i just really like the coloring


Dress Up (Joker x Reader)

Requested by Anon: “Could you do a joker imagine were the reader wears like all pastel colors and flower crowns and is like super shy and innocent and joker kidnaps her cos like her dads a mob boss. Smut please.”

A/n: Sorry that I didn’t deliver on the smut, I just really couldn’t make it work. ;-;

Warnings: Mature themes.

Music softly carried through the space of your room. You were seated at your vanity, expertly applying a soft toned lipstick to your lips. You leaned forward to inspect your makeup job, your lips parted as you smiled widely at your reflection. Your music picked up as you stood from the vanity. Your eyes scanned the room until you found the item you’d been looking for, the missing accessory to complete your look.

“Perfect…” you sighed happily, placing the colored flower crown on top of your head, adjusting the accessory until you were satisfied.

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Steven Universe S1E16 “Steven the Sword Fighter” - Afterthoughts

That was such a great episode!

Finally got some explaination on gems dying, or poofing, i’m not really sure how to call it. The episode had some hilarious moments as well, i really loved all of Amethyst’s dialogue, her lines were just perfect, and Pearl getting stabbed was… holy shit.

Ontop of that, we got a new Pearl outfit! I really love her new appearance, the colors are amazing, and it’s really pretty and elegant. I think this design fits her perfectly, i like it way more than the old one honestly.

I rate this episode a 9/10, see you next time!

anonymous asked:

So I'm thinking for the ProfAu that Anti is the kind of professor to come in wearing like a hoodie and torn jeans while google comes in wearing a suit. Wilford would wear a pink circus ringleader like outfit and Dark I feel like would wear a black vest with red strips.

omg. People mistaking Anti for a student sometimes. Like, people who don’t have his classes just sometimes assume…

I think those are like. spot on. But I think that Wilford would probably have like.. just… so much variety in what he wears day to day. It’s almost always really obnoxiously flashy and colorful though

over-active-daydreamer  asked:

Headcanons on Sidon paying a visit to their Hylian friend (or s/o) and arrive just as they are doing laundry. He sticks around using this chance to look at the different styles. The friend (or s/o) is gender neutral but the female Gerudo outfit has to be a part of the laundry. So I'm going to stop saying that I'll stop, and just apologize in advance for my continuous submissions. I just love how you write so much that's why, and I have so many ideas, I just can't help it. You are amazing!

Thank you so much! I’m glad you like this blog enough to keep submitting!

-Mod Pinks

Spots Gerudo Outfit in Friend’s Laundry (Sidon)

  • “(Name), what is that? I’ve never seen you wear it before.”
  • More curious than anything else. 
    • Like most Zora, clothing doesn’t really seem to be a thing, so he doesn’t understand the concept of embarrassing clothing or low-cuts.
  • Thinks the color is lovely
  • Asks why they don’t wear it
    • Ultimately up to the friend what they explain

adricdepsycho  asked:

So I understand the complaints about Steven Universe going off model and agree with them, but what are these complaints about color palette that I've seen crop up lately? Also, do you think that sometimes the discussion of the off model animation gets in the way of episode discussion? I really liked Room for Ruby (helped that it was just what I needed after going through a bad bout of depression), but it felt like more people were taking about the animation than the episode itself.

First of all, I’m currently writing a script that is about the critique of the art design of Steven Universe, coming from a perspective of someone with (some, not a lot) studio experience AND as a long term fan. Just throwing that out there. See it next year knowing my schedule. But still, working on it! 

I don’t remember Steven Universe fandom ever discussion the show outside of speculating on what’s to come (fusions or homeworld), trying to piecing together the leaks into what the episodes about, shipping characters.

I’m actually not all that jazz about Room for Ruby. I like the concept of the episode, but Navy’s voice was hard to listen to for long periods of time. Doesn’t help that the reveal was ruined by an article the day before it came out.  

Men sometimes are just ew….
Like calling a woman ugly because of her skin color. Like bitch, if you don’t want her, Ill take her. I love all women; black, white, Asian, Hispanic, ect. Like I don’t care if they’re thin or thick. Women are fucking beautiful. They only way they be ugly is if their personality is ugly. Like fuck him. I hope that guy gets his ass handed to him of a plate…..

Why is this man taking over my life.

Why can I not decide an eye color for him, though the neon green and the really light blue are my favorites.

Well none of these questions are going to be answered he’s just fun to draw.

@lizadale this is your fault, you and your L. xD J/K but seriously you have like gotten me to love this guy so much….and other people have not helped either. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

I have other doodles but that also involves me being a trash and pairing him with an OC so I’ll spare y’all.


And it’s warm and real and bright
And the world has somehow shifted.
All at once everything is different
Now that I see you

Now that I see you

tangled au??? i guess? maybe? this took me forever and colored pencils are not my strong suit but i still really like it!! amy is just a beautiful princess and mark seems like a flynn rider type of guy so i thought tangled would be fun to do!! i hope y’all like it too :3c let’s hope tumblr doesn’t bork the quality

This is from an actual scene in SU
How do they handle the bright colors and inconsistent sizes

It’s been said before and it’ll keep coming up - the animators at SU cannot stay on model to save their lives. I’m pretty sure all of the characters change sizes and just generally are really inconsistently drawn.

I find it interesting that animation is a field that a lot of people are passionate about, but when they actually get to doing work shit like this happens. 

- Mod Bunny

anonymous asked:

I know I'm supposed to like Catelynn, but after reading the books and watching the series I can't stand her

Well the showrunners couldn’t stand her either, so they made her terrible and side-lined. Just…don’t judge anyone by the show. Or judge the creative medium by the show. Or pay any attention at all to the show.

I mean…I’m not really sure how to respond other than “well I LIKE her!” The key to Cat is understanding her “patriarchy brain” and how Martin uses the setting to explore a close PoV bias with her. Actually, I just did a podcast all about this, though I knew we should have hyper-focused on her, if nothing else to name it “Only Cat.”

I’m not sure if you read the books before watching the show, but I will say if you did the show first, you probably were given a very weird impression, and one that could have colored a reading. I know it took me rereading ASOIAF to really be able to dig deep and get what Martin was going for with a lot of the characters. And now I can’t stop rereading it…

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You know what I just realized. Park Jinyoung from Got7 never dyed his hair before. For as long as I remembered, his hair has always stayed the same color. I cant believe I just realized this. But just imagine him with bleached and dyed hair. It will look weird in him as I think about it, but you never really know until you see it in real life. But still I want to see him in pink hair cause why not?

Shit u rite. It was like a lighter brown for bounce but damn i dont think id survive if he had dyed hair
-Admin Kookfairy

anonymous asked:

Excuse me, but what does Isayama say about the character of Ymir? This confirms that she is dead since he said. "When i was doing the manga i had a lot of fun writing Ymir.I can't wait to see how she fares in this season." It will have another meaning the truth do not mean that with this you could say, although my interpretation is that it goes to the middle of the season just like Reiner and Berthold. Could you explain me please

I have absolutely no idea what Isayama says about Ymir, because I am an absurd killjoy who has been following none of the interviews.

I do know that it can be a lot of fun to watch a story play out the way you intended, and especially for the parts through 50, Isayama clearly put a great deal of care into Ymir’s role in the story. It’s probably really exciting to come back to that and see it live and in color.

We might get to see even more of her than in the manga thanks to anime filler, too.

-shrugs- I don’t think anything in season two is going to shed light on Ymir’s current manga position. That could be cool and all, but whatever the conclusion of her story is, forty chapters after the obvious season midpoint, we still don’t have the complete picture.

The anime’s probably going to gift us with a lot, but major story developments are likely still getting stuck with the monthly wait.

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hii can you make colifer icons from the new cc?


• please do not repost or claim as yours
• like/reblog if using
• if you want one of them in another color, just let me know

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michelangelodinamo  asked:

Hi, @thevipersnake! Please, tell me! Where's I can learn how to draw like you (an animator, character design and ilustrator). I always draw manga, but ilustration is what I really want to follow. Thanks! ^^

Hi :)

Haha, I really don’t know ! 

I think the most important thing is to always try to experiment new things, by observation and imagination.
Find artists who inspires you and try to understand why you like them, and then use what you’ve learn from them in your own work (like dynamism, colors, themes, characters..). 

Just be open minded and draw a lot :) 
This are my only tips X)