i just really like talking about science

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HEYYY I LOVED THAT heart MEDIC THING U DID! I also like your idea about medic talking about a bunch of other things! How about you put a name to it? Maybe medic's science talks? Classroom medic? Maybe add engie or demo as his assistant cuz u know... science! Please keep drawing and making art! I really like your work!!!

Thanks! It got a great response, so I’m glad I took the time to make that thing. I dunno if I’ll be doing them often enough to get very formal about it, but I guess I should come up with a title just so I can tag them. “Medic Explains,” I guess? If I think it’s appropriate, I’ll definitely pull in some other characters, but I won’t know until I get there.

I do have an idea for one I wanna draw next month, a subject not on the list. It’s a secret until then, though!

Hc that the members of Overwatch don’t really see Junkrat as a smart guy. Like they just see him and Roadhog as these junker criminals who know nothing but destruction

But in reality Junkrat is actually super smart. Like he just doesn’t show it like Winston does or Symmetra. He doesn’t write out equations or really know all those fancy calculations and formulas. Overtime he had come up with his own terms for everything which may confuse the others since they don’t know what he’s talking about and gets confused that they’re confused

But he understands how to do the math and science he just can’t like the others can. I mean he’s built his tire and his other weapons, his arm and leg too all from scratch and spare parts

So overall junkrat is very smart and just shows it differently
Bonus for Roadhog threatening anyone who makes fun of Junkrat and calls him dumb or anything

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Hey Bucky! I love reading about your perspective on life. I was wondering, have you bonded with Tony over non-consensual body modifications? And, has he/does he help out at all with the technical support of your arm?

tony and i have talked about our super fun experiences with becoming cyborgs, yes, and i guess we bonded? honestly though tony and i spend a lot of time geeking out about science and engineering. im nowhere near his level but when hes stumbled across something that really gets him excited he likes to share it with anyone who will listen and im one of the few people in the tower who is genuinely interested in that stuff. bruce is too but is interests are more focused. so often tony will just burst into whatever room im hanging out in and begin ranting about whatever neat science thing has happened. often he is still smoking from whatever explosion he just accidentally set off. 

tony and i mostly bond over cars. both of us are car nerds–or gearheads, if you wanna be picky about it–and we spend a lot of time working on the cars tony already has or just chatting about cars in general. natasha joins us a lot too, believe it or not. she has strong opinions about cars, both as accessories for her various covers, and as getaway vehicles. eventually i think it just kinda turned into an actual interest in cars. so she and tony and i argue cars a lot, because the rest of the avengers couldnt care less. clint drives an ancient pickup truck that is probably more bullet holes than steel, thor is half convinced that every car is gonna hit him (to be fair to thor, hes been hit by cars a lot) bruce just drives whatever, and steve seems to think that cars are some sort of range weapon. 

tony does do my arm maintenance. last time my arm broke it was because he summoned the iron man armor across the city while i was stuffing the insides full of glitter. it broke all of my metal fingers. tony fixed them all except my middle finger, which is currently stuck in flipping-off position. doesnt bother me much though because i do that a lot anyway 

So I saw arrival a week or so ago - and it was amazing! Female linguist protagonist! Aliens! Mother-daughter relationship!

And I just reblogged a post about science talking about how more people with more diverse interests need to go into science, which I definitely agree with!

But there’s something about both of those seemingly-disconnected events that makes me really annoyed.

Linguistics is science.

I don’t really get why this is a thing that needs to be said? But in the movie, Hawkeye was like, “You’re thinking like a mathematician. That’s a compliment” and I think that the moviemakers somehow didn’t notice how much math is involved in linguistics?? And the other post was talking about “people who would be just as likely to be fantastic historians or politicians or musicians or linguists.”

I mean, I get that it’s about studying ~language~ so it’s part of the ~humanities~ or whatever but… physics is not sports. If someone is studying how circular objects move around in three-dimensional space, they’re not actually playing basketball. They’re still doing physics. Somebody studying biology is not necessarily a medical doctor. They might be a medical doctor, and they might understand some nuances of general biology that let them give advice in certain, specific situations, but they’re still not a medical doctor. Somebody doing linguistics is studying language.

I don’t get why this is such a foreign concept.

The First Night Is Always The Hardest

or the one where you’re just really nervous and harry really wants you to let him hold you. tumblr: harryforvogue

It’s not like the whole idea was awkward. Couples cuddles, couples kissed, couples talked about their feelings. It wasn’t rocket science and it definitely wasn’t a new concept. However, nobody really understood how nerve wracking it actually was be when you found yourself in a particular situation, especially if you’re dating the hottest man in the world.

Harry had been at the studio all day, working on his masterpiece of an album. He had promised you the night before that he’d be at your doorstep within a couple hours. The last time you had heard from him was around 11 am and at about 10 pm, you figured he wasn’t coming around.

You hadn’t been dating for long. a little over a month, and now that you think about it, how many times had you actually seen him since he took you on your first date. You were well aware of the conditions you had signed up for when you agreed to be his girlfriend, and it’s not like he was proud of leaving you alone for several days.

In fact, the next time he would see you, however long the duration of his absence was, he always showered you with apologies, and who were you to deny them. They sounded raw and hurtful every time, so you accepted them graciously.

You sadly glanced over your living room. You had set a couple movies on the floor and blankets messily folded for when Harry arrived. You decided to tidy up the place once the clock struck 10:30.

As soon as you tucked the blankets back into their respective homes in the cabinet adjacent to your room, you heard a heavy knock at your door.

Your heart immediately began pounding my your chest, blood rushing to your face and ears and your glided your way to the wooden door, taking a brief moment to collect yourself. Dating Harry also meant looking,,,somewhat acceptable at most times, mainly because of gorgeous Harry’s previous partners were.

You opened the door to reveal a weary boyfriend, sagging against the door frame, looking up at you with sleepy, fatigue engulfed eyes. A lazy smile etched on his red lips as you breathed, “Hey.”

“Hi love. I made it.”

“You didn’t have you,” you gushed, a wave of guilt hitting you as you realize you never told him it was okay to just go home, “it’s really late.”

He nodded and stood upright, nudging his toe against the door you held tightly in your hands, knuckled turning white with strain. “Haven’t seen yeh in…a week right? Yea, a week,” he paused then, glancing around you, peering into your flat, “am I allowed inside?”

Your eyes widened as you feverishly nodded, moving back anything but swiftly, hitting your heel against the shoe rack. Embarrassed, you muttered an, “ow”, to which Harry briefly chuckled.

“Thank you, love,” he said softly, dropping a quick kiss to the top of your head, proceeding to enter your living room.

“Yeah,” you whispered in reply, locking the door, then following his footsteps.

He sat with his legs uncomfortably cross, damn those tight jeans, and hands crossed in his lap. “I really am sorry about being late.”

You shook your head and sat next to him, a smile on your face to reassure him that it was completely fine he had sweat with anxiety and pace with hopefulness for the past couple hours. “I kind of figured you weren’t coming, you know, since you probably have work tomorrow too.”

Damn, how were you supposed to get used to those large, drowsy eyes and bitten lips?

“I do,” Harry sighed, running a hand over his eyes. “Quite early too. Everybody just wants the studio and I have to book it as early as possible.”

Or you could take a couple days off, you thought to yourself but realized that the idea is too selfish. Instead, you nodded and jutted your chin towards your small kitchen. “Do you want some tea?”

Harry took a moment to ponder before shaking his head, turning towards you. He looked so sleepy and gone, your heart physically hurt. “Tomorrow maybe.”

He didn’t let you reply as he took your face between his palms and pressed himself closer to you. Your eyes closed before his did. Harry connected your lips together, softly and slightly hesitant, as if he were still wary about your limits. He didn’t know you exceptionally well, although he intended to in the near future, so his hands were always a little shaky, a little slow when it came to touching you. His delicious scent engulfed your senses and suddenly, you were putty in his hands.

You imagined how you guys looked in your head. The lights in your flat were dimmed, a single candle lit in the corner of the room right by the large television, Harry’s eyes scrunched closed, yours fluttering constantly, lips locked in a kiss.

Harry’s thumbs ran across your cheekbones gingerly as if you were going to break, as if he would even let that happen. He released your lips, only drawing you closer for another kiss; a low hum of approval emitted from deep within his chest. He tasted faintly of spearmint.

As quick as Harry’s warmth filled your body, it left as he opened his eyes and pressed a final kiss right below your lips, a breathless laugh falling from his own redder mouth. Your eyes were glazed as you opened them. “Missed you,” the words tumbled from you before you could stop them.

Harry’s shoulders sagged as he wrapped his strong arms around your waist, a sad expression on his face, connecting his forehead with yours. “I know, love. I’m here right now. I’m staying.”

You stayed like that for a while, your head on his chest, his hand rubbing your back slowly.

It was anything but relaxing. Your heart only beat faster than ever and you quickly had to pull away before he could comment on it. “You sure you don’t want tea? It’ll wake you up. Your flat a bit far from here.”

Harry’s face contorted into hesitation again as he opened his mouth. “Actually,” he began, “I was goin’ ask yeh if it’s alright for me the crash here?”

He vigilantly watched you.

An entire night with Harry alone sounded appealing but what if he tried to make conversation with you and realized how boring you were? It was a miracle he even asked you to be his girlfriend, and you were well aware with the fact that his relationships usually didn’t last longer than a couple weeks.

Truth was, Harry had met you by accident while visiting a close friend. There was quite a long line of friends before your name was listed, however sure enough, you had found Harry at a party. It had been difficult talking to him then, and it was still pretty impossible now. You had told Harry everything he wanted to know about you, (your interests, choice of men, favorite color…etc), as if in a dream. You knew it would take a while for you to get used to having such a beautifully complex human in your life intimately.

“Yeah,” you breathed, “that’s fine.”

He relaxed and and pecked your lips softly. “Thank you, love!”

He stood up and stretched, (you definitely didn’t let your eyes linger at his exposed skin and mouth watering tattoos).

“I’m going to sleep now since I have to get up early. Will my girlfriend be joining me?” He teased, watching you stand up as well. You nodded almost shyly and clumsily circled around him, leading him upstairs.

You pointed at the bathroom and mumbled something about an extra toothbrush being in the cabinet. He thanked you and left you alone after that.

You quickly changed into your night attire, which consisted of sweatpants and a tight tee shirt. It hadn’t occurred to you what Harry would wear to bed until he trudged into your room, a confusion look plastered on his face. “I haven’t got any clothes with me.”

You blinked. “I don’t have anything for you either.”

You saw his jaw clench, a shiver running through your spine. He nodded and retreated back into the bathroom. “I’ll improvise.”

Harry didn’t take long in the bathroom and he wasted no time getting into bed. You stomach growled suddenly, low enough to only be heard by you and you bit your lip wondering if sacrificing your own hunger was really worth providing Harry with a peaceful night. You were already in bed, heavy blankets draped over your shivering body, and far too lazy to get up. You resolved the issue with the decision to eat a fairly large breakfast tomorrow and closed your eyes, back facing Harry.

Silently, you heard his jeans drop to the floor with a clang which almost made you turn around.

“Did you just-”

“I have no other option!” Harry protested, a grin probably growing on his stupid, adorable face.

He climbed into bed then, groaning once he straightened his back, cracking his knuckles, from heaven knows what part of his body, a couple times. He yawned almost inaudibly and finally went still. “Goodnight, beautiful,” he rasped sleepily.

“Goodnight Harry,” you whispered.

The silence didn’t last long. A couple seconds later, the tall boy huffed abruptly and you felt his voice at your ear. “Babe,” he whined lowly.

He forced an arm under your stomach, wrapping his long limb around your waist, thrusting your against his chest, legs holding yours hostage between his, lips at your neck. “Face me,” he pouted.

Who were you to deny him of a perfect night? So, you turned around quickly and let him guide you into a position suitable for both. You rest your head in the crook of his neck, breathing him in. It felt right. The way Harry took your waist, rubbing the clothed skin, and the way Harry’s chest rose and fell with every breath. You felt at home, calm, and above all, happy.

Surprisingly, you realized there was no reason to be worried about being in such close proximity with this beautiful man. There was no reason to be scared.

You found it exceptionally easy to fall asleep that night.

THE SIGNS AS THINGS I’VE DONE part 3 or whatever

Aries: people told me i’d be a great dictator bc my laws are secure and i don’t have that evil control over my citizens. even my Cancer teacher said i’d be a good president or whatever :)

Taurus: got politically pissed

Gemini: realized that reading is basically getting high in a way

Cancer: feeling sad for no reason

Leo: thinking of how much i’d be a great president

Virgo: talked about horror movies we have on our “To Watch List” or horror movies we’ve watched with my science teacher, my other scorpio friend, and sagittarius or gemini friend

Libra: contemplating whether or not to add “Hotline Bling” to my playlist

Scorpio: made my Cancer teacher love me (he already does) even tho he hates ppl born in february cause he really HATES the cold lmao. im his fave student for sure

Sagittarius: just finished watching Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Back” music video and realized how much he looks like an average kid when he was wearing sunglasses….AQUARIUS MAKING TRENDS SINCE 1987

Capricorn: missing my friends or something idk

Aquarius: mixed vinegar with my water for some reason. pls don’t try it

Pisces: i’m listening to this weird song and thinking of the color orange at the same time for some reason

Things INFPs do
  • Really don’t like being in the spotlight.
  • Usually so nice and reserved that you just think of them as angels, but they’ll take advantage of that and be mischievous little shits when you least expect it. Beware.
  • Don’t usually like conflicts. They’re the people who think/say “You wanna fight?” because they’re so passionate about their opinions/principles, but they won’t actually fight you. 
  • Are all little puppies. Trust me, this is 100% proven science.
  • Talk about their day a lot to close friends because they like sharing the emotions so other people feel them too. If someone said something funny, they’ll tell you about it because they want you to laugh too. If they heard something sad, they’ll tell you about it so you’re both sad.
  • Have really wild imaginations, and are likely to vent out their feelings into a creative outlet. The things they write/draw are usually very abstract. Think William Blake. Or watercolor.
  • Fall in love with fictional characters a lot. This is something that happens to everyone, but they’re the people who will endlessly wait for their fictional characters to come back from war.
  • Compelled by things that are underrated, be it books, movies, characters.
  • Usually have a good fashion sense and a very subtly distinct way of dressing (if that makes sense). This can range anywhere from pastels and pleated skirts for one INFP to dark shirt and ripped jeans for another. They don’t underdress or overdress; they dress just right, and you look at them and think, “that’s just so you.”
  • Typical INFP:  (◡‿◡✿)
danny headcanons ft autism

- walks into things a lot bc he’s not great at spacial awareness

- (walks into elliot an Extra Lot, it’s only accidental occasionally most of the time)

- tends to infodump when talking with people, usually about star trek or science

- goes nonverbal when he’s really stressed, tired, or sometimes just randomly

- very visual thinker, not so great with words, especially double meanings / puns

- bad balance, sometimes falls over while standing still, Usually manages to catch himself tho

- hypersensitive to texture, which is why he seems to have like 5 million hoodies & sweaters, bc they are Soft & feel Super Nice

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Sentence Starters


  • “News flash douchebags, I’m a good person! Do what I can for you, all the time!”
  • “Where were you in my senior gender studies class? We’ll talk about that later.”
  • “Feel free to sit down, but I gotta warn you, I’m not good company.”
  • “Dude, are we not friends anymore? Like, are you mad at me? “
  • “I’m telling you, that bitch cray.”
  • Look, just as a tip, we don’t actually, like, talk to each other around here.
  • Underneath that laid back attitude, her’s really controlling and bossy.
  • I’m a good person, better than you!


  • “Dear God, I don’t pray to you because I believe in science. But I don’t know what to do. Give me guidance, please.”
  • “The mature, rational side of me knows you’re not a jerk.”
  • “Oh my god, he called every hospital in the area. And some morgues.”
  • “Can you just stay with me for a little while? I can’t be alone right now.”
  • “You kept using the word happy. I hadn’t, like, thought about that word in so long.”

  • “I make no sense! And you shouldn’t waste time on me, can’t you see that?”
  • “Sometimes it’s like you don’t understand me, or even believe in me. It sucks.”
  • “I have to feel my feelings. It’s okay to feel.”
  • “You did not see his face when he left my apartment that day. I was dead to him.”

  • “I’m the villain in my own story.  My actions have gone way too far.”

  • “We’re told love conquers all, but that only applies to the heroes.”

  • “I know how hard your life can be. Don’t forget to be happy, because that’s really important.“

  •  "I am happy. I’m so happy. This is what happy feels like.”

  • “I made a fool out of myself because that’s what happens when you emulate stupid rom-coms.”

Shippy/Love Advice

  • “I am bisexual! I am going for drinks with this gay man whom I have a crush on!”

  • “You’re pretty and you’re smart and you’re ignoring me, so you’re obviously my type.  “

  • “Yes, okay. Let’s engage in some date conversation. “

  • “You know, the whole reason that I came here is cause I thought that you were cute and that they were gonna be terrible, but you’re terrible and they’re cute.”

  • “I don’t know much, but what I do know is it’s not good to hook up with a crying girl.”
  • “Look, I’ve seen a lot of Hallmark movies, and the look on people’s faces before they run and confess their feelings? That’s your face.”
  • “I’m sorry he blew it. But it’s just….. it’s ______. It’s how he is.”
  • “You broke my heart, you dumb, idiot jerkface!”
  • “I’m way too bad-ass to be someone you settle for.”
  • “Okay, dude, so the moment you’re craving isn’t anchored in real emotion. It’s a script, dictated to you by our society’s patriarchal love narrative.”

  • “Oh, come on. This is fear talking. You’re just afraid she’s gonna hurt you again.”
  • “This isn’t about anyone else but you. You’re not second choice. I promise.”
  • “I don’t want to say I don’t like anyone as much as you, but I think I just said it.”
tapir replied to your post “like i didn’t realize i sounded so pretentious i’m just really excited…”

honestly, fuck that anon. WOMEN IN SCIENCE GET THIS SO MUCH. You use jargon? You’re stuck up and you don’t know what you’re talking about. You mention your achievements? You’re a stuck-up b****. Meanwhile men who do these things are “confident” and “geniuses” and whatever other bullshit. AHHH sorry this really grinds my gears.

no you’re right that’s a really good point - men are praised out the ass for their discoveries but women often get called pretentious or stuck-up for taking pride in their scientific achievements. i didn’t think about their message in the context of that

i feel somewhat relieved today because i got my module results for last semester and i got solid 2:1s in all my modules !!! turns out i actually did better in the exams than the coursework (luckily because the exams are weighted heavier) AND my highest mark was in philosophy of science which is very amusing and a huge relief because after i sat the exam i was crying and i was honestly expecting to only just scrape a 40% pass or totally fail it because i felt like i didn’t know anything and i felt like i just bullshitted the whole exam and wrote a load of incoherent crap and i hated the module because it was so dry and fucking boring so !!!!!! for ages i’ve been feeling really down and anxious about uni like even hearing anyone talking about uni or degrees has made me wince because i’ve been convincing myself i’d failed the first half of my second year and was going to get kicked out because i’m not intelligent enough to be here so i feel fucking good about this to be HONEST!!!!!!!

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A concept: Kara talking science with Lena before she knows Lena knows, but everytime she talks about thermodynamics Lena looks at her like she's dim sum and it's making it REALLY hard to focus on not mentioning anything Earth scientists haven't discovered yet

just imagine one day kara blurring out a random scientific discovery made in another planet and lena being “what” and kara Freezing because only then does she realize what she did

kara trying to come up with an explanation and justify what she said with only earth’s knowledge and she’s stammering and she pushes her glasses back in place so hard she almost breaks it

all the while lena is just charmed and awed but also just trying hard not to laugh at how adorable kara is

I like to think that the reason the monsters say “they” and “the human” and don’t ever ask or mention Frisk’s biological sex or gender or sexuality is because they don’t know and they are very confused by humans. I like to imagine while Frisk is away all the monsters get together and talk about them and try to figure it out.

This is just a roleplay or short story, feel free to use it in anyway you want with credit, it’s for humor, not science, no offense is intended.

Sans: “okay, since Tori and Asgore had a human child before, uh, mind telling us about what kind of human Frisk is?”

Asgore: “uh… Well I never really considered asking, I mean, it’s really hard to tell when they are young, it’s the same as with boss monsters, until their body shape changes or their horns grow or they get a beard, it’s really hard to know. Without our old Royal Scientist we wouldn’t have even known that Asriel was a male at his age. I did some research in the Royal library and found a book with pictures of humans in it, and apparently the males also have do have horns that grow as they get older, and the females only have a little nub, but humans only have one horn, and it’s in a really weird place and they do strange-

Alphys: "I TOLD YOU TO STOP READING THOSE!” *blushes* “uh… I mean, as the Royal Scientist, I uh, did an in-interview with Frisk…and uh… They expressed interest in me. I-I-I mean they believed I had an interest in them, but…”

Undyne: (pounds table with fist) “I knew that human couldn’t be trusted! They hit on me with my own energy spear when I offered them a drink in my own home, but now this? Has this human hit on all the girls down here?”


Sans: “ah… That explains that look they gave me when they took me out to dinner. ”


(Flashback to Frisk huddled in the fetal position on a chair crying after Sans’ “you’d be dead where you stand” speech)

Sans: “they had a good time.”

Alphys: “wait, who else did they flirt with?”

(Mettaton raises his hand)
(Aaron raises a muscular hand)
(Muffet raises three hands)
(Tsunderplane raises a wing flap)
(Napstablook raises a hand halfway and then stops)

Alphys: “Is-is that everyone?”

(Moldsmal wiggles sexily and Moldbygg shivers at the memory)

Undyne: “even the gelatin?…”

Toriel: “Alphys, the child also…. The child flirted with me…. But they also asked to call me mom….”

(Everyone gasps)
(Asgore spits out his tea and slams his trident into the ground)
(San’s left eye begins to glow blue)
(Papyrus’s jaw bone falls off)

Toriel: “let us not get angry, we do not want to hurt them, perhaps this is normal for humans, perhaps my sweet little Chara was more….unusual… For a human than we thought… We never got a chance to learn more about humans before because SOMEBODY kept having them killed. Still though, their name is strange, who names their child Frisk? That’s almost as bad as naming your child the combination of you and your wife’s first names. ”

(Asgore cries)

Alphys: “I tried to do the whole trick with showing them several bathrooms with different signs in my lab, but they didn’t pick any of them, just muttered something about an elevator breaking last time and left saying they planned to just water the flowers… Whatever that means. I don’t even know how bathrooms work”

(Sound of Flowey screaming profanities is heard echoing faintly in the background)

Mettaton: “Alphys darling, is what Frisk aligns with really our business? We don’t know how comfortable they are in their body, maybe they just need to visit me and get a makeover so they can feel and look like the star they really are.”


Mettaton: "plus humans boost the ratings and viewers so much”

Papyrus: “OH…”

Toriel: “when I showed them their room they had a wardrobe of Chara’s old clothes to wear, and other humans clothes, but Frisk never changed out of that striped shirt they fell down here in. I looked at the clothes they brought back, a red ribbon, a pink leather glove, a tutu, ballet shoes, a stained apron….”

Alphys: “so they wear girl clothing?”

Toriel: “…. A manly bandanna, a cowboy hat, an old bandage, glasses, a locket, and an enchanted chest plate armor with runes written on pieces of cardboard glued to it…”

Undyne: “what’s the point of this? Who cares what the human wears as long as they can still fight well in it? Maybe humans don’t even have a sex or gender when they are this young.”

Asgore: “Undyne is right, whether or not the human has a huge horn (Alphys begins to hyperventilate) does not matter. They are just a child. Perhaps we should just let Frisk be an innocent child unlike Chara, they are the future of Humans and Monsters, we should appreciate their love and listen to their advice, perhaps this flirting is simply how humans show affection. They are just a child-

(Frisk walks in)
Frisk: "you guys were gonna have a group orgy without me?!”

(Toriel faints)


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idk how many SG fans are familiar with the comics but like... the first thing on my HC wishlist is just any mention of how smart Kara is by earth standard -- like in the comics she's smart by KRYPTONIAN standards which puts her on par with PHD physicist here. C'mon writers. Imagine her slipping around Lena and letting her genius show. IMAGINE THE CHEMISTRY (pun intended)

I KNOW!! please i love that hc so much omg asjaksjskas (i rly loved the pun btw)

kara slipping around lena and making these comments, always catching lena off guard at the beginning. kara getting comfortable around lena and really showing how smart and knowledgeable she is. just imagine kara and lena talking science, kara telling lena about technology in other planets and how far they’ve gotten, how primitive earth is when compared to other places. imagine them discussing lcorp’s new inventions, discussing mechanics, discussing theories and how they’re obviously correct/wrong, pointing out the flaws in various things.

honestly i’m just ashajshajshajs ppl need to write more of this. i’m almost sure i’ve read one fic/ficlet about this, so i’m gonna see if i can find it again.

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"and I shouldn't have snapped at you" that's such a couple thing though???


Literally. The whole thing. It’s so couple-y. They’re literally a couple coming together at the end of a work day, to talk to each other about it. To involve each other in their lives. That’s what married couples do. They sit, and they talk at the end of the day over drinks, and they just tell each other tedious, mundane things that don’t really matter, just because it brings them closer.



I can’t believe people still dispute this like how much evidence???? It’s science???/

#teammarvey xo



I’m bored and I need a break from studying so I guess I wanted to talk a little about myself. Soooo what you see above is what I’ve been working on the past two quarters and I am captivated. Those creatures are great and they really impact our daily lives more than you can imagine. If you know me, I am a buff for anything science related. I love experimenting and gaining knowledge. It’s led me to gain experiences like an internship at the CDC and the Scripps institute in SD/Florida. If y'all want to know what I’ve been doing or just have any topics you want to discuss, just know I’ll always be interested in your viewpoint on anything. Anyway, back to studying Biomedical Parasitology 🤧🤧

riley and smackle’s friendship is so important to me I need it so much. can u imagine tho like riley calling her izzy and them having sleepovers together. and like, they can have really interesting talks about science and space and riley is like smackle’s safe place. like they’re such good friends and smackle feels completely safe talking about feelings with riley and how things are going and just riley and smackle being friends is so important, I want the writers to make it happen


Once Stanley is shipped off he and Ford start writing to each other. Ford realizes that Stanley will only be able to get those letters semi frequently but he still writes and sends a letter every week, he also occasionally sends books that Stanley enjoys.

 (he makes them look like adventure novels but a lot of times their like, Jane austin or harlequin romance. I just want to believe that he always loved stuff like “the Duchess Approves” in secrets.)

It’s at this point that they really forgive each other for the science project incident and they are pretty close by the time Stan is injured badly enough to be sent back. Besides the everyday of Stanley and Stanford’s life they also talk about what they will do once the war ends and Stan returns. The idea is that Stanley should be coming back by the time Stanford moves, and shortly before he is injured they talk about Stan moving in with Ford and helping with his research. Basically the idea is that Stan would help in the way he does in the traditional Mystery Trio relationship.

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I am a life guard, I am usually calm and serious and treated like the leader or mother by associates, But really I'm big kid at heart who likes cuddles and stuff animals,playing games, watching tv, and reading books. I love animals and use to have a catbut my stepdad is like zen. I have a baby brother and my ideal date would be chatting at cafe or just some where we can chat and talk about science and syfi!

Oooh, a life guard! When you say lifeguards, the first thing that comes to mind is Baywatch. I know, it’s so cliche, but you guys just seem so toned all the time. *envious* And it’s also awesome that you save people from drowning (for one, I know it’s hard to swim while carrying another person safely back to shore). <3 I’m sorry for the late post though, there were a lot lined up, and I couldn’t get to yours sooner. >_<” So, for this noble lifeguard, your special (post)Valentine date shall be….



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