i just really like the idea of shinya being a teacher

Akuma no Riddle Skater AU/Fanfic Idea with all the characters: SOMEONE PLEASE DO THIS

So, I love skateboarding and today I was skating and this came into mind as I was. 


Imagine Tokaku being that cool and distant skater girl that other boys are afraid of in school and girls have girl “crushes”/ wish they could be/  and or wish that their boyfriends could be more like/ Tokaku. But, Tokaku doesn’t really open up and talk to other people and she often does her own thing and everything in School, causing people to be scared due to her “cold” aura she gives off. She doesn’t really care about school but she doesn’t fail it either. She is also a closeted Lesbian who gets angry when a “bully” or person tries to call or ask if she is lesbian and will deny her obvious gayness. She has a bit of a short temper, but you don’t see it much because of her little interaction with people. She also likes to play killing games, her favorite being Assassins Creed. She is strong and skilled, was taught to fight in martial arts when young and has pretty quick reflexes and precision. Lives with her aunt.  She is also on Varsity track for her school, but skateboarding is her passion and she is better at it. she wears darker colors and plaid, usually black, blue, and white or dark grays.  Dresses like a boy but also sometimes can be seen in more “feminine” clothing, though its usually spiced up to fit a more skater style. Loves pullover hoodies and curry. Tokaku develops feelings for Haru, and in time starts to fall BAD for haru and shows a protective side over her and her only. 

Haru is that happy girl in school who most people like to be around but is also a little annoying, she is pretty positive and excels in biology. She isn’t really good at sports but loves to cook, so she is in cooking class and has won awards for her dishes, especially curry and some other dinner foods. She loves animals and is very caring and sweet and kind, she really loves cats and although she isn’t really an art type of person, she loves making art and crafts because its fun and a hobby. Though there is more to meet the eye and she has a sad past, having use to be suicidal after her parents death, but now she is better and knows that she was born to live and smile, however, the past still haunts her and she still blames herself, despite her saying of forgiving others, she can’t forgive herself. She is lesbian but she hasn’t really thought about her sexuality because she is always being too happy and everything.  Haru had always wanted to be tokaku’s friend and tried to talk to her everyday before and after class but would get “rejected” in way, she never gave up though and eventually broke through somehow little by little *kind of like in the show*. Would learn sometime later that she has feelings for tokaku as well. 

(i’m going to try to make this shorter for the others to get more to the point XD just had to get the MC’s )

 But First lol, so Tokaku has a “gang” with her, a group of “friends” that also skateboard with her and in this group there is:

Otoya: kind of crazy bad-girl type, kind of a bully, tough, an out and proud lez, hates men (think they are gross and inferior to women) the one in the group who makes crude, dark humor, usually lesbian and scissors related, does weed sometimes, doesn’t see whats wrong with killing someone, often gets taken to principal’s  office and has been to the local correctional center two times and suspended once for three days. She tries to act all chill but her homelife sucks and deep down she just wants someone to understand her but everyone always judges her, except for a girl named shiena ;) who otoya likes to tease. 

Haruki: tomboyish in attitude, cool and chill, nicest and most understanding of the group. Will be the one help solve problems and fights amongst the group, acts like a “second in command” to Tokaku, as she is the “leader” of this group. and cares about her family a lot. Poor, athletic, likes to build things, the oldest in the gang group, had dropped out of high school for a year and a half but has come back to finish.  She really tries to do her best now and expresses how bothersome school life is and the people around it is. Can get stressed pretty easily, has a welcoming and different presence then everyone else.  Loves her Pocky and always has a pack on her and a stick in her mouth. 

Banba Shin'ya= twin sister to Banba Mahiru, they are complete opposites and Shin'ya is well, as shinya always is pretty much, except also a skater XD, was born in the night and loves the night and is the “party animal”  and wild one. Eats unhealthy junk food. Prone to start fights with others and drama of the group. Claims she is “only” lesbian when she is drunk. She has a huge crush on Hananbusa, however, so does her twin sister Mahiru. creating a love triangle. 


Other characters(not in tokaku’s skate gang): 

Nio: Haru’s friend and has haru as her only friend pretty much, likes to cause mischief and demonic fun on Haru, has a high interest in dark stuff like curses, ghosts, and spells. People think she is a total weirdo and ugly.Haru tries to defend her all the time, but Nio stands up for herself and says she’ll cast a spell on them and other weird stuff that make them shut up. She’s pretty much herself like in the anime as well. Likes to sleep in school and play fun apps. Likes dark, gothic-ish rock music. Kind of creepy, shows some tendencies of a stalker, gets into others buisness, though she is trying to stop since Haru asked her too, likes to listen to gossip. Inside she feels pretty alone and knows she is like a puppet on a stage, creating a facade of the character known as Hashiri Nio. Was adopted. Has a crush on Haru but Haru doesn’t return the feelings. This causes Nio to hate on Tokaku, they become rivals and hate each other to the core. Haru wishes they got along better. 

Mahiru: twin sister, nice and sweet and shy and easily embarrassed, a tad socially awkward. Likes to sew and is in a sewing club. She is friend’s with Haru and Hanabusa. She has a crush on hanabusa and loves when hanabusa invites her over and lets her try the food and sweets she made in cooking class.

Hanabusa: is in cooking class with Haru, they have a friendly rivalry with each other, hanabusa  saying things like she is the queen of cooking and the best. Haru just laughs and sees it as more fun with friends. Haru also tries to tell hanabusa that Mahiru has a crush on her but she is always baffled and disbelieves haru, even though she wants it to be true. 

Isuke: Known as the bully *verbal* of the school, she is in cheer though she isnt really optimistic about it really and picks on shiena, mahiru, and haru a lot. She is popular despite her bullying and has two gay dads. She is secretly dating Haruki, a girl one year younger than her, because she doesn’t want people to believe she is lesbian because of having gay parents. So, she fakes having a boyfriend, who is gay as well, Haruki kind of hates this but she understands how Isuke feels and knows she is pressured to be a lot of things. They go on the cutest secret dates though and ummm lot of  *cough cough* other things, not as sweet, more spicy, if you know what i mean ;) She is a senior, trying to figure out what to do for her future. Greedy with money. Loves her money. Richest girl in school with the best clothes and fashion sense, though dubbed a bit risky and gets dress coded a lot. 

Shiena: A acquaintance to Haru and them, has her in a class. Gets bullied a lot. Loves being on the internet and blogging on tumblr. Swears revenge on the people who bully her.  Otoya bothers her because she gets bullied by her but shiena still finds herself being attracted to the very thing she hates. It is conflicting and hard for her to understand. 

Chitaru: she is probably  the only “pal/bro” to Tokaku, even though they have different views on life, they flow on the same wavelength and get each other. Though she dresses mainly, she is the most feminine person out there. has high morals and is pretty serious overall. Has been dating hitsugi for three and a half years, since eighth grade, everyone calls them the married couple. they don’t fight and are both each other’s first and hopefully plan to be last girlfriends.  Even teachers, whether for or against homosexuality notice their strong and beautiful relationship. She is into med evil stuff and does fencing for a sport.

Hitsugi: sticks around with chitaru most of the time, likes childish things, is a romance fanatic and loves romeo and juliet, chitaru’s pet name is juliet, however hitsugi is also juliet, showing how she understands that romeo is not the image of chitaru, she really truly understands chitaru and is shy around her. They were friends in elementary as well.  So they’ve been together technically their whole life. friends would be Haru and mahiru. Doesn’t like tokaku that much but doesnt have a problem with her. she can be a little scary sometimes.

Suzu: a senior in school, going to a top college everyone looks up to her and how mature she is, she wants to be a school councilor when she grows up. However she still likes having fun and has a pretty light, easy going attitude. Loves adult things and games, not really in tune with her teen side as much. Likes Kouko and they date.

Kouko: smart senior who is value victorian of her class and is going to an engineering/ model design  top school to get her master degree. Dating Suzu, she is VERY serious and often doesn’t understand when someone is joking. Usually helps tutor younger kids in high school.


i would write it myself ,but I don’t usually write fan fiction, so please someone hear me out! you can take this idea and expand on it (crediting me would be appreciated though if did) BUT PLEASEEE