i love thems ;-; and i’m so giddy you had this dream thank u for your mind

So for those who’ve finished the Dream Daddy, is there enough storyline to go on a date with multiple dads before I decide which one I want to go for? (Since I know they all have friendship routes too) Or like, do you need to pick one and stick with him? Because I REALLY like Craig and will probably go for him, but I also want to get to know Matt and Hugo better, too before I decide for sure…

(I’m also low-key considering Joseph, but I’ve heard it’s REALLY difficult to get his good ending, so I might just wait until more info is out and use a walkthrough for him)


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Am I the only one who doesn't understand why people are forcing the cassunzel ship? I understand people want more wlw in disney, but people making false claims that Cass cares for raps more than flynn makes me roll my eyes. Cass is a good character, but I find it useless to drag one character down to raise her up...you know? Typical of tumblr

I understand and don’t at the same time. I certainly don’t agree with it, that’s for sure. What I really don’t understand is why people are downplaying the importance of strong female friendship.

However, the Cassunzel shippers that I talk to regularly aren’t trying to force anything. They have a preference, but are also aware of how vastly unlikely it is, and are just shipping it because they like it, which is harmless. (Heck, I have my own literally impossible ships that I adore, and just so long as people are aware that it’s simply not going to happen, and don’t get mad at Disney or the people who don’t ship it, there’s nothing wrong with shipping something that won’t come true.) Many of them also ship Rapunzel and Eugene, and/ or OT3 ship the lot of them.

It sincerely doesn’t bother me that people ship them. It’s their execution I’m critical of, rather than the premise.


Pinkies (Version1)

I didn’t really get feedback on the last post but I got likes and so I just picked one of the two and went with it. Testing shading and seeing what problems I need to work on with the Pinkie and Pinkamena on the wooden(?) platform pillar(first picture). Added a simpler version(second picture). Thanks for reading, have a good day.

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MY CRUSH IS SINGLE AGAIN i've liked him for legit three years and i was the first person he's told about the breakup and i don't know what to do with that. i think he's gotten inklings that i liked him before but i panicked and assured him i wasn't into him. now that there's even a tiny chance, should i tell him? i just don't know how to say it so that he knows i don't expect anything and either way i want to stay friends. HELP

if it was a serious relationship i would recommend waiting a bit, jumping on the idea of a confession during this kind of fresh and sensitive time for him might be worse than having kept it in. just wait it out a bit and when youre assured hes really stable and moved on maybe try mentioning it like you just told me, if you feel like you really need to tell him then when you confess what you feel then make sure you assure him your friendship matters more than anything, let him take it in how he chooses but if he doesnt return any romantic feelings dont take it personal honey! whats meant to be will be. wishing you the best of my luck sweetheart !!! kaixx

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so, there's this girl I really like, and we're pretty good friends, and she was asking people to sign her cast instead of her yearbook because she broke her wrist, so I MEANT to write "love ya! -signed, Ellie" Like, in the cute friendly way, but idk, the pen slipped or something and I ended up writing "I love you -Ellie" and idk if she noticed, and i'm silently praying that she just saw it at something straight girls do because heterosexuals just like, act gay because friendship but idk.

Oh my, what a conundrum!!! I feel like “I love you” is totally a thing that The Straights write in yearbooks and, in this case, on casts!!! o.O

I spent a long time within really shitty circles on tumblr and the like and it just feels really good to have moved on to friends/mutuals who don’t get into discourse and just have friendships built of mutual enjoyment & happiness instead

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Please help. I have been best friends with a guy for over 16 years. He has always been good to me - he takes care of me on bad ASD days, helps me with my depression, boosts my body confidence, threatened my rapist (which made my rapist relocate towns and kept me safe) and picked me up when my ex fiance became violent with me. However, he is racist. I have challenged him but he says 'I just say it as it is' and brushes it off. He shows no sign of wanting to change, it's really taring me in two.

I’m white, so it’s not like I personally experience racism. But I still wouldn’t want to be friends with someone who was bigoted in any way. It sounds to me like you have three possible ways of handling it:

- Try and make him realize how he is spouting racism and why that’s harmful

- End the friendship

- Keep being friends despite his racism

I realize it would be infinitely hard to end your friendship with him, especially since it’s been so long and he’s helped you so much. I’m not saying there’s any obvious and easy path here, unfortunately there is none. :(

- Sister Cat

Like honestly, why is it such a big deal that Ron struggles and complains about his problems once in a while when all other times he is always does his best to be there for his friends with their problems? People who complain about him act like he’s super unsympathetic and never helps Harry when like, off the top of my head, things Ron has done:

-Would always either stay at Hogwarts so Harry wouldn’t be alone on Christmas, or would invite Harry to his family’s for Christmas. Was also super casual about it and would come up with excuses why he was doing this so Harry wouldn’t feel awkward.

-when Harry didn’t write back to him, he quickly became worried the Dursleys were doing something bad to him, told his family about it (SEVERAL TIMES, apparently)  (like as far as I can tell every single day Harry didn’t write back Ron was panicking about it to his parents and siblings and wondering what the hell was going on) and then he hatched a plan with his brothers to steal a car, break the law, fly all the way to Harry’s house, forcibly grabbed him from his screaming relatives and then took him to his house. 

-Generally acts super chill about his mum blatantly giving Harry more attention than him, because he knows Harry needs it. Like, aside from a few jokes about it, he never acted overtly resentful about that. I think the Horcrux revealed that it made him insecure about whether his mum liked Harry more deep down (I’d have to reread the seventh book it’s been a while) yet he never once mentioned this. The fact he never let that show out of empathy for Harry is pretty impressive.

-tried to call Harry on the telephone despite not knowing how to use it and was then worried that he got Harry in trouble.

-when Harry wrote that he needed food, Ron once again informed his entire family and got an entire truckload sent to him.

-He informed Harry that even if he had to kidnap him from the Dursley’s home again, he was going to get Harry to spend the summer with them his family and see the Quidditch World Cup. He worked with his family to get an invitation sent to the Dursleys, then immediately wrote Harry a personal note saying “btw if they say no we’re coming anyway I will beat them all up if i have to”)

-if anyone badmouths Harry or Hermione in front of him, even someone he likes (like Seamus), he will rabidly defend them and basically prepare to fight that person.

-this includes teachers

-if someone calls Hermione (or anyone) a slur he will have to be physically restrained from attacking that person.

-when McG wouldn’t let Harry go to Hogsmeade Ron was in deep despair over the unfairness of it all, got personally angry and called McG several curse words. He and Hermione got Harry ton of sweets while they were there and tried to downplay how fun it was.

-When Percy wrote him a letter telling him to drop Harry as a friend, Ron made a giant show of ripping the letter into pieces and throwing it dramatically into a fire (what a nerd, honestly)

-generally did his best to be patient and understanding with Harry’s depression and anger issues in fifth year, but would firmly point out to him when he was crossing a line without flipping out back at him.

(which, as previous examples demonstrate, Ron’s fuse is pretty short, so that likely required a lot of effort on his part) 

(like, he and Hermione never invalidated Harry’s feelings, but Ron would point out when he was getting angry at the wrong people in a pretty calm way.  He said something like “It’s not our fault Snape and Umbridge are like that. We think you should stop taking it out on us when we’re on your side.” He was able to set boundaries and make Harry realize his behavior wasn’t okay while also making it clear he knew he was dealing with a lot and he was here for him and supported him. Pretty good example of how to friend and a lot more mature than most 15 year olds could have managed.)

-when he found out about Umbridge’s abuse, he was visibly sickened, argued with Harry for a long time than he needed to tell an adult, was upset Harry hadn’t mentioned it and when he couldn’t convince Harry, apparently told Hermione so she could help out and give him healing stuff. 

-also just the general fact he gladly went along with all of Harry’s super dangerous adventures and literally said he would die for him and never acted resentful of nearly getting murdered on a regular basis due to association with Harry

-guys Ron even told Voldermort to shut up when he said something mean about Harry i mean. let’s just consider that. He yelled at Voldemort. I’m pretty sure he was the first one who started yelling too.

So I really don’t get why people focus on the few times Ron complained and the whole two times in their seven year friendship when he got so fucked up about his own issues that he fought with Harry and didn’t support him (and the second time probably would not have happened if it weren’t EVIL SOUL SHARD THAT AMPLIFIED NEGATIVE FEELINGS) when the entire rest of their friendship is unwavering support. It’s so weird to me. You don’t have to like Ron, but acknowledge characters can be flawed and human and don’t hold him to ridiculous standards.

Is this Relationship Working for You?

Not every friendship is helpful and worthwhile … and sometime we need to ask ourselves the following:

1. What am I getting from the relationship? Is this person there for me when I need them most? Do they build me up, and bring out the best in me?

2. Is this friendship draining, or is it mainly negative? Do I feel I’m just being used? Are things always about them?

3. Can I be genuine and real – and just myself - with this person? Or are they likely to react if I share my honest thoughts?

4. Do they care about my feelings, my views and my opinions? Or do they treat me like an object, whose feelings never count?

5. Am I putting up with things because it’s started to feel normal? Am I scared that no-one else would really want to be my friend?