i just really like that door silhouette thing

I have a really far-fetched theory about Stevenbomb 6

What if Steven visits the future? My main reasoning is that I can’t help thinking that the child asking “Are you my dad?” in the promo is addressing Steven. The creatures whose silhouettes we see behind Onion aren’t like anything we’ve encountered before, and Pearl’s expression when Steven is leaving through those glowing yellow doors suggests that she’s never seen that kind of thing before. I could see Steven having to visit a future in which he never heals corruption and leaves his own kid to finish his work just like his mom did. So Steven goes into the future to recover the people who’ve gone missing and meets his future kid, who convinces him to take some drastic measure to change the course of fate. I predict that “Doug Out” and “The Good Lars” will be mostly fluff, so all of this action would be packed into two 11-minute episodes (“Are You My Dad?” and “I Am My Mom”). Of course, we’ve seen the Crewniverse do this before ;)
Needless to say, I am so pumped for this new bomb!

Since I like thinking about things that cause me pain what if, going off the Galra Keith theory, Shiro was the first to notice in a not so nice way. Or rather, he sees something he shouldn’t.

So like, it’s the middle of the night and Shiro can’t sleep, so he’s wondering around the halls trying to tire himself out when he sees that Keith’s door is open. Curious, he goes to check it out but it’s still dark. He can’t really see much, but he sees a silhouette in the shadows. He just watches it for a moment until he catches glimpse of their eyes. A flash of bright yellow, reflective eyes.

Shiro recognises those eyes. Those are Galra eyes. He panics. He can’t think of anything but there’s galra in the castle. There’s a galra in /Keith’s/ room. His first action is to protect his friend from the threat so he attacks without hesitation.

The Galra struggles, but doesn’t hit back. Shiro manages to get in a few good hits and pins them to the ground, hand around their neck to keep them compliant.

It’s only then that the lights come on. He’s woken the others. Hunk is probably the first to arrive, and turn on the lights.

Even with the lights on, so that Shiro can see Keith, it takes him several long moments to think straight and actually recognise him. Hunk hauls him off of Keith before he can process it, shouting that he needs to calm down.

Pidge arrives next, and has no idea what’s going on but they check on Keith while Hunk tries to get Shiro straightened out.

Shiro is confused, because he saw Galra, he swears he did, but Keith looks normal. (This works with the head canon that Keith’s eyes are light sensitive. Since Galra eyes have no pupils they can’t regulate light, but they probably see well in the dark. It doesn’t help that Keith naturally moves like the Galra, which Shiro instinctively picked up on.

Obviously, it doesn’t take long to feel incredibly bad, thinking he had just had an attack and completely mistook his friend for the enemy with no good reason.

Keith is worse for wear. Developing bruises and bleeding from abrasions caused by Shiros metal arm. Probably a bit out of it after a strong hit to the head.

Hunk takes Shiro out of the room, despite Shiro swearing he’s calmed down and wants to help. (Hunk still doesn’t know what happened but he thinks it’s best they be separated for a while.

Lance, ever late to the party, volunteers to get Shiros side to the story while pidge and hunk take Keith to go get fixed up.

Shiro swears that he didn’t mean to hurt Keith. He didn’t. He wanted to protect him. Lance is understanding, and so are the others, but Shiro still feels bad. They tell allura to see what she has to say and she’s a bit up in the air but agrees that it’s no ones fault.

Even though it’s not that bad, they decide its best they put Keith in the healing pods for a few hours since he did sustain head injuries. He’ll be better by sunrise, they say.

They all get sent back to bed. Shiro can’t sleep. And he’s back at the infirmary as early as is acceptable to apologise. Much to his dismay though Allura turns him away.

Allura makes unconvincing excuses, and Shiro assumes either Keith is worse than he thought, or that he doesn’t want to see him.

The truth is, though, that they have other reasons to keep them apart. The scrapes on Keith’s cheek have healed, but the skin has grown back Galra purple. No one knows what’s going on, but they don’t know how Shiro or the others will react seeing it.