i just really like the gorillaz

can we talk about the orwellian visuals in hallelujah money

the eye in the background, especially when it turns blue, reminds me of this 1984 cover: 

 (1984 deals with a time in which no news can be trusted and all events are governed by revisionist history, and i think that is an apt description of the “news” of the 2016 election…) 

 and let’s revisit this scene: 

 see the spotted pig giving an angry speech, while the other pigs stand in the barn looking sad? clearly a reference to animal farm, which is an allegory for dictatorship and an oppressor guilt-tripping and manipulating his subjects into hating the enemy (who is hardly an enemy at all), sacrificing their personal well-being for the dictator, and becoming just like the people from which they liberated themselves

idk as a massive orwell fan i really appreciate these references in a gorillaz video

I know Gorillaz looks rough initially. Because the first thing you get from them is that there are zombies, a dude with black eyes and another green dude that likes to show his dick around

but saying it’s just that and it has uninteresting music is…  sad, honestly, because you didn’t take the time to look up what gorillaz really is

you’re missing so much stuff, you’re missing the large and super strong guy that loves wearing dresses and heels and news flash! it’s not used as a joke

you’re missing out the anxious cute boy who likes to wear make up and nail polish and! it’s not a joke!

you’re missing out the young smart woman that is not sexualized, encourages girls to join STEM fields. The young woman that loves her cat and would love to smash the patriarchy with her thighs at the same time.

and you’re missing our Murdoc Niccals. He… is something. Anyway a man with a complex personality and backstory that has sex with people regardless of their gender and is not ashamed of publicily say it. He’s green too.

To celebrate, I drew bundled up 2d

  • <p> <b>What she says:</b> I'm fine<p/><b>What she means:</b> gorillaz keep teasing their new album with stories about what they've all been doing since plastic beach and oh my lord puberty hit noodle like a fucking van and russell is being featured in a magazine and we have literally seen murdoc's fucking dick in all of it's glory and we've still yet to see 2Ds story and THE NEW ART STYLE LOOKS REALLY FUCKING COOL and I love this band so much and there's going to be a new album soon <i><b>AAAAAaaaaaAAAAAAAhhhhhHHHHH</i></b><p/></p>
About: “Hallelujah Money”

Hey , everybody whos reading this post right now, i have been a fan of gorillaz for a very short time, 2 years to be specific, and i swear  that when i heard the first 2 seconds of the song i knew it was for my favourite band , i like the song. But lets be honest: 1-To the haters:I can understand why you dont like this song, the hype set the bar really high, and when you are told that a band like gorillaz, that has been in an hiatus for 6 years comes back , you expect the gorillaz themselves, not a collaboration.But, please, dont extend your bullshit in the coment section saying things like this song is terrible just beacuse its about Trump, art has always been about transmiting a message, and is up to the creator to decide what kind of message will be.Your criticism is welcome but please, dont be assholes. 2- To the fans:This song is by far no the best thing gorillaz has come up with,Gorillaz is a band, and as a band they have been in a constant process of change, and that change comes with mistakes and poor aceptation of the public(The fall is an example of this, there are a couple of tracks that can be rescued,but is the weakest album of them all)So please dont go  saying things like “this song is the best thig in the world” or that “just because its gorillaz it has to be good”.Dont be assholes to other opinions. 3-To all: HAVING DIFFERENT OPINIONS DOES NOT GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO BE AN ASSHOLE TO OTHERS.thanks for reading.Have a great life. :)

all the people saying that hallelujah money doesn’t sound like a gorillaz song really confuse me because, really, this is one of the most gorilaz-y songs gorillaz ever made, imo. both in terms of the lyrics, and the beat itself.

it’s just not made of the same brand of the more pop gorillaz songs (like feel good inc or 19-2000). it’s definitely a lot like their more experimental tunes. this one reminds me a lot of ‘fire coming out of the monkey’s head’ in it’s style, really.

of course, that doesn’t mean that you have to like it or find it a good song, but even so, the fact still stands that it’s not a deviation from gorillaz’s usual style

Thoughts watching New World Towers for the first time
  • who disappointed Damon three times?? 
  • Graham is stealing Damon’s jean chic 
  • Alex, those shorts…no 
  • Damon’s jello drum arms 
  • Graham making Damon have a giggle fit 
  • Graham:  "Jam sessh" 
  • How did Graham literally become more attractive in this documentary? what fountain of youth did he find
  •  everyone in Blur is just as upset about Blur as I am 
  • Damon-on-a-bike porn 
  • I see that Damon’s finally figured out how to pull his pants up 
  • why Hyde Park always gdi I will never be able to go there 
  • Oh I know that Blur fan  
  • oh there’s that backup singer from Gorillaz Damon almost killed a few years ago 
  • Damon looking like he’s going to cry when he says “young” in Beetlebum 
  •  why is everyone treating Graham like a kid still gdi 
  • “we never really resolved the Think Tank situation” - Graham ;_; 
  • omg another Blur fan I know
  • why do I love a band that hates America, this is masochism 
  • literally crying at Bug Graham 
  • Graham being intimidated by Damon ;_; 
  • Damon: “thanks for Graham” yes thank you for Graham
  • My boyfriend: “Alex is really humping that bass." 
  • Alex has so many feelings I love him 
  • Damon has gotten that cigarette toss down damn 
  • not gonna cry during I Thought I Was A Spaceman—dammit I’m crying 
  • I can’t handle Trimm Trabb after that are you kidding me 
  • there’s a guy whose entire job is to hold Damon’s butt how do I get that job 
  • My Terracotta Heart following Trimm Trabb seriously band are you trying to kill me 
  • my New Years resolution is writing Blur on a piece of paper and throwing it into a dumpster fire 
  • Damon singing My Terracotta Heart directly to Graham while Alex looks sad in a corner 
  • Graham: "we love each other for two hours then hate each other again” ;_; 
  • Alex saying Graham is still being mental, what?? 
  • Damon and I are both crying about Blur right now 
  • oh god I think Blur are really over this time Trump is president and Blur are gone forever 
  • *existential angst*

thank you again @braindeadvirtually​ <3 <3

okay so I just watched the Hallelujah Money video and here are my thoughts:

-I thought the visuals were a little confusing at first but I really liked the strong themes they had

-the 2D shadow was actually super clever

-Clementine had a cool voice

-I’m a little unsure about the new sound just because it felt a little discordant to me; I think if I listen to it a couple more times though it will grow on me

-what the fuck was the spongebob clip at the end


“I’m starting recording in September for a new Gorillaz record, I’ve just been really, really busy so I haven’t had a chance. I’d love to just get back in to that routine of being at home and coming to the studio five days a week.”

“I’d like to make at least one more record with them. A happy, positive and funny one!”

“I’m determined that my next record will be very upbeat, and I will try to set myself the benchmark of 125 bpm and nothing underneath that. “

                                                                                - Damon Albarn

finaaaaaaally finished this sketch dump of noodle fusions for the gemillaz au!!! fusions are. so damn fun to make so sorry that i keep making them LMAO. in order we have noodle/murdoc, noodle/2D, n noodle/russel. all lovely femmes that were. so fun to design so fun to draw and took too long to finish but hey its done now B^) 


Okay guys, so….

Something REALLY bad has happened lately

I am the author of this 2-D Birthday Gif, but a lot of people do not know that.

Why do you ask?

Well, it was a 50/50 mistake.

I did this gif the 23th at like 2 am (so its technically the 24th) because of 2-D’s birthday. But I was so done with making it that I just uploaded it to tumblr and facebook WITHOUT PUTTING A WATERMARK ON IT. 

I had never thought that it would get viral/famous, so I was like ‘Who cares? No one is going to repost it anyways’




The days passed, and this thing happened.

A guy reposted my work. ‘No big deal’ ,I though,, since he wasn’t big on Facebook or anything, so there’s nothing to worry about



A really famous page (that has over 600.000 likes) shared the gif and gave credits to the other guy.

I spammed the page and told others to do the same to just change the credits…

That hasn’t work.

The worst thing:

Another really famous page ALSO FREAKING GAVE CREDITS TO THE OTHER GUY. (this one has more than a million likes, so ya know why is this bad)





Just watermark your art. EVEN if you have just posted it, EVEN if you have to re-upload it and lose your current notes/likes. It’s worth it.

Please, I am suffering for my horrible mistake, so hear me out, ‘cause I care about you.

(P.S:In case you don’t believe I did it, I have the SAI archive)

anonymous asked:

ahhhhh!!! Just read ur post on Instagram about working on your original art, so sad you left (not really) just when you introduced syd's mom, such a cliffhanger!!! I checked on ur page for more info since I'm dying to know what's next!! Any who, good luck on ur art, always looking forward to what happens next in ur awesome AU :)

AW TYSM!!! ur so sweet ❤
yeah i didn’t rly leave, i’m just not inspired to do gorillaz fanart atm and i don’t wanna feel like it’s something i gotta do, like i don’t want it becoming a duty u know??? so im taking a break for a while till i feel inspired again to do stuff with sydney
tysm for ur support, i appreciate it with all my heart ❤❤